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An Introduction

Land pollution is one of the most common types of pollution which we are facing right now. Land pollution takes place anytime and due to different scenarios. Even the acts of nature such as hurricanes and floods can lead to land pollution. One of the main reasons for the contamination of the land is by the urban and rural areas as they do the soil's poor management. Likewise, depending on the site at which the land has been contaminated, the pollution may be low, or it could be at a high threat level. Today with different land pollution paragraphs, we will be trying to explain the importance of decreasing land pollution and steps to keep land pollution low. 

Land Pollution Essay for English Exam

The essay on land pollution should be taken seriously as land pollution can have a detrimental impact on animal and human health and both water and air quality. Compounds that are used in the environment can easily cause decay in several ways. Even the use of fertilizers for crops, pesticides and insecticides can harm the land on which it has been sprayed over. 

Another big problem that leads to land pollution is soil erosion, which is caused by deforestation and trees' cutting. As a result, the amount of land left for farmers for farming and other agricultural operations gets reduced. In 2016, 75 billion tons of soil in the world was lost due to various human-made issues and deforestation. Moreover, the importance of keeping the soil intact to the ground is because 95 percent of the food which humans consume is produced in soil across the globe. Thus, making land pollution an even more significant concern for the food industry. 

Land Pollution Paragraph and Key Points

Agriculture and household runoff.

One of the major reasons for Land pollution is untreated waste generated by Households and Agriculture. The waste is not segregated into dry and waste hence its breakdown becomes difficult and it adds to the Land Pollution. The dry waste includes plastics, textile, glass etc which cannot be decomposed and recycled.

Whereas, the wet waste includes vegetable peel off, dry leaves, hair, stale food that are items that could be recycled through composting. If we do not segregate our waste into dry and wet waste they all go into one single bin and are buried inside Earth. This leads to seepage of such items into Land that results in pollution.

The use of digital devices for work and education purposes has increased manifold in the last few years. Where do you think all the e-waste goes? The laptops, mobiles, tablets that we use increases land pollution when it is not properly discarded. 

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes light bulbs, batteries, fertilizers, pesticides, paints that runoff and pollute the land and water resources. 


What are the causes of land pollution? Well, the first one we can think of is mining. Humans have been mining for more than 200 years, and since its beginning, the ever risk of subsidence or the collapse of top layers is growing at a rapid pace. In those areas where the mining has been done extensively, the land has already been collapsed several times, leading to loss of life and property. One of the hardest collapses ever recorded happened in England when the coal mine collapsed, and tons of soil erosion took place, wiping the whole school, which had to face the first impact of the massive overflow. 

Nuclear Waste

This type of waste is produced in nuclear power plants where scientists use nuclear reactors to form electricity in massive amounts. In addition to this, once the electricity is created, the process which uses the reactors leaves radioactive waste that can't be dumped like your regular household waste. One of the common radioactive wastes is plutonium, which needs to be disposed of in the ground covered from all sides by steel silos so that no radioactive waves can escape to the nearby land. Also, this waste takes thousands of years before it can finally stop radiating radiation. Nevada is the desert In the US, used as a nuclear waste facility for the US government. This causes some of the adverse effects of land pollution, making it inhabitable for animals and the human community.

Examples of Land Pollution

In this essay on land pollution for students and children, we have already explained different land pollution methods. One of the latest examples of land pollution that caused heavy damage to wildlife is Goa's forest's deforestation for the construction of railway lines to support the factories and coal mining. 


FAQs on Essay on Land Pollution

1. Does writing a 500 words essay on land pollution be sufficient enough?

Land pollution is a vast topic, and it covers various aspects of pollution. This ranges from pollution being spread on the land by the factories to the pollution of human waste. One can use reports to write up the land pollution essay to make it look more attractive, and they present it with pictures to look pleasing to the eyes. However, there is no use of all this data and photos if the essay's quality is not up to the mark. Thus, if you are writing an article about land pollution, you need to make it more concise and stick to the topic. Even 500 words are enough for an essay on land pollution, but you need to make those 500 words count.

2. Do animals contribute to land pollution in any way possible?

No, animals in no way are causing land pollution whatsoever. Many people might think they do excrete out waste material, but that too is a biodegradable waste, meaning it can quickly decompose in the land and leaves no mark on the ground. On the other hand, the machines and the factories that humans have built produce waste that can't be decomposed easily, making the waste material stay on the land for years to come. As a result, humans and their machines are the main culprits of land pollution. Before the invention of the steam engine, there was zero to minimum land pollution on earth, and now in the 21 st century, it is one of the biggest concerns we have for this planet.

3. How can we deal with land pollution?

We have to adopt the strategy of the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce the existing consumption, reuse items without throwing them away after first use and recycle them at an industrial scale. 

Small efforts from our side like carrying a cloth bag while shopping, throwing waste in dustbins only, segregating waste into dry and wet waste, composting in our homes, schools, and communities will help reduce Land Pollution.

4. Why is land pollution harmful?

Land pollution is not only harmful to the land but also for water bodies and the organisms that live inside it. When the untreated waste seeps into land it pollutes the soil, affects the agricultural crops, and enters our food chains. When the pollution on land enters the sea, it affects marine organisms when they swallow microplastics. It affects the overall health of human beings when we eat seafood.


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    The essay on land pollution should be taken seriously as land pollution can have a detrimental impact on animal and human health and both water and air quality. Compounds that are used in the environment can easily cause decay in several ways. Even the use of fertilizers for crops, pesticides and insecticides can harm the land on which it has ...