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Sample toefl essay – spending money, the question.

Some people like to spend their money as soon as they earn it, while others think it is better to save their money for some time in the future. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

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The Sample Essay

           Money concerns are a major cause of stress and anxiety in the modern world. In my opinion, it is a really wise idea to save money for the future.  I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

           To begin with, older people are able to make better financial decisions than youngsters due to their experience and maturity.  Young people, who have very little worldliness, are prone to spending their money on products that are mostly useless and which they quickly tire of.  Older people, on the other hand, know which purchases will result in long-term happiness and satisfaction. My own experience is a compelling example of this.  When I was young, I spent a tremendous amount of money on video games and comic books which I enjoyed only for a short time. Later, when I enrolled in university, I did not have enough savings to pay for my tuition, and was forced to take out a significant number of student loans.  Even today, several years after graduation, I regret not saving much money as a teenager. These days I am a lot more conservative when it comes to spending, and carefully consider all of my future expenses.

           Secondly, life is full of unexpected emergencies which can cause a lot of anxiety if we do not have a lot of money saved up.  According to reports in the media, more than seventy-five percent of all bankruptcies in my country are the result of medical bills. I am totally aware that it is humiliating to lose our financial independence in this way.  For example, last year my uncle suffered a major heart attack which required him to undergo very expensive cardiac surgery. He did not have enough money to pay for this procedure, so he had to ask his elderly parents for a loan.  They were able to help him because they had resisted the urge to spend and saved money through their entire lives. He felt extremely embarrassed about begging his parents for assistance, especially as he could have avoided the situation by emulating their frugal behavior.

           In conclusion, I believe that it is better to save money for the future rather than spend it right away.  I feel this way because we gain the ability to make better financial decisions as we mature, and because saving money helps us avoid the humiliating effects of unexpected financial emergencies. (405 words)

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Essay on Money for Students and Children

500+ words essay on money.

Money is an essential need to survive in the world. In today’s world, almost everything is possible with money. Moreover, you can fulfill any of your dreams by spending money. As a result, people work hard to earn it. Our parents work hard to fulfill our dreams .

essay writing spend money

Furthermore various businessmen , entrepreneurs have startup businesses to earn profits. They have made use of their skills and intelligence in getting an upper hand in earning. Also, the employee sector works day and night to complete their tasks given to them. But still, there are many people who take shortcuts to success and get involved in corruption.

Black Money

Black money is the money that people earn with corruption . For your information corruption involves the misuse of the power of high posts. For instance, it involves taking bribes, extra money for free services, etc. Corruption is the main cause of the lack of proper growth of the country .

Moreover, money that people having authority earns misusing their powers is black money. Furthermore, these earnings do not have proper documentation. As a result, the people who earn this do not pay income tax . Which is a great offense and the person who does this can be behind bars.

Money Laundering

In simple terms, money laundering is converting black money into white money. Also, this is another illegal offense. Furthermore, money laundering also encourages various crimes. Because it is the only way criminal can use their money from illegal sources. Money laundering is a crime, and the people who practice it are liable to go to jail.

Therefore the Government is taking various preventive measures to abolish money laundering. The government is linking bank accounts to AADHAR Card. To get all the transaction detail of each bank account. As a result, the government comes to know if any transaction is from an illegal source .

Also, every bank account has its own KYC (Know your Customer) this separates different categories of income of people. Businessmen are in the high-risk category. Then comes the people who are on a high post they are in the medium-risk category. Further, the last category is of the Employee sector they are at the lowest risk.

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White Money

White money is the money that people earn through legal sources. Moreover, it is the money on which the people have already paid the tax. The employee sector of any company always has white money income.

Because the tax is already levied on their income. Therefore the safest way to earn money is in the employment sector. But your income will be limited here. As a result, many people take a different path and choose entrepreneurship. This helps them in starting their own company and make profitable incomes .

Every person in this world works hard to earn money. People try different methods and set of skills to increase their incomes. But it is always not about earning money, it’s about saving and spending it. People should spend money wisely. Moreover, things should always be bought by judging their worth. Because money is not precious but the efforts you make for it are.

Q1. What is Black Money?

A1. Black money is the money that people earn through illegal ways. It is strictly prohibited in our country. And the people who have it can go to jail.

Q2. What is the difference between Black money and White money?

A2. The difference between black money and white money is, Black money comes from illegal earnings. But white money comes from legal sources with taxation levied on it.

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Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

English writing practice: topic 32 – sample 1.

“Save it for rainy day,”  That’s my motto. When I have a choice between spending my money or putting it in my savings account at the bank, I always put it in the bank. I will have a lot of expenses in the future like my education, travel, and unforeseen emergencies. I need to have money set aside for these expenses.

Education is expensive. I can’t  depend on  my parents to pay all my bills. I have tuition, room and board, books, and incidental expenses to pay for. I’ll try to get a scholarship to cover some of these costs, but I know I will be responsible for a lot of the expenses. If I spend my money now, I won’t be  able to  pay for my education.

I need to save money for my education. Travel is also very expensive. I don’t mean vacation travel. I mean travel to get to and from school.  Transpacific airfare costs  a lot even special reduced fares. I first have to get to school and then, of course, I want to return to my family for important festivals and occasions. Going back and forth will be costly, but worth it. I need to save money for these trips.

Emergencies could arrive at any moment. I might have an unexpected illness while I am at school. There might be costs that aren’t covered by the school insurance. One of my family members may need help. I will have to send them money. You can’t predict emergencies like this, but you can be prepared. I need to save money for these emergencies.

When you are not rich, you cannot spend your money carelessly . You must plan ahead. I know in my life, I will have expenses for my schooling and for traveling to and from my home. I know that I will also have unexpected expenses related to unforeseen emergencies. I must be prepared. I need to save money for these events.

English Writing Practice: Topic 32 – Sample 2

When  faced with  the decision of saving your money for some time in the future or enjoying your money when you earn it, quite a few would claim to enjoy their money, but others, in contrast, deem to save their money as the premier choice and that is also my point. This quite different view is based on the every possible reason.

Foremost reason  for saving the money for future use is when you need a lot of money to deal with some emergent things that happen to you, you should not worry about the fund or lend some money everywhere at that time. For example, two years ago, I spend my summer holiday in a famous scenery pot, after a wonderful trip of the first day, I lost my wallet unconsciously, then I  took out  some money in the bank to finish the trip. If you did not have some deposit, you can imagine how embarrassed you are.

Second,  I have finished my college study, and I am going to go abroad to get a master degree to enhance the ability to face the challenge in the society. Plenty of money is very important to me, so I have to save all the money that I economized for future use.

Third,  the economy condition of my family is not so good that I decide to earn enough money to buy a big house for my deeply loving parents.

This is  arbitrary to  judge saving money for future use  according only to  the excuse I mentioned in the above paragraph. But I do not deny that enjoying the life is also important to everyone because of brief life.  That is to say, I will enjoy my money if I deposit enough.

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ChatGPT Writing 500 Word Essay on Bees

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The Cons of Writing Essays for Money

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1. Essay Mills Encourage Cheating

Students Cheating in Class Behind Teacher

Regardless of what content mills say, writing essays for money is unethical. It promotes cheating and commodifies plagiarized work. Entitled students may eventually think that corruption and bribery will help them achieve their goals.

The U.K. government even banned essay mills in 2022 . It’s a criminal offense to sell paid essays or facilitate these transactions. While writing essays for money might not be illegal in the U.S., no educational institution allows it. Students caught submitting paid essays will get sanctioned.

2. Writing Essays for Money Is Unsustainable

Essay writing jobs are unsustainable. Students will stop paying for essays once they find free alternatives, e.g., AI. Content mills only paraphrase AI-generated content, after all. And considering the accessibility of chatbots and paraphrasing tools, students can do that themselves.

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Searching for Sellers of Essay Writing on Fiverr

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Essays About Money: Top 5 Examples and 6 Prompts

With money comes great power; however, power must always come with responsibility. Discover thought-provoking essays about money in our guide.

Money is everywhere. We use it to eat, drink, clothe ourselves, and get shelter, among many other uses. Nowadays, it is an undisputed fact that “money makes the world go round.” The earliest known form of money dates back to around 5,000 years ago ; trade was previously carried out using a barter system. However, over the centuries, more and more nations began implementing a currency system, and money has become more critical. 

In the contemporary world, it seems to be “all about money.” However, it is important not to lose sight of what is important; we must maintain good physical and mental health and healthy relationships with the people around us. Money is necessary; it is just not the only thing necessary. To start your essay, read these examples to write insightful essays about money. 

5 Top Examples On Essay About Money

1. essay on money by prasanna, 2. how money changed human history by jacob wilkins, 3. capitalism: money that make money by ernestine montgomery, 4.  is money the most important thing by seth higgins.

  • 5. ​​An Introduction to Saving Money by Jeremy Vohwinkle

Writing Prompts For Essays About Money

1. good uses for money, 2. the “dark side” of money, 3. money’s role in history, 4. morality vs. money, 5. can money buy happiness, 6. how to save money.

“Imagine the world without money. We will eventually come to a point where we will be asking questions like “what’s the point of life”. Hope and goals are some of the important things that will keep a man going in life. Without any sense of achievement or motivation, there wouldn’t be any inventions or progress in the world. People work to get money and then people work harder to get more money. This cycle of life that keeps a man motivated and hopeful is one of the biggest advantages of the system of money”

This essay gives readers a general outlook on money and its advantages and disadvantages. It gives people equal opportunity to work for their dreams and motivates them to be productive members of society, while it also raises the question of greed. Money, without a doubt, has its positive and negative aspects, but it exists and is only becoming more critical.

“But the barter economy was flawed. There was no universal measure for determining the value of an item. It was all based on the subjective opinion of the individuals involved. And to make matters worse, the barter economy relied on both sides wanting something the other had to offer. Trade, therefore, could be sluggish and frustrating. Human beings needed something different, and money was the answer.”

Wilkins writes about how money revolutionized the way trade was conducted. The barter system involved trading any objects if both parties agreed to a deal, such as trading animal skins for fish or medicine for timber. However, the only measure of an item’s value was how much one party wanted it- both sides needed to have something the other wanted. The introduction of money allowed people to put a solid value on commodities, making trade easier.  

“So, if you were to closely observe the dirty, disordered canvas of economic progress during the 20th and 21 st century, you should conclude that, for all its warts, capitalism has been the winner. It has sometimes caused pain; suffered from serious cycles; and often needed the clout of the state- such as we have seen from September 2008. It has also been quite resistant to sensible regulation. Even so, the basic institutions of capitalism have worked, not just in the US and the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and development) nations, but also many developing countries, of which India is one.”

Albeit lengthy, Montgomery’s essay discusses the debate between socialism and capitalism, a topic of which money is at the core. Montgomery describes Karl Marx’s criticism of capitalism: all the money goes to a few people, not the workers. She believes these are valid to an extent and criticizes certain forms of capitalism and socialism. Neither capitalism nor socialism is perfect, but according to Montgomery, capitalism creates a better economy. 

“Being the richest man in the world does not mean you are the happiest man in the world, although money can buy you happiness sometimes, but not always. If we could all appreciate the way life is, the fun, and the beauty I think the world would be better. If people weren’t power hungry maybe we’d have a lesser demand for money. Those people who is money hungry and power hungry need to relax. Money can’t buy you happiness. These individuals need to understand that.”

Higgins implores readers to remember that money is not the only thing people need in the world. He stresses the necessity of money, as it is used to pay for various necessary goods and services; however, he believes it is not a prerequisite for happiness. Material things are temporary, and there are other things we should focus on, like family and friends. 

5. ​​ An Introduction to Saving Money by Jeremy Vohwinkle

“A financial emergency may take the form of a job loss, significant medical or dental expense, unexpected home or auto repairs, a hurricane or major storm, or something unthinkable, such as a global pandemic. The last thing you want to do is to rely on credit cards with their hefty interest fees or to be forced to take out a loan. That’s where your emergency fund can come in handy. Historically, the formula for an emergency account is to have enough readily available cash to cover three to six months of living expenses.“

Vohwinkle’s essay gives readers some suggestions on how to save more money. Most importantly, he suggests setting up an emergency fund, as all other saving techniques stem from there. He also suggests creating an automatic savings plan and cutting down on “spending leaks,” like buying coffee. You might also be interested in these essays about celebration .

In this essay, write about why money is necessary and the ways to use it for the greater good, and include ways in which it can be used (investing, donating, etc.). For each point, you make, be sure to explain why. Of course, this is entirely subjective; feel free to write about what you consider “good uses” for money. 

On the other hand, money also has a negative side —research on money-related issues, such as taxpayer-funded corruption and trading of illegal goods. In your essay, explore this side of money and perhaps give solutions on how to stop these problems. 

Money has played a progressively more important role throughout human history. Discuss the development of currency and the economy, from the barter system to the digital world we live in today. You need not go too in-depth, as there is a lot of ground to cover and many eras to research. Be sure to cite reputable sources when discussing history. 

Many people warn of “selling your soul” for financial gain. In your essay, you can write about the importance of having solid values in this day and age, where money reigns supreme. What principles do you need to keep in mind? Explain how you can still value money while staying grounded; mention the balance between material needs and others. 

As stated in Higgins’ essay, more people have begun to prioritize money over all else. Do you believe that money is truly the most important thing? Can it alone make you happy? Discuss both sides of this question and choose your position accordingly. Be sure to provide precise supporting details for a stronger argument. 

Essays About Money: How to save money?

Enumerate tips on how you can save money. Anything works, from saving certain things for special occasions to buying more food in the grocery rather than eating out. This is your opinion; however, feel free to consult online sources and the people around you for extra advice. 

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers .If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics .

essay writing spend money

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essay writing spend money

  • Oct 8, 2019


Updated: Jun 17, 2020

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think saving money is good, but others think that spending

money is a better way to enjoy life.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

SAMPLE ANSWER: Number of words: Student: Paola from Peru Band Score: 7.5

We are currently living in an experience economy. Moreover, we are leaning towards consumerism believing that material things will bring happiness. However, we are not paying attention to the future nor having a retirement plan. Although I believe that we should enjoy the present to the fullest spending on experiences, in my opinion, it is also crucial to have a savings or investment plan in place.

There is no doubt that money plays an important role in our lives. The more income you have, the more comfortable life can be. For instance, I have been lucky enough to travel the world and create experiences that will last forever. Moreover, we cannot predict the future and cannot ensure we will live a long life. Therefore, some may argue that we should enjoy every minute while we are alive, going out with friends, dining at the best restaurants, and pampering yourself every now and then.

Are we expecting to become a burden for our families and or the government? This is the main reason why I believe it is extremely important to have investments or a source of income when we retire. Additionally, it will reduce the stress of unforeseen situations such as dealing with an expensive treatment for a health issue or having to help a family member who may need economic support. For instance, five years ago, I used to focus on the present instead of saving for the future. Nowadays, it makes me really worried about the fact I have not invested in property yet which makes me feel quite anxious.

In conclusion, we as individuals must live a more balanced life enjoying the present but also contemplating and planning for the future.

essay writing spend money



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  • Connection between Money and Happiness Critical analysis of money-happiness relationship shows that socioeconomic factors determine the happiness of an individual; therefore, it is quite unsatisfactory to attribute money as the only factor and determinant of happiness.
  • I Don’t Believe Money Can Buy Happiness This shows that as much as money is essential in acquisition and satisfaction of our needs, it does not guarantee our happiness by its own and other aspects of life have to be incorporated to […]
  • Ways to Spend Money in Saudi Arabia Depending with the amount of money that somebody want to spend, the country offers a number of recreational and accommodation facilities.
  • Why People Should Donate Time, Money, Energy to a Particular Organization, Charity, or Cause Its vision is to have a world that is free from Alzheimer’s disease.”The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s […]
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  • Edwin Arlington Robinson: Money and Happiness in “Richard Cory” It is evident that money cannot guarantee happiness in one’s life due to the uncertainties that surround each one of us.
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  • Opinion on the importance of money In the absence of money, individuals and organizations would be forced to conduct transactions through barter trade which is a relatively challenging system due to existence of double coincidence of wants.
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  • The Ascent of Money In addition, the author associates the control of the world financial system as a continuing part of the evolution of money.
  • How Saudi Banks Deal With Money Laundery Money laundering can thus be defined as the illegal process of engaging in money transactions in which due to the origin or the function of the money, the identity, source, and the destination is hidden […]
  • Money as a form of motivation in the work place This then shows that money can and is used as a motivational factor in the work place so that employees can strive to give their best and their all at the end of the day.
  • Drugs: the love of money is the root of all evils The political issues concerning the use of drugs consist of, but not limited to, the substances that are defined as drugs, the means of supplying and controlling their use, and how the society relates with […]
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx: The Role of Money in Human Life Marx and Rousseau were eager to improve the society they lived in and make people free; to achieve these purposes, it is necessary to prove that money does not have such power to provide all […]
  • The Different Roles Played By the Central Bank, Depository Institutions, and Depositors in the Determination of Money Supply In regard to its role in determining the amount of money circulating in the economy as well as how the money moves around, the central bank is the sole issuer of national currency in England […]
  • Prices Rise When the Government Prints too Much Money Makinen notes that an increase in the supply of money in an economy relative to the output in the economy could lead to inflationary pressure on prices of goods and services in the economy.
  • Central Banking and the Money Supply The 2007 financial crisis in the United States led into a decline in the level of liquidity within the economy. During the 2007 economic crisis, there was an increment in the rate of unemployment in […]
  • Mobile Money Transfer Service The Vodafone team managed to keep mobile banking service simple to its users. Soon mobile banking became a form of viral marketing and drove the growth of the company and its services.
  • Money supply and exchange rates In brief, an up shift in the volume of money supply causes the cost of borrowing, which is also the interest rate to move downwards.
  • Sports and Money in Australia Because swimming is a well-developed kind of sports, money should be more spent on engaging new swimmers and promoting new talents to the professional sport.
  • Money and work performance When there is a deliberate effort by the workplace to reduce the incidence of these, both the agency and the employees benefit.
  • Money Laundering In Russia Despite these bills, money laundering remains a challenge to most economies due to the complexity of the techniques used in money laundering and the inability to stem out the illegitimate sources of money.
  • Money Mechanics in Banks System This legislation demands the banks to have required reserves in order to avoid utilizing the money belonging to their customers in business.
  • Banks and the Money Supply Once the bank obtains deposits from customers, it is allowed to retain the reserve requirement, and the rest of money is saved in a different institution.
  • Inflation Tax – Printing More Money to Cover the War Expenses The subsequent encroachment of inflation diminishes the value of money hence even if people had more money, the value of their cash was meaningless, a phenomenon similar to tax collection, which reduces the total amount […]
  • Money Laundering In Saudi Arabia In respect to the attempt to combat money laundering, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency revised its anti-money laundering rules to prevent, detect, and control money-laundering activities within the kingdom.
  • Money and Markets v. Social Morals The proliferation of money into aspects of society that depend on other norms is the root cause of the financial crisis.
  • Money Mechanics in the U.S. The US Money Supply The money supply of the United States includes the coins and paper currency apart from the amounts in the vaults in the banks, Federal Reserve banks, and the treasury.
  • Are workers motivated mainly by money? Related to the concept of work and why people work is the original concept developed by Karl Marx in the so-called conflict theory.
  • UK and USA During the Period 2000-2010: Consumer Price Index, Unemployment Rate, Money Supply and Interest Rate Real effective exchange rate, CPI, Interest Rates, Money supply, Unemployment in US Just like in other countries, US have been experiencing changes in the economic variables such as the real effective exchange rates, consumer price […]
  • The Relationship Between Money Supply and Inflation It is evidenced that changing the money supply through the central banks leads to a control of the inflationary situations in the same economy.
  • Mobile Money Transfer as an alternative product for Vodafone Group Plc To deposit the money in the mobile account, the customer approaches the agent with the amount of money they want to deposit, the agent deposits the money and both receive a confirmation message.
  • Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism The accomplishment of the specified goal will require the cooperation between the state government and the representatives of the UAE organizations, as well as the coordination of the latter’s actions with the ones of the […]
  • Success and Money Correlation The development of the information technologies and the ongoing progress led to the reconsideration of the values and beliefs. It is significant to understand that there is no right or wrong answer for the question […]
  • Exploring the relationship between education and money A person cannot be able to change his/her ascribed status in the society, but only through education a person is able to change his/her Socio-economic status and to some extent that of his/her family once […]
  • Money and Capital Markets: Central Banks By selling, the central bank lowers the price of the marketable instruments in the open market. This implies that the bank has the autonomy of imposing the interest rate to various commercial banks in China.
  • Money and Capital Markets: Turkey, India and China The decision by the RBI was motivated by the need to stimulate the country’s economic growth by lowering the rate of inflation.
  • Christian Moral Teaching and Money There is nobody in the corporate world that will take social responsibility without having a thought of accumulating maximum profits to the company which actually matters most.
  • Money and Banking: David S. Ashby’s Perspective The Federal Reserve System is the second link in the chain towards the creation of money as it involves the remit of currency by the treasury department to the Federal Reserve banks.
  • Money and Banking: The Economic Recession of 2007 The period led to the collapse of major real estate industries in the world including those in the US and the Middle East.
  • Time Value of Money Compounding was done on the amount that I had lent out using the market rate over the duration of time the person held my money.
  • The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making It is noteworthy that the advertisement are presented through the media, which confirms the assertion that global media is all about money and profit making. The media firms control the information passed to the public […]
  • The Case of Stolen Donation Money List of dilemmas to be faced: a tough call As it has been stressed above, the primary dilemma of the given case concerns the choice that the Western Australian Museum CEO have to make in […]
  • Cyber-crime – New Ways to Steal Identity and Money The stolen information is used to impersonate people or create ghosts that steal money from individuals’ bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Money as an Emerging Market Phenomenon According to the principle of finance, money has a higher value in the present as opposed to the future because it can earn interest, which makes it worthwhile.
  • Criminal Law: Blood Money from the Human Organs Sale The trade involves various stakeholders, including the United States government, the Chinese government, the doctors, and the customers. The government of the United States should put in place measures to would deal with the illegal […]
  • Finance in the Book “The Ascent of Money” by Niall Ferguson The majority of the sections of the book are very common to experts, but Ferguson has a unique capability of coloring even the ordinary with strange and unusual instances, and he interlaces the separate threads […]
  • Finance: the History of Money The document explains that the value of money is somehow related to the amount that is in circulation. The idea is founded on the fact that debt is the basis of the moneymaking process.
  • Psychological Research: Money Can Buy Happiness In the article, the author has given enough evidence to prove that money can be used to buy happiness. Based on the evidence presented in the article, it is obvious that proper utilization of money […]
  • Why Money Is Important: Benefits & Downsides The notion originated from the Bible because the person who made Jesus suffer on the cross was enticed by the love of money to forsake Jesus.
  • Central Bank of Bahrain and Money Supply Regulation To the credit of the Central Bank, the strategy chosen to affect the money supply seemed to be working relatively well in the past; according to the 2009 report, the prognosis for the following years […]
  • Money’s and Banking’ Concepts The rates of return in this case are majorly the rates of interest in the monetary and the securities market. Being a borrower in this case would lead to payment of the loan at very […]
  • “Art for Money’s Sake” by William Alden This is one of the aspects that should not be overlooked. This is one of the problems that should not be disregarded.
  • The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World The succinctness of this book lies in the critical analysis and emphasis of the financial history of money in spite of the fact it has impeded some important functions of the global economy.
  • Money, Success, and Relation Between Them In particular, the modern generation attaches so much importance to money in the sense that success and money are presumed to be one and the same thing.
  • Money, Happiness and Relationship Between Them The research conducted in the different countries during which people were asked how satisfied they were with their lives clearly indicated the existence of a non-linear relationship between the amount of money and the size […]
  • Money and Happiness Connection – Philosophy Based on measures of happiness and household income, these economists have claimed that money, in this case, economic development, has a significant impact on happiness.
  • Weddings, Marriage, and Money in the UAE The author discusses the evolution of marriage by discussing the situation in days before the discovery of oil. To show how the changes transformed the society, the author discusses the era before the discovery of […]
  • Electronic Money: Challenges and Solutions First of all, it should be pointed out that money is any type of phenomenon which is conventionally accepted as a universal carrier of value, or “any generally accepted means of payment which is allowed […]
  • Artworks Comparison: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Tribute Money Though the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, a fresco created by Picasso, was created in an entirely different epoch than Masaccio’s Tribute Money was, the two artworks still share a range of stylistic, compositional and conceptual similarities, […]
  • Money and Happiness in Poor and Wealthy Societies Comprehending the motivations for pursuing money and happiness is the key to understanding this correlation. The Easterlin paradox summed this view by showing that income had a direct correlation with happiness.
  • Is College Education Worth the Money Not only are people in contemporary society raised and conditioned to believe that one needs college education to succeed in life, but the stiff competition for the few job openings available continue to inform the […]
  • Money Saving Methods for College Students A budget is one of the methods that a college student can use to save money. In the budget, one should indicate how much to save and the means of saving the money.
  • Money in History and World Cultures The desire to have money has resulted in mankind doing all sorts of jobs so as to acquire money. Ferguson has managed to contrast the amount of money that particular individuals make versus the number […]
  • Virgin Money Company’s Business Model in Canada In the context of the information provided, it would be stated that Virgin Money would succeed in Canada. Lastly, it is clear that technological factors in the country would support innovative financial products.
  • “College Is a Waste of Time and Money” by Bird Bird’s use of logical fallacies, like if students do not want to go to college, they should not do it until the reasons of their unwillingness are identified, proves that it is wrong to believe […]
  • Time and Money in “Neptune’s Brood” by Charles Stross In that sense, the concept of a financial system that Stross suggests in his novel seems rather legitimate and a very witty comment on the link between the society and the financial relationships within it.
  • T-Shirts “SENIOR 2016” and Time Value of Money In this part of the project, it is necessary to discuss the concept of the time value of money and understand how it can impact the project, create a spreadsheet that can illustrate the interpretation […]
  • Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream – Movie Analysis It can be taken as the national ethos of the citizens of the USA. The basis of the American society is broken and it is not united anymore.
  • European Union Anti-Money Laundering Directive Its full name is Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and the Council on the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing 2015/849 of the European Parliament and […]
  • Employee Theft in “Who Stole the Money, and When?” The purpose of the given research is to extend the existing knowledge on employee theft and single out the most important determinants of this phenomenon.
  • Market Society in “What Money Can’t Buy” by Sandels Thus, the author states that the market economy is a positive creation of people while the use of market values in all aspects of people’s life is a negative and even destructive trend.
  • Dreams of Avarice in Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money” The chapter “Dreams of Avarice” of the book “The Ascent of Money” explores different stages of development of money functioning in the world by relating them to corresponding historical events.
  • Money Development and Its Stages in World History Being the most powerful state in the world, the USSR did not manage to get rid of money, using labor as a currency and the authoritarian power to make people work.
  • Money Development from 600 BC to Nowadays Medici family was a financial symbol in Europe huge in success and power in the 16th century. A system of money in deposits and floating exchange rates was introduced to end centuries-old links between money […]
  • Money History from the Middle Ages to Mercantilism Due to the writing, the idea of bond marketing evolved as a reaction of separate governments to the crisis of money flows.
  • “Who Stole the Money, and When?” by Greenberg The purpose of research developed in the chosen article is to identify possible personal and situational variables that may affect employee theft in a certain work setting and explain their relation to unethical behavior that […]
  • Money, Its Purpose and Significance in History Money is the undisputed determinant of quality of life for inhabitants of the modern world. The concerns of money have become pertinent to people all over the world, including the ones who are living in […]
  • Deflation in the Quantity Theory of Money The present paper analyzes the recent revelations using the quantity theory of money and concludes that the United States Federal Reserve can reverse the anticipated deflation tide by increasing the amount of money circulating in […]
  • Money and Its Value Throughout the World History What is important is the value that people place on whatever unit they refer to as amoney.’ Money acts as a medium of exchange and an element of measurement of the value of goods and […]
  • Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream This is one of the drawbacks that should be taken into account by the viewers who want to get a better idea about the causes of the problems described in the movie.
  • Money History, Bonds, Market Bubbles, and Risks The concept was so important to human progress that the evolution of the financial system needed to support social and economic development resulted in the establishment of the banking system known today.
  • Human Bondage in Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money” One of the greatest revolutions in the ascent of money after the creation of credit banks, the center of the discussion in this chapter is on how issuing bonds can help governments to borrow money […]
  • Treatise on the New Money: Document Analysis The debasement of silver and gold money led to the generation of more profits thereby covering the losses that arose from the use of low-value copper.
  • Blowing Bubbles in Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money” Moreover, the author shows the connection and similarities between the present collapse of a stock market and the Enron default along with a Mississippi Bubble of the eighteenth century that was created by John Law, […]
  • Medieval England in “Treatise on the New Money” The availability of standard quality coins was crucial to the effective running of the government and the stability of the economy.
  • Money in the “Sheriff of Cape Breton” Case Study It is a typewritten petition concerning the details of the death of the late Peter Ferguson. Before the evaluation of the paper, it is necessary to define the major concerns described in the case study.
  • Locke’s Work on Interest and Value of Money Locke’s “Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest and the Raising the Value of Money” is one of his principal papers devoted to the analysis of the most actual economic issues of […]
  • Paper Money and Its Role Throughout History The adoption of the paper money was considered to be beneficial for both the wealth of the country and the individual businessmen.
  • World Money History in the 20th Century and New Objects of Value The class materials examined the developments, hurdles, and systems that have emerged due to the changing roles of money in the global economy.
  • Money History, Ethical and Social Standarts These moral preconditions of the emergence of money, the social conventions that regulate and control it, and the evolvement of its status in the present-day world can be regarded as the most significant events in […]
  • The Airtel Money Service: Indian and African Paths When comparing the Indian and African paths in introducing the service, the first difference that arises is the main user of the service as in the case of India, it was the lower middle class.
  • Monetary Policy in “The Ascent of Money” by Ferguson The rise of Babylon is closely linked to the evolution of the concept of debt and credit; without bond markets and banks, the brilliance of the Italians would not have materialized; the foundation of the […]
  • Financial Crisis in Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money” By Ferguson, the main purpose of the historian is to relieve humanity from the financial illusions on the examples of the past.
  • Money Evolution in the 21st Century and Before The history of the world cannot be described effectively without identifying the function of money. Money has been used to measure the value of resources and financial markets.
  • “From Empire to Chimerica” in “The Ascent of Money” In the chapter “From Empire to Chimerica,” Niall Ferguson traces back the history of the Western financial rise and suggests that nowadays it is being challenged by the developing Eastern world. The hegemonic position of […]
  • Mercantilism, Stamped Money, and Under-Consumption It is paramount to note that he criticizes ideas of Ricardo quite frequently, and he believed that he did not consider the ideas that were suggested by other prominent economists.
  • Fraud and Crime Theory in the “Black Money” Movie The movie shows the irregularities involved in the acquisition of arms for the Saudi government. The movie is a perfect display of the international crimes and financial fraud that has been on the rise in […]
  • Money Evolution in Ancient Times and Nowadays In the means to defining what money is, most of the scholars from the psychological and physiological field have come up with the theoretical aspects of money and the ways it influences the economic growth […]
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Hawala System in Dubai To prevent money launders and agents, most countries enacted the anti-money laundering acts with the goal of tracking and prosecuting offenders.
  • “The Money Machine: How the City Works” by Coggan The media plays a chief role in educating the public concerning the various financial matters that affect the undertakings of the City.
  • Space Programs: Progress or Waste of Money? According to Ehrenfreund, the ingenuity to develop technologies and work in space is part of the progress that comes from space programs. Space programs have led to the development of technologies that improve air transport.
  • Getting Beyond: Show Me the Money Nevertheless, underpayment and overpayment are common, leading to dissatisfaction. Notably, compensation is part culture, but analytics will gain traction in the big data era, as start-ups leverage such advantages from experts to manage a sales […]
  • Illegal Drug Use, Prostitution and Money Laundering Upon discussing the impact of money laundering, illegal drugs, and prostitution, the paper proposes the issuing of a court order restraining the use of wealth acquired from victimless crimes as one of the approaches to […]
  • David Leonhardt: May Be Money Does Buy Happiness After All The case study of Japanese citizens that support Easterlin paradox do not factor in the confounding psychological effects of the Second World War on the entire population and the country.
  • Time Value of Money in Investment Planning The author of the post makes a good point that an amount of money is worth more the sooner it is received.
  • Time Value of Money in Economies of Scale Also, the investigation of the VoF becomes easier by means of scrutinizing the tradeoff between the TVM and the EoS. The TVM is also employed to reach the integration of infrastructure investment valuation and risk […]
  • Hawala Remittance System: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance The existence and operation of money remittance systems is one of the primary features of developing economic relation at all scales from local to the global ones.
  • Cybercrime and Digital Money Laundering The result of the investigation was the indictment of Western Express and a number of the company’s clients for several charges including stolen credit card data trafficking and money laundering.
  • International Money Laundering Thus, money laundering has a profound impact on the state of the global economy, as well as on the economy of the U.S.
  • “God’ Money is Now My Money” by Stanley Seat It could be said that different priorities and the lack of time for supervision of the employees are the critical reasons for the violation of rules and high frequency of fraud in the religious institutions […]
  • Money Market Development Factors The money market is one of the fundamental elements in the functioning of any state. Under these conditions, the gradual rise of technologies and their implementation in the sphere of financial operations alter the money […]
  • Happiness Without Money in Sociology and Psychology The tendency’s mechanics are simple – being in the possession of any substantial sum of money increases a person’s chance to secure a dominant status within the society, which in turn will result in strengthening […]
  • Money, Their Features, Functions and Importance The first hindrance is the inability of the household to monitor the activities of firms. In this case, it is used to state the value of debt.
  • UAE Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Their Benefits The legal maintenance of counteraction to the legalization of criminal incomes is carried out by means of a system of laws and regulations, controlling financial, bank, and customs relations and establishing the order of licensing […]
  • The UAE Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing This valuation of the anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism government of the United Arab Emirates is founded on the forty endorsements and the nine special commendations on extremist supporting of the monetary […]
  • Anti-Money Laundering in Al Ansari Exchange Case Study Details Company name: Al Ansari Exchange Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sector: Financial Services Number of employees: 2500 Annual gross revenue: UAED 440.
  • Karl Marx on Commodities, Labor, and Money Division of labour is very important in the production of commodities. The use-value of each commodity contains useful labour.
  • Banking in David Ashby’s “Money Mechanics” Changes in prices may not have a direct effect on the gross domestic product and the planned expenditures because this is determined by the money that is in supply. This causes the GDP and prices […]
  • Chapters 1-3 of “Money Mechanics” by David Ashby The retained amount of money in the commercial bank is the primary reserve. The banks can decide to reduce their working reserve, and the money obtained is transferred to the excess reserve fund in accounts […]
  • Money Compensation for Student-Athletes Besides, sports are highly lucrative for colleges, and students whose labor brings the revenues should share the part of them not to lose the interest in such activities.
  • Management: “Marketplace Money” and “Undercover Boss” In this case, the accents are made on the support of the healthy workforce in order to guarantee the better employees’ performance and on the idea of rewards as the important aspects to stimulate the […]
  • Money Flows and Financial Repression in the US and China From the article, the authors depict how the interest rates in developed countries like the United States compare with those of the emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil.
  • History of Money in Spain The production of coins melted from gold also ceased in the year 1904, with the production of that melted from silver ceasing in the year 1910.
  • Access Right to Money: Sculpture Theft Among the suspects, there are those in dire need of the money due to financial problems, while others need the values worth of the item and not the actual monetary price attached to the item.
  • Efforts to Raise Money for Charity However, the point is that charity is supposed to be for a simple act of giving and not expecting any returns from it.
  • How Money Markets Operate? Furthermore, only free markets have shown the resilience that is necessary to accompany the fluctuations in demand and supply of the money markets.
  • Money Market and Value-Based Pricing Consequently, the GDP can be defined by the equation: Y=C+I+G+NX where: Y= Total GDP, C=Consumption by household, I=Investment, G=Government expenditure, NX=Net Exports Net Domestic product entails the reduction of the GDP by the depreciation of […]
  • The Practice of Saving Money Knowledge of the language is also a very crucial component of EAP as it aids the learner in understanding questions and responding to them in their examinations.another differentiating factor between the two varieties of English […]
  • The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money Money is a determinant of the propensity to consume; hence, the more money one makes, the more that he or she consumes and the converse is the case.
  • Martin Van Buren: Money and Indian Relocation One of the reasons for such collaboration and understanding is the focus on the values we have. I believe this path will bring us to the land we all would like to live in.
  • Time Value of Money – Preparing for Home Ownership The purchase price of the house is determined by using the following formula in Excel. 66 The down payment is 20% of the future value of the house, i.e, $40,278.13.
  • Fraud, Money Laundering, and Terrorism Financing After the audacious attack by Al-Qaeda and the destruction of the Twin Towers on 11th of September 2001, terrorism was declared the number one enemy to the peace and stability of the modern world.
  • The Concept of Money Laundering The first issue I have learned is that the main problem lies in the presence of Big Data that includes trillions of transactions of various financial organizations and systems.
  • Locke’s Second Treatise of Government and Voltaire’s Candide’s Value on Money
  • Money Laundering in the USA and Australia
  • Wall Street Managers: The Art of Making Money
  • Two Attitudes Towards Money
  • Time Value of Money in Examples
  • Time Value of Money and Its Financial Applications
  • Accounting for Public Money After Railway Privatization
  • Relation Between Money and Football
  • Money and Justice: High-Profile Cases
  • Money and Banking. Financial Markets
  • Debates in Endogenous Money: Basil Moore
  • City Planning. Too Much Money: Why Savings Are Bad
  • Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance
  • The Use of Money in Business Practices
  • Spare Change: Giving Money to the “Undeserving Poor”
  • Technical Analysis as Active Money Management Method
  • “Who Says Money Cannot Buy Happiness” by Lee
  • Money Makes You Happy: Philosophical Reasoning
  • Tax Money Usage on Military Spending Issue
  • Time Value of Money: Importance of Calculating
  • Organizational Communication & the “Money” Aspect
  • Change in the Value of Money According to Keynes
  • Two Attitudes Toward Money
  • Money Role in Macro Economy
  • Money: Good or Evil? Comparing & Contrasting
  • To Make Money or Serve The Society?
  • Why Non-Monetary Incentives Are More Significant Than Money
  • Canada’s Role in the History of Money: The Relationship Between Ownership and Control
  • The Ascent of Money – Blowing Bubbles
  • The Ascent of Money – Safe as Houses
  • Money and American Classes in 1870-1920
  • The Role of Money and Class Division in Society
  • How the Virus Transformed Money Spending in the US
  • Money Management in the Organization
  • Money Investments in the Companies and Bonds
  • “Most Important Thing Is Money Ltd”: Vaccination Development
  • A Usability Test Conducted on GE Money.com.au
  • Rational Decision Making: Money on Your Mind
  • Time Value of Money from an Islamic Perspective
  • How Money Market Mutual Funds Contributed to the 2008 Financial Crisis
  • Time Value of Money: Choosing Bank for Deposit
  • What Is Money Laundering and Is It Possible To Fight It
  • Money Management: Investment on Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Money Tree Software: Financial Planning
  • Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime
  • Time Value of Money Defined and Calculations
  • The Supply of Money in the Capitalist Economy
  • Lessons on Financial Planning Using Money Tree Software
  • Type Borrowing Money: Margin Lending
  • Money Laundering and Sanctions Regulatory Frameworks
  • Trade-Based Money Laundering and Its Attractiveness
  • Anti-Money Laundering in the UK Jurisdiction
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Financial Action Task Force
  • Researching of the Time Value of Money
  • Money and Banking: General Information
  • Financial Institutions and Money
  • The Perception of Money, Wealth, and Power: Early Renaissance vs. Nowadays
  • Money, Happiness and Satisfaction With Life
  • Impact of Natural Disasters on Money Markets and Investment
  • Trade-Based Money Laundering
  • Where Does the Money Go? by Bittle & Johnson
  • Can Money Buy You Happiness?
  • Integration of Business Ethics in Preventing Money Laundering Schemes
  • Play Money Paper: A Report
  • The Concept of the Time Value of Money
  • Giving Money to the Homeless: Is It Important?
  • Should America Keep Paper Money
  • The Lebanese-Canadian Bank’s Money Laundering
  • Time Value of Money: What You Should Know
  • Discussion: Can Money Buy Happiness?
  • Money Laundering Through Cryptocurrencies
  • Traditional vs. Modern Forms of Money
  • Saving Money Using Electric or Gas Vehicles
  • The Fiscal Triad and Money as a Weapon System
  • “Money as a Weapon” System and Fiscal Triad
  • The Ways Terrorists Raise and Move Money
  • Money Laundering: The Kazakhgate Case
  • What Do Money and Credit Tell Us About Actual Activity in the United States?
  • What Influence Does Money Have on Us Politics?
  • Can Money Change Who We Are?
  • Does Government Spending Crowd Out Donations of Time and Money?
  • Does More Money Mean More Bank Loans?
  • Are Corporate Ceos Earning Too Much Money?
  • Did the Turmoil Affect Money-Market Segmentation in the Euro Area?
  • How Appealing Are Monetary Rewards in the Workplace?
  • How Does Inflation Affect the Function of Money?
  • Can Banks Individually Create Money Out of Nothing?
  • Are Credit Cards Going to Be the Money of the Future?
  • Does Money Protect Health Status?
  • Can Cryptocurrencies Fulfill the Functions of Money?
  • What Tools Used by the Federal Reserve to Control Money Supply?
  • Are Athletes Overpaid Money Professional Sports?
  • Does Electronic Money Mean the Death of Cash?
  • What Does Motivate Employees and Whether Money a Key?
  • What Are the Three Functions of Money?
  • Are Gym Memberships Worth the Money?
  • Does Broad Money Matter for Interest Rate Policy?
  • Does Money Help Predict Inflation?
  • Does One’s Success Depend on the Amount of Money a Person Earns?
  • How Does Federal Reserve Control the Money Supply?
  • Does Interest Rate Influence Demand for Money?
  • Does Commodity Money Eliminate the Indeterminacy of Equilibria?
  • Are College Degrees Worth the Money?
  • Can Money Matter for Interest Rate Policy?
  • How Banks Create Money and Impact of Credit Booms?
  • How Can Virtualization Save Organization Money?
  • Can Money Diminish Student Performance Disparities Across Regions?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "255 Money Topics to Write About & Essay Examples." October 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/money-essay-topics/.

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A big paycheck won’t necessarily bring you joy

Although some studies show that wealthier people tend to be happier, prioritizing money over time can actually have the opposite effect.

  • But even having just a little bit of extra cash in your savings account ($500), can increase your life satisfaction. So how can you keep more cash on hand?
  • Ask yourself: What do I buy that isn’t essential for my survival? Is the expense genuinely contributing to my happiness? If the answer to the second question is no, try taking a break from those expenses.
  • Other research shows there are specific ways to spend your money to promote happiness, such as spending on experiences, buying time, and investing in others.
  • Spending choices that promote happiness are also dependent on individual personalities, and future research may provide more individualized advice to help you get the most happiness from your money.

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How often have you willingly sacrificed your free time to make more money? You’re not alone. But new research suggests that prioritizing money over time may actually undermine our happiness.

  • ED Elizabeth Dunn is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and Chief Science Officer of Happy Money, a financial technology company with a mission to help borrowers become savers. She is also co-author of “ Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending ” with Dr. Michael Norton. Her TED2019 talk on money and happiness was selected as one of the top 10 talks of the year by TED.
  • CC Chris Courtney is the VP of Science at Happy Money. He utilizes his background in cognitive neuroscience, human-computer interaction, and machine learning to drive personalization and engagement in products designed to empower people to take control of their financial lives. His team is focused on creating innovative ways to provide more inclusionary financial services, while building tools to promote financial and psychological well-being and success.

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How I Spent My Pocket Money (Essay Sample)

Table of Contents


If you had your own pocket money, how would you spend it?

This essay focuses on how to spend money, and how to do so wisely. In this piece, we share a person’s experience of being taught to spend money wisely and what he would buy when he was given a regular allowance.

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How I Spend My Money essay

One of the most exciting events in a young one’s life is when their parents give them an allowance. No matter the amount, an allowance gives us the opportunity to spend on small things that make us happy as a child.

The joy that an allowance brings is more than just the amount itself. It’s really rooted in the experience one gets in choosing how to spend it. First, there’s the anticipation of receiving an allowance. Next, there’s the excitement of thinking about all the things you’ve been wanting to get for yourself. Third, there’s the delight of actually receiving the allowance. Finally, there’s the sheer thrill of choosing what to buy and taking it home.

How and when an allowance is given, and how much is gifted to the child, depends on the guardians’ principles. There are those who provide an allowance for children to buy basic needs. But there are some who might give a little extra to give the child an opportunity to learn how to handle money well.

It must be said that not all children are privileged to have an allowance to spend on themselves. If they come from a poor family, the guardians may not have any extra finances to give. They may save up for this just once in a while.

Woman Giving 10 Dollars to a Girl

I am very blessed that my parents gave me an allowance on a regular basis. My allowance has really taught me financial stewardship at a very young age. They also allowed me to make decisions regarding my finances, even if I made mistakes.

Saving Money at a Young Age

While my allowance isn’t a fixed amount, I have since learned that the first thing I should do is set aside a portion of it for savings. I get a third of whatever amount I get and earmark it for saving.

Copper-colored Coin Lot

To make sure that I won’t be tempted to use it, my mom helped me open a bank account where I deposit the money. They opened a time deposit account, which means I cannot just withdraw from it anytime. Whenever I hesitated to go to the bank, my dad would remind me that my small deposits would turn into one big bulk of cash that could someday be used for a rainy day, or for strategic investments.

How I Spend Money with Whatever is Left

With what’s left of my allowance, I usually buy books. These are mainly documentary magazines, which I read during my leisure time. It is actually one of my hobbies. I have made it a personal tradition to always purchase a documentary magazine each time I get my regular allowance. I particularly enjoy news magazines and feature magazines. I am a lover of general knowledge. I love knowing about everything, how and why things are the way they are – whether about nature, politics, science, or geography. It is always a first on my list of hobbies.

The other bit of my regular allowance goes towards the purchase of snacks. I love yogurt and ice cream. The refrigerator at home always has a shelf specifically reserved for my yogurts.

The remainder of my allowance goes towards others. These include my family and friends. I try to buy them something nice as a way of thanking them for taking good care of me.

I also go out of the way to purchase some gifts for my siblings as well as my parents. I want to gift them with simple things, even if they were the ones who gave me my allowance. Doing this for them gives me so much satisfaction since I love making them happy. After all, what is life without happy family and friends?

Regular allowances taught me how to make wise spending decisions. I know how to handle and spend my cash, whatever amount it might be. Therefore, I am confident that when I start handling larger amounts of money in the future, I won’t be as overwhelmed. I will make it a point to remember the financial lessons I’ve learned as a child. I hope to also be able to teach others who to use their money wisely.

Short Essay About What You Would Spend Your Money On

Did you grow up being taught about the value of saving money? If you were like me, your mom and dad probably gave you a regular allowance. They also probably gave you free rein to use your money in whatever way.

Growing up, I deposited regular amounts into my savings account the moment my allowance was handed to me. I did not want to be tempted to splurge on all the food I was craving for while holding all of my money. Personally, apart from fast food, I enjoyed treating myself to books. In fact, I made it a regular tradition to purchase a book every time I got my allowance.

I remember being taught how to make a personal budget out of my allowance. Exactly how much money was given to me didn’t matter as much as the main principle they passed on: save money. They didn’t care if I used the rest of my allowance on junk food or other types of impulse buying. All that mattered to them was whether or not I set aside a portion to put in a savings account. And so I did.

How To Write An Essay About Money

There are so many ways to write a piece about finances. It depends on the lens you are viewing the topic from. Are you an adult looking back at your childhood and remembering important lessons learned? Are you a financial expert looking to give some advice on how to maximize your cash? Are you a student wanting to teach people how to set aside an amount in case of an emergency? Are you a parent who discovered creative hacks in your finances to make ends meet? Find your angle and work it.

How To Spend Money Wisely As A Teenager

When you are young and still living under your guardians’ roof, thinking about contingencies or other things you may be needing to buy before your next allowance comes may not come naturally to you. It is so important to learn how to handle your personal finances even at that age because that sets the direction of your spending in the future. When you start getting a monthly income, the weight of the responsibility is even greater as you start to live independently. Even as a teenager, learn to set financial goals and think of the long game. Even if you have to put money inside a piggy bank to avoid temptation, do so. Track your expenses and make adjustments according to your level of contentment. Learn the art of investing from an expert. Finally, don’t shop ’till you drop. It’s a trap.

essay writing spend money

Sample Essay on How to Save Money: How to Be in Good Funds When You Are a Student

Students are always looking for ways to save money. Some turn to part-time jobs while others resort to reducing their expenditure. This is a sample essay on how to save money that could inspire you to write a masterpiece on this issue.

custom aluminum

The life of a college student is not as rosy as most people imagine it to be. Well, there are amazing parties and all sorts of fun things to do when in college, but that’s just it. Students have societal expectations to deal with. They have assignments and projects to deliver and exams to ace. This is no easy task since some of the courses in college are tough and ever-absent professors don’t make things easier as well. There is also the issue of student finances to deal with. Without a steady income, college students are forced to rely on student loans and funds from their parents to see out a semester. These funds, however, are not always enough and students are forced to turn to unorthodox means to make sure they have enough for their education. Students are forced to reduce their spending on certain items, and this usually comes with harsh consequences.

In an attempt to save more, students would resort to cheap meals or even skip some of them altogether. These cheap meals are usually very unhealthy, and the students miss out on the vital nutrients that are needed for healthy growth and development. Some of the cheap meals that students turn to in an attempt to save money include fast foods such as French fries and burgers. These meals are unhealthy, and their regular consumption has a bad impact on people’s health.

Cutting out on entertainment is another ‘luxury’ that students do away with to save money. Movies and music concerts cost money and students avoid them so as to save as much as they can. Some even avoid going out with their friends and spend most of their time in their rooms. Entertainment, however, is very important for the emotional development of a human being, and students are advised to take time for entertainment. A lack of entertainment among college students may cause depression and other emotional issues since all that the students will be thinking about is books and their academic assignments.

Students also turn to free software and applications so as to save money. These non-premium versions, however, come with a lot of bugs and students are at risk of virus attacks to the minimum.

Some would even terminate their gym membership to save money. Most colleges have gyms on campus, but they are usually in a poor state and that is why students visit gyms that are off campus. When times get tough, most students would terminate their membership so as to save as much as they can. Without working out, students get unhealthy, and this brings a lot of challenges.

Tough times call for tough measures. Students resort to the above-mentioned activities to save money, but these methods have some harsh consequences attached to them.


  • Boatman, A., Evans, B., & Soliz, A. (2014). Applying the lessons of behavioral economics to improve the federal student loan programs: Six policy recommendations. Policy report written for the Lumina Foundation .
  • Buckley, A., Soilemetzidis, I., & Hillman, N. (2015). The 2015 student academic experience survey. The Higher Education Policy Institute and Higher Education Academy .
  • Duclos, R., & Khamitov, M. (2016). Is Cash Almighty? Effects of Hard vs. Soft Money on Saving/Investment Behavior.
  • Fagerstrøm, A., & Hantula, D. A. (2013). Buy it now and pay for it later: An experimental study of student credit card use. The Psychological Record , 63 (2), 323.
  • Garbinsky, E. N., Klesse, A. K., & Aaker, J. (2014). Money in the bank: Feeling powerful increases saving. Journal of Consumer Research , 41 (3), 610-623.
  • Karlan, D., & Linden, L. L. (2014). Loose knots: strong versus weak commitments to save for education in Uganda (No. w19863). National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • Thompson, S., Cross, W., Rigling, L., & Vickery, J. (2017). Data-informed open education advocacy: A new approach to saving students money and backaches. Journal of Access Services , 14 (3), 118-125.

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The Day I Put $50,000 in a Shoe Box and Handed It to a Stranger

I never thought i was the kind of person to fall for a scam..

Portrait of Charlotte Cowles

On a Tuesday evening this past October, I put $50,000 in cash in a shoe box, taped it shut as instructed, and carried it to the sidewalk in front of my apartment, my phone clasped to my ear. “Don’t let anyone hurt me,” I told the man on the line, feeling pathetic.

“You won’t be hurt,” he answered. “Just keep doing exactly as I say.”

Three minutes later, a white Mercedes SUV pulled up to the curb. “The back window will open,” said the man on the phone. “Do not look at the driver or talk to him. Put the box through the window, say ‘thank you,’ and go back inside.”

The man on the phone knew my home address, my Social Security number, the names of my family members, and that my 2-year-old son was playing in our living room. He told me my home was being watched, my laptop had been hacked, and we were in imminent danger. “I can help you, but only if you cooperate,” he said. His first orders: I could not tell anyone about our conversation, not even my spouse, or talk to the police or a lawyer.

Now I know this was all a scam — a cruel and violating one but painfully obvious in retrospect. Here’s what I can’t figure out: Why didn’t I just hang up and call 911? Why didn’t I text my husband, or my brother (a lawyer), or my best friend (also a lawyer), or my parents, or one of the many other people who would have helped me? Why did I hand over all that money — the contents of my savings account, strictly for emergencies — without a bigger fight?

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When I’ve told people this story, most of them say the same thing: You don’t seem like the type of person this would happen to. What they mean is that I’m not senile, or hysterical, or a rube. But these stereotypes are actually false. Younger adults — Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X — are 34 percent more likely to report losing money to fraud compared with those over 60, according to a recent report from the Federal Trade Commission. Another study found that well-educated people or those with good jobs were just as vulnerable to scams as everyone else.

Still, how could I have been such easy prey? Scam victims tend to be single, lonely, and economically insecure with low financial literacy. I am none of those things. I’m closer to the opposite. I’m a journalist who had a weekly column in the “Business” section of the New York Times. I’ve written a personal-finance column for this magazine for the past seven years. I interview money experts all the time and take their advice seriously. I’m married and talk to my friends, family, and colleagues every day.

And while this is harder to quantify — how do I even put it? — I’m not someone who loses her head. My mother-in-law has described me as even-keeled; my own mom has called me “maddeningly rational.” I am listed as an emergency contact for several friends — and their kids. I vote, floss, cook, and exercise. In other words, I’m not a person who panics under pressure and falls for a conspiracy involving drug smuggling, money laundering, and CIA officers at my door. Until, suddenly, I was.

That morning — it was October 31 — I dressed my toddler in a pizza costume for Halloween and kissed him good-bye before school. I wrote some work emails. At about 12:30 p.m., my phone buzzed. The caller ID said it was Amazon. I answered. A polite woman with a vague accent told me she was calling from Amazon customer service to check some unusual activity on my account. The call was being recorded for quality assurance. Had I recently spent $8,000 on MacBooks and iPads?

I had not. I checked my Amazon account. My order history showed diapers and groceries, no iPads. The woman, who said her name was Krista, told me the purchases had been made under my business account. “I don’t have a business account,” I said. “Hmm,” she said. “Our system shows that you have two.”

Krista and I concurred that I was the victim of identity theft, and she said she would flag the fraudulent accounts and freeze their activity. She provided me with a case-ID number for future reference and recommended that I check my credit cards. I did, and everything looked normal. I thanked her for her help.

Then Krista explained that Amazon had been having a lot of problems with identity theft and false accounts lately. It had become so pervasive that the company was working with a liaison at the Federal Trade Commission and was referring defrauded customers to him. Could she connect me?

“Um, sure?” I said.

Krista transferred the call to a man who identified himself as Calvin Mitchell. He said he was an investigator with the FTC, gave me his badge number, and had me write down his direct phone line in case I needed to contact him again. He also told me our call was being recorded. He asked me to verify the spelling of my name. Then he read me the last four digits of my Social Security number, my home address, and my date of birth to confirm that they were correct. The fact that he had my Social Security number threw me. I was getting nervous.

“I’m glad we’re speaking,” said Calvin. “Your personal information is linked to a case that we’ve been working on for a while now, and it’s quite serious.”

He told me that 22 bank accounts, nine vehicles, and four properties were registered to my name. The bank accounts had wired more than $3 million overseas, mostly to Jamaica and Iraq. Did I know anything about this? “No,” I said. Did I know someone named Stella Suk-Yee Kwong? “I don’t think so,” I said. He texted me a photo of her ID, which he claimed had been found in a car rented under my name that was abandoned on the southern border of Texas with blood and drugs in the trunk. A home in New Mexico affiliated with the car rental had subsequently been raided, he added, and authorities found more drugs, cash, and bank statements registered to my name and Social Security number. He texted me a drug-bust photo of bags of pills and money stacked on a table. He told me that there were warrants out for my arrest in Maryland and Texas and that I was being charged with cybercrimes, money laundering, and drug trafficking.

My head swam. I Googled my name along with “warrant” and “money laundering,” but nothing came up. Were arrest warrants public? I wasn’t sure. Google led me to truthfinder.com, which asked for my credit-card information — nope. “I’m in deep shit,” I texted my husband. “My identity was stolen and it seems really bad.”

Calvin wanted to know if I knew anyone who might be the culprit or if I had any connections to Iraq or Jamaica. “No,” I said. “This is the first I’m hearing about any of this, and it’s a lot to take in.” He asked if I had ever used public or unsecured Wi-Fi. “I don’t know. Maybe?” I said. “I used the airport Wi-Fi recently.”

“Ah,” he said. “That’s unfortunate. It’s how many of these breaches start.” I was embarrassed, like I’d left my fly unzipped. How could I have been so thoughtless? But also — didn’t everyone use the airport Wi-Fi?

Calvin told me to listen carefully. “The first thing you must do is not tell anyone what is going on. Everyone around you is a suspect.”

I almost laughed. I told him I was quite sure that my husband, who works for an affordable-housing nonprofit and makes meticulous spreadsheets for our child-care expenses, was not a secret drug smuggler. “I believe you, but even so, your communications are probably under surveillance,” Calvin said. “You cannot talk to him about this.” I quickly deleted the text messages I had sent my husband a few minutes earlier. “These are sophisticated criminals with a lot of money at stake,” he continued. “You should assume you are in danger and being watched. You cannot take any chances.”

I felt suspended between two worlds — the one I knew and the one this man was describing. If I had nothing to do with any of these allegations, how much could they truly affect me? I thought of an old This American Life episode about a woman whose Social Security card was stolen. No matter how many times she closed her bank accounts and opened new ones, her identity thief kept draining them, destroying her credit and her sanity. (It turned out to be her boyfriend.) I remembered another story about a man who got stuck on a no-fly list after his personal information was used by a terrorist group. It dawned on me that being connected to major federal offenses, even falsely, could really fuck up my life.

Calvin wanted to know how much money I currently had in my bank accounts. I told him that I had two — checking and savings — with a combined balance of a little over $80,000. As a freelancer in a volatile industry, I keep a sizable emergency fund, and I also set aside cash to pay my taxes at the end of the year, since they aren’t withheld from my paychecks.

His voice took on a more urgent tone. “You must have worked very hard to save all that money,” he said. “Do not share your bank-account information with anyone. I am going to help you keep your money safe.” He said that he would transfer me to his colleague at the CIA who was the lead investigator on my case and gave me a nine-digit case number for my records. (I Googled the number. Nothing.) He said the CIA agent would tell me what to do next, and he wished me luck.

essay writing spend money

If it was a scam , I couldn’t see the angle. It had occurred to me that the whole story might be made up or an elaborate mistake. But no one had asked me for money or told me to buy crypto; they’d only encouraged me not to share my banking information. They hadn’t asked for my personal details; they already knew them. I hadn’t been told to click on anything.

Still, I had not seen a shred of evidence. I checked my bank accounts, credit cards, and credit score; nothing looked out of the ordinary. I knew I should probably talk to a lawyer or maybe call the police, though I was doubtful that they would help. What was I going to say — “My identity was stolen, and I think I’m somehow in danger”? I had no proof. I was also annoyed that my workday had been hijacked. It was 2 p.m., and I had already pushed back one deadline and postponed two work calls. I had to get myself out of this.

The next man who got on the line had a deeper voice and a slight British accent flecked with something I couldn’t identify. He told me his name was Michael Sarano and that he worked for the CIA on cases involving the FTC. He gave me his badge number. “I’m going to need more than that,” I said. “I have no reason to believe that any of what you’re saying is real.”

“I completely understand,” he said calmly. He told me to go to the FTC home page and look up the main phone number. “Now hang up the phone, and I will call you from that number right now.” I did as he said. The FTC number flashed on my screen, and I picked up. “How do I know you’re not just spoofing this?” I asked.

“It’s a government number,” he said, almost indignant. “It cannot be spoofed.” I wasn’t sure if this was true and tried Googling it, but Michael was already onto his next point. He told me the call was being recorded, so I put him on speaker and began recording on my end, too. He wanted to know if I had told anyone what was going on.

I admitted that I had texted my husband. “You must reassure him that everything is fine,” Michael said. “In many cases like this, we have to investigate the spouse as well, and the less he knows, the less he is implicated. From now on, you have to follow protocol if you want us to help you.”

“I don’t think I should lie to my husband,” I said, feeling stupid.

“You are being investigated for major federal crimes,” he said. “By keeping your husband out of this, you are protecting him.” He then repeated the point Calvin had made about my phone and computer being hacked and monitored by the criminals who had stolen my identity.

By that point, my husband had sent me a series of concerned texts. “Don’t worry. It will be okay,” I wrote back. It felt gross to imagine a third party reading along.

Michael snowed me with the same stories Calvin had. They were consistent: the car on the Texas border, the property in New Mexico, the drugs, the bank accounts. He asked if I shared my residence with anyone besides my husband and son. Then he asked more questions about my family members, including my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law. He knew their names and where they lived. I told him they had nothing to do with this. In fact, I was now sure I wanted to consult a lawyer.

“If you talk to an attorney, I cannot help you anymore,” Michael said sternly. “You will be considered noncooperative. Your home will be raided, and your assets will be seized. You may be arrested. It’s your choice.” This seemed ludicrous. I pictured officers tramping in, taking my laptop, going through our bookshelves, questioning our neighbors, scaring my son. It was a nonstarter.

“Can I just come to your office and sort this out in person?” I said. “It’s getting late, and I need to take my son trick-or-treating soon.”

“My office is in Langley,” he said. “We don’t have enough time. We need to act immediately. I’m going to talk you through the process. It’s going to sound crazy, but we must follow protocol if we’re going to catch the people behind this.”

He explained that the CIA would need to freeze all the assets in my name, including my actual bank accounts. In the eyes of the law, there was no difference between the “real” and the fraudulent ones, he said. They would also deactivate my compromised Social Security number and get me a new one. Then, by monitoring any activity under my old Social Security number and accounts, they would catch the criminals who were using my identity and I would get my life back. But until then, I would need to use only cash for my day-to-day expenses.

It was far-fetched. Ridiculous. But also not completely out of the realm of possibility. “Do I have any other options?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” he said. “You must follow my directions very carefully. We do not have much time.”

He asked me how much cash I thought I would need to support myself for a year if necessary. My assets could be frozen for up to two years if the investigation dragged on, he added. There could be a trial; I might need to testify. These things take time. “I don’t know, $50,000?” I said. I wondered how I would receive paychecks without a bank account. Would I have to take time off from work? I did some mental calculations of how much my husband could float us and for how long.

“Okay,” he said. “You need to go to the bank and get that cash out now. You cannot tell them what it is for. In one of my last cases, the identity thief was someone who worked at the bank.”

Michael told me to keep the phone on speaker so we would remain in contact. “It’s important that I monitor where this money goes from now on. Remember, all of your assets are part of this investigation,” he said. Then he told me that one of his colleagues would meet me at my apartment at 5 p.m. to guide me through the next steps.

“You can’t send a complete stranger to my home,” I said, my voice rising. “My 2-year-old son will be here.”

“Let me worry about that,” he said. “It’s my job. But if you don’t cooperate, I cannot keep you safe. It is your choice.”

It’s impossible to explain why I accepted this logic. But I had been given marching orders and a deadline. My son would be home soon, and I had to fix this mess. I put on sneakers in case I needed to run. I brought a backpack for the cash. I felt both terrified and absurd.

It was jarring to see trick-or-treaters in my Brooklyn neighborhood, people going about their lives. The air was crisp, and dead leaves swirled on the ground. I was on high alert for anyone who might be following me. At one point, a man in sunglasses and a hoodie trailed me for a few blocks. At Michael’s suggestion, I ducked into a parking garage until he passed.

When I reached the bank, I told the guard I needed to make a large cash withdrawal and she sent me upstairs. Michael was on speakerphone in my pocket. I asked the teller for $50,000. The woman behind the thick glass window raised her eyebrows, disappeared into a back room, came back with a large metal box of $100 bills, and counted them out with a machine. Then she pushed the stacks of bills through the slot along with a sheet of paper warning me against scams. I thanked her and left.

Michael was bursting with praise. “You did a great job,” he said. “I have to go for a moment to see about the details of your case; I’m going to have you speak to my colleague if you have any questions.” He put a woman on the line. She was younger, with an accent I couldn’t identify. She told me to go home and await further instructions.

As I walked back to my apartment, something jolted me out of my trance, and I became furious. No government agency would establish this as “protocol.” It was preposterous. “I need to speak with Michael,” I told the woman on the phone. He got on right away. “I don’t even believe that you’re a CIA agent,” I said. “What you’re asking me to do is completely unreasonable.”

He sighed. “I’m sending you a photo of my badge right now,” he said. “I don’t know what else to tell you. You can trust me, and I will help you. Or you can hang up and put yourself and your family in danger. Do you really want to take that risk with a young child?”

My Two Cents

How to protect yourself against scams, what charlotte cowles wishes she’d known..

I waited for a stoplight at a busy intersection. I could see my apartment window from where I stood. My son was playing inside with a neighbor’s daughter and their nanny. A picture of Michael’s badge appeared on my phone. I had no way of verifying it; it could easily have been Photoshopped. “I don’t trust you at all,” I said to Michael. “But it doesn’t seem like I have any other choice.”

When I got home, Michael told me to get a box, put the cash in it, take a picture of it, then tape it shut. I found a floral-printed shoe box that had once contained a pair of slippers I’d bought for myself — a frivolous purchase that now seemed mortifying. Michael told me to label it with my name, my case number, my address, a locker number he read to me, and my signature. Then he directed me to take another picture of the labeled box and text it to him.

“My colleague will be there soon. He is an undercover CIA agent, and he will secure the money for you,” he said. What exactly would that entail? I asked. “Tonight, we will close down your Social Security number, and you will lose access to your bank accounts,” he explained. “Tomorrow, you’ll need to go to the Social Security office and get a new Social Security number. We’ll secure this money for you in a government locker and hand-deliver a Treasury check for the same amount. You can cash the check and use it for your expenses until the investigation is over.”

“Why can’t I just use this cash?” I asked. “Why do you have to take it and give me a check?”

“Because all of your assets under your current identity are part of the investigation,” he said. “You are being charged with money laundering. If we secure this cash and then issue you a government check under your new Social Security number, that will be considered clean money.”

“I’ll need to see your colleague’s badge,” I said. “I’m not just going to give $50,000 of my money to someone I don’t know.”

“Undercover agents don’t carry badges,” he said, as if I’d asked the CIA to bring me a Happy Meal. “They’re undercover. Remember, you are probably being watched. The criminals cannot know that a CIA agent is there.”

In a twisted way, this made some amount of sense to me. Or maybe I had lost my grip on reality so completely that I was willing to resign myself to this new version of it. Most important, I didn’t know what else to do. Even if Michael wasn’t working for the CIA (which struck me as more and more likely), he was sending a man to our address. I felt a sickening dread that he might ask to come inside. If giving him this money would make him go away, I was ready to do it. I’d been on the phone for nearly five hours. I wanted to take my son trick-or-treating. I was exhausted.

Michael seemed to sense that I was flagging and asked if I’d had lunch. I hadn’t. He told me to eat something but keep him on the line; his agent was on the way to my address but running late. “You can meet him outside if that would make you more comfortable,” Michael said, and I felt relieved. While I gnawed on a granola bar at my desk, he got chatty and asked about my job. I told him I was going to Washington, D.C., later that week. “Oh, great. You could come to my office in Langley,” he said. “Where are you staying?”

A little after 6 p.m., Michael told me to go downstairs. His colleague was arriving. My husband had just come home from work and was reading to our son. “What’s going on? Is everything okay?” he asked as I put my coat on. I motioned to the phone and shushed him. Then I whispered, “I have to go downstairs and meet a guy who’s helping with the identity-theft case. I’ll explain more later.” He frowned and silently mouthed, “What?” I told him I had to go.

I met the SUV at the curb and put the money in the back seat. It was 6:06 p.m. Even if I’d tried to see who was driving, the windows were tinted and it was dusk. He maybe wore a baseball cap. When I turned around, I could see the backlit faces of my husband and son watching from our apartment nine stories above.

As I walked back inside, Michael texted me a photo of a Treasury check made out to me for $50,000 and told me a hard copy would be hand-delivered to me in the morning. He was working on setting up my appointment with the Social Security office. “You will receive a confirmation text shortly,” he said. “Stay on the line until you do.” I felt oddly comforted by this. An appointment would give me something legitimate, an actual connection to a government agency.

I took my son trick-or-treating, my phone on speaker in my pocket. I felt numb, almost in a fugue state, smiling and chatting with my neighbors and their kids. At one point, I checked to see if Michael was still there; his female colleague answered and said he’d be back soon. Then, when we got home and I checked again, the line was dead. I panicked and called back. The woman answered. “Michael is busy,” she said. “He’ll call you in the morning.”

I was confused. Did this mean I didn’t have a Social Security number at all anymore? I pictured myself floating, identity-less. “Do I have an appointment at the Social Security office?” I asked.

“Michael will call you tomorrow,” she repeated. “He hasn’t been able to secure your appointment yet. The Social Security office is closed now.”

I went into my bedroom and shut the door, feeling my face grow hot. I had a physical sensation of scales falling from my eyes; the room shimmered around me, spots raining from the ceiling. I saw the whole day peel away, like the layers of an onion — Michael, the FTC officer, the Amazon call — revealing my real life, raw and exposed, at the center. “Oh my God,” I said, my hands tingling. “You are lying to me. Michael was lying. You just took my money and I’m never getting it back.” That wasn’t true, the woman said. She understood that I was upset. She was sorry. Everything would be fine. “You’re a fucking liar,” I hissed, and hung up.

Through choking sobs, I told my husband what had happened. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, incredulous. “I would have stopped you.” That I’d been trying to protect him suddenly seemed so idiotic I couldn’t even say it out loud. Our son looked on, confused. “Mama’s sad,” he announced, clinging to my leg. We put him to bed and then I called my parents and my brother. At their urging, I called 911. Around 10:30 p.m., three police officers came over and took my statement. I struggled to recount what I’d done; it seemed like a bad dream. I felt like a fool.

“No government agency will ever ask you for money,” one cop informed me, as if I’d never heard it before. I wanted to scream, “I know. ” Instead, I said, “It didn’t really feel like he was asking.”

The police told me not to worry; the scammers wouldn’t be back. “They got what they wanted,” another officer said, as though it would reassure me. I gave them the photos and recordings I had. They promised to check traffic cameras for the car that had taken the money.

When I woke up the next morning, a few seconds passed before I remembered the previous day. I was my old self, in my old bed, milky dawn light on the walls. Then it all came crashing back, a fresh humiliation, and I curled into the fetal position. I felt violated, unreliable; I couldn’t trust myself. Were my tendencies toward people-pleasing, rule following, and conflict aversion far worse than I’d ever thought, even pathological? I imagined other people’s reactions. She’s always been a little careless. She seems unhinged. I considered keeping the whole thing a secret. I worried it would harm my professional reputation. I still do.

In the days that followed, I kept revisiting the fake world of that afternoon, slipping through a portal into an alternate life. I would get paranoid that someone was reading my texts, watching me as I took my son to school, or using my Social Security number to wire money and rent cars. It was a relief that I wasn’t actually in trouble with the law, but then again — I’d lost $50,000 and I wasn’t getting it back. I checked my accounts and credit cards obsessively. I called my bank. They gave me instructions to freeze my credit, file reports with the FBI and FTC, and run anti-virus software on my laptop to check for malware, which I did. I cried a lot. My husband felt helpless; he still doesn’t like to talk about it. Instead, he researched new locks for our doors and looked into security cameras. One night I shook him awake, convinced that someone was trying to break in. “It’s only the wind,” he said. “We’re safe.”

Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money. It took me years to save, stashing away a few thousand every time I got paid for a big project. Part of it was money I had received from my grandfather, an inheritance he took great pains to set up for his grandchildren before his death. Sometimes I imagine how I would have spent it if I had to get rid of it in a day. I could have paid for over a year’s worth of child care up front. I could have put it toward the master’s degree I’ve always wanted. I could have housed multiple families for months. Perhaps, inadvertently, I am; I occasionally wonder what the scammers did with it.

Because I had set it aside for emergencies and taxes, it was money I tried to pretend I didn’t have — it wasn’t for spending. Initially, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to afford my taxes this year, but then my accountant told me I could write off losses due to theft. So from a financial standpoint, I’ll survive, as long as I don’t have another emergency — a real one — anytime soon.

When I did tell friends what had happened, it seemed like everyone had a horror story. One friend’s dad, a criminal-defense attorney, had been scammed out of $1.2 million. Another person I know, a real-estate developer, was duped into wiring $450,000 to someone posing as one of his contractors. Someone else knew a Wall Street executive who had been conned into draining her 401(k) by some guy she met at a bar.

I felt a guilty sense of consolation whenever I heard about a scam involving someone I respected. If this could happen to them, maybe I wasn’t such a moron. As a journalist, it’s my instinct to research and talk to experts, so I dove into books and podcasts about scams, desperate to make sense of my own. I had known that fraud was on the rise but was shocked to learn the numbers — financial losses ballooned by more than 30 percent in 2022. I read that self-laceration is typical; half of victims blame themselves for being gullible, and most experience serious anxiety, depression, or other stress-related health problems afterward. I heard about victim support groups. I went to therapy.

When I discovered that Katie Gatti Tassin, a personal-finance expert who writes the popular Money With Katie newsletter, lost $8,000 five years ago to a grandmotherly-sounding woman pretending to call from Tassin’s credit union, I called her to ask how she’d coped. “Everyone was so patronizing,” she told me. “The response was basically ‘It’s your fault that this happened.’”

If I had to pinpoint a moment that made me think my scammers were legitimate, it was probably when they read me my Social Security number. Now I know that all kinds of personal information — your email address, your kids’ names and birthdays, even your pets’ names — are commonly sold on the dark web. Of course, the scammers could also have learned about my son from a 30-second perusal of my Instagram feed.

It was my brother, the lawyer, who pointed out that what I had experienced sounded a lot like a coerced confession. “I read enough transcripts of bad interrogations in law school to understand that anyone can be convinced that they have a very narrow set of terrible options,” he said. When I posed this theory to Saul Kassin, a psychology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who studies coerced confessions, he agreed. “If someone is trying to get you to be compliant, they do it incrementally, in a series of small steps that take you farther and farther from what you know to be true,” he said. “It’s not about breaking the will. They were altering the sense of reality.” And when you haven’t done anything wrong, the risk of cooperating feels minimal, he added. An innocent person thinks everything will get sorted out. It also mattered that I was kept on the phone for so long. People start to break down cognitively after a few hours of interrogation. “At that point, they’re not thinking straight. They feel the need to put an end to the situation at all costs,” Kassin said.

I wondered how often scammers are caught and about the guy who’d driven the car to my apartment. But when I asked experts, they doubted he’d be a meaningful lead. One pointed out that he might have been a courier who was told to come pick up a box.

I still don’t believe that what happened to me could happen to anyone, but I’m starting to realize that I’m not uniquely fallible. Several friends felt strongly that if the scammers hadn’t mentioned my son, I would never have fallen for this. They’re right that I’d be willing to do — or pay — anything to protect him. Either way, I have to accept that someone waged psychological warfare on me, and I lost. For now, I just don’t answer my phone.

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Ielts essay 1140 - government is wasting money on the arts, ielts writing task 2/ ielts essay:, some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and this money could be better spent elsewhere..

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IELTS Writing Task 2 : Money (Opinion Essay)

Some people think the money spent on developing the technology for space exploration is not justified. There are more beneficial ways to spend this money.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer :

Some people believe that there are far better ways to spend the money that is allocated to space exploration. I completely agree with this statement and feel that protecting the environment and ensuring that every person on earth has a decent standard of living are far more important issues that need addressing.

Firstly, not all countries have space exploration programs. Only countries with huge economies, such as America, Russia, China, and Japan, can afford to fund such programs. However, the money that is spent on these programs is considerably large and could be far better used for other purposes, in particular, addressing environmental issues. It is undeniable that humans are polluting the planet and destroying the environment at a rapid rate, and there seems to be no real action in place to prevent a global environmental catastrophe from occurring in the near future. The billions of dollars that are being spent on space exploration every year could be used to fund programs aimed at restoring the environment so that future generations have a healthy and safe planet to live on.

Furthermore, while there are millions of people around the world who do not have enough food to eat each day or a decent home to live in, spending billions of dollars on space exploration programs seems to be ludicrous. Instead, these billions of dollars could make a huge difference in the lives of millions by funding programs designed to help educate, feed, and house the disadvantaged, impoverished, and sick people of the world, which would be far more significant than the benefits that may be acquired from space exploration. We could spend billions of dollars and many years exploring space but gain nothing from it, while in the same period of time that money could improve the lives of millions of people.

In conclusion, I believe that although there may be some benefit in space exploration, until the issues of the environment and poverty on the planet are completely addressed, funding for space exploration should be absolutely minimised.

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Writing task 2: animal species become extinct, writing task 2: the government should spend money putting more works of art, writing task 2: benefit on a ban on all forms of advertising, ielts app - mobile.

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how to save money

How to Save Money? - 15 Tips for Students

essay writing spend money

Student years are the happiest, according to almost 100% of former students. However, many of those who think so cannot but agree that this time is also the most complicated. Many students probably fail to make everything in time. In this case, let a good essay writer service lend you a hand with academic assignments while you are dealing with your curriculum.  

Renting an apartment or paying for a dormitory, living expenses, and tuition is almost always covered by the parents. But at this age, you want to feel free. And for many students, it lies in a substantial amount of finance that neither parents nor a part-time job can provide. So how to save money in college? The tips on saving money from our custom essay service will help you control your funds better so that you have free money for something significant and necessary every month.

essay writing spend money

Money Saving Tips

If you are still wondering how to save money fast, here are the 15 saving ideas that we have listed among our college budgeting tips that may help:

money saving tips

  • So one of the best ways to save money is to start cooking - This will help you save a lot on your visits to cafes and restaurants. And the food you cook yourself is healthier and more delicious. If you still want to celebrate a memorable date or spend time with a noisy company of friends, try to buy drinks in stores and relax at home. Then you will not have to overpay in establishments because the prices for food and alcohol in bars and restaurants are higher than in the nearest convenience store or in a hypermarket.
  • Another trick to save money is to bring your lunch - Lunch boxes do not take up much space in your carry-on luggage, and meals that were stored in the refrigerator overnight do not spoil from morning to lunch. For example, salads dressed with mayonnaise can be stored for up to five hours out of the refrigerator, fried or stewed meat, and chicken for up to six. It is more profitable to carry lunch with you, even if you do not know how to cook and use semi-finished products.
  • Walk more - It is a popular point among all cheap living tips. Spending on taxis, gasoline, or using car rentals doesn’t sound that nice if you compare it all to spending time having some fresh air. Additionally, you can save on a subscription to a fitness club. If you are a student, then your trip to the university is worth a penny. This is a perfect way to cut your expenses. 
  • Do proper save money planning by paying attention to different discounts, sales, or promotions. When it comes to food, you need to pay attention because expired goods may harm your health. Talking about the looks, you can still look good buying something for less money. If you often order essays , check out the discounts we offer to our regular customers.
  • Student life is unthinkable without some proper rest - nightclubs, cinema, and other types of entertainment. Saving money every week won’t allow you to spend some quality time, but if you arrange something for yourself a few times a month, it won’t do any harm. The entertainment can be cheap and allow you to enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money, so that you could still stick to the saving money plan.
  • Moving on with the money saving life hacks - You need to find the correct way to manage your finances. Try to divide the sum you have for a month equally for each week and do not spend more than you have. But try not to carry all the sum you have for a month. You won’t even notice how all the big bills become smaller and smaller.
  • If you buy food from the market, rather than from the supermarkets, you can bargain with the vendors, saving you some money.
  • Making a shopping list for a month - Such a simple way of saving is contemptuously rejected by many, but in vain. Buying from the list, first of all, you are more or less insured against impulsive purchases (like a massive pack of chips, M & Ms for the promotion, and a bucket of ice cream that you will eat on the very first evening). It is these expenses that subtly undermine the budget. Secondly, you take the food you need in the right amount.
  • Before deciding to buy a book, check out if it’s available on the Web. Now you can download a lot of literature for free. In case you couldn’t find anything, you can always use the library.
  • Share an apartment with your friends - This is probably the best way to save for college. Living in a hostel is not suitable for all students, and renting an apartment in a big city will cost a pretty penny. But there’s no reason to be upset: you can always offer some good friends to share an apartment. Although they will remotely resemble a hostel, the conditions in such housing will be more free space here.
  • Finding a part-time job - A full-time job is usually not beneficial to students’ academic performance. However, you are unlikely to be able to live on one scholarship. Job websites and recruiting agencies can help you find the right job. Temporary work will make it easier to adapt to adult life conditions and hone the professional skills acquired at the university.
  • Save up getting rid of unnecessary things - Freshmen who have just entered their student days strive to save money just like you. You have accumulated many textbooks, lecture notes, and materials for preparing for exams during your studies. Young students are full of the excitement of youthful maximalism and the desire to gain knowledge in all possible ways, so they will gladly buy things from you.
  • One more saving advice that is not that obvious is to choose your credit cards wisely - If you cannot avoid the debt, choose a credit card with an interest-free period, with monthly interest on the balance of funds, with the ability to receive discounts in stores when paying with this card. And never delay your monthly payments. The longer you “stretch” your credit card debt, the more it costs you. Interest rates on consumer loans are high. Try to pay off the monthly payment as high as possible. And never take loans in the future. Student loans are a giant trap that will ruin all your money saving techniques.
  • Cashback platforms - This is one of the easy ways to save money. When you pay for essay online, it is almost always possible to get some of the money back using cashback services. Cashback appeared to tie a client to himself, providing him with additional “buns”. It works roughly like bonus points awarded for purchase - only instead of bonuses, you get real money. Sometimes the share reaches 30%: companies are ready to work with zero or negative, to get a client.
  • Fitness app - There is always no money and free time for students. So here is the last of our money tips. Most young people, of course, want to look good. What if there is no way to visit the fitness club? Download the 7 Minute Workout application (IOS, Android), which allows you to perform a set of seven-minute exercises at home without special equipment.  

By following all these simple rules, you will learn the best ways to save money fast, know how to use it properly, and even put it in your stash. This will bring many rewarding experiences in the future. Don't forget to find out our paper topic generator for your essay ideas on our service.

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Term paper done up to a highest standard, no revisions, perfect communication. 10s across the board!!!!!!!

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Sometimes I wonder if Michael is secretly a professor because he literally knows everything. HE DID SO WELL THAT MY PROF SHOWED MY PAPER AS AN EXAMPLE. unbelievable, many thanks

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It is Better to Save Money Than to Spend It- IELTS Writing Task 2

Janice Thompson

Updated On Dec 09, 2021

essay writing spend money

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It is Better to Save Money Than to Spend It- IELTS Writing Task 2

Limited-Time Offer : Access a FREE 10-Day IELTS Study Plan!

It is better to save money than to spend it. How far do you agree with this statement? Is saving more important than spending in today’s world?

Direct Question Essay


Sentences 1&2 – Paraphrase the topic with the use of synonyms. Create a base understanding for the reader, something to expand on in the essay.

Sentence 3 – State that the essay will understand how saving is necessary, but not the final step.

Body Paragraphs

Paragraph 1 – Elucidate how saving is important, and how it impacts a person’s life. Quickly mention the next step, that is investing, and how investing often triumphs saving as a practice.

Paragraph 2 – Explain the difficulty in knowing which is better than the other, so talk about what happens when people start saving more, and then show a glimpse of what happens when carefree spending takes place.

Summarize the essay and restate your views.

Sample Essay

It is often preached that saving your money is much better than spending it. There are indications that partly agree with the sentence while adding onto the points cognate to it. This essay will focus on these two pointers.

Practicing financial discipline is a must if someone wants a carefree future. Saving is the initial step to financial discipline, but not the last one. Here, the 70-30 rule is often applied, which instructs one to save seventy to spend thirty out of the possible hundred bucks earned. Out of the seventy you keep, an individual must invest about fifty in order to grow substantial wealth. People feel that saving is necessary, but investing your money in mutual funds and equity is more important as it prepares you for the future. Nonetheless, saving is seen as the first step to investing. Hence one cannot deny its importance.

Saving and spending have their own perks and disadvantages, and one cannot be determined as better than the other. For instance, if people start saving more and more and curb their expenditure, the government will face a cash flow shortage, which will result in an upheaval of its citizens. On the other hand, careless spending can result in bankruptcy and debt.

So, there needs to be a delicate balance between saving and spending and a sense as to what to do when. It usually comes with experience, but one can educate himself in this scenario. Hence, one cannot ascertain which is better, but one can undoubtedly practice both spending and saving judiciously.

Meaning – earnestly advocate. Example – Many industrial leaders preach that persistence, dedication, and hardwork are the keys to success.

Meaning – related; connected. Example – The concept of heat and radiation is cognated to physics.

Meaning – free from anxiety or responsibility. Example – Ramesh lives a carefree life and travels around the world.

  • Substantial 

Meaning – of considerable importance, size, or worth. Example – He inherited substantial wealth from his father.

Meaning – the value of the shares issued by a company; ownership. Example – Investing in equity gives dividends in the long run.

Meaning – stop; cease. Example – Since his diabetes was known, Ronnie has curbed his sugar intake completely.

  • Expenditure

Meaning – the action of spending funds. Example – Rajiv has increased his expenditure to renovate his home.

Meaning – a violent or sudden change or disruption to something. Example – There is a state of political upheaval in some states.

Meaning – a legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay their outstanding debts. Example – His company, unable to pay money to its lenders, is heading towards bankruptcy.

  • Ascertain  

Meaning – find (something) out for certain; make sure of. Example – Many people tried to ascertain the appropriate route to the summit of Mt. Everest before it was climbed.

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Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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Nowadays Both Men And Women Spend Much Money On Beauty Care | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

by Manjusha Nambiar · Published January 12, 2020 · Updated April 27, 2023

Nowadays both men and women spend much money on beauty care. This was not so in the past. What may be the root cause of this behavior?  Discuss the reasons and possible results.

Here is a band 8 essay sample on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is true that these days people are spending / expending a bigger proportion of their money on beauty care than ever before. Although there are some negative consequences to this, men and women can take certain steps to mitigate the potential problems caused by this.

There are several reasons behind this. For example, people want to look like celebrities and gain more popularity among their social circle so they invest in cosmetics. Over the last two decades, the digital innovation has led to the creation of highly influential channels like Facebook, Instagram. Consequently, people have too much exposure to film and sports stars and want to copy their looks.

Advertising companies are taking advantage of the digital revolution and make popular faces as a brand ambassador to promote their product. They pay exorbitant amounts of money to celebrities with the objective of attracting more buyers. People use multiple personal care products for grooming themselves in order to look like a cinema star. There is a general perception that good looking faces will turn heads and get praised and this makes men and women wanting to look better. Discrimination between good looking and non-good looking is yet another reason that people spend money on grooming products. Beautiful people get attention everywhere and this encourages everyone to want to look good.

To protect young people from such negative influences it is essential to teach them to accept themselves the way they are. It is also essential to inform people that the perfect look of celebrities is not real and is actually a result of using excessive makeup and filters.  In addition, natural looks should be promoted everywhere and everyone should learn to accept others irrespective of their flaws.

In conclusion, in order to look more like celebs and get complimented people today spend a lot of money for personal care products and this can be reduced by creating general awareness and promoting natural beauty.

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essay writing spend money

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essay writing spend money

Undoubtedly, both the gender spend a large sum of money in order to have good-looking, bt ie was not the case in the past, they never spend a single penny on beauty care. This trend is mainly because nowadays people earn a handful of money so they spend to have a pretty face. Also, this behaviour has been developed because it is totally true that extremely beautiful faces easily get a job. Eventually, this attitude may result in extreme debt. Firstly, it is not surprising that the beauty of a person is naturally a god gift, however, a majority of people spend a huge amount to enhance their beauty. The predominant cause for this attitude is currently people earn handsome of money when compared to past. In our ancestor time, people’s income was just enough to fulfil their basic needs including food, shelter and clothing whereas nowadays most of the people have lucrative job and are receiving higher wages so they include beauty care is also one of their fundamental need hence they spend at least one-fifth ratio in their income.for instance, The Times, reported in March 2018 that people spend 20percent of their monthly wages to maintain beauty. Another reason is most of the job are available for pretty faces. In other words, it is true that people who have a gorgeous look it is easy to find employment. As a result beauty care has become a prime concern for both men and women. For instance, air hostees job, a receptionist at an exotic hotel and in modelling carrier all requires a pretty face. Eventually, this trend might push the people to into a cycle of great debt. This is to say that, when both men and women spend a lot of amount out of their boundaries may result in extreme debt and due to pressure from the lender they might comite suicide as well. For instance, The Hindu Times reported on the last weekend that 10 per cent of people committed suicide because of severe debt. In conclusion, in the past, people never care about their beauty, but presently both gender becomes an extremely beauty conscious, this trend is mainly due to financial stability and availability of employment opportunities. As a result, people may face debt and due to tremendous pressure, many youngsters might end up their life

essay writing spend money

This seems band 6.5 to me.

essay writing spend money

Standards of beauty have been through tremendous change in the past few decades. They have undergone a prominent shift from the past definition of beauty, and both genders spend significant amounts of money on beauty enhancements, in comparison to the past.

There are various reasons for this drastic change in behaviour. The key reason for this change in pattern is that individuals try to imitate their beloved celebrities from the entertainment industry. There is ample scientific evidence to bolster the unequivocal and irrefutable argument that, people try to role model their favourite celebrities, and end up spending more money on beauty enhancements, and cosmetic surgeries. Numerous celebrities are available on social media applications, promoting various skin care products, hair styling machines, and cosmetics. People are thrilled to purchase products for whom their style icons are brand ambassadors, irrespective of whether the beauty product meets consumer standards or not. Secondly, skin and hair care clinics have seen a major growth in the past few decades, which has resulted in more outlets available within a small radius.

This change in pattern has led to major impact on the psyche of people. With tremendous focus on beauty standards, people end up buying unnecessary items at a very high cost, increasing their credit card bills. Additionally, people are spending ample amounts of time on purchasing beauty products. Moreover, people end up comparing themselves with other celebrities, resulting in lowered self-worth and self-esteem. This impacts the overall mental and social well-being of people.

To conclude, majority of people nowadays spend significant amount of resources on their physical appearance as compared to the past. The major reason being role modelling their favourite celebrities and immense availability of beauty clinics in every corner. This has major drawbacks and has resulted in impacting the overall wellbeing of individuals and depletion of their financial resources and time.

This seems band 7 to me.

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Essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration

Students are often asked to write an essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration

Space exploration: an investment in our future.

We must continue to spend money on space exploration because it is an investment in our future. The benefits of space exploration far outweigh the costs.

Space exploration helps us learn more about our universe. By exploring space, we can learn about the origins of our solar system, the possibilities of life beyond Earth, and the mysteries of black holes. This knowledge can help us better understand our place in the universe and how we can live more sustainably on Earth. Even if we never find another planet that can sustain life, the search will have taught us more about our planet and how to protect it.

Space exploration also helps us develop new technologies. The challenges of space travel have driven innovation in many areas, such as rocket propulsion, materials science, and life support systems. These technologies have then been adapted for use on Earth, leading to improvements in everything from weather forecasting to medical imaging.

250 Words Essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration

Exploring the universe: a worthwhile investment.

Space exploration is an exciting and awe-inspiring endeavor that has captivated the imaginations of people around the world. It is a journey of discovery that has led to groundbreaking advancements in science and technology, and has the potential to unlock even more benefits for humanity.

Unlocking Scientific Knowledge

By exploring space, we gain invaluable knowledge about the universe and our place in it. We learn about the origins of life, the composition of planets and stars, and the forces that shape our universe. This knowledge not only satisfies our curiosity but also has practical applications in fields such as medicine, engineering, and agriculture.

Driving Technological Innovation

Space exploration pushes the boundaries of human ingenuity and drives technological advancements. The challenges of space travel have led to the development of new materials, energy sources, and communication systems that have revolutionized entire industries. Innovations born from space exploration have improved our lives on Earth, from weather forecasting and satellite communications to medical imaging and GPS technology.

Inspiring Future Generations

Space exploration is a powerful force for inspiration and education. It captures the imagination of young people and sparks their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). By investing in space exploration, we invest in the future of our children and help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Conclusion: A Journey Worth Taking

Space exploration is a worthwhile investment that benefits humanity in numerous ways. It expands our knowledge of the universe, drives technological innovation, and inspires future generations. While it may seem like a distant and expensive endeavor, the long-term rewards are immeasurable. As we continue our journey into the cosmos, we unlock the mysteries of the universe and create a better future for all.

500 Words Essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration

Space exploration: a beneficial investment.

Space exploration is a topic that can ignite wonder, curiosity, and debate. While some may question the value of investing in space exploration, there are compelling reasons why it is a worthwhile endeavor. In this essay, we will explore the various ways in which spending money on space exploration can benefit humanity.

Scientific Discoveries:

Space exploration serves as a platform for scientific discoveries that have far-reaching implications for our understanding of the universe. By venturing into the vast expanse beyond Earth, scientists can study cosmic phenomena, unravel mysteries of planetary formation, and potentially find life beyond our planet. These discoveries not only expand our knowledge but also challenge our perspectives and deepen our appreciation for the universe’s wonders.

Technological Advancements:

Space exploration drives technological advancements that have tangible benefits on Earth. The challenges of space travel have led to the development of innovative technologies that have found applications in various fields. For instance, advancements in rocket propulsion have led to improvements in aircraft engines, while satellite technology has revolutionized communication, navigation, and weather forecasting. Space exploration acts as a catalyst for pushing the boundaries of human ingenuity and innovation.

Economic Opportunities:

The pursuit of space exploration generates economic opportunities and stimulates industries. Space-related activities, such as satellite manufacturing, space tourism, and asteroid mining, have the potential to create new jobs and boost economic growth. Furthermore, space exploration leads to partnerships between governments, research institutions, and private companies, fostering collaboration and driving economic prosperity.

National Prestige:

Space exploration holds great significance in terms of national prestige and international cooperation. Successful space missions and achievements are often seen as symbols of a nation’s technological prowess and scientific capabilities. This, in turn, can enhance a country’s standing on the global stage and strengthen diplomatic relations. Moreover, space exploration can promote peaceful collaboration among nations, fostering understanding and cooperation in the pursuit of common goals.

Inspiring Future Generations:

Space exploration has the power to inspire and captivate people of all ages, particularly young students. witnessing awe-inspiring images of distant planets, galaxies, and celestial events can spark a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Space exploration can ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity, encouraging young minds to pursue careers in STEM fields and contribute to future scientific advancements.

In conclusion, spending money on space exploration is a worthwhile investment that yields scientific discoveries, technological advancements, economic opportunities, national prestige, and inspiration for future generations. By venturing into the vast expanse beyond Earth, humanity can unlock the secrets of the universe and make significant strides in various fields. Space exploration is not merely an extravagant pursuit; it is an investment in our future and a testament to our insatiable curiosity about the universe we inhabit.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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FACT SHEET: President   Biden Cancels Student Debt for more than 150,000 Student Loan Borrowers Ahead of   Schedule

Today, President Biden announced the approval of $1.2 billion in student debt cancellation for almost 153,000 borrowers currently enrolled in the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) repayment plan. The Biden-Harris Administration has now approved nearly $138 billion in student debt cancellation for almost 3.9 million borrowers through more than two dozen executive actions. The borrowers receiving relief are the first to benefit from a SAVE plan policy that provides debt forgiveness to borrowers who have been in repayment after as little as 10 years and took out $12,000 or less in student loans. Originally planned for July, the Biden-Harris Administration implemented this provision of SAVE and is providing relief to borrowers nearly six months ahead of schedule.

From Day One of his Administration, President Biden vowed to fix the student loan system and make sure higher education is a pathway to the middle class – not a barrier to opportunity. Already, the President has cancelled more student debt than any President in history – delivering lifechanging relief to students and families – and has created the most affordable student loan repayment plan ever: the SAVE plan. While Republicans in Congress and their allies try to block President Biden every step of the way, the Biden-Harris Administration continues to cancel student debt for millions of borrowers, and is leaving no stone unturned in the fight to give more borrowers breathing room on their student loans.

Thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration’s SAVE plan, starting today, the Administration will be cancelling debt for borrowers who are enrolled in the SAVE plan, have been in repayment for at least 10 years and took out $12,000 or less in loans for college. For every additional $1,000 a borrower initially borrowed, they will receive relief after an additional year of payments. For example, a borrower enrolled in SAVE who took out $14,000 or less in federal loans to earn an associate’s degree in biotechnology would receive full debt relief starting this week if they have been in repayment for 12 years. The U.S. Department of Education (Department) identified nearly 153,000 borrowers who are enrolled in SAVE plan who will have their debt cancelled starting this week, and those borrowers will receive an email today from President Biden informing them of their imminent relief. Next week, the Department of Education will also be reaching out directly to borrowers who are eligible for early relief but not currently enrolled in the SAVE Plan to encourage them to enroll as soon as possible. This shortened time to forgiveness will particularly help community college and other borrowers with smaller loans and put many on track to being free of student debt faster than ever before. Under the Biden-Harris Administration’s SAVE plan, 85 percent of future community college borrowers will be debt free within 10 years. The Department will continue to regularly identify and discharge other borrowers eligible for relief under this provision on SAVE. Over four million borrowers have a $0 monthly payment under the SAVE Plan Last year, President Biden launched the SAVE plan – the most affordable repayment plan ever. Under the SAVE plan, monthly payments are based on a borrower’s income and family size, not their loan balance. The SAVE plan ensures that if borrowers are making their monthly payments, their balances cannot grow because of unpaid interest. And, starting in July, undergraduate loan payments will be cut in half, capping a borrower’s loan payment at 5% of their discretionary income. Already, 7.5 million borrowers are enrolled in the SAVE Plan, and 4.3 million borrowers have a $0 monthly payment.  

Today, the White House Council of Economic Advisers released an issue brief highlighting how low and middle-income borrowers enrolled in SAVE could see significant saving in terms of interest saved over time and principal forgiven as a result of SAVE’s early forgiveness provisions.

essay writing spend money

President Biden’s Administration has approved student debt relief for nearly 3.9 million Americans through various actions

Today’s announcement builds on the Biden-Harris Administration’s track record of taking historic action to cancel student debt for millions of borrowers. Since taking office, the Biden-Harris Administration has approved debt cancellation for nearly 3.9 million Americans, totaling almost $138 billion in debt relief through various actions. This relief has given borrowers critical breathing room in their daily lives, allowing them to afford other expenses, buy homes, start businesses, or pursue dreams they had to put on hold because of the burden of student loan debt. President Biden remains committed to providing debt relief to as many borrowers as possible, and won’t stop fighting to deliver relief to more Americans.

The Biden-Harris Administration has also taken historic steps to improve the student loan program and make higher education more affordable for more Americans, including:

  • Achieving the largest increases in Pell Grants in over a decade to help families who earn less than $60,000 a year achieve their higher-education goals.
  • Fixing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program so that borrowers who go into public service get the debt relief they’re entitled to under the law. Before President Biden took office, only 7,000 people ever received debt relief through PSLF. After fixing the program, the Biden-Harris Administration has now cancelled student loan debt for nearly 800,000 public service workers.
  • Cancelling student loan debt for more than 930,000 borrowers who have been in repayment for over 20 years but never got the relief they earned because of administrative failures with Income-Driven Repayment Plans.
  • Pursuing an alternative path to deliver student debt relief to as many borrowers as possible in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision striking down the Administration’s original debt relief plan. Last week, the Department of Education released proposed regulatory text to cancel student debt for borrowers who are experiencing hardship paying back their student loans, and late last year released proposals to cancel student debt for borrowers who: owe more than they borrowed, first entered repayment 20 or 25 years ago, attended low quality programs, and who would be eligible for loan forgiveness through income-driven repayment programs like SAVE but have not applied.
  • Holding colleges accountable for leaving students with unaffordable debts.

It’s easy to enroll in SAVE. Borrowers should go to studentaid.gov/save to start saving.  

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Why the Case Against Fani Willis Feels Familiar to Black Women

In interviews, professional women were dismayed by the personal attacks on the Georgia prosecutor, but not surprised.

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A portrait of Fani Willis, the district attorney of Futon County, Ga.

By Clyde McGrady and Katie Glueck

Tangala L. Hollis-Palmer felt a sense of pride when she learned that Fani T. Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County, Ga., and one of the nation’s few elected Black female prosecutors, would lead the election interference case against former President Donald J. Trump.

Listen to This Article

Open this article in the New York Times Audio app on iOS.

But that pride would be tempered by dismay as news emerged of Ms. Willis’s personal relationship with a fellow prosecutor, Nathan J. Wade , an outside lawyer she hired to help run the case. Ms. Hollis-Palmer, a Black, 40-year-old attorney from Mississippi, is mostly upset at critics trying, she said, to discredit Ms. Willis. At first, she was skeptical of the allegations. But when Ms. Willis herself conceded the relationship, Ms. Hollis reserved some disappointment for the prosecutor who should have used a “little more discretion and a little better judgment,” she said.

Mr. Trump and several co-defendants are calling Ms. Willis’s hiring of Mr. Wade a conflict of interest and want Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade disqualified, potentially upending a critical case against the former president and doing grievous damage to Ms. Willis’s reputation.

“We just have to be so careful when we are in these positions to not give people the ammunition to come after us,” Ms. Hollis-Palmer said.

On Thursday, a Georgia judge is scheduled to hear evidence on the relationship between the two prosecutors.

A defense lawyer for one of Mr. Trump’s co-defendants argues that Ms. Willis’s hiring of Mr. Wade is a “form of self-dealing” that provides Ms. Willis with incentive to keep the case going.

Mr. Wade has earned more than $650,000 since his hiring in 2021 while also spending money on joint vacations he has taken with Ms. Willis, issues that will be central to the hearing this week. Ms. Willis has said that the costs of joint personal travel have been “divided roughly evenly” between her and Mr. Wade.

Interviews with a dozen Black women at varying stages of their careers found them to be painfully conflicted about Ms. Willis’s situation and her treatment in the public eye.

To many, there is something galling about watching Mr. Trump and his allies attack Ms. Willis over a consensual romantic relationship when he has faced accusations of sexual misconduct and assault. Mr. Trump was recently ordered by a Manhattan jury to pay $83.3 million to the writer E. Jean Carroll for defaming her after she accused him of a decades-old rape. A civil jury also found Mr. Trump liable for sexually abusing Ms. Carroll.

Some lamented Ms. Willis’s conduct as a mistake, but not one that should remove her from the case against Mr. Trump. Others, thinking about their own experiences in the workplace, suggested another concern: They feel that Black women are held to a different standard and that Ms. Willis should have known that her identity, along with the enormous political stakes of the case, would create a white-hot spotlight on her personal conduct.

“I can’t sit in judgment of her as a human being, but I can say, in terms of her role as a public prosecutor, yeah, she showed bad judgment,” said Donna Brazile, a former chair of the Democratic National Committee, adding that she had always kept a clear separation between her own personal and professional life with “a bright red line.”

She said Ms. Willis faced “vitriol” and “racial animus” as a woman of color in a position of power.

But, Ms. Brazile said, some of the attention is to be expected for a high-profile person involved in a high-profile case, especially one that concerns a former president of the United States.

“She is undergoing public scrutiny — she’s a public official,” Ms. Brazile said. “Comes with the territory.”

Jeff DiSantis, a spokesman for Ms. Willis’s office, declined to comment.

The discussions about race, gender and Ms. Willis’s dilemma have played out in group chats with text messages flying back and forth, in kitchen table discussions between couples and at student hangouts.

“We deal with the sexism as well as the racism,” Ms. Hollis-Palmer said. “But sometimes the sexism is a little worse.” She practices law with her husband and said that when they walk into a courtroom, people automatically assume that he’s the lead counsel. “A lot of times people have thought that I was his assistant,” she added.

When publicly discussing Ms. Willis’s predicament, some women of color have tried to walk a tightrope of empathy and anger.

Those conflicting feelings played out during a recent discussion on the daytime talk show “The View.”

“I’m very pissed off, too,” said the co-host Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, who is a Nicaraguan American. “Because when you are a woman of color in such a high-profile position, you know that the scrutiny that’s going to befall you is greater than on anybody else, and she needed to have kept her house clean.”

The co-host Sunny Hostin, who is Black and Latina, chimed in, “Your stuff cannot stink,” before adding that she agreed with Ms. Navarro-Cárdenas.

In some cases, the concerns about Ms. Willis’s treatment are balanced with uneasiness over how her behavior could jeopardize a potential Trump conviction.

“My initial reaction was that it seemed to be kind of a halfhearted attempt to get the entire case thrown out, which I thought was just an incredible stretch,” said Faith Udobang, 25, president of the University of Chicago Black Law Student Association.

But now she is worried that the misconduct accusations against Ms. Willis could delay the outcome until after the election.

“I believe the American people deserve to have adequate information once they go to the polls,” she said.

Some legal observers have said the attempts to disqualify Ms. Willis rest on shaky legal ground. They say the allegations against Ms. Willis have nothing to do with whether or not Mr. Trump interfered with the state’s election in 2020, and conspired to subvert the will of Georgia voters. But lawyers for defendants could use the misconduct allegations to undermine perceptions about the fairness of the prosecution by calling into question Ms. Willis’s judgment.

In a January address at one of Atlanta’s oldest Black churches, Ms. Willis suggested that her critics are playing the “race card.” She defended her hiring of Mr. Wade and said that his “impeccable credentials” were only being questioned because they are both Black.

“Obviously, it was in somebody’s interest to bring her down,” said the former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Democrat of Illinois and the first Black woman to serve in the Senate. “The fact that she’s a high-profile Black woman just means that she’s a bigger target.”

Others are less sure that race or gender are central to fueling the accusations, but instead argue that anyone in Ms. Willis’s position would be the target of personal attacks from Mr. Trump.

Luci Walker, a 54-year-old data analyst from Decatur, Ga., said she doesn’t believe Ms. Willis’s race or gender had played a role in the scrutiny.

“It would be some reason or another, but I think they might just be looking for excuses to get out of it, or to get her off the case,” Ms. Walker said.

Leah D. Daughtry, a veteran Democratic strategist, said that the focus on Ms. Willis’s personal life was, in some ways, in keeping with the kind of attention that follows many in public life. But there is an added complication for Black women, she said.

“There are people who will be emboldened and invigorated by the fact that she’s a Black woman and make it, then, their business to go further and farther than they may have gone,” she said. It is “easy to argue that white men are not often held to the same scrutiny.”

She pointed to the many accusations of misconduct Mr. Trump has faced, including from Ms. Carroll.

“No one made that a disqualifier,” she said of the current Republican presidential front-runner. “But for Fani Willis, the fact that she’s in a consensual relationship with another adult person somehow makes her disqualified, or unqualified, to continue the work that she’s been doing. In that sense there’s a double standard, absolutely.”

Glynda C. Carr, the leader of Higher Heights for America, an organization focused on engaging Black women in politics, said she had been raised with the idea that Black women must be “twice” as good to navigate challenging dynamics in the workplace.

“Yes, we have a playbook about how we have to be twice as better, that we have to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s,” she said. When the public thinks Black women have made a mistake, she added, they “fall harder on the sword.”

Audio produced by Patricia Sulbarán .

Clyde McGrady reports on how race and identity is shaping American culture. He is based in Washington. More about Clyde McGrady

Katie Glueck is a national political reporter. Previously, she was chief Metro political correspondent, and a lead reporter for The Times covering the Biden campaign. She also covered politics for McClatchy’s Washington bureau and for Politico. More about Katie Glueck

Our Coverage of the Trump Case in Georgia

Former president donald trump and 18 others face a sprawling series of charges for their roles in attempting to interfere in the state’s 2020 presidential election..

RICO Charges:  At the heart of the indictment in Georgia  are racketeering charges under the state Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act . Here’s why such charges  could prove to be a powerful tool for the prosecution .

Who Else Was Indicted?:   Rudy   Giuliani , who led legal efforts in several states to keep the former president in power, and Mark Meadows , the former White House chief of staff, were among the 18 Trump allies  charged in the case.

Plea Deals: Sidney K. Powell , Kenneth Chesebro  and Jenna Ellis  — three lawyers indicted with Trump in the case — pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors   against the former president.

Lt. Gov. Burt Jones: Since the indictment of Trump and his allies, a question has gone unanswered: Would charges also be filed against the longtime Trump supporter? It is now up to a state agency to find a special prosecutor to investigate him .


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    This is my IELTS writing task 2 sample answer essay on the topic of whether money for education should be spent on better computers or teachers from the real IELTS exam. Be sure to sign up for my full IELTS EBooks here to support my efforts to keep writing these essays for students: Patreon Ebooks. Dave. IELTS Essay: Money for Computers or Teachers

  11. Free Essay: How To Spend Money Wisely

    First, come up with a budget. Financial experts suggest you track your spending for a few months so that you start work on your budget knowing where your money is going. If you are bad about saving receipts for cash purchases, keep a notebook with you, to write down all cash purchases as you make them.

  12. How I Spent My Pocket Money, Essay Sample

    Writing an essay on what you would spend your money on? We can help. Go to EssayBasics.com to learn more about our essay writing services. We can help you express yourself by pairing you with a writer who has some experience in your chosen topic. Spend 6 Hours Writing or Order For $33 ?

  13. Sample Essay on How to Save Money: How to Be in Good Funds When You Are

    Students are always looking for ways to save money. Some turn to part-time jobs while others resort to reducing their expenditure. This is a sample essay on how to save money that could inspire you to write a masterpiece on this issue. The life of a college student is not as rosy as most people imagine it to be.

  14. IELTS Essay # 1110

    Write at least 250 words. Sample Answer 1: [Agreement] Every government wants to ensure a safe and fast commuting experience for its citizens and an efficient transportation system for trade facilities. Thus when the question arises if a government should focus on improving its railways rather than roads, many people tend to agree.

  15. 61 Money Writing Prompts and Ideas » JournalBuddies.com

    Creative writing prompts like these are awesome ways to help your students think through economics, ethics, goal setting, and how their childhood impacts the person they are today. Money is not just about wealth; it can be about family, community, charity, life experiences, culture, politics, and many more important topics.

  16. How I Fell for an Amazon Scam Call and Handed Over $50,000

    When I discovered that Katie Gatti Tassin, a personal-finance expert who writes the popular Money With Katie newsletter, lost $8,000 five years ago to a grandmotherly-sounding woman pretending to call from Tassin's credit union, I called her to ask how she'd coped. "Everyone was so patronizing," she told me.

  17. Part 2

    In your essay, you should write about: the things you spend your money on where you buy these things how you save money while shopping Impulsive buying is a widespread inappropriate shopping behaviour. We must manage our hard-earned money wisely so we will not overspend. Therefore, all Malaysian must have good financial planning.

  18. IELTS Essay 1140

    IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: ... To conclude, spending big money on arts is meaningless when a country has millions of poor to feed, millions of unemployed youths, and millions of ill people to treat. So spending a huge chunk of money on arts is a no-brainer.

  19. IELTS Writing Task 2 : Money (Opinion Essay)

    Sample Answer : Some people believe that there are far better ways to spend the money that is allocated to space exploration. I completely agree with this statement and feel that protecting the environment and ensuring that every person on earth has a decent standard of living are far more important issues that need addressing.

  20. How to Save Money?

    Analysis essay writing. ... The entertainment can be cheap and allow you to enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money, so that you could still stick to the saving money plan. Moving on with the money saving life hacks - You need to find the correct way to manage your finances. Try to divide the sum you have for a month equally for each ...

  21. It is Better to Save Money Than to Spend It- IELTS Writing Task 2

    3 min read Updated On Dec 09, 2021 Limited-Time Offer : Access a FREE 10-Day IELTS Study Plan! Download Study Plan It is better to save money than to spend it. How far do you agree with this statement? Is saving more important than spending in today's world? Outline Essay Type Direct Question Essay Introduction

  22. Nowadays Both Men And Women Spend Much Money On Beauty Care

    Here is a band 8 essay sample on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me. Band 8 IELTS essay sample. It is true that these days people are spending / expending a bigger proportion of their money on beauty care than ever before.

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    Students are often asked to write an essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration in their schools and colleges. And if you're also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic. Let's take a look… 100 Words Essay on Spend Money On Space Exploration Space Exploration: An Investment in Our Future

  24. FACT SHEET: President Biden Cancels Student Debt for more than 150,000

    Today, President Biden announced the approval of $1.2 billion in student debt cancellation for almost 153,000 borrowers currently enrolled in the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) repayment plan.

  25. essay writing spend money

    Essay-writing can be easier than you might think if you have a grasp of the basics and a willingness to engage with the subject matter. Here are 15 top tips for writing a stellar essay.... Writing essays can be a daunting task, especially if you are not confident in your writing skills. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you improve your writing.

  26. Why the Case Against Fani Willis Feels Familiar to Black Women

    But that pride would be tempered by dismay as news emerged of Ms. Willis's personal relationship with a fellow prosecutor, Nathan J. Wade, an outside lawyer she hired to help run the case. Ms ...