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10 Great Places to Buy a Summer Vacation Home

my dream summer vacation essay

You’ve spent your entire life dreaming of buying a summer vacation home, and now you’re ready to make it happen. But unless you already have your heart set on a particular city or region, you may be on the fence about where to make your big purchase. After all, it’s a place where you and your family plan to create memories for many years to come. It could even double as a financial investment if you play your cards right. From New England to California, here’s a look at some of the most popular places to buy a summer vacation home.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs isn’t just beautiful in the summer; it’s beautiful year-round. If you’re looking for a property that can double as a rental home investment, this city is a great place to start. The Southern California desert hot spot is a hot vacation spot for the famous and the not-so-famous, and it’s home to national parks, golf courses, film festivals, world-class shopping and beautiful historic architecture.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg sits on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and attracts families all year. Home prices are affordable, and it’s within driving distance of many major cities in the Midwest and along the East Coast, including Cincinatti, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville and Washington, DC. Look for cabins for sale with gorgeous mountain views.

Livingston, Montana

Anyone looking for peace, quiet and majestic scenery probably has an eye on Montana, and many of this beautiful state’s small towns are saturated with vacation homes. Despite the state’s popularity, the little city of Livingston — just north of Yellowstone National Park — maintains its vintage charm. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking and hiking.

Easton, Maryland

Easton is just across the bay from Washington, DC, and is a popular vacation spot for politicians and other government types. One visit is all it takes to understand why. This small town offers low property taxes and a farm-to-table scene that is unlike anything else in the area. Of course, the biggest draw is likely the beautiful waterfront views and access to Chesapeake Bay.

Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee’s main appeal is its close proximity to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Orlando International Airport and many of Central Florida’s biggest lakes. It’s an excellent choice if you have kids in your family — or are simply a kid at heart — and enjoy regular visits to Orlando’s theme parks. It’s even better if you want to use your vacation home as a potential source of income.

my dream summer vacation essay

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is one of the top vacation destinations in the entire country, thanks to its beautiful beaches, family-friendly activities, shopping, dining and entertainment. Even better, it’s also super affordable, whether you’re just visiting or buying a second home. Both condos and homes are easy to rent out throughout the year when you’re not in town.

Corpus Christi, Texas

From tiny homes for sale in Texas to grand beachfront estates, the Lone Star State is a popular spot for summer vacation homes. If you want a beach at your fingertips in an affordable location, head to Corpus Christi. This little city sits along the Gulf of Mexico and is known for its ample wildlife, the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington military museum. Year-round temps rarely dip below 60, adding to the area’s appeal.

Ocean City, New Jersey

Located on the Jersey Shore, Ocean City suffered a good bit of damage during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, but residents and volunteers went right to work rebuilding it afterwards. Compared to other area towns and cities, houses are a bit more expensive, but it remains a popular summer vacation spot for many people in surrounding cities, like Philadelphia. The beach — the biggest draw — has been ranked one of the best in New Jersey and one of the most family-friendly in the country.

North Wildwood, New Jersey

If you prefer a Jersey Shore city that’s a bit more affordable, try North Wildwood to find home prices that are less expensive, especially near the water. However, the city continues to grow in popularity, so it might be wise to act fast. The city’s beach has also been voted one of the best in New Jersey.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod has stood the test of time as a summer playground for people from all over New England, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you’re looking for a vacation home that can double as an investment property, it’s hard to go wrong in Cape Cod. Another part of the appeal is the availability of properties for every budget, whether you’re searching for a small cottage or a grand beachfront estate.


my dream summer vacation essay

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How to Use RCI Official Site to Plan Your Dream Vacation

Are you looking for the perfect way to plan your dream vacation? Look no further than the RCI Official Site. RCI, or Resort Condominiums International, is a global leader in vacation exchange, offering members the ability to exchange their timeshare weeks for stays at other affiliated resorts around the world. In this article, we will explore how to use the RCI Official Site to plan your dream vacation.

Understanding RCI Membership

Before diving into planning your dream vacation with RCI, it’s important to understand what membership entails. Members can exchange their timeshare week for a stay at another resort within the network, providing access to over 4,300 resorts in more than 110 countries worldwide. Additionally, members have access to exclusive travel discounts and perks through the site’s travel partners.

Navigating the RCI Official Site

Once you have become an RCI member, navigating their official site is straightforward and user-friendly. The homepage offers easy access to booking options and travel deals through a simple search bar. Users can search by destination, resort name or number of bedrooms needed.

Additionally, members can filter their search by amenities such as beachfront locations or kid-friendly activities. The site also offers virtual tours of select resorts allowing potential travelers a glimpse into what they can expect from their stay.

Booking Your Dream Vacation

After finding the perfect resort on the RCI Official Site, booking your stay is just a few clicks away. Members have several booking options that cater to different needs and preferences.

For those who prefer spontaneity and flexibility in travel plans, there is an option called Last Call Vacations which allows members access to exclusive deals on stays within six months of check-in dates. Alternatively, if you prefer planning ahead and locking in specific travel dates there is an option called Extra Vacations where members can book a stay at a discounted rate.

Making the Most of Your RCI Membership

In addition to booking stays, the RCI Official Site offers additional resources and information for making the most of your membership. This includes access to travel tips, reviews from fellow travelers, and information on how to maximize your vacation exchange benefits.

Additionally, the site offers an easy way to manage your account, including tracking your exchange history and managing your personal preferences. Members can also take advantage of RCI’s referral program by referring friends or family and earning rewards such as free stays or discounts on future bookings.

In conclusion, utilizing the RCI Official Site is a great way to plan your dream vacation with ease. With access to over 4,300 resorts worldwide and exclusive travel deals, there’s no better time to become an RCI member and start exploring all that this amazing network has to offer.

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my dream summer vacation essay

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Student Essays


Essay on My Dream Vacation For Students

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A vacation is what one desires after having tiresome work at office. It is the escape to a place where we can indulge in activities that we enjoy the most. It is a means to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. A vacation can be at any place of one’s choice depending on his/her preference.

Essays on My Dream Vacation For Children & Students

A vacation is defined as a period of time spent away from home or business in travel or recreation. People usually take vacations to spend time with family and friends, to relax or to travel to new places.

A vacation period is very important for one’s health as well as work life balance. It helps us to refresh our mind and body and come back to work with a new zeal and vigor. A vacation can be as short as a weekend or can even extend up to a couple of months. The best part about a vacation is that it can be spent in any way we want. We can either spend it in a relaxed manner or can go for some adventurous activities. It all depends on our mood and preference.

A vacation is a great way to unwind and relax. It is also a great opportunity to explore new places and learn about new cultures. A vacation can be an unforgettable experience if we plan it well and make the most of it.

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My Dream Vacation

A dream vacation for me would be in Hawaii. The reason for this is that it has all the elements that I am looking for in a vacation destination. It has beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, great weather and friendly people.

I have always been fascinated by the beaches in Hawaii. The white sand and turquoise waters are simply mesmerizing. I would love to spend my days lounging on the beach, sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun. I would also like to try out some water sports such as surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

The scenery in Hawaii is simply breathtaking. The lush green mountains, active volcanoes and cascading waterfalls are a sight to behold. I would love to go on hikes and explore the jungle. I am also interested in visiting the Volcanoes National Park and the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

The weather in Hawaii is perfect for me. It is sunny and warm all year round with very little rainfall. This is the ideal climate for me as I don’t like cold weather. The people of Hawaii are known for their friendliness and hospitality. I am sure I will enjoy interacting with the locals and learning about their culture.

I am confident that a vacation in Hawaii will be the perfect dream vacation for me. It has everything that I am looking for in a destination and I am sure I will have an amazing time there.

Essay on My Dream Vacation to Countryside

A vacation to country side is essentially pleasing. The scenery of my country India are of soothing importance. My dream vacation would be to the countryside of India. I have heard much about it from my elders and also seen many movies which have been shot in the rural areas of India. The greenery and the serenity are what attract me the most about countryside. It is said that a person should always visit his or her roots at least once in a lifetime and I completely agree with this saying.

The best part about countryside is that it presents an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It would be a great opportunity to disconnect from the internet and social media and just relax in nature’s lap. I am also very keen on visiting the ancient temples and monuments which are found in large numbers in the rural areas of India. I am sure that a vacation to countryside would be a truly memorable experience.

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Do you have a dream vacation destination? Let us know in the comments below!

Essay on My Dream vacations

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My Dream Vacation Essay In 100 – 150 words

Planning the perfect summer vacation can be a daunting task, but for students with an eye for adventure there is no limit to what they can experience. Dream vacations are a fantastic opportunity to take some time out and recharge while discovering new horizons – all within your budget! With proper planning and foresight, you could embark on an unforgettable journey full of relaxation, restful activities and fresh experiences that will stay with you long after returning home.

My Dream Vacations Essay In 100 to 150 words

1. Introduction Paragraph

As a student, I look forward to my summer vacations as a time to rest, recharge, and explore new places. Here is a description of my dream vacations experience .

2. Body Paragraphs

A tropical island getaway is a dream for many! Imagine miles of white sand, an abundance of sunshine and refreshingly crisp waters – paradise awaits. An adventure-filled retreat in these locations could include trying exciting activities such as scuba diving or paddle boarding to explore the enchanting underwater world full of unique wildlife and stunning coral reefs.

Embark on an extraordinary journey across the United States, taking in some of its most iconic destinations along the way. From breathtaking canyons and geysers to captivating monuments and rich cultural offerings – this road trip will offer a myriad of experiences that you’ll cherish for years to come. Make sure not to forget your camera so you can capture these unforgettable moments with friends or family!

Visiting Europe – what a dream! From Italy, France and Spain to the other corners of this amazing continent: there is so much history, artistry, culture and cuisine waiting to be explored. Take in incredible sights while enjoying local festivals; indulge in new foods – it’s time for unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime.

To bring my vacation dreams to life, I’m dedicating time and resources into finding the perfect getaway. With diligent research for flights, accommodation, activities and more – as well as ensured savings – along with a complete packing list full of essential documents like passports and visas; this holiday is sure to be one unforgettable experience!

3. Conclusion Essay

With a well-rounded approach, I’m looking to make this summer truly special. A little bit of rest and relaxation combined with fun adventures – from tropical islands to European exploration – will surely create memories that last far beyond the season’s end. Thoughtful planning and wise budgeting is all it takes for me to experience my dream vacations come alive!

I hope You enjoyed this 100 to 150 essay about my dream vacation, stay blesses.

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My Dream Vacation Autobiography Essay

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One of my biggest goals in life is to travel the world. Everyone has a dream vacation and everyone’s dream vacation is different. There are people that would like to be by the beach tanning with a drink in their hand or there are people that would rather be in the forest in a cabin away from everyone. However, my dream vacation would include me being close to the beautiful Dominical Beach in Costa Rica.

This Spanish speaking wonderland is located in Central America right below Nicaragua but above Panama. The whole country is surrounded by water with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other side. It is now known for some of their major cities like San Juan, Puerto Limon, and Alajuela. Costa Rica is roughly about a 5 hour flight from Phoenix,Arizona to San Juan,Costa Rica. I first heard about Costa Rica during Spanish class and took the time to look up some pictures and fell in love with the beautiful landscape! All around are tall mountains, and lots of trees everywhere you look!

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Costa Rica however, has many different activities I would love to do like snorkeling off a white-sand beach, looking at sea turtles,Elkhorn coral, and a variety of fishes. Scuba dive down to two shipwrecks located in the Caribbean Sea, kayak during the sunrise and sunset, swim with dolphins in Drakes Bay.But my number one thing I would like to do is learn how to surf at the Dominical Beach! The Dominical Beach is located close to the Pacific Ocean and is known for being one of the best places to learn to surf! It is also the only beach that has a lifeguard program all year long!

I chose Costa Rica to be my all time dream vacation because it is such a beautiful place with their rainforests , beaches, and waterfalls. The beaches there are mainly surrounded by the rainforest. There are many different types of trees that are tall and entwine together . Their sand is mostly tan,but in some beaches the sand may be white. In the rainforest you’ll find bridges made out of wood and metal that are over a little lake of water. You may also run into some wildlife while walking through like monkeys, jaguars, and more.

However Costa Rica is an amazing place to get away from reality and just sit back and relax with the people you love the most. You can spend the day out by the water or spend it hiking. Being in Costa Rica would help me relax and be stress free. It would give me time to be myself and allow myself to do what I would like.

Traveling to Costa Rica would open up so many opportunities like learning about their culture and seeing how they live. Learning about their culture would help me understand more about how Costa Rica became the way it is and break down my barriers and help me open up more and get me out of my comfort zone. On top of that I would be able to unleash my inner child and adventurous side. Also being there would give me a chance to use the Spanish I learned in Spanish class and put it to use. I would also be able to try some of their famous dishes like Olla de carne, which is like a beef stew. But overall I would get an amazing memory!

One day in the future I do plan to visit Costa Rica and see the beautiful beaches myself. I will also see all the wildlife animals and see the way people live their lives out in Costa Rica. I will also hike the trails that lead up to the tall beautiful waterfalls. I will go under the waterfall and see through them myself. I will one day be stress free laying by the beach with a drink in my hand.

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  • Anywhere: Costa Rica Travel Guide
  • The Tico Times: Top 10 Tico Hacks for Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

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