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My Self Essay for Children and Students

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My Self essay: It is very easy to describe others, as you notice a lot of things in them. However, when it comes to describing own self, one has to take care of lots of things. There are many ways to describe oneself, but one of the most important ways is to think about what makes you unique. What are the qualities that make you stand out from the rest? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your passions and interests?

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These are all important questions to consider when thinking about how to describe yourself. If you can identify the qualities that make you special, you will be able to more accurately communicate who you are to others. In addition, it is also important to be honest when describing yourself. It is okay to admit your weaknesses and share your fears. Being honest will help others to understand and accept you more easily.

Long and Short Essay on My Self in English

We have provided here essays and paragraphs on my self in English which is a very common topic in schools. These essays and paragraphs are of variant word limits will help you in writing my self essay, my self paragraph, essay about my self, my self article or myself essay for kids etc.

These essays are written in a very simple language and easy to understand by the children. You can choose any of the essay on myself according to your requirements and earn the appreciation in your class.

My Self Essay 100 words – Sample 1

Myself Rajani Tyagi, live in Ghaziabad in the New Panchwati colony. I read in the class 5 th in the section B. I read in the school New Era Ghaziabad. I am very punctual and like to do my all works throughout the day at right time. I love to eat simple and healthy food.

I like dancing, reading books, playing badminton and cooking in my spare time. I never bunk my classes and attend every class. I go to school daily in proper uniform. I do well in the exams whether main or class tests. I have many friends however Sarita is my best friend.

Myself Essay in 150 words

There are many people living in world having different personalities. This is the personality which makes everyone unique and different from others. We can never see two people of exactly same personality. It never changes and decided the quality of a person. I am taking the example of me. I am so special in this world and have unique personality than others. I am very responsible and sympathetic person. I always help others and try my best to solve their problems. I am self-centred woman have not have any enemy in this world.

I always talk to others very happily with smiling face. I am a very simple student in my school and attend each class. I do my homework very well on daily basis and study well every day in the night till 10 pm and in the morning from 4 am. I always pay attention to my study and motivate my friends as well to focus on their study.

Myself Essay in 200 words

My name is Archana Mishra but generally called by everyone as Gudia. I am 12 years old, read in class 7 th standard. I am a second child of my parents and have an elder brother. I have a joint family in which my uncle, grandparents and cousins in the same big house. We love each other very much and closely related to grandparents. I have a group of friends however Sina is my best and true friend. I can share anything to her and she too. We read in the same school but in different sections. I like very much to tell jokes to my friends while being in the bus after school time.

I have a unique family. All the members of my family are broad and open minded. They always promote me to do well in every field. They never pull me back instead motivate. I am very happy to get birth in this family. My family is cross-cultural extended family where my uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc live together. I have great time with my family because we celebrate each festival together. I help other kids in family in doing their home works daily.

Myself Essay in 250 words

My name is Queen but have a nick name called as Sara. My parents and grandparents generally call me by my nick name. My parents are very conscious to my health. They wake me up daily in the morning at 5 am and tell me to do all the daily routines. My mom gives me an apple a day in the daily morning and a healthy breakfast after one hour. I go to school at right time through school bus. I never get late. My school starts at 8 am in the morning and ends at 2 pm in the afternoon. My mom gives me healthy fruits for fruit break and healthy lunch for lunch break.

I read in 8 th standard in the school, Ch. Chhabil Dass Junior Public School. I am 13 years old and live in Ghaziabad with my parents . I also have joined dance and piano classes out of the school as I like to learn dance and piano very much. I enjoy my school time thoroughly with my friends and home time with my dearest parents and grandparents. I have good neighbours; they understand each other and never quarrel.

I love picnic and go to tour in my winter and summer vacations. I am very good student in my school. I participate in all the extracurricular activities of the schools and do well. I am very good in academic and sports activities. My school has a big garden and big playground provides all the facilities of sports. My school has healthy, nice and peaceful environment.

Myself Essay in 300 words

My name is Sulekha, I read in class 9 th standard in Delhi. I am a self-driven and self motivated student. I like to motivate my friends of the school always and help them in their difficult times. I am a bright student of my school and do well in the academic and sports activities. I am capable to do well under any stressful condition. I am very skilled and knowledgeable student in my school.

I do very hard study for long hours around the clock at home. I never left my home works and class works incomplete and like to complete all before bed time. My teachers like me very much because of my goodness and punctuality. I never become tired and continuously do hard work because my parents take care of me always. They always become conscious for my health and diet.

Because of my academic tenure, I always get good marks and grades. I am a merit scholarship holder in my school. I learn computer very well in my school and know everything about computer. I do everything according to my organized schedule of work. I never avoid my any of the works whether at home or at school. I always respect my parents and help my mom in her house works and my father in his office projects.

I share my mom’s laundries and washing dishes works. I always keep my room clean and decorate attractively every Sunday. I understand my all responsibilities toward myself and my family very well. I always try to make my friends and classmates happy through my interesting jokes and nice talks. I always become ready to give them advises and suggestions to get them out of their difficulties. I am very sympathetic girl and try to support old people and children in my colony or on the way.

Myself Essay in 400 words

I am a lovely boy of my dear parents. I am 14 years old boy and read in class 4 th standard in the section A. My name is Suresh Raina. I study in Ryan Public School in Ghaziabad. My grandfather likes to say me Guddu. He always takes me out with him in the morning and evening for the walk. I live with my family in the Rajnagar colony in Ghaziabad.

I go to school with my school bus daily at right time in the morning at 7 am and come to home at 2 pm in the afternoon. I like to go school in proper uniform after become fresh. I say good morning to my class teacher when I reach to my classroom. I enjoy daily with my school friends in the bus and lunch time. I always take part in the sports activities and other extracurricular activities.

My school organizes inter-school competitions at every six months which I must participate. I always come first in every competition. My school celebrates all the important events of the year such as independence Day, Republic Day, Christmas, 2 nd October, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day, etc in order to increase our awareness and knowledge about.

We are advised by our class teacher to must participate in the cultural activities while celebrating any event. I generally take part in the poem recitation or speech recitation. I also like dance but not feel so comfortable to dance at event celebration. However, I take part in the dance in my annual function which gets celebrated in the month of November every year. My parents are also invited to the school annual function.

My parents get me out at picnic or long tour in my every vacation during winter or summer season. I live in very good society where some programmes are organized from time to time in order to increase awareness among common public about the social issues. My father always takes me with him to participate in such programmes.

My mom always teaches me about ethics and etiquettes to make me a good citizen of India. I always keep my study room and bed room neat and clean. I always take care of my hygiene and wash hands well with soap before and after eating the food. My mom and dad love me a lot and care for my every likes and dislikes. I like to play ludo or carom with my parents whenever they become free.

Essay on My Self FAQs

What is a good introduction text.

A good introduction text briefly shares who you are, your professional background, and your interests. It sets a friendly tone while keeping the information relevant and concise.

How do you introduce your name?

To introduce your name, you can simply start with Hello, my name is Your Name, or Im Your Name. This straightforward approach is polite and easy to understand.

Can I introduce myself by saying myself?

Its unusual to say, Myself Your Name. Instead, use I am Your Name or My name is Your Name for a clearer and more professional self-introduction.

What is a good self-introduction example?

A good self-introduction example is: Hello, Im Your Name. I am a Your Profession with a passion for a relevant personal interest. Im excited to be here and engage with like-minded individuals.

How do I introduce myself?

To introduce yourself, start by clearly stating your name, then share some relevant details about your background, achievements, or interests that you feel are important for others to know.

How do I write about myself?

When writing about yourself, focus on your experiences, goals, and things youre proud of. Use simple language and maintain a positive tone throughout. Be authentic, allowing your personality to shine.

How do you write about yourself for kids?

When kids write about themselves, they should mention simple things like their age, hobbies, favorite subjects, and what they want to be when they grow up. Its important to keep it fun, light, and easy to understand.

How can I introduce myself in speaking?

In speaking, introduce yourself with a warm greeting, then state your name and relevant details about your life or work that could help form a connection with your audience. Remember to speak clearly, maintain eye contact, and smile.

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Interesting Essays For Class 2 Kids

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Introductory Part

Key points to remember when writing an essay for class 2 kids, list of essay topics for class 2 kids, why should you recommend our essays for your child, how to motivate your 2nd grader to write a perfect essay.

Creative writing, especially essays and compositions, is an effective way to help kids utilise their creative brains and imagination. Reading and writing articles for Class 2 help improve mental ability and use cognitive thinking to articulate.

Writing essays helps broaden the thought process for a new subject and is a great opportunity for children to express their thoughts and views in English. It brings out their analytical abilities and gets them to develop a liking for creative writing.

Children have a lot of thoughts and ideas about several topics, and most of these are quite good for writing creatively. Children need that tiny bit of support through their journey of learning how to write essays and compositions, especially in Classes 1 and 2. Below is a list of essay topics for Class 2 that kids will enjoy writing and also help broaden their minds and intellect.

Writing is an important skill for every child. Classroom settings don’t provide enough time and space to practice and hone skills. A few tips that will help children to write a powerful essay are listed below:

  • Refresh basic writing skills and revisit spelling, punctuation, and grammar concepts.
  • Provide prompts about topics they could expect in the assessment or exam.
  • Demonstrate how to write an outline. Tell kids that the template is very important as that is the structure on which they will their essay.
  • Encourage reading- fiction, non-fiction, sample essays.
  • Using technology as an application could be of immense help to children today.

Writing is a key skill to develop in children. It is known and proven that voracious readers also make good writers. These skills are closely related to each other and expand the command of the language. Essay writing could be a strenuous and dreadful experience for children, but they could gradually master it with continuous practice. Essay writing strengthens the child’s critical thinking and ability and puts it in written form. Below are a few topics for the essay for class 2 that you could get your child to read and develop their skills.

  • Essay on Myself for Class 2
  • Essay On My School for Grade 2
  • Essay On ‘My Mother’ For Class 2
  • 10 Lines on Family for Class 2
  • Essay On Lotus Flower For Grade 2
  • Essay on ‘My Grandfather’
  • Essay On My House For Class 2
  • Essay On Diwali For Grade 2
  • Essay on Holi for Class 2 kids
  • Essay on Sister for Class 2 Children

Writing essays for Class 2 children encourages young learners to exercise their thinking skills and ability. It helps to expand their imagination and weaves their ideas into articulate language that engages the readers. As kids understand the importance of reading sample and template essays, they become more competent and proficient. It widens their understanding of any given topic and garners interest in writing about it. A few reasons to recommend your child to read our essays are listed below:

  • The language of the essays is simple to comprehend and equally compelling.
  • Every essay has been divided into a concise format so that kids can read it, learn from it, and then reproduce it in their own language with their ideas and thoughts on the topic.
  • Every important aspect of each of the topics listed is extensively covered.
  • All the essays have been drafted and verified by our team of experts who have wide knowledge. It helps children learn the points they need to elaborate on in their articles.

Essay writing begins to evolve in Class 2. Kids go from simply crafting an essay, a paragraph elaborating facts and information, and editing and revising their writing. So you need to motivate your child to write and polish their skills for impressive writing. A few tips for helping and encouraging your child to write an essay or composition for Class 2 are below:

  • Take blank sheets of paper and divide them in half. On the bottom half, draw lines for them to write their sentences.
  • Get them to think of a simple title like “Trees.”
  • Ask them to tell you out loud some facts they know about the topic.
  • Encourage them to write a sentence as an introduction to start the essay. Then get them to write the facts that they mentioned to you.
  • Go through the write-up with them and highlight those aspects that went well. Gently point out the facts that may not be relevant and revise the spellings, grammar and punctuations as required.
  • Be positive and keep reminding them about their ideas.
  • Once finished, ask your child to use the technique of “Two Stars and a Wish” to review their essay. The two stars should highlight what they think went well, and a wish could indicate where they think they could improve.
  • Another fun writing activity is keeping a journal where they write about every small detail of their lives.
  • Encourage your child to read a lot, or read out to them.

Writing an essay for Class 2 will help children improve their communication skills and vocabulary. Kids in Class 2 are usually assigned to write a few lines or paragraphs about a given topic. By exposing them to samples and templates, you are making the first step to improving their confidence in writing on impromptu topics. Creative writing builds a strong foundation for children in their later years.

Earth Question and Answers For Class 2 GK Questions on National Symbols of India For Grade 2 Questions And Answers About Myself For Grade 2 Children

  • Essays for Class 2

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essay about myself for class 2

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Essay on Myself for Class 2

The essay about “Myself” is drafted in an elementary and writing language for understanding an individual and memorise it for a longer time. It is always clear to express others as we tend to notice them more we observe ourselves.

We are providing two essay samples for Class 1 on the topic “Myself” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on Myself Of 100 Words

My name is Ruhi Roy. I am eight years old from Kolkata. I love my name as it means “soul”. My grandfathers gave this name to me. I live with my parents in Kolkata. It is a beautiful place with a lot of historical importance and monuments. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal.

My father owns a business while my mother is in service. I have an elder sister, and we all stay together in our little home. We both learn baking and gardening from my grandmother as she admires nature and love to create. My sister and I are best friends. We often play chess together.

Engage your kid into diverse thoughts and motivate them to improve their English with our  Essay for Class 2  and avail the Simple Essays suitable for them.

Essay 2: Long Essay on Myself Of 150 Words

I study in La Martiniere For Girls, Kolkata. I am currently looking in class 2. My sister and I both are in the same school and go to school together in the same school bus. My school has a vast campus with a large sports ground. I have many friends at school. We all play and learn together. We love to share our tiffin during recess time.

I am very active in sports and performing arts. I like playing basketball, and I take regular classes from the sports academy to learn basketball. My favourite subjects are in Literature and Science. I love to recite poems. I love to read a lot of storybooks like Panchatantra, Arabian Nights and fairytales.

I love to eat junk foods like French fries and burgers, though I know it is not at all suitable for my health. My mother always makes me healthy food. She often bakes me chocolate cakes which I love to eat. I am still punctual and regular at my school. I love painting and origami. I usually go to temple visits with my grandfather. I always respect my elders and teachers and try to abide by their instructions.

10 Lines On The Essay on Myself In English

  • My name is Ruhi Roy.
  • I am eight years old.
  • I am in Class 2 A.
  • I live along with my parents and my sister.
  • I have an elder sister. She is adorable.
  • I enjoy painting and reading storybooks.
  • My father owns a business while my mother is in service.
  • I am very obedient and sincere.
  • I am always punctual to my school.
  • I love watching cartoons and playing computer games.

Frequently Asked Questions on Myself

Question: What can we write in an essay about “Myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “Myself,” you can write about your hobbies, talent, education, and dream career. There can be many other things that we can write in the essay.

Question: Who can you write about in an essay about “Myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “Myself,” you can write about your family as the family makes you the person you are. You can also write about your passions and talents. You can express yourself in many ways and showcase your uniqueness.

Question: How can you express yourself better in an essay about yourself?

Answer: The best way to express yourself in an essay is to share the experiences uniquely. To give an unbiased opinion about oneself and be true to oneself.

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Essay for Class 2 Children


Writing an essay is quite a simple thing. It not only helps to improve the writing and grammar skills of the child, but also helps them to get a better grip on their creativity, imagination, and the right usage of vocabulary. 

Writing short essays on a regular basis is a great way to practice English and it also helps to strengthen the overall essay writing skills of the student. 

Here are 2 short essays for Children studying in Grade 2. 

Short Essay on My Mother 

My name is Varun Shah. My Mother’s name is Reena Shah. She is 36 years old and works as a homemaker. She loves to cook food and is also very good at it. I love to eat the pizza and pasta that she makes. 

She also loves to sing and tries to practice as much as she can every day. Her voice is very sweet when she sings. She likes to sing old songs a lot. She is also very beautiful and very smart. 

She takes care of me, my elder brother, and my father as well. Everyone at our house loves her. She is very caring and loving. Whenever someone falls sick, she always looks after them by cooking food for them and giving them medicine. She is a very brave and kind person. She always takes care of others and helps others during any problem. 

My Mother and I visit the park near our house every Sunday. We go to the park in the evening. She sits there on a white bench and smiles at me while I swing. She also meets her friends and neighbours in the park. 

She helps me with my studies and homework from school. She also teaches me new things about singing, painting, and dancing. 

My Mother is a very caring and pretty woman, and I love her. 

Short Essay on My Favourite Festival Diwali 

Diwali is My favourite Festival. It is celebrated in October or November. It is celebrated to honour Lord Ram. 

It is the Festival of lights. I celebrate it with My family every year. My mother makes tasty sweets during the Festival. We also do pooja during this time and everyone gives each other nice gifts. My sister and I light crackers with our neighbours. We all get together and have fun at night while bursting crackers.

People wear new and colourful clothes during this time. There are colourful decorations and lights everywhere during this Festival. We decorate our house as well. I also help My sister to make rangoli outside our house. And My father lights diyas and puts them in different places in the house. People also light different lamps and lanterns at their houses. 

During the time of pooja, our whole family comes to our house and we do the pooja together. We worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and chant prayers to them. We thank them for keeping us safe and happy and pray to do the same in the future. After the pooja, a delicious dinner is cooked and sweets are served with it. Everyone loves eating good food during Diwali. 

There are rockets and other crackers being burst everywhere during this time. The sky is filled with bright pink, red, yellow, green, and other such colours. At night, the sky looks very beautiful as the crackers burst. Festive music is also played while lighting up the crackers. We also meet our friends and celebrate Diwali with them. We eat yummy food, light crackers, and dance together during this time. 

Diwali is My favourite Festival and it is very beautiful. I love celebrating it. 

Essay writing fosters a kid's writing skills. Essay writing also encourages young kids to think and put their perception in words. Essay writing is not an easy job. Kids to elders find it's hard to think of a topic & putting those thoughts into words sometimes.

Vedantu made your struggle easy & provides popular & frequently asked essays for class 2 children for free of cost. Explore our huge collection of popular essays exclusively written for class 2 children.

Class 2 Essays


Kids-learning • Class 2

Infinite Possibilities

Myself essay for class 2

Essay writing for students..

Essay writing is taught and encouraged in school so that the child inculcates the habit of forming correct sentence structure. The child develops grammar rules and communication skills. The students also learns to express their thoughts fluently and thus gain confidence. Since these students are still in their early stages of learning, reading a lot of essays will help them building their vocabular and enhancing their writing skills. The following essay and other essays on this site will help the students in setting a firm foundation in writing their essays on their own.

Essay on Myself for class 2.

Hello everyone, my name is Divya. I am 7 years old. I live in Mumbai with my family of 6 members. They include my grandparents, parents, my younger brother and I. I have two pet dogs Browny and Snowny. I am studying in J K Academy in class 2. Everyone says I am beautiful.

My favourite subject is science. I am fond of reading books on scientific facts. I am also learning to play the guitar and do not miss even a single class. My mom says I am getting better at it every day. I have many friends but my best friend is Sonia. We go to park every evening.

My hobbies are reading and painting. I am also good at craft. My mom helps me in creating little items from paper and other waste products. Recently I participated in the ‘Best out of Waste’ competition in school and won the first prize.

I bond with my younger brother very well and I like to play and teach him new things. Right now I am teaching him to write the alphabets. My two dogs keep me busy in the evening as I take them for a walk to the park. My grandparents who accompany me to the park look after them while I play with my friends.

I love talk to people and make friends. I want to be a scientist when I grow up.

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