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             I had finally calmed down and put my hand on the rusty, old knob. I pushed open the door away from me. The old, mahogany wooden door opened and the hinges made a loud squeaky noise. It looked like nobody had touched that door in years. The old and suffocating air had entered my lungs and I began coughing. I stumbled in the deserted room; it was very quiet and reminded me of an old tomb. There were no living beings, no sounds, not even a fly was buzzing around. My whole body shuddered. I was scared to death, waiting every moment for something unexpected to happen. It looked as if I had disturbed the peace of this old and spacious room. With every step I made, more and more dust rose from the cracks in the parquet. It was hard to see because the only source of light was the small hole in the ancient ceiling. Than all of a sudden, a strong repeating sound started ripping through my ears. Than I realized what was happening, but it was too late.              It was summer, a very sunny and hot day. The sun was right above my head and it was the time of the day when it wasn't recommended to go out. The sunlight was burning my head and skin. I was looking quickly but carefully for the best shadow, under the biggest tree, to rest and find a little protection from the heat. Even there in the shadow, the air was dense and stuffy, which made it very hard to breath. On the countryside there weren't a lot of fun and entertaining things to do. I was afraid I was going to spend another day roaming through meadows and forests. If only there was something to do, the time would pass much faster. After a couple of minutes, under the old branchy tree, I cooled down a little. My t-shirt was still wet from sweating while I was strolling around.              There was only one month left until the end of the summer and than I would be back in the town and going to school. I continued thinking about a lot of stuff and somehow I remembered the old stories I heard about ...

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Mr. Imprint Twain was an American creator and comedian brought into the world in 1835. His original name was Samuel Langhorn Clemens. He was answerable for such artistic show-stoppers as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, which got known as the Great American Novel. He was appreciated by numerous individuals of the incredible authors of the time, including William Faulkner, Earnest Hemingway, and Norman Mailer. Before his demise in 1910, he had written more than […]

A Mystery Letter

Back at her abandoned home in London, Kathleen Drover is attentive to her surroundings. Although, they start to change as the story progresses, affecting Mrs. Drover and her personality. In the beginning of the story, she is very practical and well adjusted to the changes ever since the war began and trauma years prior. Progressively, she grew nervous after receiving a letter from someone she did not remember, leaving her mortified in the end with attempts to escape back to […]

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Are you a fan of unsolved mysteries? For example old cases back in the 1700’s when people were killed and no one knew who or what did it? Legends of scary beasts such as vampires, werewolves, zombies, wild animals and more. Creepy stuff like this makes you keep thinking what will happen next. In solving the case of the mystery of the 18th century killer “Beast of Gevaudan” a lot of people had their own opinions and thoughts on what […]

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From a young age, Amelia Earhart was an adventurous and curious child. She was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas and throughout her life, Earhart completed many important tasks. She helped wounded soldiers recover from World War One, set world records, and even played a role in women's rights, allowing women to be pilots. She was not only a mindful flyer, but she also impacted women at home, who did not want to spend their whole lives cooking […]

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Death is the ultimate mystery in our lives. What happens to us after we die? We wonder if there’s an afterlife, or are we reborn into a new life, or is there nothing at all waiting for us after we die? Whatever a person’s individual’s beliefs are, it seems that it has been a topic that has been obsessed over since the beginning of time. The first three chapters in the humanities book, Culture, Continuity & Change, prehistory to 1600 […]

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A title of any written work is the first impression for most readers. It can pull the audience in with a preconceived impression of the work. Perhaps the title sounded like a love story and ended up being a murder mystery, or maybe the title was funny and read to make the audience cry. With Emily Dickinson’s poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” the initial interpretation is left up to the audience in a way that can profoundly […]

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The Devil’s Footprint was a major mystery back in the 1800s. The mystery started in England and traveled to America later on. The first sighting of this “creature”was in South and East Devon (England). There were hoof marks found all over the snowy ground.They were found in thirty different places all over Devon. In The Times article, it states, “The Times said the marks were found over a distance of 40 miles on both sides of the Exe, as if […]

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The first symbol can be found in the opening scene of the book: the walking stick, of which the owner is unknown. The walking stick has the letters CCH engraved in it. From this Holmes is able to determine that Mortimer has a connection with the Charing Cross Hospital. He also determines that Mortimer is a “young fellow under thirty, amiable, unambitious, absent-minded, and the possessor of a favourite dog.” All of these conclusions are correct. This shows the reader […]

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Like a French window erecting from the floor, the Las Meninas presents a footage of the family of Filippo ?. Standing in front of it which they can almost walk in, the viewers see the princess posing herself and the maids respectfully and patiently serving her. To make it weirder, soon, they feel the figures are looking outwards at them. Since its accomplishment, the tremendous painting is studied for its delicate composition and techniques. This painting is a disturbing masterpiece […]

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            There are three probable problems to be solved when reading a mystery story, they are: Who did it? What is it? and How did it happen? Mystery stories involve matters that remain unexplained and they involve the quality of being obscure, and they are usually dealing with puzzling crime. Mystery stories are meant to keep the reader in suspense and shock right up until the end. This suspensful element is what keeps the reader coming back for more mystery stories. In every mystery story there are the same essiental elements that put the whole story together to make it a successful mystery. These essential elements include characters that are all involved in the basic problem to slove, the problem itself and the final solution to the problem. Without these elements the major events in the story will not come together as a mystery story.              The main character like in every story is the most important part of the story. The protagonist will determine in which direction the plot will grow. All characters are involved in the basic problem to solve. In a mystery story there are four essential characters, the hero, the sidekick, the villan and the victim. All these four characters add to the development of the plot and each character is as crucial as the other. With interesting and different character personalities, it adds to the excitment of the story by using the characters personalities to see the story in different views. In the short story Afraid All the Time , Jane Baum was quite the unusal character. She had a mental problem because she could not get used to living on a open farm where she lived because she was accustomed to living in a large city. "Jane was terrified of everything, from the animals attacking her, the chickens at night and the sound of quietness." (Pickard 3) Jane's character was effective to this mystery story because her character gave a twist to the story. Jane's condition worsened and she eventually breaks down and goes on a killing spree, because she is convinced that everyone is out to get her.

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Mystery cults are perhaps the greatest held secrets of the ancient world. ... Most of the practices of the mystery cults were done secretly. ... Many of the mystery cults were centered around a mother goddess. ... The mystery cults, however, were not a satisfactory answer for everyone. ... In this way, as in individualism, philosophy was like the mystery cults. ...

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Agatha Christie was born Agatha may Clarissa Miller in Devon, England in 1890. She was the youngest of three children in a well to do family. Agatha never attended school as a young child. She was mostly taught at home by tutors. She made up her own games at a very young age to keep herself busy...

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Mysteries of the World Mystery and the study of the unknown has always fascinated people. ... There are numerous world famous mysteries that are still controversial and remain "unsolved" to this day. Some of these mysteries include the Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman, and the Bermuda Triangle. ... Yearly summer investigations have been conducted since 1963 in attempt to unravel the mystery. ... Will we ever come up with a definite conclusion or truth, when it comes to mysteries? ...

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However, much mystery is still left about the triangle such as, the paranormal experiences that cannot be disproved, and the eye witness testimonies but with the mystery comes the truth the scientific test that were conducted there is proof that natural occurrences could cause much of what happens in the triangle. The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle go back as far as Christopher Columbus when he was sailing to the Americas. ... " (USA Today)How waterspouts form is a very simple process that's can take place anywhere in the ocean but topography also plays a part in the Bermuda Tr...

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