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10 Facts About Global Warming

article on global warming for class 6

Global warming describes a change in the world’s overall climate that results in rising temperatures over long-term periods of time and across the planet. Read on to learn 10 facts about global warming, including five effects of global warming.

Carbon Dioxide Leads Among Greenhouse Gases

Scientists agree that the main cause of global warming is greenhouse gas emissions, with carbon dioxide in first place ahead of other gas sources. One big contributor of greenhouse gas emissions is power stations, followed by industrial processes, transportation fuels and agricultural byproducts.

article on global warming for class 6

Animal Flatulence Creates Methane Gas

In addition to carbon dioxide, methane is a significant greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Agricultural byproducts generate about 40 percent of methane emission, followed by 30 percent from fossil fuel retrieval, distribution and production, aCC0rding to the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research. Through normal digestion, animals such as cows, goats and sheep produce large methane amounts through their flatulence.

article on global warming for class 6

Deforestation Causes Global Warming

Because trees and plants help to regulate the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, deforestation is a major cause of global warming. It reduces the number of trees available to release clean oxygen.

article on global warming for class 6

Ancient Evidence Shows Global Warming Exists

Ancient evidence such as tree rings, coral reefs, ocean sediments and sedimentary rock layers show that current global warming is happening. And it’s occurring about 10 times faster than the average rate of warming during the Ice Age, aCC0rding to NASA.

Warmer Oceans Mean More Tsunamis

Ocean temperatures have risen nearly 20 degrees Fahrenheit since 1955, aCC0rding to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Warmer ocean waters means tsunamis occur more frequently.

article on global warming for class 6

Global Warming Causes Glaciers to Melt

Not including Antarctica and Greenland’s large ice sheets, the world has about 150,000 glaciers that cover about 200,000 square miles of Earth’s surface. In the last 40 years, the glaciers have lost what’s equal to a layer of ice 70 feet thick due to global warming-related causes, aCC0rding to a 2019 New York Times article.

article on global warming for class 6

Fossil Fuels Contribute to Forest Fires

Fossil fuels possibly have created climate change consequences, such as London fog and forest fires in the United States. When fossil fuels are burned for human activities, it can warm Earth’s atmosphere.

article on global warming for class 6

Global Warming Affects Hydroelectricity

Global warming affects hydroelectricity because it changes rivers and ecosystems. When their patterns change, they may not power dams the same ways they did before.

article on global warming for class 6

Polar Bears Are Starving

Scientists warn that polar bears are at an increased risk of starving due to melting sea ice. As the ice melts, it becomes increasingly difficult for polar bears to hunt for seals.

article on global warming for class 6

Global Warming Causes Catastrophic Floods

Global warming contributes to rising sea levels and disasters such as catastrophic floods and flowing debris. Flooding can lead to economic disasters, too.

article on global warming for class 6


article on global warming for class 6

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  • Article Writing

Write an article on Global warming in about 200 words

Global warming or climate change has today become a major threat to the mankind. The Earth’s temperature is on the rise and there are various reasons for it such as greenhouse gases emanating from carbon dioxide ($CO_2$) emissions, burning of fossil fuels or deforestation. 

Impact of Greenhouse Gases

The rise in the levels of carbon dioxide ($CO_2$) leads to substantial increase in temperature. It is because $CO_2$ remains concentrated in the atmosphere for even hundreds of years. Due to activities like fossil fuel combustion for electricity generation, transportation, and heating, human beings have contributed to increase in the $CO_2$ concentration in the atmosphere.

Global Warming: A Gradual Phenomenon

Recent years have been unusually warm, causing worldwide concern. But the fact is that the increase in carbon dioxide actually began in 1800, due to the deforestation of a large chunk of North-eastern American, besides forested parts of the world. The things became worse with emissions in the wake of the industrial revolution, leading to increase in carbon dioxide level by 1900.

Cause of Concern

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global temperature is likely to rise by about 1-3.5 Celsius by the year 2100. It has also suggested that the climate might warm by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 100 years.

Impact of Global Warming

The sea levels are constantly rising as fresh water marshlands, low-lying cities, and islands have been inundated with seawater.

There have been changes in rainfall patterns, leading to droughts and fires in some areas, and flooding in other areas.

Ice caps are constantly melting posing a threat to polar bears as their feeding season stands reduced.

Glaciers are gradually melting.

Animal populations are gradually vanishing as there has been a widespread loss of their habitat.

As per Kyoto protocol, developed countries are required to cut back their emissions. There is a need to reduce coal-fired electricity, increase energy efficiency through wind and solar power, and also high efficiency natural gas generation


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Global Warming Essay for Children and Students

article on global warming for class 6

Table of Contents

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the rising global temperatures of the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s primarily caused by the increase in greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and deforestation. As a result, we see melting polar ice and rising sea levels. This change in temperature can also lead to extreme weather events and affect our ecological balance. Efforts like sustainable energy adoption, promoting renewable resources, and international agreements like the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol aim to combat this issue. Understanding global warming is crucial because of its significant environmental impact and the need for climate adaptation.

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Global Warming Causes

Global warming is a big concern for our planet. Let’s understand its causes in simple words:

  • Greenhouse gases: Think of these like a blanket around the Earth. When we release more of these gases, especially carbon dioxide emissions and methane emissions, the Earth gets warmer.
  • Fossil fuels: When we burn coal, oil, and gas for energy, we release a lot of harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is a major reason behind the global temperature rise.
  • Deforestation: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases. When we cut down trees, we lose a big helper in fighting global warming.
  • Carbon footprint: Everything we do, from driving cars to using electricity, leaves a mark called a carbon footprint. The bigger our footprint, the more we contribute to global warming.
  • Industrial processes: Factories and industries release gases that contribute to the warming. This has a huge environmental impact.
  • Melting polar ice and rising sea levels: As the Earth gets warmer, ice in the poles melts. This makes the sea levels rise, which is a result and cause of global warming.
  • Ozone depletion: The ozone layer protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. But certain actions of ours damage this layer, making the Earth warmer.
  • Farming and agriculture: Practices like rice cultivation produce methane, a greenhouse gas. Cows also produce methane, adding to the problem.

Effects of Global Warming

Global warming is causing our planet to heat up. When people talk about “climate change”, they’re often referring to the changes happening because of global warming. So, what effects is this warming having on our world?

  • Rising Sea Levels : One major problem is the melting polar ice. As ice in places like Antarctica and Greenland melts, it causes sea levels to rise. This can lead to flooding in coastal areas.
  • Extreme Weather : We’re seeing more extreme weather events. This means more intense storms, hurricanes, heatwaves, and heavy rainfall.
  • Hotter Temperatures : The global temperature rise is making summers hotter and winters milder in many places.
  • Melting Glaciers : Not just the polar ice, but glaciers around the world are melting too. This glacier retreat can affect the water supply for many people.
  • Harm to Animals and Plants : Biodiversity loss is a big concern. Many animals and plants can’t cope with the changes, leading to a disruption in ecosystems.
  • Ocean Changes : The extra carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is causing ocean acidification. This makes it harder for creatures like coral and some shellfish to survive.
  • Human Health Risks : Warmer temperatures can lead to health problems. It can also spread diseases carried by mosquitoes, like malaria.
  • Deforestation : While deforestation is more a cause than an effect, the loss of trees makes global warming worse. Trees help absorb CO2, which is one of the greenhouse gases causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm up.
  • Shift in Habitats : With the Earth’s atmosphere changing, many animals are moving to different places to find suitable living conditions.
  • Economic Impact : There’s an environmental impact, but also an economic one. For instance, farmers can struggle with unpredictable weather, affecting food prices.

Global Warming Solutions

Global warming is a real concern, but there are solutions that can help slow down the temperature rise on Earth. Let’s discuss some of them in simple terms:

  • Green Technology : Adopting green technologies means using methods and devices that don’t harm the environment. For instance, instead of burning coal, we can use solar panels to produce electricity.
  • Renewable Resources : These are natural sources of energy that won’t run out, like sun and wind. By investing more in solar power and wind energy, we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels .
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint : This means trying to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas ) we release into the Earth’s atmosphere . Simple actions like turning off lights when not needed or walking instead of driving can make a difference.
  • Reforestation : Planting more trees is essential. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which helps in tackling carbon dioxide emissions . On the flip side, deforestation , or cutting down trees, can accelerate global warming.
  • Conservation Efforts : This involves using resources wisely. For instance, turning off the tap while brushing or using both sides of the paper.
  • Educate on Climate Change : Knowledge is power. When more people understand the real dangers of global warming and climate change , they’re more likely to take action.
  • Supporting Policies : There are international agreements like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement aimed at reducing the adverse effects of global warming. Supporting such policies and initiatives can have a global impact.
  • Clean Energy Solutions : This involves developing and using energy methods that produce less pollution. Think of electric cars or biofuels.
  • Climate Adaptation : This means making changes to better deal with the effects of global warming. For example, if an area is facing frequent flooding due to rising sea levels , building higher sea walls might be a solution.
  • Reduce Methane Emissions : Methane is another greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. By managing waste better and reducing leakage from oil and gas industries, we can curb its release.

Long and Short Essay on Global Warming in English

Global Warming Essay: Global warming has been on the agenda for quite a while now everybody has heard about it but does anybody actually care or try to do at least something to save our planet from this problem even if the average global temperature rises just a few degrees, a host of other changes are likely to occur. Global warming is the continuous rise in warming of the earth surface due to the increased level of carbon dioxide gas in the environment global warming has become a big issue which need to be solved by the positive initiation of countries all across the globe.

Global Warming is caused mainly due to human-induced factors. The main cause of global Warming is the uncontrolled emission of greenhouse gases due to activities like industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases cause the ad to trap the Sun’s heat from escaping back into the atmosphere, resulting in a raised earth’s surface temperature. Though the rise in earth’s temperature is within 1 degree C, it is still causing noticeable affects on the environment. Unexpected climatic changes, floods, droughts, rise in ocean water levels, melting glaciers, and depleting aquatic and land species are only a few devastating effects of Global Warming.

We have provided below for your knowledge and information, short and long essays on Global Warming in English for your knowledge and written in simple yet effective English language so that they can be easily memorized and also presented when n.

After going through these global warming essays, you will know about the causes and effects of global Warming, which human activities and what gases cause global Warming is green house effect, the greenhouse is taken to prevent global Warm, how global Warming affects sea level and causes floods, how it cause species depletion of both land and aquatic species.

These essays will be beneficial for beneficial/college events wherein you are required to write an essay on global Warming, give a speech, or participate in a debate on global Warming.

Global Warming Image

Global Warming Essay 1 (100 words)

Global Warming is a major atmospheric issue all over the world. Our earth’s surface is becoming hot day by this ay trapping the Sun’s heat and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The bad effects of it are increasing daily and causing major problems to the living of human beings. It has become the subject of significant social issues which need social awareness to a great level. People should know its meaning, causes, effects, and solutions to solve it immediately. People should come together and try to solve it to save the lifeboat.

Global Warming Essay 2 (150 words)

Global Warming is a big issue in the atmosphere on one earth, which causes a continuous rise in the e surface temperature. It has been estimated that in the next 50 or 100 years, the earth’s temperature would be increased to a great level, creating a big problem for living on earth. The highly known and most basic cause of increasing the earth’s temperature is continuous rise in the e atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Rise in the carbon level is due to the use fossil fuels like coal and oil, deforestation (cut down of plants) by the human beings on earth. Decreasing the number of The decreasing on the earth increases the level of carbon dioxide, as plants are the main source of the using carbon dioxide released by humans (as a by-product of respiration) and other means. Increasing level of the increasing temperature creates lots of problems like sea level becomes hotter and glaciers melt, flood, strong storms, diseases, death, etc.

Global Warming Essay 3 (200 words)

Global Warming is the steady and continuous rise in the level of earth temperature. Out t earth’s surface is becoming hotter day by day just because of some unnoticeable habits of human beings all across the world. Global Warming has become the most worrying threat to the earth’s atmosphere as it is reducing the life possibilities on the earth daily through a steady declining process.

Before planning the solutions to the global warming must think about its causes and effects on the atmosphere to ensure the right direction of getting full relief from this issue. The continuous Warming of the earth warming is the earthshaking emission of CO2 in the environment. However, the increasing level of CO2 is caused due to many reasons like deforestation, use of coal, oil, gas, burning of fossil l fuels, burning of gasoline for transportation, unnecessary use of electricity, etc., which in turn causes rise in earth temperature.

Again it becomes the reason for rising sea levels, flooding, storms, cyclone, ozone layer damage, changing weather patterns, fear of epidemic diseases, lack of food, death, etc. We cannot blame any single entity for this as every human being is responsible for the increasing threat of global Warming which can be solved only by the global awareness and kind efforts of everyone.

Paragraph on Global Warming

Global Warming Essay 4 (250 words)

It is a steady process of continuous rise in the level of Earth temperature. Global Warming has become one of the biggest problems faced by the world now. It is believed that increased levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on the earth are the main reasons for heating the earth’s atmosphere. If it is not noticed and solved immediately by the efforts of all countries worldwide, it would boom its effects and cause end of life on the earth with a day.

Its threatening effects ang day by day and creating danger for human life. However Global Warming is the leading and only reason of rising sea levels, flooding, changes in weather patterns, storms, cyclone, epidemic, lack of food, death, etc. The only solution to solve the issue of global Warming is the individual level social awareness. People must be aware of its meaning, cause, harmful effects, and other things about global Warming to get it warming worldwide and make the possibilities of life on earth forever as usual.

People should stop producing C02 by just eliminating their lousy eliminating as controlling the use of oil, coal and gas, inhibiting cut, ting plants (as they are the main source of absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen), minimizing the use of electricity, etc. Just small changes in everyone’s life all over the world, we can stop the huge negative changes in the atmosphere by lessening the effects of global Warming and even stopping it.

Global Warming Essay 5 (300 words)

It is the continuous rise in warming of the earth’s surface due to the increased level of carbon dioxide gas in the environment. Global Warming has become a big issue which need to solved that needs positive initiation by countries all over the world. With a gradual increase, the earth’s temperature calls various threats as well as makes the and makes life’s existence. It enhances the gradual and permanent changes in the earth’s climate and thus affecting nature’s balance.

Rise in the CO2 level, the earth impacts the human life to a g level through continued heat waves, sudden occurrence of a strong storms, unpredictable and unexpected cyclone, damage to ozone layer, floods, the heavy rain, drought, lack, and food, diseases, death etc. It has researched that increasing emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere is because of the nonstop burning of constantans, usage of fertilizers, cutting forests, extra use of electricity, gases used in refrigerator etc. According to the e statistics, it has noted that by 2020 global Warming may boom its bad effects if it is not taken under control as CO2 emissions are increasing continuously.

The increasing level of CO2 causes greenhouse effect on the earth in which all the greenhouse gases (water vapour, CO2, methane, ozone) absorbs thermal radiation, which in turn re-radiated to all directions and come back to earth surface causing increase in the temperature of earth surface and also lead to global Warming.

In order to stop the life threatening effects of the global Warming, we should take a permanent break from all the bad habits causing increase in the CO2 level and other green house gases leading to the green house effect and then earth surface warming. We should stop deforestation, lessen the use of electricity, stop the burning of wood, etc.

Global Warming Essay 6 (400 words)

Global Warming the big environmental issue we facing today as a greatest challenge which we need to get it solved permanently. In fact, global Warming is the continuous and steady process of increasing in the temperature of earth surface. It needs to discussed widely by all countries worldwide to stop the effects of it. It has impacted the nature’s balance, biodiversity and also climatic conditions of the earth over decades.

Green house gases like CO2, methane are the main reasons of increasing the global Warming on the earth which directly impacts the rising sea levels, melting ice caps, glaciers, unexpected changing climate which represents life threats on the earth. According to the statistic, it has estimated that earth temperature has increased to a great level since mid 20th century due to the increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations globally because of the increased demand of the human living standard.

It has measured that year like 1983, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1991 as the warmest six years of the past century. This increasing global Warming calls the unexpected disasters on the earth like flood, cyclones, tsunami, drought, landslides, ice melting, lack of food, epidemic diseases, death etc thus causing imbalance to the nature’s phenomenon and indicating end of life existence on this planet.

Increasing global Warming lead to the more water evaporation from earth into the atmosphere, which in turn become a greenhouse gas and again causes rise in the global Warming. Other processes like burning of fossil fuels, use of fertilizers, rise in other gases like CFCs, tropospheric ozone and nitrous oxide are also the reasons of global Warming. The ultimate causes of such reasons are the technological advancement, population explosion, increasing demand of industrial expansion, deforestation, priority towards urbanization, etc.

Slogans on Global Warming

Global Warming Essay 7 (800 words) (Long Essay)

What is Global Warming

Global Warming is a gradual process of heating of earth’s surface and also whole environment including oceans, ice caps, etc. The global rise in atmospheric temperature has clearly noticed in the recent years. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in the past century there is increase in the earth’s surface average temperature by around 1.4 degree Fahrenheit (means 0.8 degrees Celsius). It has also estimated that global temperature may increase by another 2 to 11.5 degrees F in the next century.

Causes of Global Warming

There are many causes of global Warming , some are natural causes and some human made causes. The most important cause and of global Warming is greenhouse gases which generated by some natural processes as well as human activities. The increase in the level of green house gases has seen in the 20 th century because of the increasing population, economy and use of energy. Increasing demand of industrialization in the modern world to fulfill almost each need is causing the release of variety of green house gases through many industrial processes in the atmosphere.

The release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) gas has increased in the recent years by 10-fold. The release of carbon dioxide gas varies according to the natural and industrial processes including photosynthesis and oxidation cycles. Methane is another green house gas release in the atmosphere by the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials. Other greenhouse gases are like oxides of nitrogen (nitrous oxide), halocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), chlorine and bromine compounds, etc. Such green house gases get collected to the atmosphere and disturb the radiative balance of atmosphere. They have capability to absorb heat radiations and cause Warming of the earth surface.

Another cause of global Warming is ozone depletion means declination of ozone layer over Antarctica. Ozone layer is declining day by day by increasing release of chlorofluorocarbon gas. A human generated cause of global Warming. Chlorofluorocarbon gas used at many places as aerosol propellants in the industrial cleaning fluids and also in the refrigerators, the gradual release of which causes declination to the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Ozone layer causes protection to the earth surface by inhibiting the harmful sun rays to coming to the earth. However, gradually declining ozone layer is the big indication of increasing global Warming of the earth surface. Harmful ultraviolet sun rays entering to the biosphere and get absorbed by the green houses gases which ultimately increase the global Warming. According to the statistics, it has estimated that the size of ozone hole has been twice the size of Antarctica (more than 25 million km2) by 2000. There is no any clear trend of ozone layer declination in the winter or summer seasons.

Presence of various aerosols in the atmosphere is also causing earth’s surface temperature to increase. Atmospheric aerosols are fully capable to scatter (causes cooling to the planet) and absorb (makes air warm) the solar and infrared radiations. They are also capable to change the microphysical and chemical properties of the clouds and possibly their lifetime and extent. The increasing amount of aerosols in the atmosphere is because of human contribution. Dust produced by agriculture, organic droplets and soot particles produced by biomass burning, and aerosols produced by the industrial processes through the burning of wide variety of products in the manufacturing process. However various emissions by means of transport generate different pollutants which get converted to the aerosols through many chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

The effects of global Warming have been very clear in the recent years because of increasing sources of global Warming. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it has recorded that there were 150 glaciers located in the Montana’s Glacier National Park however because of increasing effect of global Warming, only 25 glaciers left. Huge level climate changes are making hurricanes more dangerous and powerful. Natural storms are getting so strong by taking energy from temperature difference (of cold upper atmosphere and warm Tropical Ocean). Year 2012 has recorded as hottest year since 1895 and year 2013 together with 2003 as the warmest year since 1880.

Global Warming causes lot of climate changes in the atmosphere such as increasing summer season, decreasing winter season, increasing temperature, changes in air circulation patterns, jet stream, rain without season, melting ice caps, declining ozone layer, occurrence of heavy storms, cyclones, flood, drought, and so many effects.

Solutions of Global Warming

Many awareness programmes and programmes to reduce global Warming have run and implemented by the government agencies, business leaders, private sectors, NGOs, etc. Some of the damages through global Warming cannot returned by the solution (like melting of ice caps). However, we should not get back and try everyone’s best to reduce effects of global Warming by reducing the human causes of global Warming. We should try to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and adopt some climate changes which are already happening for years. Instead of using electrical energy we should try using clean energy or energy produced by solar system, wind and geothermal. Reducing the level of coal and oil burning, use of transportation means, use of electrical devices, etc., may reduce the global Warming to a great level.

Frequently Asked Question on Global Warming

When did global warming start.

Global warming began in the late 19th century when large-scale industrialization led to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.

What are the 5 causes of global warming?

The 5 main causes of global warming are: Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. Deforestation, which reduces the Earth's capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Emission of methane from agriculture and waste management. Industrial processes releasing gases harmful to the atmosphere. Land-use changes, like urbanization.

Who is the father of the greenhouse effect?

John Tyndall is often referred to as the father of the greenhouse effect. In the 19th century, he conducted experiments that showed certain gases, like carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere.

How to avoid global warming?

To avoid global warming, we can: Use renewable resources like solar power. Reduce carbon footprint by conserving energy. Support clean energy solutions. Plant more trees to combat deforestation. Support policies like the Paris Agreement.

Why is global warming a problem?

Global warming is a problem because it leads to rising sea levels, extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity, melting polar ice, and disruptions to human and natural ecosystems.

Which country is responsible for global warming?

Many countries contribute to global warming through carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. Historically, industrialized nations like the USA and European countries have been major contributors. However, in recent years, emerging economies like China and India have also seen a significant rise in emissions.

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Global Warming

Global warming definition.

“Global warming is a gradual increase in the earth’s temperature generally due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. “

article on global warming for class 6

Table of Contents

What is Global Warming?

Causes of global warming, man-made causes of global warming, natural causes of global warming, effects of global warming.

Global warming is the phenomenon of a gradual increase in the temperature near the earth’s surface. This phenomenon has been observed over the past one or two centuries. This change has disturbed the climatic pattern of the earth. However, the concept of global warming is quite controversial but the scientists have provided relevant data in support of the fact that the temperature of the earth is rising constantly.

There are several causes of global warming, which have a negative effect on humans, plants and animals. These causes may be natural or might be the outcome of human activities. In order to curb the issues, it is very important to understand the negative impacts of global warming.

For More Information On Global Warming, Watch The Below Video:

article on global warming for class 6

Let us have a detailed study of global warming, its causes and its effects.

Also Read:  Environmental Issues

Following are the major causes of global warming:


Plants are the main source of oxygen. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen thereby maintaining environmental balance. Forests are being depleted for many domestic and commercial purposes. This has led to an environmental imbalance, thereby giving rise to global warming.

Use of Vehicles

The use of vehicles, even for a very short distance results in various gaseous emissions. Vehicles burn fossil fuels which emit a large amount of carbon dioxide and other toxins into the atmosphere resulting in a temperature increase.


With the excessive use of air conditioners and refrigerators, humans have been adding CFCs into the environment which affects the atmospheric ozone layer. The ozone layer protects the earth surface from the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. The CFCs have led to ozone layer depletion making way for the ultraviolet rays, thereby increasing the temperature of the earth.

Industrial Development

With the advent of industrialization, the temperature of the earth has been increasing rapidly. The harmful emissions from the factories add to the increasing temperature of the earth.

In 2013, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change reported that the increase in the global temperature between 1880 and 2012 has been 0.9 degrees Celsius. The increase is 1.1 degrees Celsius when compared to the pre-industrial mean temperature.


Various farming activities produce carbon dioxide and methane gas. These add to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increase the temperature of the earth.


An increase in population means more people breathing. This leads to an increase in the level of carbon dioxide, the primary gas causing global warming, in the atmosphere.

Volcanoes are one of the largest natural contributors to global warming. The ash and smoke emitted during volcanic eruptions goes out into the atmosphere and affects the climate.

Water Vapour

Water vapour is a kind of greenhouse gas. Due to the increase in the earth’s temperature, more water gets evaporated from the water bodies and stays in the atmosphere adding to global warming.

Melting Permafrost

Permafrost is frozen soil that has environmental gases trapped in it for several years and is present below Earth’s surface. It is present in glaciers. As the permafrost melts, it releases the gases back into the atmosphere, increasing Earth’s temperature.

Forest Blazes

Forest blazes or forest fires emit a large amount of carbon-containing smoke. These gases are released into the atmosphere and increase the earth’s temperature resulting in global warming.

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Following are the major effects of global warming:

Rise in Temperature

Global warming has led to an incredible increase in earth’s temperature. Since 1880, the earth’s temperature has increased by ~1 degrees. This has resulted in an increase in the melting of glaciers, which have led to an increase in the sea level. This could have devastating effects on coastal regions.

Threats to the Ecosystem

Global warming has affected the coral reefs that can lead to the loss of plant and animal lives. Increase in global temperatures has made the fragility of coral reefs even worse.

Climate Change

Global warming has led to a change in climatic conditions. There are droughts at some places and floods at some. This climatic imbalance is the result of global warming.

Spread of Diseases

Global warming leads to a change in the patterns of heat and humidity. This has led to the movement of mosquitoes that carry and spread diseases.

High Mortality Rates

Due to an increase in floods, tsunamis and other natural calamities, the average death toll usually increases. Also, such events can bring about the spread of diseases that can hamper human life.

Loss of Natural Habitat

A global shift in the climate leads to the loss of habitats of several plants and animals. In this case, the animals need to migrate from their natural habitat and many of them even become extinct. This is yet another major impact of global warming on biodiversity .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is global warming, what do cfcs stand for what is the role of cfc in global warming, how does global warming affect climate change, how can we control global warming.

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article on global warming for class 6

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Essay on Global Warming – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay For Children

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Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay On Global Warming For Lower Primary Classes

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Global warming is the brutal reality of our times, resulting in climate change. Global warming is threatening the existence of our planet and every living species on it. According to researchers, global warming also endangers marine life’s presence. Kids need to know about this threat in their early years to make small but impactful changes in their approach to the planet’s survival. Writing an essay on global warming   will allow kids to analyse this issue with a fresh perspective. Given in this blog is an   essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 on this important topic.

Global warming is a massive problem, so teachers and parents ask kids to write about this serious issue to make them aware of it. Given below are key points that will answer their question about  how to write an essay on global warming:

  • There should be an introduction describing global warming.
  • The body of the essay should cover points like its impact, causes, precautions, etc.
  • The conclusion should mention the summary of all the points mentioned above.
  • If a kid writes, their point of view on the whole problem is crucial.
  • Make short and simple sentences.

When writing about an important topic like global warming, teachers expect students in junior classes to write short sentences for better clarity. Given below are a  few lines on global warming  for writing an  essay for classes 1 and 2:

  • Global warming can be defined as the rise in the surface temperature of the earth.
  • The main reason behind global warming is the greenhouse effect.
  • The depletion of green cover and the increase of gases like CO2 in the atmosphere is leading to global warming.
  • Climate change is caused due to global warming, among other factors.
  • Climate change leads to situations like droughts and disturbances in monsoon patterns.
  • The mindless use of natural resources is another reason for global warming.
  • An increase in global temperature leads to melting glaciers, resulting in a rise in sea level.
  • Due to global warming temperature of the sea/water is also increasing. Thus, affecting marine life.
  • We can prevent global warming by planting more trees and controlling the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • We need to understand that every activity that harms nature supports global warming.

Global warming is a crucial problem our planet faces due to humans’ mindless actions, and this is something kids need to understand at an early age. Given below is an essay on  global warming in 100 words for their reference:

In simple words, global warming means a rise in the earth’s average temperature. The main reason contributing to global warming is the greenhouse effect. The primary effect can be seen on our glaciers, as they are melting and raising the sea level, affecting human existence. The rise in water temperature is affecting marine life, and climate change triggered by global warming is creating extreme weather conditions. Deforestation and mindless use of our natural resources are some factors behind global warming. We must stop activities harming our nature’s balance to control global warming.

Paragraph On 'Global Warming' For Children

Writing on topics like global warming enhances thinking and evaluating abilities. Given below is an essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 on global warming for their reference:

We are living in an age where there are many threats to the existence of our beautiful planet. But, the most crucial one is global warming. It is a concern among many intellectuals, politicians, researchers, policymakers, geographical experts, etc., as it endangers living beings’ very survival. So, what is global warming? The continuous rise in the temperature of the earth is called global warming. It is said that the earth’s temperature has risen by 0.08 degrees celsius every ten years since 1880. The leading cause behind global warming is human’s careless and excessive use of natural resources. The depletion of green cover and the rise in the greenhouse gases like CO2 in the atmosphere are other factors behind global warming. The primary effect on the planet due to global warming is climate change. We observe a drastic shift in monsoon patterns every year and experience drought and floods like calamities. Many other notable changes are happening due to global warming. For example, heat waves have increased, some crucial animals have extincted, the effect on marine life is relentless, our glaciers have shrunk, and many more. We need to understand this and work on ways to improve the living quality on earth. Initiatives like planting trees, adopting spaces and making them sustainable are ways to improve this world. Even small things like cycling to school instead of using the car or public transport are a small way we can make a difference. 

Global warming is such a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed faster. Our future generations are going to play a significant role in the same. So, given below is an essay for class 3 on global warming.

Nature has given us so much to use, enjoy, explore and value. But our greed has destroyed everything- the very purpose of this beautiful earth. Now, we are on the edge of destruction as nature has started showing signs of floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc. But, one of the major challenges we are facing now is global warming, and all the points mentioned above are the outcome of this issue.

What Is Global Warming?

In simple words, global warming is the gradual increase in the earth’s temperature due to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect or greenhouse gases like CO2, methane, etc., are good for the planet as these gases capture the heat from the sun and keep the atmosphere warm and liveable for living beings, but an increase in these greenhouse gases leads to more heat trap on earth which causes unnecessary earth heat up and lead to global warming.

What Are The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming?

There are many causes and effects of global warming – 

Causes of Global Warming

  • Greenhouse effect or greenhouse gases:  Global warming happens when increased greenhouse gases like CO2, methane, and other pollutants absorb the sun’s heat more than the requirement and make the planet hotter.
  • Volcanic eruptions:  These eruptions increase carbon dioxide, leading to global warming.
  • Excessive use of automobiles: Excessive vehicles on the road lead to unnecessary emission of carbon dioxide gas into the environment, which is responsible for global warming.
  • Deforestation:  The careless cutting of forest for building houses and sky-rises is depleting our green cover. So the absorption of carbon dioxide is decreasing, leading to global warming.
  • Fossil fuel burning:  Excessive fossil fuel burning leads to unwanted carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Again, contribution to global warming.

Effects of global warming

  • Climate change:  Researchers agree that climate change is happening due to global warming. Earth’s rising temperature triggers heat waves, excessive rainfall, frequent droughts, etc.
  • Disappearing glaciers:  Due to the rising temperature of the earth, glaciers are melting rapidly, resulting in rising sea levels.
  • Extinct animals:  Many animals and birds go extinct due to unfavourable climatic conditions.
  • Hampered agriculture:  Heavy rainfall in some places, drought in others, and heat waves destroy agriculture.

How Can Global Warming Be Prevented?

  • Plant more trees:  A collective plantation drive should be initiated to compensate for the green cover. More trees and less CO2 in the environment can lead to controlled global warming.
  • Take public transport:  Take public transport whenever possible. Don’t use private vehicles for luxury. This way, fewer greenhouse gases will get emitted into the atmosphere, reducing global warming.
  • Save energy:  Use energy-sufficient appliances at home. Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to lessen unwanted environmental emissions.
  • Conserve natural resources:  We need to stop the irrelevant overuse of our natural resources, which include water, soil, fossils, etc., for a better future and controlled global warming.

By writing an essay on global warming, your child learns about this global concern in detail, and may understand the importance of keeping things in check. They may contribute to taking preventive measures to stop global warming.

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article on global warming for class 6

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Essay on Prevention of Global Warming for Students and Children


500 Words Essay on Prevention of Global Warming

Global warming is a term you must have heard by now as it is very prevalent in today’s world. Moreover, it has become a very dangerous environmental issue which we must resolve as soon as possible. If we do not prevent it now, soon we will find it hard to survive on this planet.

essay on prevention of global warming

Every person needs to contribute equally to help prevent global warming. Similarly, we must identify the causes that are contributing to this dangerous phenomenon and work hard to find solutions. Furthermore, we must immediately put a halt to all those activities which are causing global warming .

Causes of Global Warming

There are many activities through which global warming is happening. Mostly human activities are contributing to this damaging phenomenon. The carbon dioxide levels are increasing in the air which is causing global warming. Moreover, the increase in greenhouse gases is also contributing to this phenomenon.

Furthermore, the usages of hot water for various purposes like bathing, cleaning and more release gases contribute to it. After that, when we make use of ordinary bulbs instead of LED lights, we contribute majorly to global warming. Similarly, the way people leave their electronic devices unattended when not in use also plays a big role.

Most importantly, deforestation and cutting plants everywhere just make it worse for our planet. The way we burn wood and fossil fuels only makes the condition of global warming worse. Similarly, when we use too much of automobiles that release harmful toxins in the air, the temperature of earth increases and causes global warming. In order to prevent global warming, we must adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle to make the future safe for our future generations.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Ways to Prevent Global Warming

There are many changes we can bring about in our life both big and small to prevent global warming and save our planet. Firstly, we must stop deforestation in all forms. Do not cut down more trees as it will only worsen the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Instead, encourage people to plant even more trees to create a fine balance in nature.

Moreover, it reduces the usage of energy everywhere. It does not matter if you are at your home or at your office, the higher the energy used the more the carbon dioxide produced. Thus, do not waste electricity as it requires the burning of fossil fuels. As a result of the burning of fossil fuels , greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increase rapidly and contribute to global warming. Moreover, reduce the carbon footprint and do not travel through planes that often.

Most importantly, replace all your ordinary bulbs with LED lights. It will help in reducing the use of energy by a massive amount. Similarly, do not waste that energy. Instead of becoming more dependent, we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and electricity right away.

Opt for eco-friendly options like solar energy and win power. Take up the habit of recycling and reusing. Do not throw away things instead learn to reuse them properly. Further, carpool with your neighbors and relatives to not contribute to automobile exhausts and emissions.

FAQs on Prevention of Global Warming

Q.1 What is causing global warming?

A.1 There are many human activities that cause global warming. Some of them are the usage of hot water, old light bulbs, burning fossil fuels, wasting electricity, using excessive automobiles, deforestation and many more.

Q.2 How can we prevent global warming?

A.2 We can prevent global warming by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Try to carpool with your relatives and friends to not produce carbon emissions. Moreover, do not cut down trees unnecessarily and also replace old electronic gadgets.


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Global Warming

Earth is warming up, and humans are at least partially to blame. The causes, effects, and complexities of global warming are important to understand so that we can fight for the health of our planet.

Earth Science, Climatology

Tennessee Power Plant

Ash spews from a coal-fueled power plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee, United States.

Photograph by Emory Kristof/ National Geographic

Ash spews from a coal-fueled power plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee, United States.

Global warming is the long-term warming of the planet’s overall temperature. Though this warming trend has been going on for a long time, its pace has significantly increased in the last hundred years due to the burning of fossil fuels . As the human population has increased, so has the volume of fossil fuels burned. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas, and burning them causes what is known as the “greenhouse effect” in Earth’s atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect is when the sun’s rays penetrate the atmosphere, but when that heat is reflected off the surface cannot escape back into space. Gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels prevent the heat from leaving the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses are carbon dioxide , chlorofluorocarbons, water vapor , methane , and nitrous oxide . The excess heat in the atmosphere has caused the average global temperature to rise overtime, otherwise known as global warming.

Global warming has presented another issue called climate change. Sometimes these phrases are used interchangeably, however, they are different. Climate change refers to changes in weather patterns and growing seasons around the world. It also refers to sea level rise caused by the expansion of warmer seas and melting ice sheets and glaciers . Global warming causes climate change, which poses a serious threat to life on Earth in the forms of widespread flooding and extreme weather. Scientists continue to study global warming and its impact on Earth.

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