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How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay: Full Guide with Examples

Double spacing

MS word double spacing

Double spacing is an editing method that refers to the space between the lines of your essay. The tutor will ask the student to double-space to add the comments and editing marks. 

Double spacing happens to be the norm in essay writing. The student can change the spacing depending on the word processing programs. They could be Microsoft Word or Mac’s Pages word-processing programs. 

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What is a double spaced essay.

A double-spaced essay is an essay where the author formatted the space between the lines and the paragraphs using double spacing selection. Ideally, a double-spaced essay contains between 275 and 300 words per page depending on the font. The format is common to students and tutors as they use the space to make corrections. 

2 page double spaced essay

A double-spaced essay can carry 275 words per page.

It all depends on the page margins where you are placing your text.

Suppose your page is of standard size, then the words will increase naturally.

When you are using an A4-sized page, the same essay may contain fewer words. 

Notably, the author can write as many words as he or she desires. The only limit could be your ability. The shortest essay could range between 500 and 1000 words. However, any essayist could write thousands of words to expound on the provided topic. 

The standard font for a double-spaced essay should be 12. Such empowers the writer to create at least 200 words for each page. When you are writing using this 12-point font, it makes the paragraphs to be understandable. 

The college can penalize the student if he fails to stick to the instructions. As such, it is vital to work with 12 points when you are writing an essay.

When you are writing the essay, you can use any font type unless indicated in the instructions. If unsure, then you can select the Home tab as you click on the correct font icon. 

Why Double Space? 

We do double spacing to meet the requirements of the checker. Again double spacing is necessary to allow the teacher to comment on the feedback while evaluating the essay.

The essay should meet the desires of the reader and not the writer. You can read more about writing good essays in the guide about the contents and the structure.

Difference between Single and Double Spaced Essays

The double-spaced document involves creating additional space between the paragraphs. Such a format will feature two spaces where the writer will have to press the Enter button twice. The added space allows the teacher to make changes and other remarks. 

A single-spaced paper is where there is little white space between the paragraphs. For this case, the tutor can also give instructions to students to use that format when writing a particular essay. The author only presses the Enter button once. 

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay

Whether writing a narrative report or an essay for your school, you should select a line for spacing your work. The double spacing design becomes great as it makes it easier for the author to get the flow of the text. 

One can double-space the work by making the correct parameters for the selected text or the entire document. Several word processing documents exist to help you double-space your work, as indicated in the following examples. 

Double-Spacing in MS Word 

Begin by opening the document that you are working with. It could be either a blank document or some needs text in it. 

MS Word Double spacing

  • You can now create a default document to enable the whole document to stay double-spaced by following the simple procedure as
  • Locate the toolbar and select the styles. 
  • Right-click on the Normal on the Home tab
  • Click on modify on the pop-up menu.
  • Select the Formatting prompt and choose the Double-spaced button. 
  • Choose OK to activate the Double spacing design. 
  • Create a space within your document where you desire to double space.
  • Highlight the text you desire to double-space. 
  • Click on Paragraph spacing and Line.
  • Choose option 2.0 to double-space the highlighted space. 

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How to Spice up Double-Spacing your essay

One can make the essay remain engaging and interesting by double spacing it. Some of the things that could make it appealing are as follows:

a) Using Short Sentences

The purpose of essay writing is to impress the reader. As the research study indicates, you should use short sentences to make your essay more readable. The reason behind short sentences is that they are easy to understand. 

It could be tempting if you settled on using a large and complex vocabulary in your essay construction. In practice, complex sentences make it hard for the reader to enjoy the flow.

The secret is writing short and meaningful sentences and coming up with some charming lines. This is one of the recommended ways to become a better essay writer because you present your points in precise sentences.

b) Use Ordinary Words 

The reader’s nature is that they appreciate small and ordinary words. Another thing is that the readers do not like to be exposed as having a vocabulary problem. You can make it more appealing by using simple common words. 

The reader will be interested in the article if it carries common words that they understand without any struggle. Such an engaging document will bring desirable outcomes. 

c) Structure Your Essay Properly

A well-structured essay should arouse the interest of the reader. Precisely, a well-structured essay is ever reader-friendly. The author should make the content to be in the right structure. Follow simple steps to ensure that your essay remains in the proper structure. 

Essay structure

For example, you should begin with the introduction but other content in the body and make your conclusion.

Such carries a standard format of organizing your work in an engaging manner. 

Suppose your essay is talking about what history is all about, then you should write what comes up first.

End with what came last to ensure you are achieving proper structure. 

d) Be Factual When Substantiating Your Claims 

The most common mistake the essayists make is writing what they only believe. The correct format is to substantiate those arguments with facts.

Never leave out empirical evidence because you do not believe in it. Such could make it easy to be undesirable. Also, avoid saturating the points with facts that appear too odd.

The writer should also be keen never to jump to conclusions.  Let the author present the point backed by utmost research and weight.

The essay should address what the reader should find interesting. For that matter, make strong arguments for increasing your authority as a writer. 

e) Keep Your Essay Relevant 

Suppose your essay lacks relevancy, then it may fail to score better marks. An irrelevant essay means that it lacks sense in the common application. You can increase its relevancy by writing hot topics. 

When you complete your essay, ensure you proofread it to fine-tune it for any deviations and errors. Become your first judge. Such tactics make you improve your writing as you move on.

You can retain your authority over the topic by sticking with the right facts. At that point, you will make any reader get glued to your piece. 

f) Choose Hot Topics

The purpose of writing an essay is to engage the reader. The essay could fail to be interesting if you are writing on a boring old topic. The challenge lies in selecting the hot topic.

The writer should be careful in selecting the right topic. It calls for doing enough research to come up with the right topic of study. When unsure, then you can seek guidance from your faculty to know the correct topic to research and craft the essay about. 

Benefits of Double-Spacing in Academic Writing

1. easy to read.

First, leaving extra space between lines improves readability and makes the content easier to absorb and follow. Additionally, double spacing allows for comments and suggestions from professors or fellow students within the text.

Additionally, it enhances the essay’s general appearance, making it more polished and pleasing. Also, double spacing makes it easier to insert adjustments or amendments, facilitating effective editing and proofreading procedures.

2. It Makes an Essay Longer

Double spacing might sometimes give the impression that an essay is longer. The content is dispersed and gets more words by widening the line space. When an assignment has definite duration requirements, this may be useful.

It is vital to remember that lengthening an essay unnecessarily without adding relevant material could hurt the writer’s overall quality and consistency.

3. One can read while underlining

Another advantage of double spacing in essays is that it makes it simple for readers to underline or highlight key passages.

Since there is more area between lines, readers can mark or comment on particular portions, making it simpler to interact with the text and grasp its main ideas.

Also, because the underlined passages act as visual indicators for essential content, this can be very helpful for studying, revisiting, or referring to the essay in the future.

4. Offers space for personal notes

The wider line spacing allows students to make notes or add additional thoughts to their essays in the margins or between the lines.

This provides a handy way to write notes, draw connections, or provide additional context for specific textual passages.

These private notes can improve the overall learning and engagement with the essay by acting as helpful references for discussions, edits, or subsequent study sessions.

5. Easy to Spot mistakes

The increased spacing between lines allows for clearer visibility of individual words, sentences, and punctuation marks. This enhanced readability helps identify typos, grammatical errors, and formatting inconsistencies.

With white space, the eyes can navigate the text more comfortably, enabling a more careful and thorough review.

As a result, double spacing facilitates the proofreading and editing process, leading to a higher chance of catching and correcting mistakes before the final submission.

6. The paper looks professional

In essays, double spacing gives them a more polished appearance. The wider line spacing makes the document’s layout neater and more streamlined.

Also, this formatting decision complies with accepted academic standards and improves the essay’s overall presentation, giving it a polished and expert appearance.

7. Conforms with most referencing styles

Many style guides, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago, recommend double spacing as a standard requirement.

When you adhere to this spacing format, your essay aligns with the guidelines and expectations of these referencing styles, ensuring consistency and conformity in your writing.

8. Promotes clarity of text

In essays, double spacing encourages text clarity. The legibility is improved, and word crowding is prevented by leaving more space between lines.

The reader’s capacity to discern between individual words and sentences is improved by the greater spacing, which lowers the possibility of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Effective communication relies heavily on clarity, and double spacing makes the substance of the essay easier to understand.

Watch this video to learn more about this.

YouTube video

Josh Jasen or JJ as we fondly call him, is a senior academic editor at Grade Bees in charge of the writing department. When not managing complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In his spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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18 Double Spaced Essay: How to Write It and Achieve a Top Grade

Numerous essay formatting guidelines often highlight double-spacing as a preferred layout for standard essays. This comprehensive tutorial will delve into what constitutes a double-spaced essay, the steps to apply double-spacing in your document using MS Word or Mac Pages, and strategies to enhance your essay, aiming for higher grades.

What is a Double-Spaced Essay?

When tasked to write me an essay , it’s essential to consider the structural elements that define its presentation and readability. An essay set to double-spacing is typically arranged on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, framed by 1-inch margins, featuring double-spaced lines within each paragraph and no additional spacing between paragraphs. It typically has 275 to 300 words per page, varying with font and margins. This format facilitates easier reading, correction by tutors, and idea tracking.

Word count can be adjusted based on page size and margins, but standard settings align with 275 words per page. Essays usually range from 250 to 1000 words, with 500 words common in college. Font size 12 or 11 is recommended, and adherence to specific formatting guidelines, including font choice, is crucial to avoid grade penalties. Editing might involve switching fonts for personal comfort or per a professor’s instructions.

Why is It Necessary to Use Double Spacing in Essays?

You might be curious about the rationale behind double-spacing essays and their prevalence as the preferred format for high school and college papers. Here, we highlight the top three reasons:

  • Double-spacing improves readability by preventing lines from blurring, allowing for faster document scanning.
  • Double-spaced essays are also user-friendly because readers can comfortably read and follow the ideas in your essay without requiring additional assistance or larger font sizes.
  • Instructors often prefer double-spaced essays because they provide spaces between the lines where they can easily write comments on the paper.

Comparison Between Double-Spacing and Other Spacing Options

School assignments generally have three types of spacing options: single, 1.5, and double spacing.

A  double-spaced paper is the most prevalent method of formatting a text or document and involves inserting a distance of 2.0 spaces between lines within a paragraph while leaving no space between paragraphs. Double-spacing is a typical requirement for college assignments, including dissertations and theses.

A 1.5-spaced essay indicates that the sentences in a paragraph are separated by a distance of 1.5 mm, with no gaps between paragraphs.

Finally, a single-spaced document contains small gaps between the lines, with a spacing of 1.0. It is recommended to use single or 1.5 spacing only if your instructor specifically instructs you to do so.

How to Use Double-Spacing on Your Computer

Some students choose to use different font styles while writing and then make adjustments to the overall document format and spacing at a later stage, which is acceptable. On the other hand, some people prefer to stay organized right from the beginning, which involves setting double spacing from the start. Whether you use a word processor like Pages or Word, here are the steps to follow.

Pages on a Mac

If you have a Mac computer and use Pages, you can use the following instructions to set your paper to double-spacing.

  • Select the paragraphs you want to be double-spaced.
  • To access Inspector, go to the top right corner and click the blue button.
  • Once you see the new window, click on the Text button.
  • Locate the Spacing part and input the number 2 in the designated box on the right side of the slide bar.

Microsoft Word Processor

If you are using a Word document to type your assignment, use the following steps to make it double-spaced:

  • Select the specific text to adjust its spacing.
  • In the Home tab, find the Paragraph and click on the short arrow in the lower corner.
  • A separate window will appear, displaying different options, such as general, indentation, and spacing.
  • In the spacing list, select Double.

The procedure is similar for all Microsoft Word versions.

You also have the option to customize the spacing between lines using the toolbar on your screen:

  • In the same Paragraph area, find the spacing button.

6 Steps to Write an A-Worthy Double-Spaced Essay 

If you are given the task of writing an essay with double spacing and are unsure about how to start, here is a handy guide to assist you.

1. Study the Prompt

When assigned to write a paper, the initial step you should take is to check the prompt carefully. This will assist you in comprehending the question, generating ideas for a suitable topic, and selecting the most appropriate subject for your essay.

2. Select a Good Essay Topic

Once you have reviewed the instructions, it is necessary to rephrase the question using your own words. Conduct thorough research and assess potential topics, ultimately selecting a captivating subject matter for your essay. The chosen topic should strike a balance between being too specific or too general, and it should be easily supported by available resources.

3. Use Appropriate Evidence

It is crucial to emphasize the significance of references in an essay. Neglecting to do so could result in plagiarism, which is a serious offense in both academic and professional settings. By citing information that is paraphrased, quoted, or summarized from sources, you strengthen the arguments presented in your paragraphs.

4. Develop a Suitable Essay Structure

In addition to establishing the sequence of ideas, make sure that your essay is well-organized. A thorough essay with a clear structure captivates readers and makes the writing process more straightforward as each element falls into its proper position. Carefully construct your essay, paying attention to its structure, and you will be able to maintain a laser-like focus throughout.

5. Use Simple Vocabulary

Writing an essay is not an opportunity to show off one’s extensive vocabulary. Instead, it is an opportunity to support your ideas and thoughts on a specific topic by presenting factual research. Avoid the urge to use complex words in order to impress your teacher, as clear and straightforward language is always more effective in essay writing.

To effectively communicate with the audience, it is important to utilize straightforward and widely understood language. The most captivating and high-quality essays tend to employ a simple and accessible writing style.

6. Balance Your Paragraphs

Make sure your topic sentences are cohesive and coherent. Cohesion refers to a smooth connection between sentences, while coherence means creating a unified sense throughout. Seamless transitions between paragraphs are key to a cohesive narrative.

Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly presents the central theme, then bolster it with supporting sentences that offer evidence or illustrative examples. Employ thoughtful transitions to weave your ideas together, ensuring a natural progression of thoughts throughout your writing.

The Bottom Line

With the information provided, you have gained knowledge on the definition of a double-spaced essay, instructions on setting double spacing on your computer, and tips to make your double-spacing captivating enough to improve your academic score.

Freelance writer Nicole Hardy , a distinguished journalist in the realms of education and the arts, is celebrated for her thorough and discerning coverage of performing arts education. Her career, which extends beyond ten years, has solidified her status as an authoritative figure in this domain. Hardy is praised for her thorough analyses and captivating writing manner. She earned her Master’s in Journalism from the University of Arts, with a focus on arts, culture journalism and now she provides amazing student friendly content on News.EssayHub

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How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay and Score an A for it

Double Spacing essay guide

Many guidelines for formatting essays, as presented in rubrics, recommend double-spacing as one of the proper formats for standard comprehensive essays . For instance, when you receive the assignment instructions, essay prompts, or other academic homework assignment instructions, the Spacing of the work is usually specified.

The common spacing specifications include a 1.5 spaced essay, single-spaced essay, and a double-spaced or 2.0 spaced essay. In most cases, instructors will insist that your essay must be typed and double-spaced on standard-sized 8.5" by 11" paper, with margins of 1" on all sides.

In this detailed guide, we focus on the definition of a double-spaced essay, how to double-space an essay on MS Word or Mac Pages, and how to spice up that essay so that you score higher marks.

What is a double-spaced essay?

Here is the meaning of a double-spaced essay : A double-spaced essay is a standard essay written on a standard-sized (8.5" x 11") paper with a one-inch margin around the paper formatted with double spaces between the lines that make a paragraph with no extra spacing between paragraphs.  

In terms of word count, a double-spaced essay contains either 275 or 300 words in total per page, depending on the font used. Formatting a paper in double-spacing makes it easier for the tutor to read through the essay, make corrections within the left spaces, and follow through with ideas in your essay.

The number of words in a double-spacing essay also depends on the page margins you have set for your text. For instance, if you use A-4 sized page, an essay will have fewer words, the same as an A3 page. However, a standard-sized age with one-inch margins all around should have 275 words as a standard.

With short essays being between 250 words and 1000 words, with the most common in college being a 500-word essay, you can write as many words as you wish depending on the scope of the question, essay prompt, and the topic.

In most instances, students are advised to use font 12 points of 11 depending on the font type you are using. Failure to format your essay in the required Spacing might lead to penalties ranging from deduction of grades to poor grades.

As you set out to write or edit your essay, ensure that you choose a font that your professor advises. But this should only be the last thing you do as you polish your essay. For instance, some students find it comfortable writing with a given font, say Arial font 13, and then converting to Times New Roman font 12 when editing.

What is the significance of Double Spacing in essays and assignments?

You are probably wondering why we double-space essays or why it is the preferred standard for essays you write in high school and college. Below are some of the top three reasons why teachers want essays to be double-spaced.

  • Double-spacing makes it easier to read through the document quickly as the lines do not blur together.
  • Double-spaced essays are also reader-friendly. A reader can easily read and trace the points in your essay without needing extra aids or larger fonts.
  • Double-spaced essays or assignments are also preferred because they leave whitespaces where the instructors can write comments on the paper.
  • Another reason is that double-spaced essays give you (the essayist) enough room to communicate to your readers. The Spacing enhances the spatial mode of the essay or paper, making it easier to spot main points, read without getting lost or straying into other lines, and use one's fingers.

Double-Spacing vs. Other tyles of Spacing for Essays

When writing an essay, report, dissertation, annotated bibliography, or research paper for school, you should be aware of the type of Spacing required. There are three types of Spacing for school assignments: single, 1.5, and double Spacing.

A double-spaced paper or document, which is the most common, entails creating 2.0 spaces between lines in a paragraph without spaces between paragraphs. Double-spacing is a norm of most college assignments; even dissertations and theses are mostly double-spaced.

A 1.5 spaced essay or document means that the lines or sentences in a paragraph are spaced 1.5 mm from one another without spaces between paragraphs.

Finally, a single-spaced paper has little white spaces between the typed lines in the paragraphs. The lines within the paragraph are spaced 1.0 from one another. This means that there is little room for comments, remarks, or feedback from the professor. You should only use single and 1.5 spacing if your instructor advises so.

If you have typed your paper and realize that you have the wrong spacing, do not worry. You can do the Spacing of an essay or document either on a word document or on a Mac, as we shall explain shortly. The good news is that you can do this at any point in your writing process. The process will differ depending on the program you are using. Let's explore widely.

If you are wondering what a double-spaced essay looks like, have a look below.

Double-spaced essay example

Here is how single Spacing should look like in an essay:

Single-spaced essay example

Pages vs. Spacing Chart

To try to bring things to their perspective, here is a table comparing word count to Spacing. It can help you plan your essays.

You can simply conclude from the table abov e that a single-spaced page has the exact word count as twice a double-spaced paper.

How to set Double-Spacing on your Computer

Some people prefer to use other font styles and formats when writing, then edit the entire document to the required format and Spacing later, which is okay. Others like to keep everything organized from the beginning, which means setting double-spacing from the onset. Whether on Mac Page's word processor or MS word processor, here are some steps to take.

Pages on a Mac

If you are using a Page's word processor on a mac, you can follow these steps to double-space your paper:

  • Highlight the text that you wish to double-space
  • Click on Inspector, a blue button on the top right of your window
  • In the new window, select the Text tab or the "T."
  • Find the section labeled Spacing and type 2 into the box to the right of the slide bar.

On Microsoft Word Processor

If you are typing your assignment on a word document, follow the following steps to double-space it:

1. Select the text that you wish to change its Spacing

2. Under the Home tab , go to the Paragraph Click on the small arrow in the bottom left corner, as shown below.

Small Arrow

3. A new window will pop up with various settings, including general, indentation, and Spacing, as shown in the figure below.

Paragraph editing section

4. Click on the line spacing drop-down arrow

5. Select " Double " from the list

6. Check the " Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style ."

Setting double-spacing in MS Word

7. Press OK to execute the changes and save

The process is more or less the same for all Microsoft word processing versions. 

You can also adjust the line-spacing from the toolbar on your Microsoft word processor . This is probably the best way if you are one of those that want a page with double-spacing from the onset.

1. Under the Paragraph section of the Home Tab , locate the line-spacing button .

2. Click on the button to expand it as shown below.

Setting spacing for paragraph in a word document

3. Choose 2 . 0 for double-spacing , 1.5 for 1.5 line-spacing, and 1.0 for single spacing.

4. Click on OK to make the paper double-spaced.

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay: 9 Steps to Take

Suppose you are assigned to write a double-spacing essay and you are wondering how to proceed, here is a little cheat sheet to keep you going. We asked our top essay writers and here were their exact recommendations; they can help you craft a double-spaced essay or assignment.

1. Read the essay prompt

The first thing you should always do when assigned to write a double-spaced essay is to thoroughly read the assignment prompt. It helps you unpack the question, brainstorm on a good topic, and pick the best topic for your essay. additionally, you also get to understand the Spacing, font type and size, and length/wordcount of your essay. It is an integral step in writing an essay.

2. Select a good essay topic

After reading the instructions, you need to rewrite the question on your own terms, conduct some research, evaluate the viable topics, then choose a hot topic for your essay. depending on your area of study, select a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad. Go with a topic that is easy to find resources and one that you have genuine interest in writing a paper. If you are left with the option of selecting a topic on your own, select a topic that is relevant to the subject of study.

3. Use appropriate evidence

We cannot insist less how much it is important to cite all the sources that you use in an essay. First, failure to cite sources used in an essay could amount to plagiarism, which is a punishable offense in higher education and even professional realms. Therefore, you need to manage your in-text citations and reference list to ensure that your paper has some scholarly rigor. Citing facts paraphrased, quoted, or summarized from a source bolsters the arguments in the paragraphs of your essay. It brings in a string of a scholarly streak that makes the paper flow, make sense, and support your thesis statement.

4. Present your facts well

When planning for your essay or writing an essay outline/structure, you ought to have thought of the scaffolding of your essay. An essay scaffold refers to the order in which you present your arguments, themes, or texts in an essay. Have some semblance of organization in your essay. As an essayist, ensure that you substantiate your claims using proper evidence.

Instead of casually presenting an idea because you do not believe in it, use the available empirical evidence to make the essay even more desirable. It is also appropriate not to jump into unwarranted or unsupported conclusions.

If you do so, let it be on grounds of the evidence presented to support your thesis statement. Equally, your essay must always address the readers, so focus on what would interest them. From the title to the reference page, ensure that your readers are well-entertained and hooked.

5. Have a good essay structure

Apart from determining the order of argument, ensure that your essay is also well-structured. A comprehensive essay with a definite structure intrigues the readers. It also simplifies the writing process because everything falls into its rightful place.

You will have a laser-sharp focus on a structured essay than an essay you write haphazardly. Such an essay (a poorly-planned essay) will probably miss a thing or two. But when you have an essay outline , your chances of intriguing your readers increased. In short, a well-structured essay is reader-friendly.

Instead of beginning with the introduction, like anyone else, why not begin with the body paragraphs. Because you have a preliminary thesis, your body paragraphs can be developed without the introduction.

You can then finalize the writing process by tweaking the thesis into a final thesis, based on the arguments on the body paragraphs, and then writing a catchy introduction.

When you have your introduction, you can now finalize the writing process by writing an equally catchy conclusion that leaves your readers yearning for more.

As long as you maintain the standard format of a three-paragraph or a five-paragraph essay, whichever order you use to write does not matter provided the quality of the essay is met.

Choose the essay scaffold depending on the type of essay you are writing. For instance, you can use Toulmin, classic argument method, or Rogerian approach when writing an argumentative essay . similarly, you can choose to use chronology or point-by-point contrast when writing a classification or compare and contrast essay .

6. Use simple vocabulary

When writing any essay, it is not the chance to measure who knows what vocabulary. Instead, it is a chance to present facts from research to reinforce your ideas and thoughts on a given topic. Resist the temptation of using tough words to impress your teacher. Simplicity always wins when it comes to essay writing. Write in plain and simple language.

Use the ordinary words that makes it easier for your instructor to read and flow with your ideas. They never have the time to peruse a thesaurus, and even if they do, you would probably irritate their appetite leading to poor grades.

Use simple common words to communicate with the audience. Most engaging and top-grade essays are written in simple language. Students who write simple papers end up scoring better, as long as the facts are presented, flowing, and well organized.

7. Use short and long sentences

Every piece of assignment you write is meant to impress your readers. Using short sentences and long sentences blended together makes an essay readable. Short sentences are brief, easy to understand, and allow for easier navigation.

Although sometimes it is tempting to use complex sentences, they are counted as run-on or ambiguous sentences. When writing, this should not trouble you. However, when editing the paper, shorten the long sentences that have empty but complex vocabularies. It narrows down to simplicity again.

All our writers are better because they have mastered the art of balancing short and long sentences. With such a craft, you can convince even the toughest professor on earth for the best grades.

Brevity, coherence, accuracy, composition, and clarity comes from a mastery of how to use short sentences. So, try to practice often and use this approach for success in your essays.

8. Balance your paragraphs

To achieve a perfect paragraph in an essay is akin to getting an A+. It is not hard although it is something that most people struggle with.

Ensure that your topic sentences achieve cohesion and coherence. Cohesion means a good flow while coherence means achieving a sense of the whole. Your paragraphs should transition into one another.

Each paragraph should present a single idea linked to the order. Check out our guide on the PEEL paragraphing format . We also have a checklist for a good essay paragraph . A paragraph is an indispensable or irreplaceable node within a coherent sequence of logic. They are the building blocks of the essays. So, make them count.

Finally, your paragraphs need to be balanced in terms of number of words. Remember, by default the body paragraphs comprise 80% of the entire word count. This means that if you are writing a five-paragraph essay, the three body paragraphs should be spread to cover for the same.

9. Edit and format correctly

The writing process is no doubt the hardest part. Since it comes with researching, reading, and critical thinking, by the time you are done chances are that you are exhausted and probably fatigued. If you make the mistake of rushing directly to edit and format the paper, you'll probably make mistakes. It is the sole reason why it is good to plan an essay � allocate some good time for editing and polishing the essay or any assignment for that matter.

Now, when you're done with writing, take some much-deserved break. You can go for a walk, have a nap, watch your favorite show, activate your social media and plug back, or visit a friend, whatever will ease your mind.

After the rest, spend some quality time objectively reading, editing, and formatting your essay. focus on spelling, grammar, stylistic, and organization mistakes. You should also check the right Spacing, fonts, and font type. If you find the process consuming and tiresome, you can use our essay editing service. We have keen editors who can always help.

After everything is okay, check your paper for plagiarism, and submit it before the deadline.

Parting Shot!

To this end, you now understand what a double-spaced essay is, how to set double Spacing on your Computer, and how to make a double-spacing interesting enough to earn you a better grade.

Whether you are writing in MLA, Harvard, APA , or Chicago, the process remains the same. If you need tips on how to make an essay longer , check out our guide on the same. We also have various guides that can help you become a better essay writer.

Related: How to indent in an essay or paper.

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2 page double spaced essay

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How to Write a Double-Spaced Academic Essay

Jane M.

Table of Contents

Double spacing is the standard format for academic papers, essays, and assignments. Higher education institutions universally require students to submit double-spaced documents for all coursework. Therefore, to perform well in college classes, it is essential to understand what double spacing means and how to easily format papers appropriately.

This comprehensive guide will explain everything students need about double-spaced essays to score high marks on assignments. We will cover double spacing, why it matters, and how to do it correctly. Additionally, we will provide tips and examples for writing excellent double-spaced essays that will wow your professors. Read on to boost your essay formatting skills!

What is a Double-Spaced Essay?

A double-spaced essay is a piece of writing with a full, blank line between each line of text. This formatting style requires the writer to skip one line after each line they write, resulting in a document that appears much more spaced out than a typical single-spaced essay.

Double spacing is a common requirement for academic essays and papers. Many educational institutions mandate that students double-space documents to allow room for corrections, comments, and grading. As such, learning how to properly double-space an essay is an important skill for anyone writing papers for school.

Significance of Double Spacing for Academic Work

Double spacing for essays and papers has been the expected standard in higher education for many decades. The reasoning behind instituting double-spaced formatting includes:

  • Readability – The additional blank lines greatly improve readability by preventing dense blocks of text and giving the eyes a break between lines. Papers that are easier on the eyes are more enjoyable to read and grade.
  • Editing – The ample spacing allows students to easily make edits, corrections, and additions to the printed document during the revision process.
  • Feedback – Similarly, professors utilize the space between lines to provide personalized comments and critiques during grading.
  • Style Guidelines – Following double space guidelines shows that a student understands the defined formatting standards.
  • Academic Rigor – Properly formatted double-spaced essays indicate attention to detail and academic rigor.

Double spacing improves academic papers’ readability, editing, marking, and appearance according to accepted academic conventions.

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay

Choose a topic.

A suitable and manageable topic is essential for writing a successful double-spaced essay. It is important to determine if the teacher has given a specific subject for the essay or if you can choose your topic. Evaluating whether the instructor has provided a designated subject or if you have the flexibility to select one yourself is crucial for creating a prosperous, double-spaced essay. 

Outline Structure

After settling on a topic, outline the main points and arguments you intend to make. Effective essays have an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Set Document Formatting

Open a blank word processing document and go to Paragraph Settings or Line Spacing Options. Choose Double under Spacing.

Write First Draft

Following your outline, write a first draft of the essay double-spaced. Be sure to skip lines between paragraphs, too.

Include Support

Perform research and add quotes, facts, examples, and data to support your thesis. Credit sources.

Refine Language

Read over the draft and refine the language, sentence structure, and flow of ideas. Keep sentences focused.

Check Requirements

Verify the essay meets all requirements outlined, including word/page counts, formatting, etc.

Proofread Closely

Meticulously proofread your double-spaced essay, using the spacing to catch errors. Fix typos, grammar issues, and inconsistencies.

Edit and Format the Paper

Ensure your name, class info, page numbers, and other formatting are fully completed. When writing an essay, ensure that all required information, such as your name, class details, page numbers, and other formatting requirements, are accurately filled out in the document, for example, spaces between paragraphs. 

Essay Double-Spaced Example

To illustrate what a double-spaced paper looks like, here are two essay paragraph examples:

What does it mean to use double spacing in essays?

2 page double spaced essay

Double spacing means the text is set with a full, blank line between each line on the page. For example, this paragraph is double-spaced. As you can see, plenty of white space between the lines allows the essay to breathe and makes it easier to read and edit. Using double line height adds air to the essay.

Difference Between Single-spacing and Double-Spaced Essays

2 page double spaced essay

A single-spaced essay has no blank lines between paragraphs. This example paragraph is single-spaced. As you can see, the text looks more crammed together without spaces between each line. The paragraphs blend into dense blocks of text without room for notes. Double spacing adds readable white space to the essay document. The heightened line height improves the overall appearance and organization of the paper.

Benefits of Double-Spacing

Double-spacing papers and essays provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improving readability for long stretches of text
  • Allowing space for edits and revisions
  • Providing room for feedback, comments, and grading
  • Emphasizing key points by isolating them on lines
  • Meeting style guidelines and academic standards
  • Helping achieve minimum page counts for assignments
  • Giving documents a professional, academic appearance

Should I Single or Double-Space My Essay?

Double spacing is the clear standard expected for academic writing assignments and university coursework. Single spacing would only be appropriate for creative writing projects like novels and screenplays. Students should always double-space essays and research papers submitted for classes.

Final Thoughts on Double-Spaced Essay

Double-spacing essay documents are standard practice in academia and are easy to implement. Simply set the line spacing in paragraph settings to 2.0 and skip a line between each line. This provides space for edits, feedback, and emphasis on key points. Adhering to double-space formatting shows instructors you follow instructions and care about document appearance. You can score high marks and make your essay shine with simple formatting tweaks.

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2 Page Essay: Examples, Topics, & Word Count

What does a two page essay look like? If you’re a student, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. 2 page essays are usually assigned to check one’s ability to formulate their thoughts. A two page essay word count is 450 to 500 words (12 pt double-spaced). A paper of 2 pages usually consists of 5 to 6 paragraphs.

When choosing a topic for a 2 pages essay, remember that it is quite a short piece. That’s why your topic shouldn’t be too complicated. You might want to focus on football, bullying, basketball, or responsibility.

If you’re searching for 2 page essay examples, look at the list below. We’ve gathered a collection of A+ samples for you to get inspired. Knock them dead!

2-page Essay Examples: 41612 Samples

Repairing donated children books.

  • Subjects: Education Education Issues

Henry Thoreau: The Concept of the Friendship

  • Subjects: Literature Poems

The Articles of Confederation. Nullification and Secession

  • Subjects: Politics & Government Social & Political Theory

Early Musique Concrète Co-Composition: Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, John Cage, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Otto Luening

  • Subjects: Art Music Genre

Neuropsychological Assessment: Individually Administered Intelligence Tests

  • Subjects: Applications of Psychology Psychology

The Way to Rainy Mountain: Analysis of the Text

  • Subjects: American Literature Literature

Organizational Behaviour: Leading Human Resources

  • Subjects: Business Management

Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies

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Sex Marriage: Personal Opinion

  • Subjects: Family, Life & Experiences Marriage

Globalization: Metaphysical Perspective of the Western Industrialized World

  • Subjects: Sociological Theories Sociology

Why We Fight: Military Industrial Complex and Its Impact on the American Life

  • Subjects: History United States

Navy White Hat Eulogy Essay

  • Subjects: Culture Traditions

Debate: Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy

  • Subjects: Criminology Law

The Bible: Eve and Female Place in the World

  • Subjects: Religion Theology

What Makes a Real Hero: Ideas by Bolt, Douglas, and Albom

  • Subjects: British Literature Literature

Public Health Communication: Quit Smoking

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Report of an Orchestra Concert

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The Case in Huntingdon as One More Cause to Talk about Inequality

Where rampages begin: the issue with the school shootings.

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Love is women’s whole existence

How did it feel being a governor.

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Innovation Of The Workplace

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Sense of Humor: How Does It Help?

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Approaches To Capacity Planning And Control

A clockwork orange by anthony burgess, the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring and its production by means of detailed planning, storyboarding, and collaboration.

  • Subjects: Art Film Studies

Changes in Life: Positive and Negative Effects

  • Subjects: Life Philosophy Philosophy

“Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway

The virtue of moving forward in “a rose for emily” by william faulkner, travelling along the oregon trail, a new dawn: the abolishment of slavery in the usa, “city of god” (2002) by fernando meirelles, discovering cumberland island.

  • Subjects: Geography Sciences

Common Sense and Related Writings

How serfdom saved the woman’s movement.

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An Overbooking Problem in Calgary

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Disguise: Does It Reveal More than It Hides?

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The Types of Plate Tectonics Essay

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Exhaustion in Victim Care Professions

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Effects of the New Deal on America

Self-reliance: the communal past as a model for the future, evaluation of operant conditioning theory by b.f. skinner.

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Gambling in Four Perspectives

Metamorphoses by ovid: the character of phaeton, team leader: exploiting new opportunities, the government is invading people’s privacy, the gain of consciousness in the “epic of gilgamesh”, the neo-vygotskian approach to child development.

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Blanchard and fiedler leadership models, juvenile justice system in “sleepers” film by barry levinson, segway ht: business model and planning.

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Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To?

‘sociometric stability and the behavioral correlates of peer acceptance in early childhood’, “the visitor” by thomas mccarthy, the book of genesis: towards understanding creation theology, the long voyage by jorge semprun, google refused trademark for nexus one.

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The Cold War and Its Influence on Europe

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Objective Personality Tests

A critical evaluation of criteria for a successful presidency from a citizen’s perspective.

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“Brain Plasticity and Behavior” by Bryan Kolb, Robbin Gibb, and Terry E. Robinson

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China Town – New York

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Use of Performance Appraisals as a Reward System

Status, role, primary groups, and secondary groups in social interactions between different racial and ethnic groups, paris and its tourist places.

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ART VITALIS The New Jersey New Music Forum – CONCERT REPORT

Socrates: his life, philosophy, & death.

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After the Oil Crisis, a Food Crisis? Global Rising Food Prices and Their Effects

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Conceptual approaches to learning and performance, rise of christianity in europe and islam in the middle east.

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Important characteristics for effective teaching.

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Data analysis and maintenance.

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Journal Entry, Hermaphrodite or Intersex

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Spotlight on Plagiarism Phenomenon

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Story of Jacob and Esau

Marlow in “heart of darkness”, simplicius simplicissimus: the thirty years’ war period.

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Solving the Raised Issues: Gateway Resort Ltd

Measuring economic health, understand buying trends and the psychology of consumer behavior.

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  • Words: 1001

How to Double Space Your Paper

Steve Debenport / Getty Images 

  • Homework Tips
  • Learning Styles & Skills
  • Study Methods
  • Time Management
  • Private School
  • College Admissions
  • College Life
  • Graduate School
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  • Distance Learning
  • M.Ed., Education Administration, University of Georgia
  • B.A., History, Armstrong State University

Double spacing refers to the amount of space that shows between the individual lines of your paper. When a paper is single-spaced, there is very little white space between the typed lines, which means there is no room for marks or comments. This is precisely why teachers ask you to double space. The white space between the lines leaves room for  editing marks  and comments.

Double spacing is the norm for essay assignments, so if you are in doubt about expectations, you should format your paper with double spacing. Only use a single space if the teacher asks explicitly for it. 

Don't worry if you've already typed your paper and you now realize that your spacing is wrong. You can change spacing and other types of formatting easily and at any time in the writing process. But the way to go about these changes will differ, depending on the word processing program you're using.

Microsoft Word

If you are working in Microsoft Word 2010, you should follow these steps to set up double-spacing.

  • Select (highlight) text if you have already typed some lines. If not, go to the next step.
  • Click on the Page Layout tab.
  • Go to the Paragraph section. You will see a small arrow in the bottom left corner.
  • Click on the arrow to bring up a new window.
  • Select the Indents and Spacing tab (it is probably already open).
  • Find the Line spacing menu and select double from the list. Then select OK .

Other versions of Microsoft Word will use a similar process and the same wording.

Pages (Mac)

 If you're using the Pages word processor on a mac, you can double-space your paper following these instructions: 

  • First highlight text, if you have already typed some lines
  • Click on  Inspector , which is a blue button on the top right of your window
  • When a new window opens, select the  Text  tab which is a large "T"
  • Find the section labeled  Spacing  and type  2  into the box to the right of the slide bar
  • Tips for Typing an Academic Paper on a Computer
  • Should an Application Essay Be Single-Spaced or Double-Spaced?
  • How to Remove Extra Spaces Between Paragraphs & Sentences
  • Formatting Papers in Chicago Style
  • MLA Sample Pages
  • Title Page Examples and Formats
  • How to Outline and Organize an Essay
  • What Is a Bibliography?
  • Definition and Examples of Spacing in Composition
  • Preventing and Recovering Lost Documents
  • Desktop Publishing Process Overview
  • The Fundamentals of Writing an Inquiry Business Letter
  • The Element of Space in Artistic Media
  • Lining Up Dots in a Table of Contents
  • Research Note Cards
  • What Is an Indentation?
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How to Write a Two Page Essay Quickly

Last Updated: March 28, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Megan Morgan, PhD . Megan Morgan is a Graduate Program Academic Advisor in the School of Public & International Affairs at the University of Georgia. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Georgia in 2015. There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 97,457 times.

Writing a two page essay can be a daunting task. After all, writing takes specific skills and a lot of practice. If you are well-organized and have a specific plan, it can be done both successfully and quickly. College students, high school students, and people in most professions have to write from time to time (or every day). For many people, writing can be stressful. It helps to have a system in place to help make the process as efficient (and painless) as possible.

Getting Organized

Step 1 Make sure that you are ready to write.

  • If your instructor has given you a clear prompt, decide now how you will approach the question. For example, if the given assignment is "Write an essay on the women's movement. Was it successful?", you will need to decide which side you are going to take. Once you narrow your focus, your essay will be much easier to organize.
  • If you have a much broader assignment, it will be up to you to focus your topic. For example, if your assignment is "Write about something that interests you", you will not want to make the topic of your essay "Sports," especially for a short two-page essay. Choose a very specific topic, such as "Tailgating in the American South."

Step 3 Know your subject.

  • It's unlikely that you will need further research for a two-page paper, but if you aren't sure about the requirements, ask your teacher.

Step 4 Organize your materials.

Drafting Your Essay

Step 1 Brainstorm your thesis...

  • For example, if you're supposed to write a two-page essay about something that interests you, think about who your audience is (and how much explaining you'll have to do), what is the most relevant information, and why your topic is interesting to you.
  • Branching is another technique you can use while creating your thesis. Try to imagine your topic as a tree. Write your basic idea in the middle of your paper, and then "branch" out from there, adding ideas and thoughts to your central topic.
  • Another approach to try is brainstorming. To do this, write down anything and everything you know or need to know about your topic. Don't edit yourself, just get some thoughts down on paper. Once you can see your ideas, they will start to take shape. It's often helpful to do this before you try to write a formal outline, as you'll have a better idea of what you want to cover.

Step 2 Write your thesis statement.

  • For example, if you were writing an essay about college sports, a poor thesis would be, "College sports are very controversial in many ways." This is too vague, and it does not clearly take a position to argue. It will leave your reader wondering what argument you are making in your essay.
  • An example of a strong thesis for the same topic might be, "College athletes should be paid a salary for playing their sport." This is more successful because it indicates the topic you will address. It's also limited enough that you can adequately discuss it in a two-page paper.

Step 3 Put your thoughts on paper.

  • You don't necessarily need to do a formal outline to start with. Brainstorming or making a list-type outline, where you list out ideas that are related to your topic without putting them in a specific order, can help you know what you want to write about.
  • Once you have listed the ideas that support your thesis, you'll have a better sense of how to organize them.

Step 4 Include specific examples.

  • Note that not all teachers prefer or even accept this type of thesis, which is often referred to as a "multi-prong" or "three-prong" thesis. However, this type of thesis is often appropriate for very short writing assignments such as a two-page essay. If you're not sure what your teacher's preferences are, ask before you begin writing.
  • It's helpful to list specific examples in your outline, so that you know what evidence you have for each point. This can also be helpful to show you whether you have gaps or imbalances in your approach. For example, do you have just one example for one point, but three for another point? It would be better to use roughly the same number of examples per point, or even see if the less-supported point could be incorporated elsewhere.

Step 5 Cite your sources in your outline.

  • One type of citation is known as parenthetical documentation. For this method, you provide information about the source within the text of your essay. An example of this would be, "Brown argues that Einstein's theory of relativity is the most important scholarly achievement of the twentieth century (292)." The name Brown refers to the author of the book in this example, and 292 is the page number where this information is found. There are different ways to cite various sources, so make sure you know how to properly credit all of the sources you plan to use. [1] X Research source
  • Sometimes you may be asked to use footnotes or endnotes. While less common in brief essays, some teachers and bosses prefer them. Footnotes and endnotes include more thorough information about the source used. Often, when they replace parenthetical documentation, a Works Cited page is not required. [2] X Research source

Writing Your Essay

Step 1 Write your body paragraphs.

  • Make sure that each body paragraph has a topic sentence . This sentence makes it clear to your reader what each paragraph is about. For example, if you were writing an essay about the labor force during World War II, you might say, "Women were an important part of the workforce in World War II because they learned new jobs that were previously reserved only for men."
  • Include specific supporting examples in each body paragraph. For instance, if you were writing an essay about the labor force during World War II, you might say, "Many women became welders during World War II, which illustrates that gender roles in the workplace were changing."

Step 2 Write your introduction...

  • Start off with a broad contextual statement, but don't make it so broad as to have no relevance. Statements that begin like "Throughout history" or "In modern society" are "fluff" statements and don't provide any real context for your argument.
  • A good way to think of your introduction is as an inverted pyramid. Start with the broad statement that sets the scene, and then narrow down until you reach your thesis.
  • Include your thesis statement at the end of the conclusion.
  • Spend some time on your first sentence. It should be interesting and grab the attention of your reader. Try starting with a fascinating example or an exciting quotation.
  • Use your conclusion to tie together the strands of your argument. In some cases, such as persuasive essays , it's appropriate to include a call to action. You can also return to an anecdote or theme you brought up in the introduction to give your paper great symmetry.

Step 3 Use clear and concise language.

  • Watch out for the passive voice. Beginning writers often use the passive voice because it's wordier, which may be mistaken for "fancier." Here's an example of the passive voice: "It is believed by many that today's growing social violence is being caused by video games." Be verbs are often signs of passive voice. Reword it actively this way: "Many people blame video games for today's growing social violence." This is a clear grammatical order: People (subject) blame (verb) video games (direct object).
  • Avoid wordy constructions such as "It is believed that" or "This is suggestive of that." You can communicate these ideas more clearly and concisely: "People believe that" or "This suggests that."

Step 4 Use appropriate style and tone.

  • Some short essays may be more appropriate in the first-person, using "I." If you've been assigned to write a personal or persuasive essay, the first-person voice is often more personal and effective than using third-person.
  • Aim for parallel structure in sentences. Often, sentences end up sounding clunky if you ignore parallel structure. For example: "Paying college athletes is more important than to give them scholarships." Convert the infinitive "to give" to the gerund form "giving" for parallelism: "Paying college athletes is more important than giving them scholarships."

Step 5 Use transitions.

  • Here are some examples of transition words: similarly, in comparison, as a result, otherwise. During the editing process, you can try using several variations to see which best fits your style of writing. [8] X Research source

Editing Your Essay

Step 1 Walk away.

  • Be aware that the "grammar check" in word processors is often incorrect about issues, and may even suggest changes that make your writing incorrect. Don't rely only on technology.

Step 3 Read out loud.

  • There are several methods for creating a title. One idea is to begin your title with a question, such as "How..." or "Why...". Another method is to choose a specific example that occurs within your paper and use that as a starting point for your title. [10] X Research source

Step 7 Give your paper one final review.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

  • Take a break if you need to. Writing takes a lot of practice! Ask for help if you need it, and just keep practicing and editing. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

2 page double spaced essay

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How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay and Score an A for it

Published by Boni on November 11, 2022 November 11, 2022

How to Write a Double Spaced Essay

What Does Double-Spaced Mean

In writing, formatting is essential to improving readability and successfully communicating ideas. Double spacing is a frequent formatting strategy. Whether you are a student, a professional writer, or someone who interacts with written materials frequently, it is essential to comprehend double spacing. You should also assess how it might affect the display and readability of your work.

Elevate Your Writing with Our Free Writing Tools!

Did you know that we provide a free essay and speech generator, plagiarism checker, summarizer, paraphraser, and other writing tools for free?

Double spacing is simply adding an extra line of space between each line of text. This gives the page a more open appearance and simplifies reading and editing. You can modify the line spacing in word processing systems through settings. For instance, the “Line Spacing” option in a Word document allows users to choose between single, 1.5, and double line spacing. In the majority of word processing programs, double-spacing is usually the default setting.

There are several reasons why writers utilize double spacing. Long passages of text may become easier to read, and it aids in maintaining the reader’s attention on the key ideas. Double spacing can also be used to divide lengthy passages into smaller, easier-to-read portions. Most essays, reports, articles, letters, and more, use this formatting style.

What is a Double-Spaced Essay?

A double-spaced essay is an essay where you separate the lines by one inch around the article with no extra space between the paragraphs. A double-spaced essay should be on a standard-sized (8.5”x 11”) paper with an inch margin around the document.

A double-spaced paper has 275 or 300 words per page, depending on the typeface. Here is a 2 paragraph double spaced essay example .

Double-Spaced Essay Format

It is essential to know how to format your document after writing. No matter the size of the paper, it is always possible to double space, but you should know how the program you have written your documents works. The most common programs students use are Word (Mac version) and Microsoft word.

For the Microsoft word

  • You need to highlight the text.
  • Open the page layout function at the top.
  • In the paragraph section, find a small black arrow on the lower left side
  • Click on the arrow to open a new window
  • Then open the “intervals and indents” function; if not opened.
  • Select the “line spacing,” which is on the double list section
  • Click “Ok” to effect and save the changes

For Word (Mac Version), the instructions are as follows:

  • Highlight all text or selected lines
  • Click the inspector on the upper right corner (blue button)
  • A new window will open
  • Find a section called “Text” (labeled with a big “T”)
  • Click on the interval section
  • Enter 2 for double spacing on the right side of the selection bar
  • Click “Ok” to save the changes

How to Set Double-Spacing on Your Computer

You can double-space all or part of a word document. Alternatively, some prefer to edit the document to spacing and format after writing, while others prefer keeping everything organized from the beginning, which means you write with double spacing from the start.

The following are double spacing steps on Word (Mac version) or MS Word Processor.

Documents on Mac Version

Use the following steps to double-space your document if you use the word mac version to process your pages.

  • To double-space a specific text, highlight the text.
  • Then click a blue button (inspector) on the right of your window.
  • Select the “T” or Text tab in the new window that pops up
  • Go to the section named spacing and write 2 into the box of the slide bar to the right.

On MS Word Processor

Follow the following space to double-space if you use a word document to write your essay.

1. Highlight the text you want to double space

2. Go to the paragraph section under the home tab, and on the bottom left corner, click the small arrow.

Step Two

3. There will pop up a new window with different settings, including; spacing, identification, and general .

Step Three

4. Click on the drop-down arrow on the line spacing

5. From the list, choose “double.”

6. Click on the box “ Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style .”

Step Six

7. Press OK to save and effect the changes.

All Microsoft word processing versions use more or less the same steps when double spacing.

If you want to use the double spacing from the beginning when writing, you can adjust the line spacing on your Microsoft word processor toolbar.

  • Go to the paragraph section on the home tab and find the line and paragraph spacing button.
  • Click on the button to find more options

Double spacing from the beginning

  • Select 2.0 for double spacing
  • Click OK to save the changes and double-space your document.

How to Write a Double-spaced Essay

You do not have to struggle when writing a double-spaced essay. The trick is to curate an interesting essay, just like you would for any other essay. Then, follow the right formatting style. By following the instructions below, you can ensure that your essay complies with the double-spacing standard and presents your thoughts concisely, readably, and expertly.

  • Read the essay prompt

When asked to write a double-spaced essay, you must always start by carefully reading the assignment prompt. It enables you to analyze the question, generate ideas for a healthy subject, and select the top subject for your essay. Furthermore, you learn your article’s spacing, font type, size, and word count. It is a crucial phase of essay writing.

  • Choose an essay topic

You must read the guidelines, then paraphrase the query in your own terms, do some research, assess the potential essay ideas, and select a good topic. Choose a good and narrow topic based on your field of study. Choose a subject where you can easily get resources and genuinely want to write a paper. Select a topic that is relevant to the study area if you are free to choose your own topic.

  • Use appropriate materials

In an essay, you must cite all of your sources. First, forgetting to cite evidences in an essay can be viewed as plagiarism, which is prohibited in learning institutions and employment. To achieve scholarly rigor, you must keep track of your reference list and in-citations. Facts from sources that have been rephrased, cited, or summarized make essay paragraphs stronger. It improves the paper’s logic, flow, and thesis statement support.

  • Present your facts well

You should have considered the scaffolding of your article when creating or composing an outline or framework. An essay scaffold arranges readings, arguments, and ideas. Put your essay in order. Writers should back up their claims.

Instead of putting up a theory you do not agree with, support your claim with empirical data. Only make snap judgments or conclusions with sufficient evidence. If so, provide proof to back up your claim. Focus on what fascinates them because your article must speak to the reader. Engage readers from the title through the bibliography.

  • Have a good essay outline and structure

In addition to choosing the sequence of your arguments, ensure your essay is appropriately organized. A thorough article with a clear framework captures the interest of the reader. The writing process is also made simpler because everything is properly located.

An essay that is well structured will allow you to focus more intently than one that is hastily written. Such an essay (with poor planning) will likely overlook a few things. However, your chances of captivating your audience enhance when you have an essay framework. Thus, a well-structured essay is easy to read.

Why not begin with the body sections instead of the introductory like everyone else does? Your body paragraphs can be produced without the introduction because you have a working thesis. The writing process can be finished by developing the initial thesis into a final thesis depending on the justifications in the body sections, and then writing a captivating introduction. Once you have written your introduction, you may finish your essay by constructing a compelling conclusion that will leave your audience wanting to read more about it.

  • Use simple vocabulary

Examining vocabulary is different from the purpose of essays. It is an opportunity to present evidence that backs up your viewpoints. To win your teacher over, use straightforward language. Simplicity is necessary for writing essays. Write clearly.

Make your instructor’s job easier by using clear language. They have no time to use a dictionary; and once they use one, you would annoy them and reduce their grades. Use simple language to communicate. The best writing is written in simple terms. Simple papers will do well when the proofs are given, organized, and flow smoothly.

  • Use short and long sentences

Your audience should be impressed by every assignment you write. An essay is more readable when it combines both short and large sentences. Simple, understandable, and concise sentences make it simpler to navigate.

Although it can be tempting to utilize complex sentences occasionally, they are run-on or unclear sentences and should be avoided. You should not be concerned about this when writing. However, cut long sentences with sparse yet intricate vocabulary when editing the document. Once more, it becomes straightforward.

Understanding how to employ short sentences effectively is the key to brevity, coherence, accuracy, composition, and clarity. So, practice frequently and employ this strategy to succeed in your essays. With such skill, you may persuade even the most difficult professor to give you the finest grades.

  • Balance your paragraphs

A perfect paragraph in an essay is equivalent to receiving an A+. Although majority of individuals struggle with it, it is not difficult.

Verify the coherence and cohesiveness of your topic sentences. When something is coherent, it has a good flow and a sense of unity. The transitions between your paragraphs should be smooth. A single order-related idea should be discussed in every paragraph.

Finally, the word count in each paragraph needs to be balanced. Remember that 80% of the word count comprises body paragraphs. Accordingly, the three body paragraphs should be spaced out to cover the same material if you are writing an essay of six paragraphs.

  • Edit and format your essay correctly.

It is challenging to write. You could feel worn out once you are done because it demands reading, research, and critical thinking. If you format and revise the paper quickly, you will make mistakes. Planning an essay is crucial to allow time for editing and polishing.

Take a break, and then spend some time reading, editing, and formatting your essay objectively. Concentrate on punctuation, grammatical, stylistic, and organizational errors. Ensure that the fonts and font type are appropriate, as well as the spacing. Our essay editing service is available if you find the process time-consuming and exhausting. Once everything is in order, ensure your paper is original, and submit it before the due date.

Double spacing vs. Other Types of Spacing for Essays

You can space your school assignment using three types of spacing: single, 1.5, and double spacing. You should know the spacing type required when writing your school dissertation, research paper, annotated bibliography, report, or essay.

  • Double Spaced Document or Paper

It is the most common type of spacing which involves selecting 2.0 spaces between paragraph lines without any other spaces between paragraphs. Most college assignments, theses, and dissertations are double-spaced.

  • 1.5 Spaced Document or Essay

A 1.5-spaced paper has sentences or lines in a paragraph spaced from each other using 1.5 mm space and has no spaces between paragraphs.

  • Single Spaced Document

Single spacing is typing that does not leave lines blank. A single-spaced document has a space of 1.0 between the lines in a paragraph, which creates little room for feedback, remarks, and comments. You should use single spacing only when the requirement says so.

However, whether your essay is on Mac or a word document, you can change the spacing of your paper to different spacing styles any time you need.

Pages vs. Spacing Chart

Below is a table that compares the number of pages and words to different spacing styles.

Pages vs. Spacing Chart

500 Word Example of a Double-Spaced Essay

There are many samples of double-spaced essays on the internet that will enable you to understand these essay types. Most of these samples have picture evidence, a format that helps your understanding. The double-spacing form is used mainly by book authors when sending a text to the publisher to allow enough spacing for error correction by the editors. The extra space allows the editor to make comments or remarks.

Also, students can use double spacing when writing their draft essays as it gives spaces for supervisors or teachers to comment and make remarks before a student can draft the final copy. For example, a student can use a double-spacing format for scientific text, which gives extra space to highlight any grammatical errors or minor flaws that need to be corrected.

Get a quality plagiarism free 500 words essay by using our AI powered essay generator .

Benefits of Double Spacing in Essays

The following are the advantages of using double spaces in your thesis.

  • Creates space for crucial notes

Sometimes you may want to include important notes when taking an exam or writing an essay, but the notes cannot fit in your document body without making it look unprofessional. But with a double-spaced essay, there is enough space at the end of each paragraph where you can write end notes or footnotes without disturbing the flow of the reading.

  • It makes your essay easy to read

A double-spaced essay means there are few words in a line. This makes it easy to read since you will not have to often move your eyes from one end of the page to the other. There are no line breaks in double-spaced lines to distract you from the flow of ideas, and it is easy to skim through the sentences.

  • Help emphasize important points

It may be challenging to notice when you have repeated a phrase or word using single spacing, making the content look repetitive. However, double spacing creates more spaces between repeated texts and phrases such that they stand out more prominently.

  • Reduces typos

Double-spaced punction marks such as commas and full stops are more visible than when single-spaced. It lets the reader know where a sentence starts or ends without rereading previous phrases or sentences. It is more crucial, especially if the reader is learning English, as they will see where there are commas and where sentences end, and also easy for proofreaders.

  • It makes your writing look professional

Most readers want a document that is convenient and easy to read within a short period. Your writing skills should look professional and impress the reader at first glance. You can achieve this by double spacing, as it makes the document easy to read and creates an impression of professionalism.

Explore an example of a double spaced essay about how to tame a Wild Tongue – summary and response.

Need Help with Double-Spaced Essay Writing?

Students often face time constraints in balancing academic and life activities. If you are in this category, you can seek assistance from Gudwriter, and you will have your double-spaced essay written within the shortest time possible. We have a team of seasoned writers experienced in different subjects to craft your essay.

Your work quality is our top priority, and that’s why we have professionals with the necessary education to handle our client’s questions. Whether it is an admission essay term papers, scientific projects, or any double-sapced essay, we will craft your essay from the beginning to the end. Simply reach out to our admission essay service and submit your essay requirements and expect a quality paper.

Our expert writer will handle your projects as you focus on other vital things. We customize your essay and make any edits required until you are satisfied. Our prices are reasonable, and we never compromise on the quality and deadlines of your work.

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How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay  

  • Post category: Nursing
  • Reading time: 15 mins read

How do you write a double-spaced essay? To write a double-spaced essay, first compose your essay in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Then, select your text and choose the ‘2.0’ option in the line spacing feature, which adds a full line of space after each line of text. This formatting makes your essay more readable and is often required in academic settings for clarity and ease of commenting.

This article will guide you through writing and formatting a double spaced essay, a skill essential for academic success.

What is a Double-Spaced Essay?

A double-spaced essay is a piece of writing composed on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) featuring one-inch margins. It is characterized by having double spaces between the lines within a paragraph while maintaining standard spacing between the paragraphs. 

A double-spaced essay typically contains about 275 to 300 words per page , depending on the font size and style. This spacing format is preferred because it allows tutors to easily read, correct, and understand the ideas presented in the essay.

The word count per page can also vary based on the page margins. For example, an essay on an A4-sized page might have fewer words than one on a standard page with one-inch margins, which generally holds around 275 words.

For shorter essays, which range from 250 to 1000 words, with 500 words being common in college, the length can vary based on the essay’s requirements, prompt, and topic.

Students are often advised to use a font size of 11 or 12, depending on the font type. Not adhering to the specified spacing and formatting guidelines can result in penalties, including grade reductions.

Significance of Double Spacing in Essays and Assignments

Double spacing is significant for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Readability: The additional space between lines prevents the text from appearing too dense, making it easier for readers to follow.
  • Room for Comments: Double spacing allows instructors to insert comments and feedback in academic settings.
  • Standardization: Many academic institutions and publications require double spacing to maintain a uniform appearance across all documents.
  • Error Detection and Editing Ease: The extra space makes it easier to spot and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, thereby improving the overall quality of the writing.
  • Professional Appearance: Double-spaced documents have a cleaner, more professional look, essential in academic and professional contexts where presentation is as important as content.

Double-Spacing vs. Other Styles of Spacing for Essays

Double-spacing is a common formatting style for essays, but it’s not the only option. Comparing it with other spacing styles can help understand their uses and benefits:

Double-Spacing: This style places a full blank line between each line of text. It’s preferred in academic settings for its readability and space for annotations. It’s ideal for longer essays where detailed feedback is expected. Here is an image showing what a double-spaced essay looks like:

double spaced essay

Single-Spacing: In this style, lines of text are directly below each other with no extra space in between. It’s more compact, allowing more words per page. Single-spacing is often used for business documents or in settings where space is limited. Here is an image showing what a single-spaced essay looks like:

single spaced essay

1.5 Spacing: This is a middle ground between single and double spacing. It makes text more readable than single spacing while saving space compared to double spacing. It’s suitable for shorter essays or documents where moderate readability is required. Here is an image showing what a 1.5-spaced essay looks like:

1.5 spaced essay

How to Set Double-Spacing on Your Computer

Setting double-spacing on your computer is a key skill for creating well-formatted documents, particularly for academic or professional writing. Below are simple steps to achieve double spacing in popular word processing programs like Microsoft Word and Pages on a Mac. By following these instructions, you can ensure your documents meet the necessary formatting standards for clarity and readability.

Pages on a Mac

To set double-spacing in your document using the Pages word processor on a Mac, follow these steps:

  • Start by highlighting the text in your document if you have already written something.
  • Click on the ‘Inspector’ button, identifiable by its blue icon located at the top right corner of your window.
  • A new window will open; here, select the ‘Text’ tab, represented by a large “T”.
  • In this tab, locate the ‘Spacing’ section and enter ‘2’ in the box next to the slider, setting your document to double-spaced formatting.

On Microsoft Word Processor

To double-space your assignment in a Word document, simply follow these steps:

  • If you’ve already typed some text in your Word document, begin by selecting (highlighting) it. If your document is still blank, you can skip this step. 

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay  

  • Next, click on the ‘Page Layout’ tab. 

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay  

  • In the ‘Paragraph’ section, you’ll notice a small arrow in the bottom left corner; click on this arrow to open a new window. 

How to Write a Double Spaced Essay  

  • The ‘Indents and Spacing’ tab will be open by default. Locate the ‘Line spacing’ dropdown menu and choose ‘Double’. 
  • Finally, click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay in 9 Simple Steps

Writing a double-spaced essay involves several key steps to ensure clarity, coherence, and proper formatting. Here are nine simple steps to guide you through the process:

Read the Essay Prompt

Understanding the essay prompt requires an in-depth examination of the prompt to grasp its key themes, questions, or requirements. Identifying these elements is essential as they form the backbone of your essay. Themes guide the direction of your research and writing, helping you stay focused and relevant.

The specific questions in the prompt dictate the areas you need to cover, ensuring that your essay is comprehensive and addresses all necessary points. Additionally, understanding any specified requirements, such as word count or formatting, is vital to ensure your essay meets the expected standards. 

Select a Good Essay Topic

The key is to balance a topic that captivates your interest and one that aligns closely with the prompt’s requirements. It’s important to choose a subject you know or have a strong interest in, as this will reflect the depth and quality of your writing. At the same time, the topic should be sufficiently narrow or specific, allowing you to explore it in detail within the confines of your essay’s length.

This specificity ensures that you can delve deeply into the topic without exceeding word limits or skimming over important details. The right topic keeps you motivated throughout the writing process and ensures that your essay is focused, detailed, and relevant to the prompt.

Use Appropriate Evidence

Using appropriate evidence is a cornerstone of writing a strong, persuasive essay. It involves conducting thorough research to gather information from credible and authoritative sources. These sources can range from academic journals, which provide peer-reviewed and expert insights, to books authored by respected figures in the field and reputable websites known for their factual accuracy.

The key is to ensure that these sources are relevant to your essay’s topic and current, reflecting the latest research and developments. The evidence you select should directly support your thesis or main argument, providing solid backing for your claims. 

Present Your Facts Well

Presenting facts effectively in your essay involves structuring it to ensure a logical flow from one point to the next. Each paragraph should center around a clear main idea substantiated by the evidence you’ve gathered. Using transitional phrases to weave these paragraphs together is essential to maintaining coherence throughout your essay.

This approach strengthens the clarity of your argument and enhances the overall readability, guiding your reader through a well-reasoned, cohesive narrative.

Have a Good Essay Structure

A well-structured essay is pivotal for effective communication of your ideas. It typically comprises an introduction that introduces the thesis and outlines the main points, a body where these points are developed and supported with evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes the main arguments and restates the thesis, providing a cohesive end to your narrative.

This clear structure not only guides the reader through your argument but also reinforces the cohesiveness and persuasiveness of your essay.

Use Simple Vocabulary

Using simple vocabulary is crucial in essay writing. While demonstrating knowledge is important, avoiding overly complex or technical language that might confuse the reader is essential. The goal is to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively. Opt for straightforward and accessible language, ensuring that your points are conveyed with clarity and precision.

This approach makes your essay more readable and ensures that your arguments are understood by a wider audience, regardless of their expertise in the subject matter.

Use Short and Long Sentences

Incorporating a mix of short and long sentences is an effective way to enhance the readability and impact of your essay. Short sentences are useful for making clear, impactful statements, while longer sentences allow for more detailed explanations and drawing connections between ideas.

This variety in sentence length adds rhythm and dynamism to your writing and helps maintain the reader’s interest, ensuring that complex ideas are conveyed with clarity and effectiveness.

Balance Your Paragraphs

Balancing your paragraphs is key to creating a well-structured and engaging essay. Aim for each paragraph to be of a length that allows a complete and coherent idea or argument to be fully developed without becoming overly lengthy or cumbersome. This balance ensures that each point is given adequate attention and explanation, enhancing the clarity and flow of your essay while also keeping it digestible and easy to follow for the reader.

Edit and Format Correctly

After completing your draft, revise and edit your essay for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Pay attention to the overall flow and clarity of your essay. Ensure that it is double-spaced per the required formatting standards, and check for any other specific formatting requirements, such as font size, margins, and citation style.

Should my College Essays be Double Spaced?

Yes, your college essays should generally be double-spaced. This formatting standard is widely adopted in academic writing because it enhances readability and allows instructors to make comments and suggestions. However, always check the specific guidelines your instructor or institution provides, as requirements can vary.

Conclusion on Writing a Double-Spaced Paper Format

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge of what a double-spaced essay entails, the steps to set double spacing on your computer, and strategies to enhance the quality of your double-spaced writing, thereby improving your chances of securing a better grade. These principles hold true regardless of the formatting style – be it MLA, Harvard, APA, or Chicago.  Following these guidelines, you can produce a well-crafted, double-spaced essay that effectively communicates your ideas and meets the required academic criteria.

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MS Word Tips: How to Use Double Spacing

MS Word Tips: How to Use Double Spacing

3-minute read

  • 7th November 2023

Double spacing in Microsoft Word is a formatting technique that can enhance the readability and presentation of your documents. Whether you’re a student working on an essay, a professional drafting a report, or a writer formatting a manuscript, understanding how to use double spacing effectively is essential.

In this blog post, we’ll break down what double spacing is, and how to apply it to your text. We’ll also share some handy keyboard shortcuts to help make the process even more efficient.

What Is Double Spacing?

Double spacing refers to the practice of inserting a blank line between each line of text in a document, effectively making it appear as though there’s an empty line between each line of text. This spacing style is particularly useful for a variety of document types and scenarios.

When Is Double Spacing Commonly Used?

Most academic institutions require essays, research papers, and dissertations to be double-spaced. This format makes it easier for professors to provide feedback and annotations. Additionally, many style guides (such as MLA ) use double spacing.

If you’re a writer or author, you’ll often find publishers and literary agents prefer double-spaced manuscripts. This format allows for easier editing and readability. Business documents, such as reports and proposals, and legal documents often benefit from double spacing as well.

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How to Apply Double Spacing in Microsoft Word

Let’s go through the steps to apply double spacing to your text in Microsoft Word.

Method 1: Using the Ribbon

  • Open your Microsoft Word document.
  • Highlight the text you want to double space or press Ctrl + A to select the entire document.
  • Go to the Home tab on the Ribbon.
  • In the Paragraph group, locate the Line Spacing option. It usually looks like three lines with an arrow next to it.
  • Click on the arrow to open the Line Spacing menu.
  • Select 2.0 from the menu, which represents double spacing. Alternatively, you can click on the arrow at the bottom right-hand corner of the Paragraph group and select 2.0 under Line Spacing .

Method 2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 2 to quickly apply double spacing.

Mastering the art of double spacing in Microsoft Word is a valuable skill for anyone who deals with Word documents regularly. Whether you’re a student, writer, or professional, knowing when and how to use double spacing can greatly improve the readability and presentation of your work.

And once you’ve finished writing your document, be sure to send it to one of our expert editors! We’ll ensure your grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, referencing, and more are perfect. You can try out our proofreading service for free today.

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2 page double spaced essay

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Double-Spacing Demystified: The Research Paper Format

Double-spacing research papers has been an academic standard for centuries, but with the advent of computers and digital writing tools, this practice is being called into question. This article examines the long history of double spacing as a format in scholarly works and delves into the current debate over its merits or detriments to students’ understanding and progress. It then explores potential solutions to address any concerns related to writing styles when it comes to submitting assignments that require certain formatting conventions such as double-spacing research papers. Finally, readers will gain insight on how best practices can be adopted while considering different perspectives from faculty members about proper presentation within their coursework.

I. Introduction

A. definition of double-spacing, b. history of the research paper format, ii. benefits and drawbacks of double-spacing, a. improving readability in longer papers, b. potential layout issues with printed copies, iii. guidelines for properly formatted texts a) spacing between paragraphs b) indentation settings c) font size specifications d) page numbering conventions iv . considerations for non-traditional formats a). bullet point lists b). charts, graphs, and tables v . conclusion vi . references vii . appendix.

It is an undeniable fact that the quality of a research paper can make or break its success. To ensure that your work stands out among others, it is important to pay attention to all aspects of writing and presentation – from styling to spacing. This article seeks to answer the question: are research papers double spaced?

  • The short answer is yes.
  • While many modern-day formats allow for single spacing in some places, such as within tables or figures, text throughout should always be double-spaced.

Double-spacing allows readers more room between lines; thus making it easier on their eyes when reading through long passages of text. It also provides room for comments or feedback alongside your work when you submit it for review (whether this be done electronically with track changes turned on). Furthermore, having two spaces ensures better readability by emphasizing key words and phrases within sentences due to greater visual contrast between them and surrounding information. All these factors are essential in ensuring clarity throughout academic documents.

Double-spacing refers to the amount of white space a writer leaves between lines of text in an article, essay, or paper. It’s most often used when writing papers for school and professional documents. The standard double spacing convention calls for inserting two spaces after punctuation marks such as periods and commas, question marks, exclamation points, and quotation marks.

  • Typically each line should be left blank at least twice the length of the font size being used.

For example , if one is using 12pt Times New Roman font then there should be 24 points (2 x 12) left blank between every line. This allows ample room for editing later on while also providing readers with enough breathing room to easily read through all sections without becoming overwhelmed by too much information on one page.

Additionally some classes require specific styles such as APA style that dictate whether research papers must be double spaced or not. Although this varies from class to class; it is generally safe practice to format any paper according to whichever guidelines are provided by your professor/instructor regardless if you are instructed specifically about single vs double spacing or not..

The concept of the research paper has been in existence for centuries. The earliest known work, a brief written by Leonard of Pisa, can be traced back to 13th-century Italy. Since then, the format and style of writing have developed over time as technology and literacy rates have evolved.

In modern times, it is common practice that research papers should be double spaced . This allows readers to more easily identify key points within each paragraph without having to strain their eyesight or search through lines of text too close together. Additionally, margins are usually set at 1 inch all around so that ample room is provided for comments from instructors while grading student papers. Finally most often research papers include titles or subtitles which act as organizational tools within a document.

The use of double-spacing between lines in academic and business documents has both benefits and drawbacks. The most common example of this is the standard for student essays, which are often written with a double line space.

  • Double-spacing makes text easier to read; it increases the physical space between words, providing enough separation so readers can easily distinguish one word from another. This may be especially important when reviewing dense texts or long reports.
  • It also allows plenty of room for writing corrections by hand, such as adding extra information or making changes that would otherwise need to be made on a separate page.

In some cases , the extended amount of white space used by double – spacing can make documents look too long and cause them to take up more pages than necessary . When creating materials intended solely for digital delivery , having shorter sections reduces scrolling time , improving usability .

Double – spaced papers also reduce formatting options available for text because there is less flexibility with regard to font sizes , typefaces , margins etc. For instance, research papers should always be single spaced due to their complexity; they require tighter line spacing so all relevant information fits together properly without taking up too much real estate on each page . .

When writing longer papers, readability should be a primary concern. There are several steps that authors can take to ensure readers don’t become overwhelmed with the material.

  • For starters, incorporate white space into your paper by adding extra line breaks between sections or using bulleted and numbered lists where appropriate.
  • As well, use shorter sentences throughout instead of overly long and complex ones.

Clarity Is Key Printing a document can often bring out formatting problems that weren’t evident before. Careful examination of all elements such as font size and style, spacing between words and paragraphs, indentation for bullet points or lists, table cell widths etc., is necessary to ensure clarity on the printed page. Alignment issues are also common when printing documents; alignment should be examined carefully in order to maintain an even appearance.

When it comes to research papers especially, there are some layout considerations that may need extra attention. Are research papers double spaced? Should block quotes follow different rules than other text within the paper? And what type of margins will look best while ensuring no information is cut off from the edges? Ensuring accuracy with these details helps your readers comprehend their contents more easily – making them look professional yet easy-to-read.

Text formatting is an important component of many academic papers, particularly those written in the humanities. Spacing between paragraphs and indentation settings are a key part of this style, as it allows readers to easily differentiate one idea from another. Font size specifications should also be followed carefully, so that ideas can be read clearly without straining the eyes. Additionally, page numbering conventions must also be used appropriately for referencing and citation purposes.

When exploring non-traditional formats such as bullet point lists or charts/graphs/tables, there are certain considerations which should come into play when formatting them correctly. For example; bullets should all contain similar information on each line where applicable (i.e., two different fonts should not both exist within a single list item). Graphs and tables may need additional explanatory text below them if complex calculations have been performed in order to reach their data points – this helps explain how your findings were reached to any reader unfamiliar with mathematics or statistics terms & concepts. Are research papers double spaced? Generally speaking yes: most research paper guidelines stipulate that documents are double spaced by default for ease of reading while still allowing sufficient space for annotations and corrections from instructors etc..

English: With the understanding of how to format a research paper, including double-spacing requirements, students are now well equipped with an essential tool for academic success. Educators should continue to encourage student literacy in best practices when formatting and citing research materials as part of their ongoing educational endeavors. By instilling these standards early on in the educational process, not only will this aid students’ performance but it can also help create lifelong habits that lead to greater scholarly outcomes.

How Many Words are in Two Pages Double Spaced

How Many Words are in Two Pages Double Spaced

When faced with an essay or assignment, one of the common questions that arise is how many words should be written in order to fill the required number of pages. Particularly, if the assignment specifies the use of double spacing. This article aims to discuss how many words are typically found in two pages when double spaced , and the factors that can influence this word count.

To begin with, it is important to understand what exactly double spacing means. Double spacing refers to the practice of leaving a blank line between each line of text. It allows for better readability, as it creates more space for the eyes to scan through the words. Most academic institutions and publishing guidelines require double spacing for essays and papers. This guideline ensures that readers have ample space to make notes or comments on the text.

Now, let’s get back to the main question: how many words are typically found in two double-spaced pages? Well, the answer is not fixed and can vary depending on various factors. One of the primary determinants is the font size and style used in the document . Different fonts have different sizes, and some may occupy more space than others. For instance, if you use a font size of 12 and Times New Roman, you can typically fit more words on a page than if you were to use a font size of 14 and Arial.

Another consideration is the margin size. Generally, academic institutions recommend using one-inch margins on all sides. However, some professors or publishers may stipulate different margin sizes. Increasing or decreasing the margin size can significantly impact the number of words that fit on a page.

Moreover, the word count can also be influenced by the spacing used after punctuation marks. In a typical essay, it is common to leave only one space after a period or a comma. However, older typewriter conventions like using two spaces after a period can consume more space and affect the overall word count.

Using these considerations as a baseline, let’s present an estimation of how many words can typically be found in two double-spaced pages. Assuming a font size of 12, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins on all sides, and one space after punctuation marks, around 500-600 words should fit on two pages. However, it is important to remember that this estimation is not set in stone. Factors like the length of words used, the type of content, and personal writing style can influence the final word count.

Therefore, when facing an assignment requiring a certain number of pages, it is advisable to focus on the content rather than obsessing over the exact number of words needed. By ensuring that your essay or paper is well-researched, organized, and effectively communicates your ideas, you can satisfy the requirements of your assignment without worrying too much about the exact word count.

In conclusion, the number of words that fit onto two double-spaced pages can vary depending on multiple factors. While a rough estimation of 500-600 words can typically be used, factors such as font size, margin size, and spacing after punctuation marks can influence the final word count. Rather than obsessing over the word count, students and writers are encouraged to focus on producing high-quality, well-structured work that effectively communicates their ideas.

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How Many Words Is 2 Pages?

2 pages is 1000 words single-spaced or 500 words double-spaced . Documents that typically are 2 pages are high school and college essays, short blog posts, and news articles. A typical single-spaced page is 500 words long. It will take approximately 3 minutes to read 2 pages .

A 1,000 word count will create about 2 pages with single spacing or 4 pages double-spaced when using normal 1-inch margins, 12 pt. Arial font, and a standard A4 (letter size) page size.

However, the number of pages will vary depending on your margins, font family, font size, whether you use multiple spaces after a period , and your paragraph spacing settings. For example, 1 page single spaced created using Arial font will generate only 0.9 pages with Calibri or Times New Roman font.

Table of Contents

How many words is 2 pages single-spaced.

2 pages single-spaced is 1000 words. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

How Many Words Is a 2 Page Essay or Paper?

A 2 pages essay will be 1000 words single-spaced or 500 words double-spaced. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

How Many Words Is 2 Pages Double-Spaced?

2 pages double-spaced is 500 words. Teachers may ask you to write an essay using double spacing so that it's easier to read and easier to add comments/feedback to. A standard double-spaced page contains 250 words.

How Many Words Is 2 Pages Handwritten?

2 pages handwritten and single-spaced produces 500 words. Handwriting is about twice as large as words typed in 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font which makes single-spaced handwritten pages equivalent to double-spaced pages.

How Many Paragraphs Is 2 Pages?

2 words is about 5-10 paragraphs for essays or 10-20 for easier reading (to allow skimming). A paragraph length typically has 100-200 words and 5-6 sentences.

How Many Sentences Is 2 Pages?

2 pages is about 50-67 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

Which Font Produces More Pages?

Of the standard fonts used in essays and other documents, Verdana will create the most pages. On average, Verdana will create 1.1 pages for every 1 page written using Arial and 0.9 pages for every page written with Times New Roman or Calibri in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These are just estimates . If you're looking to write the fewest number of words for your school assignment to meet a page count, we recommend using Verdana (if allowed) or Arial. A good rule of thumb is to use Arial font unless your teacher provides different guidelines for font or spacing.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 2 Page Essay?

On average it will take approximately 25 minutes for the average writer typing on a keyboard at a typing speed of 40 words per minute.

How to Write a 2 Page Essay

Writing a 2 pages essay, along with writing a five-paragraph essay , is one of the common assignments assigned to middle and high school students. Writing a 2 pages essay is no easy feat and requires careful planning in order to concisely convey your argument. You should focus on the following three areas:

The Introduction

The introduction of your essay should start with broad sentences, revealing the central idea of your essay, not the details and individual arguments.

Your primary focus should be describing, arguing, and explaining the points you listed in your introductory paragraph . Each paragraph should be less than 100 words.

The Conclusion

In the final or concluding paragraph, you need to summarize the key points of your essay and restate your main claim.

  • How to Write a Descriptive Essay
  • How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How Many Words per Page?

To quickly find out how many pages various word counts make, see the table below. You’ll be able to understand quickly how many words you need to write for your essays, blog articles, or memos with page limits:

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How Many Words per Page?

When you are given a writing assignment in college, either a certain number of pages or a particular word count is required. If the assignment is to write a six-page paper on a topic related to the American Revolution, you may wonder how many words are in six pages. The fact is there is no perfect answer to this question.

How many words per page generally depends on what word processor settings you

How many words there are on a page depends on the font type, font size, spacing, margins and paragraph length. Depending on the assignment, the Professor may require students to divide their papers into sections, with headings and subheadings. That can also affect the number of words per page.

General Requirements

For college essays and papers, the typical font types are Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana. The standard font size requirement is 12pt, and the margin requirements are one-inch on all sides. Also, in college, papers must usually be double-spaced, though single-spacing can also be required by some Professors.

There are general guidelines, on how many pages it takes to reach a word count. For example, a 2000-word essay is approximately four pages when single spaced and eight pages when double spaced. A 60,000 word dissertation written by a Ph.D. candidate is about 120 pages single spaced and 200 pages double spaced.

Calculating Words per Page

Let’s say a student must write a short essay with 1000 words. The assignment calls for Times New Roman 12pt font, one-inch margins, and double spacing. So, how many pages is 1000 words going to take up? The answer is about four pages. If the student uses the Arial typeface instead, the total number of pages will be about 3.7. And when using Verdana, the number of pages will be approximately 4.4.

What about an essay that must be 1500 words? Using our Word Counter , the average number of pages for 1500 words is three pages when single-spaced and six pages when double-spaced. Now, let’s say the spacing must be 1.5 per the assignment instructions. If a student uses the Times New Roman font type, and the font size requirement is 12pt, then the number of pages to reach 1500 words is approximately 4.8, which rounds up to about five pages.

How Many Words are in a Speech?

Another typical college assignment entails giving a speech in front of your peers. For example, your Chemistry professor may require you to give a 5-minute speech on an element from the Periodic Table. In preparing the speech, you will need to know how many words are in a 5-minute speech . Again, there is no definitive answer because pacing (how many words you speak per minute) and pausing (breaking between sentences/paragraphs) will affect the total time it takes. Daphne Gray-Grant over at Visual Thesaurus writes: “The average person speaks at somewhere between 125 and 150 words per minute.”

For a five-minute speech done by a person speaking 150 words per minute, the approximate word count is around 750. However, as a general rule of thumb for giving speaches you should use around 100–200 words per minute. This is because for public speaking it is better to speak slowly so your audience understands what you are saying. Hence, a five-minute speech using this general rule will have somewhere in the range of 500–1000 words.

Word Counts for Publishing

For those people that are out of college and writing professionally (i.e. publishing their work), another factor when considering how many words there are per page is how the final work is to be printed. In addition to the layout, the font type and size used for published works is often quite different from college papers. For published books, mainly paperback novels, fonts such as Garamond and Calibri are often used. However, there is not hard and fast rule, as a different font can be utilized depending on the subject, genre, or any number of other factors. The size of the font often used in paperback novels commonly ranges from 10pt to 14pt.

Other factors that will affect the number of words per page in a published book include:

  • Whether the book has pictures, charts, graphs, etc. The formatting for a book containing such elements means the word count will differ from a book that has only words.
  • The spacing of the text and between paragraphs. In most paperback and hardcover novels, the text in the final printed book is single-spaced. Also, a lot of publishers like to put extra spaces between sections of the book to separate point-of-views and settings.
  • The physical dimensions of the book. The typical dimensions for a novel are either 5x8 inches or 6x9 inches. It all depends on how the publisher prints the final work and whether it is a hardcover or paperback.
  • The Reading Level of the book. For example, children’s books are going to have fewer words per page than a book meant for adult readers.

Common Novel: Word Counts per Page

How many words per page are there in a typical novel? For manuscripts, the answer is about 250–300 words per page if it is double-spaced. A manuscript for a novel is typically 500 words per page if single-spaced. When the final work is printed for sale and published, the number of words per page will differ.

So, how many pages is 500 words? For a manuscript, the answer is two pages if the word count per page is 250 and it is double spaced. If single-spaced, it is one page. It all depends on the font type, font size, spacing, and formatting of the text. If a novel has a total of 80,000 words with 300 words per page, the number of manuscript pages is 267.

It is interesting, as well as necessary at times, to look at the number of words per page. If you are a college student writing a paper, knowing how many words per page there are in your essay helps you track your progress to the required word count for the assignment. If you are an author working on your next bestseller, you should know that a typical manuscript with double-spaced text has about 250 words per page. Overall, there are multiple answers to the question regarding the number of words per page, as it all depends on font type, font size, and formatting.

How to Write Essay Titles and Headers

Don’t overlook the title and section headers when putting together your next writing assignment. Follow these pointers for keeping your writing organized and effective.

101 Standout Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Need a topic for your upcoming argumentative essay? We've got 100 helpful prompts to help you get kickstarted on your next writing assignment.

Writing a Standout College Admissions Essay

Your personal statement is arguably the most important part of your college application. Follow these guidelines for an exceptional admissions essay.

#386 Double spacing your essay so it takes up way more pages

You just doubled the size of your essay in about three seconds.

You get an A for

69 thoughts to “#386 Double spacing your essay so it takes up way more pages”

See, my teachers require all essays to be double space, so we just increase the size of the punctuation marks by 2pt. It takes up more space than you would think ;D

Ditto to all of the above! It really does expand your paper a lot more than you’d imagine it would.

I just found out that I got an “A” on my first college paper.

6 pages double spaced FTW!

Yay for you! :D

Congrats!! That’s awesome :)

I simoply hate double spacing, it increases the page count and therefore more pages to read.. you know its all psychological :p

More pages yes, but quicker to read – yes!

ah, but this all depends on point of view! More pages to read, but much less time needed to write those pages!

And yeah, all my teachers (except a couple, or for a couple assignments and most of those it’s just a matter of not saying which one they prefer) say double space so that they can mark in the lines or make it easier to read or something. However, now printing double sided makes it waste the same amount of paper, so you’re not killing trees!

Except making it double-sided doesn’t make it waste the same amount of paper, because you could have just as easily made the non-double spaced paper double-sided and saved even more paper. -1 for environmentally unfriendly inefficiency.

I JUST did this! I submitted my paper at midnight and came to this site…and it was AWESOME.

This is possibly one of the best feelings a college student can experience. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Most of my professors would tell you the spacing they wanted (along with font, margins, etc) so you couldn’t cheat that way. :(

Block quoting FTW though.

Yes! Gotta love those.

Dostoevsky used a great deal of dramatic irony throughout Crime & Punishment, as can be well illustrated on pages 4 through 245:

“[block quotes 2/3rds of the book]”

In conclusion, Raskolnikov’s spiritual rehabilitation mirrors the potentional for the moral redemption of humanity.

*picks up phone*

“Yo dudes.. I finished my essay.. Keg stand at my place in 10 minutes!”

Ahah! Something like that, yeah. :D

Exactly what I wrote back at school!!!)))))

My profs require double spacing, and I always do that absolutely last because although allegedly it’s “easier to read” I literally cannot read anything in fucking double space. It’s like “Where the fuck did the rest of the sentence go? and why is my single paragraph suddenly taking up an entire page? Seriously, line breaks in double space are fucking evil. Trying to do a bibliography for APA is impossible. I can never tell where one line ends and the next begins.

I would always write as much as my paper as possible and then double space it because I felt like I had just failed but then double space and I was done and felt AWESOME!

Haha! My old roomie did this, too! She was like, “No no, seriously, it’s the best to write it all single spaced and then highlight and make it double space … it seems like you wrote so much more in an instant!” She did it every single time she wrote a paper.

I am writing a college paper right now. This puts a smile on my face! I can’t wait until the moment i finish this (probably at 6 am) and double-space it at the very end :)

Be careful your professor might get angry….

Now it’s standard! Awesome!

I can increase mine by tenths of a line and it’s awesome! Its not easy to tell that it’s 2.1 lines, but it can extend the essay by those few extra lines to fill up a page. And on single spaced required essays it’s just as awesome. :)

Writing an essay write now, and if only I was allowed to do it, it would save me so much time! But I have to count my words and 1.5 spacing (close to 2 though)

I totally did this last night/this morning! I had a big philosophy due and ran out of ideas about 2 pages from the minimum assigned. So I just hit the ol’ double space, increased the font size and mission accomplished

All my papers were required to be double spaced (thanks, APA format …), but students are sneaky. I learned lots of underhanded ways to make a paper appear longer. 2.2 spacing, increasing the size of the punctuation, changing the font, making the font 13 instead of 12, increasing the margin size ever-so-slightly, etc.

Wow, that makes me sound really lazy. Ha! I didn’t usually have a problem meeting the minimum requirements, but when I did, I’d reach into the bag o’ tricks for one of those magical, paper-extending wonders.

Hmmm.. one has to wonder, Laura.. if you spent as much time writing your essay as you spent figuring out all of these tricks… ;)

I’m just saying!

(btw: for those of you who’ve managed increasing the size of the punctuation, is there an easy way to do this in Word? I can’t imagine you did this manually).

Yes! Find/replace.

I really am a super paper writer, for the most part. The problem was never that I couldn’t write enough, more like I’d wait until way too late to start. I never got less than an A on a paper, though … But thanks for the advice, Dad. ;)

Don’t get smart with me.

I know that when I was your age, we didn’t have this fancy stuff like find/replace.. we just had typewriters and white out, and we were happy!

I’m just saying that a little hard work never hurt anybody.

And that lawn isn’t going to mow itself, you know! And do it right, or don’t do it at all.

Now I don’t want to hear a peep out of you, so I can get 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

Signed, Dad

Yes sir … I’ll go to my room now.

P.S. You’re both invited to a Yard Party.

I’ll be there! ;D

Good idea, but doesn’t work for online classes! I suppose if you save it as a PDF, but instructors like to leave notes on the work so it should stay in Word format- and then voila- busted!

Some of my teachers would give us an option to type or hand write our papers (but they had to be neat). A lot of kids would hand write the papers and write huge. I’m talking like 3 words a line. It took a while for the teachers to give a minimum of so many words instead of pages.

Well, I’m a graphic design major and most, if not all of my lectures can spot the differences.

I wish. Am in college atm, all our assignment guidelines state that only 1.5 spacing is appropriate, you actually lose marks (10%) for wrong spacing and paragraphing. Dammit!

…or when your professor doesn’t specify what font you need to use and you can use courier new. makes your paper waaaaaaay longer!

When my professor didn’t specify font, I’d usually go with wingdings..

That might explain why I didn’t do very well on my papers..

Who can actually read wingdings.

Hahaha, that is awesome.

One of my lecturers said, “Please double space! You’ll feel you’ve written more, and I will have less to read. Win-win!”;)

My sentiments exactly…..

Wonderful! But, might I caution those of you reading that every professor can tell when you change the margins and make a triple space an essay. One inch margins in 12 point font. Seriously!

I wait until the very end of my paper to double space. It gives me a false sense of accomplishment… and I’m okay with that.

Nice post,thank you

just did that. :) awesome!

I very much dislike double spacing. To me, it feels like cheating… Teachers always ask for size 12 font and double spacing, but sometimes I like to try and get away with size 10 font and .5 spacing… (hee hee)

I agree, because it wastes a lot of paper. But I have too, or else my teacher will take like 10 points off the paper.

I always try to delay this moment as long as possible, so that it gets even more awesome :D

the sad thing is we don’t have that in OZ :( sigh

Oh this is SO TRUE :P I have no idea how many times I’ve done this, LOL.

http://presumablythebest.wordpress.com (:

oh gosh justtttt did that haha. finished writing my paper.. clicked the little double space icon on the tool box and BAM haha it looks like i’m oh so productive and verbose. and now i’m here seeing this… makes me incredibly happy. you’re always spot on with these and being able to make me smile. thank you!

sadly, this definitely does not work in university (mine anyway)… but definitely awesome while it lasts, nonetheless! <3

I clearly remember in grade 8 handing in a half page in science class. The teacher asked to expand my answer to make it a full page. I enlarged the font and increased the spacing and voila! I got full marks without adding another word! Awesome!

I usually would change the font from 12 to 12.5 you barely can tell. Also, when I was doing my research project, the book we had to base on had different types of fonts we could use. My whole class figured out that Courier New was the one that took most space, and you could tell everyone was actually using that one.

LOL guilty. Sorry professors… haha

AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Gotta disagree with you on this one…

I teach Philosophy, so I’m more concerned with quality than quantity.

I HATE when students use up paper for no reason. “WHY ARE YOU KILLING TREES??? The content needs work. You just spread madness and nonsense over three pages instead of two.”

I suggested this for the contest and didn’t win. But still, awesome!

Actually, proper formatting techniques, like those that should be used on any paper for a class, require that the entire document should be double spaced.

For law school, page limits morphed into word limits. BUT, I always write my briefs single spaced until the very end–when I switch it all to double spaced. That last step means my paper is complete. Awesome :)

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Well in my day, I earned a few A+’s, AND it took a whole lot of skill to pull this off on the little lap-top chalk-boards we had in school;)

  • Pingback: 1000 Awesome Things.......... | infoplanetarium.com

I love doing that it makes my homework look a lot bigger

Done this once or twice, or three times…or 10,000….

I just finished my final for my summer class. It was 16 pages single spaced. It’s an online class and she comments on the paper through word. I can’t use any fancy tricks. :-(

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What is the statement of purpose.

  • First Step: Brainstorming Questions to Answer

Second Step: Outlining Your SoP

A: what will you bring to the jet program, b: how flexible are you, c: what are your future plans after jet.

  • D: How will you contribute as a JET to the community?
  • Balancing Your SoP
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2 page double spaced essay

As stated by the Official JET Program USA: Statement of Purpose (2-pages, double-spaced essay) , don’t forget it! “ Describe your motivation and qualifications for participating on the JET Program. “ This is not word-for-word on the official application; however, this is “the prompt” for every aspiring JET. It’s a bit vague, which can be overwhelming, but there is no wrong way to answer. Well, there is if you go off topic and lose focus on the core of the JET Program. And, the JET Programme’s aim: “Aiming primarily to promote grass-roots internationalisation at the local level.” Consider what “grass-roots internationalization” means in context to you working/participating in local communities in Japan. Imagine yourself in Japan with the local community you could be working in and contributing to, then apply this to your paper. Your SOP should describe the following according to JET Program USA FAQs :

  • Why do you wish to go to Japan and participate in the JET Program and why you are interested in the position for which you are applying (ALT or CIR).
  • What effect do you hope to have on the Japanese community and internationally as a result of your participation in the JET Program?
  • What applicable experiences, professional skills, relevant interests, and personal qualities do you have, and how do you feel these will be useful to you as an ALT or CIR?
  • What do you hope to gain, both personally and professionally, from your JET experience if you are selected, and how participation will assist you in your future goals?

How long is the JET Programme Statement of Purpose?

According to JET Program USA FAQs – “No. It must be no more than two pages long. You will need to copy and paste your essay into a text field in the online application portal to generate a standardized format. If your essay is more than two pages when pasted into the field, any additional pages beyond the second will not be reviewed.  It is your responsibility review your essay and make sure that it fits within the required field.” From my experience, it’s not more 2 pages double spaced, 12 Times New Roman font in Microsoft Word.

2 page double spaced essay

First Step: Brainstorming Questions

First, let’s translate the prompt into something easier to understand. These are a few ways to understand the prompt better before you begin writing. Major Questions to Think About:

  • Describe in one sentence your passion for the program. For example: “I want to become a JET to improve international relations with Japan.”
  • Show off your unique talents or skill. For example: “I will utilize my five years of tutoring experience to help children understand and enjoy English.”
  • What makes you stand out against the other applicants? For example: “My family has multiple heritages which I would love to share with the community.”
  • What are some ways you can benefit JET? For example: ” Since I studied abroad in the UK for one year, I can bring those cross-cultural experiences to share with my students and improve the international relations among multiple countries.”
  • What can you take away from this experience for your next career? For example: ” I believe on JET that I can learn how to become a proper teacher and take this experience to graduate school for early childhood education.”
  • How will it impact your future? For example: ” I plan to attend university after completing JET and achieve higher education in foreign policy.”

You can answer these questions any way you want, but I introduce them first because it gets you into thinking about “yourself” and “your relationship” with the program. It’s important to remember that JET isn’t about money, but it’s about your aim to “ promote grassroots internationalization .” The JET Programme is about making a difference and not about making a paycheck. Below is pulled directly from the JET Program USA Application FAQs Section : The Statement of Purpose should describe all of the following:

  • Why you wish to go to Japan and participate i n the JET Program and why you are interested in the position for which you are applying (ALT or CIR).”
  • What effect do you hope to have on the Japanese community and internationally as a result of your participation in the JET Program.”
  • The essay is a place to showcase your ability to follow instructions in the prompt, express yourself and your motivation for applying, and use of English grammar and spelling.

This information is the same as I provided above with my examples. You should have a clear idea of what you’ll be writing about when you start your SoP.

2 page double spaced essay

The basic outline of your paper should have an introduction , body , and conclusion . Your SoP should be a coherent collection of ideas, experiences, and a timeline to guide your reader. Check out the YouTube Video for additional help! Remember that your SoP is a timeline of where you are now, what you want to do as a JET, and what you plan to do after finishing JET.

  • Attention grabber (something unique about yourself)
  • Why Japan? (describe your paper in one sentence)
  • What are you going to talk about? (3 topics)
  • The first paragraph can be about anything. (I recommend talking about your skills and education history, especially any teaching experience you have, and how they will help you as an ALT.)
  • The second paragraph can be about anything, again. ( I recommend talking about Japan and how you can adapt, your appreciation for Japanese culture, and how it will help you as an ALT.)
  • Finally, the third paragraph can be about anything! (I recommend sticking to your guns and talking about how you can integrate into the Japanese community, what you’ll possibly learn, and what the future holds for you after JET.)
  • Be able to take a bit from each of your paragraphs for a great ending that will leave your reader speechless about your awesome paper.

Deciding what you will talk about is up to you. It might be a good idea to read past JETs’ papers (I’ve shared two of mine, 2011 and 2012 and there are additional examples posted).

2 page double spaced essay

Third Step: Your Contents

Contents are super important in your paper. The better the content, the more likely you are to get an interview! You should spend an exuberant amount of time writing your paper! This is something you can’t just write in an afternoon or day (I believe I spent around 50-100 hours writing mine). It really helps to go over your paper many times and get feedback and suggestions from others. You will likely have to cut down your writing repeatedly to stay within the two-page limit and ensure you are using your best talking points.

( I’ll be pretty harsh and real in the next paragraphs… ) What will you bring as a JET to promote cultural awareness? Will you bring your collection of anime and comics or will you bring skills from college and work? Will you bring your interest in playing video games and shopping for trinkets, or will you bring your love for learning languages and tackling new experiences? What are the most important ideas or things you can bring to JET? I hope that it is not anime, manga, and video games (stuff I love, myself). And, you may have many valid reasons for these interests, but this stuff you can do anytime inside or outside Japan. These are hobbies that you can do on your own time, not on JET time at your schools. (JETs are civil servants to local governments, i.e. you BOE or base school). 

Remember, when you work for JET, you are an AMBASSADOR for your country.

Your job is to promote your CULTURE and LANGUAGE . Why should you promote Japanese culture to kids who already know about their own? Promote parts of your culture that Japanese people might not necessarily know about. For example:

  • What are the differences between Japanese Christmas and American Christmas?
  • How is your version of New Year different than Japan’s?
  • What makes your state/providence/hometown special?
  • What animals and history does your region have that will excite your future students?
  • What makes your family and friends special?
  • What unique rituals or traditions do you normally practice at home?
  • What languages do/can you speak?
  • What unique qualities will be worth writing about in your paper or mentioning in an interview?

Stand out against other applicants, be yourself, and don’t lie!

The above questions are very important questions to consider. The most important part of the application is “What you will bring to the JET Programme?” You will always be asked this (100% interview question). You should consider what is important and what is not important. Your goal is to be an ambassador in Japan for your country. JET wants/likes these kinds of applicants.

  • Can you go to the store and shop for food in a strange language and not feel anxious?
  • Can you work with your JTEs and answer awkward language or cultural questions?
  • Can you move to another country and enjoy the culture?
  • Can you commit to after-school events or set up an English club?

Flexibility is important to the JET Program. The program loves flexible teachers who are willing to do what it takes to succeed or go out of their comfort zone. ALTs need to be able to say “yes” to a surprise class, teach a lesson, or stay after school sometimes to tutor students for a speech contest. This is part of being “outgoing”, which is the core of this job. Flexibility shows that you are willing to go the extra mile.

(Sidenote) Regarding Interview Questions:

Are you outgoing?  Outgoing is making a speech in Japanese and English in front of your whole school with only a few days’ notice. Outgoing is showing interest and participating in school sports, which you have never played before.  Outgoing is creating new lessons that the kids will want to try. Outgoing is being the happiest and most positive ALT in the school, even when times are bad. Are you positive? Do you break under pressure? What happens if the kids do not want to listen? What happens when people forget your name or forget to invite you to events? What happens if they throw something at you? Are you going to yell at your students, or are you going to be positive and ignore the bad stuff? Will you continue to show your students that you want to have fun? It all ties together in the SoP and interview process. Being outgoing and positive are elements should be in your SoP to show you can overcome something. It doesn’t have to be stated but illustrated by past events and skills that show you as outgoing, adventurous positive, and flexible.

What are your future plans and how does JET help? How does becoming a JET help your career? Is teaching at all relevant? Is being part of the Japanese community helpful in becoming an engineer, rocket scientist, anthropologist,  doctor, translator, etc? What are you going to do after JET? The program is short-term, max 5 years; will you go to graduate school or continue to work in Japan with another company? Will you learn Japanese and use it for future work or school?

This is why you want JET? 

You want JET because it will provide you with the skills you need to enter grad school and work in the public sector in Japan, or your home country. You want to become a great JET alumnus and start a new chapter in your hometown because there might not be any JETs. The program knows that you know you can make money for college and pay loans, but JET should be more than that. If you plan to save money from JET, don’t talk about the money you will make, but discuss where you will go to school and what you will do! What future and positive outcomes will the program have for you, your friends, and your family? This is the chance to state what your future holds after JET. Take advantage of it. JET loves and wants to know about your future plans.

D: How will you contribute as a JET to the community ?

How will you give back to your community? You should think deeply about it. It’s very important to the program as you are an ambassador first, before ALT . I’ve talked about this already, but what will you give back to the Japanese people and others (friends and family back home)?

Giving back is the most rewarding thing you can do as a JET. There are unlimited opportunities to give back as a JET. Simply staying after school, joining a local club, supporting your students’ English dreams, creating school cultural posters, watching your school’s festivals and events, and participating in local festivals and events are all ways to give back to the community.

2 page double spaced essay

Fourth Step: Putting it Together

Refer to step two to make sure you are following the recommended format. Balancing Your SoP : So you have outlined your paper and chosen your contents, now it is time to put it all together for your application! Let’s quickly discuss “balancing” your ideas. The contents of your paper should be evenly distributed throughout your paper. You should not have overly long paragraphs and ambiguous stories. Keep it simple stupid (KISS). The readers who are judging your paper will not have limited time to look it over. Your paper is among thousands of other applicants , remember. It should be quick and easy to read while being personal and highlighting your achievements and goals.

Emphasizing Your SoP:

Let’s check out some examples of what I mean by “emphasizing.” Good Example: My dream is to travel and live in Japan as an ambassador for my country. As a JET, I will bring different aspects of my American culture to share with my students… After the JET Program, I intend to enroll in graduate school at Tokyo University. I believe that working towards my master’s degree will bring me one step closer to fueling my future career in Japan and creating prosperous international relations. Bad Example: My dream has been to travel and live in Japan like Tokyo because it will offer me a great chance to learn about popular culture. I really want to learn about different aspects of Japanese culture to share with my friends and family after finishing the JET Program in the future. I hope that it will be a great experience for me .

Can you spot the difference?

When you are writing your SoP, you should emphasize what you “will do”, “intend”, or “will bring “, rather than what you “ hope ” or “ really want to do ” in the future. The JET Program and your readers want to see an outgoing prospective JET, someone who has determination and a “can-do” attitude. “Hoping” for the best doesn’t show your willingness or excitement for the program.

Wordiness and Target of Your SoP:

One key point to remember when writing your paper is to eliminate overused words . It is best to avoid using words over and over and over and over and over again. Always use a thesaurus or Google to find as many fantastic synonyms as possible. And, remember that simplicity is good since your readers are limited on time. Always write for your audience . It may seem dumb, but usually, newspaper articles are always written to a targeted audience (high schoolers). Again, think about who your potential target audience is : (ex-JETs, the local Japanese ex-pat community, Japan consulate/embassy members, etc.). It’s important to market yourself to these people! All the reviewers most likely have an outstanding college education and cool job; however, what if the reviewer is Japanese and not a native English speaker? How will it look if your paper is too out of the ballpark for them to understand your paper? It’s essential to consider your audience and market correctly. Remember you want to present concise ideas and relevant content that your reader can enjoy for their 5-minute review! Tips : Ctrl+F in Microsoft Word will help you find words that you have repeated numerous times. If you say the word “great” thirty times, then maybe you want to reduce that number to once or twice. Some words are impossible to capitalize on such as JET, JET Programme, JTE, ALT, English, Japanese, and Japan, but those are okay to repeat a lot because your SoP is directly 100% related to this vocabulary.

Paper Examples

A Collection of SoP Paragraphs is at your disposal. These are a mix of different SoP writings to give you an idea of what others write about. There are intros, bodies, and conclusions. Furthermore, you can read 2011 , 2012 , and 2013 SoPs for your creative pleasure. Let these papers and paragraphs give you great ideas but don’t steal from them! The worse thing you can do is cheat yourself. Doing so will NOT get you an interview or help you pass the interview portion. Your SoP should be personal to you and no one else.

YouTube Guides

Stop Doing this in Your SoP

Keywords Advice for Your SoP / Cover Letter

3 Time Saving Tips for your SoP

Outlining SoP Video on how to properly set up your statement of purpose.

Getting a JET Program Interview with your SOP

' src=

Over 7 years of living in Japan, it was my second home. It's a fantastic and magical place with a unique culture that is different from anything else.


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