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4+ Short Essay for High School Examples [ Scholarship, Argumentative, Informative ]

short essay for high school examples

Short Essay For High School

4+ short essay for high school examples, 1. sample short essay for high school, 2. short persuasive essay for high school, 3. short informative essay for high school, 4. short argumentative essay for high school, 5. short scholarship essay for high school, defining informative essay, defining argumentative essay, define scholarship essay, tips on writing a scholarship essay, tips on writing an argumentative essay, tips on writing an informative essay, is it a requirement to write all your academic achievements in a scholarship essay, when writing the argumentative essay, do i really need to choose a side in the argument, why is it important to do research before writing an informative essay.

sample short essay for high school

  • Think: Before you start to write a perfect essay, think about it. What do you want to talk about in your scholarship essay. When you are done, the next step to do is to make a draft. 
  • Draft : Make a draft of your essay. A draft can help you with how you want to construct your essay and what you wish to put there.
  • Information : State the things you wish to say. State why you think you believe you deserve that scholarship. Show off your talent and skills. This is where you are going to sell yourself through writing.
  • Tone : Do not forget to make your tone sound professional. You may just be writing an essay, but remember that this essay is your key to getting that scholarship. Do not sound too cocky when you write nor do not sound like you are unsure of why you want this scholarship. Let it be neutral and professional at the same time.
  • Do your research : Before you write your argumentative essay, do your research. Remember that this type of essay you must give facts. So, the first thing you should be doing is research your subject. 
  • Write a draft : Just like writing the scholarship essay or any type of essay, start with a draft. This is where you are able to see the flaws in your writing and avoid it when you begin with the actual writing.
  • State your purpose: State the purpose of your argument. Why are you writing this? Also you must learn to defend that argument? You should be ready to expound on the subject that you chose to write about. 
  • Think the way your readers think : This tip is to help you understand your essay in your readers’ point of view. Put yourself in their position and read your essay. If you cannot understand your essay, neither can your readers. Please revise it. 
  • Add some quotes to your essay : Add a few famous quotes from people who support your essay or whose messages parallel with your thoughts. 
  • Research:  Do your research. Writing informative essays , you must always do some research before anything else.
  • Put the correct information
  • Expound on the information you entered
  • Make a conclusion

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