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Essays on American Culture

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How American Culture Becomes Universal

The effects of media on american culture, the role of values in american culture, what means to be an american, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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American Poet Research Project: Langston Hughes

The problem of hatred, racism, and discrimination in america, african american and european influences on ragtime’s development, history and cultural features of chinatown in new york, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Reflection of Contemporary Social Issues in South Park

Stereotypes about the united states of america, american dystopia; american spaces and allen ginsberg’s ‘howl’, obedience and individualism in american culture, cleveland, ohio: the comeback city, native american culture and society , hofstede’s cultural dimensions: comparing china and the united states, george f. babbitt and women: a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction, the hopi people: conflict of beliefs and science, dreamcatcher today and in the past, american influence on the australian culture, defining america during 1860-1900: distinctive cultural and social aspects, shaw empowers women in 'new woman', history and culture of the hopi peoples, american music festival industry: its significance and representation in the modern world, the difference between canada and india culture, the importance of proper documentation of history, the different interpretations of f. scott fitzgerald's book, the great gasby when it was turned into different movies, the importance of ethnocentrism in america, jetblue airways corporation (jblu), relevant topics.

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american culture topics for essay

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55 American Culture Examples

american culture examples and definition, explained below

Inspired by immigrants,  the United States of America is a large, multicultural, and diverse nation. As such, one singular culture within the nation is difficult to define.

The nation was built by individuals arriving from various parts of the globe, each bringing along their traditions and values (Crunden, 2015).

Within this melting pot of cultures, pockets of more specific sub-cultures exist, such as Hispanic, African American, or Native American. These have deeply influenced the broader cultural landscape, shaping what we now call American Culture.

Nonetheless, we can pick out some dominant features of mainstream American cultural life, including shared public holidays, sports, and social values.

For example, some shared customs, habits, and social norms practiced by the inhabitants of the United States include the custom of tipping, the national sport of baseball, and the nation’s founding myth of ‘rugged individualism.

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American Culture Examples

1. The American Dream : The American Dream is a pervasive part of American culture. It is the belief that one can attain financial success and upward mobility through hard work . This ideal disregards one’s background and socio-economic status, making it a beacon of hope in striving for a better life (Samuel, 2012).

2. Independence Day (Fourth of July): July 4th is a defining feature of American culture. This holiday celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Parades, fireworks, and barbecues are traditional festivities associated with this day.

3. Thanksgiving: Another important cultural hallmark is Thanksgiving. Traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, it was originally a harvest feast shared between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. Nowadays, it involves family gatherings, a huge meal (often featuring turkey), and expressions of gratitude.

4. Baseball: Known as America’s pastime, baseball has been intertwined with American culture since the 19th century (Hillman, 2016). It’s not just a sport, but a venue for socializing and community-building. The World Series, the championship series of Major League Baseball, is a highly anticipated event every year.

5. Super Bowl Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial American holiday. Held annually on the first Sunday of February, it celebrates the championship game of the National Football League (NFL). The event is marked by exuberant parties, commercials, and halftime shows, attracting viewership beyond regular football fans (Hillman, 2016).

6. Hollywood: Hollywood, the historical hub of American film industry, is an integral part of American culture. It plays a major role in shaping perceptions of American lifestyle abroad. Blockbuster movies, celebrity culture, and the Oscar Awards are parts of Hollywood’s cultural significance (Mintz, Roberts & Welky, 2016).

7. Fast Food: Fast food, with industry giants like McDonald’s and Burger King, is a defining feature of American culture. It signals the country’s love for convenience and efficiency . Some fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, have become American cultural ambassadors globally.

8. Cowboys and The Wild West: The Wild West and cowboy culture forms part of the American cultural landscape. Cowboys symbolize American ideals such as rugged individualism and fearless exploration. Media, including movies and literature, frequently romanticize this aspect of American history.

9. Jazz: Jazz music, originated from African American communities in the Southern U.S., is a unique part of American culture. It’s known for its improvisational nature and expressive tones. Jazz has influenced many other genres of music and continues to enjoy a dedicated audience.

10. Blues Music: Blues music, rooted in the African American experience, is a significant cultural element. It uses music to communicate deep emotional experiences, particularly those related to hardship and struggle. Blues has greatly contributed to the evolution of jazz, rock, and R&B music.

11. Rock and Roll: Rock and Roll emerged in the late 1940s, partly as a rival with UK rock, and became a symbol of youth culture. It fused elements of blues, jazz, and country music. Its popularity continues to this day, impacting global music culture.

12. Country Music: Country music, rooted in Southern U.S., is an essential part of American culture. It’s characterized by strong narrative lyrics, expressing themes like love, faith, and hardship. Major gatherings like the Grand Ole Opry and CMA Music Festival uphold the genre’s tradition.

13. Silicon Valley: As a hub of innovation and technology, Silicon Valley significantly marks American culture. It’s home to many start-ups and global tech companies like Google and Apple. This Californian region symbolizes the American culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

14. Broadway: Broadway in New York City denotes American theatre culture. It’s famed for its high-quality, professional theatre productions. Shows like “Hamilton” and “The Phantom of the Opera” have achieved global fame.

15. BBQ Culture: Barbecuing is a beloved cooking technique in America. Its practice varies by region, with different styles of sauces and meats. BBQ cookouts are common social gatherings, especially on holidays.

16. Tailgating: Tailgating is a social event tied to football games. Fans gather hours before the game, enjoying food, drinks, and company in the stadium parking lots. This event is a prominent feature of American sports culture.

17. Halloween: Celebrated on 31st October, Halloween is part of American culture and an example of cultural blending with Irish-Celtic culture. It features trick-or-treating, costume parties, and spooky decorations. The holiday has ancient Celtic roots, but has undergone significant transformation in America.

18. Freedom of Speech : Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of American culture. As a constitutional right, it protects an individual’s expression of thoughts. This value reinforces America’s democratic ideals.

19. Volunteerism: Volunteering is a widespread practice in America. Many people engage in community service, displaying a strong sense of civic duty . This altruistic culture allows non-profit organizations to thrive.

20. Ivy League Education: American culture places importance on higher education. Renowned universities like Harvard and Stanford attract students worldwide. This focus on education reflects the value Americans place on knowledge and advancement.

21. National Parks: The U.S. has 63 national parks, reflecting the cultural importance of nature conservation. Parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite offer stunning landscapes. These protected areas underscore America’s commitment to environmental preservation.

22. Coffee Culture: Coffee is a popular beverage in America. Coffee shops serve as social meeting spots and remote workspace. Brands like Starbucks have grown into global entities, even influencing coffee culture abroad, for better or worse.

23. Gospel Music: Originating in African-American churches, gospel music is central to American culture. Characterized by dominant vocals and Christian lyrics, it’s deeply tied to faith and spirituality. Its influence is evident in genres like R&B, soul, and rock music.

24. Hip-Hop Culture: Originating in New York in the 1970s, hip-hop culture has become an American cultural powerhouse. It extends beyond music to fashion, dance (breakdancing) and visual art (graffiti). Influential figures like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar embody this culture.

25. Diversity: America is known as a “melting pot”, featuring ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. This characteristic, shaped by a long history of immigration, impacts cuisine, language, music, and more. Diversity is celebrated annually during events like the World Cultural Festival.

26. Route 66: Route 66, a historic highway running from Chicago to Los Angeles, is a significant part of American culture. It’s famed for road trips, symbolizing freedom and adventure. Its picturesque landscapes and classic roadside attractions represent a slice of American nostalgia.

27. Skateboarding: Skateboarding has deep roots in American culture, particularly in California. It evolved from surfing, symbolizing youthful rebelliousness and creative expression. Skateboarding’s influence is evident in sports, fashion, and video games.

28. Bagel Culture: Bagels are an essential part of American breakfast culture. They reflect a broader wave of Jewish immigration in the late 19th century. Bagels with various toppings, such as cream cheese or lox, are popular across the country.

29. Motorcycle Culture: Motorcycle culture, especially associated with Harley-Davidson, is deeply rooted in America. It symbolizes freedom and rebellion, and has influenced fashion, music, and film. Major events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally exemplify its cultural importance.

30. Civil Rights Movement: The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s profoundly affected American culture. It aimed at abolishing racial discrimination and securing equal rights for African Americans. Figures like Martin Luther King Jr. are cultural icons in this landmark struggle.

31. Protestant Work Ethic: Americans are renowned for a strong work ethic, often equating career success to personal fulfillment. This cultural trait is tied to the concept of the American Dream. Vacation culture is impacted by this work-centric mindset .

32. College Greek Life: Greek life is a major facet of American college culture. Joining fraternities and sororities provides social networks, leadership skills , and community service opportunities. Greek life traditions, including pledging and homecoming, can significantly shape university experiences.

33. National Symbols: The American flag, bald eagle, and Statue of Liberty are prominent national symbols in American culture. They convey American principles such as freedom, democracy, and patriotism. These visual elements are often used in political, educational, and popular culture contexts.

34. Fusion Cuisine: Fusion cuisine is a defining feature of American culinary culture. It blends elements from different culinary traditions, reflecting the country’s cultural diversity. Examples include Tex-Mex cuisine and Korean Tacos, which are Americanized versions of foreign dishes.

35. Comic Book Culture: Comic books, featuring superheroes like Captain America and Batman, are a significant part of American culture (Johnson, 2014). They provide commentary on social issues under the guise of fantastical narratives. The development of comic cons underscores their cultural influence .

36. Fitness Culture: Fitness and wellness are embedded in American culture. From yoga practice to CrossFit, various fitness trends shape this health-conscious culture. The fitness industry’s growth, wellness retreats, and Athleisure fashion underscore this cultural trend.

37. National Pride: America is known for its strong sense of national pride . Explicit displays of patriotism are common, especially during national holidays or at sporting events. The Star-Spangled Banner and Pledge of Allegiance are affirmations of this cultural aspect.

38. Streetwear Culture: Streetwear is a significant part of American fashion culture. It blends elements of sportswear, hip-hop, punk, and Japanese street fashion. Brands like Supreme and Stussy are notorious within this cultural trend.

39. Street Art: Street art is a crucial part of urban American culture. Cities like Los Angeles and Miami are known for vibrant murals. These works often address societal issues or celebrate local heritage.

40. Venture Capitalism: Venture capitalism reflects America’s entrepreneurial spirit. It involves funding start-ups, fostering innovation and economic growth. Silicon Valley is a hotbed for this culture, nurturing tech giants like Facebook and Uber.

41. NASCAR Racing: NASCAR racing is a popular motorsport in America. This culture extends beyond the track, permeating fashion, music, and advertising. Major championships like the Daytona 500 and Talladega define the NASCAR calendar.

42. Surf Culture: Originating in California and Hawaii, surf culture plays a significant role in America. This culture encompasses more than just the sport, contributing to fashion, music, film, and slang terminology. Iconic surfing spots like Huntington Beach and Waikiki showcase its influence.

43. Space Exploration: Space exploration, led by NASA, distinctly marks American culture. It reflects the country’s spirit of discovery and technological achievement. The 1969 moon landing remains a monumental event in shared cultural memory.

44. Craft Culture: The rise of craft culture reflects American value for authenticity , personal expression, and quality over quantity. It spans a wide range of sectors like food, beverages, fashion, and arts. The culture is evident at farmers markets, local breweries, and Etsy online stores.

45. Rodeo Culture: Rooted in the practices of Spanish ranchers, rodeo culture has evolved to be distinctively American. This culture, prevalent in Western states, is all about cowboy events, bull-riding, and rodeo queens. Annual rodeo festivals, like Cheyenne Frontier Days, draw huge crowds.

46. Garage Rock: Garage Rock is an American subgenre of rock music. It originated in the 1960s, featuring raw, energetic performances and simple, straightforward lyrics. Bands like The Kingsmen and The Sonics were pioneers in this genre.

47. Tipping Culture: Tipping is a deeply ingrained practice in American culture. It’s customary to tip service providers, such as waitstaff, bartenders, taxi drivers, and hairdressers. The amount typically ranges from 15% to 20% of the total bill.

48. Democracy: America, known as a beacon of democracy, values governmental power derived from the people. This principle is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, ensuring citizens’ rights to vote and free speech. U.S. presidential elections every four years embody this democratic practice.

49. Hunting: Hunting serves as both a recreational activity and a cultural tradition in America. It connects people with nature and is often seen as a rite of passage . Hunting also influences conservation policies and local economies in regions such as the Midwest and Alaska.

50. Religion: Religion plays a significant role in American society. While there is a broad range of faiths, Christianity is dominant. Freedom of religion , protected by the First Amendment, solidifies the country’s commitment to religious diversity (Hackett, 2003).

51. Apple Pie: Apple pie is an iconic American dessert. Its history spans centuries, symbolizing home, comfort, and tradition. The phrase, “As American as apple pie,” exemplifies its cultural significance.

52. French Fries: Despite the name, French fries are a staple of American fast-food culture. They’re served in restaurants, food trucks, and in homes, often accompanying burgers. Various regional adaptations, like cheese fries and garlic fries, further solidify its popularity.

53. Great American Literature: Great American literature, encompassing works from Ernest Hemingway to Toni Morrison, reflects diverse aspects of American life and history. These works capture the nation’s expansive landscapes, social changes, and individual experiences. Notable books, like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Great Gatsby,” are considered foundations of American literature.

54. Freedom : Freedom, an ideal deeply rooted in American culture, is valued in various aspects, from speech and religion to economic enterprise. It’s a fundamental premise in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This principle is celebrated during national holidays like the Fourth of July.

55. Meritocracy: Meritocracy, the concept that individuals can advance based on talent, ability, and hard work, permeates American culture. It’s tied closely to the American Dream, emphasizing individual achievement. This cultural belief influences the educational system and professional advancement policies.

Despite the nation’s great diversity, some emergent cultural elements have come about – often through fusion of other cultures around the world, and giving them an American twist. Several cultural groups, including Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Jewish Americans, and European Americans, have contributed greatly to the nation’s collective cultural identity. But one fantastic feature of American culture is that it is live and let live – and this means you can embrace any cultural identity or personal identity that you wish in this nation of freedom.

Crunden, R. (2015). A Brief History of American Culture . New York: Taylor & Francis.

Hackett, D. G. (2003). Religion and American culture: A reader . Psychology Press.

Hillman, C. (2016). American sports in an age of consumption: How commercialization is changing the game . McFarland.

Johnson, J. K. (2014). Super-history: Comic book superheroes and american society, 1938 to the present . McFarland.

Mintz, S., Roberts, R. W., & Welky, D. (2016). Hollywood’s America: Understanding History Through Film . John Wiley & Sons.

Samuel, L. R. (2012). The American dream: A cultural history . Syracuse University Press.


Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. [Image Descriptor: Photo of Chris]

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Essays on American Culture

Your American culture essay is an opportunity to get engulfed in exciting storytime rather than work. The US is an immigrant country, American culture was influenced by nearly every region of the world, but primarily by the British who colonized the country in the early 1600s. Native Americans and Hispanics have had a powerful impact on the country’s culture as well, as pointed out in many American culture essays. The United States is often described as a “melting pot”, blending many “flavors” from across the world into one great American culture. Our American culture essay samples, presented for your viewing below, will provide some interesting ideas for you to munch on. Besides samples, we offer complete essay creation from scratch, because essays on American culture are often as challenging as they are fun.

Ariel Levy’s argument in her article tries to argue how on a raunch culture women tend to engage themselves in sexuality performances, which are not usually their sexuality expressions but are premeditated for the pleasure the males in the society or appear as if they are trying to be pleasurable...

Internationalization of activities has significantly influenced the nature of activities people undertake in the contemporary society. Indeed, a majority of citizens from one country have crossed to other nations for the purposes of studies or business thus influencing the manner in which societies need to operate and accommodate the foreigners....

Words: 2386

1. What does Critchley mean by ethos and ethnos? (i) According to Critchley, Ethos can be described as the concept that links people to their culture, place of residence, their character and how they...

Many organizations have voiced concerns about the effects that the use of various technologies for children for various reasons, such as education and entertainment, has had on both early childhood development and culture. Although their parents may not have paid much notice, the American culture has implemented a number of...

Zora Neale Hurston, who was born in Notasulga, Alabama, developed into a literary legend in the United States. John and Lucy, Zora's parents, were instrumental in developing her poetic heritage. Her works have emerged as significant American literary masterpieces as a result of her prominence in the field. In the...

Attempting to investigate the settlement and later development of the state of Southern California during the first 100 years of its establishment, Heritage Square Museum is a working history museum that is situated in Southern California. Eight Victorian-era buildings that were allocated to the museum were spared from being demolished...

Words: 1581

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It was especially gratifying to think about the poems and life of Gwendolyn Brooks while attending Quraysh Ali Lansana's presentation at the Art Institute of Chicago's Rubloff Auditorium. The presentation was part of a centennial effort to remember and celebrate the memory of the celebrated activist, mother, feminist, and literary...

Although it is frequently used to refer to Chinese contract laborers who immigrated to foreign countries as contracted or indentured workers, the word "coolie" was originally used to describe cheap, unskilled labor from Asia. Due to the Opium War and the abolition of the Atlantic trade, the Chinese coolie trade...

Words: 1207

The Love for Writing: Joan Didion's Journey The author of Why I Write by Joan Didion has used a few specific examples to tell her own tale in the first person to demonstrate her love of writing. Didion is an American novelist whose books highlight the chaos of American culture. She...

Culture Culture is defined as the overall ideas, attitudes, and practices of a specific group or community depending on how they deal with situations or their historical history. Culture encompasses customs, religion, food, clothing (what we wear and how we dress), our beliefs and language, how we sit at the table,...

Words: 1478

Nosedive from Black Mirror and Technopoly from Neil Nosedive from Black Mirror and Technopoly from Neil show the impact of technology on American culture and the implications of that impact. The film Nosedive depicts a society in which people's interactions are assessed on a scale of one to five. Excellent behavior...

Sherman (2016) suggests that the problem of economic inequality in America is unavoidable in his piece, What a Trump Administration Might Mean for Income Inequality. Apparently, a sizable proportion of the middle class felt neglected by the previous administration, making their lives in the region even more difficult. Clearly, the...

Words: 1374

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50 Culture Essay Topics — Best Ideas for College Students

From time to time, students have to observe various aspects of spiritual and material worlds and values. This process is frequent for History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology classes. Talking about culture in the USA and other countries and conducting culture research helps to develop various skills and ways of thinking. Writing about it boost your creativity and help to formulate interesting thoughts while supporting them with reasonable evidence.

In college, young people are faced with a wide range of writings, and the culture is one of the most interesting essay topics to be assigned. It's always interesting to compare and analyze the development and importance of different customs around the world and find ways to understand contemporary popular art. But to express your opinion appropriately, it's important to decide on a subject matter first. And, if you don't have culture essay topics at hand, we are glad to help.

In this article, we offer you 50 topics for an essay in which you can explore customs, traditions, lifestyles, and art from different perspectives.

Choosing Your Topics

It is not that easy to select essay topics on this issue— there are too many of them! We can only pick the most relevant ones and give a hint on how to choose the best topic ideas.

  • If your professor does not assign a topic, specify whether you can choose one on your own.
  • Check your social media accounts for trends.
  • Brainstorm with your college friends.
  • Write down all possible topics that culture conveys well.
  • Search for the sources in your college library or online (e.g., Google Scholar).
  • Pick only credible references and fresh ideas to cover in your paper.
  • Decide which of the topics can be supported by most of the sources.
  • Think about the culture you're more-or-less familiar with.
  • Stay original — don't be afraid to come up with new topics!
  • Think of the reasons your theme to be rejected. If you doubt, it's better to consult your professor before writing.

Now, if you need some inspiration, you may use the ideas offered below.

The American Culture Essay Topics

Here, it's obvious that you should cover issues related to the history of the United States. Here are some of them:

  • The customs of American tribes that still exist in today's lifestyles.
  • The difference between the North and South American cultures.
  • "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and its culture influence in the history of the US.
  • Best pop culture products with their ideas on the Civil War.
  • The impact of the most known works in American literature on the rest of the world.
  • The role of the so-called Beat Generation in the development of American art heritage.
  • The origins of rock'n'roll and dance music.
  • Why do some works of art fall under certain genres?
  • The evolution of cinematography in the United States.
  • Massive amounts of immigration and its influence on native American society.

Note: While writing on American art and customs, make sure you have enough reliable evidence from history.

Canadian Culture Topics

As you may know, Canadian traditions and ways of living look significantly different from one people have in the United States. The essay example topics below can help you analyze different culture aspects of these countries and come up with a good paper:

  • The way Canada is showed in South Park.
  • Avril Lavigne and other famous Canadian rockers in the US.
  • How did Canadian hockey change sports development?
  • Why is Canada frequently associated with cold and ice?
  • Living in a chilly region with warm hearts.
  • Ukrainian and Russian diaspora in Canada.
  • Ethnicity groups that shaped the Canadian way of living.
  • Canada — before and after the exploration.
  • Famous Canadian actors and actresses.
  • Wild animals living in Canada that have an impact on their art and customs.

Note: If you're writing an essay about a foreign country, the simplest strategy would be to compare its lifestyle with the one you have in your homeland.

Pop Culture Topics

In the context of culture influence, the issue of pop art is exciting. If you think about soap operas and Britney," you're in the essence of that concept. Here are some interesting ideas for you:

  • The impact of popular art on marketing.
  • The connection between modern pop art stars and social networks.
  • Several ways to become popular today.
  • Sexism and feminism in the United States.
  • The top preferred reality shows.
  • Iron Man as the reflection of all heroes.
  • Heroes 3: Of Might and Magic.
  • Pop culture influence of Japanese anime on the life of students.
  • What makes Pokemon so popular?
  • Comparing different trends in culture.

Note: Remember that phenomena that have mass accessibility aren't always perfect. That is a good thought for an argument or persuasive essay.

World -Related Topics

These culture essay topics cover all regions, so you have a great variety of options to choose from. It is always a good decision to select the area (country, state) that interests you or that you've been to:

  • Generational trends in everyday life.
  • The way customs and art are different and similar in Japan and China.
  • Russian and Slovenian heritage and customs.
  • Customs and traditions of the Middle East.
  • The Chinese culture: leisure activities as a form of art.
  • The impact of Eurovision on world music trends.
  • Famous rock and metal bands from the United Kingdom.
  • A geisha in the Japanese culture.
  • Carnivals and other holidays in Brazil.
  • Things that make the Australian lifestyle so exciting.

Note: When comparing different lifestyles and customs, remember that there are historical reasons for everything. Even to discuss any heritage issue or custom of another country, you have to provide enough evidence.

Cultural Analysis Topics

If you need to write a paper on one of the analysis essay topics, we recommend using credible, up-to-date external sources and conduct in-depth research to analyze the specific issue from all possible aspects. Grab one of these ideas if you like:

  • Promotion of social changes nowadays.
  • "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." Do you agree with this statement?
  • Things that make a motion picture popular.
  • Reasons why some music albums fail.
  • Modern pieces of art and their difference from retro.
  • A specific TV show that you like.
  • Revealing human worst traits on the example of a chosen antagonist.
  • Traveling and learning art and customs.
  • How does learning a foreign language help to get closer to the culture of people who speak it?
  • The origins of siesta and its role in the countries where they follow this tradition.

Note: Whatever topic you choose, analyze the concepts and phenomena objectively. Any analysis assignment requires a diligent approach and thoughtful background research.

Now, you have a full list of wonderful topics for culture essay. If you need more help or a custom essay written from scratch for you, contact professional writing service online!

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543 American History Essay Topics & Good Ideas

18 January 2024

last updated

Exploring the multifaceted nature of American history provides a wide range of thought-provoking essay topics. Basically, there are many subjects that can be analyzed, studying the country’s indigenous origins, its struggle for independence, its participation in world wars, the civil rights movement, technological advancements, ongoing sociopolitical discourse, and others. In the United States (US), some themes can focus on significant events, like the Revolutionary War or the Space Race, important figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King Jr., or major periods, including the Great Depression or the Cold War era. The examination of how historical influences have shaped current American society, issues of racial and gender equality, immigration policy, and foreign affairs, offers rich perspectives. Thus, American history essay topics cover a deep understanding of the evolution of the nation built on diverse ethnicities and ideologies.

Cool American History Essay Topics

  • Examination of Manifest Destiny’s Influence on Territorial Expansion
  • Colonial Era’s Impact on Modern American Democracy
  • Evaluating the Emancipation Proclamation’s Consequences
  • Prohibition Era: Analysis of Society and Law
  • Understanding the Trail of Tears: Native American Displacement
  • Civil War’s Effects on American Industrialization
  • Abolition Movement’s Roles in Shaping American Values
  • Vietnam War: Implications for Foreign Policy
  • Exploring Women’s Suffrage Movement: A Milestone in Gender Equality
  • Apollo Program’s Influence on Science and Technology
  • Examining the Harlem Renaissance’s Impact on African American Culture
  • McCarthyism’s Consequences on Freedom of Expression
  • Revolutionary War: Analysis of the Birth of a Nation
  • Influence of Immigration on the Cultural Landscape of America
  • Civil Rights Movement’s Impact on Legislation and Society
  • Japanese Internment during World War II: An Examination
  • Investigation of the Cuban Missile Crisis’ Effect on Cold War Tensions
  • Roles of Transcontinental Railroad in Westward Expansion
  • Impacts of the Great Awakening on American Religious Practices
  • Watergate Scandal: A Study in Political Ethics
  • Exploration of the Roaring Twenties’ Societal Shifts
  • Revolutionary Figures: Contributions of the Founding Fathers

American History Essay Topics & Good Ideas

Easy American History Research Topics

  • American Exceptionalism: Origins and Influence on Global Policy
  • Analysis of the Louisiana Purchase’s Impact on Expansion
  • Jazz Age: Implications for American Music and Culture
  • Evaluating the Space Race: National Pride and Technological Advancement
  • Consequences of the Teapot Dome Scandal in the Roaring Twenties
  • Federalist Papers: Shaping American Governance
  • Westward Expansion: Effect on Native American Communities
  • Impacts of the Dred Scott Decision on Slavery Debates
  • Cold War: Ramifications for American Society
  • Influence of Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ on Revolutionary Sentiment
  • Exploration of American Neutrality in World War I
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion: An Examination of Failed Foreign Policy
  • The Dust Bowl: Environmental Impact and Migration
  • Roles of Television in the Nixon-Kennedy Debates
  • The Stonewall Riots: Catalyst for the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement
  • Populist Movement: Impact on American Politics
  • Influence of the Gold Rush on California’s Development
  • Ratification of the Bill of Rights: Impact on Citizen Liberties
  • Rise of Labor Unions: Influencing Workers’ Rights
  • Civil War Reconstruction: Successes and Failures
  • The Zenger Trial: A Landmark for Freedom of the Press

Interesting US History Topics

  • Exploration of the Battle of Gettysburg’s Significance in the Civil War
  • Implications of the Monroe Doctrine on American Foreign Policy
  • Marbury vs. Madison: Analysis of Judicial Review
  • Unraveling the Causes and Consequences of the Iran-Contra Affair
  • The American Red Scare: Effects on Society and Politics
  • Causes and Implications of the 1929 Wall Street Crash
  • Underground Railroad: Role in Abolitionist Movement
  • Analysis of the Three-Fifths Compromise’s Impact on Representation
  • Significance of the Missouri Compromise in Slavery Debates
  • The Pentagon Papers: A Study in Government Transparency
  • Roles of Susan B. Anthony in the Women’s Suffrage Movement
  • Influence of the Scopes Trial on the Teaching of Evolution
  • Understanding the Impact of the GI Bill on Post-War America
  • Tracing the Development of American Modernism in the 20th Century
  • Federal Indian Policy: An Examination of Treaties and Legislation
  • Impacts of the Homestead Act on Westward Expansion
  • Analysis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s Contribution to Scientific Discovery
  • Analysis of the Pentagon Papers’ Effect on Public Trust
  • Exploration of the Boston Tea Party’s Impact on Revolutionary Sentiment
  • Vietnam War Protest Movement: Influence on Public Policy
  • Mexican-American War: Causes and Consequences
  • Repercussions of the Atomic Bomb on Global Politics
  • The Gilded Age: Scrutinizing Wealth and Inequality

US History Topics for High School

  • Impacts of the Gold Rush on California’s Development
  • Significance of the Monroe Doctrine in US Foreign Policy
  • Manifest Destiny and Expansion of the American West
  • Examination of The Great Depression’s Socioeconomic Effects
  • Role of Women in the American Revolution
  • Native American Resistance: Case Study of the Sioux Nation
  • Influence of Jazz Music on the Harlem Renaissance
  • Abolitionism’s Effect on Pre-Civil War Politics
  • Reconstruction Era: Assessing its Success and Failures
  • Impact of Immigration Waves on American Culture and Economy
  • Evolution of US Foreign Policy During the Cold War
  • Transformation of American Society During the Roaring Twenties
  • Examination of The Civil Rights Movement’s Major Milestones
  • Roles of Labor Unions in the Industrial Revolution
  • Influence of The Second Amendment on Gun Control Debates
  • Native American Assimilation Policy: The Carlisle Indian School
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: A Pivotal Moment in Cold War History
  • Women’s Suffrage Movement and the 19th Amendment
  • Exploration of the Gilded Age’s Economic Disparities
  • Significance of the Federalist Papers in Constitutional Interpretation
  • Analysis of the Patriot Act’s Impact on Civil Liberties
  • Effects of the Vietnam War on Domestic Social Movements
  • Roles of New Deal Programs in America’s Economic Recovery

US History Topics for College Students

  • Exploration and Impact of the Louisiana Purchase
  • Evolution of the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Native American Resistance to European Colonization
  • Establishment and Influence of the Federal Reserve System
  • Impacts of Industrialization on American Society
  • Consequences of Prohibition: The 18th and 21st Amendments
  • Influential Innovations During the Second Industrial Revolution
  • Manifest Destiny and Its Sociopolitical Implications
  • African-American Soldiers in the American Civil War
  • Formation and Legacy of the Hudson Bay Company
  • Roles of Religion in the Founding of American Colonies
  • American Policy and the Vietnam War: An Analysis
  • Development of the Transcontinental Railroad
  • Expansion of American Pop Culture During the Cold War
  • Key Legal Cases in the Fight for Desegregation
  • LGBTQ+ Rights: The Stonewall Riots and Beyond
  • Role of the American Media During the Gulf War
  • Technological Advances and the American Space Race
  • Examination of the US Immigration Policies Throughout History
  • Rise of American Suburbia in the Post-WWII Era
  • Development of the American Healthcare System: Legislation and Impact

US History Topics for University

  • Watergate Scandal and Its Influence on American Politics
  • Native American Civil Rights Movement in the 20th Century
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: Cold War Diplomacy and Consequences
  • Influence of the American Labor Movement on Working Conditions
  • Mexican-American War: Causes, Progress, and Consequences
  • Women’s Suffrage: From Seneca Falls to the 19th Amendment
  • Role of American Inventors in the Age of Enlightenment
  • Effects of the US Interstate Highway System on American Society
  • Examination of the US Intervention in Latin America
  • Impacts of the Baby Boomer Generation on American Culture
  • California Gold Rush and its Influence on Westward Expansion
  • Abolition Movement: Influential Figures and Strategies
  • Development and Impact of the US Postal Service
  • Key Economic Policies of the Roosevelt Administration
  • Influence of the Harlem Renaissance on American Literature
  • Technological Shifts and the Digital Age in America
  • Evolution of Gun Control Legislation in the United States
  • Exploration of the Oregon Trail: Migration and Hardship
  • Rise and Fall of the American Temperance Movement
  • Impacts of the GI Bill on Post-War American Society
  • American Imperialism: From the Philippines to Puerto Rico
  • Cultural Significance of the American Beat Generation
  • Causes and Outcomes of the American Housing Bubble in 2008

American History Essay Topics on Revolution Battles and Key Events

  • The Battle of Saratoga and Its Influence on the American Revolution
  • African Americans’ Roles in Revolutionary War
  • Impacts of the Battle of Yorktown on American Independence
  • Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and Its Revolutionary Ideals
  • Women’s Contributions to the American Revolution
  • The Battle of Trenton: Pivotal Point in Revolutionary War
  • Boston Massacre: Instigator of Colonial Dissent
  • French Alliance: A Game-Changer in American Victory
  • Constitutional Convention: Shaping the American Government
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill: Boosting Revolutionary Morale
  • Declaration of Independence: Foundation of American Nationhood
  • Lexington and Concord: Sparking the Revolutionary War
  • Native Americans’ Impacts on the American Revolution
  • Treaty of Paris (1783): Securing American Independence
  • Battle of Cowpens: Key Turning Point in Southern Campaign
  • George Washington’s Influence on Revolutionary Leadership
  • Valley Forge: Endurance and Transformation During the Revolution
  • Guilford Courthouse: Decisive Battle in the Southern Campaign
  • Stamp Act Crisis: Prelude to Revolutionary Resistance
  • Militia’s Roles in the Revolutionary War

American Essay History Topics Before 1865

  • Founding Fathers’ Vision for a Democratic Republic
  • Revolutionary War: Catalyst for American Independence
  • Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement
  • Louisiana Purchase: Expanding National Borders
  • Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion
  • Underground Railroad: Resistance against Slavery
  • Boston Tea Party: Igniting the American Revolution
  • Emancipation Proclamation: Eliminating Slavery in the Confederacy
  • Declaration of Independence: Establishing American Nationhood
  • Constitutional Convention: Framing the US Constitution
  • Dred Scott Case: Impact on African Americans’ Rights
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition: Exploring the Western Frontier
  • Industrialization: Transforming American Society
  • Battle of Yorktown: British Surrender and American Victory
  • Women’s Suffrage Movement: Achieving Voting Rights for Women
  • Mexican-American War: Annexing Texas and Western Territories
  • Great Awakening: Religious Revival in Colonial America
  • Missouri Compromise: Balancing Free and Slave States
  • Marbury vs. Madison: Establishing Judicial Review
  • War of 1812: Forging American National Identity

US Research Paper Topics on Black History

  • Struggles and Triumphs: The Impact of the Underground Railroad on Black History
  • The Legacy of Harriet Tubman: A Trailblazer for Freedom and Equality
  • Examining the Abolitionist Movement: From Slavery to Liberation
  • African American Soldiers in the Civil War: Their Role and Contribution
  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Igniting Change for Civil Rights
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: A Visionary Leader for Equality
  • The Black Panthers: Revolutionizing Racial Empowerment
  • Celebrating Black Culture and Artistic Expression: The Harlem Renaissance
  • Pioneers of African American Military Aviation: The Tuskegee Airmen
  • Desegregation in Schools: Brown vs. Board of Education’s Impact
  • The March on Washington: A Milestone for Civil Rights Advancement
  • Malcolm X: A Voice for Black Nationalism and Self-Determination
  • Rebuilding After the Civil War: The Era of Reconstruction
  • Breaking Down Legal Barriers: The Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • The Great Migration: Black Americans’ Journey Northward
  • Integration of New Orleans Schools: Ruby Bridges’ Courageous Stand
  • Tragedy and Resilience in Tulsa: The Black Wall Street Massacre
  • The Vital Role of Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Redefining Black Identity and Empowerment: The Black Power Movement
  • Frederick Douglass: From Escaping Slavery to Becoming a Leader

US History Essay Topics on Civil Rights Movement Topics Beyond the 20th Century

  • Women’s Roles in the Civil Rights Struggle Beyond the 20th Century
  • LGBTQ+ Activism’s Impacts on Contemporary Civil Rights
  • Addressing Police Brutality in the Fight for Civil Rights Today
  • Progress and Challenges of the Voting Rights Act in Post-Civil Rights America
  • Intersections of Race and Immigration in the Struggle for Equal Rights
  • Environmental Justice: Linking It to the Civil Rights Movement Today
  • Reparations Debate: Remedying Historical Injustices for Civil Rights
  • Disability Rights Movement: Achievements and Ongoing Struggles
  • Indigenous Rights Movements: Continuing the Fight for Civil Liberties
  • The Battle for Educational Equality in the Post-Civil Rights Era
  • Affirmative Action: Equalizing Opportunities or Reverse Discrimination?
  • Asian American Civil Rights Activism in the 21st Century
  • Criminal Justice System and Civil Rights: Reforming for Equality
  • Reproductive Rights as Fundamental Civil Liberties: Progress and Challenges
  • Native American Tribal Sovereignty: Preserving Civil Rights in Modern America
  • Nonviolent Resistance: A Powerful Tool in Modern Civil Rights Movements
  • Addressing Racial Disparities: Civil Rights and the Mass Incarceration Crisis
  • Immigrant Rights Movements: Upholding Civil Liberties in America
  • Islamophobia and Civil Rights: Combating Discrimination in the 21st Century
  • LGBTQ+ Rights: Fighting for Equality and Marriage Freedom
  • Balancing Second Amendment Rights and Public Safety: The Gun Control Debate

American History Essay Topics on Cold War and McCarthyism

  • Impacts of the Korean Conflict on Cold War Politics
  • Red Scare and the Hollywood Blacklist
  • Space Race and Significance in Cold War Dynamics
  • Eisenhower’s “New Look” Policy and Nuclear Arms Race
  • Berlin Crisis and Construction of the Wall
  • McCarthyism and Suppression of Civil Liberties
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion: Failed US Intervention in Cuba
  • Vietnam Conflict as Proxy War in Cold Era
  • Marshall Plan and American Economic Aid in Cold War
  • Suez Crisis: Cold War Politics in the Middle East
  • U-2 Spy Plane Incident and Escalating Tensions
  • Hungarian Revolution and Soviet Repression
  • Cultural Impacts of the Beat Generation During the Cold War
  • Arms Control Negotiations: SALT and START Treaties
  • Domino Theory and US Involvement in Southeast Asia
  • CIA’s Roles in Covert Operations During Cold Conflict
  • Influence of Korean Conflict on US Military Strategy
  • Space Exploration: Cold War Competition for Technological Superiority
  • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: A Step Toward Détente
  • Brinkmanship Strategy and Cuban Missile Crisis

American History Topics on Civil Rights Movement

  • The Impact of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • The Influence of Brown vs. Board of Education on Desegregation
  • The March on Washington: Pursuing Equality
  • Nonviolent Resistance: Catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement
  • The Voting Rights Act: Expanding Ballot Access
  • Freedom Riders: Challenging Segregation in Transportation
  • Sit-In Movement: Breaking the Chains of Racial Segregation
  • Birmingham Campaign: A Turning Point in the Struggle for Civil Rights
  • Formation and Significance of the Black Panther Party
  • Assassination of Malcolm X: Impact on the Civil Rights Movement
  • Selma to Montgomery March: Milestone for Voting Rights
  • Mississippi Freedom Summer: Empowering African American Voters
  • Women’s Contributions to the Civil Rights Movement
  • Black Power Movement: Revolutionizing Activism
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964: Banning Discrimination
  • Integration of Little Rock Central High School: Breaking Barriers
  • Chicago Freedom Movement: Urban Segregation and Activism
  • Medgar Evers’ Assassination: Tragic Loss for the Civil Rights Movement
  • Fair Housing Act of 1968: Combating Housing Discrimination
  • Albany Movement: Lessons From an Unsuccessful Campaign
  • Impacts of the 24th Amendment: Eliminating Poll Taxes

US History Essay Topics on Immigration & Ethnic

  • The Impact of Irish Immigration on American Society
  • Chinese Exclusion Act: Origins and Ramifications
  • Mexican Migration and the Bracero Program
  • Italian Americans: Assimilation and Cultural Heritage
  • The Great Migration: African American Movement to the North
  • Japanese Internment: World War II Consequences
  • Ellis Island: Gateway to the American Dream
  • The Harlem Renaissance: Cultural Expression and Immigrants
  • Irish Americans: Famine, Resilience, and Success
  • Puerto Rican Migration and Nuyorican Culture
  • Angel Island: The West Coast Immigration Center
  • Immigration’s Impacts on Industrialization in the United States
  • Polish Americans: Traditions and Integration
  • The Bracero Program and Agricultural Labor
  • Jewish Immigration and American Zionism
  • Chinese Exclusion Act’s Influence on Immigration Policy
  • Mexican Americans: Struggles and Achievements in the Southwest
  • Immigration and the California Gold Rush
  • German Americans: Contributions and Integration in American Society
  • The Immigration Act of 1924: Restricting National Origins

American Industrial Revolution History Topics

  • Roles of Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin in Industrial Transformation
  • Evolution of Transportation: Railroad’s Influence on American Industry
  • The Rise of Urbanization during the Industrial Era
  • Women’s Participation in the Industrial Workforce: Challenges and Achievements
  • Native American Communities: Industrialization’s Impact
  • Labor Movements and Worker Rights in the Industrial Age
  • Technological Advancements and the Birth of the American Industrial Revolution
  • Development of Factory System: Transition From Artisanal to Mass Production
  • Immigration and Workforce Transformation in the Industrial Revolution
  • Agricultural Practices: Industrialization’s Impact on American Farms
  • American Markets: Industrial Revolution’s Role in Expansion
  • The Growth of Urban Centers: Industrialization’s Effect on Cities
  • Child Labor and the Industrial Revolution in America
  • Changing Roles of Women in American Society during Industrialization
  • Industrialization and American Trade and Commerce
  • Government Regulation and Control in American Industrialization
  • Impacts of the Industrial Revolution on American Education and Literacy
  • Technological Advances in Communication during Industrialization
  • Environmental Consequences of American Industrialization
  • Industrial Revolution’s Influence on American Architecture
  • Effects of Industrialization on American Art and Cultural Trends

Latin American History Essay Topics

  • Conquest and Resistance in Latin America
  • Economic Exploitation in Colonial Latin America
  • Independence Movements in Latin America
  • The Impact of European Immigration on Latin American Societies
  • The Role of Women in Latin American Independence Movements
  • Indigenous Cultures and Their Contributions to Latin American History
  • Latin American Revolutions: Comparing Mexico and South America
  • The Influence of African Slavery in Latin American Societies
  • Dictatorships and Authoritarian Regimes in Latin America
  • The Mexican Revolution: Causes and Consequences
  • Cultural Identity and Nationalism in Latin America
  • The Falklands War: Britain and Argentina in Latin America
  • The Zapatista Movement: Indigenous Rights in Mexico
  • Latin American Literature and the Boom of the 1960s
  • Neoliberalism and Economic Crisis in Latin America
  • Drug Trafficking and Its Impact on Latin American Societies
  • Environmental Movements in Latin America
  • Indigenous Land Rights and Conflicts in Latin America
  • The Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua
  • Chilean Dictatorship: Pinochet’s Rule and Its Legacy

American History Topics on Progressive Era

  • Reforming the American Education System During the Progressive Era
  • Industrialization and Urbanization: Impact on Progressive Era Society
  • Regulating Big Business: Anti-Trust Reforms in the Progressive Era
  • Political Transformations: From Municipal to National Level in the Progressive Era
  • Progressive Era Leaders: Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson
  • Investigating Corruption: Muckrakers and Journalism in the Progressive Era
  • Preserving America’s Natural Resources: The Conservation Movement in the Progressive Era
  • Labor Rights and Social Justice: Workers’ Struggles in the Progressive Era
  • Progressive Era Initiatives: Social Welfare Reforms and Their Impact
  • Temperance and Prohibition: The Progressive Era’s Crusade Against Alcohol
  • Suffrage and Equality: Women’s Fight for Political Rights in the Progressive Era
  • Progressive Era Policies: Immigration Regulations and Nativism
  • Ensuring Consumer Safety: Consumer Protection Reforms in the Progressive Era
  • Science and Social Control: Eugenics and Social Darwinism in the Progressive Era
  • Public Health and Sanitation: Reforms During the Progressive Era
  • African Americans and Civil Rights: Challenges in the Progressive Era
  • Expanding Federal Power: Progressive Era and the Growth of Government Authority
  • Intellectual Movements of the Progressive Era: Pragmatism and Social Gospel
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A Turning Point for Labor Reforms
  • Child Labor and Reform Efforts: Progressive Era’s Fight Against Exploitation
  • Diversity and Assimilation: Progressive Era Immigration Policies

American History Essay Topics on Roaring Twenties

  • Economic Prosperity and Consumerism in the Roaring Twenties
  • Impacts of Prohibition on American Society During the Jazz Age
  • Women’s Empowerment Movement in the Roaring Twenties
  • Jazz Age: Cultural Revolution of the 1920s
  • Harlem Renaissance: African-American Art and Culture in the Jazz Age
  • Technological Advancements and Their Influence in the Roaring Twenties
  • Red Scare and Fear of Communism in 1920s America
  • The Great Gatsby: Symbolism and Critique of the Jazz Age
  • Flappers and the Evolution of Gender Roles in the Roaring Twenties
  • Scopes Trial: Clash of Evolution and Creationism in the 1920s
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture in the Roaring Twenties
  • Wall Street Crash of 1929: The End of an Era
  • Political and Social Movements in the Jazz Age
  • Prohibition Enforcement: Bootlegging and Hidden Bars in the 1920s
  • Fashion Transformations in the Roaring Twenties
  • Impact of Radio and Movies on American Culture in the Roaring Twenties
  • Women’s Suffrage Movement and the 19th Amendment in the 1920s
  • Race Relations and the KKK in the Roaring Twenties
  • Art Deco: Architectural and Design Trends of the Jazz Age
  • Automobile Industry’s Influence on American Society in the 1920s

American Reconstruction History Essay Topics

  • The Evolution of Freedmen’s Rights in American Reconstruction
  • Political Reforms and Transformation in Post-Civil War America
  • Economic Shifts and Development During the Reconstruction Era
  • The Influence of the Thirteenth Amendment on American Society
  • Reconstruction Policies and Their Impact on Southern States
  • Women’s Suffrage Movement: A Catalyst in Reconstruction
  • African American Political Leadership in the Reconstruction Era
  • The Struggle for Civil Rights in the Reconstruction Period
  • The Establishment and Impact of the Freedmen’s Bureau
  • African Americans’ Changing Roles in Post-Civil War America
  • The Reconstruction Amendments: Expanding the Notions of Citizenship
  • Education Reforms: Empowering the Disenfranchised During Reconstruction
  • The Ku Klux Klan’s Opposition to Reconstruction
  • The Reconstruction Act of 1867: Restructuring the South
  • The Debate on Land Redistribution in the Reconstruction Era
  • Reconstruction’s Enduring Influence on American Identity
  • The Compromise of 1877: An End to Reconstruction
  • Radical Republicans and Their Influence on the Reconstruction Era
  • Shifting Political Dynamics: Southern Power During Reconstruction
  • The Legacy of Reconstruction: Shaping American History
  • The Supreme Court’s Role in Shaping Reconstruction Policies

LGBTQ+ American History Research Paper Topics

  • Historical Milestones of LGBTQ+ Rights in America
  • The Stonewall Riots: Catalyst for LGBTQ+ Activism
  • Impacts of Harvey Milk on American LGBTQ+ Politics
  • Transgender Rights Movement in the United States
  • The AIDS Crisis and Its Effects on the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Intersectionality: Race and Activism in LGBTQ+ History
  • Lesbian Feminism in America: Past and Present
  • Homophobia and Its Roots in American Society
  • Evolution of LGBTQ+ Representation in Media and Entertainment
  • LGBTQ+ Veterans: Advocacy on the Battlefield
  • Significance of LGBTQ+ Landmarks in American History
  • Religious Perspectives on LGBTQ+ Rights in America
  • LGBTQ+ Activism in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Impacts of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
  • Challenges Faced by LGBTQ+ Youth in American Society
  • LGBTQ+ Resistance and Resilience in Conservative States
  • Role of LGBTQ+ Activism in Shaping Employment Discrimination Laws
  • Pioneering Transgender Individuals in American History
  • Queer Literature’s Contribution to LGBTQ+ Identity
  • Roles of LGBTQ+ Community Centers in Promoting Equality

Native American History Essay Topics

  • Native American Resistance During Early Colonial Encounters
  • Impacts of European Diseases on Indigenous Populations
  • Tribal Governance Structures and Political Systems of Native Nations
  • Contributions of Native Americans to the American Revolution
  • Forced Removal of Indigenous Tribes: The Trail of Tears
  • Significance of Native American Diplomacy in the 19th Century
  • Assimilation Policies and the Dawes Act: Effects on Indigenous Communities
  • Native American Women in History: Leaders, Activists, and Guardians
  • The Wounded Knee Massacre: Causes and Consequences
  • Indigenous Art, Literature, and Music: Cultural Contributions
  • Native American Tribes’ Role in the Civil War
  • The Indian Reorganization Act: Impact on Tribal Sovereignty
  • Land Rights and Legal Challenges Faced by Indigenous Peoples
  • Native American Religion and Spiritual Practices: Continuity and Adaptation
  • Native American Code Talkers in World Wars I and II
  • Boarding Schools and Cultural Suppression: Indigenous Experiences
  • The American Indian Movement (AIM): Impact on Indigenous Activism
  • Indigenous Trade Networks and Economic Systems
  • Reservation Policies and Tribal Self-Governance Among Indigenous Peoples
  • Hunting, Gathering, and Agricultural Practices of Native Nations
  • Indigenous Languages: Preservation and Revitalization Efforts

American History Research Paper Topics About World War I & II

  • The Impact of Propaganda on American Society During World War I
  • Women’s Roles in the American Homefront During World War II
  • The Aftermath of World War I: Treaty of Versailles and Its Consequences
  • America’s Race to Build the Atomic Bomb: The Manhattan Project
  • African Americans’ Contribution to World War II
  • The Great Depression’s Influence on American Entry Into World War II
  • America’s Aid to Allied Forces: The Lend-Lease Act During World War II
  • Racial Tensions in America During World War II: The Zoot Suit Riots
  • The GI Bill: Impact on Post-World War II America
  • America’s Shift in Foreign Policy After World War I: The Interwar Period
  • The Battle of Midway: A Decisive Moment in the Pacific Theater of World War II
  • Cold War Paranoia in America: The Red Scare and McCarthyism
  • Japanese Americans’ Internment During World War II
  • The Marshall Plan: American Aid for Post-World War II European Reconstruction
  • Unsung Heroes of World War II: The Navajo Code Talkers
  • Veterans’ Struggles During the Great Depression: The Bonus Army March
  • American Nurses’ Role in World War I and II
  • Tragedy in the Pacific Theater of World War II: The Bataan Death March
  • Mexican Laborers in the American War Effort: The Bracero Program
  • America’s Involvement in a Cold War Proxy Conflict: The Korean War

American History Essay Topics About Founding Fathers and the Constitution

  • The Revolutionary Vision: Exploring the Ideals of America’s Founding Fathers
  • Jefferson’s Influence on American Democracy
  • Hamilton’s Economic Policies and Their Impact on the Constitution
  • James Madison: Shaping the Foundation of the Constitution
  • The Delicate Balance: Compromises at the Constitutional Convention
  • Analyzing the Federalist Papers: Arguments for Ratifying the Constitution
  • Safeguarding Individual Liberties: The Significance of the Bill of Rights
  • John Adams: Statesman and Advocate for Independence
  • Thomas Paine’s Impact: Common Sense and Revolutionary Ideas
  • Benjamin Franklin: Influencing American Diplomacy
  • Abigail Adams: Trailblazing Woman and Her Role in Nation-Building
  • Opposition to the Constitution: Examining the Anti-Federalist Movement
  • Alexander Hamilton’s Economic Policies: A Federalist Approach
  • Shaping American Jurisprudence: The Contributions of John Jay
  • The Articles of Confederation: Weaknesses and the Call for a New Constitution
  • Crafting American Government: The Constitutional Convention
  • Slavery and the Constitution: Debate Over the Three-Fifths Compromise
  • Samuel Adams: Revolutionary Catalyst and Political Figure
  • Patrick Henry’s Inspiring Speeches: Fanning the Flames of Independence
  • The Northwest Ordinance: Guiding Principles for Westward Expansion
  • Challenging Free Speech: The Alien and Sedition Acts

American History Topics About Space Race and NASA’s Contributions

  • NASA’s Roles in the Space Race: A Historical Perspective
  • The Mercury Seven: Trailblazers of American Space Exploration
  • Apollo 11: A Monumental Leap for Mankind
  • The Impact of Sputnik on US Space Programs
  • Lunar Exploration: NASA’s Quest to Unravel the Moon’s Mysteries
  • Revolutionizing Space Travel: The Legacy of the Space Shuttle Program
  • Unsung Heroes: The Hidden Figures of NASA’s Early Years
  • The Cold War Context and the Space Race
  • Advancements in Weather Forecasting and Earth Observation by NASA
  • Beyond Our Solar System: NASA’s Voyager and Pioneer Missions
  • Skylab: America’s First Orbital Space Station
  • Robotic Pioneers: NASA’s Missions to Explore the Solar System
  • Lessons Learned From the Challenger Disaster for Space Exploration
  • Expanding Horizons: The Hubble Space Telescope’s Contributions
  • International Collaborations in Space Exploration: NASA’s Global Impact
  • Revealing Mars’ Secrets: NASA’s Robotic Rovers
  • Trailblazing With the X-15 Program: Advancing Spaceplane Technology
  • Enabling Satellite Communications: NASA’s Contributions
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: A Symbol of US-Soviet Space Cooperation
  • The Space Shuttle Challenger Tragedy: Aftermath and Reforms

US Civil War Research Paper Topics

  • Causes and Consequences of the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Reconstruction Policies and Their Impact on Post-Civil War America
  • Women’s Roles in the Civil War: From Nurses to Spies
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership and the Emancipation Proclamation
  • The Underground Railroad: Freedom Heroes and Heroines
  • Battle of Antietam: Decisive Turning Point
  • African American Soldiers in the Union Army
  • Sherman’s March to the Sea: Total Warfare Strategy
  • The Battle of Bull Run: A Shocking Wake-Up Call
  • Significance of the Vicksburg Campaign in the Civil War
  • Election of 1860 and the Secession Crisis
  • Civil War Photography’s Impact on Public Perception
  • Formation and Ideals of the Confederate States of America
  • Fort Sumter: Prelude to War
  • Clara Barton and the Red Cross: Humanitarian Aid during the Civil War
  • Draft Riots of 1863: Social Unrest in New York City
  • Robert E. Lee’s Military Strategies and Leadership
  • Emancipation Proclamation: Freedom for the Enslaved
  • Battle of Shiloh: Bloodiest Conflict in the Western Theater
  • Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Government’s Formation

American History Research Paper Topics on Vietnam War

  • The Nixon Doctrine: America’s Foreign Policy Approach During the Vietnam War
  • Women’s Role and Contributions in the Vietnam War Effort
  • The My Lai Tragedy: Atrocity and Its Consequences in the Vietnam Conflict
  • Draft Resistance Movements: Opposition to the Vietnam War
  • Negotiating Peace: The Paris Accords and the End of the Vietnam Conflict
  • The Ho Chi Minh Trail: North Vietnam’s Strategic Supply Route
  • Agent Orange: Environmental and Health Impacts of Chemical Warfare
  • The Fall of Saigon: The Final Chapter of the Vietnam War
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Incident: Escalation and Justification of the Vietnam Conflict
  • Battle of Khe Sanh: Symbolism and Significance in the Vietnam War
  • Anti-War Movement: Activism and Protests Against the Vietnam Conflict
  • The Phoenix Program: Counterinsurgency Tactics in the Vietnam War
  • Operation Rolling Thunder: Aerial Bombing Campaign During the Vietnam Conflict
  • Hamburger Hill: Intense Combat and Sacrifice in the Vietnam War
  • Kent State Shootings: Tragedy and Student Demonstrations in the Vietnam War
  • The Siege of Khe Sanh: A Crucial Moment in the Vietnam Conflict
  • Congressional Response: The War Powers Act and Its Impact on the Vietnam War
  • African American Soldiers: Contributions and Challenges in the Vietnam War
  • Strategic Hamlet Program: Counterinsurgency Strategy in the Vietnam Conflict
  • Laotian Civil War: Regional Dynamics and Their Influence on the Vietnam War

American History Essay Topics on Women’s Suffrage and Feminist Movement

  • The Evolution of Women’s Suffrage in American History
  • Key Leaders in the American Feminist Movement
  • Seneca Falls Convention: Catalyst for Change
  • Abolitionism’s Influence on Women’s Suffrage
  • Progressive Era: Intersection With Women’s Rights
  • Susan B. Anthony’s Impact on the Suffrage Movement
  • National American Woman Suffrage Association: Formation and Impact
  • Alice Paul and the National Women’s Party’s Influence
  • Women’s Suffrage and World War I: Shifting Perspectives
  • Battle for the 19th Amendment: Triumphs and Challenges
  • Suffragettes’ Strategies: Methods and Successes
  • African American Women’s Contributions to Suffrage Movement
  • Native American Women’s Role in the Fight for Suffrage
  • Women’s Suffrage in the Western States: Trailblazers of Progress
  • Feminist Movement and World War II’s Impact
  • Second Wave Feminism: Objectives and Accomplishments
  • Feminist Literature: Catalyst for Social Change
  • Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique” and Its Influence
  • Women’s Liberation Movement: Birth of NOW
  • Roe vs. Wade: Women’s Reproductive Rights Examined
  • Title IX: Transforming Women’s Sports and Education

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Essay on American Culture

Students are often asked to write an essay on American Culture in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

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100 Words Essay on American Culture

Introduction to american culture.

American culture is a melting pot of diverse traditions, values, and customs. Born from the influence of many cultures worldwide, it reflects the country’s rich history and its belief in freedom and equality.

Language and Communication

English is the primary language in America. However, due to cultural diversity, languages like Spanish, Chinese, and French are also spoken. Americans value directness and honesty in communication.

Food and Cuisine

American cuisine is a blend of many cultures. While fast food like burgers and pizzas are popular, traditional dishes like turkey and apple pie are also cherished.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports like Baseball, Basketball, and American Football are integral to American culture. Hollywood and Broadway reflect the vibrant entertainment scene.

American culture is a colorful tapestry of varied influences, offering a unique blend of traditions, cuisines, and languages. It is a testament to the country’s diversity and openness.

250 Words Essay on American Culture

The melting pot: american culture.

American culture, often referred to as a “melting pot,” is a complex blend of diverse traditions, values, and influences. This multifaceted cultural landscape is a product of historical events, immigration, and regional differences.

Historical Context

American culture is deeply rooted in its history. The founding principles of liberty, equality, and democracy have shaped the nation’s collective identity. These ideals are reflected in American literature, art, and political discourse, serving as a constant reminder of the nation’s commitment to these values.

Influence of Immigration

Immigration has been a significant factor in the evolution of American culture. Each wave of immigrants brought their unique traditions, food, music, and languages, contributing to the richness and diversity of American society. This multiculturalism is celebrated and acknowledged as a key aspect of the nation’s identity.

Regional Differences

The vast geographic expanse of the United States has led to the development of distinct regional cultures. From the laid-back lifestyle of the West Coast to the bustling energy of the East Coast, these regional differences add another layer to the complexity of American culture.

In essence, American culture is a dynamic, evolving entity that reflects the nation’s history, the influence of immigration, and regional nuances. It is a testament to the country’s spirit of inclusivity, diversity, and constant growth. Despite its complexity, it is this very diversity that unites Americans, making the culture a binding force in the nation’s fabric.

500 Words Essay on American Culture


American culture, a melting pot of various ethnicities, races, and nationalities, is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape that reflects the country’s complex history and diverse population. It is a unique blend of shared values, traditions, arts, history, folklore, and experiences that characterize the people of the United States.

Historical Influences

The United States, often referred to as a “nation of immigrants,” has been shaped by the convergence of cultures from around the world. The indigenous cultures of Native Americans, the early colonial influences from England, France, and Spain, the importation of African cultures during the slave trade, and the influx of immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Latin America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries have all left indelible marks on American culture.

Values and Beliefs

At the core of American culture are certain values and beliefs that have guided the nation since its founding. These include individualism, freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream, the idea that anyone, regardless of their background, can succeed through hard work and determination, is a central tenet of American culture. This belief in upward mobility and self-reliance has shaped American attitudes towards work, education, entrepreneurship, and societal progress.

Popular Culture and Media

American popular culture, particularly music, movies, and television, has a significant global influence. Hollywood’s impact is far-reaching, shaping perceptions of American culture worldwide. Similarly, American music genres like jazz, blues, rock, and hip-hop have gained global popularity. The digital age, with the advent of social media and online streaming platforms, has further amplified the reach of American pop culture.

Food and Sports

American cuisine, another facet of its culture, is a testament to its multicultural heritage. From hamburgers and hot dogs to pizza and tacos, American food is a fusion of diverse culinary traditions. Sports also play a vital role in American culture. Baseball, American football, and basketball are not just pastimes but are intertwined with American identity and community spirit.

Challenges and Critiques

While American culture is celebrated for its diversity and dynamism, it has also faced criticism. The issues of racial inequality, cultural appropriation, and the homogenization of culture due to globalization are significant challenges. It’s crucial for future generations to address these issues to ensure a more inclusive and equitable cultural landscape.

In conclusion, American culture is a complex tapestry woven with threads of diverse origins. Its global influence is undeniable, shaping trends and norms worldwide. As it continues to evolve, American culture will undoubtedly reflect the changing demographics, values, and beliefs of its people. Despite the challenges, the essence of American culture lies in its capacity for change, adaptability, and its celebration of diversity.

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646 Culture Essay Topics

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  • Cultural Difference: United Kingdom and Pakistan
  • Apple: Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Cross-Cultural Communication
  • McDonald’s Organizational Culture and Its Elements The organizational culture of McDonald’s is characterized by four elements: commitment to employees, the process culture, commitment to customers, and promoting sustainability.
  • Organizational Culture: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci The paper studies the case of the luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci utilizing the people-oriented organizational culture as their central approach.
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  • Internet Impact on Modern Culture The Internet as an information and communication environment has an undeniable impact on the development of modern society in many fields: art, philosophy, psychology, sociology and history.
  • Filipino Culture Values and Practices in Relation to Health Care Community plays a significant role in the Filipino understanding of balance as social support is seen as a vital factor in helping an individual to maintain a healthy balance.
  • Where Does Organizational Culture Come From? Main Sources This paper explores the concept and sources of organizational culture: characteristics of people within organizations, organizational ethics, structure and the property rights.
  • The Netflix Company’s Cultural Change Management In 2010, Netflix embarked on a new model driven by a change in organizational culture. The company launched on a broad step that sought to change its structure.
  • Cultural Influences on Language Development Developmental theorists argue that the culture of a child influences his or her language skills. Children begin to communicate in accordance with their cultural aspects.
  • Walmart’s Organisational Culture, Values, and Behaviour This paper will study Walmart’s organizational culture, values, and behaviors which are fundamental components of operations that dictate the success of any company.
  • Japanese Culture Analysis: Core Values and Traditions Japanese culture represents a unique combination of historical, political, religious and social forces which influence the society and its values.
  • “Culture Is Ordinary” a Work by Raymond Williams Ideas suggested by the author must be analyzed to understand if such concepts may be applied in modern society. Williams suggests that there are two aspects of culture.
  • The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence for Nurse The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence is defined as an organization that provides a foundation for nurse professionals’ understanding of the patients’ cultural attributes.
  • Healthy Multicultural Food: Product SWOT Analysis The chosen product is healthy multicultural food, which should be provided to the customers of Active Retirement nursing home.
  • How Has Globalisation Affected Cultural Diversity? Thesis Globalization affects cultural diversity and allows less developed nations to acquire and assess global cultural knowledge.
  • Importance of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Intercultural Communication Intercultural communication is essential as people interact in businesses, workplaces activities, etc. Verbal and non-verbal communication has a important role in communication.
  • Essay on Cross-Cultural Communication & Differences What are cross-cultural differences? What are the examples of cross-cultural communication? ??➕?? Find the answers in this essay on multicultural communication!
  • Evaluating Cultural Dimensions of Globalization The objective of the current paper is to explore the cultural dimensions of globalization from the perspective of its relation to countries and nations.
  • Cultural Conflict Description This paper discusses cultural conflict that was observed or personally experienced with people of a different background, and provides reflection and conclusions.
  • Cultural Diversity in the Workplace The business sphere experiences the impact of cultural diversity increase affecting local communities, employees, and even the country in general.
  • How Does Culture Shape Identity? The complexity of the concept of identity necessitates the understanding of the characteristics which make up a person’s identity and the factors which influence their development.
  • The Impact of Popular Culture on Body Image The paper states that a person’s body image results from an unconscious comparison between what they see in the mirror and what is desirable in their culture.
  • Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions: The USA and India The country comparison shows that India has a higher power distance and long-term orientation than the United States, while indulgence and individualism are lower.
  • Netherlands and Lebanon: Hofstede’s Cultural Model Six cultural dimensions defined by Hostede are different when analysed in the context of both Lebanon and The Netherlands.
  • People and Culture in English-Speaking Countries In addition to being the most widely used language in the world, English is widely spoken as a native language around the globe.
  • Food in Korean Culture: Describing Korean Cuisine Korean citizens believe that food has medicinal properties that improve a person’s emotional, psychological, and mental well-being.
  • Cross-Cultural Management in Hospitality and Tourism This paper discusses the importance of effective cross-cultural management in the tourism and hospitality industry due to its diverse workforce and global nature.
  • Pregnancy and Spirituality in the Filipino Culture This paper aims to review recent literature on Filipino culture related to the Filipinos’ views on pregnancy and childbearing, as well as their spirituality.
  • The Influence of Popular Culture on Society Many processes occurring in modern society are primarily influenced by the dissemination of popular culture. It may contribute positively to the development of national identity.
  • Challenges of the Creative and Cultural Industry The paper presents creative industries classification in the following sectors: fashion, art, culture, performing art, design, photography, and media.
  • Google Inc.’s Organizational Culture Type Organizational culture greatly affects performance at Google. Google makes everything possible to protect and retain its unique organizational culture.
  • Layers of Organizational Culture This paper focuses on layers of organizational culture as core components of organization and design theory by using companies Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and Google.
  • The Evolution and Interpretations of the American Dream.
  • The Influence of Hollywood on Global Culture.
  • American Pop Culture: Icons and Trends.
  • The Impact of Social Media on American Society.
  • Cultural Diversity in America: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • The Role of Sports in American Culture.
  • American Cuisine: A Reflection of Diversity.
  • The Evolution of American Music and Its Influence Worldwide.
  • American Literature: Shaping National Identity.
  • The Significance of American Holidays and Celebrations.
  • American Art and Its Representation of National Identity.
  • American Family Values and Traditions.
  • The Influence of Immigration on American Culture.
  • American Fashion Trends and Subcultures.
  • The Role of Technology in Shaping American Culture.
  • The Legacy of African-American Culture on American Society.
  • American Education System: Challenges and Innovations.
  • The Concept of Freedom in American Culture.
  • The Influence of American Culture on Global Language.
  • American Patriotism: Symbols and Expressions.
  • American Work Culture: From Blue Collar to Tech Industry.
  • The Impact of American Literature on Global Literature.
  • American Religion and Its Diverse Belief Systems.
  • The Evolution of American Architecture and Urban Design.
  • American Media and Its Role in Shaping Public Opinion.
  • The Significance of American Historical Sites and Landmarks.
  • American Youth Culture: Subcultures and Identity.
  • The Role of American Universities in Preserving Culture.
  • American Political Culture and Its Influence on Democracy.
  • American Environmentalism: From Conservation to Activism.
  • The Egyptian Cultural Values and Traditions Egypt is a culturally homogeneous society that is dominated by people of Egyptian ethnicity. Most people practice the Arabic culture, particularly, Sunni traditions.
  • Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory Overview The cultural dimensions theory of Geert Hofstede, a Dutch social psychologist, is widely accepted worldwide and used for modeling cross-cultural communication.
  • Cross-Cultural vs. International Management Cross-cultural management and international management are concepts that refer to working with individuals coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Style of Women and Men The differences in communication between the males and the females within a society stem from the fact that males and females are different physiologically and psychologically.
  • Google’s Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Performance In Google, team work is strongly encouraged. It ensures collective decision making process whereby teams handle and influence one another on issues arising.
  • What Is Cancel Culture, and Can It Go Too Far? Cancel Culture refers to the widespread practice of withdrawing support for public figures after they had done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.
  • The Culture Industry by Adorno & Horkheimer The 1944 book “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception” was co-authored by Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer.
  • Cultural Relativism: Advantages and Disadvantages Cultural relativism theory argues that a person’s beliefs and actions are supposed to be judged depending on one’s culture and all cultural values are evenly legitimate.
  • Raymond Williams’s Opinion About Culture in Society In his work, Raymond Williams discussed culture on the basis of his own observations and considerations. His thoughts look biased and limited.
  • Impact of Culture on International Business If a business organization does not take enough care in communicating with the people of different culture, it may result in heavy loss of money and reputation.
  • Importance of Class in Cultural Studies Cultural studies seek to find the cultural practices in the society which are neglected and make them known, highlighting the ways in which they affect the society.
  • Egyptian Civilization, Culture, and Society This paper discusses the Ancient Egyptian culture, social structure and the position of women, religion, economy, famous people, and contribution to the world culture.
  • Exploring Popular Culture in Architecture The given work is considering a popular culture in architecture as an important part of the architectural field.
  • Schein’s, Handy’s, Hofstede’s Cultural Models Such theories on culture as Schein’s three levels of culture, Handy’s cultural typology and Hofstede’s five dimensions help identify cultural similarities and differences.
  • Husband and Wife’s Duties: Cultural Beliefs and Practices Different communities have different cultural beliefs and practices regarding husband and wife’s duties. Intermarriage is affecting the cultural roles of a husband and a wife.
  • Comparison of Cultural Deviance Theories Any behavior that violates cultural norms is called deviance. Deviance can either be formal or informal. Numerous theories try to explain the nature of deviance.
  • Intercultural Relationships and Communication An intercultural relationship is vital because it can help to learn new skills and gain diversified cultural knowledge.
  • Cross-Cultural Management: A Case Study Analysis The 21st century has introduced an evolution of the business environment, in which managers face new challenges.
  • Russian Cuisine and Eating Culture Russian traditional foods are very rich and have a lot of calories because Russian people are hard-working and they need a lot of energy to maintain their lifestyle.
  • Socio-Cultural Shifts in European Renaissance The flourishing of the Renaissance period was affected by the peace in the era, weakness of the church, self-awareness, and effects caused by the plague.
  • The Role of Art in the World and Culture Art is critical in many ways that are discussed in this paper. In the world, art plays the role of entertaining, educating, triggering thoughts, and promoting culture.
  • Impact of Culture on Communication There are different factors that affect communication between groups or individuals. Cultural difference is one of the key factors that affect communication
  • Domains: Dispositional View and Social and Cultural View This essay describes the comparisons and contrasts between the two domains of personality, explains in detail what the two domains are, provides three examples of each domain.
  • National Culture and Aesthetics in International Marketing This paper examines the importance of national culture and aesthetics for international businesspeople, describes using demonstrations effect and analyzes American marketers’ work.
  • Microsoft Corporation’s Structure, Culture, Power Distribution Microsoft Corporation is a renowned software company that has dominated the industry for at least four decades since its inception in 1975.
  • The Impact of Culture on Communication Culture serves as an enrichment of human values and unique experiences, subsequently applied in discussions or communication between several people.
  • Why Are Fantasy Films so Popular? Once people escape into this irrational world of fantasy, they are allowed to wonder and question conventions that have been accepted as truths.
  • Organizational Culture: Essay Sample for Free The construction of the business culture occurs over time to reinforce its validity in streamlining the social and psychological aspects of interactions.
  • ”Boy” Directed by Taika Waititi as a Representation of the Local Culture The film “Boy” (2010), directed by Taika Waititi, is a comedy-drama that tells the story of a young Maori boy’s relationship with his father, who returns from prison.
  • The Renaissance of the 12th Century: History & Culture Renaissance means many and diverse changes that happen at a given period and their end result is the change in the prevailing ways of doing things.
  • New Zealand Cultural Safety in Nursing Practice Cultural safety considerations are of particular importance in the sphere of healthcare in New Zealand that allows for meeting the health goals by means of competent nursing.
  • Modern Workforce: The Influence of Culture on Decision-Making Process The impact of culture on decision-making is carried out mainly through shared beliefs and values that form a stable set of underlying assumptions among members of the organization.
  • Challenges Faced by MNC’s in Cross-Cultural Management This paper intends to identify the key challenges faced by MNC’s in cross-cultural management and offer a plausible recommendation of how this issue could be solved.
  • Chinese History, Culture and Development Since 1900 It is believed that by the year 1900, the Chinese empire had already existed for almost 2000 years making China one of the oldest known countries.
  • Thick Description: Toward an Interpretative Theory of Culture Clifford Greetz has focused on the concept of “sick description” arguing that the semiotic nature of culture has its implications to political and anthropologic studies.
  • Food Culture: Doughnut’s History, Marketing and Sociology A doughnut, or as it is often called donut, is a kind of fried dough baked or pastry meal. The doughnut has become well-known and beloved in numerous countries and cooked in an assorted model.
  • Bowling as Culture and a Lifestyle Belonging to a particular culture is central to the very human nature since it creates a sense of security and satisfies people’s need for belonging.
  • American English as a Reflection of American Culture British and American English has had a common start but have since developed relatively independently. The most easily detectable difference in the sentence structure and grammar.
  • Arabic and American Cultural Differences American and Arab cultures can teach people how to consider personal needs and interests, how to be different but follow the same goal, and how to understand what is expected.
  • Relationship Between Korean Culture and Language This paper considers the English language peculiarities among Korean migrants to demonstrate the impact of national culture on forming the Korean language by using their contracts.
  • Are Global Brands Destroying Local Culture?
  • Does Culture Affect the Behavior and Performance of Firms?
  • What Is the Concept of American Culture?
  • Can Culture Help Explain the Physical Health Effects of Caregiving Over Time Among African American Caregivers?
  • Has the Culture War Affected Liberal Education?
  • Are Samurai Warriors Still Present in Today’s Global and Modern Culture?
  • Did the Popular Culture of the 1960s Do More Harm Than Good?
  • Can Error Management Culture Increase Work Engagement in Hotels?
  • Has Globalization Change Culture and Societal Norms?
  • Are Sports the Key Factor of Australian Culture?
  • Does Art Influence Culture or Does Culture Influence Art?
  • What Are the American Culture Values?
  • Can Managers Influence the Culture of Their Organizations?
  • Why Is American Culture So Popular?
  • Does China Have More Than One Culture?
  • Can Policy Interact With Culture?
  • How Is American Culture Different From Indian Culture?
  • What Are the Key Elements of Southwest’s Culture?
  • Does Corporate Culture Matter for Firm Policies?
  • How Has Advertising Changed Our Culture?
  • Should Organizations Promote Positive Organizational Culture?
  • Does Culture Affect the Cork Situation Between Different Countries Because of Their Culture Values?
  • How Have American Indians Adapted Their Culture Since Colonization?
  • Does Host Country Culture Affect Foreign Retailer Performance?
  • Should Immigrants Adopt American Culture?
  • How Did Advertising Help Create America’s Consumer Culture?
  • Was Colonial Culture Uniquely American?
  • Does Pop Culture Teach Immoral Values?
  • How Does American Society Culture Influence Eating Disorders?
  • What Makes the Ancient Greek Culture So Appealing?
  • Marriage Has Lost Its Relevance In Modern Culture It is a long-standing tradition that seems to have more of a religious connotation rather than a social meaning.
  • Title: Role of Music in the Spanish Culture This paper will discuss the importance of music to the Spanish culture and also analyze its representations through advertisement on various entertainment and sporting Spanish events.
  • How the Tagalog Language Reflects the Cultural Values This paper analyzes how the Tagalog language reflects cultural values using the information obtained from an interview with Susana, the native speaker.
  • Influence of Cultural Beliefs on Health Behaviors and Use of Health Services This paper presents cultural beliefs and health care. Culture can be comprehended as the identity of a person.
  • Gender Stereotypes in Western and Eastern Culture Stereotypes claim that the girls from the east are well behaved. They are shy and respectful, quiet and smart.
  • The Just Eat Company’s Structure and Culture Just Eat is a UK-based online food ordering and delivery service founded in 2001 and headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Culture Shock and Its Importance in International Business Culture shock is a common issue in businesses that is tended to be overlooked. It has many effects on business: on the level of productivity, effectiveness, and communication.
  • Cultural Influence on Personal Identity The paper discusses the relationship between culture and personal identity, and analyzes how culture affects personal beliefs, viewpoints, and values.
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza: Cultural Artifact The example of cultural artifacts is the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid is the greatest, oldest, and most complex artifact in Cairo, Egypt.
  • History and Culture of the Motorcycle This paper analyzes the history of motorcycles, their culture, and the stages they have gone. Motorcycle culture has been associated with gender disparities.
  • Cultural Diversity in Modern Society The article discusses diversity of culture – a concept that could be hard to understand, let alone measure, sometimes.
  • Filipino Culture and Traditions This paper discusses Filipino nationality, Filipino ethnicity and cultural heritage, education and their financial status or social class, and the biases.
  • Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Society The essay throws light upon cultural diversity topic in organizations and provides recommendations on achieving cultural competence for the company.
  • The Cultural Differences Analysis Most of the cultural differences can be noticed in the specificities of communication. For example, highly people-oriented cultures are usually extremely open and easy going.
  • HubSpot Firm’s Organizational Structure and Culture HubSpot follows a team-based organizational structure and prioritizes sharing creative ideas and promoting diversity by providing opportunities for various social groups.
  • Interpersonal Space and Touch in Hispanic Culture In this paper, the author analyzes the issue of interpersonal space use and touch from the perspective of the Hispanic culture.
  • Nike’s Organizational Culture: Approaches & HR Management This paper description of Nike Inc., its cultural analysis, the organization’s approach to staffing, and/or how it influences the performance of the organization.
  • The Igbo Dance Positioning in Nigerian Culture The culture of the Nigerian people embraces Igbo dance not only as a traditional ritual but as the critical means of communication as well.
  • Socio-Cultural Barriers for People With Disabilities in the Rural Community People with disability in rural communities experience four forms of social barriers: communication barriers, financial barriers, physical barriers, and attitudinal barriers.
  • Comparison of the Culture of China and Japan The cultures that can be observed in China and Japan are very different when compared to the rest of the world.
  • The Impact of Korean Pop on the Global Culture This paper aims to examine the phenomena of K-pop in the context of global culture and factors that made this music genre famous across the world.
  • Multicultural Education, Its Benefits and Limits There are various researchers who have sought to explain and define the cultural diversity found in the classroom setting.
  • Developing Intercultural Competence Managing international groups requires proper understanding of the key notions of intercultural dimensions and their general concept.
  • The Impact of Popular Culture on Body Image in Women This paper is about how the media and film industry promotes unhealthy body image toward women and how it affects women consumers.
  • Social Media’s Influence on American Culture This paper lays out the impacts that social media has had on American culture over time. It presents both negative and positive influences on the culture.
  • Traditions and Culture in Dubai Many people come from across the world in Dubai. The popularity of the town rises from trade as one of the most active free markets in the world.
  • Evaluation of Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care Theory This paper describes, evaluates, and discusses the application of Madeleine Leininger’s nursing mid-range theory of culture care.
  • Business Culture in the United States and Poland Poland is more of a hierarchical society compared to the U.S. This implies that lower-level employees in Poland expect to be told what to do by their bosses.
  • Mass Culture and Its Implications The modern paradigm of consumerism and the ongoing competition to grab the recipient’s attention has resulted in the emergence of the mass culture phenomenon.
  • The Coca-Cola Company’s Cross-Cultural Management in the UAE Hofstede’s five-dimensional model is the most feasible cultural framework to use in evaluating a Coca-Cola company in the UAE.
  • Exploring Intercultural Communication by Grothe The most interesting concepts from Exploring Intercultural Communication by Grothe are the interrelation between ascribed and avowed identities and ability as a cultural identity.
  • Family Roles and Their Impact on Cultural Domains Interviewing people about the cultures and their effects on family life provides an insight into intrinsic mechanisms defining the external manifestation of their characteristics.
  • The American Cultural Values There are several values and norms that are followed in America, and there are few selected core values in the American value system namely individuality, privacy and equality.
  • Google: Organizational Culture & Company Values — Organizational Culture Essay Organizational culture applied in Google Company established by the founders of the company, Page and Sergey. This culture grew strong and was common among employees.
  • Language and Cross-Cultural Communication The essay will identify the various cultural differences denoted by intercultural communication and the key aspects of language in the various concepts.
  • Starbucks’ Culture and Howard Schultz’s Leadership Success at Starbucks Corporation is directly attributed to the efficient communication and practical leadership.
  • Beowulf as a Tragic Hero of the Old English Warrior Culture Beowulf is a typical Aristotelian tragic hero who also exhibits the elements of the native Old English warrior culture.
  • Culture: Impact on National Development This paper aims to assess the impact of a country’s culture on national development, including its economic, technological, political, and social aspects.
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation Styles The paper argues to strike a compromise in a negotiation, each party must relinquish something while accounting for the other party’s culture.
  • Interconnection in Popular Culture With globalization and commercialization of culture, every aspect of culture seems to be merged into one single realm.
  • European Influence on the American Culture and Society American culture is the amalgamation of traditions, practices, and customs. Many societies have contributed their distinct flavors to the “melting pot” of American culture.
  • Is Gender a Culturally or Biologically Perscribed Role? The concept of gender as a product of culture or biology has been debated and analyzed by various researchers. The result of this debate has further polarized the topic.
  • “Cultural Theory and Popular Culture” by John Storey The work “Cultural Theory and Popular Culture” by John Storey, contributes to understanding the complexity of culture and its social impact.
  • Heritage and Cultural Sector in the Travel and Tourism Industry Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing industries that generate billions of dollars and create thousands of jobs places across the globe.
  • The Rise of Cancel Culture: Social Media Users’ Perspective The modern perception of media discourse has become one of the major contributors to the genesis and development of an innovative model of social cognition.
  • Cuban Cultural Communication in Relation to Healthcare Cubans are hospitable and open-minded people; people do not build fences around houses, and the door remains open since the population is always happy with guests.
  • The Study of Culture in Sociology Sociologists are concerned with the association of a cause with an effect. Becker (1982) employed a qualitative research methodology using an anthropological approach.
  • Cultural and Social Literacy for Millennials Cultural and social literacy is critical to millennials because it will help them to navigate the complex sociocultural environment and contribute positively to the world.
  • Relations Between Biology and Culture While biology has much to do with our choices, the social environment shapes them to fit the community’s expectations. This work discusses relations between biology and culture.
  • Indian Culture in the “Pather Panchali” Movie Directed by Satyajit Ray, the movie Pather Panchali became a great event in the cultural life of Western society as it demystified the Indian culture.
  • Cultural and Individual Expression Through Music Music is viewed as one of the most effective ways of passing any information be it cultural or expression of emotions and feelings among different people.
  • Nacirema Culture and Rituals The main problem of the Nacirema is that they have placed too much belief in the rituals and ceremonies which are not relevant in modern times.
  • Zappos-Amazon Companies Merger: Organizational Culture The acquisition of Zappos by Amazon is a good example of the complications of combining two companies that have different organizational cultures.
  • Starbucks Company: Business, Culture and SWOT Analysis The paper looks into Starbuck’s history, its missions and goals, business scope, current size, growth, and profitability, culture and reputation, competitive advantage, and SWOT.
  • Hofstede’s Cultural Model in Negotiations Hofstede’s cultural model offers vital insight into the techniques and skills that individuals apply when engaged in cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Effects of Poor Workplace Culture on Healthcare Organizations The current paper provides a unique outlook on the fundamental value held by workplace culture in healthcare organizations.
  • Culture Shock’s Experiences I first heard about culture shock when I was thirteen years old. My parents were missionaries in the Philippines, and we were citizens from the United States of America.
  • Cultural Norms, Values and Ways of Behavior Each society has a culture. Culture is learned; the essay highlights the importance of language in cultural development.
  • Starbucks Company’s Branding: Cultural Phenomenon Branding is a very important tool for the marketing purposes of any business. This paper focuses on consumer tribes branding as a cultural phenomenon of the Starbucks.
  • Cross-Cultural Evangelism Strategies Cross-cultural evangelism is the sharing of the gospel with people from other cultures. It involves getting to know people from other cultures and learning about their beliefs.
  • The Impact of Organizational Culture on Innovation Management This paper investigates the state of organizational culture at Turkish Airlines, which provides an opportunity to assess its impact on innovation management.
  • Comparison Between Dominican Republic Culture and Indian Culture The paper focuses on comparing the family and culture of the Dominican Republic to the Indian culture based on relationships and marriage, cuisine, etiquette, religion, and family.
  • The Role of Cultural Relativism in Healthcare The Nacirema is a group of North Americans living in the territory between the “Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumara of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles”
  • Cultural Barriers in Healthcare Management There are numerous barriers including language, cultural competence, and structural access to health care which prevent participation from cultural or ethnic minorities.
  • How Italian Culture Influenced Life: Personal Experience The author’s personal experience about how Italian culture influenced his life. Since family makes a great impact on one’s life and shapes a personality.
  • Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement Organizational culture represents what an organization is and not necessarily what an organization should have or what it has.
  • Cultural Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour This paper defines consumer behaviour and concentrates on cultural factors that affect consumer behaviour. This will help businesses in fulfilling consumers’ desires.
  • The US and South Africa in Terms of Business Culture The paper discusses way how companies conduct their business is subject to various internal and external factors.
  • Personality Affected by Culture and Family Values The personality and ambitions of the person are closely affected by their family values and culture. “Paris is Burning” by Jennie Livingston.
  • Homer, His Works and Homeric Culture Homer is known as the most significant Greek and Roman writer. In the olden days, the Romans and the Greeks only believed they were educated if they could quote his poems.
  • Is Culture a Unifying or a Divisive Force? Samuel Ph. Huntington is sure that Western civilization will always be dominant in the questions of culture, so it is impossible to dwell upon the possibility of unifying aspects.
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing and Hofstede’s Model This paper examines the effect of culture and the importance of cross-cultural analysis on international marketing, with a focus on Hofstede’s model of cross-cultural analysis.
  • Socio-Cultural Aspects of Chinese Architecture This paper aims at investigating different Chinese ancient architecture styles and the impact of various social and cultural factors on these styles.
  • Globalization and Cultural Hybridization Globalization affects all spheres of human activity starting from education, policy, management, and ending with art, culture, etc.
  • Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Cultural diversity should be incorporated into the company’s policies combined with teaching workers this fundamental issue in the business environment.
  • Batman as a Reflection of American Culture Batman comics are one of the monoliths of American comic book culture and represent a whole kaleidoscope of topics that could be viewed from different perspectives.
  • Beefsteak Firm Reinforcing Culture Through Human Capital Development Positive company culture is an essential element of any organization supported by adequate human resource practices.
  • Contrasts the Chinese American Culture With the African American Culture This paper compares and contrasts the Chinese American culture with the African American culture. Just like African Americans, Chinese Americans tend towards more traditional values.
  • Sundiata Epic: Culture and Traditions of West Africans Sundiata epic indicates that in West African history before the arrival of Europeans, power was hereditary. Sundiata epic portrays that West African culture believed in sorcery.
  • Cuban Ancestry in Nursing Cultural Communication Cultural ancestry determines the behavior of its bearers. This paper presents diverse aspects typical of Cuban ancestry and their role in nursing and health care.
  • American’s Culture Shock in Kazakhstan
  • The Thai Culture: Stereotypes and Generalizations
  • W. L. Gore’s Strategy of Corporate Culture
  • Cultural Identity and Theater Aesthetics
  • The Humanities, Art, and Culture
  • Cultural Holiday Paper: Distinguishing Features
  • Indian Culture Examined Through Street Food
  • Aspects of Muslim Food Culture
  • A Personal Reflection of Culture and Families in Global Perspective
  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • Reflections on Managing Multicultural Teams
  • Cahokia People, Their Culture and History
  • Health and Lifestyle in Russian Culture
  • Great Sphinx of Giza in Ancient Egypt’s Culture
  • Tesla Inc. Structural and Cultural Design
  • Organizational Culture in Starbucks
  • Race and Culture in The Hate You Give Movie
  • Barriers to Cross-Cultural Communication
  • The Study of Ritual Practice: Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • High and Low Context Culture in Business
  • Germany and South Korea’s Cross-Cultural Interaction
  • “The Epic of Gilgamesh”: Analysis of Cultural Specifics
  • Christianity: History, Traditions, and Cultural Practices
  • Death Culture in Filipinos and Its Peculiarities
  • Are Social Media Ruining Our Culture?
  • Lady Sennuwy Statue of Ancient Egyptian Culture
  • Individual Cultural Communication of Arabs Analysis
  • Cultural Events’ Role in Tourist’s Decision-Making
  • Culture as a Progressive Way of Life
  • Egyptian Culture History: Legacies to the Modern World
  • Cultural and Entertainment Activities in Saudi Arabia
  • Has Social Media Ruined Our Culture
  • Unhealthy Food Culture and Obesity
  • Role of Family in Healthcare and How Culture Affects Health Beliefs
  • Culture Briefing of a Country: China
  • Role of Cultural Diversity in Public Administration
  • Maya, Their Culture and History in the US
  • Cultural Competence in Nursing
  • Michael Jackson’s Influence on Pop Culture
  • How Popular Culture Influences Morality in Society
  • Cultural Analysis and Inferences from the Movie 42
  • Review of the Brazilian Culture
  • The Relations Between Environmental and Cultural Determinism
  • Nursing Metaparadigms and Culturally Proficient Care
  • Servant Leadership: Chinese Culture and Confucianism
  • Challenges Multicultural Children Face in United States
  • Buddhist Culture in Thailand
  • Analysis of McDonald’s Corporate Culture
  • Coca-Cola Company’s Global Operation and Cultural Diversity
  • Popular Culture’s and Fashion Industry’s Influences
  • The Importance of Cultural Framing
  • Taiwanese Culture, Foods, and Tourism
  • How the Internet and Digital Culture Have Changed Language in Canada
  • The Impact of Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism
  • Aspects of the Contemporary American Communication Culture
  • Culturally Sensitive Care: The Purnell’ Model for Cultural Competence
  • Culture and Diversity in the Field of Psychology
  • Michael Jackson: Essay on His Influence on Music & Pop Culture
  • Organizational Culture and Values in Hospitals
  • Iranian Folk Tales and Culture
  • Islamic Culture, Politics and Religion
  • Leadership Role in Shaping Organizational Culture
  • Coca Cola Company: Cross-cultural Business Behavior
  • Gender is an Often Culturally-Prescribed Role
  • Influence of Culture on Learning Science
  • David and Bathsheba: Historical and Cultural Context
  • Amazon Organization’s Management and Culture
  • Muslim Heritage in Culture, Art, and Religion
  • Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st Century
  • The Nordic Countries: Cultural Values
  • Bengali People Culture and Origins of Bengali New Year
  • What Is Your Culture?
  • Ethnocentrism & Othering in Intercultural Relations
  • Cultural Differences in Business & Trade
  • How Language Reflects Culture and the World Wide View
  • Identity. Family Traditions and Cultural Legacies
  • Managing an Organization of Different Culture: Concepts of International Human Resource Management
  • Healthcare for Hindus: Purnell Model for Cultural Competence
  • Culturally Competent Nursing for Asian Americans
  • The Fundamentals of the Chinese Culture
  • Culture Shock on the South and the North of the USA
  • Culture Media as a Helpful Instrument
  • Advertising and Culture
  • What Is Organizational Culture?
  • Architecture and Spatial Relations in the Zulu Culture
  • Enron’s Corporate Culture and Ethics Failure
  • Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Culture
  • Cultural Identity and Its Acceptance in Society
  • Social Time: the Heartbeat of Culture
  • Intercultural Communication in TV Shows
  • Culture of the United Arabic Emirates
  • Heritage of Philipines Culture
  • The Culture of Broadcasting and Participatory Culture
  • Business Culture as a System of Values in the UK
  • Islamic Effect on the Cultural Exchange
  • Intercultural Communication: Autoethnographic Reflection
  • Shakespeare’s Othello and Its Cultural Aspects
  • Intercultural Communication: Dimensions of Bengali Culture
  • Cultural Identity in Yamauchi’s And the Soul Shall Dance and Tan’s Two Kinds Plays
  • The Great Gatsby as a Reflection of American Culture
  • The Nacirema Culture: Unusual Perceptions and Mind-Blowing Ideas
  • Cultural Difference in Leadership and Communication
  • Cultural Issues and Their Solutions in Project Management
  • Leininger’s Culture Care Theory in Nursing Practice
  • Cross-Cultural Personal and Professional Development
  • Child Development in Rogoff’s “Thinking With the Tools and Institutions of Culture”
  • Kenya, Its Tourist Attractions and Food Culture
  • Larry Purnell’s Model for Cultural Competencies
  • Pepsi Company Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • Pop Culture in America
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence
  • The United States’ Cultural Profile
  • Comparison of Gun Laws and Gun Culture Between USA and India
  • The U-Curve Model of Intercultural Communication
  • Pop Art Movement: Origins, History, Cultural, and Thematic Overview
  • Cultural Values of Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People
  • Aspects of Coffee Culture
  • Introduction to Talent Management and Corporate Culture
  • Cultural Issues American Managers Face in China
  • The Importance of Understanding Culture in Marketing
  • Communication and Cultural Awareness: The Mexican Culture
  • Symbolism in Everyday Life, Culture, and Literature
  • Cultural Resonance in Special Education
  • Intercultural Communication: Problems and Benefits
  • Cultural Beliefs in Health Education
  • The Impact of the Culture and Communication in International Business
  • Maori Culture Throughout History
  • Cybercrime and the Culture of Fear
  • American Cultural Studies and Their Development
  • Intercultural Communication in Business
  • Popular Culture in “Inglourious Basterds” Film
  • Bart’s “Ethics: The Key To Organizational Culture”
  • Concept of Sexuality as a Cultural Construct
  • Culture, Cultural Identity, and Cultural Influence
  • Hotel Rwanda and the Misrepresentation of African Culture
  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Nurse
  • Cultural Diversity in The Workplace
  • Superheroes and Implications for Culture
  • The Coca-Cola Company Unifying Culture
  • Haitian Cultural Considerations of Death
  • Cultural Identity and Ethnicities’ Integrity Significance in Mora’s Poetry
  • Intercultural Communication in the Workplace
  • Globalization and Education – Economic, Political and Cultural Dimensions
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Challenges It Faces
  • Cultural Events in French-Speaking Countries
  • The Industrial Revolution: Culture, Work and Social Change
  • Intercultural Communication: Interfaith Marriages
  • LAC Company’s Cultural Events Marketing Plan
  • Leadership in Cross-Cultural Context
  • Patient Safety Culture and Its Elements
  • Organizational Structure’s and Culture Relationship
  • Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care Theory in Nursing
  • Cancel Culture and Public Policy Research
  • Culture and Evolution of Hip-Hop in South Korea
  • Celebrity Culture Glorification
  • Ancient Culture in Chapter 10 of Gomer’s Odyssey
  • Gender Roles in the Buddhist Culture
  • “Why Cultural Diversity Matters”: Central Theme and Purpose
  • The Cultural Effects of the Press
  • Culture Impact: The American Apple Pie
  • The Necessity of Cultural Sensitivity in International Business
  • Japanese Workaholic Culture
  • Cultural Artifacts and Their Theme
  • Saudi Arabian Culture, History and Political Situation
  • Appropriate and Effective Christian Intercultural Communication
  • Society and Culture from Sociological Perspectives
  • The Bible as a Cultural Object
  • Cultural Nationalism and Narcissism of Bruce Lee
  • Concept and Presence of a “Canadian Culture”
  • Akeelah and the Bee: Multicultural Diversity
  • Internationalization in France: French Business Culture
  • Barna’s Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks: Summary and Response
  • Bottled Water: Environmental and Cultural Impact
  • Israeli Culture and its Diversity
  • Cultural Satire in John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera
  • Korean Culture From the Psychological Perspective
  • Prenatal Issues and Birth in Mayan Culture.
  • The Concept of Cultural Competency
  • European Civilization: Cultural and Economic Challenges
  • Cultural Sensitivity, Awareness and Competence: Similarities and Differences
  • Cars in Popular Culture and Mass Media
  • Declaration of Independence and Cultural Issues Today
  • Ethical and Cultural Issues in Group Work
  • Middle Eastern Musical Culture
  • Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st century
  • Culture of the Nacirema in Modern Healthcare
  • Social and Cultural Competency in the Research Process
  • Doctor Faustus in Popular Culture
  • Culture of Maori People of New Zealand
  • Starbucks Corporation’s Organizational Culture
  • Cultural Factors of Business in Singapore and Japan
  • Intercultural Conflicts: Occurrence and Solutions
  • Libya’s Cultural and Ethnic Frameworks and Political Relations With America
  • Aspects of Zappos’ Corporate Culture
  • Improving Amazon Inc.’s Culture
  • The Concept of Cultural Diversity
  • Intercultural Communication in Business, Education, and Healthcare
  • Cancel Culture Before and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Global Management and Cultural Diversity
  • Cultural Heritage in the Case of Hoi An
  • How Popular Culture Can Promote the Idea of Sexual Assault in Society
  • Cultural Immersion Project: Interview with Lesbian
  • Nike: Multinational Corporations and Culture
  • Influence of Culture and Gender on Personality Disorders Diagnosis
  • The Culture of Communication and Interaction
  • Pop Culture as a Potent Globalization Tool
  • Cross-Cultural Differences: Unique Antecedents
  • Gender Is a Culturally Prescribed Role, Rather Than a Biological Sex
  • The CN Tower Is the World Cultural Heritage Site
  • Multicultural Education in America: Benefits and Challenges
  • The Relations Between Internet and Culture Uniformity
  • Linking Cultural Variations and Family Cooperation
  • How Workers and Managers Can Reshape Organizational Culture
  • Tourism and Socio-Cultural Conflicts in Lhasa, Tibet
  • Creating a Rainbow of Culture
  • Culture and Society of Dubai and the UAE
  • Corporate Organisational Culture and Regional Issues
  • American and Romanian Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Impression Management Strategies and Cultural Differences
  • Law and Order SVU Cultural Phenomenon
  • American Popular Culture and Globalization Effects
  • African American Expressive Culture
  • Japan’s Geography, Culture, Religion, Politics
  • Multicultural Psychology and Biopsychosocial Model
  • Cross-Cultural Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance
  • Family Relationships and Dominant Culture
  • Cultural Influence on Roman Architectural Paradigm
  • Tattoos Cultural Context: Ancient to Modern
  • General Motors Company’ Organizational Culture
  • Globalization Advantages and Negative Cultural Impact
  • Hong Kong Global Business Cultural Analysis
  • Effect of Social-cultural Factors on Eating Disorders
  • Nature of Christianity: Political Resistance Versus Cultural Assimilation
  • Comparison: Mesopotamia and Ancient Egyptian Culture
  • Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory
  • Conformity in the Consumerism Culture in “America” by Tony Hoagland
  • Modern Communication Infrastructure as a Means of Cultural Diffusion
  • East-Indian Culture and Subcultures
  • Indian Culture and Food Supply
  • Diffusion and Mechanism of Culture Change
  • The Rings of Saturn from the Cultural Perspective
  • Biology and Culture of Gender Color Stereotypes
  • Cultural Diversity and Identity
  • Chinua Achebe’s Life, Igbo Culture, and Things Fall Apart
  • The Cultural Adaptation Process in Business
  • Third Culture Kids: A Literature Review
  • The Social and Cultural Rules
  • Cultural Diversity Issues in Family Therapy
  • Contemporary Culture Impact on Humanities and Creative Expression
  • Modern American Culture vs. Traditional Societal Value
  • Cultural Pluralism as System in Society
  • A New Cultural Order: New Americans Stir Old Fears
  • Comparison of Maasai and Japanese Cultures
  • The Corporate Culture of the Trader Joe’s
  • Pop Culture in Movies: How Far Can It Get?
  • Objective Knowledge Based on Experience and Culture
  • Creating a Positive School Culture: The Servant Leadership Style and Facilitative Leadership
  • Feminism in Chinese Literature, Culture, Society
  • Cultural Differences: Kenyans, Malaysians, Chinese and Americans
  • Wired Magazine: Culture Analysis
  • The Beatles’ “Let It Be” and Youth Music Culture
  • Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Failure, Culture
  • Organizational Culture Importance: Disney and Fox Companies
  • Communication and Cultural Conflicts
  • Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
  • Death and Culture: Cross-Cultural Beliefs and Practices Associated With Death
  • Cultural Diversity in Classrooms
  • News Values and Today Media Culture
  • Social Communication: The Role of Culture
  • Interconnection of Globalization and Culture
  • How to Conduct Cultural Text Interpretation
  • Multicultural Counselling in the United States: The Historical Context
  • Food and Cultural Appropriation Article by Cheung
  • Servant Leadership and Communication: Islam Religion and Indian Culture
  • Improving Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Street Art Graffiti as a Culture
  • How Mass Media and Entertainment Influences Our Culture
  • How Culture Shapes Communication
  • Different Views on Multicultural Identity: Aurora Levins Morales and Gloria Anzaldua
  • Verbal Processes in Intercultural Communication
  • The Role of African-American Culture
  • Culture, Science, and Philosophy of the Hellenistic Empire
  • Social, Economic, and Cultural Values in Steinbeck’s “The Chrysanthemums”
  • Cultural Immersion: Interview With Latino in the US
  • Leading With Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to Success
  • Thua Thien Hue Province’s Culture & Infrastructure
  • Personal Culture and Worldview
  • Values, Theories, and Concepts in Chinese Culture
  • “Armageddon” Film: American Culture of Patriotism
  • Indian Cuisine: Food and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Eating
  • Organizational Culture as a Competitive Advantage
  • Cultural Intelligence and Cross Culture
  • Measuring the Level of Cultural Awareness
  • Culture and International Business Group of Walmart
  • Aspects of Regulating Cultural Borders
  • Cross-Cultural Competence and Stereotypes
  • Challenges Faced by Foreign Students in Adapting to University Culture
  • Society and Culture of Indonesia
  • Single Parent Culture and Student Behavior
  • How Does ‘Police Culture’ Influence Police Practice?
  • Cultural Differences in South Africa
  • Spanish Culture in Equatorial Guinea
  • Cultural Analysis of the Ancient Rome
  • Medical Anthropology: Culture and Medicine
  • Cultural and Emotional Intelligence Differences
  • Latinos in US Media: Stereotypes, Values, Culture
  • Cultural Journey from Greece to England
  • Saudi Aramco Company’s Work-Life Balance & Culture
  • Aspects of Cross Cultural Communication
  • Cross-Cultural Interactions and Differences
  • The Warrior Culture in “The Iliad” by Homer
  • Health eCareers Website and Cultural Diversity
  • Chinese Culture: Collectivism and High Context
  • The Impact of Fashion Marketing on Middle Eastern Culture
  • Hollywood: The Cultural Influence
  • Intercultural Business Communication in Brazil
  • Aspects of Police Culture and Diversity
  • Borrowing in the History and Culture
  • Cultural Aspects of Any Indigenous Peoples of Fiji
  • Colorado’s Political Culture and Influence Factors
  • Definition of Disability Culture
  • Tantrism and Its Cultural Background
  • Cultural Progress and the Evolution of Medicine
  • American and Indian Cultural Awareness
  • Visual Media vs. Literary Portrayals in Culture
  • Cross-Cultural Analysis of Germany and the US
  • Analysis of “The Material Culture of Lived Religion” Article
  • Indian Greeting Traditions: Intercultural Communication Study in India
  • Human Biology and Culture Connection
  • Cultural Impact on Creative Expression
  • “Nisei Daughter”: Secret of Mixed Cultural Identity
  • Child Growth and Development: Effects of Culture
  • Multicultural Competence in Counseling
  • Cultural Artifact in the “Legally Blonde” Film
  • People’s Thoughts and Behaviors: Influence of Cultural and Social Factors
  • Concept of Modernity in Culture and Sociology
  • Sports Ministry Plan Using Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Hispanic Culture Immersion in United States
  • Yanomamö Culture: “Spirit of the Rainforest” by Ritchie
  • “One Thousand and One Nights Stories” in Popular Culture
  • Renaissance Culture Art: The Meditation on Passion by Vittore Carpaccio
  • Organizational Culture Change at NASA: The Assessment and Plan
  • Air Force Organizational Culture: Leadership Cultivation
  • The Relevance of Cultural History in Leadership
  • African American Cultural Group’s Health Beliefs
  • Oman Representation in Oman Culture
  • Oceania Culture, Religion, Lifestyle, Cook Island
  • Concept of Interpretation in Art on Basis of Culture
  • Têt Holiday in the Vietnamese Culture
  • Photography Impacts on Cultural Identity of Native Americans in America
  • Cultural and Emotional Intelligence Self-Development
  • Intercultural Communication in Traditional Educational Setting
  • Popular Culture via the Lens of Marxism, Postmodernism, and Psychoanalysis
  • Culture Discouraging Girls From Excelling at Math
  • Racial and Cultural Descrimination
  • The Constitutes of Global Culture: The Role of Media in Global Culture
  • Multicultural Approaches: Multicultural Education
  • Mexican American Cultural Group: Background and Current Experience
  • Existential Egoism in Modern Western Culture
  • Cultural and Natural Landscape of the City of Bonn
  • Culture Variables in International Business
  • Culture and Second Language Acquisition
  • How Do CRTC and CBC Affect Canadian Media and Culture?
  • Cross-Cultural Relations and Diversity
  • The History of Hip-Hop Culture
  • Differences in Cultural Approaches to a Rite of Passage
  • Organizational Culture in Radiological Department
  • The Impact of the DNP on an EBP Culture
  • Cultural Diversity in Teamwork: Research Process
  • American Red Cross: Organizational Culture Ethics
  • Cross-Cultural Management for Virtual Teams: Context, Theories and Critical Cultural Influences
  • Cultural Research and Its Usefullness in Daily Life
  • Psychiatric Technician: Culture in the Workplace
  • Real-Estate Company’s Cultural Analysis
  • Cultural Anthropology: The Yanomami Tribe
  • Lenovo Company: Dimensions of Culture
  • Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality
  • Arizona Tourism: Socio-Cultural and Environmental Impacts
  • Therapy and Culture in the Nurse-Patient Relationship
  • Relations Between Women Equality, Cultural Prerequisites and Feminism
  • Biotensegrity Model in Organizational Culture
  • Nursing Process and Culturally Competent Care Delivery
  • Chinese and Japanese Cultural Differences
  • Cultural Competence in Nursing Practice
  • Benefits and Disadvantages of Multi-Cultural Mingling
  • BCBA Interview: Ethical Dilemmas and Cultural Challenges
  • The Problem of Aligning Cross-Cultural Concepts
  • Indian Culture, Tradition and Classical Music
  • Stereotypes and Prejudices in Intercultural Communication
  • The Role of Culture in Intelligence Development
  • Chinese Dating Culture and Its Origin
  • The Impact of Cultural Differences on Xiaomi’s Capabilities in the US
  • Patient Safety Culture and Related Practice Changes
  • Cultural Events in Hong Kong: The Involvement of the Government
  • Organizational Culture After the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Cultural Impact on Gender and Sexuality
  • American Culture in Literature: Mark Twain and Walt Whitman
  • The Corporate Culture Concept: Pros and Cons
  • Organizational Behavior and Culture for Employees
  • The Impact of Leadership Styles in Enhancing Quality Culture
  • The Cultural Formulation Interview Diagnostic Tool
  • Perception, Equality, and Curiosity in Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Intercultural Communication in Real Life Situations
  • The Culture, Language, and Race Interconnection
  • South Tennessee Culture and Stereotypes
  • Relations Between Marie Antoinette and Political, Economic and Cultural Contexts
  • Indian Culture: Analysis of the Document
  • Cultural Dilemmas in Modern Management
  • The Influence of Culture on Self-Development and Maturity Process
  • Freedom in Action via Cultural Relativism
  • Mayan Culture in “Apocalypto” Film Discussion
  • Cultural and Communicative Competence
  • “The Folklore of Small Things: Tradition in Group Culture” by Fine
  • A Woman’s Fate in the Chinese Culture
  • “The Culture of Martyrdom” by David Brooks
  • Aboriginal Australian Cultural Tradition
  • Philippine People: Examining Culture and Traditions
  • Cross Cultural Communication: Role of China in the International Market
  • Familial and Cultural Values in Tan’s and Erdrich’s Stories
  • Cultural Context in the Short Story ”Everyday Use” by Alice Walker
  • Cultural Competence Concerning Native Americans
  • The Huli People and Their Culture: Interview
  • Femininity and Masculinity in Media and Culture
  • Cultural Power of Images in Society
  • Cultural Sexism Versus Other Macro-Level Factors
  • The Positive Social, Cultural and Political Transformation Between 1815 to 1860

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100 best popular culture essay topics.

popular culture essay topics

Popular culture essay topics are interesting and exciting to read about. They have mass appeal and most people can relate to them. Pop culture can take different media forms. It can range from comic books to films about superheroes. The list can also include fashion, social media, and slang.

As such, selecting pop culture topics to write about is not easy for some students. Although learners have many ideas to consider, they should think carefully before they start to research and write. Pop culture is often criticized for being superficial and primitive. Some people think it’s from indie groups. But, how justifiable are these beliefs? These are some of the issues that can form the basis of popular culture topics for essays. But, if struggling to choose what to write about, here is a list of popular culture topics to consider.

Argumentative Popular Culture Essay Topics

Most people love reading argumentative essays. However, writing argumentative essays on pop culture topics is not easy. It requires skills and time. Here are some of the topics to consider if you want to write an argumentative essay about pop culture.

  • Popular television shows do not portray what society considers important
  • Social media does not affect the movies that we watch
  • Globalization does not affect the pop culture
  • Globalization affects pop culture significantly
  • Social media affects movies significantly
  • Social ideas and pop culture do not have a connection
  • Popular culture is defined by social ideals
  • Celebrities influence the buying decisions of most people
  • Most people will buy a product that is sold by a celebrity
  • The popularity of soap operas will keep rising
  • Soap operas are no longer part of the popular culture
  • Music connects people and other music topics
  • Connecting with people that listen to different music style is not easy
  • Music can connect even people that listen to different genres
  • The internet does not affect what people enjoy
  • The internet affects what people like
  • Artists with a low following should watch everything they do and say
  • Artists should not worry about younger followers that mimic what they do and say
  • Weather channels should be an aspect of popular culture
  • Disney princesses affect young girls positively

When writing on any of these pop culture argumentative essay topics, students should be persuasive and provide relevant examples. What’s more, they should be logical in their thinking to convince readers to believe their viewpoints.

Topics about Culture and Science

It’s not easy for some people to think that science and popular culture can merge. However, some topics touch on both science and popular culture. If looking for a pop culture topic that allows you to talk about science, consider these ideas.

  • Some scenes in pop culture films are accurate
  • Experiments from Frankenstein can be conducted today
  • Some experiments from Frankenstein can be conducted in the future
  • Pluto should be considered as a planet in the current age
  • Evolution is real when viewed from a pop culture’s perspective
  • Evolution is a myth when viewed from a pop culture’s perspective
  • Discuss the popular existential crises attitudes in the 21st century
  • What can humans learn from watching television about neuroscience?
  • What parallels can be drawn from Huxley’s Brave New World with the current drug industry?
  • How does the Gattaca movie resemble current genetic editing
  • Discuss the popular attitudes towards 21st-century space exploration
  • Discuss changes in the evolution’s opinion in the popular culture over the centuries
  • What are the most common objections to eating meat as popular culture?
  • Can popular culture be studied in science professions by academics?
  • How has the perception of healthy eating changed?
  • How does popular culture portray scientific questions with a link to existential philosophy?
  • What is the effect of climate change movies on impact reduction?
  • Has the understanding of the solar system and stars been changed by popular science?
  • Discuss the popular objections that some people have towards vegetarianism
  • Why is the inclusion of popular culture references in academics wrong?

This list also has some of the best pop culture debate topics. Nevertheless, you should pick the idea to write about carefully. That’s because some ideas are the basis of controversial pop culture topics. As such, you must also convey contrary opinions and take a stance when writing your essay.

Social Issues and Culture Topics

Some pop culture essay topics tie with some social issues. A topic is popularized by society. That’s why most films, television programs, and books focus on social issues. Therefore, good pop culture topics are relatable to most people. Here are some of the best social issues and pop culture paper topics to consider.

  • Popular culture implication on dumbing down the youth
  • Racism and popular culture over the last century
  • Impact of the popular culture on the moral compass
  • Why some religions are popular than others
  • Which are the most popular religions?
  • Why does free speech stress some people in today’s society?
  • Discuss the impact of social media on popular movements in society
  • Analyze the current popular culture and consumer behavior trends
  • Analyze popular culture and consumer behavior in the past 100 years
  • Discuss the changing landscape in the popular culture and gender equality
  • How does popular culture represent terrorism
  • Discuss changes in terrorism representation over the past years
  • What are the most popular clans in the world?
  • What is the influence of popular clans?
  • Discuss the changing attitudes towards gender equality
  • How is the moral landscape changing?
  • What are the most influential cults in popular societies
  • How has feminism affected popular culture?
  • How does pop culture create apathy in modern society
  • How does homosexual attitude differ in society due to popular culture?

These pop culture research paper topics touch on social issues too. They show that popular culture is an important aspect of society. Students can focus on these pop culture research topics to show that this essential aspect can cause or solve issues in society.

Controversial Pop Culture Topics for Research Papers

Some popular culture research topics are generally controversial. Writing about such topics entails addressing the controversy that is witnessed almost every day by students. Nevertheless, writing about controversial American pop culture topics, for instance, requires analytical skills. Here are examples of topics in this category.

  • The government should ban some countercultures
  • Some cartoons are catchy and bright- Discuss with Toy Story in mind
  • Products of pop culture bend the present-day youth’s aesthetic perception
  • Social media activity should be moderated strictly
  • Some old music and books are better than some of the modern bestsellers
  • Most people criticize some products of pop culture for being trash
  • Celebrities should be accountable for racist messages
  • Most celebrities include sexist messages in their work
  • Parents should be attentive to the music listened to by their kids
  • Reading comic books can cause a superficial perception of daily reality

It’s crucial to remember that you should always be ethical when writing about controversial popular culture topics. That means you should focus on making a strong argument with sufficient evidence when writing your paper or essay.

Interesting Culture Speech Topics

Some educators ask students to write speeches on global and American popular culture topics. These topics can also be great for debates. Here are examples of topics that learners can choose for their speeches.

  • Negatives and positive effects of popular culture on young people
  • How pop culture can influence the current generation’s moral code
  • How the values of feminists are represented in contemporary cartoons
  • How pop culture denounces gender inequality
  • How popular culture promotes gender inequality
  • Discuss religious conflicts in pop culture
  • Explain the influence of pop culture on consumer behavior
  • How does pop culture lead to political apathy?
  • Is pop culture the reason why society has accepted homosexuality?
  • How is the fight against terrorism represented in popular culture?

These are great culture research topics that can also be great for speeches and debates. Nevertheless, they also require research to come up with detailed facts and present them properly.

Extraordinary Culture Essay Topics

Students that like thinking outside the box should pick extraordinary popular culture research paper topics. Here are examples of such topics.

  • Traveling is part of the modern popular culture
  • Pop culture is important for modern education
  • What is McDonaldization?
  • Discuss the American history representation in modern television series
  • Compare the portrayal of yakuza in Western and Asian pop culture
  • Contrast the portrayal of yakuza in Western and Asian pop culture
  • Contrast pop culture and folk culture
  • How has the childhood concept been changed by pop culture?
  • How has popular culture influenced the global economy?
  • Explain your relationship with the popular culture phenomenon
  • What is Black Dandyism?
  • Discuss the pop art principles
  • Explain ethical problems using pop culture’s technologies
  • What role do anime and manga play in modern popular culture?
  • How does American popular culture affect the rest of the world?
  • How is the US criminal justice system represented in pop culture?
  • How are the US courts represented in pop culture?
  • Discuss a famous historical personality in pop culture
  • How is the mentality of children influenced by their faith in superheroes?

Students can choose from a wide range of global, Asian, or American culture topics. However, it’s crucial to pick a pop culture topic that a learner is interested in. Our term paper writers are here to help. They make writing a paper or essay interesting and easy.

humanities topics

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100 popular culture essay topics.

December 3, 2020

Popular Culture Essay Topics

The need to develop a good pop culture topic for any level course is difficult for most students. They often face a large number of responsibilities and distractions from all over, and many wait until the last minute to start brainstorming viable popular culture essay topics that meet their assignments’ requirements.

We’ve gathered 100 interesting and original pop culture topics to fit just about every occasion. We’ve got culture and other social issue essay topics for different grade levels and assignments covering a wide range of areas related to the beliefs, objects, and practices that dominate and are prevalent in a society at any given point in time. Here are our ideas for your consideration:

Controversial Pop Culture Topics

  • How has social media affected the way we view romantic relationships?
  • Has the increased use of social media increased the number of teenage pregnancies?
  • Is social media making people more depressed?
  • Do sporting events help unify international relations?
  • Is it reasonable to think that teenage pregnancy is on the rise because of social media?

American Popular Culture Topics

  • Why has online education become a popular alternative to in-class learning?
  • Why did the Harry Potter series of books resonate so much with Americans?
  • How do sporting events bring people together for a common cause?
  • Does the sexuality of celebrities negatively impact the way teenagers view body images?
  • Does American culture impact the way we view

Pop Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What technological advancements have had the greatest impact on pop culture?
  • What role do the Andy Warhol art pieces have on modern artists?
  • In what ways has social media affected the way we communicate?
  • What impact has celebrities that share photos of themselves wearing masks had on society?
  • Are celebrities that give public service announcements more influential?

Pop Culture Research Topics for High School

  • What is the most effective form of punishment for online bullying?
  • How does social media impact the spread of pop culture news?
  • Can popular culture affect a society’s level of intelligence?
  • What kind of influence has Madonna had on today’s female musicians?
  • What impact did Marilyn Monroe have on Hollywood fashion?

American Culture Topics for High School

  • Do technological devices, like the smartphone, lead to greater distractions?
  • What role have the musicians of the 1960s played in musical progress?
  • Is online learning the new preferred normal for students?
  • Should social media sites be censored?
  • What impact do celebrities have on influencing sexual behavior in teenagers?

American Pop Culture Topics for College

  • Who are the least trustworthy news anchors in the U.S.?
  • How do musicians stand out in today’s world?
  • How has streaming services changed the way we watch T.V.?
  • Does the Jurassic Park film accurately convey the threat of science?
  • How have our thoughts on evolution changed in the last 100 years?

Interesting Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

  • Is popular culture making today’s youth less intelligent?
  • How does our sense of morality change because of pop culture?
  • In what ways has popular culture changed our views about homosexuality?
  • How does popular culture influence our attitudes about ethnicity?
  • In what ways are empathy and apathy affected by popular culture?

Weird Popular Culture Research Topics

  • How do cartoons influence America’s youth?
  • In what ways do television personalities influence politics?
  • How have generational dances impacted our sense of pop culture?
  • Can boy bands ever fall out of the public’s favor?
  • Why do people root for villains in super-hero films?

Pop Culture Topics for Research Papers

  • How have violent video games changed our views of feminism?
  • What role does marketing play in popular culture?
  • Why are reality television shows so popular in our society?
  • How did we become addicted to watching the lives of others on television?
  • Why are young people so attached to the lives of the Kardashians?

Five Popular Culture Topics for Essays

  • In what ways has reality television changed our viewing habits?
  • Are television ads effective in changing our perception of products?
  • Why are men less likely to go on healthy diets?
  • Is there such a thing as marketing overload in today’s world?
  • How did botox injections become so popular?

Good Pop Culture Topics for a Short Paper

  • What are the main differences between middle school and high school?
  • How do celebrities influence our spending habits?
  • Why are soap operas so popular among stay-at-home adults?
  • What psychological effects do violent video games have on young adults?
  • Do young adults pay too much attention to popular culture?

List of Popular Culture Topics on Music

  • How does modern music affect how young adults view society?
  • Why are Hip Hop and Rap music so popular across cultures?
  • In what ways did the grunge movement of the 1990s influence modern culture?
  • Why is the music from the 1960s still popular among young adults?
  • In what ways can music impact the way people view modern society?

Culture Speech Topics for a Presentation

  • How has the stereotypical superhero/superheroine changed over the decades?
  • What kind of effects do violent films have on young adults?
  • How does text-messaging impact in-person communication in adults?
  • How has the internet affected the way parents raise their children?
  • Is popular culture today a form of mythology?

Pop Culture Paper Topics on Television

  • How do television shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy present female characters?
  • How have political candidates changed the way we perceive them because of television?
  • Do characters in television sitcoms positively or negatively influence today’s youth?
  • What impact do professional athletes have when they speak out on television?
  • How has streaming impacted the way we watch traditional television?

Five Great Pop Culture Debate Topics

  • Do comic books and graphic novels portray female bodies in positive or negative ways?
  • Should we consider censoring social media applications for offensive content?
  • Should the internet be censored or should people have the right to read what they want?
  • Do Disney characters have a positive or negative impact on children?
  • Are technological devices causing more distractions among adults?

Interesting Topics About Culture Today

  • Why does the public obsess over celebrity diets and health routines?
  • Does the paparazzi influence the rise of celebrity culture?
  • Has the internet impacted how parents raise children?
  • Are teenagers inclined to follow new age religions?
  • How do video games change our views on gender?

European Culture Essay Topics

  • How is European culture different from American culture?
  • How has the Brexit movement changed the culture in Europe?
  • What impact does the European Union have on the continent?
  • What influence does French cuisine have on other European countries?
  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected cultural views in Europe?

Culture Research Topics about the U.S.

  • Are romantic films negatively impacting our view of relationships?
  • Why are countercultures so popular amongst American youth?
  • Is music piracy an important part of American culture?
  • Why is there so much racism and sexism in Trump’s America?
  • How does the term “high-quality” fit into today’s culture?

Popular Culture Research Paper Topics

  • Are news channels like Fox News and CNN considered to be a part of popular culture?
  • How does pop culture promote social change in the U.S.?
  • Why hasn’t the global sport of soccer been embraced in the U.S.?
  • How did the sport of basketball become so popular around the world?
  • What impact do American celebrities have around the world?

Funny Popular Culture Essay Topics

  • Why are people obsessed with getting plastic surgery?
  • What are today’s expectations of beauty?
  • How have superhero films become the preferred film category for youth?
  • How is celebrity worship different today compared to 20 years ago?
  • Do ultra-thin models present a negative view of feminism?

If you need more pop culture topics to write about you can always contact our professional writer service via chat, email, or phone. We can put you in communication with one of our top academic experts to give you a custom list of pop culture essay topics written specifically to fit any length and type of assignment. Don’t fret over having to come up with a great pop culture topic by yourself. Just give us the details and we’ll do the rest for you.

latin american research paper topics

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American Culture Essay: Customs and Traditions of the USA

american culture topics for essay

All essays on American culture generally explore the customs and traditions of the USA, a country with distinct cultural background encompassing food preferences, language, religious affiliation and much more. American culture would be of great interest to everyone who is fond of learning new things about the world around. Current American culture essay will discuss the most peculiar aspects of the US customs and traditions. The following essay on American culture will deal with such elements of the US culture as language, religion, American style and food, music, sports and some others. The paper will start from providing general background to make it clear to the readers that American culture encompasses various aspects that will be briefly analyzed in the following essay about American culture. Let us discuss the key aspects distinguishing the culture of one of the world’s most developed countries – the United States of America.

  • First, it is important to provide a few general facts about the USA. The United States is known as the third largest state in the world. Since the very beginning, the USA has been home to people with diverse cultural backgrounds. It is known that almost every region in the world has somehow contributed to the American culture, as this country has long been a country of immigrants, since the times when it was colonized by the British. Therefore, US culture has been changed and shaped by such nations as Native Americans, Africans, Asians and Latin Americans. It needs to be noted that America is widely considered a “ melting pot ” where diverse cultures have been interacting with one another and bringing something new to the local culture. Just like the nations across the world have greatly influenced the American culture, nowadays, the US nation influences the cultures of other countries all over the globe. Some immigrants coming to the USA keep some of their traditions and language, but integrate into the American lifestyle in a number of ways. At the same time, lots of immigrants bring something new to the American culture so that it continues to change and evolve.
  • The next issue to be discussed is the language of the USA. According to the American government, the United States has no official language. This is because nearly every language of the world is widely used in the USA, including Spanish, French, German and Chinese. These are some of the most frequently used non-English languages that are widely spread across the USA. 90% of the whole population, however, understands and uses English language, and most of the official businesses are managed in English as well. It is estimated that over 300 languages are commonly used in the USA. These languages are divided into several groups according to their prevalence across the territory of the country. 
  • Another cultural aspect to be discussed is religion. The USA is known to practice almost every world religion, which is explained by the rights of US citizens to choose whatever religion they like. This phenomenon is known as religious freedom. Around 80% of the population identify themselves with Christian religion, while more than 10% of US citizens claim that they do not adhere to any religion at all. It was also found that the second most commonly identified religion in the USA is Judaism with nearly 2% of the population affiliating with it. At the same time, Islamic religion is not that common, with less than 1% of the population identifying themselves as Muslims.
  • As for the American style of clothing, it varies according to the social status of a person, the region he/she lives in, his/her occupation and climatic conditions. Jeans, baseball caps, boots, sneakers and often cowboy headwear are among the pieces of clothing that are most commonly associated with the American style. Such American brands as Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret and Ralph Lauren have long become known all over the world being especially popular in their country of origin. American fashion is largely influenced by the style chosen by celebrities as well as the one reflected in mass media. The fashion sales in America reach nearly $200 billion a year.
  • Another aspect to be analyzed is American food. This aspect raises concern among Europeans and other nations, because American food is known mostly for its unhealthy qualities and the use of genetic modification. Such American foods as hamburgers, potato chips, hot dogs and meat loaf are among the most widely known examples of traditional American meals. Apple pie is also very popular with Americans being an authentic part of the US cuisine. The types of foods vary depending on the region. Southern manner of cooking is commonly known as “ American comfort food ”. It includes such meals as fried chicken, corn bread and greens. The cuisine of Texas has been influenced by the Mexican and Spanish styles of cooking. It ranges from burritos to shredded cheese and chili. It is also common for Americans to eat various snacks such as dried meats and many more.
  • As for such cultural aspect as sports, the United States is widely known as a sports-conscious state. Every region of the USA has thousands of fans who are fond of baseball, football, basketball and many other kinds of sports. It is common to consider that baseball is an inherently American kind of sports. It has been developed during the period of British colonization and has ever since become one of the most favorite pastimes for the American nation. It seems that the popularity of baseball in America will hardly ever wear out. In the USA, baseball is as popular as football in most European countries.
  • Finally, there is a need to discuss the diversity of arts in the United States. The arts culture of the US extends far beyond television shows and movies. This can be proved by the fact that New York is known for being home to Broadway, and the whole American nation has a very distinct theatrical history. The folk art of Americans is revealed in the popularity of hand-made items. As for American music, it encompasses many styles and genres, including jazz, western and country music as well as rock ‘n’ roll and blues.

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220 Pop Culture Topics for an A+ Essay

There are many ways to define popular culture . Here’s one of them: pop culture includes mainstream preferences in society within a specific time frame. It covers fashion, music, language, and even food. Pop culture is always evolving, engaging in new trends, and leaving the old ones behind.

Our specialists will write a custom essay specially for you!

This article offers you a list of pop culture topics covering its numerous aspects. Continue reading to find helpful tips on how to choose a perfect topic for your assignment. And don’t forget that custom-writing.org is ready to help you with any task. Check out our resources!

🔝 Top 10 Pop Culture Topics

✅ how to choose a topic, ⭐ top 10 pop culture essay topics.

  • 🎵 Music Topics
  • 📰 Mass Media Topics
  • 📚 Popular Literature
  • 📺 Movies & T.V.
  • 🇺🇸 American Pop Culture
  • 🌐 Internet Phenomena
  • ✍️ Pop Culture Analysis
  • 🤔 Pop Culture & Social Issues

🔍 References

  • How is politics related to sport?
  • Is religion related to pop culture?
  • Does music affect the fashion industry?
  • The ways technology affects pop culture
  • Is traveling a part of modern pop culture?
  • Pop culture’s impact on consumer behavior
  • How does globalization affect pop culture?
  • Is there a negative effect of popular fiction?
  • Entertainment industry during different generations
  • How does fandom culture vary around the world?

Choosing a topic is the first step towards completing an assignment. This section will help middle, high school, and college students identify the right subject for an essay. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the requirements? Make sure you understand the task you need to complete.
  • You are free to choose your topic. Keep in mind the purpose of the course and the material covered in class. Brainstorm your ideas and choose the one you like the most!
  • You are provided with a list of topics to choose from. In this case, start by reviewing every option. Eliminate the ones you are least excited about. Then, select a subject that seems the most interesting to you.
  • What do you already know? Of course, you could choose a topic that is brand-new for you. But working with a familiar subject will make the research easier.
  • What does your instructor say about the topic? Don’t hesitate to consult with your instructors before writing. Make sure that the selected topic fits the requirements.

Now you understand how to select the right subject for your assignment. Let’s see the topic options! If you looked through the list but still haven’t found anything that insterests you, try your luck with an essay ideas generator .

  • Gender equality in fashion
  • Is food a part of pop culture?
  • Characteristics of pop art
  • Pop culture vs. folk culture
  • K-pop culture’s impact on fashion
  • How cultural appropriation affects media
  • Consumer culture and the world economy
  • Entertainment industry and mental health
  • The role of media in the music industry
  • Is TikTok a part of modern pop culture?

🎵 Popular Culture Topics about Music

Music never stops changing. It came a long way from hand-crafted instruments to computer programming. You can write about music that was popular in a specific timeframe or discuss the latest trends. Here is a list of topic ideas on this subject.

  • How did space-age discoveries affect rock music?
  • Discuss music marketing in the digital era.
  • Describe the features of Latin American pop music.
  • What makes K-Pop stand out?
  • The role of pop music for your generation.
  • Write about the origin of hip-hop.
  • Select a time period and write about its music trends.
  • Analyze the evolution of pop music starting from the 1950s.

Bob Dylan quote.

  • Write about the occupational hazards of being a musician.
  • The origin and development of sunshine pop.
  • Choose a music album and analyze its impact.
  • Which pop music era seems the most interesting to you?
  • Pick a famous band and describe their career path.
  • Compare two different pieces of music from the 20th century.
  • What are the main features of rock music?
  • How do pop songs influence the teenage generation?
  • The role of radio broadcasting in the pop music industry .
  • Popular vs. serious music: a comparison.
  • Talk about a person who largely contributed to pop music.
  • What are the functions of film music?
  • Can popular songs influence public opinion on a specific subject?
  • Why do some people develop a very negative attitude towards pop music?
  • Describe the role of music in your life.
  • Do famous artists influence the lifestyle of their fans?
  • Discover why some entertainers remain famous even after their death.

📰 Mass Media Pop Culture Essay Topics

Popular culture exists and survives because of the mass media. With its help, it reaches and unites billions of people. Television, radio, and newspapers are the main outlets of mass media. Here is the list of media-related pop culture topics to write about.

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  • Do magazines publish celebrity gossip too often?
  • Describe the way mass media dictates fashion standards to young adults.
  • Analyze the link between pop culture and mass media in the U.S.
  • Does mass media influence the preferences of the audience?
  • Describe how the media contributes to stereotypes about minorities.
  • Should newspapers expose sensitive details about celebrities’ lives?
  • How can one make sure not to consume fake news ?
  • Analyze the peculiarities of New Journalism.
  • Discover the influence of the New York Times on the press.
  • Write about radio stations contributing to pop culture in the past.
  • Discuss racial stereotyping on television.
  • Talk about an influential online news resource.
  • Body as a subject in media and marketing.
  • What kind of pop culture topics are not broadcast via mass media?
  • Would you consider Twitter a mass media source?
  • Talk about the media and the global public sphere.
  • Write about promotional campaigns via mass media.
  • Is it possible for an artist to gain fame without the internet?
  • Which websites are known for spreading fake news ?
  • How to avoid information overload nowadays?
  • Conduct a semiotic analysis of a perfume commercial.
  • Can pop culture survive without American media ?
  • Describe the American Idol phenomenon.
  • Talk about the internet’s effects on journalism.
  • Which influencers do you personally prefer and why?

📚 Modern Popular Literature Essay Topics

This section will be fun for book lovers! The term “popular literature” refers to writings intended for a broad audience. It’s no surprise that such books often become bestsellers. You can describe this type of writing as fiction with a strong plot. Look at this list of topic ideas for a great analytical, argumentative, or informative essay.

  • Describe the magic of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books.
  • Discover the initial public opinion about The Handmaid’s Tale .
  • Why did The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo become a bestseller?
  • Principles used in Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.
  • Why did Enduring Love by Ian McEwan gain popularity?
  • What charmed the readers of The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton?
  • Discuss the theme of change in Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee.
  • Discover the way the sad ending in The Lucky One affected the readers.
  • Orange Is the New Black: Netflix series vs. book.
  • What made The Wednesday Letters different from other love novels?

Clive Bloom quote.

  • How did The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins become iconic?
  • Describe the characters of Katherine Min’s Courting a Monk .
  • Discover the way Atonement by Ian McEwan impacted the readers.
  • What values are encouraged in Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks?
  • Discuss the initial public opinion about Life of Pi by Yann Martel .
  • Self-awareness in The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman.
  • Analyze the success of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie .
  • Discuss the literary issues of Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air.
  • How did the public accept the controversial message of The Da Vinci Code ?
  • Did Aziz Ansari’s reputation contribute to the fame of his book Modern Romance ?
  • What made The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer popular?
  • Analyze the fanbase of The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler.
  • What draws the readers to Confessions of a Shopaholic ?
  • Explore confession and forgiveness in The Lovely Bones.
  • Why did The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield gain popularity?

📺 Pop Culture Topics: Movies and T.V.

Movies and T.V. shows are an integral part of U.S. culture. This category includes films based on popular literature and all-time-classic movies. T.V. production is often accompanied by a massive amount of merchandise that fills clothing and toy stores. The following list will help you select an on-point essay topic.

  • Write about the way the Star Wars saga unifies several generations.
  • The Wizard of Oz in relation to populist movement.
  • Analyze the impact of King Kong on cinema.
  • What makes New York City an iconic location for movies?
  • Describe the role of fandom in pop culture.
  • Is it better to watch a movie at home vs. in theater?
  • Why is Lord of the Rings considered one of the greatest trilogies?
  • Define the genre of Scarface.
  • How does Groundhog Day relate to Buddhism?
  • Did The X-Files inspire conspiracy theories?
  • Analyze the way Friends logo entered the clothing industry.
  • Write about the role of the media in Jerry Maguire.
  • Why did the movie Aliens become popular?
  • Discover the effects of Western movies on Arab youth.
  • What has brought Terminator into pop culture?
  • Write about the impact Rocky had on viewers.
  • Discuss what fans appreciate about The Matrix movies.
  • Racism and masculinity in A Soldier’s Story.
  • Write about a successful Marvel movie .
  • What makes D.C. movies iconic?
  • Describe the role of social workers in Crash.
  • Discuss the periods of The Simpsons ’ fame.
  • Analyze the way Parks and Recreation reflect the U.S. culture.
  • Talk about your favorite blockbuster.
  • Should government control the contents of T.V. shows?

🇺🇸 American Pop Culture Topics

The history of the United States was always reflected in various art forms. Today its pop culture highlights social identity and carries on the American heritage. In this section, you can explore the elements that contribute to American pop culture.

  • How did globalization impact American pop culture ?
  • Analyze the influence of the American movie industry on the world.
  • Write about Hispanic American culture.
  • Explore the place of alien encounters narrative within American culture.
  • Write about a specific period of American pop culture.
  • Examine the popularity of American movies overseas.
  • Write about the history and influence of Halloween.
  • Discover the economic value of the American entertainment industry.
  • Write about an aspect of the American pop culture you’re most proud of.

Andy Warhol.

  • What would you like to change about the U.S. pop industry?
  • American folk culture vs. pop culture.
  • Which countries are not influenced by American culture at all?
  • Describe the role of T.V. broadcasting for the U.S.
  • Talk about American fast food as a part of pop culture.
  • Discover vacation destinations in and outside of the U.S.
  • Why is so much of today’s pop culture focused on the 80s?
  • How significant is Disney for Americans?
  • Discover the roots of U.S. pop culture.
  • How does the American pop industry portray sexuality?
  • Analyze the way pop culture unifies American citizens.
  • What are the destructive trends prevalent in the U.S.?
  • Discuss gender roles in American cartoons.
  • What does American pop teach about lifestyle?
  • How quickly do new fashion trends spread across the U.S.?
  • Discuss the way the U.S. pop culture reflects its historical values.

🌐 Popular Culture Essay Topics on Internet Phenomena

The internet is the ultimate means of communication worldwide. The rise of online trends is quite unpredictable, which is why it’s called internet phenomena. Memes, videos, challenges will be the focus of this section. Continue reading to find a fun essay topic!

  • What purpose was intended for the Ice bucket challenge ?
  • What made the dab famous worldwide?
  • Describe a dangerous internet phenomenon.
  • Why were teens attracted to the fire challenge?
  • Analyze the way Harlem Shake went viral.
  • What is people’s attitude towards social media?
  • How does something become an internet phenomenon?
  • Describe the influence of the Thriller dance on the world.
  • Debate the ethics of Coffin Dance.
  • What’s the reason for Gangnam Style’s fame?
  • How did the Momo challenge turn into a worldwide phenomenon?
  • Write about an internet phenomenon that emerged in 2020.
  • Talk about an online challenge you participated in.
  • What made Bongo Cat famous for many years?
  • Write about a politics-themed online phenomenon.
  • What distinguishes popular video games nowadays?
  • Analyze the role of TikTok in song advertisement.
  • Write about a comics book that gained popularity online.
  • Discover online challenges that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Describe the Bernie Sanders phenomenon among college students.
  • What internet phenomena are popular amongst the older generation?
  • Discuss the outcomes of a viral fundraising challenge.
  • Talk about one of the earliest internet phenomena.
  • How did the first memes appear on the internet?
  • Write about a web cartoon that qualifies as an internet phenomenon.

✍️ Pop Culture Analysis Topics to Write About

Pop culture includes many components you could write about. For an analytical paper, feel free to pick any aspect of pop culture. You can focus on positive, negative, or controversial factors. Make sure to use academic resources and professional critique. Here are some topic examples of your future paper.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions. Cut 20% off your first order!

  • How does pop culture impact public health?
  • Analyze Coca Cola marketing strategies from the sensory perspective.
  • Will the entertainment industry survive without encouraging predatory behavior?
  • What percentage of the U.S. population is currently involved with pop culture ?
  • Analyze a popular culture artifact of your choice.
  • What makes a pop song relatable?
  • Why is popular literature often made into films?
  • How does Instagram affect people’s lives?
  • Will your generation be drawn to pop culture decades from now?
  • How can one become famous in the age of informational overload?
  • Analyze the price one is paying for remaining popular.

Suzy Kassem quote.

  • Why do some classic paintings become a commodity?
  • Write about a person who significantly impacted T.V.
  • Pick a T.V. show and analyze its rise to popularity.
  • Discover how one becomes an influencer.
  • Do video games have any positive effects?
  • In what ways does politics influence pop culture?
  • How necessary is funding for the pop industry?
  • Why have memes become a popular form of communication?
  • What things should celebrities stop promoting?
  • Analyze YouTube’s contributions to pop culture.
  • Talk about the important messages in current pop music.
  • What catches the attention of modern consumers?
  • How did the 2020 pandemic influence pop culture?
  • What happens to famous artists who quit their career?

🤔 Popular Culture and Social Issues Essay Topics

Pop culture reveals social issues and creates new ones. In your paper, consider various aspects of society. Think about popular culture’s effect on different generations, languages, or values. The following list will help you select an interesting essay topic.

  • Describe ways in which pop culture divides social groups.
  • Do pop songs represent the voice of society?
  • What social issues does pop music contribute to?
  • Analyze the media’s influence on women’s self-image.
  • How does an expectation of the zombie apocalypse affect the Americans?
  • The impact of T.V. shows on self-realization amongst teenagers.
  • Does popular literature disconnect teenagers from society?
  • Why do people incorporate fictional characters in protest marches?
  • What do modern toys teach children about body image ?
  • Did pop culture contribute to social unrest in the U.S.?
  • Discover the way popular movies contribute to discrimination .
  • In what ways do memes influence public opinion?
  • Analyze the effects of mass media on one’s sexuality.
  • Examine the impact of YouTube on young adults’ career choices.
  • Does pop culture promote promiscuous behavior?
  • Describe the way modern movies stigmatize obesity.
  • What family values are projected in today’s mass media?
  • Explore the harming side of fandoms .
  • Does mainstream media sabotage social norms or encourage them?
  • Do pop songs encourage rebellious behavior amongst teens?
  • What kind of lesson does pop culture teach about gender?
  • Correlation between mobile games and the overuse of display devices.
  • Discover stereotypes that are prevalent in the pop industry nowadays.
  • Analyze the effect of television on bullying .
  • In what light does pop culture portray religion?

We hope you found this article helpful and choose an excellent topic for your assignment. Now go ahead and write an A+ essay on pop culture!

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  • Pop Culture Makes You Smarter: St Edward’s University in Austin, TX
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60 Popular Culture Essay Topics To Excite Your Mind

Popular Culture Essay Topics

There is nothing as fascinating as writing on a subject you like. A majority of college students love pop culture, and hence this is a friendly paper for them. Nevertheless, coming up with good pop culture topics remains a tough battle yet to be won.

What Is a Popular Culture Essay?

It denotes an academic paper that investigates the set of beliefs, practices, and objects dominant in a society at a given point in time. The customs and behaviors embraced by the public are also part of pop culture.

How To Write Pop Culture Essay Topics

Popular culture encompasses various categories, such as social media, TV, music, slang, and fashion. Therefore, to have a hot pop culture topic:

Consider the culture of the day Look at the beliefs and tendencies towards it Settling on an interesting pop culture

Below are practical examples for your motivation:

Comparison Essay Topics Based on Popular Culture

  • How pop culture influences a person’s behavior and mode of talking
  • Compare and contrast the communication jargon between the old and young people
  • A case study of the trending topics on Twitter
  • Make a comparison of the advertisement techniques for male and female products
  • The pervasive influence of pop culture on everything we do.
  • How generation gaps influence different pop cultures

Popular Culture Topics For Analysis Essay

  • Analyze how modern cartoons represent feminist values
  • Critically analyze the influence of pop culture on gender equality
  • How does pop culture relate to political affiliations?
  • Why does religion clash with popular culture?
  • Pop culture and its impact on consumer behavior
  • Does popular culture determine the moral code of a society?

Serial Killers as Heroes in Popular Culture Essay Topics

  • The sadist nature of murderers in movies and plays
  • The more people see a particular crime, the less they are to participate in it
  • Do serial killer movies only portray them as heroes for ratings?
  • The depiction of serial killers as fathers, friends, or even co-workers
  • The question of nature versus nurture in developing serial killers
  • The relationship between serial killers and intelligence

Pop Culture Topic Ideas For College Students

  • The emergence of lip, cheek, tongue, and butt injections for ladies
  • Why women have a more affiliation for fashion than men
  • The emergence of celebrity worship in the 21st century
  • The depiction of dystopian futures and post-apocalyptic societies in movies
  • The one-dimensional nature of women in movie stories
  • How reality television shows have helped shape popular culture

Pop Culture Topics To Write About

  • The rise of hip hop music among teens and adolescents
  • How unisex clothing and hairstyles are becoming the new norm
  • Differentiate between the traditional TV Programmes and those of today
  • Explain why more teens prefer going out on weekends with their friends
  • How reality shows are becoming a form of exploitation and abuse
  • How to handle the LGBTQ movements in the 21st century

Popular Culture Research Paper Topics

  • How popular music helps in forming a person’s personality
  • The portrayal of sex and racism in contemporary popular music
  • Values that music and dance incorporate into society
  • How social media is a rapid tool for disseminating pop culture music
  • The surge in music piracy-related issues
  • Positive and negative characteristics of pop music

Popular Culture Topics For Persuasive Essays

  • The power of celebrities in influencing their audiences
  • The history and development of pop culture in the US
  • How different social groups vary in their music taste and preferences
  • How mass media brings out different cultures in its programming
  • A critique of what to watch during watershed periods
  • The growing tendency of people towards social media

American Popular Culture Topics

  • Sexism and feminism in the American pop culture
  • How musicians are branding and marketing companies
  • American reality television shows and pop culture
  • Why Kim Kardashian is a household name in the US
  • Pop culture reflection of society
  • Lady Gaga’s ‘Till it happens to you’ video

Colorful Pop Culture Project Ideas

  • How social media impacts relationships
  • The role of cartoons in criticizing society
  • Movies as a mirror of society
  • Modern TV’s portrayal of gender roles
  • Internet and influence on music
  • Why ladies love soap operas
  • Is online learning the new norm?
  • Social media and increased teenage pregnancies
  • The role of the internet in parenting
  • Censor mechanisms for social media
  • Paparazzi and celebrity culture
  • Celebrities and people’s buying decisions

Are you tired of writing long essay assignments on your own? On top of professional pop culture topics, we also offer expert writing services online. Get your paper done fast today.

political essay topics

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Black History Month 2024: African Americans and the Arts 

A woman reads a book

The national theme for Black History Month 2024 is “ African Americans and the Arts .”  

Black History Month 2024 is a time to recognize and highlight the achievements of Black artists and creators, and the role they played in U.S. history and in shaping our country today.  

To commemorate this year’s theme, we’ve gathered powerful quotes about learning, culture and equality from five historic Black American authors, teachers and artists who made a significant impact in the Arts, education ― and the nation.  

  Making history  

“Real education means to inspire people to live more abundantly, to learn to begin with life as they find it and make it better.” – Carter G. Woodson, Author, Journalist, Historian and Educator, 1875-1950  

Known as the “Father of Black History,” Carter G. Woodson was primarily self-taught in most subjects. In 1912, he became the second Black person to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard.   

He is the author of more than 30 books, including “T he Mis-Education of the Negro. ”  

Carter G. Woodson dedicated his life to teaching Black History and incorporating the subject of Black History in schools. He co-founded what is now the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. (ASALH) . In February 1926, Woodson launched the first Negro History Week , which has since been expanded into Black History Month.  

Carter G. Woodson

Providing a platform  

“I have created nothing really beautiful, really lasting, but if I can inspire one of these youngsters to develop the talent.” – Augusta Savage, Sculptor, 1892-1962  

An acclaimed and influential sculptor of the Harlem Renaissance, Augusta Savage was a teacher and an activist who fought for African American rights in the Arts. She was one out of only four women, and the only Black woman, commissioned for the 1939 New York World’s Fair. She exhibited one of her most famous works, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which she named after the hymn by James Weldon Johnson, sometimes referred to as the Black National Anthem. Her sculpture is also known as “ The Harp, ” renamed by the fair’s organizers.  

Photograph of Augusta Savage

Raising a voice  

“My mother said to me ‘My child listen, whatever you do in this world no matter how good it is you will never be able to please everybody. But what one should strive for is to do the very best humanly possible.’” – Marian Anderson, American Contralto, 1897-1993  

Marian Anderson broke barriers in the opera world. In 1939, she performed at the Lincoln Memorial in front of a crowd of 75,000 after the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) denied her access to the DAR Constitution Hall because of her race. And in 1955, Marian Anderson became the first African American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera. She sang the leading role as Ulrica in Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera.  

american culture topics for essay

Influencing the world  

“The artist’s role is to challenge convention, to push boundaries, and to open new doors of perception.” – Henry Ossawa Tanner, Painter, 1859-1937  

Henry Ossawa Tanner is known to be the first Black artist to gain world-wide fame and acclaim. In 1877, he enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts , where he was the only Black student. In 1891, Tanner moved to Paris to escape the racism he was confronted with in America. Here, he painted two of his most recognized works, “ The Banjo Lesson” and “ The Thankful Poor of 1894. ”    

In 1923, Henry O. Tanner was awarded the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor by the French government, France’s highest honor.  

Henry Ossawa Tanner

Rising up  

“Wisdom is higher than a fool can reach.” – Phillis Wheatley, Poet, 1753-1784  

At about seven years old, Phillis Wheatley was kidnapped from her home in West Africa and sold into slavery in Boston. She started writing poetry around the age of 12 and published her first poem, “ Messrs. Hussey and Coffin ,” in Rhode Island’s Newport Mercury newspaper in 1767.   

While her poetry spread in popularity ― so did the skepticism. Some did not believe an enslaved woman could have authored the poems. She defended her work to a panel of town leaders and became the first African American woman to publish a book of poetry. The panel’s attestation was included in the preface of her book.  

Phillis Wheatley corresponded with many artists, writers and activists, including a well-known 1 774 letter to Reverand Samson Occom about freedom and equality.  

Phillis Wheatley with pen and paper

Honoring Black History Month 2024  

Art plays a powerful role in helping us learn and evolve. Not only does it introduce us to a world of diverse experiences, but it helps us form stronger connections. These are just a few of the many Black creators who shaped U.S. history ― whose expressions opened many doors and minds.  

Black History Month is observed each year in February. To continue your learning, go on a journey with Dr. Jewrell Rivers, as he guides you through Black History in higher education. Read his article, “A Brief History: Black Americans in Higher Education.”  

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Student reading a book

138 Popular Culture Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best popular culture topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on popular culture, 💡 interesting topics to write about popular culture, ❓ pop culture research questions.

  • Roman & Greek Mythology in Pop Culture: Examples, Referenses, & Allusions One of the most famous examples of the use of the characters taken from Greek mythology in pop culture must be the mentioning of the famous goddess, Venus, in advertising, which is, in fact, based […]
  • Adolescents and Popular Culture: A Critical Analysis on Blogging Culture It is the purpose of this research paper to critically evaluate the popular culture of blogging among adolescents with the premise that it reinforces pro-social activities and self esteem among the teenagers. We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Popular American Culture: Development and Changes In nature, human beings are social animals; therefore, they would seize any opportunity to socialize and this explains why many people are members of one or more social networking sites.
  • Popular Culture of TV Watching in USA and China However, as compared to USA culture, watching television programs in China is controlled and regulated by the state, a situation that has forced some young people to resort to internet television where they watch downloaded […]
  • Popular Culture and Teenage Pregnancy Among Americans This has been the case particularly in regards to the Western society of the early to the middle 20th century and the up-and-coming international normalcy of the late 20th and 21st century.
  • Japanese Animations’ Effects on the Japanese Economy and Their Cultural Influence on Foreign Countries These artists incorporate the characteristic anime stylizations, gags and methodology in their piece of work to produce animations that are a bit similar to Japanese anime. The growing interest among foreign artists in anime is […]
  • Popular Culture and Daily Life. Electric Shadows by Xiao Jiang As a matter of fact, this is the strength of popular culture where an individual seems to have been changed by the turn of the events that are happening in his life.
  • Grunge, Riot Grrrl and the Forgetting of Women in Popular Culture’: Article Summary The author uses the Grunge era of the 1990’s in her analysis as the point of reference. The survey makes a clear reference to the Australians that were living in the era at the time.
  • American Popular Culture: The Influence of Stereotypes In dance for instance, ballet is believed to be a preserve of affluent people in the society and predominantly white while ‘break dancing’ is believed to be a preserve of African-Americans in less affluent sections […]
  • Popular Culture: The Use of Phones and Texting While Driving Given that rituals and stereotypes are a part of beliefs, values, and norms that society holds at a given instance of history, the use of phones in texting while driving has rituals and stereotypes associated […]
  • The Lizzie Borden Case in American Popular Culture The purpose of the paper is to establish the contribution of the case to the current popular American culture and art.
  • The Role of Popular Culture in the United States of America The popular culture has changed the way people dressed and dressing the way most people on the music videos do is cool, no matter how irrelevant a piece of clothing is to the situation.
  • Popular Culture in the History of the USA The problems discussed in the movies and considered in the TV shows and newspapers were connected with the war battles with the representation of the life of the soldiers.
  • Pop Culture Aspects and Role in the United States The sports culture portrays the excellence and contribution of the blacks as a whole and this has even increased their popularity in the media.
  • Cultural Production and Popular Culture Development Considering the popular culture of the period after the World War II, the increase of the interest to the cinematography and music may be remembered.
  • Angels and Insects: The Issue of Incest in the Pop-Culture In the first novella entitled Morpho Eugenia, the author has examined the nature of the human soul including how it relates with the other people.
  • Billboard as an Element of the Popular Culture Creators of the high culture have been on the quest to appeal to the wider public through the mass media and that is where the billboards come in.
  • Movies in the American Popular Culture and American Society Economic, social, and political changes played a considerable role in affecting the scope of movies. Changing social and individual preferences helped the integration of the movies with other social features.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Gender Stereotypes and Pop-Culture After watching “The Little Mermaid”, and reading “The Cat in the Hat”, Sophie is left disgusted by the peripheral role that female characters play in the media.
  • What Is the Relationship Between the Social Definition of Deviance and the Media’s Role in the Dissemination of Popular Culture? The main function of news media is to offer mass audience with information and account of events that occur in the world.
  • Mass Cultural Phenomenon: What People Look For in Pop Culture In the Paparazzi video, Lady Gaga is first seen with her boyfriend getting intimate; however, some paparazzi appear and try to get shots of them.
  • Roles and Functions of a Supervisor in Popular Culture They must therefore work hand in hand with the supervisors of the contracted company in order to ensure that the quality of the results of the project is achieved as desired.
  • Popular or Mass Culture: Mimetic Analysis, Semiotics and Narrative Hence, it is relevant to analyze the lyrics of the pop music video.[Marx, 2008] First, one has to admit, that the lyrics of the song is the perfect accompaniment to the video visualization and completely […]
  • De Certeau’s Politics in Everyday Life in Relation to Popular Culture Hence, according to De Certeau, everyday life operates in the same manner by poaching and grabbing in the territories of others, applying the products and rules that are already in existence in a particular culture […]
  • Russian Popular Culture: History, Development, and Effect of Technologies Nevertheless, this was not to continue in the 20th century following the emergence of the communist ideology that played a major role in the culture of the Soviet Union like no other part of the […]
  • Analysis of “Yuri” Manga as a Peculiarity of Japanese Popular Culture Conclusions of the analysis indicate that yuri manga is not limited to lesbian culture, moreover, it is a significant element of Japanese popular culture.
  • New Media and Popular Youth Culture in China New media have created a popular youth culture that encourages diversity and development of voices and cultural styles, hence giving the youth the ability to challenge the subversive cultural-political beliefs in the society.
  • Mix Methods Analysis in “Seeing From a Different Angle: The Role of Pop Culture in Teaching for Diversity and Critical Media Literacy in Adult Education” The article in question considers the issue of entertainment media influence on the adult education, its influence on the educators in their personal and professional life.
  • Ideologies and Popular Culture: A Popular Television Commercial The humorous nature of this commercial might appeal to many cultures and people. In addition, the commercial has the ability to formulate a new ideology among men and women.
  • Media and Popular Culture in East and South East Asia: Kyoung-Hwa The author underscores the fact that the use of mobile phones in transmitting messages in the Japanese society is in the increase.
  • The Main Distinctions of Popular Culture and Its Growth To get a better understanding of this issue, one should first look at the definitions of culture and popular culture. This case illustrates an idea that it is rather difficult to establish the boundaries of […]
  • Identity in Pop Culture: Asians and Females in US Society It is possible to trace the influence of media on communication strategies analyzing representation in terms of ethnicity and gender focusing on such group as Asians and females in the US society. Of course, it […]
  • Print Fashion Media as a Popular Culture Two important aspects of the digital world are worth discussion as a cause of the decline- the economics of print media versus digital media and the change of consumer preference from print media to digital […]
  • Popular Culture – Madonna’s Significant Impact In fact, it is true that the changes in the societal equilibrium and forces form the basis for popular culture. In fact, Madonna uses most of the ambitious views as well as body images to […]
  • Robert Altman and Global Popular Culture: ‘The Player’ and ‘Gosford Park’ After all, as it can be seen in the film, it is such their sense that weakens their ability to act as the agents of progress, which in turn undermines the integrity of the American […]
  • Media Affects Society or Society Affects the Media This paper will, therefore, focus on the positive effects of modern popular culture and evaluate whether media affects society or society affects the media.
  • The Effects of Modern Popular Culture on Personal Beliefs and Values I persisted with this behavior until I was admitted to the university where the modern culture dwells on wearing casually. This essay has showed that modern popular culture changes the beliefs and behaviors of people […]
  • “Pop Music, Pop Culture” by Chris Rojek The title specifically prepares the reader for the interconnection between culture and popular music, as it is one entity that is a great part of human society and the music industry.
  • Michael Jackson’s Pop Culture: Characteristics and Importance Besides the desire to generate revenue, ‘pop music and culture have been very helpful in consolidating the efforts of the black population’.
  • Sex and Violence in Pop Culture and Their Influence on Society Analyzing the articles it is possible to come to certain conclusions about the ways and facts the authors choose to convey the topic and how they contributed to the understanding of the question.
  • Popular Culture and Electronic Media: The Impact of Electronic Media Advertising Each type of electronic media contributes to influencing communities and societies around the world, a thing that has led to the alteration in popular culture to this day.
  • Pop Culture and Print Media: Trends Propagated by the Print Media The mass media has greatly influenced the way of life in the modern world. Americans tend to identify themselves with the idols found in the magazines and other print media and aim at achieving a […]
  • Popular American Culture Concept and Religious Trends Popular culture is commonly defined as the totality of ideas, attitudes, perspectives, and other features shared among the people in a particular culture that and often take shape through informal consensus in the society.
  • The NBA 2K Game as the Element of Popular Culture Despite the original aim of producing the series of popular video games NBA 2K is a popularization of basketball among the representatives of the modern situation, the release of the series also focuses on advertising […]
  • Mass Society and Popular Culture Theories Both the popular culture and the mass society are theories that are used to explain perspectives in media. For some scholars mass society is a menace since it can destabilize the differences established amid the […]
  • Jazz Music Popularization in Chinese Culture Despite being created in the United States, Jazz music is preferred in many regions of the world where it has captured the attention of creative musicians.
  • Korean Popular Culture and National Identity The story of Jin-tae and Jin-seok portrays the kind of struggles experienced by many people in the country especially during the Korean War. The people have been using different movies to present the Korean national […]
  • Pop Culture in “Young and Restless in China” Film The film Young and Restless in China is a documentary highlighting the struggle of nine Chinese youths who face different challenges and opportunities in the new China society.
  • Folk and Popular Culture in Demick’s and Kershaw’s Views Many people in the world have presented their views regarding the traditional practice of eating dogs. More people will embrace modern marriage practices in the future.
  • Korean Popular Culture and Western Influences In this paper, the evaluation of the relations of power between the western impact and Korean popular culture in terms of Asian countries will be offered to demonstrate how competitive and independent the Koreans can […]
  • Popular Food as a Part of Contemporary Culture Thus, the objective of this paper is to analyze various approaches to the interpretation of popular food as a part of modern culture, to explore the contemporary food in the framework of cultural authenticity, and […]
  • An Evolutionary Window on the Worlds of Pornography and Romance The article by Salmon is devoted to the inquiry into the reasons for the popularity of pornography among men and romance among women.
  • Hatshepsut’s Life and Her Image in Pop Culture To ensure the continuity of the kingdom, Thutmosis II married Hatshepsut. When Thutmosis II died, the legitimate heir of the throne, Thutmosis III, the son of Hatshepsut, was only 7 years.
  • Pop Culture as a New Tool of Imperialism From the first standpoint, most of the experts agree upon the point that the effectiveness of pop culture as one of the instruments of the so-called “soft power” is unquestioned.
  • Popular Culture and Art Definition, Brief History and New Opportunities One might argue that the transition from the rejection of popular culture as an element of art to its acceptance and the celebration of the opportunities that the combination of the two may provide is […]
  • Science Integration Into Popular Culture: The Essence of Science in Popular Culture and Its Influence on Contemporary Society More and more people tend to be interested in science due to the availability of information. The information provided by mass media is to be relevant and reliable.
  • Stereotypes From Popular Culture and Their Effects The following paper explores the mechanisms behind stereotyping in an attempt to determine whether it is possible to minimize its adverse effect and which approach is the most viable for the purpose.
  • Postmodernism Era: Body and Popular Culture To understand how the body is constructed and deconstructed in modern western society, it is important to analyze the significance of the corporeal factor in the culture of postmodernism.
  • Trisha TV Show Analysis and Pop Culture Issues The factor which contributed to my awareness of the audience is the plot of the show, which touches on family disagreements, deception, and emotions.
  • Popular Culture in American Society and American History These people are sure that the popular culture in this perspective has a positive effect and shows the society its problems, the popular culture directs the situation for better outcomes, for the reduction of the […]
  • Korean Popular Culture: “Boomerang Family” The picture keeps an eye on the steps of the day-to-day existence of a dysfunctional family, where the three brothers and a sister one by one decided to return to their family home and live […]
  • Korean Popular Culture: “In Between Days” and “Public Enemy” The social mask of Kang is that of the unpredictable cop who can break the law for making a profit. The concept of “throwness” is used to describe the experience when the person has to […]
  • Korean Popular Culture: “In Between Days” Analysis The hardships of assimilation are put to the fore in the film In Between Days. It is necessary to note that the vast majority of the challenges immigrants face are not in the spotlight.
  • Harry Potter Stories and Impact on Pop Culture Harry Potter shows how prejudices, conflict, and social hierarchies work in the community and the role of the moral concepts in struggling with difficulties.
  • The Role of Asian Women in the Popular Culture In the given paper, the following points are going to be addressed, and the following issue is going to be researched: 1) the traditional patriarchal role of women in the Asian culture and society, which […]
  • Korean Popular Culture: “California: Tri Star Pictures” What is the main situation of the movie, and how it is related to the immigration problem? The minister of defense Delacourt makes all the efforts to strengthen the control over the unauthorized attempts of […]
  • Popular Culture Resistance: Causes and Goals However, along with the apparent contribution to the development of globalization, this fast rise of popular culture poses the question of authenticity as the unique image of various peoples is being lost.
  • “Hybridity and the Rise of Korean Popular Culture in Asia” by Doobo Shim The investigated article “Hybridity and the Rise of Korean Popular Culture in Asia” by Doobo Shim is also devoted to one of such cultural phenomena as it tends to explain the growing popularity of Korean […]
  • Korean Popular Culture: Attractiveness and Popularity Korean popular culture can be discussed as a strong tool of soft power because of the high attractiveness and popularity of this culture in the world.
  • Korean Popular Culture: Problem Statement In this context, the topic of soft power becomes critical since it involves the process of influencing other nations’ preferences and attitudes through the dissemination of various cultural values.
  • Race in Popular Culture: “Get Out” (2017) The themes of white-black relationships and the role of the police in racial judgments comprise the two major topics for a thorough discussion.
  • Japanese Popular Culture: Anime, Video Games, and the Film Industry This report will investigate the growth and influence of Japanese pop culture through anime, video games, and the film industry. The game was created by a Japanese studio and is built on the concept of […]
  • Race and Ethnicity in Three Pop Culture Artifacts The present paper offers an overview of the problem of race and ethnicity as reflected in three pop culture artifacts: a song Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey, the movie In the Heat of […]
  • Ethnicity in Pop Culture: Historical Perspective At the same time, the movie In the Heat of the Night has not experienced any changes in audience, underlining that the issues discussed in the film are still of immediate interest.
  • Christianity and Pop Culture: ”The Passion of the Christ” Film So, the aim of this work is to analyze the views of different authors of the articles dedicated to the film The Passion of the Christ.
  • The Role of Internet in Formation of Popular Culture The computer is a scientific device that accepts the log-in information and thereafter manipulates it to produce the desired result based on the program of instructions on how data is to be processed.
  • The Study of Mass Communication and Popular Culture The contributions of the French sociologist emile Durkheim to the formation of sociology are rather sufficient, as the scientist has studied the ways in which societies could maintain their integrity and coherence in the present […]
  • Evaluation Argument of a Pop-Culture Text and Its Representation To the young generation, this kind of music with simple words and hard-talking lyrics, the mind-blowing and intricately skillful music, and the imagery portrayed by the rock stars appealed in a personal manner and embodied […]
  • Popular Culture and Contemporary Life. The Matrix The movie The Matrix represents a new reality or a new philosophy of the 21st century. The Matrix may be a new mode of transmedia storytelling, as Jenkins argues, but the value of the movie […]
  • Popular Culture From the Fifties to Heroin Chic: Feminism The women have become aware of their legal rights and disabilities as a consequence of the inclusion of educated women in movements to repair the legal disabilities.
  • Popular Culture Since the 50’s: Drivers for Popular Culture, Music, TV and Literature The lyrics of the songs appealed to the common teenager and there was nothing highbrow or high language in the songs and this became a part of the popular culture.
  • Corporatism: Sport Sector Opportunities and Benefits To go forward to a new era with new structures and increasing public finance, or stand off and continue to walk the same road of those who gave sport to the world, reflected in the […]
  • Exploration of Popular Culture in 18th Century England The special role of England in the history of the European enlightenment consisted first of all, in the fact that it was its native land and in many respects the trailblazer.
  • Punk Movement Versus Popular Culture: Background and Development The Punk movement of the 1970’s is often regarded as a British working class movement, born out of the frustration of the politics that ruled the time and the influx of popular culture most of […]
  • Media and Popular Culture: Pros and Cons of Technology On the one hand, new media and technology allow global society to view and understand political changes and conflicts in these countries and respond to global violence and misbehavior of some nations.
  • Race and Popular Culture in the United States There is a realization that though society has changed its perspectives, it has yet to deal with the social operations and dynamics that dampen the development of the African American sectors in the society.
  • Promotion of Pop Culture in the Mass Media Mass media did everything for the purpose of enculturation of this product as a national brand for the American people and as a hint for imitation of proper manners in service and way of eating […]
  • The Influence of American Popular Culture on the Heroes of “The Bluest Eye” The same situation of blind following the popular culture idols that were hand-made by the promoters and PR managers who created an ideal white culture in the USA and managed to persuade the nation in […]
  • Popular Culture in America Today: Evolution, Features, and Impact in Other Parts of the World This essay discusses the evolution of popular culture in America, the main features of this culture, the impact of American culture in other parts of the world, etc.
  • MTV Pop Culture: The Lyrics by Dire Straits This paper aims to analyze the lyrics by Dire Straits, compare it with the contemporary image of the MTV artists, and give the replies to the following questions: What are the realities of the predictions […]
  • Popular Culture for Political, Personal, and Economic Struggles The objects of popular cultures advance the notion of special cultures and introduces the ideas of cultural divisions such as the elite in the communities and those that are not in this category.
  • Multiculturalism in Contemporary German Popular Culture It was also observed that when hip-hop was practiced in Germany, the Old School of the US that was going to be taken over, was the message rap of Grandmaster Flash and the Glorious Five […]
  • American Pop Culture Impact on Decision-Making However, sophisticated and manipulative as it is, American pop culture still holds on to the most “American” values, such as democracy and freedom of being able to decide what it is that you want and […]
  • Popular Culture – iPods Advertising and Its Impact Moreover, the culture of using the iPod closely parallels the culture of living in social isolation where this device takes significant time that can be used to talk and relate to others.
  • Sociology of the Media and Popular Culture Newspapers are quickly declining as the main source of information in the public sphere. Newspapers have been a very important part of the public sphere.
  • The Impact of American Popular Culture on Society It can also be perceived as the culture of the majority of people in the united states of America.culture can either be liked by a given group while strongly be opposed to another faction of […]
  • Consumerism and American Popular Culture The global community has experienced the impact of advertising and the development of popular culture in terms of change of cultural values and establishment of the international ones.
  • Violence and War in Japanese Popular Culture 50 years after the end of the war, the effects of the war have continued to influence the Japanese culture and have also affected its relations with other countries.
  • The Issue of Sex and Violence in Popular Culture The third essay by Alexander written in 1990 is reasonable as it is void of bias and shows that bias is dangerous both to the society and to the young people.
  • Disney and Its Impact on Popular Culture and Society A waitress who is a cast in The Princess and the Frog undertake to begin saving to fulfill her dreams and the dreams of her late father of owning a restaurant.
  • What Is Popular Culture? Definition and Analysis Therefore, Storey observes that the incorporation of the true meaning of the word culture as a way of life and culture should be in the form of ‘signifying practices’ named above.
  • Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: Structuralism and Post-Structuralism In the fields of literature, and design, architecture, in addition to marketing business and the interpretation of culture, history and law are started to analyze on the basis of post-structuralism in the nineteen sixties of […]
  • Western Pop Culture and Street Fashion of Japanese Youth The research of the topic needs to be preceded by the explanation of the key subjects and notions used in the current paper.
  • Popular Culture and TV Shows: Analysis of American Idol The positive aspect of the show is the interactive aspect that is essential in all popular cultures. The first group is comprised of the judges who guide and monitor the performance of the contestants.
  • Popular Culture and Social Change Across Cultures Popular culture surrounds us everywhere: in our computers and phones, in our homes and outside. It has several functions and a vast potential to unite and divide people.
  • Pokémon Go as a Pop Culture Phenomenon Despite ground-breaking nature of Pokemon Go, there is critique of the game concerning the effects of location-based technologies on the privacy of constructions.
  • Body, Health and Illness in Popular Culture Alternatively, the sickness may come from the influence of a negative supernatural creature, such as a witch or a demon, that exists in the direct opposition to the divine.
  • What Is Popular Culture: Personal Definition In my opinion, popular culture is a set of life principles, values, and attitudes that are accepted and approved among the majority or a significant fracture of the society.
  • Pop Culture and Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Morality, and Gender On the other hand, there is a historically, politically, and economically determined point of intersection between parts of the feminist movement and the conservative media.
  • Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place by Youjeong Oh Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place by Youjeong Oh examines the use of K-pop music and Korean dramas with an aim to promote the rural and urban places in South Korea.
  • Kitsch in the Popular Culture of the 20th Century Coming from a German word that literally means “trash,” the term was first used to designate the low-brow mass-produced works of popular culture in the Europe of the 1920s.
  • Export of Popular Culture Products in Asia The first one is that the relationship of Japan and South Korea started worsening in 2012, and it drastically impacted the sales, as Japan is the main market, which led to the second which is […]
  • Popular Culture and Williams’ Life of the Mind In turn, the goal of Life of the Mind is to convey the traditions of spiritual values and cultural and artistic experiences of generations.
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  • Why Is Pop Culture Famous?
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  • How Does Pop Culture Influence Cinema?
  • Is Dancing a Pop Culture?
  • How Does Pop Culture Spread?
  • What Are the Main Characteristics of Pop Culture?
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‘John Lewis: In Search of the Beloved Community’ honors a towering American

  • Colette Bancroft Times staff

What an extraordinary life John Lewis lived. And how much he gave to us all.

Anyone with a sense of American history knows the highlights. Lewis was born in 1940 as one of 10 children of Alabama sharecroppers and rose to become an icon of the Civil Rights Movement and a lion of the U.S. Congress, exemplifying the phrase that became his motto: “good trouble.”

With “John Lewis: In Search of the Beloved Community,” Raymond Arsenault gives us not only the first full biography of the man — Lewis died in 2020 — but a deeply researched history of the movement that he led and served all his life, a movement that is an essential chapter in American history.

Arsenault is the University of South Florida’s John Hope Franklin professor of Southern history emeritus and the author of several other books, including “ Arthur Ashe: A Life .”

Arsenault met Lewis in 2000, as he was researching his 2006 book “ Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice .” (That book became the source for an Emmy-winning PBS documentary and an opera.)

In this book’s preface, Arsenault notes his friendship with and admiration for Lewis. “My intention throughout,” he writes, “has been to avoid hagiography and hero worship, telling Lewis’s full story with all its ups and downs intact.” That he does.

Even as a child, Lewis knew he wanted to move beyond his tiny hometown of Carter’s Quarters, Alabama: “Early on, not long after he was given his first Bible at the age of four, he decided he wanted to become a pastor.” (Arsenault notes the first audience for his preaching was the family chickens.) He loved school and read voraciously, but he was sharply aware of the differences in the segregated school system, like the tattered, hand-me-down books and rusty school buses for Black children.

The Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954 seemed a ray of hope to the boy, but the immediate, violent white backlash to it all over the South cast a pall of fear. Then in 1955, Arsenault writes, Lewis experienced a “spiritual awakening” when he heard a radio sermon by Martin Luther King Jr.

It was the teenage Lewis’ first exposure to the concepts that would shape and sustain him: social justice Christianity, Gandhian nonviolence and the Beloved Community, “a society of equity and justice freed from the deep wounds inflicted by centuries of exclusion, prejudice, and discrimination.”

He didn’t dream then that he and King would become friends and colleagues in the movement to help create such a community. But by age 17, Lewis was a student at American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, where he became close friends with Tampa-born Bernard LaFayette Jr., who also went on to become a movement leader.

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Within months, Lewis was active in civil rights demonstrations and had met King and other leaders. He impressed them with his sense of purpose and his courage, and he soon moved into leadership roles himself, first in lunch counter sit-ins and then, at barely 21, as one of the Freedom Riders who defied violent attacks to desegregate public transport in the Deep South in 1961.

In 1963, he would be named chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and speak before a quarter of a million people at the March on Washington, followed by King’s legendary “I Have a Dream” speech. In 1965, Lewis led a voting rights march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, on what came to be called Bloody Sunday. Photos of the ferocious police response to the nonviolent march, including one of Lewis beaten to the ground by a white officer, shocked the world. Diagnosed with a fractured skull, Lewis nevertheless was out of the hospital and back at work days later.

But Arsenault takes us beyond those media moments. He recounts in careful detail the enormous amount of planning, training and cooperation those demonstrations required. Participants were not only educated in the principals of nonviolent resistance but went through role-playing exercises to learn how to withstand the worst insults and attacks without succumbing to rage. Lewis himself was jailed dozens of times and beaten more times than that, yet did not retaliate. Throughout his life, people responded to his gentle demeanor and forgiving nature.

Arsenault also delves into the conflicts within the movement as various factions jockeyed for power, and he recounts the often fractious relationships and endless negotiations between movement leaders and white politicians, especially the Kennedy brothers.

All of those skills served Lewis well when he transitioned into politics himself. In 1981, he won a seat on the Atlanta City Council. In 1986, he was elected to the U.S. House for the 5th District in Georgia. He would be re-elected 18 times and continued to work in Congress, for voting rights and other progressive causes that reflected his sense of the Beloved Community, until shortly before his death from pancreatic cancer.

Less than two months before he died, he warned those who wanted to use military force against Black Lives Matter marchers: “You cannot stop the call of history. You may use troopers, you may use fire hoses and water, but it cannot be stopped. There cannot be any turning back. We’ve come too far, made too much progress, to stop now or to go back.” A few days later, “gaunt and frail,” he made a visit to the massive street mural in the newly-renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza, near the White House.

His body would lie in state in the Capitol, and he would be eulogized by three former presidents and honored by countless Americans whose lives he bettered.

He is honored, too, by this biography and its emphasis on his importance in American history.

John Lewis: In Search of the Beloved Community

By Raymond Arsenault

Yale University Press, 552 pages, $35

Meet the author

Tombolo Books presents Raymond Arsenault in conversation about “John Lewis: In Search of the Beloved Community” with civil rights leader Bernard LaFayette Jr. at 7 p.m. Feb. 22 at Allendale United Methodist Church, 3803 Haines Road N., St. Petersburg. Free; register at tombolobooks.com/events

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Can Culture Be Society’s Savior?

Readers discuss a column by David Brooks about how the arts and humanities make us better people.

a photograph of a marble bust in a museum with a man standing behind it using his hands to explain something

To the Editor:

Re “ How to Save a Sad, Lonely, Angry and Mean Society ,” by David Brooks (column, Jan. 28):

As a published author married to a writer/filmmaker, I deeply appreciated Mr. Brooks’s column.

It pains me to witness the modern-day devaluation of the arts and humanities. When I was a child, my art history major mother dragged me to many of the world’s great museums: the National Gallery of Art, the Met, the Louvre. I may have protested after the first hour, but certain works left indelible impressions: the terrifying passion of Klimt’s “Kiss,” the seductive movement of the Calder mobile.

Likewise, literature plunged me into different perspectives. The hard but loving existence of the Ingalls family in “Little House on the Prairie,” the dark history of internment of Japanese Americans in “Farewell to Manzanar,” the peculiar foibles of Shakespearean characters — entering these worlds deepened my understanding of life and fostered compassion, exactly as Mr. Brooks states.

At a time when my alma mater, Stanford University, reports that all five of the top declared undergraduate majors were in STEM fields, with computer science by far the most popular, our society desperately needs voices such as Mr. Brooks’s sounding the alarms in defense of our very souls.

MeiMei Fox Honolulu

I cannot get past David Brooks’s arguing that the humanities help us practice sympathy while saying, “College students are fleeing the humanities for the computer sciences, having apparently decided that a professional leg up is more important than the state of their souls.” As if being able to pay your bills, afford time off or have a family are not important for your soul.

I’m tired of boomers speaking as if later generations’ choices reflect our values rather than our constraints. Museums and opera? Or student loans? Those cultural opportunities are often expensive.

If he wanted to do more than publish a brag list of experiences that made him a cosmopolitan deep thinker, he should have skipped extolling experiences in Venice or Chartres or St. Petersburg or Madrid and considered why people’s habits have changed or how society could make these experiences more accessible.

I agree that culture is beneficial and its decline in society is a loss. But his thesis that culture makes us empathetic and wise, while lacking empathy or self-awareness of his privilege in framing the issue, makes a mockery of what could have been a valid point. He seems cultured … and disconnected.

Jennifer Cruickshank West Point, N.Y.

What a pleasure to read David Brooks’s full-throated endorsement of the humanities as a site of resistance against the dehumanization that’s hollowing out our lives. His appreciation of their value in cultivating humanist qualities is especially welcome at a time when most conversation about education is focused narrowly on the quantitative and measurable.

As a longtime professor of literature and author of “Immeasurable Outcomes: Teaching Shakespeare in the Age of the Algorithm,” I can tell you that when students grapple with complex literary texts, they’re developing mental muscles that serve them in their lives. They acquire the versatility, flexibility and adaptability that equip them professionally in a rapidly changing world — but more, they learn arts of survival.

The challenges we face, navigating the human minefield, are of a verbal, social, interactive nature: learning to interpret our fellow human beings, to pick up on meanings behind words, to read between the lines, to push back against the many agendas pushed on us, so we’re not “led by the nose as asses are” (as Iago says of Othello), like those poor fools whose bodies litter the stage at the end of a tragedy.

The humanities are not frills — they’re survival skills. They have a longer shelf life than a specialized training that may be automated, outsourced or obsolete within a few years.

Gayle Greene Mendocino, Calif. The writer is professor emerita at Scripps College.

David Brooks’s fascinating piece on the role of literature and the arts in making us perceptive humans, able to understand others, was on the mark. However, he did not discuss how the study of history adds an important dimension.

Besides guiding us to understand how we arrived at where we are, history reveals the “period eye” of the past. We have to learn to comprehend how and what others have seen in other times and places in order to fully appreciate their art and literature. In doing so, we might realize how supple, complex and varied is the human mind, and how much there is to see and learn.

Steve Davidson Georgetown, Texas The writer is professor emeritus of history at Southwestern University.

Bravo, David Brooks, for explaining why the arts are the soul of humanity and, therefore, should be an important part of one’s formal/informal education. Many years ago, colleges acknowledged that need by creating “core requirements” for graduation. Now, advocates of “personal freedoms” have eliminated them as irrelevant.

I used to advise my high school math students to take the minimum number of required courses for their major, immerse themselves in diverse studies, including the arts, and save career education for their graduate degrees.

The arts are so essential that I intermingled them with math (yes, that’s possible!). Thirty students and I would take about 10 trips a year to marinate in culture (classical music concerts, ballet, opera, theater, art museums, ethnic cuisines, etc.). By reinstating the arts as part of a normal education, our society might reverse its obvious downward spiral.

Martin Rudolph Oceanside, N.Y.

Thanks to David Brooks for his inspired paean to the humanities and the importance of exposure to art and culture. He reminds us that these are crucial elements in saving our society from much of the darkness that currently envelops it.

Hopefully, Mr. Brooks will remember his own words the next time he is tempted to inveigh against the “cultural elites” to whom he regularly attributes the fracturing of the American body politic.

On the one hand he wants us to study Rembrandt and Boswell; on the other he complains about people who have had that kind of education, suggesting that their snobbery is at the root of much that ails us. Which is it, Mr. Brooks?

James Gertmenian Cumberland Foreside, Maine

In My Marriage Money Was a Trap. After My Divorce It Was My Freedom

american culture topics for essay

F our months after my divorce, I went to a party in New York City where a wine-drunk woman grilled me about my split. How did I manage? Did I get the house?

 This line of questioning was not unfamiliar. In the aftermath of my divorce, a lot of women asked me how I’d done it, and at this party, flushed from wine myself, I told her honestly that I was broke. But, I added, I was happy. She looked at me skeptically and said, “Money is important.” I’d think of her two years later when I finally dug myself out of divorce debt.

When I married my husband at 22, I barely knew how to balance a checkbook (we still did that then), and I had no idea what a 401(k) was. Before we got married, when my father-in-law wanted to talk to us about money, I was a compliant pupil. He’d mapped out my husband’s annual salary for his new job as an engineer in Excel, walking us through how much we could spend. It was immediately clear to me that the two of them had already worked on this together. In the box marked “rent” was the correct figure for the apartment my husband was living in, the one I’d move into after the wedding. The spreadsheet also factored in payments for my college loans.

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The power dynamic was clear – I had nothing; I knew nothing. And I would adhere to the rules of the budget because I was the one bringing in debt and no assets. The concepts my husband’s father talked us through were a blur: high-yield savings account, 401(k) matching, Roth IRAs. But other things came into sharp focus. He said my debt would have to be paid down immediately. Debt was shameful; you could tell by the way my husband and his father looked at each other. We’d use every penny of my job (and I was still unemployed) to pay it down and live entirely off my husband’s income until it was gone.

Here was how we were going to do that:

$10 a month for haircuts

$200 a month for groceries

$10 for personal items.

"How does that even work?" I said, too embarrassed to tell them tampons would cost more than $10 a month.

"Even cheap shampoo costs $5, and..." I was also thinking about makeup. Even the cheap stuff, which was all I had, could set you back $50, and I needed that if I was going to find a job to pay off my loans.

"The $10 a month accumulates," my husband explained like I was a toddler. "So, in five months, when you need to restock, you’ll have $50." Five months to make a bottle of Suave 2-in-1 last. This was the start of a pattern that would continue throughout our marriage: even when I made money, I didn’t have control of how it was spent.

Marriage has always been about money. The first marriages were alliances between families to strengthen economic ties. A woman exchanged for gifts to ally the two families, to ensure the continuity of inheritance and of course purity of blood. As Western culture evolved, marriage, still a contract, became about mutual understanding and affection. But laws governing the economic freedom of women were slow to catch up. Women couldn’t apply for mortgages or open credit cards in their own names until the 1970s.

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There is an enduring narrative that marriage is about love. That the guiding light of our unions is the sweep-me-off-my-feet romance depicted in movies. And we convince ourselves that what underpins our unions isn’t economic. But the reality is different than the fairy tales. People rarely date or marry outside their socioeconomic status, which reinforces privilege and class boundaries. Wealth inequality between married partners overwhelmingly favors the husband in a heterosexual relationship, which can leave the wife with little financial freedom and stuck in a relationship that can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. And while more and more women are out-earning their husbands, they are still in the minority . Women in the U.S. still earn only 82 cents to the male dollar , and mothers earn 74 cents on average to a father’s dollar. Even if a woman comes into a marriage earning the same as her husband, that equality drops o ff as women age. And while wives still manage the day-to-day expenses of grocery shopping, it’s men who retain the majority of financial control.

A 2021 YouGov poll found that 35% of women are completely or somewhat financially dependent on their partner, compared to 11% of men. And a Glamour survey found that one in three women have stayed in a relationship because they didn’t have the money to leave . A culture that underpays women is a culture that forces them into economic codependence and traps them when they want out. But no one wants to think about that when they are walking into a relationship – love is supposed to be bigger than all of that.

Read More: You're Fighting With Your Partner All Wrong

I knew money would be tight when I left. I didn’t have access to our joint account and had to set up a secret account to save money for a lawyer. I wrote marketing copy for extra money and would deposit the checks there. Despite this, I was poor during the divorce. Friends loaned me money for groceries. I ghost-wrote op-eds and wrote even more marketing copy. My parents bought my kids their Christmas gifts. Even then, my life mostly ran on nearly maxed-out credit cards.

Still, a few months after I moved out, I went to buy new mascara and realized how free I felt. If I wanted the $30 mascara, there would be no disapproval. No argument. No silent treatment until I relented and admitted I’d screwed up. It felt like a small thing, just mascara, but it was everything. While most women who divorce find themselves financially struggling, the majority don’t regret their decision. According to one study, 73% of divorced women are happier than they were when they were married, even if they were poorer.

A recent spate of books and articles argue for marriage as a solution for our financial woes, as women outside the heterosexual family structure do not do as well economically as those who are married, but what is often excluded from that conversation is the unpaid labor that allows a man to work all day. If marriage is a means of keeping and preserving wealth, it’s at least in part because often one partner performs the functions of cook, house cleaner, chauffeur, shopper, all without compensation. Even women who outearn their husbands still perform this unpaid labor at higher rates than male partners.

When my friend was divorcing his stay-at-home wife, his lawyer told him he should have paid her a salary. Paying her would have been a way to value her work and give her an income. And it would have amounted to less in alimony. When my friend told me this, I was stunned. Imagine: Paying a woman for her work would have benefited everyone in the end. It was certainly a far cry from my husband’s request during our divorce that I compensate him $10,000 for his contributions to my brain. I laughed and the joke became a punchline I employed in my group chats and on my lady dates. Until once, my friend Serena said, “You should have replied, ‘I wonder what my other body parts cost? My virginity?’ You should have charged him for damage to your uterus for having children.” I was sitting in her kitchen, watching her cook, and hearing her say a thing that cut me to my core because it was true. Is that all I was? Just a calculation?

Three years after my divorce, I sat down with a financial consultant named Stephanie, because I refused to talk to men about money. I was terrified, remembering the shame that the budget talks with my husband had given me.

I’d been recently fired from my job at a newspaper, the one I’d taken to level out my finances, and I knew my income would be inconsistent. I wanted a plan. I wanted to be able to feed my kids, but also still afford more than $10 a month for toiletries. I sat for two hours, explaining my business, my haphazard income and spending habits, feeling sick and a little ashamed. But eventually Stephanie began to smile.

"This is so exciting," she said. "You are making twice as much as you did three years ago, and next year, you’ll be making four times as much! You got this!" She was impressed by the fact I’d sold and written an original audiobook, while also freelancing, working full-time for the newspaper, and taking care of two kids. It was a lot of work that I was suddenly able to do because with 50/50 custody after the divorce, I was no longer the primary caretaker of our children. And without a spouse, I was no longer performing the unpaid mental and emotional labor I’d been doing for years. Free from the mental load, I had a lot of time to earn money and it was beginning to pay off.

“Girl, you know how to work hard,” she said. She was the kind of blonde woman who called you “girlfriend” and said “you go, girl” unironically. The kind of woman I just loved with my whole heart because I knew she meant every word of it. She told me I had this. And I did.

When we were done, I was relieved and angry. Angry that for so long money had been a cudgel used against me. Angry that I’d been told everything I was doing was wrong. Angry that I’d looked to someone else for my stability, to provide for me, when I could have done it for myself all along. And I was angry that I was made to believe my labor wasn’t enough—when the reality was it just wasn’t valued.

In my relationship, money had been a trap, but when I had the support and the equality I needed, I finally could earn enough that money became my freedom.

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