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Essays About Movies: 7 Examples and 5 Writing Prompts

Check out our guide with essays about movies for budding videographers and artistic students. Learn from our helpful list of examples and prompts.

Watching movies is a part of almost everyone’s life. They entertain us, teach us lessons, and even help us socialize by giving us topics to talk about with others. As long as movies have been produced, everyone has patronized them.  Essays about movies  are a great way to learn all about the meaning behind the picture.

Cinema is an art form in itself. The lighting, camera work, and acting in the most widely acclaimed movies are worthy of praise. Furthermore, a movie can be used to send a message, often discussing issues in contemporary society. Movies are entertaining, but more importantly, they are works of art. If you’re interested in this topic, check out our round-up of screenwriters on Instagram .

5 Helpful Essay Examples 

1. the positive effects of movies on human behaviour by ajay rathod, 2. horror movies by emanuel briggs, 3. casablanca – the greatest hollywood movie ever (author unknown).

  • 4.  Dune Review: An Old Story Reshaped For The New 2021 Audience by Oren Cohen

5. Blockbuster movies create booms for tourism — and headaches for locals by Shubhangi Goel

  • 6. Moonage Daydream: “Who Is He? What Is He?” by Jonathan Romney
  • 7. La Bamba: American Dreaming, Chicano Style by Yolanda Machado

1. My Favorite Movie

2. movies genres, 3. special effects in movies, 4. what do you look for in a movie, 5. the evolution of movies.

“​​Films encourage us to take action. Our favourite characters, superheroes, teach us life lessons. They give us ideas and inspiration to do everything for the better instead of just sitting around, waiting for things to go their way. Films about famous personalities are the perfect way to affect social behaviour positively. Films are a source of knowledge. They can help learn what’s in the trend, find out more about ancient times, or fill out some knowledge gaps.”

In this movie essay, Rathod gives readers three ways watching movies can positively affect us. Movie writers, producers, and directors use their platform to teach viewers life skills, the importance of education, and the contrast between good and evil. Watching movies can also help us improve critical thinking, according to Briggs. Not only do movies entertain us, but they also have many educational benefits. You might also be interested in these  essays about consumerism .

“Many people involving children and adults can effect with their sleeping disturbance and anxiety. Myths, non-realistic, fairy tales could respond differently with being in the real world. Horror movies bring a lot of excitement and entertainment among you and your family. Horror movies can cause physical behavior changes in a person by watching the films. The results of watching horror movies shows that is has really effect people whether you’re an adult, teens, and most likely happens during your childhood.”

In his essay, Briggs acknowledges why people enjoy horror movies so much but warns of their adverse effects on viewers. Most commonly, they cause viewers nightmares, which may cause anxiety and sleep disorders. He focuses on the films’ effects on children, whose more sensitive, less developed brains may respond with worse symptoms, including major trauma. The films can affect all people negatively, but children are the most affected.

“This was the message of Casablanca in late 1942. It was the ideal opportunity for America to utilize its muscles and enter the battle. America was to end up the hesitant gatekeeper of the entire world. The characters of Casablanca, similar to the youthful Americans of the 1960s who stick headed the challenge development, are ‘genuine Americans’ lost in a hostile region, battling to open up another reality.”

In this essay, the author discusses the 1942 film  Casablanca , which is said to be the greatest movie ever made, and explains why it has gotten this reputation. To an extent, the film’s storyline, acting, and even relatability (it was set during World War II) allowed it to shine from its release until the present. It invokes feelings of bravery, passion, and nostalgia, which is why many love the movie. You can also check out these  books about adaption . 

4.   Dune Review: An Old Story Reshaped For The New 2021 Audience by Oren Cohen

“Lady Jessica is a powerful woman in the original book, yet her interactions with Paul diminish her as he thinks of her as slow of thought. Something we don’t like to see in 2021 — and for a good reason. Every book is a product of its time, and every great storyteller knows how to adapt an old story to a new audience. I believe Villeneuve received a lot of hate from diehard Dune fans for making these changes, but I fully support him.”

Like the previous essay, Cohen reviews a film, in this case, Denis Villeneuve’s  Dune , released in 2021. He praises the film, writing about its accurate portrayal of the epic’s vast, dramatic scale, music, and, interestingly, its ability to portray the characters in a way more palatable to contemporary audiences while staying somewhat faithful to the author’s original vision. Cohen enjoyed the movie thoroughly, saying that the movie did the book justice. 

“Those travelers added around 630 million New Zealand dollars ($437 million) to the country’s economy in 2019 alone, the tourism authority told CNBC. A survey by the tourism board, however, showed that almost one in five Kiwis are worried that the country attracts too many tourists. Overcrowding at tourist spots, lack of infrastructure, road congestion and environmental damage are creating tension between locals and visitors, according to a 2019 report by Tourism New Zealand.”

The locations where successful movies are filmed often become tourist destinations for fans of those movies. Goel writes about how “film tourism” affects the residents of popular filming locations. The environment is sometimes damaged, and the locals are caught off guard. Though this is not always the case, film tourism is detrimental to the residents and ecosystem of these locations. You can also check out these  essays about The Great Gatsby .

6. Moonage Daydream:  “Who Is He? What Is He?” by Jonathan Romney

“Right from the start, Brett Morgen’s  Moonage Daydream  (2022) catches us off guard. It begins with an epigraph musing on Friedrich Nietzsche’s proclamation that “God is dead,” then takes us into deep space and onto the surface of the moon. It then unleashes an image storm of rockets, robots, and star-gazers, and rapid-fire fragments of early silent cinema, 1920s science fiction, fifties cartoons, and sixties and seventies newsreel footage, before lingering on a close-up of glittery varnish on fingernails.” 

Moonage Daydream  is a feature film containing never-before-seen footage of David Bowie. In this essay, Romney delves into the process behind creating the movie and how the footage was captured. It also looks at the director’s approach to creating a structured and cohesive film, which took over two years to plan. This essay looks at how Bowie’s essence was captured and preserved in this movie while displaying the intricacies of his mind.

7. La Bamba:  American Dreaming, Chicano Style by Yolanda Machado

“A traumatic memory, awash in hazy neutral tones, arising as a nightmare. Santo & Johnny’s mournful “Sleep Walk” playing. A sudden death, foreshadowing the passing of a star far too young. The opening sequence of Luis Valdez’s  La Bamba  (1987) feels like it could be from another film—what follows is largely a celebration of life and music.”

La Bamba  is a well-known movie about a teenage Mexican migrant who became a rock ‘n’ roll star. His rise to fame is filled with difficult social dynamics, and the star tragically dies in a plane crash at a young age. In this essay, Machado looks at how the tragic death of the star is presented to the viewer, foreshadowing the passing of the young star before flashing back to the beginning of the star’s career. Machado analyses the storyline and directing style, commenting on the detailed depiction of the young star’s life. It’s an in-depth essay that covers everything from plot to writing style to direction.

5 Prompts for Essays About Movies

Simple and straightforward, write about your favorite movie. Explain its premise, characters, and plot, and elaborate on some of the driving messages and themes behind the film. You should also explain why you enjoy the movie so much: what impact does it have on you? Finally, answer this question in your own words for an engaging piece of writing.

From horror to romance, movies can fall into many categories. Choose one of the main genres in cinema and discuss the characteristics of movies under that category. Explain prevalent themes, symbols, and motifs, and give examples of movies belonging to your chosen genre. For example, horror movies often have underlying themes such as mental health issues, trauma, and relationships falling apart. 

Without a doubt, special effects in movies have improved drastically. Both practical and computer-generated effects produce outstanding, detailed effects to depict situations most would consider unfathomable, such as the vast space battles of the  Star Wars  movies. Write about the development of special effects over the years, citing evidence to support your writing. Be sure to detail key highlights in the history of special effects. 

Movies are always made to be appreciated by viewers, but whether or not they enjoy them varies, depending on their preferences. In your essay, write about what you look for in a “good” movie in terms of plot, characters, dialogue, or anything else. You need not go too in-depth but explain your answers adequately. In your opinion, you can use your favorite movie as an example by writing about the key characteristics that make it a great movie.

Essays About Movies: The evolution of movies

From the silent black-and-white movies of the early 1900s to the vivid, high-definition movies of today, times have changed concerning movies. Write about how the film industry has improved over time. If this topic seems too broad, feel free to focus on one aspect, such as cinematography, themes, or acting.

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the  best essay checkers .

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our  essays about music topic guide !

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How to Write a Film Analysis Essay: Examples, Outline, & Tips

A film analysis essay might be the most exciting assignment you have ever had! After all, who doesn’t love watching movies? You have your favorite movies, maybe something you watched years ago, perhaps a classic, or a documentary. Or your professor might assign a film for you to make a critical review. Regardless, you are totally up for watching a movie for a film analysis essay.

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However, once you have watched the movie, facing the act of writing might knock the wind out of your sails because you might be wondering how to write a film analysis essay. In summary, writing movie analysis is not as difficult as it might seem, and experts will prove this. This guide will help you choose a topic for your movie analysis, make an outline, and write the text.️ Film analysis examples are added as a bonus! Just keep reading our advice on how to get started.

❓ What Is a Film Analysis Essay?

  • 🚦 Film Analysis Types

✍️ How to Write a Film Analysis

  • 📄 Essay Examples

🔗 References

To put it simply, film analysis implies watching a movie and then considering its characteristics : genre, structure, contextual context, etc. Film analysis is usually considered to be a form of rhetorical analysis . The key to success here is to formulate a clear and logical argument, supporting it with examples.

🚦 Film Analysis Essay Types

Since a film analysis essay resembles literature analysis, it makes sense that there are several ways to do it. Its types are not limited to the ones described here. Moreover, you are free to combine the approaches in your essay as well. Since your writing reflects your own opinion, there is no universal way to do it.

Film analysis types.

  • Semiotic analysis . If you’re using this approach, you are expected to interpret the film’s symbolism. You should look for any signs that may have a hidden meaning. Often, they reveal some character’s features. To make the task more manageable, you can try to find the objects or concepts that appear on the screen multiple times. What is the context they appear in? It might lead you to the hidden meaning of the symbols.
  • Narrative structure analysis . This type is quite similar to a typical literature guide. It includes looking into the film’s themes, plot, and motives. The analysis aims to identify three main elements: setup, confrontation, and resolution. You should find out whether the film follows this structure and what effect it creates. It will make the narrative structure analysis essay if you write about the theme and characters’ motivations as well.
  • Contextual analysis . Here, you would need to expand your perspective. Instead of focusing on inner elements, the contextual analysis looks at the time and place of the film’s creation. Therefore, you should work on studying the cultural context a lot. It can also be a good idea to mention the main socio-political issues of the time. You can even relate the film’s success to the director or producer and their career.
  • Mise-en-scene analysis . This type of analysis works with the most distinctive feature of the movies, audiovisual elements. However, don’t forget that your task is not only to identify them but also to explain their importance. There are so many interconnected pieces of this puzzle: the light to create the mood, the props to show off characters’ personalities, messages hidden in the song lyrics.

Even though film analysis is similar to the literary one, you might still feel confused with where to begin. No need to worry; there are only a few additional steps you need to consider during the writing process.

Need more information? It can be found in the video below.

Starting Your Film Analysis Essay

There are several things you need to do before you start writing your film analysis paper. First and foremost, you have to watch the movie. Even if you have seen it a hundred times, you need to watch it again to make a good film analysis essay.

Note that you might be given an essay topic or have to think of it by yourself. If you are free to choose a topic for your film analysis essay, reading some critical reviews before you watch the film might be a good idea. By doing this in advance, you will already know what to look for when watching the movie.

In the process of watching, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider your impression of the movie
  • Enumerate memorable details
  • Try to interpret the movie message in your way
  • Search for the proof of your ideas (quotes from the film)
  • Make comments on the plot, settings, and characters
  • Draw parallels between the movie you are reviewing and some other movies

Making a Film Analysis Essay Outline

Once you have watched and possibly re-watched your assigned or chosen movie from an analytical point of view, you will need to create a movie analysis essay outline . The task is pretty straightforward: the outline can look just as if you were working on a literary analysis or an article analysis.

  • Introduction : This includes the basics of the movie, including the title, director, and the date of release. You should also present the central theme or ideas in the movie and your thesis statement .
  • Summary : This is where you take the time to present an overview of the primary concepts in the movie, including the five Ws (who, what, when, where, and why)—don’t forget how!—as well as anything you wish to discuss that relates to the point of view, style, and structure.
  • Analysis : This is the body of the essay and includes your critical analysis of the movie, why you did or did not like it, and any supporting material from the film to support your views. It would help if you also discussed whether the director and writer of the movie achieved the goal they set out to achieve.
  • Conclusion: This is where you can state your thesis again and provide a summary of the primary concepts in a new and more convincing manner, making a case for your analysis. You can also include a call-to-action that will invite the reader to watch the movie or avoid it entirely.

You can find a great critical analysis template at Thompson Rivers University website. In case you need more guidance on how to write an analytical paper, check out our article .

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Writing & Editing Your Film Analysis Essay

We have already mentioned that there are differences between literary analysis and film analysis. They become especially important when one starts writing their film analysis essay.

First of all, the evidence you include to support the arguments is not the same. Instead of quoting the text, you might need to describe the audiovisual elements.

However, the practice of describing the events is similar in both types. You should always introduce a particular sequence in the present tense. If you want to use a piece of a dialogue between more than two film characters, you can use block quotes. However, since there are different ways to do it, confirm with your supervisor.

For your convenience, you might as well use the format of the script, for which you don’t have to use quotation marks:

ELSA: But she won’t remember I have powers?

KING: It’s for the best.

Finally, to show off your proficiency in the subject, look at the big picture. Instead of just presenting the main elements in your analysis, point out their significance. Describe the effect they make on the overall impression form the film. Moreover, you can dig deeper and suggest the reasons why such elements were used in a particular scene to show your expertise.

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Film Analysis Essay Topics

  • Analysis of the film Inception by Christopher Nolan . 
  • Examine the rhetoric in the film The Red Balloon .  
  • Analyze the visual effects of Zhang Yimou’s movie Hero .  
  • Basic concepts of the film Interstellar by Christopher Nolan.  
  • The characteristic features of Federico Fellini’s movies.  
  • Analysis of the movie The Joker .  
  • The depiction of ethical issues in Damaged Care .  
  • Analyze the plot of the film Moneyball .  
  • Explore the persuasive techniques used in Henry V .   
  • Analyze the movie Killing Kennedy .  
  • Discuss the themes of the film Secret Window .  
  • Describe the role of audio and video effects in conveying the message of the documentary Life in Renaissance .  
  • Compare and analyze the films Midnight Cowboy and McCabe and Mrs. Miller .  
  • Analysis of the movie Rear Window .  
  • The message behind the film Split .  
  • Analyze the techniques used by Tim Burton in his movie Sleepy Hollow . 
  • The topic of children’s abuse and importance of trust in Joseph Sargent’s Sybil .  
  • Examine the themes and motives of the film Return to Paradise by Joseph Ruben . 
  • The issues of gender and traditions in the drama The Whale Rider.   
  • Analysis of the film Not Easily Broken by Duke Bill.  
  • The symbolism in R. Scott’s movie Thelma and Louise .  
  • The meaning of audiovisual effects in Citizen Kane .  
  • Analyze the main characters of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo .  
  • Discuss the historical accuracy of the documentary The Civil War .  
  • Analysis of the movie Through a Glass Darkly . 
  • Explore the core idea of the comedy Get Out .  
  • The problem of artificial intelligence and human nature in Ex Machina .  
  • Three principles of suspense used in the drama The Fugitive .  
  • Examine the ideas Michael Bay promotes in Armageddon .  
  • Analyze the visual techniques used in Tenet by Christopher Nolan.  
  • Analysis of the movie The Green Mile . 
  • Discrimination and exclusion in the film The Higher Learning .  
  • The hidden meaning of the scenes in Blade Runner .  
  • Compare the social messages of the films West Side Story and Romeo + Juliet .  
  • Highlighting the problem of children’s mental health in the documentary Kids in Crisis .  
  • Discuss the ways Paul Haggis establishes the issue of racial biases in his movie Crash .  
  • Analyze the problem of moral choice in the film Gone Baby Gone .  
  • Analysis of the historical film Hacksaw Ridge . 
  • Explore the main themes of the film Mean Girls by Mark Walters .  
  • The importance of communication in the movie Juno .  
  • Describe the techniques the authors use to highlight the problems of society in Queen and Slim .  
  • Examine the significance of visual scenes in My Family/ Mi Familia .  
  • Analysis of the thriller Salt by Phillip Noyce.  
  • Analyze the message of Greg Berlanti’s film Love, Simon .  
  • Interpret the symbols of the film The Wizard of Oz (1939).  
  • Discuss the modern issues depicted in the film The Corporation .  
  • Moral lessons of Edward Zwick’s Blood Diamond . 
  • Analysis of the documentary Solitary Nation .  
  • Describe the audiovisual elements of the film Pride and Prejudice (2005) . 
  • The problem of toxic relationships in Malcolm and Marie .  

📄 Film Analysis Examples

Below you’ll find two film analysis essay examples. Note that the full versions are downloadable for free!

Example #1: The Intouchables

Raising acute social problems in modern cinema is a common approach to draw the public’s attention to the specific issues and challenges of people facing crucial obstacles. As a film for review, The Intouchables by Oliver Nakache and Éric Toledano will be analyzed, and one of the themes raised in this movie is the daily struggle of the person with severe disabilities. This movie is a biographical drama with comedy elements. The Intouchables describes the routine life of a French millionaire who is confined to a wheelchair and forced to receive help from his servants. The acquaintance of the disabled person with a young and daring man from Parisian slums changes the lives of both radically. The film shows that for a person with disabilities, recognition as a full member of society is more important than sympathy and compassion, and this message expressed comically raises an essential problem of human loneliness.

Example #2: Parasite

Parasite is a 2019 South Korean black comedy thriller movie directed by Bong Joon-ho and is the first film with a non-English script to win Best Picture at the Oscars in 2020. With its overwhelming plot and acting, this motion picture retains a long-lasting effect and some kind of shock. The class serves as a backbone and a primary objective of social commentary within the South Korean comedy/thriller (Kench, 2020). Every single element and detail in the movie, including the student’s stone, the contrasting architecture, family names, and characters’ behavior, contribute to the central topic of the universal problem of classism and wealth disparity. The 2020 Oscar-winning movie Parasite (2019) is a phenomenal cinematic portrayal and a critical message to modern society regarding the severe outcomes of the long-established inequalities within capitalism.

Film Analysis Essay FAQ

  • Watch the movie or read a detailed plot summary.
  • Read others’ film reviews paying attention to details like key characters, movie scenes, background facts.
  • Compose a list of ideas about what you’ve learned.
  • Organize the selected ideas to create a body of the essay.
  • Write an appropriate introduction and conclusion.

The benefits of analyzing a movie are numerous . You get a deeper understanding of the plot and its subtle aspects. You can also get emotional and aesthetic satisfaction. Film analysis enables one to feel like a movie connoisseur.

Here is a possible step by step scenario:

  • Think about the general idea that the author probably wanted to convey.
  • Consider how the idea was put across: what characters, movie scenes, and details helped in it.
  • Study the broader context: the author’s other works, genre essentials, etc.

The definition might be: the process of interpreting a movie’s aspects. The movie is reviewed in terms of details creating the artistic value. A film analysis essay is a paper presenting such a review in a logically structured way.

Want more examples? Check out this bonus list of 10 film analysis samples. They will help you gain even more inspiration.

  • “Miss Representation” Documentary Film Analysis
  • “The Patriot”: Historical Film Analysis
  • “The Morning Guy” Film Analysis
  • 2012′ by Roland Emmerich Film Analysis
  • “The Crucible” (1996) Film Analysis
  • The Aviator’ by Martin Scorsese Film Analysis
  • The “Lions for Lambs” Film Analysis
  • Bill Monroe – Father of Bluegrass Music Film Analysis
  • Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’ Film Analysis
  • Red Tails by George Lucas Film Analysis
  • Film Analysis – UNC Writing Center
  • Film Writing: Sample Analysis // Purdue Writing Lab
  • Yale Film Analysis – Yale University
  • Film Terms And Topics For Film Analysis And Writing
  • Questions for Film Analysis (Washington University)
  • Resources on Film Analysis – Cinema Studies (University of Toronto)
  • Does Film Analysis Take the Magic out of Movies?
  • Film Analysis Research Papers –
  • What’s In a Film Analysis Essay? Medium
  • Analysis of Film – SAGE Research Methods
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Have you ever read a review and asked yourself how the critic arrived at a different interpretation for the film? You are sure that you saw the same movie, but you interpreted it differently. Most moviegoers go to the cinema for pleasure and entertainment. There’s a reason why blockbuster movies attract moviegoers – cinema is a form of escape, a way to momentarily walk away from life’s troubles.

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Film Analysis

What this handout is about.

This handout introduces film analysis and and offers strategies and resources for approaching film analysis assignments.

Writing the film analysis essay

Writing a film analysis requires you to consider the composition of the film—the individual parts and choices made that come together to create the finished piece. Film analysis goes beyond the analysis of the film as literature to include camera angles, lighting, set design, sound elements, costume choices, editing, etc. in making an argument. The first step to analyzing the film is to watch it with a plan.

Watching the film

First it’s important to watch the film carefully with a critical eye. Consider why you’ve been assigned to watch a film and write an analysis. How does this activity fit into the course? Why have you been assigned this particular film? What are you looking for in connection to the course content? Let’s practice with this clip from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958). Here are some tips on how to watch the clip critically, just as you would an entire film:

  • Give the clip your undivided attention at least once. Pay close attention to details and make observations that might start leading to bigger questions.
  • Watch the clip a second time. For this viewing, you will want to focus specifically on those elements of film analysis that your class has focused on, so review your course notes. For example, from whose perspective is this clip shot? What choices help convey that perspective? What is the overall tone, theme, or effect of this clip?
  • Take notes while you watch for the second time. Notes will help you keep track of what you noticed and when, if you include timestamps in your notes. Timestamps are vital for citing scenes from a film!

For more information on watching a film, check out the Learning Center’s handout on watching film analytically . For more resources on researching film, including glossaries of film terms, see UNC Library’s research guide on film & cinema .

Brainstorming ideas

Once you’ve watched the film twice, it’s time to brainstorm some ideas based on your notes. Brainstorming is a major step that helps develop and explore ideas. As you brainstorm, you may want to cluster your ideas around central topics or themes that emerge as you review your notes. Did you ask several questions about color? Were you curious about repeated images? Perhaps these are directions you can pursue.

If you’re writing an argumentative essay, you can use the connections that you develop while brainstorming to draft a thesis statement . Consider the assignment and prompt when formulating a thesis, as well as what kind of evidence you will present to support your claims. Your evidence could be dialogue, sound edits, cinematography decisions, etc. Much of how you make these decisions will depend on the type of film analysis you are conducting, an important decision covered in the next section.

After brainstorming, you can draft an outline of your film analysis using the same strategies that you would for other writing assignments. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you prepare for this stage of the assignment:

  • Make sure you understand the prompt and what you are being asked to do. Remember that this is ultimately an assignment, so your thesis should answer what the prompt asks. Check with your professor if you are unsure.
  • In most cases, the director’s name is used to talk about the film as a whole, for instance, “Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo .” However, some writers may want to include the names of other persons who helped to create the film, including the actors, the cinematographer, and the sound editor, among others.
  • When describing a sequence in a film, use the literary present. An example could be, “In Vertigo , Hitchcock employs techniques of observation to dramatize the act of detection.”
  • Finding a screenplay/script of the movie may be helpful and save you time when compiling citations. But keep in mind that there may be differences between the screenplay and the actual product (and these differences might be a topic of discussion!).
  • Go beyond describing basic film elements by articulating the significance of these elements in support of your particular position. For example, you may have an interpretation of the striking color green in Vertigo , but you would only mention this if it was relevant to your argument. For more help on using evidence effectively, see the section on “using evidence” in our evidence handout .

Also be sure to avoid confusing the terms shot, scene, and sequence. Remember, a shot ends every time the camera cuts; a scene can be composed of several related shots; and a sequence is a set of related scenes.

Different types of film analysis

As you consider your notes, outline, and general thesis about a film, the majority of your assignment will depend on what type of film analysis you are conducting. This section explores some of the different types of film analyses you may have been assigned to write.

Semiotic analysis

Semiotic analysis is the interpretation of signs and symbols, typically involving metaphors and analogies to both inanimate objects and characters within a film. Because symbols have several meanings, writers often need to determine what a particular symbol means in the film and in a broader cultural or historical context.

For instance, a writer could explore the symbolism of the flowers in Vertigo by connecting the images of them falling apart to the vulnerability of the heroine.

Here are a few other questions to consider for this type of analysis:

  • What objects or images are repeated throughout the film?
  • How does the director associate a character with small signs, such as certain colors, clothing, food, or language use?
  • How does a symbol or object relate to other symbols and objects, that is, what is the relationship between the film’s signs?

Many films are rich with symbolism, and it can be easy to get lost in the details. Remember to bring a semiotic analysis back around to answering the question “So what?” in your thesis.

Narrative analysis

Narrative analysis is an examination of the story elements, including narrative structure, character, and plot. This type of analysis considers the entirety of the film and the story it seeks to tell.

For example, you could take the same object from the previous example—the flowers—which meant one thing in a semiotic analysis, and ask instead about their narrative role. That is, you might analyze how Hitchcock introduces the flowers at the beginning of the film in order to return to them later to draw out the completion of the heroine’s character arc.

To create this type of analysis, you could consider questions like:

  • How does the film correspond to the Three-Act Structure: Act One: Setup; Act Two: Confrontation; and Act Three: Resolution?
  • What is the plot of the film? How does this plot differ from the narrative, that is, how the story is told? For example, are events presented out of order and to what effect?
  • Does the plot revolve around one character? Does the plot revolve around multiple characters? How do these characters develop across the film?

When writing a narrative analysis, take care not to spend too time on summarizing at the expense of your argument. See our handout on summarizing for more tips on making summary serve analysis.

Cultural/historical analysis

One of the most common types of analysis is the examination of a film’s relationship to its broader cultural, historical, or theoretical contexts. Whether films intentionally comment on their context or not, they are always a product of the culture or period in which they were created. By placing the film in a particular context, this type of analysis asks how the film models, challenges, or subverts different types of relations, whether historical, social, or even theoretical.

For example, the clip from Vertigo depicts a man observing a woman without her knowing it. You could examine how this aspect of the film addresses a midcentury social concern about observation, such as the sexual policing of women, or a political one, such as Cold War-era McCarthyism.

A few of the many questions you could ask in this vein include:

  • How does the film comment on, reinforce, or even critique social and political issues at the time it was released, including questions of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality?
  • How might a biographical understanding of the film’s creators and their historical moment affect the way you view the film?
  • How might a specific film theory, such as Queer Theory, Structuralist Theory, or Marxist Film Theory, provide a language or set of terms for articulating the attributes of the film?

Take advantage of class resources to explore possible approaches to cultural/historical film analyses, and find out whether you will be expected to do additional research into the film’s context.

Mise-en-scène analysis

A mise-en-scène analysis attends to how the filmmakers have arranged compositional elements in a film and specifically within a scene or even a single shot. This type of analysis organizes the individual elements of a scene to explore how they come together to produce meaning. You may focus on anything that adds meaning to the formal effect produced by a given scene, including: blocking, lighting, design, color, costume, as well as how these attributes work in conjunction with decisions related to sound, cinematography, and editing. For example, in the clip from Vertigo , a mise-en-scène analysis might ask how numerous elements, from lighting to camera angles, work together to present the viewer with the perspective of Jimmy Stewart’s character.

To conduct this type of analysis, you could ask:

  • What effects are created in a scene, and what is their purpose?
  • How does this scene represent the theme of the movie?
  • How does a scene work to express a broader point to the film’s plot?

This detailed approach to analyzing the formal elements of film can help you come up with concrete evidence for more general film analysis assignments.

Reviewing your draft

Once you have a draft, it’s helpful to get feedback on what you’ve written to see if your analysis holds together and you’ve conveyed your point. You may not necessarily need to find someone who has seen the film! Ask a writing coach, roommate, or family member to read over your draft and share key takeaways from what you have written so far.

Works consulted

We consulted these works while writing this handout. This is not a comprehensive list of resources on the handout’s topic, and we encourage you to do your own research to find additional publications. Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial . We revise these tips periodically and welcome feedback.

Aumont, Jacques, and Michel Marie. 1988. L’analyse Des Films . Paris: Nathan.

Media & Design Center. n.d. “Film and Cinema Research.” UNC University Libraries. Last updated February 10, 2021. .

Oxford Royale Academy. n.d. “7 Ways to Watch Film.” Oxford Royale Academy. Accessed April 2021. .

University of Pennsylvania. “How to ‘Read’ a Film.” English Department. .

Creative Commons License

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movie essay writing

Quick Guide on How to Write a Movie Review Essay

movie essay writing

What Is a Movie Review

The internet has revolutionized the realm of film criticism. No matter a movie's level of quality, it is always worth analyzing. Despite the growing number of individuals attempting to write about movies, few are successful. Most people do not provide insightful analysis, instead simply state how much they liked or disliked the film.

A movie criticism, usually composed by a professional in film studies, takes a comprehensive look at the film from a historical, social, political, or theoretical standpoint. This is unlike the opinion or suggestion given in a movie review, which is shorter and more concise.

A remarkable aspect of a good film review is that it doesn't just rate the movie but provides explicit views that form the critique's basis. This form of writing, like crafting essays, research papers, and term papers, should be insightful and draw the reader in quickly. It's important to discuss the reputation of the lead actors and directors and to write about what you expected and if they were met. The reviewer must explain a story's development without recalling major plot points and endings. The review must be concise, engaging, and should involve metaphors, specific words, analogies, etc.

Movie Review Purpose

Most film reviews are intended to guide readers in deciding whether to view, rent, or purchase the film. They should provide the necessary information to aid readers in deciding without divulging any fundamental details, such as the storyline or any surprises. This paper is common in schools because the lecturer wants to evaluate the student's ability to think critically and report the event easily for others to understand.

Movie reviews typically present a brief summary of the film's storyline. They provide readers with an overview of the characters, relationships, and scenarios but do not convey the complete narrative. Perusing the review should be different from seeing the movie. Nonetheless, feel free to highlight the essential moments or pivotal points that make the film worthwhile viewing.

Our college essay writing service has put together some advice on composing a movie review essay like a real critic, so let's explore the article further!

How to Write a Movie Review: Movie Review Outline

The structure is key when it comes to the quality of your paper. Don't neglect the power of a good outline, no matter what paper you're writing. Outlines help you stay on track and make sure your paper flows well.

Taking the time to arrange your ideas before starting to write is an effective way to save time further down the line. With a well-structured plan already in place, you won't have to worry about other elements. This will also make the writing process less stressful. Here is a guide on how to organize your movie review outline:

Writing a Movie Review_ Step-by-Step Guide

How Do You Start a Movie Review Essay: Introduction

The introductory paragraph is the first obvious step in crafting a movie review essay outline. Here, you want to quickly captivate the reader. Deliver your viewpoint instantly and make it unambiguous. Don't leave the audience wondering whether you enjoyed the film. Tell them right off the bat so you have time to justify your assessment throughout the remainder of the process.

In the introduction movie review should also describe your thesis. Develop the main concept for your essay that you can support using your perceptions of the movie's various aspects. The reader should be able to tell from this statement if you thought the film was fantastic, awful, or simply alright. By including a thesis statement, you may move your analysis beyond the plot synopsis phase into the movie critique category, which is considered a separate creative process.

Crafting Your Essay Movie Review Analysis

According to our research paper service , film analysis is similar to building a case. You're attempting to influence the reader to follow your recommendation to watch or disregard the film. So, you must ensure your essay movie review will be convincing. Giving instances that demonstrate the validity of your personal opinion is the only method to do this. If you find any dialogue in the movie that you think best exemplifies whether the work is strong or not, utilize quotes. This also applies to all of the movie's artistic decisions. But, just because a movie's narrative isn't strong or engaging doesn't indicate the rest of the film is worthless. Carefully highlight how some factors might undermine the movie in your explanation.

The movie's plot is only one component and shouldn't dominate the overall piece. The following are the important aspects to include in your movie review structure:

Cinematography - Cinematography covers much more than simply camera angles. It includes how the picture is lit, how it moves, appears, and what lenses are used. Here you can try the following analysis: 'Warm, gentle colors are used throughout the film, combined with soothing whites and grays, to simultaneously create and gradually tear away the characters' romantic sentiments for one another. There is a painting-like quality to each image.'

Editing - The editing is arguably the absolute star of what creates a good movie review example. It affects both the duration and the flow of a movie. Without effective editing, there would be uncomfortable gaps between pictures and many errors.

Costuming - The clothing the characters wear is called a costume, but there are a number of things to consider while evaluating movie costumes. You should be able to decide if the outfits suit the characters and the movie's atmosphere.

Casting and Acting - Finding the ideal performers to bring characters to life is the goal of casting. This sometimes entails seeing performers portray both familiar personas and figures who are entirely at odds with who they are. Casting, therefore, involves more than just finding talented performers. You can assess the acting in the following way: 'Even though he excels while on the go, his stoic behaviorism causes him to fall short of his co-star during calm scenes where he keeps a blank look on his face.'

Once you have finished analyzing the acting, directing, cinematography, setting, etc., wrap up with concise, stimulating wording to sustain readers' attention. Don't forget to provide a few examples to support your statements about the film.

Concluding Your Essay Movie Review

Finalize your review by coming full circle. Close the review by returning to your introductory fact or thesis. Give your readers a refresher on the movie's most intriguing aspects. It's important to remember that before choosing a movie, viewers check reviews. Finish with a statement indicating whether it is worthwhile for them to view. Be specific about who this movie will be more fascinating to and why in your suggestions. Remember that your ending is your last shot at influencing your audience, so use it wisely.

No matter the kind of movie review you have to complete, our professional specialists are willing to help you. Directly forward your needs to our research paper service and get it done quickly.


No matter what type of movie review you want, our qualified specialists are ready to assist you.

Short Movie Review Form

If you are currently working on a new or old movie review, reading our suggestions should be sufficient to help you earn an A. So what if you'll be writing many reviews in the future? In this situation, we advise you to develop a uniform movie review template, which will enable you to save time and complete your upcoming projects successfully.

So, how to write a movie review template, you may ask? Well, our essay helper prepared a simple yet great movie review template you may use as a foundation for your own writing if you need some help getting started:

movie review form

Example Papers

Once you know how to review a movie and learn the most valuable tips to handle this assignment, it is time to look at some movie review examples to get you on the right track.

Check out the following pieces to see which of these movie review essay examples you might want to keep at hand when working on your own assignment:

FAQs on Writing an Essay Movie Review

Here are the most frequently asked questions on how to write a movie review. We provided extra details on movie analysis to simplify writing film reviews.

What are the 6 Important Things to Include in a Film Review?

The following six elements should be present in any film review:

  • A plot summary - Here, you should provide the movie title, its release date, the key members of the cast, the filmmaker or producer, and its subject matter.
  • Your original impression - Here, you should discuss your initial impressions before seeing the movie and contrast them with how you felt afterward.
  • Commentary on the acting - As was previously said, you can evaluate the actors' onscreen performance in the specific movie here. You can also talk about how it stacks up against the movies the actors have appeared in.
  • Analysis of technical elements - You can describe camera methods, lighting, color, editing, sound, and audio, among other things.
  • An evaluation of the film's overall success -Here, you should evaluate if the movie accomplished its goals, whether the messages it was intended to convey were clearly understood, or whether they were lost in translation.
  • Your final recommendation - This summarizes both the critic's last observation and the film's overall message or what we may learn from it. Finally, you should inform the reader if they should watch the movie and what aspects they may or may not enjoy.

How Long Should a Movie Review Be?

Generally, film reviews range from 600 to 1200 words, though there is no particular format that must be followed. Yet, usually, a movie review format includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Plot Summary
  • Description
  • Conclusion/Evaluation

Before starting your movie review writing, do a lot of research. You might want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the director's, writer's, or actor's body of work before watching the movie, which will take you longer than creating the narrative.

What are the 5 C's in Film?

One may argue that the five C's of cinematography, as described by Joseph V. Mascelli, are fundamental ideas necessary to create a movie. To guarantee the finest possible quality, every idea must be carefully taken into account when creating, filming, and editing a movie.

  • Camera Angles - A scene may be set up for viewers to follow by strategically placing the camera and using visual clues to show how actors relate to one another, their surroundings, and the actions on the screen.
  • Continuity - A realistic visual experience is made possible by fluid internal logic. On the other hand, viewers will struggle to follow the plot if scenes are inconsistent graphically. Moreover, continuity errors can destroy a scene's emotional resonance.
  • Cutting - Sensible trimming may advance the story when it is meticulously planned, with insight and forethought. It is important to connect each shot in a scene and the scenes themselves so that their overall impact, rather than just their separate elements, elicits the intended emotions from the spectator.
  • Close-ups - The addition of close-ups may significantly alter a scenario. Viewers can be encouraged to feel intense feelings together with the characters on screen, even without language.
  • Composition - Lighting, color, space, mood, and tone are some of the components that make up a cinematic scene. This is particularly intriguing because the composition may draw attention to a movie's topic and represent the cinematography style of both the filmmaker and the cinematographer.

Helpful Tips on Writing Movie Reviews

Here are some extra helpful tips to keep in mind when unsure how to write a movie review essay:

Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Movie Review

  • Add Your Own Personal Feel to Your Movie Critique - You might not have much spare time for your pastime of reviewing. You won't be able to write a movie review, though, if you just wing it without reading what others have said. Make a note of the things that intrigued you, alarmed you, made you uncomfortable, or caused you to pause and consider something, and then use that list as the basis for your research.
  • Develop a Distinctive Writing Style - Have an idol—it's good for you. You must be careful not to just paraphrase and duplicate what they say without adding your own original viewpoint. Instead, in order to stand out from the throng, you must discover your own voice. When writing movie reviews, you should also have a distinct writing style.
  • Include Extensive Information -Mention the film's photographer, special effects designer, and director. Your review might be significantly impacted by this. Then you may list all the memorable movie moments that also stuck with you.
  • Voice Your Views and Back Up Your Criticism - Give your own assessment of the film. Make sure you have evidence to support your criticisms. Use the movie's details that most shocked or humiliated you. Review genuine information rather than merely expressing your opinions without supporting details.

Final Thoughts

Composing a good movie review essay sample is easy if you follow this article's main steps and techniques. Furthermore, we strongly believe that this guide will assist you in achieving remarkable outcomes and ease your writing process. The staff at EssayPro is always available to provide a helping hand if you need a little additional push with movie review examples or even if it's simply coming up with a catchy essay title .

Order an essay and await excellent results! Contact our expert writers and ask them to ' write my essay for me ' – and they will ensure your academic success!

Do You Require a Skilled Professional Writer?

Our writers take extra measures to make sure that your essay is created precisely in accordance with your specifications.

Related Articles

scholarship essay

The Writing Place

Resources – writing about film: the critical essay, introduction to the topic.

Like it or not, studying film may very well be a part of the well-rounded education you receive here at Northwestern University. But how to go about writing such an essay? While film reviews and theoretical essays are part of Film Studies, the most common paper that students will face is: “the critical essay”

Fear not. Though its title combines a serious undertone that implies it is both a large chuck of your grade and also really hard and vague, this post will guide you on your way.

First, what is the critical essay? It may surprise you to note that it is much more than 35% of your grade. In actuality, the most common form of the cinematic critical essay is one in which the writer explores one or more aspects of a film and analyzes how they enhance the film’s meaning and/or artistry. This is very similar to English analysis papers. For example,  The Scarlet Letter  can be analyzed in terms of its motif of civilization versus the wilderness. In the novel, the town is representative of human civilization and authority while the forest represents natural authority (Sparknotes Editors, 2003).  Likewise, the same motif illustrates Terrence Malick’s  Tree of Life.  The wilderness represents the way of nature while the family (or civilization) represents the way of grace. The crossing over of these settings enables the viewer to visualize the internal struggles of Malick’s characters as they seek higher meaning from God.

“Hmmm…” I can hear you wondering. “I already know how to do that! It’s all we did in high school English classes!” But here is where the cinematic essay diverges from the literary essay— the elements that we analyze. Films can be analyzed from traditional literary aspects such as themes, narrative, characters, and points of view but there are also uniquely cinematic aspects: mise-en-scene, the shot, aesthetic history and edited images.

Parts of a Critical Essay

Aspect 1: mise-en-scene.

Mise-en-scene refers to everything in a scene independent of the camera’s position, movement, and editing (Corrigan, 1998). This includes lighting, costumes, sets, the quality of the acting, etc. It is important to remember that every aspect of a scene was consciously chosen by the director and his or her team. Because movies often present themselves as instances of real life, this fact is easily forgotten and the artistic choices that the film crew made are overlooked.

In the following still from   Wes Anderson’s  Moonrise Kingdom  (2012), one can analyze it in terms of mise-en-scene. One could note the arrangement of the props. In real life, it would be unlikely that rocks, sticks, and supplies would arrange themselves in an almost perfect circular fashion around the map. However, Anderson’s decision to arrange the props focus viewer’s attention on the map and highlight the adventure that the two children are about to go on in  Moonrise Kingdom.

Click  here for an example of an essay dealing with mise-en-scene.

Aspect 2: The Shot

The shot refers to the single image before the camera cuts to the next scene (Corrigan, 1998). These shots can include a lot of variety and movement. We can analyze the effect that shots have in terms of their photographic qualities such as tone, speed, and perspectives created, to name a few examples (Corrigan, 1998). A single shot is composed of multiple frames, or stills of the same scene. We can analyze the shot in terms of framing, i.e. what was actually decided to be included within the image and the location of stuff within the frame.

Watch the following shot (beginning at the 30 second mark) for an example: Click Here to Navigate to YouTube

In this shot from Dayton and Faris’  Little Miss Sunshine  (2006), Dwayne has just found out he cannot join the air force. He had maintained a vow of silence to help him focus on getting admitted to the air force and breaks it from utter frustration. The shot’s stationary position as Dwayne runs screaming from his family helps highlight how the physical distance Dwayne puts between himself and his family reflects the emotional distance and frustration he feels at the moment.

Aspect 3: Edited Images

When one or more shots are joined together, they become edited (Corrigan, 1998). These usually have two main purposes. One is the logical development of the story. A shot in the morning connected with a shot in the afternoon connotes to the viewer that time has passed. Other times the editing of shots has artistic intent. For example, in a Chipotle commercial the first shot is of an industrial slaughterhouse. The next shot features animals grazing in a pasture. This is an artistic statement on the part of the advertising team to convey to Chipotle’s customers about the higher standard of care and ethics that they ensure their meat sources follow.

Edited images can also be analyzed from other aspects. For example, one could explain how meaning is created by the specific arrangement in shots, their collisions with each other, and the presence of visual motifs “echoing” through subsequent shots.

For instance, in the edited shots from Patar and Aubier’s movie  A Town Called Panic  (2009) the editing of the kitchen shot and the snow shot serves two purposes. One purpose is to further the logical chronological development of the story. The other purpose is to add humor. Because being asleep for an entire summer is impossibly long, it adds absurd humor.

Hopefully, the brief foray into the various cinematic aspects that one could examine was helpful. The world of film analysis is vast and wide, offering a fecund source for analytical and cinematic exploration and creation.

-Developed by Kyla Donato  

Click here to return to the “writing place resources” main page..

How to Write a Movie Title in an Essay – A Simple Guide

If you are asking how to write a movie title in an essay, you’ve probably already decided that you want to write a movie script. This is good. All movies, whether they be musicals or blockbusters, start out as written material on paper. Most people take the time to make their movie titles as neatly and professionally as possible.


For that many people choose the best essay writing service available. However, we all know that some of the best screenplays ever written are lost on the pages of an academic textbook. But don’t despair.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

1. Short: One Word Per Line

2. block: number of characters inside, 3. keyword: one or two sentences, movie title in an essay.

Writing a movie title in an essay should be approached much like you would write a thesis for a paper. An outline will allow you to think of the main points you want to discuss, organize your ideas, and determine how relevant each idea should be to your overall theme. In essence, your title is your thesis statement.

After you have an outline to guide you, it should be relatively easy to decide how to proceed once you reach the actual writing. The structure of your essay will depend greatly on what kind of movie script title you decide to write. There are a few formats that can help you with this.

How to Write a Movie Title in an Essay

The movie title is the first thing readers will see, so it needs to be interesting enough to capture their attention. Try to imagine what the audience for the movie will be. You want your title to fit into the plot but also appeal to general moviegoers as well. This is especially true if the movie is intended for teenage girls. As such, there are three formats that can be used to format a movie title.

The shortest format for a movie title is actually one word per line. If the title is longer, it may be better to use the word first, followed by another word or two, then a colon, and then the title. This format has been used for so long, it is still one of the most common, but it might not be as effective as it once was.

Another format for a title is a block that has a number of characters inside. It can be a semi-colon, a question mark, one or two exclamation marks, and even a period. These choices make it easier for readers to determine what the story is about. However, since the format has become obsolete, it is probably better to stick with the bullet points for determining the story. This format is also not very useful if the movie script is long.

When learning how to write a movie title in an essay, keep the same guidelines in mind. Block titles work, but it is not very practical. If you need to include lots of information, it might be more beneficial to stick to the bullet points. There is also no need to write out the entire title this way, just a few keywords and a short sentence or two.

Learning how to write a movie script will show you the structure of a story. Each character should be named and placed in the correct spot. The other characters should be introduced. The action should take place. The goal is to have the reader follow the main characters from beginning to end.

The title is one of the most important sections of a movie. It should catch the audience’s attention and sell them on the script. As writers, we are always trying to learn new techniques. Learning how to write a movie title in an essay will help you achieve your goal.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply

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How to Write a Movie Title in an Essay: Examples and Tips

How to Write a Movie Title

Writing essays is hard on its own. But there is also a whole bunch of different tiny details that can affect the final grade. These details, though may seem insignificant, can either make your essay worth an A+ or turn it into a real disaster. And one of such important but small details is the way you are writing movie titles in your paper.

If you are now wondering who even needs to know how to write movie titles in essays, it’s quite a natural concern. However, there are multiple occasions when you may need to do this. Namely, you will definitely have to mention the title when writing an essay about a specific movie, discovering the plot, and reflecting on your experience from watching it. Besides, you may need to use titles when supporting your ideas with quotes from movies or using them as examples.

But how to do it right?

This article, written by our write my essay service professionals, will be your ultimate guide to writing movie titles in essays in different formats, so sit back and let’s get down to it!

Writing Movie Titles: Key Principles and Rules

To succeed in writing an essay about a movie, follow these core principles and rules:

General rules

  • Discuss the movie background first;
  • Share your own experience;
  • Study the main ideas and topics, and discuss how they were disclosed in the movie;
  • Tell what lessons it can teach.

Basic grammar rules

  • Follow the required formatting style;
  • Write in the active voice;
  • Structure your work appropriately;
  • Make smooth transitions between ideas;
  • Keep an eye on the correct punctuation of headings and titles.

These are the main tips from our write my essay for me service to keep in mind when writing a paper about a film. But, as we said earlier, there is also one more detail to pay special attention to - the titles.

So, let’s figure out how to punctuate movie titles the right way. First, to understand how to write movie titles in a paper, you need to understand that there are different formatting styles, each of which has different rules. The two most popular are MLA and APA.

So, now, let’s move on to the most important part and define how to write movie titles in an essay right!

How to Write Movie Titles in MLA?

As we said earlier, the MLA formatting style is one of the most common styles for essay writing. Just like any other style, it has its own manual that dictates how to organize and format your essay the right way.

Okay, but what is MLA format in the first place? This style, created by the Modern Language Association, is basically a collection of citing and formatting guidelines used in academic writing.

So, how to write movie titles MLA you may wonder? The MLA format for movie titles dictates that all titles should be formatted uniformly throughout the entire paper. And, basically, there are only two main rules 

  • All first letters of the major words should be capitalized, excluding insignificant words like conjunctions, articles, prepositions, etc. (except those placed at the beginning of a sentence)
  • All titles placed in the body of your work should also be italicized.

The Great Gatsby

The Lord of the Rings

Now you know how to write movie titles in an essay using the MLA format, but if you still have any troubles with ' do my paper ' request, just contact us! So let’s move on to the APA format.

How to Write Movie Titles in APA?

Another widely used format you may be required to use when writing an essay about movies is called APA. It was developed by the American Psychological Association and is most often applicable to academic writing and research performed in different fields of social sciences (e.g., sociology, psychology, anthropology, and so on).

If you are wondering how to write movie titles in APA style, the good news is that you already know how to do it. Here is one thing to remember - MLA, APA, and Chicago style as well, all imply using the same title case capitalization approach for all film titles. Also, all these three formats imply using italics.

Thus, the core rules for formatting AP style movie titles are no different from those we mentioned for the MLA styles:

  • Capitalize the first letters of important words, leaving out prepositions, articles, etc.
  • Italicize the entire title.

The only difference you should know about is that APA also requires you to capitalize words that include 4 letters or more (even if it’s a preposition, etc.).

Gone With the Wind

Tori Spelling as a Good Character to Write About in Your Essay

For a paper on a movie, a great choice can be the TV series Beverly Hills.

With its main cast featuring Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, and others, Beverly Hills is a classic. The show spans a wide range of acute social issues like domestic violence, rape, homophobia, racism, teen suicide, early pregnancy, and many others. Thus, it’s very relevant for youth.

One of the main characters you can focus on is Donna Martin, performed by Tori Spelling Troop Beverly Hills. What makes Tori Spelling 90210 notable is that she is one of the few actors to appear consistently throughout the entire show.

What do you need to know about Tori Spelling? A 48-year-old star of a cult show is a daughter of a famous producer Aaron Spelling, who, in fact, produced Beverly Hills. She was only 17 when she got the role. And, appearing in the show from 1990 to 2000, she was twice nominated for the Young Artist Award.

In 2019, Tori also participated in the show “The Masked Singer.” In the show, Tori Spelling nickname was the Unicorn.

If you need any help with writing an essay about a movie or any other kind of paper contact our service with your ' do my essay for me ' request.

Older Than America Movie: Title Ideas for Your Essay

If the idea of writing an essay about the Beverly Hills series didn’t inspire you, another great subject for your paper could be the Older than America film.

Older than America movie was released in 2008. It is a suspense drama movie directed by Georgina Lightning and featuring Georgina herself, as well as Bradley Cooper, Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, and Wes Studi.

If you are wondering what makes Older than America a great topic choice for an essay, the movie displays several unique stories that explore the devastating impacts of Native American Boarding Schools on children from the American Indian community. 

What should your title be like? Given the wide range of deep topics discussed in this movie, the number of possible title options is vast. Here are a few samples:

  • Older than America: The Causes and Effects of Cultural Genocide
  • The Hardship of Assimilation in a Culturally Different Society on the Example of Older than America Movie
  • Older than America: Is It Ethical to Try to “Civilize” Children and Youth Into a Different Culture

Need help with your paper? Just drop us a line saying, 'please, write an essay for me ,' and we’ll help you get the highest grade with ease!

Writing Movie Titles in Essays

So, now you should know how to write the title of a movie in an essay. We’ve also shared the example of MLA and AP style movie titles. And the only question that is still left unanswered is how exactly you should write an essay about movies and what you can do to make it flawless?

In this part of our DoMyEssay article, based on the example of a cult TV show Beverly Hills, we will tell you how to start an essay about a movie, how to write it well, and how to ensure success. Here come the main tips and tricks you need to know:

  • Watch it fully (maybe even a couple of times).
  • Write about the background. For instance, speaking of Beverly Hills, try to dig deeper to define what else is there apart from teen drama related to relationships and friendships; namely, as we said earlier, there is a wide range of acute problems discussed in the show, and you should recognize them.
  • Tell about your own reflection on the piece. Tell what you grasped from watching Beverly Hills, how it affected you, and how you feel after watching it. Important: do not repeat the background and plot, instead make a reflection on the characters and events that impressed you the most.
  • Assess it critically. Analyze the storyline and topics discussed in Beverly Hills, assess how producers used music and special effects to make a better impression, evaluate the acting skills of the main cast, etc.
  • Finish with some lessons learned. Tell readers about the lessons you personally and youth, in general, learn from the series. Namely, the show teaches us many vital life lessons such as - parents always have great wisdom, appearances can be very deceiving, we can handle anything, etc.

Hopefully, this was helpful. Follow the tips our essay writers team shared, and you should be able to write a great essay without a hassle!

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How to Write a Film Analysis Essay: Format & Examples

Movie analysis essays offer a unique opportunity to take a closer look at narrative techniques and artistic aspects of filmmaking. A paper on this subject lets you explore themes, characters, cinematography, and other elements that make movies stand out. Students can improve their movie analysis abilities by reading our comprehensive guide! It has enough information to make you a movie critic in your own right.

Our team has covered the main film analysis essay components to help you thoroughly analyze movies. By the end of this read, you’ll understand how to pick the right motion picture and craft a film review that best captures its essence. The guide covers all the crucial steps for students to make a film analysis essay captivating and thought-provoking for readers. Let’s dive into cinema analysis and discover the secret behind excellent papers!

  • 📽️ What Is a Film Analysis?
  • 🎞️ Types of Movie Analysis

🎬 Film Analysis Template

  • 🤩 11 Tips for Movie Analysis
  • 💡 Film Analysis Essay Topics

🔗 References

📽️ what is a film analysis essay.

In a film analysis paper, students should closely examine the various elements of the picture. These include directing , writing , cinematography , acting , and setting . As with any critical paper, the subject is evaluated based on specific standards. Sometimes, a film may be compared to other entries in its genre or series, for example, Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

🎞️ Types of Movie Analysis Essays

Before making a movie analysis outline, it’s essential to understand what kind of essay you want to create. There are several popular types with unique goals and aims. Understanding the difference between them helps you choose the right one for the paper you want to write.

4 Types of movie analysis essays.

The most common types of movie analysis essays include:

  • Semiotic Analysis. This type discusses the symbols and signs represented in a particular movie. With its help, you may uncover the meaning of objects or images repeated throughout the picture. It’s also possible to show connections between different examples of imagery in the film. For example, you may discuss the meaning of oranges in The Godfather .
  • Narrative Structure Analysis. This common type of analysis lets you look deeper into the various story elements, such as plot, narrative structure, and characters. For example, you may use it to explore the story and setting of Psycho.
  • Contextual Analysis. In a contextual analysis, you draw connections between the film and its cultural and historical context. This works well with documentary films or movies based on real events. For example, you can describe the atmosphere of the Cold War in Red Dawn and The Hunt for Red October .
  • Mise-En-Scene Analysis . If you want to go into deep detail about the beauty and meaning of scenes or single shots, mise-en-scene analysis is right for you. It lets you take a look at individual elements and interpret them. For example, you may try to explain how various details of the surroundings were depicted in Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo. This analysis is as effective for short films as it is for feature-length ones.

Creating a high-quality, compelling essay isn’t just about being creative. It also needs structure and a systematic approach. You can’t write it right if you don’t know how to do it. So, we’ll take a closer look at each step of this process to make your journey more comfortable. Come with us and learn what makes a movie critique essay great.

Prepare for Writing the Film Analysis Paper

Before you begin your first draft, it’s vital to prepare for the film analysis. This process is divided into five stages. We’ve decided to provide some advice and ideas for each of them. Look closely at what should be done to better prepare for this task:

Movie Analysis Format & Structure

A well-organized film essay structure will help you properly present your ideas and arguments. That is why we have provided some advice on how you should format your essay.

Create a draft for your essay.

There are several parts you should include when writing your film critique:

  • Introduction . Any good piece of writing starts with a catchy introduction. It must give readers a small taste of what the paper will be about with unique insights and analysis. One look at it should be enough to hook your readers.
  • Body . After writing the perfect intro, summarize the work you’ll analyze and focus on the crucial plot points. Then, provide an analysis of the motion picture at length. Check your outline to ensure you only talk about relevant aspects. When organizing each of your paragraphs , you should remember its purpose and try not to stray off topic.
  • Conclusion . The last part of your paper should summarize the main points and present your final thoughts. Don’t haste and write the first thing that comes to mind. Ensure that the conclusion is as impactful as the introductory part.

Sometimes, students get too engrossed when watching a movie and leave out essential details. To make sure that doesn’t happen, follow this movie analysis template. It will help you retain information and avoid making mistakes.

🤩 11 Tips to Follow While Writing a Movie Analysis

A movie analysis essay writing requires exceptional attention to detail. We’ve come up with several terrific pieces of advice that will improve your writing skills regarding these assignments. They will work for you whether you’re analyzing a Tim Burton animated film or the legendary Titanic movie.

  • Even if you’ve seen the work before, rewatch it. It will refresh your memories of it.
  • Don’t rush things, and see the movie at least twice. Arrange your time to have the opportunity to refresh your memories of the plot details.
  • Sometimes, it helps to work on the body of the paper before adding an introduction.
  • Develop a clear thesis statement . It helps better organize the paper’s arguments.
  • Closely investigate the audio and visual elements. They often help bring more nuance to the story and the film’s atmosphere.
  • Don’t make the paper all about the plot. It should be an analysis and not a retelling of the entire story.
  • To make the paper more professional, incorporate some technical jargon. For example, you may explain the techniques used by the camera crew or the editors.
  • Do your best to remain objective. Your paper should analyze the movie elements and your opinions should be evidence-based.
  • Compare the film to other genre entries. Try to tell how other works tackle the same subjects and utilize similar cinema elements .
  • Check the structural integrity of the work. Comb the paper for any inconsistencies or sentences that seem to dangle in the air. Your text should be easy to follow.
  • Finally, remember to edit. It’s important to polish the paper until you have all the facts, grammar, stylistics, and spelling in order.

9 Essential questions to help you analyze a movie.

💡 Interesting Topics for Film Analysis Essays

  • Pandora’s Unobtanium: Analyzing James Cameron’s “Avatar”
  • Truth and Its Consequences in “Liar Liar” Directed by Tom Shadyac
  • The Feminist Revolution in “Mona Lisa Smile” by Mike Newell
  • Blade Runner’s Cyberpunk Aesthetic: A Scene Analysis
  • Society and Class Distinctions in “Pride and Prejudice” Movie
  • Power, Loyalty, and Betrayal in “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola
  • The Heroine’s Journey into “The Wizard of Oz” by Victor Fleming
  • Generational Saga “Mi Familia” by Gregory Nava
  • Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: A Cinematic Journey in ‘Forrest Gump’
  • Transformation in “Dances with Wolves” by Kevin Costner
  • Spirit of Nature and Childhood Innocence in “My Neighbor Totoro”
  • Subversive Masculinity in “Fight Club” by David Fincher
  • Intercultural Communication in “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola
  • Ethical Dilemmas and Family Bonds in “My Sister’s Keeper” by Nick Cassavetes
  • Shakespearean Romance and Identity in “Shakespeare in Love” 

Three Brilliant Movie Analysis Examples

Theoretical knowledge will only take you so far. We suggest taking a look at several scene analysis essay examples. Check out these three creative samples with different analytical approaches:

  • “Remember the Titans” Movie by Jerry Bruckheimer. Outstanding achievement can only be won through hardship. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fighting for equality or striving to win a football game. Each small event resonates in history. Jerry Bruckheimer’s Remember the Titans is a testament to the sacrifice and struggle people endure to make a difference. This essay analyzes the work using several scenes that capture its central message.
  • The Analysis of Film “Wilby Wonderful.”   Interpersonal relationships remain a big issue from a psychological point of view for many despite the perceived ease of their maintenance. It causes many misunderstandings and conflicts people may inadvertently find themselves in. Daniel Maclvor’s Wilby Wonderful demonstrates these inadequacies in full view on the streets of the Canadian island town of Wilby. This essay analyzes the themes of self-denial and the consequences it brings.
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: 1994 Movie Analysis Essay.   1994’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is one of the many adaptations of the classic horror novel. Like the original story, it explores the consequences of man playing god. But, despite its star-ridden cast led by Robert DeNiro, the film doesn’t quite live up to its literary counterpart. This paper analyzes why the adaptation didn’t capture the spirit of the original.

We did our best to address all questions you might have had about film review writing. Feel free to use our guide and review essay examples to write excellent papers and share our articles with your friends.

  • Resources – How to Write a Film Analysis. – Northwestern University
  • Film Analysis. – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Film Writing: Sample Analysis. – Purdue University
  • How to Write a Movie Review: 9 Essential Tips. – New York Film Academy
  • Step by Step Guide to Writing an Essay on Film. – Film Threat
  • How To Write a Critical Analysis in 5 Steps (With Tips). – Indeed
  • Film Review. – Writing Studio, Duke University
  • How to Write About Film: The Movie Review, The Theoretical Essay, and The Critical Essay. – University of Colorado Denver
  • Film & Media Studies Resources: Researching a Film. – Bowling Green State University
  • Questions for Film Analysis. – University of Washington

7 Steps to Write a Movie Title in an Essay Image

7 Steps to Write a Movie Title in an Essay

By Film Threat Staff | November 6, 2021

There are indeed many types of essays you have to deal with throughout your studies. And every time you sit to type my essay , you first start looking for sources to use in your paper as examples and references. These sources can range from scholarly articles to movies. So naturally, m any times in your college essays, you’ll be asked to make reference to movies. When you do so, you will be confronted with the question of how to refer to the title of a movie in the text of your paper.

Surely, you can make your life easier and contact experts with a message “I want to pay someone to write my paper cheap ”, so you can continue watching the movies while others do your assignments. While there are some variations in how different writing styles approach movie titles, there is a general way to write the titles of movies that you should follow if you plan to discuss a movie title in your essay. So, what are the steps you need to take to write a movie title in your essay correctly? Here are the seven steps you should follow to make sure you get the title right.

If you are stymied by the right way to write about movies in your paper, you can pay someone to do papers for you. A professional writer can free you from the burden of essay writing by offering help with the correct use of movie titles in your paper and expert discussion of the movies you need to write about for your essay properly formatted in APA or MLA citation style. In order to hire an online writer, all you need to do is to contact a quality academic writing service and say, “I need you to write my essays for me online.” While quality academic writing isn’t always cheap, many services offer great value and affordable assistance to help you achieve your essay goals with some of the best professional writers with exceptional experience and a deep bank of movie knowledge to make every essay excellent. 

Many times in your college essays, you’ll be asked to make reference to movies. When you do so, you will be confronted with the question of how to refer to the title of a movie in the text of your paper. Surely, you can make your life easier and contact experts with a message “I want to pay someone to write my paper cheap ”, so you can continue watching the movies while others do your assignments. While there are some variations in how different writing styles approach movie titles, there is a general way to write the titles of movies that you should follow if you plan to discuss a movie title in your essay. So, what are the steps you need to take to write a movie title in your essay correctly? Here are the seven steps you should follow to make sure you get the title right.

Make sure you have the right movie

Many movies have very similar titles. Some have the exact same title. You don’t want to confuse Broken Arrow , a Jimmy Stewart western, with Broken Arrow , a John Travolta thriller, for example, or The House on Haunted Hill for The Haunting of Hill House . Indeed, many movies called “mockbusters” intentionally use titles to remind you of blockbuster films and you don’t want to confuse them! So, before you use a title in your paper, make sure that you have the right movie in mind.

Check the wording of the title

Many movies are known by multiple titles, often because they have been retitled to appeal to different countries. For example, Mad Max 2 became The Road Warrior in the United States. Others have their titles changed after the fact. Star Wars became Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope , while Raiders of the Lost Ark had Indiana Jones and… appended to it decades later. When you refer to a movie, be sure you know the correct title for the context and how your audience will expect to see you discuss the title.

Watch out for “a” and “the”

Many movie titles either have an article before them that most people don’t say, or don’t have an article when people say one anyway. This can be a little confusing, but you’ll want to check whether the “a” or “the” at the beginning is really part of the title before you write the title so you will know whether to include it in the title.

Capitalize the title of the movie

When you write the title of a movie, you will generally follow the conventions of capitalization for titles. That means that you will capitalize the first word and the last word and all proper nouns and important words in the title. Capitalization can be tricky, however, because many movies use stylized capitalization in their advertisements and title cards. However, in formal academic writing, you will use standard capitalization except in rare circumstances where another scheme is essential for understanding. That means that if a movie uses ALL CAPS, you will not use all-caps unless they are an essential part of the title. Similarly, unusual or non-standard capitalization should be retained when it is essential. For example, the unusual capitalization of the movie eXistenZ is generally retained in writing because it is a made-up word whose spelling is correct within the movie.

Italicize movie titles

Movie titles should be italicized in most major writing styles. This sets the text apart from the rest of the sentence and indicates which words belong to the title and which do not. There are some exceptions to the rule about italicizing movie titles. The titles of short films are not typically italicized but are often placed in quotation marks. This generally applies to short subject films under half an hour in length, as well as to segments within a larger movie. This rule, however, is not hard-and-fast, and you should check the style guide for your chosen writing style to see when different punctuation is used. Another exception is newswriting. If you are writing in Associated Press style, all movie titles appear in quotation marks rather than italics because AP style does not use italicization for anything except in very rare circumstances.

Give the year of release on first reference

More often than not, it is beneficial to follow the title of a movie with the year of its release in parentheses on first reference. This will help the audience to place the movie in its correct position in time, and it will also make it easier to distinguish between films with similar or the same title. While this step is not always necessary, particularly for very famous films, it is generally good practice in academic writing.

Consider using an essay writing service

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movie essay writing

Guide for Writing a Movie Analysis Essay

Having typical writing, formatting, and structure requirements, the movie analysisan essay is one of the most common college writing tasks students face. It may seem to be an easy task at first glance, but as soon as you get down to the actual writing, you bump into complications. However, that's not a problem anymore!

Movie Analysis Essay - How to Write a Good Film Review?

Our writing service, which specializes in providing help to people facing difficulties with academic assignments , hires experienced professionals who know all the pitfalls of academic writing . They have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of papers. They decided to share their precious knowledge with you and came up with a list of tips that may stand you in good stead if you plan to write a good movie analysis essay .

With the help of our essay writing guide for school and college students, you can take your writing skills to a whole new level and achieve the perfection you didn't even dream of having! So without further ado, let's get to it!

What Is a Movie Analysis Essay?

You cannot write a good paper unless you fully understand what you are expected to write, so we recommend asking your teacher for clarification if there's something about the task that bothers you. Let's start by finding out what that practically means.

An analysis is the critical assessment of something, showing it from a different and sometimes unusual perspective. Analyzing also helps broaden the reader's understanding of whatever it is you're studying (books, poems, songs, or movies), as well as shows the writer's attitude towards a subject. The important thing to remember here is that the writer should watch the movie they want to dissect no less than a couple of times before applying the analysis technique mentioned above. It's also notable that unlike most such things, the movie analysis essay requires the writer to focus on movie-specific questions, such as the actors, plot, quality of filming, audience, distribution-related issues, the special effects, etc.

Composition of a Movie Analysis

Just like any other academic paper, such a paper has a basic narrative structure that comprises the elements of film analysis. Those are an introduction, body parts, and a conclusion. In this section of our article, we'll be discussing all of them in detail. But, before we do, let's have a brief look at some important things concerning movie essay writing .

Before you embark on the writing itself, you should watch the movie several times, taking notes of every single worthy detail in the process.

Your film analysis should be more than just your reflection on the movie. It should challenge the reader by bringing up discussion-worthy questions that can help them see the movie from an entirely unexpected angle. To do that, read the reviews of film critics and other reviews prior to watching and analyzing a film yourself. When it comes to analysis essay writing , one of the most helpful things to do is create an outline. Many students underestimate the importance of this seemingly minor detail, but in fact, it is one of the integral essay writing tools.

A good outline for the movie analysis essay is a summary of your future paper, which lists its main parts, the headings of the body paragraphs with their short description, and your ideas. The outline helps the author feel confident during the writing process, be organized, and have a sense of direction. Imagine watching a movie and trying to put all your ideas into words directly after watching it. We bet that you won't be able to do it properly and end up having a bunch of haphazardly thrown-together information, which is not exactly the best way of writing an essay. Instead, you can come up with an outline, organize your essay effectively, and enjoy the process of writing.

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph

The introduction is one of the most critical parts of a film analysis essay because it provides the reader with the first impression of your work. A good introduction should be both short and informative, mentioning the actors, producer, and the book or real story the movie is based on (if any). The ultimate goal of the introduction is to grab the reader's attention without revealing all the details and make them want to read the essay all the way through. Here, you need to make it clear for the reader what you are going to write about.

Let's take a look at what an introduction for the movie review essay may look like.

Wondering how to write a thesis statement for a movie analysis? First, let's establish what the thesis statement is and where it should be placed in your essay . The thesis either supports and recommends the film, or convinces the reader that is it not worth watching. The thesis statement also gives you a sense of direction and introduces your main idea, which will be supported in the remaining parts of your essay .

Time can make us forget many things, but there is one of them that can never be erased completely - love. In Garth Davis's movie "Lion," the main character is trying to reunite with his family after being separated from them 25 years ago. And even though he finds a new life far from home, the love he has inside him won't let him forget who he is and where he comes from, making him battle the distance and time to find his loved ones. Using powerful dialogues, music, and filming techniques, the authors of the movie let the audience share the main character's feelings, fears, and joyful moments.

Writing the Body of a Movie Analysis

The central part of a movie review essay is the body paragraphs that focus on the elements mentioned in the introduction and thesis. You should organize the body paragraphs in the best manner possible by logically connecting all the information included therein. Make sure your body paragraphs contain solid facts andan examples which can support ideas mentioned in the thesis statement. There are no strict limitations as to what you can discuss in the body paragraphs, so you can bring up any movie-related questions and analyze them in detail. Be creative with your argument, and don't be afraid to discuss any hot topics related to the movie. Do your best to open the script up to the reader!

If you need a roadmap of what to write about, this is a set of questions to help you with writing an analysis essay .

  • What was the movie's goal? Was it accomplished?
  • What was the film's target audience? Did the movie really reach them or speak to them effectively?
  • What are the main conflicts in the motion picture? How do they contribute to the film's goal?
  • Does the film raise any religious or theological issues? If yes, what are they?
  • Did the film stimulate you to think about something? If yes, what was it?

At the same time, bear in mind that you needn't summarize the whole plot or events that take place in the movie. You should do it only in places where it's necessary to make youran examples clear as the reader may have seen the film and won't be eager to read about its plot one more time. Given the limited word count (about 600 words), you need to devote your essay exactly to the analysis.

Do not cover these aspects in a separate paragraph. Instead, integrate them into your general discussion. Also, be careful not to lose thread of every paragraph. They should start with an opening - or topic - sentence and end with a concluding one.

  • mise-en-scene;
  • audiovisual elements;
  • lighting or color;
  • acting or casting;
  • sets or costumes.

Along with this, do not fail to cite specific examples to support the main thesis of your paper. Make sure they are not spending too much time summarizing the film and rather briefly describe scenes to facilitate your analytical essay.

What about the Movie Analysis Conclusion?

Once you are done with the introduction and body paragraphs, it's time to move on to the conclusion. In it, you should sum up all your arguments and attempt to convince the reader that your opinion about the movie is correct. To achieve that, be sure to include the five "W" in your conclusion, such as who, what, why, where, and when .

An essay conclusion is a high point of your whole analysis, so do your best to make it sound strong, logical, and convincing. Let's see an example (but be careful of the spoiler).

"In conclusion, the main characters in the Truman Show are a group of people that show a high level of amorality throughout the film. In particular, Christof and Meryl represent and influence the cruelness and immorality of the demand of entertainment in society today, which in a term, negatively effects and emotionally scars Truman as a result to the point of violence and inhumanity. This can show the reader that this can and will leave a major impact on human beings' lives forever."

Movie Analysis Topics Choice

If your professor wants you to analyze a specific movie, you will have no other choice but to follow their requirements. However, if you get to choose your film, make sure it is a good one and think of the best topic for it. Keep in mind that your success depends significantly on the themes of your choosing, so make sure it's something exciting and thought-provoking.

If you choose one of the movie analysis topics below, you will do the right thing!

  • The interpretation of the meaning of seven sins in the "Seven" movie.
  • What are the historical values and messages of the "Amistad Film Project"?
  • A strong message of Christopher Nolan's "Inception."
  • The problem of missing children in India in the "Lion" movie.
  • Faith even in the direst environments as depicted in Frank Darabont's "The Green Mile."
  • The Utopian world in "The Truman Show" movie.

Tips on Writing a Good Analysis Essay

Now that you've got an idea of how to craft a film analysis essay , you need to know some useful tips that would help make it in a top-notch quality.

  • While watching the movie you are going to make the review for, take the notes at the most interesting moments of the film. If you watch a film on the web, be ready to pause the film at certain moments, and rewind it.
  • When watching a film for the second time, try to watch it critically. Concentrate on a distinct theme or concept related to the plot. What can be analyzed is how the movie is photographed or how a film relates to a historical event without distorting the facts.
  • Introduce the major film participants, such as actors and the director. If your analysis focuses on the aspect of the cinematographic aspect, mention the names of other technicians in the movie. For instance, if it is the importance of shadows to movie noir that you are to analyze, write about the cinematographer. If you are going to dissect background music and how it relates to the emotional tone of the movie, you will need to talk about the composer.
  • Be careful with over-reviewing the film to not make it just a synopsis of the story. It needs to be an analysis. Reveal spoilers about the plot only if your analysis directly deals with them.
  • Use some technical jargon from the world of filmmaking, which will help strengthen the authority of your paper. It means you need to know the difference between cut and dissolve. Or, you may speculate on subjective camera work if your essay is dealing with a particular character's POV.
  • Check the overall paper organization. It includes the clarity of thoughts, effectiveness of transitions between body parts, and inclusion of only one example in each of the paragraphs. Also, be sure you've used the proper formatting. Are all the citations formatted in a required style? Along with that, you need to ensure there are no spelling and punctuation errors and that the whole text is written in formal academic English.
  • Don't neglect tags like "according to" or "as explained in the film." These phrases will remind the reader you are talking about the view presented, not your own.
  • Try to stay objective. Report the central ideas without including your own reactions and responses.
  • Discuss the parallels between the film you are reviewing and some other movies. They may have the same genre or describe the same event but from different perspectives.
  • Once again, you are to craft a movie analysis essay , not the critical film review. The main difference between them lies in the names of these papers. The first type of paper is supposed to make an objective dissection of a film that evaluates it, follows a certain structure, and summarizes the ideas. A critical review relies more on subjective ideas and suggests how to improve a motion picture and has a specific outline.

The movie analysis paper is an excellent way of showing off your critical skills, analyzing information, and supporting your opinion. We hope our guidelines will help you achieve that! We provided you with some theory and examples so that you could use our samples but remember about plagiarism when using reviews of other authors!

If you lack the time or desire to handle the task on your own, you can always use analytical essay help. We offer you an easy and quick way to get the exact paper you want. Your text will be written by academic experts with years of experience in the field of academic writing . Only minimal efforts will be needed on your part.

If it's your first order, you can check the quality before paying money by asking us to send you a free essay sample on the given topic. Choose the part of the paper and leave your email below so that we could send the example. If it looks just the way you wanted, order the full version of the film analysis essay and get a top-notch work in a couple of days or even hours! We can always do it for you!

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"I was surprised when I got a very good grade for my Education paper. I desperately needed good grade for the final paper. I appreciate that the writer followed all my instructions and used the required style. I always made mistakes with references in APA style but not your writer)"

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"I am amazed by your friendly approach to every client. I love all features, nice messaging system and logical account options. I am very happy with your customer service and will use you again."

"I used other writing services but they increased prices thrice! I like your services and prices, I know what I am paying for. wiseessays saved me a lot of time and I want to use you for my future projects."

"Thank you a lot for a well-researched analytical paper. I am very satisfied with your writing standards and will order more for sure."

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How to Write an Essay on a Film: A Step-by-Step Guide to Analytical Writing

Indie Shorts Mag Team

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the magic of the movies? How do you tailor your film experience into a thought-provoking piece of writing that outlines the core aspects of the genre? Whether you’re an eager student getting started with analytical writing or a film enthusiast itching to pen your thoughts, understanding how to write a good essay on a movie is key. Writing an essay on a film isn’t all about listing characters in a movie scene but providing a deep analysis of the representation of issues and how they relate to the real-world. In this regard, being able to articulate your thoughts can be a game-changer as you get to build a reputation as  a writer while at the same time gaining a deeper understanding of how film producers and writers mold their characters. Whether you’re getting started or a seasoned film analysis writer, this article will help you understand some tips that can help take your writing experience to another level. So, sit back and read along!

Tips to Write an Essay on a Film Correctly

Movies have an unparalleled ability to take us into the realms of imagination. As a student or a passionate moviegoer, you might find yourself inspired to write an essay on a film that had an impact on you. Whether it’s a thought-provoking analysis essay on a film or a personal reflection on a movie scene, it’s important that you display utmost creativity in your work. Here are tips to help you write correctly:

  • Immerse yourself in the film . To pen an insightful analysis essay on a film, immerse yourself in the movie you intend to explore. Watch the film attentively, allowing the scenes and dialogues to resonate with you deeply. Lastly, take notes as you watch to ensure you have all the captivating moments on paper.
  • Choose an area of focus . A successful film essay needs a clear and specific focus. Decide whether you want to analyze the movie as a whole, zoom in on a particular scene, or evaluate the effectiveness of the movie script. The choice of focus is very important as it gives your film analysis essay a sense of direction and purpose, presenting a better opportunity for success.
  • Write a captivating introduction . The introduction of your film analysis essay should be like an opening shot that captivates the reader’s attention from the very beginning. Start with a compelling hook that intrigues the audience, introduce the film’s title and director, and provide a brief overview of what your essay will explore. Don’t forget to include your thesis statement to ensure the readers can understand your arguments.
  • Embrace analytics evaluation . A film analysis essay isn’t complete without critical evaluation. Express your thoughts and opinions on the movie’s strengths and weaknesses. Be fair and objective in your assessment, backing your evaluations with solid reasoning and evidence from the film. Your unique perspective will make your essay stand out.
  • Showcase your writing skills . Remember that a well-written essay is a joy to read. Showcase your writing skills by crafting clear, concise, and eloquent sentences. Use appropriate vocabulary to convey your ideas effectively. Proofread your essay carefully to eliminate any grammatical errors or typos that might distract your readers from the essence of your analysis.
  • Seek feedback . Before finalizing your essay, seek feedback from peers, friends, or teachers. Constructive criticism can help you polish your work and identify areas for improvement. At this point, it might be helpful to contact custom essay writing service CustomWritings and have an expert from the company look at your essay and suggest any edits where necessary. This will help you align the essay to your target audience while at the same time honing your writing skills to meet the industry standards.

How to Write an Essay on a Film- A Step-by-Step Guide to Analytical Writing - Indie Shorts Mag

Benefits of Writing an Essay on a Movie

As students and film enthusiasts, we often find ourselves drawn to the magic of the screen. However, beyond the entertainment lies a hidden treasure waiting to be unlocked—writing an essay on a film. Whether it’s an in-depth analysis essay on a film or a personal reflection on a memorable movie scene, the process of putting our thoughts into words offers surprising benefits that go beyond mere writing exercises:

  • Writing enhances critical thinking : Crafting film reviews and analysis essays requires delving into the nuances of storytelling, character development, cinematography, and more. This process stimulates critical thinking skills, encouraging writers to analyze, interpret, and evaluate the various elements that make a movie memorable. As we unravel the layers of a film, we enhance our ability to think critically and express our insights coherently.
  • Opportunities for deeper film appreciation : Watching a film is an immersive experience, but writing about it takes our appreciation to new heights. When you write an essay about a film you have seen, you begin to notice the minor details you’ve often ignored when casually viewing. From the symbolism hidden in a movie scene to the underlying messages in a movie script, our writing journey unveils the craftsmanship of filmmakers and deepens our appreciation for their art.
  • It provides an avenue to express emotional appreciation : Movies have a unique power to evoke emotions, and writing about them allows us to articulate the impact they have on our hearts and minds. When we write an essay on a film we have seen, we can delve into our emotional connections with the characters, the plot, or a particular scene that resonated with us. Sharing our feelings through writing can be cathartic and adds a personal touch to our analysis.
  • Enhances personal writing skills : Writing essays on films nurtures our writing abilities, allowing us to experiment with language, style, and structure. We learn to convey complex ideas concisely, develop coherent arguments, and use appropriate vocabulary to articulate our thoughts effectively. These skills are not only valuable for academic pursuits but also serve us well in various aspects of life.
  • It empowers artistic expression : Writing an essay on a film unleashes our creativity and empowers us to share our unique interpretations of cinematic masterpieces. We can experiment with creative writing techniques, such as vivid imagery or descriptive language, to paint a vivid picture of our cinematic experience. Through our words, we become storytellers, encapsulating the essence of the films that have left an indelible mark on us.
  • Enhances academic growth : For students, writing film analysis essays is a gateway to academic growth. These essays encourage interdisciplinary exploration, connecting literature, history, sociology, and psychology to the world of cinema. Through such connections, students gain a holistic understanding of various subjects, enriching their academic journey.

Navigate Through the World of Writing

Writing an essay on a film can be a great skill to have. It helps you navigate the world of cinema while at the same time improving your analytical writing abilities. It gives you the opportunity to identify the essential elements in a story and convey your interpretations effectively. However, navigating through the domain of writing can be challenging if you’re just getting started. This article has outlined some of the tips to effective writing, presenting you with an opportunity to up your game when it comes to writing. So, brace yourself and explore the limitless opportunities that come with writing analytical film essays.

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Writing help, paraphrasing tool, movies in the cornfields: whispers of the american gothic genre explored.

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The term “American Gothic” often conjures images of bleak landscapes and haunted dwellings, rooted deeply in the nation’s literary tradition. However, when this chilling aesthetic weaves its way into the fabric of cinema, it offers a uniquely haunting experience that combines the eerie and the familiar, set against the vast and varied American backdrop. The American Gothic movie genre is a cinematic exploration of the darker side of the American psyche, encompassing themes of isolation, moral ambiguity, and a poignant sense of dread that is as expansive as the country itself.

The genre gained prominence in film as an echo of the Southern Gothic literature that preceded it, capturing audiences with its depiction of grotesque characters, doomed family legacies, and the oppressive weight of history. However, it’s the subtle blend of the supernatural with the psychological that distinguishes American Gothic movies. These films often leave viewers pondering whether the ghosts haunting the protagonists are literal specters or figurative manifestations of guilt, trauma, and societal decay.

One notable feature of American Gothic cinema is its exploration of family dynamics and the often-toxic secrets that bind relatives together. These stories reveal how the familial structure, regarded as the bedrock of American society, can harbor unsettling truths. In such narratives, the home becomes a haunted space—not by the presence of otherworldly entities, but by the psychological specters of abuse, repression, and madness.

Characters in these movies are frequently complex and morally ambiguous, caught in struggles with internal demons or societal expectations. The heroes are not knights in shining armor; they are flawed humans confronting situations that challenge their sanity and morality. The antagonists, on the other hand, may be as commonplace as a domineering parent or as otherworldly as a vengeful spirit, but they are always unsettling reflections of familiar figures.

Moreover, the genre’s aesthetic often incorporates elements that unsettle and disorient. From the stark contrast of light and shadow to the discordant soundscape that underscores the tension, the cinematography and scoring of these films are crafted to ensure the viewers’ discomfort. This atmospheric detail is crucial, transforming mundane settings into landscapes fraught with menace and malaise.

In conclusion, American Gothic movies represent a rich and textured strand of American cinema that deftly interweaves the nation’s landscapes, history, and collective anxieties into narratives that are as haunting as they are thought-provoking. These films encourage a confrontation with the unsettling aspects of the American experience, challenging viewers to examine the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of the pastoral and the everyday. The genre persists because it resonates with a universal truth: sometimes the most profound terrors are those that emerge from the familiar, transformed into the uncanny and the Gothic by the whispers of the American psyche.

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"Movies in the Cornfields: Whispers of the American Gothic Genre Explored." , 17 Nov 2023, (2023). Movies in the Cornfields: Whispers of the American Gothic Genre Explored . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 18 Nov. 2023]

"Movies in the Cornfields: Whispers of the American Gothic Genre Explored.", Nov 17, 2023. Accessed November 18, 2023.

"Movies in the Cornfields: Whispers of the American Gothic Genre Explored," , 17-Nov-2023. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 18-Nov-2023] (2023). Movies in the Cornfields: Whispers of the American Gothic Genre Explored . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 18-Nov-2023]

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Film Essay Writing And All You Need To Know About It        

  • December 6, 2022

Hattie Funk

Keep reading to find out how to write a good film analysis essay and get the best grades from your submission.                                           

What Is A Film Essay?    

A film analysis essay aims to deconstruct and analyze various elements and details of the chosen film at hand. The purpose is to understand the nuances and intricacy of the film itself. We’re going to dive deeper into the topic of film analysis essays in order for you to have a firm grasp of its concept, and for you to write an exceptional one. 

Types Of Film Analysis Essays       

The most common type of film essay is a film review. Film reviews exist in the sphere of popular media. You can find plenty of them online, either given by professional critics or by the audience themselves. 

On the other hand, we have academic essays such as critical and theoretical essays, found in the academic side of things. In academic essays, films are usually analyzed through six lenses; author, formalism, genre, history, ideology, and national cinema.

A film analysis essay typically comprises an observation of these elements. The writer is typically taking the role of the “eyes in the sky” and distances themselves from the elements of the film they are analyzing.

The Movie Essay          

 A movie review is one of the most common and popular ways of analyzing a film. You can find them online and in newspapers. They’re meant for the masses. This type of writing is not academic but it is similar to a film essay.     

The Critical Essay

The critical essay aims to provide key details, themes, and other relevant information about the movie. The analysis will usually only focus on a part of the movie (a scene or a few scenes). On a side note, you can visit Essaypro’s website to get help from a writer to finish up any type of essay.

Moving on, this type of film essay can provide information on a few things. As we’ve stated above, the essay can focus on one or more of the following:

  • Observes matters of style and structure.
  • The analysis focuses on what happens in the film. Not including external factors such as the director, historical context of the film, etc.
  • Looks at a particular scene and how the lighting, sound, cinematography, or editing impacts the film and the film’s meaning. 
  • Looks at the form and the common patterns and content that emerge in the film. This can determine if a film conforms or diverges from a genre. 
  • Keeps in mind the historical context of the film.
  • Investigates the historical context and moment of the film’s contents and its production and release using the “eyes in the sky” distant approach. 
  • Analyzes historical backgrounds in order to explain the narrative and technique of the film.
  • Compares the subject matter of the film to other films in the same time period.
  • Documents the reception of a film by a group/audience.

The critical film analysis essay goes into deep detail.

The Theoretical Essay       

This film analysis essay usually requires the writer of the film essay to already have a decent understanding of film theory, film history, and its technicalities. Unlike the critical essay, the theoretical one tries to analyze and understand the larger, more complex, and more abstract structures of cinema.

The writer should be an essay pro to be able to correctly research and structure all the data required for a high-quality theoretical essay and adapt the “eyes in the sky” approach in the most efficient way. The essay itself can focus on one or more of the following:

National Cinema

  • Considers the cultural conditioning that might have affected how the film was made.
  • Considers the difference in interpretation when a film is being viewed outside of one culture.
  • Looks at how dominant figures such as directors, actors, and producers use themes and styles in their work. 
  • Looks at the historical conditions of the film’s production and how it affects the auteur’s work.
  • Looks at peculiarities that indicate the auteur’s control over a film.
  • Looks at the potential underlying messages that the film is conveying about culture, society, politics, etc.
  • Looks at how classical film formulas dominate and distort ways of perceiving the world.
  • Looks at how gender is being represented in front or behind the camera.
  • Looks at how race is represented. 
  • Look at how social and economic classes represented in the film reflect or influence social power.
  • Looks at how indigenous cultures are represented in film.
  • Looks at how normative gender relations can be disrupted or challenged in film.

Advantages Of Film Essay    

There are a lot of advantages you can benefit from creating film essays. A film analysis essay can help you out in a lot of ways. For once, they can help you strengthen your visual thinking and sensory thinking. You can develop ideas through image, sound, and sensation. You can also develop your conceptual thinking skills by making up plots and storylines. 

It can also reveal if you can understand and reconceive an idea in a logical way, which has a big impact on your creativity, imagination, and organization skills. These types of skills are beneficial for almost anything in life, so the skills you hone are transferable and valuable.                  

Working with films can be extremely interesting, especially for those with an eye for art. Over time, you’ll be able to see the little details that make a good film. You’ll understand the acting, the mood, and all these nuances that you might not be able to grasp at first.

Stick around, we’re about to reveal the best essay writing help you can get online since we got an essay written for the film “Eye in the Sky” (frequently misspelled as “Eyes on the Sky”) to test them out.

Who Can Help You Write A Film Essay? 

If you need help writing your film analysis essay, then we’ve got your back. We know that crafting a good film essay isn’t as simple as it seems. We also know that as a student you might not always have the time to do all of your schoolwork on your own. This type of essay usually takes more time than writing a regular essay, since it requires you to watch the film.

If you’re not used to interpreting films or looking at them in closer detail, you have the chance of failing the assignment. So, why not play your cards right and hire a professional? That’s why you should buy essays from an online paper writing service , which is a site where students can buy an essay on any subject. This way you won’t have to browse through the internet for hours on end, trying to make a decision.

Through meticulous browsing via the site, we’ve chosen EssayHub as our main choice to hire a professional academic essay writer. We weren’t disappointed. We had to have a film essay written about the movie “Eyes In The Sky”, and we were not disappointed with the results. If you ask “Who can do my homework for me ? ”, you can find help on EssayHub!

We’re positive that no matter which film you’d have to make an analysis about, no matter how abstract it is, a writer from this reputable site can get the job done, and get the job done well. It’s high time to invest in better grades and a brighter future. Evidently, you’re also investing in your time.

Educational Institutions For Film

Beyond the film essay, there are students who become extremely passionate about films or just have an inclination to them that can’t fade away. If that applies to you maybe you should try shooting for the stars, and maybe applying to a university that can help you hone your passions. Here are two university options for filmmakers. 

And on a side note, don’t forget to check out the essay writing services at EssayPro. Before going to university, maybe you can learn a thing or two from a professional ASAP. We couldn’t be happier with their film essay on the “Eyes on the Sky” movie for us.

The University of Texas at Austin, Radio-Television-Film

The department of Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas in Austin is a great choice for filmmaker aspirants. You’ll be able to review many films and make a film analysis essay regularly if you love diving into films. 

It was founded in 1965 and has become a top-ranking graduate program. The University of Texas Austin film MFA is top-notch. They also offer undergraduate and doctorate-level programs. They do have quite a selective admissions policy. Only 25% of applicants get accepted and only 15% go on to graduate.

Los Angeles Center (the University of Texas at Austin)                       

UTLA Center is an academic campus of the University of Texas at Austin located in California. It’s located in the Burbank area of LA.

Students who are interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry are well suited for the LA center. They can get experience through internships and get to work in production companies, talent agencies, record labels, and in marketing firms. 

They also get to take classes at UTLA Center which houses industry professional teachers, so forget about just writing a film essay , you get the whole deal at the University of Texas Los Angeles Center.

We hope this guide and article have shed light on the topic of film analysis essays and we hope we’ve sparked a flame of inspiration in a lot of you. Don’t forget to check out the EssayPro review on They offer you the chance to get a stellar essay like the one they did for us for “Eyes in the Sky”. Save some time and effort, seriously.

If you’re passionate about movies maybe you can vouch for the big picture and check out the application process at the universities we mentioned. We wish you the best of luck. It’s always good to dream big, just put in the effort as well.

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Hattie Funk

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    1. Take notes. The first step is to take notes while watching the movie. It will help you remember important details that you can use in your essay. For example, you can write down the names of the main characters, the setting of the story, and the most important events. It may seem frivolous, but you won't make a good impression if you ...

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    Ensure that the title, character names, and people involved in the making of the film are written correctly. Also, make notes of important plot points, symbols, and devices. 🎯 Identify the things you must write about. After you watch the work several times, pick elements that should be covered in the paper.

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