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  • An Issue of Plagiarism Plagiarism is facing severe criticism all around the scientific world. The problem needs to be thoroughly investigated, and certain steps and measures should be taken.
  • Plagiarism Avoiding: The Methods a Student Can Use to Avoid Plagiarism Using the MLA Citation Style This paper is an in-depth exploration of the methods a student can use to avoid plagiarism using the MLA citation style.
  • High Plagiarism Rate in Chinese Universities This research paper views the role played by culture in increasing the rate of plagiarism in most Asian universities and especially in China.
  • Plagiarism in Academic Writing and Scholarly World It is very important for students to write using their own words because this makes a positive contribution to the scholarly world.
  • Turnitin and Grammarly as Plagiarism Checkers The Turnitin platform is used to check papers for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. Another online resource for checking grammar, spelling, and plagiarism is Grammarly.
  • Avoiding Plagiarism: Definition and Problems of Plagiarism This paper attempts to develop understanding of plagiarism by defining the violation and outlining some issues that may make students to plagiarize their work irrespective of intention.
  • Plagiarism in the Research Work Plagiarism is wrong on many levels. Everyone must know the rules of using someone else’s works, and make an honest effort in learning and understanding the concepts of other people.
  • Plagiarism: Chamberlain Academic Integrity Tutorial One of the examples of plagiarism mentioned in the Chamberlain Academic Integrity Tutorial was the word-for-word copying of passages from an original source.
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial on Plagiarism It is considered plagiarism when a student takes information from textbooks or websites, paraphrases it, and never adds any information about the resources from which it was taken.
  • Plagiarism, Its Reasons and Solutions Plagiarism is one of the most frequent problems in academic writing. It is deemed as a common phenomenon among students of all ages and specialties.
  • Plagiarism and Proposed Strategy for Improvement Plagiarism is an act of representing another person’s intellectual property as belonging to oneself. This paper considers the case of a student, who unwittingly plagiarizes.
  • Plagiarism in Neims’s vs. Goldsmith’s Views Neither Neims nor Goldsmith denies the fact that plagiarism levels should be reduced in academia. However, they offer a new mindset that seems to be rather effective.
  • Plagiarism and Its Adverse Effects Plagiarism affects the quality of education, the integrity of learners, and the reputation of learning institutions because it entails an unauthorized use of research information.
  • Consequences of Plagiarism: Punishments and Reduction of Plagiarism This paper seeks to explore the negative consequences of plagiarism in order to show that severe punishments and the resulting reduction in plagiarism have a beneficial effect on education.
  • Academic Integrity, Misconduct and Plagiarism It is important to note that academic misconduct and plagiarism are the most serious violations of academic integrity in science.
  • Franklin University: Plagiarism Issue This paper will define what plagiarism is and highlight the problems in regard to the increasing incidents of the practice which is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.
  • Plagiarism: Definition and Plagiarism Ethics This paper discusses a personal unethical experience that is so common these days that this issue is bound to hit many people every day – the issue of “plagiarism”.
  • Plagiarism and the Ways to Avoid Plagiarism Plagiarism is a crime since it violates the copyright laws of writers and other original owners in the movie industry. It’s an academic dishonesty that is both illegal and unethical
  • Writing Clarity: Paraphrasing Without Plagiarism To be understood, the very best writing needs to be utterly clear, simple, and short. This takes skill and discipline to persist until one has things absolutely right.
  • Reasons for Plagiarism Avoiding, Ways of Fighting Plagiarism The methods of plagiarism avoidance are considered to be basic regulations introduced in the academic system, where this phenomenon is the most frequently met.
  • Plagiarism Prevention in Nursing Education Plagiarism is an essential issue in the academic field, especially for nursing students. The problem is severe as the profession is associated with high ethical standards.
  • Academic Honesty: Cheating & Plagiarism Plagiarism is used by students who did not attend classes constantly or did not pay enough attention to their course.
  • Issues With Plagiarism in Education Plagiarism is a serious academic violation that has been a center of attention for many universities and colleges. Nursing is a profession that requires high ethical standards.
  • The Issue of Plagiarism: Copying, Downloading, or Self-Plagiarism Plagiarism is a type of cheating when a person uses someone else’s ideas for their research. It presupposes such actions as direct copying, downloading, or self-plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism and Copyright Principles Within Visual Culture
  • Best Online Tool for Plagiarism Detection
  • Plagiarism and Other Unfair Practices Are a Problem for International Students
  • Hip Hop and Its Relation to Lyrical and Musical Plagiarism and Copyright Laws
  • Plagiarism: Computers Technology Cheating
  • Penalties for Plagiarism and Collusion Management
  • Plagiarism and the Red Badge of the Great Gatsby
  • The Pros and Cons of Plagiarism in College
  • Should Plagiarism Prevent Admission to the Bar?
  • Plagiarism, Paraphrasing, and Citing Sources
  • Plagiarism: The Illegal Recycling of Information
  • Misconceptions and Different Forms of Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism and Its Effect on the Academic Assessment System
  • Academic Plagiarism Types Factors and Plagiarism Detection
  • Plagiarism and Intellectual Property of the Academia
  • Three Main Reasons Why One Commits Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism and Its Impact on the Economics Profession
  • Schools and Education Understanding the Rise in Apathy, Cheating, and Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism Controversy Among High Schools and Colleges
  • The Reasons for and the Prevention of Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism and the Intellectual Property of Others
  • The Different Between Originality and Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism and the Culture of Multilingual Students
  • The Reasons for Student Plagiarism and Ways to Avoid It
  • Plagiarism and Why the Problem Is Considered to Be a Serious
  • The Benefits and Issues of Plagiarism in Students
  • Plagiarism and the Deterioration of Ethical Values
  • Source Code Plagiarism Detection for PHP Language
  • Plagiarism and Its Consequences of Academic Dishonesty
  • Reasons Why Individuals Commit Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism: Adjusting the Consequence
  • Academic Plagiarism and Ethical Considerations
  • Plagiarism, the Most Common Form of Academic Dishonesty
  • Music: Which Cultures Are Known for Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism and Cheating Are Major Problems of the Educational
  • How Can Teachers Prevent Plagiarism?
  • Plagiarism and the Age of Ubiquitous Technology by Berlin Fang
  • Guidelines for Identifying and Explaining Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism Among South-African Writers: Analyzing Stephan Watson’s Accusations Against Antjie Krog
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Student Plagiarism, and the Impact of the Cyberspace Era
  • Stopping Plagiarism Starts Within Ourselves
  • Misconduct Apology Letter-Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism: Ethical and Professional
  • Nationalism and Unintentional Plagiarism
  • Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism in Academic College Work
  • Plagiarism and Its Effect on Academic Integrity Assignment
  • Plagiarism Problems for Educators
  • How Could Plagiarism Harm Your Academics or Career?
  • Plagiarism and Moral Development
  • Ethical and Moral Issues of Plagiarism and the Ways to Avoid It
  • Plagiarism and Its Impact on the Academic Works
  • The Prevalence and Negative Impact of Plagiarism in the Literary World
  • Plagiarism and the Discourse Community
  • Attachment Disorder Plagiarism and Moral Development
  • Plagiarism and the World of Music, Movies, and Multimedia
  • Intentional and Unintentional Plagiarism
  • Cheating and Plagiarism Among Students
  • Plagiarism and How the American Educational System Is Declining
  • Indiana Online Academy Cheating and Plagiarism Policy
  • Plagiarism Detection and Prevention
  • What Methods for Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism Are There?
  • What Are the Differences Between Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct?
  • What Challenges in Addressing Plagiarism in Education Are There?
  • What Are University Students’ Perceptions of Plagiarism?
  • What Strategy to Reduce Plagiarism in an Undergraduate Course Is the Mot Successful?
  • What Is Awareness Level About Plagiarism Amongst University Students in Pakistan?
  • How Well Do Students Really Understand Plagiarism?
  • What Is the Main Purpose of Plagiarism Detection Software?
  • What Is an Algorithmic Approach to the Detection and Prevention of Plagiarism?
  • Was Shakespeare’s Plagiarism of “The Spanish Tragedy” Is Rumour or Truth?
  • What Is the Landscape and Impact of Android Application Plagiarism?
  • What Factors Are Associated With Student Plagiarism in a Post‐1992 University?
  • Does Culture Influence Understanding and Perceived Seriousness of Plagiarism?
  • What Is the Role of Cultural Values in Plagiarism in Higher Education?
  • Can Paraphrasing Practice Help Students Define Plagiarism?
  • Why Do Postgraduate Students Commit Plagiarism?
  • How to Reduce Plagiarism Through Academic Misconduct Education?
  • What Methods for Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection Are There?
  • What Are the Psychological Causes and Correlates of Plagiarism?
  • Are College Cheating and Plagiarism Related to Academic Procrastination?
  • What Is the Influence of Text Pre-processing on Plagiarism Detection?
  • What Are the Instructional Challenges of Student Plagiarism?
  • How Students and Teachers Can Avoid and Prevent Plagiarism?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Intellectual Property Rights and Student Plagiarism?
  • What Are Some Misconceptions and Different Forms of Plagiarism?
  • What Are the Three Main Reasons Why One Committs Plagiarism?
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If an assignment baffles you, discuss it with your instructor. And if you are directed to use printed sources, consult your instructor about how to proceed. There is an art to taking notes for research; careless note taking can lead to plagiarism.

good title for plagiarism essay

Every student will be held responsible for reading and understanding the following statement.

To submit to your instructor a paper or comparable assignment that is not truly the product of your own mind and skill is to commit plagiarism. To put it bluntly, plagiarism is the act of stealing the ideas and/or expression of another and representing them as your own. It is a form of cheating and a kind of scholastic dishonesty which can incur several penalties. It is important, therefore, that you understand what constitutes plagiarism, so that you do not unwittingly jeopardize your college career.

(From UTD Judicial Affairs)

The most obvious form:

Plagiarism can take several forms. The most obvious form of plagiarism is the purchase of prepared papers from commercial term paper companies and the submission of such papers as one's own work.

Proper footnoting essential:

A second obvious form of plagiarism is a word-for-word copying of someone else's work, in whole or in part, without appropriate acknowledgement, whether that work be a magazine article, a portion of a book, a newspaper piece, another student's paper, or any other composition not your own. Any such verbatim use of another's work must be acknowledged by (1) appropriate indention or enclosing all such copied portions in quotation marks and by (2) giving the original source in a footnote (or parenthetical notation, if you are using a style that supports parenthetical notation). As a general rule, you should make very little use of directly quoted matter in your research paper. If you do not know how to footnote properly, ask your instructor for guidance. In addition, proper footnote style for many academic departments is outlined by the MLA Style Sheet or K.L. Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations . These and similar publications are available in the library or in the University Bookstore. UTD requires dissertation and thesis students to use A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations - Sixth Edition when formatting their papers. This resource is available at the UTD Bookstore and the UTD Library.

Paraphrasing vs. original work

A third form of plagiarism is the paraphrasing for the structure and language of another person's work. Changing a few words of another's composition, omitting a few sentences, or changing their order does not constitute original composition and therefore can be given no credit. If such borrowing or paraphrasing is ever necessary, the source must be scrupulously indicated by footnotes. How then you may ask, can I be original? Am I to learn nothing from others? There are several answers to such questions. Of course you have come to the University to learn, and this means acquiring ideas and exchanging opinions with others. But no idea is ever genuinely learned by copying it down in the phrasing of somebody else. Only when you have the thought through an idea in terms of your own experience can you be said to have learned; and when you have done that, you can develop it on paper as the product of your own mind.

(from UTD Judicial Affairs)

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Plagiarism - List of Essay Samples And Topic Ideas

Plagiarism involves using someone else’s work or ideas without giving proper credit, a serious breach of ethical and academic standards. Essays could discuss the different forms of plagiarism, its consequences, detection methods like plagiarism checking software, and how educational institutions and individuals can work to prevent it. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Plagiarism you can find at Papersowl. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Why Cheating and Plagiarism are on the Rise

Donald McCabe, Center for Academic Integrity's cofounder at Clemson University, reported that, "In national surveys of more than 80,000 college students conducted from 2002 until this spring, nearly half admitted they cheated via the Internet" (McCandless). This statistic raises an alarm about a recently dramatic rise in cheating and plagiarism in the United States. In an attempt to stop students from cheating and plagiarizing, schools nationwide carry out academic integrity policies to punish violating students by giving them zero for […]

Cheating on Assignments

Though cheating on assignments is frowned upon, it is a very common occurrence in all schools. There are numerous causes of students choosing to cheat such as exuberant amounts of stress, lack of time, and unpreparedness. It may seem like a simple solution to a difficult task, but there are many negative effects of cheating that many individuals are either unaware of or see themselves as immune to. For example, suspension, expulsion, and failure are just a handful of many […]

Scholarly Writing and Plagiarism

Grammarly and SafeAssign are tools that are newly introduced to me. These tools have proven to be great resources to utilize as a Walden student to check my work and to ensure references citing errors. It was necessary to read Patricia O’Conner’s writing posted on the blackboard (Walden University, n.d.) three times on three different days before I could begin the assignment. After working hard to paraphrase the writing, I ended up with a summary of 498 words. I stepped […]

Use Information Correctly: Avoiding Plagiarism

What is plagiarism? The purpose of this information is to advise students who are studying at University level about the consequences of plagiarism and how to avoid it. If one was to take another person’s work, thoughts, or ideas and then use it within their own work without giving due credit, then they would in effect be stealing, and this is called plagiarism. “Plagiarism is the act of passing off someone else’s thoughts, ideas or work as one’s own.” (Oxford […]

Cheating in Education Today

In the paragraph: "Universities Simply Have to Do Better" of Maclean in Cultures in Contrast: Student Life at U.S Colleges and Universities by Myra Shulman, the author claims that universities seem to value their integrity more than students' appropriateness and achievement by showing that students still received graduation certificates even though they have cheated on their papers. The author indicates that cheating can be in several types: copying work or on exams, and this issue has increased over the years. […]

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Why Plagiarism is an Unacceptable Academic Practice

Introduction The word “plagiarism”, as analyzed by the Bran Academy, derives from the Latin word which in turn derives from the Greek word and it means. The Latin word meant 'theft of men' and its adjective > was used to indicate that person who took possession of other people's slaves or it was used to indicate that person who held one or more free men in slavery. This meaning has accompanied the adjective plagiarus until it was first used by […]

Plagiarism Issues for Higher Education

According to Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) ‘There is much difference between imitating a man and counterfeiting him.’ The word plagiarism means to present someone else’s work or ideas as your, with or without their consent. Plagiarism could be done in multiple forms. Some of these include verbatim (word for word). In this technique, you eliminate quotation mark and references of the sources from a quotation to show your independent work however you have drawn someone else’s idea. Another form of plagiarism […]

Coping with Infidelity and Cheating

Some people seem to have the mistaken impression that relationships and cheating go together like peanut butter and jelly. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if that is the way you think...you're serously buggin. Cheating is never ok, period. There is no excuse in my opinion. So, if you are in a relationship with a cheater you might want to reconsider the relationship, especially if they are a serial cheater and have cheated more than […]

Cheating and Plagiarism in Schools

Cheating and plagiarism, with the introduction of the internet, have become much more commonplace. In fact, 59% of high school students admitted cheating on a test during the last year, and 34% self-reported doing it more than two times. Being caught cheating on a test will most certainly have a bad consequence but the punishments differ from school to school. Plagiarizing on a paper will also come with certain punishments. Different punishments are given depending on the school you go […]

Discover Top 5 Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

People who deal with text content use plagiarism detection tools on a regular basis. You may wonder why it is so important to check your web content for plagiarism. First of all let’s determine what plagiarism is according to Wikipedia. So, we speak about “stealing and publications”. Plagiarism is intolerable act in digital community. All author’s ideas, thoughts, and language have to be original. Plagiarism is nothing else than journalistic ethics and academic dishonesty. In the following article you will […]

Essential Part of Everyday Life

Cell phones have become an essential part of everyday life. With cell phone use increase and the improvement in cell phone technology, students are becoming dependent on them. They have also infiltrated into school systems, sometimes becoming a helpful tool to students of all grade levels. Although cell phones can be used as a tool in schools, more often than not, they have become a distraction. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they distract students and inhibit […]

The Problem of Plagiarism

Generally, plagiarism is alluded to as replicating another's work or obtaining another person's unique thoughts. Numerous understudies are blamed for counterfeiting because they basically don't comprehend it and, along these lines, don't realize how to keep away from it. When another author thought, expressions, original work and thoughts are stolen and published by another person is wrong and is regarded as plagiarism. Additionally, when words of another are stolen and passed off as one original work, failure to cite someone […]

Methods how to Deal with a Bad Grade

Professor Quick, I am writing this paper as a result of being flagged for plagiarism. Unintentionally, I plagiarized some of my week one book assignment answers. Upon further research of the word “plagiarism,” I relearned the meaning of the word and corrected what I thought I knew of it. Plagiarism comes in more ways than one. It is not always a copy of someone else’s writing word for word. Plagiarism can also be to copy someone else’s thoughts and ideas, […]

Lying Cheating Also Deception

The word "lying" originates from the Latin word "lectus", which means “bed”. However, the modern-day definition pertains to speaking falsely, misleading others or telling untruths with the purpose of deceiving someone or something. The term made its entrance into the English vernacular around the end of the twelfth century, originally as the word "licgan". Lying has been prevalent throughout the entire span of human history. It has been seen in the Bible, in medieval times, and has even been the […]

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Plagiarism Essays

Plagiarism, citation, anonymity and professionalism.

ABSTRACT Plagiarism is nothing but copying someone’s idea, article or work without giving him any credit. The work is said to be plagiarized if it is not cited. Citation is an important part if we use someone’s idea, article or work it must be cited properly. Anonymity is hiding someone’s name who has contributed to that research. It can be done purposely or knowingly. Professionalism is the work ethics that we follow while doing any work, it may be doing […]

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Plagiarism is the act of taking credit, either deliberately or inadvertently, for another persons intellectual property. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary online, to ?plagiarize means: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own, use (another’s production) without crediting the source, to commit literary theft, present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source (merriam-webster.com, n.d.). Intellectual property extends to a persons thoughts, ideas, experiences, and/or academic […]

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Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

When starting to attend college, most students don’t spend a lot of time considering that writing a paper incorrectly could be a crime. We all have probably heard of plagiarism but have not always looked at it seriously enough. Just accidentally citing something wrong could become a bigger problem. To avoid this, let’s learn about plagiarism, what qualifies it, and what the consequences are. The definition of Plagiarism is, “The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing […]

Hip Hop and it’s Relation to Lyrical and Musical Plagiarism and Copyright Laws

Plagiarism, as defined in the Oxford English dictionary, is the action of taking someone else’s work and pretending it is your own work [1]. Musical plagiarism has gone through many perceptions from the earlier centuries to the recent times. Musical plagiarism can occur lyrically or instrumentally, when someone steals someone else’s components and represents it as his or her own. One of the first instances of plagiarism was during the times shortly after Mozart and Beethoven, where the similar ideas […]

Stealing of Music

Music has been around for thousands of years, present in every culture to some degree. It can be expressful, resonating with people as an artform with open interpretations, layers of storytelling, technical creativity, and emotions across many genres. However, some musicians have been exposed as thieves, stealing structures of music from earlier artists. Where can the line between plagiarism and derivative work be drawn? Music has always been influenced by past works, and musicians have a latent pressure to appeal […]

Academic Cheating is Defined as a Student

In the academic community, where it is expected from scholars to create more original work contributing to the existing and ever-growing literature, plagiarism constitutes an immense problem. Plagiarizing an academic work might seem like an easy-way-out, as it is faster and simpler than putting forward an entirely original product, especially in an environment that lacks appropriate mechanisms to prevent and mitigate academic dishonesty (Rostovsev, 2017, p. 107). In fact, evidence from an array of countries reveal that plagiarism by students […]

Student Cheating in Academics

Student cheating in academics is a severe problem that is facing higher education institutions today. The use of internet resources has improved not only learning and teaching but also academic cheating, plagiarism and other irregularities in varying professional courses. According to a study at West Coast University, there are varying levels of fraud and plagiarism and which the students justify in various ways (Granitz and Loewy, 2006). The study established ethical theories that sought cheating in academics, justifications and preventive […]

College Cheating

“During a test, student look up for inspiration down in desperation and left and right for information.” This quote might sound amusing but often is a common sight in various universities across the nation. The statistics have proven the time, and again that college cheating still prevails deeply in our education system. Rather than coming up with new numbers every time, the need of the hour is to identify the reason behind this practice. For this scrutinizing both the parties […]

Why do Students Cheat in Exam what is Cheating?

Why do students cheat in exam What is cheating? Why do people cheat? Have you ever cheat during your life? We can define cheating as an illegal way to get something or to reach our goal. The common kind of cheating is academic cheating that occurs in schools and colleges like: cheating in exams, plagiarizing or copying homework and papers and it can have many different reasons. One of the main reasons of cheating in exams is being afraid of […]

Fashion Like Cultural Appropriation

According to iconic designer Miuccia Prada, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” Prada’s saying helps shape our world today because fashion is a big icon in everyone’s lives. It displays our personality. Without fashion and style many of us would look the same. In order to achieve our looks, we should thank fashion designers for putting in hard work to create these masterpieces. […]

Why do we Need an Academic Integrity?

Abstract Producing a paper under tight deadlines is considered a rite of passage for many college students. Ask any college student and they will inevitably share a good-natured story about how they wrote a paper at the eleventh hour. Student’s who major in humanities are required to produce a lot of papers in their college career. There are two important aspects of being a humanities student. You are required to produce APA style papers and you are to adhere to […]

An Question of Academic Integrity

From many years collages have face cheating and plagiarism issues all over Canada and mostly collages were not able to decide that how should we take this because collages did their best to make the students understand the subjects but many students were bond to cheating , they did not want to work hard and succeed in spite of that they wanted to copy other students work. Many institutes faced these types of problems and all this led to the […]

Copyright, Trademarks and Patents

Introduction The copyright laws was of four formerly-independent provinces proceeding for the unchanged, this was happening after the process of the Union of South Africa in 1910. The Patent, Design, Trade Marks and Copyright Act was enacted by the Parliament in 1916. So this annul the provincial laws and incorporated the British Imperial (Copyright Act 1911) this is for the South African law. South Africa became part of the unit of Berne Convention in there way of right in 1928. […]

77 Academic Dishonesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best academic dishonesty topic ideas & essay examples, 🎓 good research topics about academic dishonesty, ⭐ simple & easy academic dishonesty essay titles, ❓ academic dishonesty research questions, 💯 free academic dishonesty essay topic generator.

  • Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty It is very often that leadership and integrity are regarded as two incompatible things, since the majority of people use the easiest way to cope with difficulties, violating the main principles of the right and […]
  • Analysis of trends of Academic Dishonesty He concluded that academic dishonesty is on the rise and students perceived that most institutions and faculties had failed to institute a strong culture of integrity.
  • Academic Integrity: Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Some of the most significant issues he highlights include the following: The quality of information on the web varies significantly While internet search may help to narrow down on a topic, it may erode the […]
  • Academic Dishonesty in Psychologist’s Ethics However, in the case of school authorities, there should be rules and regulations that define the limits of confidentiality and give a counselor the consent to breach the oath of secrecy.
  • Understanding of Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty It has been argued that more people are being released into the job market in the US and as such the reputation of the academic institutions is facing lots of challenges.
  • Academic Dishonesty Classification The definition of academic dishonesty is as follows: “The first type of academic dishonesty is cheating, which includes the intentional use or attempted use of unauthorized materials or information in an examination.
  • Moral Identities, Social Anxiety, and Academic Dishonesty In his works, the scholar establishes two explanations for why students indulge in malpractices; the Social anxiety hypothesis and the moral anxiety hypothesis.
  • Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty
  • Academic Dishonesty and Factors That Have Contributed to This
  • Prevalent Cheating Strategy and Academic Dishonesty
  • Academic Dishonesty and the Internet in Higher Education
  • Bridging the Divide: The Role of Motivation and Self-Regulation in Explaining the Judgment-Action Gap Related to Academic Dishonesty
  • Academic Dishonesty and Language Department Student
  • The Relationship Between Attitudes Towards Academic Dishonesty, Infidelity, and Normalization of Unethical Behavior
  • Academic Dishonesty on the Internet and Suggested Strategies
  • Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism to a Significantly Higher Level
  • The Fundamental Mission of Education and Academic Dishonesty
  • Ethics and the College Student Composition – Education, Academic Dishonesty
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  • The Impact of Technology on the Academic Dishonesty
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  • Sex-Role Socialization and Perceptions of Student Academic Dishonesty by Male and Female Faculty
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  • What Do You Think Should Be Done About Cheating or Academic Honesty?
  • How Can You Encourage Students to Maintain Their Integrity?
  • Why Should Cheating Be Allowed?
  • How Many Students Plagiarize Each Year?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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"77 Academic Dishonesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 26 Sept. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/academic-dishonesty-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '77 Academic Dishonesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 26 September.

IvyPanda . 2023. "77 Academic Dishonesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/academic-dishonesty-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "77 Academic Dishonesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/academic-dishonesty-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "77 Academic Dishonesty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/academic-dishonesty-essay-topics/.

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good title for plagiarism essay

Best Tips on How to Title an Essay

good title for plagiarism essay

How to Make a Good Title for an Essay

The success of an essay heavily depends on its title. This may not come as a surprise given that the essay title is the first aspect to provide the reader with a sneak peek into the text. It piques our interest to read the paper in the first place and gives us a preview of what to expect from the author.

Our research paper writing help prepared a thorough guide on how to title an essay. Here you may find tips and tricks for developing an effective APA or MLA essay title. So, let's dive straight into the article for more exciting details!

Essay Title Format

During your essay writing process, ensure you know the stylistic requirements before beginning an essay. Knowing the format you need to employ is crucial because different style manuals may have varying requirements. Mostly, you could have used an APA or MLA essay title format. Our service, where you can buy essay online , explains these two in more detail below.

Essay Title MLA

If you're required to create an essay title MLA format, check whether your instructor wants you to make a separate cover page. If not, put a heading at the beginning of your work that includes your name, the name of your professor, the course ID, and, lastly, the date.

On the other hand, if you must present a cover page for your essay title MLA, then you need to include the following:

  • The name of the college
  • The title of your paper
  • The subtitle of your paper, if applicable
  • Your first and last name
  • Your teacher or professor's name
  • The class name or course number
  • The date the paper is due

The formatting instructions are as follows:

  • Double-spaced
  • Times New Roman font
  • Size 12 font
  • Apart from very short terms, each word's initial letter should be capitalized. The initial word, however, must always be uppercase.
  • The title page shouldn't include a header with the page numbers.

Essay Title APA

Having discussed the MLA format essay title, let's explore what the APA student title page includes:

  • The paper title
  • Author names
  • Institutional affiliation where the author carried out the study
  • Name and number of the course
  • Professor name
  • Page number

The title of an essay format instructions:

  • double-spaced
  • 1" margins
  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • According to APA, your title should be targeted and brief, without unnecessary words or abbreviations

How to Choose a Good Title for an Essay: Important Qualities

Nobody will read a dull headline. Your title should grab your audience's attention and encourage them to read the rest of the work. As it is one of the initial things readers see, having a strong attention grabber is essential when writing an essay from scratch. To fully understand how to come up with a title for essay that is strong and exciting, let's consider a few following factors:

Employ a Catchy Hook - Usually, the title of essay format follows a similar basic structure, especially if they are used for an academic article. The hook serves as a unique component that attracts the reader. It's a captivating statement informing others about the topic of the essay. You can also explore several types of sentences with examples that can help you develop the ideal hook structure.

Consider Topic Keywords - These are essential terms or expressions pertinent to your subject and help your reader understand the focus and body of your article. These focus keywords should serve as a brief, one- to two-word article summary. You can choose some terms from the research topic your instructor gave you, but after your thesis statement is formed, this is where you should hunt for ideas.

Use a Colon - A colon is frequently used in academic titles to separate concepts and sentences. The standard procedure is to place a clever remark or brief quotation before the colon. Although these beginning words offer flavor, they can be overdone. Because of this, some individuals find using the colon to be repugnant. Therefore be careful not to misuse this method.

Ask a Question - To write essay title that is strong, consider asking a question. But, use it with caution because posing a question will make your tone less formal. As long as the question is suitably phrased to meet the subject of your essay, feel free to employ it. Always check to see if the title question still applies to your points in the essay's body. The thesis statement should be appropriately reflected as well.

Find Inspirational Quotes - There is no formula for selecting essay titles from the textual content. You may get playful and choose any quotation, proverb, or catchphrase that applies to your particular publication and works as a title. You may also create a great essay title using well-known expressions or idioms. Doing so will help your readers relate to and feel more comfortable discussing your subject.

How to Title an Essay headline

Here are other rules for how to create a good title:

  • Title every section of writing: In the process of writing, create interesting subheadings to give your paragraphs an identity. Also, they make your text look ordered and clear. 
  • The title must bear the theme of the text: choose a title that summarizes the essay. 
  • Capitalize all words with certain exceptions: Capitalize the first letter of every word in the title, but do not capitalize pronouns, articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.
  • Avoid underlining the title: Since topics come in boldface, underlining it will amount to overemphasis. Some authorities say that if you must underline it, do not bolden it.
  • Review the final version of the title: Do not forget to do a quick review of the final version of the title—check for grammar, structure, spelling and so on. Re-read it to determine if the title has given justice to the essay. Confirm if the topic is catchy enough to attract your reader’s attention. 
  • When using a colon in your title, follow the rules: Since we are dealing with punctuation rules here, let us talk about the colon – when you have two eye-catching topics, separate them with a colon.

Student’s Guide on How to Come Up with a Title for an Essay

Titling an essay can be easy, but there are a few core principles to be taken into account. The following tips will help you stay on track and avoid any common pitfalls.

Essay Goes First

Never start with a title! If you write it before the rest of the text, it will be based on it, and it should be vice versa. Writing an essay before choosing a heading will give you a clear understanding of what should make sense to the reader. Re-read the finished paper several times to decide on the title. The last thing to create is a title - such strategy will give more time to spend on crafting an essay outline, conducting research, or writing the paper itself.

How to Title an Essay, Complete Guide 2

What are you writing about? What is the style of your paper, and is it an academic essay or a free-form essay like a narrative essay? If the topic of your essay is “Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty?” your title should not be humorous; it should be strict and to the point.

If your topic is “Why do people like watching funny cat videos?”, feel free to craft a funny title. Determine the tone of your essay and base your title on it—in consideration with the essay’s topic.

The tone can be:

  • Serious - “The implications of global warming”
  • Funny - “How cats and dogs love their masters”
  • Amiable - “Ways to fight depression”
  • Persuasive - “Why positive thinking is a must have skill for every person”
  • Informative - “Ten rules for creating a chemical at home”

The main goal of a title is to name its paper. There is no need to tell an entire story in the title, or provide any useless details. Sum up your paper in a few words! Another way to do this is to sum up your thesis statement, as it represents the main idea of your essay. Take your thesis and squeeze it into 3-4 words. Imagine that you are creating a title for your favourite newspaper or a slogan for Coca-Cola.

Don’t use fancy words! Take 2-3 main words (keywords), put them together, and stop wasting your time. Avoid jargon and abbreviations.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that can help any student and young writer reap benefits. While working on a title, detect the words related to the central idea of the paper. Type the words into the search field of Google and add the word “quote.” A search engine will show numerous web pages with in-text quotations that could be useful. Select the fragment you like. It is possible to learn how to make a creative title for an essay in this way.

Discover several more tips from experts:

  • Never forget the “What,” “Who,” “When,” “How,” “Why,” and “Where” questions (if you start with one of these questions, your title has a chance of getting noticed);
  • Come up with an unexpected image not related to the selected topic;
  • Sometimes, starting with a lie increases the chances of a title being able to catch an eye;
  • Review our catchy essay title examples.

Need Some Help With Your Essay's Title?

Feel free to contact EssayPro and we will provide you with a writing help at a moment’s notice. With the years of essay writing experience, titling becomes second nature, so you no longer need to worry about having a catchy headline on your paper.

Essay Title Examples: Bad vs Good

The strongest essay titles condense lengthy essays into concise statements. When wondering how to make an essay title, think carefully about your stylistic choices and essay format to produce an excellent one. Our dissertation help has provided essay title examples to let you understand the difference between good and bad ones more vividly.

bad good essay titles

Bad Essay Title Examples

As we discussed how to create an essay title and the specific elements that go into it, you should have a clear idea of how important it is to craft a strong title. In contrast, first, look at weak essay title ideas that can break your paper. This should serve as an example of why your heading should not be like this:

Ex 1: ' How Television Has Changed Our World ' - too vast and not informative

Ex 2: 'The Ara Pacis Augustae' - unclear for those who don't know Latin

Ex 3: 'The Most Poisonous Frog' - does not provide any insight

Ex 4: 'A Brief History of Subcultures and How They Manifest Themselves in a Constantly Changing Socio-Economic Environment' - too long and complicated

Ex 5: 'The Little Mermaid 29 Years Later: Selling a Harmful Sexist Message Through a Naughty Image' - inappropriate language

Good Essay Title Examples

Now that you know what a bad essay title looks like, let's explore good essay title examples as their substitutes. Examine the following essay title format styles that will give you a clear understanding.

Ex 1: ' The Electronic Babysitter: A Social History of Uses of the Television' - gives an exact description of what the essay will be about

Ex 2: ' The Modern Historical Significance of the Ara Pacis Augustae to the City of Rome' - here, the reader can understand what they will be reading about

Ex 3: ' A Deadly Beauty: The Evolution of Skin Coloration and Toxicity of the Poisonous Dart Frog' - clear, informative, and on-point.

Ex 4: 'Reconsidering Counterculture in Contemporary Society' - informative enough and brief

Ex 5: 'The Projection of Gender Stereotypes in The Little Mermaid' - employs appropriate language

Catchy Essay Title Ideas

You now understand that long, complicated headlines do not accurately convey the paper's main idea. Take ample time to consider the word choice before tilting your work. How do you create good essay titles? Think creatively and with common sense. But meanwhile, for your convenience, we compiled title ideas for essays you may use as inspiration.

Persuasive Essay Titles

  • Why Receiving College Education is Important: Examining Long-term Benefits
  • Face-to-Face Courses Cannot Be Replaced by Online Learning
  • An MBA Does Not Ensure Corporate Success.
  • Every Company Should Adopt a Green Strategy.
  • Energy Drinks Represent a Lucrative Market Segment.
  • Aircraft, Excess Weight Charges, Need to be Prohibited.
  • Patients' Life Shouldn't be Put to Death by Nurses.
  • Google Glasses May Increase the Number of Auto Accidents.
  • All of the Conventional Malls Will Soon be Replaced By Online Shopping
  • How Do Team-building Exercises Contribute to the Development of Inventions?
  • Illegal immigrants are entitled to remain in the US.

Academic Essay Titles

  • Several English Dialects: The Link Between Various Cultures
  • Instagram: A social media innovation
  • Is it possible to reverse drug-induced brain damage, and if so, how?
  • What the Future Holds for Humans in the Light of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Story of Two Nations after Decades of Conflict: North and South Korea
  • Video Games and Their Learning Context in Schools
  • Free Wi-Fi: Strategies for Enhancing the City's Economy

Strong Research Paper Titles

  • Digital World Cybersecurity
  • E-business to Provide New Paths for Booksellers
  • Outsourcing for Large Businesses
  • Preparing for College Costs for High School Students
  • What News Reporters Should Do in the Digital Age and How to Do It: Examples
  • The Transformative Power of Music: How Heavy Metal Impacted My Life

Best Essay Titles for College Students

  • The Possible Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence for Humans
  • The Potential for Time Travel in Virtual Reality
  • What Role Has Mathematics Played in Human History?
  • How to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry
  • E-Commerce: An Empire of Virtual Businesses Worth Millions of Dollars
  • How to Achieve Financial Independence in the Digital Age Without Opening a Real Business

More Creative Titles for Essays

  • When getting rewarded for their grades, would kids do better left alone?
  • How Does Fake News Impact the Mainstream press?
  • Homelessness in Contemporary Society: A Dilemma
  • What News Reporters' Best Job Is in the Digital Age and How to Uphold It
  • Elon Musk: Brilliant Mind or Insane Person?
  • Positives and Negatives of Employing a Smoker
  • Do We Employ the Appropriate Student Success Metrics?

Professional Academic Help

Now that you know how to make a good title for an essay, you should also understand that you should approach the task as a process. While composing your essay title, you must condense your whole thesis and point of discussion into a single, concise, yet powerful sentence. If you have time before your deadline, give it some thought and don't hurry.

Don't forget that you can always rely on our professional academic assistance, whether you need a reflection paper , ideas for a strong essay title, or any other academic papers. Consider the following words - write my essay for me - magic keywords for delegating your most complex tasks to our skilled writers!

Is the Volume of Schoolwork Getting Out of Hand?

Get essays online to do your work without stress. You may always count on our experienced writers for help with any endeavor!

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Forging good titles in academic writing

Published on March 20, 2015 by Shane Bryson . Revised on July 23, 2023.

The title is the first thing your reader will see, and most readers will make their first judgements of your work based on it. For this reason, it’s important to think about your titles carefully.

Table of contents

Informative, striking, appropriate, title templates, writing effective headings, other interesting articles, informative title.

Your title should, above all else, convey the topic of your paper. In other words, no matter how witty, clever, original, or otherwise appealing your title may be, it fails if it is not informative.

Decide whether you’ve given a sense of the paper’s topic and claims by comparing your title’s content to the most important aspect(s) of your dissertation statement or hypothesis and conclusions.

Striking title

A striking title is one that entices your audience to read, so know your audience’s tastes.

The analogy of cultivating sexual attraction in a prospective mate is useful here: some audiences will be enticed by a title’s edginess (as with, for example, V. Alneng’s “‘What the Fuck is a Vietnam?’ Touristic Phantasms and the Popcolonization of [the] Vietnam [War],” published in Critique on Anthropology ); others will almost always prefer a more straightforward title (as with J.C. Henderson’s “War as a tourist attraction: The case of Vietnam,” published in the International Journal of Tourism Research ).

You should be able to gauge how edgy your title can be by the tone of your discipline or the publication you’re submitting to, and your main concern should be forming a title that appeals to your readers’ specific tastes.

Consider also that a title that highlights the paper’s fresh insights will often be striking.

An endocrinologist, for example, might become very excited upon seeing the collaboratively authored article “Comparison of the effects on glycaemic control and β-cell function in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients of treatment with exenatide, insulin or pioglitazone: A multicentre randomized parallel-group trial,” published in 2015 in the Journal of Internal Medicine .

This rather long title is more acceptable in the sciences, where what readers tend to find provocative in a title is the degree to which it reveals the paper’s specifics.

Appropriate title

Ensuring that your title is appropriate in a way of making sure not only that your audience understands it, but also that its appeal contributes to its meaning. To make sure the title will be understood, you need to consider how familiar your research topic will be to your audience.

In an academic essay, you can use highly technical terms in your title, but generally avoid terms that the average well-read person in your discipline might not know.

In any writing that has a broad audience, titles need to avoid language that is too sophisticated; a news article, for example, should be easily understood by all.

As a second consideration of appropriateness, make sure that your title does not entice without substance.

The title of Alneng’s paper, for example, does not use “fuck” merely to shock and therefore entice the reader; the uncommon use of a swearword here helps convey the topic of the article: more or less vulgar representations of Vietnam.

The same is true for other striking titles, such as Nancy Tuana’s “Coming to Understand: Orgasm and the Epistemology of Ignorance,” published in Hypatia .

The title’s sexually charged play on words (“coming to understand”) hooks the audience, but is not merely a hook. The pun is directly relevant to the essay’s argument, which is that sexual pleasure offers an important form of knowledge.

A faster, more affordable way to improve your paper

Scribbr’s new AI Proofreader checks your document and corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes with near-human accuracy and the efficiency of AI!

good title for plagiarism essay

Proofread my paper

  • Use key terms. Find words that your audience can easily identify as markers of the topic matter. These will include, for example, terms that convey the field of research, central concepts, or subjects of study.
  • Identify the context (sometimes called “the location”). By context, I mean the source or the setting of the discussion, depending on discipline. In a history paper this might be a certain century or era; in literary studies a certain book or author; and in the sciences an organism or compound.

The following is a list of title formats, with examples of each. I’ve given the names of the publications in brackets to give a sense of how different disciplines treat titles.

Note that these are not mutually exclusive patterns (i.e. it’s possible to have various combinations; e.g. General & interesting: Informative & specific). Note also that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

  • Striking: Informative – The Specter of Wall Street: “Bartleby, the Scrivener” and the Language of Commodities ( American Literature )
  • Informative: Striking – Carbon capture and storage: How green can black be? ( Science )
  • General: Specific – The issues of the sixties: An exploratory study in the dynamics of public opinion ( Public Opinion Quarterly )
  • “Quotation”: Discussion (social studies) – “I’d rather not talk about it”: Adolescents’ and young adults’ use of topic avoidance in stepfamilies ( Journal of Applied Communication Research )
  • “Quotation”: Discussion (literary studies) – “I Would Prefer Not To”: Giorgio Agamben, Bartleby and the Potentiality of the Law ( Law and Critique )
  • Simple and precise – Methodological issues in the use of Tsimshian oral Traditions (Adawx) in Archaeology ( Canadian Journal of Archaeology )
  • Topic: Method – Mortality in sleep apnea patients: A multivariate analysis of risk factors ( Sleep )
  • Topic: Significance – LC3 binds externalized cardiolipin on injured mitochondria to signal mitophagy in neurons: Implications for Parkinson disease ( Autophagy )
  • Technical and very specific – Single-shot quantum nondemolition measurement of a quantum-dot electron spin using cavity exciton-polaritons ( Physical Review )

Although similar, headings are not the same as titles. Headings head paragraphs and help structure a document. Effective headings make your paper easily scannable.

Common high level headings in dissertations and research papers are “Methods”, “Research results”, and “Discussion”. Lower level headings are often more descriptive.

If you want to know more about AI for academic writing, AI tools, or fallacies make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples or go directly to our tools!

  • Begging the question fallacy
  • Hasty generalization fallacy
  • Equivocation fallacy
  • False cause fallacy
  • Sunk cost fallacy
  • Deep learning
  • Generative AI
  • Machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Supervised vs. unsupervised learning

 (AI) Tools

  • Grammar Checker
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Text Summarizer
  • AI Detector
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Citation Generator

Cite this Scribbr article

If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the “Cite this Scribbr article” button to automatically add the citation to our free Citation Generator.

Bryson, S. (2023, July 23). Forging good titles in academic writing. Scribbr. Retrieved November 14, 2023, from https://www.scribbr.com/academic-writing/forging-good-titles-in-academic-writing/

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Shane Bryson

Shane Bryson

Shane finished his master's degree in English literature in 2013 and has been working as a writing tutor and editor since 2009. He began proofreading and editing essays with Scribbr in early summer, 2014.

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