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Set your story at a wedding reception, where a group of high school friends are meeting for the first time in years., write a story about an unconventional teacher., what was the last daydream that you dreamt while in class (be honest.) turn that into a short story..

High School

Write a story inspired by your favorite Tiktok reel.

You're trapped on a version of groundhog day... and the day that keeps looping for you is the day right before summer break starts..

short writing prompts high school

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Write a letter describing yourself and your modern life to a pen pal who lives in the year 1905.

What's your first memory describe it on paper using all five senses., write a guidebook for someone from outer space who is visiting your neighborhood for the first time., re-write a famous fairy tale from the villain's perspective., would you rather be able to change the past or change the future why, write about a time when you did something without thinking it through., if i were a superhero, i would..., describe the color blue to someone who's never seen it before., write a story that takes place completely in the dark., write an essay about technology, and the role that it plays in your life., win $250 in our short story competition 🏆.

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The best writing prompts for high school

Ah, high school. The birthplace of future geniuses, the setting of a million Young Adult books — and the cutting ground of many a brilliant young author. Writing in the classroom is often the best outlet of creativity for kids, and what better way to get your students excited about it than through creative writing prompts for high school students?

Whether you use journal prompts or story ideas to kickstart your high school student’s imagination, writing prompts are sure to help broaden their thinking, sharpen their writing skills, record their thoughts, and get them to engage with the world around them.

If you're looking to cut to the chase, here's a top ten list of writing prompts for high school students:

  • In the form of diary/ journal entries, write about someone who's just experienced a big "first."
  • Just then, your phone rings. It's your friend and they have some interesting news...
  • Write a short story where the protagonist has a doppelgänger.
  • Write a story about a misunderstanding.
  • Write a story about a strange family tradition, with at least two characters from the family narrating in the course of the story.
  • Write a story about someone who would be described, above all else, as: kind.
  • Write a story that centers on an Instagram post.
  • Write a story that spans a month during which everything changes.
  • Write about a group of people determined to win an award for making the biggest cookie ever.
  • Write about someone going to extreme lengths to return an overdue library book.

If you have a high school student who’s interested in becoming an author, check out our free resources on the topic:

Develop a Writing Routine (free course) — Any high schooler who’s serious about becoming a published author should know that writing a book doesn’t just take talent. 90% of the process is sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, and having the drive and commitment to put words to paper. That’s why we created this free course, which shows people of any age how to develop a writing routine that works for you. It’s never too early to start the process today!

Want to encourage your high school students to start writing? Check out Reedsy’s weekly short story contest , for the chance of winning $250! You can also check out our list of writing contests or our directory of literary magazines for more opportunities to submit your story.


How to Write a Novel

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Lindsay Ann Learning English Teacher Blog

55 Journal Writing Prompts High School Students Love


September 28, 2020 //  by  Lindsay Ann //   10 Comments

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Do you use a writer’s notebook in your English classroom? Do you find yourself wishing that you had a list of journal writing prompts high school students will like? 

In this post, I will be sharing 55 different journal prompts. That’s enough for the whole year of fun writing prompts, used 1x per week, for the whole semester if used 2-3x per week, and enough for the whole quarter if used every day.

Digital vs. Paper Writer’s Notebooks

Two years ago, I was determined to have my students write. Every day. Inspired by 180 Days, I wanted to be the writer’s notebook queen of the world and change students’ lives through journal writing prompts. 


I went to the nearest Staples store and bought .20 cent composition notebooks. I gave them to students on the first day of school. We wrote in them, pasting in mentor texts for the first three weeks of school. Then, for various reasons, the writer’s notebooks stayed closed more often than not. It was not sustainable for me. 

Now, I’ve written in a previous post about choosing ONE thing to be your precious at the beginning of each school year. If paper writer’s notebooks are your jam, then rock on, friend! 

As for me, I now use and love digital writer’s notebooks. These fun writing journal prompts notebooks are created in Google Slides and shared with students via Classroom. These writing prompts for journals never get lost, are less time-consuming than regular writer’s notebooks, and can use all sorts of colors and design elements to capture students’ attention.

Journal Writing Prompts for High School Students

Below you’ll find 55 journal writing prompts. High school students will find plenty to say about these topics, but I suggest setting ground rules for writing and setting a time limit (with timer projected). 

First: Write for the whole time. 

Second: Don’t worry about making sense or making sure what you write is perfectly-edited. 

Third: Be honest and be specific. 

1st Set: Imaginative Journal Writing Prompts High School Students 💜

  • If you could invent anything, what would it be? Describe why you want to invent it, what it would look like, what it would do, etc. 
  • Choose the animals that best represent your family members and closest friends. Explain why you have chosen each animal. 
  • What if the world was made of Jello?
  • If your life was suddenly a hit reality television show, what would it be called and what would viewers say about it? 
  • Describe your survival plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse. 
  • Create the perfect alien. 
  • You have three doors in front of you: red, blue, and green. The red door says “wing.” The blue door says “want.” The green door says “woke.” Which door would you choose and why? Describe what you imagine to be behind each door.
  • Explain what a forest looks like to someone who cannot see. 
  • Write a recipe for happiness. What would the ingredients be? In what order and amounts would you add them? What instructions would you include for baking and serving? 
  • Create your own original, symbolic names for five locations you visit every day. 
  • Write a guidebook for the older generation to help them understand your generation.


2nd Set: Past, Present, Future Journal Prompts

  • If you woke up tomorrow with amnesia, what memories would you want to return? To forget forever? 
  • What would your five year old self have to say to your current self if you met for coffee? What would your current self say to your 10-years-from-now self? 
  • What are you most thankful for? 
  • Do you think the past is the best predictor of your future? Why or why not? 
  • How have you changed from when you were a child? Why?
  • What does the future hold for you? 
  • Do you think your generation will “change the world”? Why or why not? 
  • In what ways do you look to the adults in your life for guidance? In what ways can they learn from you? 
  • What present-day issues are you the most concerned about? Why?
  • What do you hope you will always remember about high school? 
  • What is trending right now on social media and what are your thoughts on it?


3rd Set: Personal Beliefs Writing Prompts

  • Do you believe in karma? Why or why not? 
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? 
  • Do you believe in the law of attraction? Why or why not? 
  • Do you believe animals fully understand human conversation? Why or why not? 
  • What are your “rules to live by”? Which one is the most important and why?
  • Do you believe in “carpe diem”? Why or why not? 
  • Do you believe in an “eye for an eye”? Why or why not? 
  • How have your family and friends influenced your beliefs? 
  • Do you believe that people are the product of their environment? Why or why not? 
  • Do you believe in second chances? Why or why not?
  • Do certain characteristics make people more likely to succeed? Explain.


4th Set: Top Ten Lists as Journal Prompts

  • 10 things I should have learned by now.
  • 10 words others would use to describe me. 
  • 10 of the weirdest things in my room. 
  • 10 things I want to do before I die. 
  • 10 of the best words in the English language.
  • 10 things that are highly underrated / overrated.
  • 10 reasons to wake up in the morning. 
  • 10 songs on my playlist right now. 
  • 10 of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had. 
  • 10 things I know to be true.
  • 10 things I want to give a “makeover” to.


5th Set: Hard Questions for Journal Writing

  • What is the meaning of life? 
  • Which is better: too much of something or too little of something? 
  • Which is better: truth or beauty? 
  • Is social media a blessing or a curse? 
  • What two questions would you ask to find out someone’s true self? Now, answer these questions yourself. 
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Define intelligence.
  • To what extent do gender, ethnicity, social background influence your life? 
  • Is society today better off than it was 100 years ago?
  • What labels could others give you? Are labels helpful or harmful? Explain.
  • Do you believe human nature is evil or good?


Wrapping Up Writing Prompts for Journals

Feel free to save the images for each set of fun writing prompts questions and use them in an agenda slideshow or to post on Google Classroom.

If you are interested in ready-made digital journals, please take a moment to check out these popular journal prompts resources! I appreciate your support!

Hey, if you loved this post, I want to be sure you’ve had the chance to grab a FREE copy of my guide to streamlined grading . I know how hard it is to do all the things as an English teacher, so I’m over the moon to be able to share with you some of my best strategies for reducing the grading overwhelm.  Click on the link above or the image below to get started!


About Lindsay Ann

Lindsay has been teaching high school English in the burbs of Chicago for 18 years. She is passionate about helping English teachers find balance in their lives and teaching practice through practical feedback strategies and student-led learning strategies. She also geeks out about literary analysis, inquiry-based learning, and classroom technology integration. When Lindsay is not teaching, she enjoys playing with her two kids, running, and getting lost in a good book.

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Reader Interactions

' src=

March 3, 2022 at 3:46 am

Hi Lindsay, I think that these writing prompts you have come up with are just brilliant. I mean granted these are merely thoughts and questions we either ask ourselves, others or just think about and never bring out. I personally think it is important for people to actualize and put thoughts out verbally and visually. In this case, fellow writers and English students and anyone for that matter are able to see it and realize that these are actually not silly ideas that you might have thought of and overlooked at some point in your lives. But good reflective pannels for us to channel our inner writers and inquisitive thinking into and curiosity upon. I am still a beginner English teacher but have always been fascinated with power of what a few words put together becoming, a sentence, a sentence becomes a paragraph, a paragraph becomes an essay, an essay becomes a thesis, a thesis becomes a spark of curiosity and that curiosity becomes a revolution that bit by bit becomes the answer to a question being asked somewhere. Thank you for the ideas!

' src=

March 20, 2022 at 1:10 pm

My pleasure, William! You’ve put into words the beauty of inquiry and writing, even if it is only for one’s own eyes. Thank you for reading!

' src=

March 23, 2022 at 11:02 pm

i really hope these work i really think they will thanks so much

April 7, 2022 at 7:22 pm

You’re welcome! I hope that they work well for you. 🙂

' src=

April 26, 2022 at 8:13 pm

I really just LOVE these writing prompts! They are very concise and spark my imagination. Been teaching since fall Y2K and visited many of these types of posts. Yours are a cut above the rest.

April 30, 2022 at 8:23 pm

Thank you, James! I hope that you and your students have fun with these. 🙂

' src=

June 3, 2022 at 1:08 pm

Do you have a TpT store where we can buy your digital writer’s notebook?

June 4, 2022 at 5:56 pm

Yes, absolutely! Here are a couple of options:

1. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Creative-Writing-Mentor-Sentences-Digital-Notebook-2885186 2. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Digital-Creative-Writing-Journal-2729748 3. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/300-Google-Drive-Journal-Writing-Prompts-2715746

Hope this helps! Lindsay

' src=

July 23, 2023 at 9:00 am

These are so, so good! It’s hard to find writing prompts that don’t make my high school students roll their eyes, lol, but these are fantastic and sure to spark creativity. Thank you!

[…] growth, and a clearer sense of identity. Sources such as Journal Buddies, Story Writing Academy, Lindsay Ann Learning, and Money Prodigy provide many creative writing prompts for journaling, article writing, and story […]

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50 Exclusive Writing Prompts For High School Students

Chukwudumebi Amadi

  • February 23, 2024

Table of Contents Hide

What is a writing prompt, types of writing prompts for high school students, 1. combating writer’s block, 2. skill development, 3. self-discovery and expression, frequently asked questions, we also recommend.

Writing is an essential skill for high school students, whether they are working on essays, creative writing pieces, or research papers. However, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new and interesting topics to write about. This is where writing prompts come in handy. They can help you explore different themes, genres, and styles of writing, pushing you to think outside the box and expand your writing abilities.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 50 exclusive writing prompts specifically tailored for high school students. These prompts cover a wide range of subjects and genres, from personal narratives to persuasive essays to fictional stories.

Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself with a new writing style or simply want to explore different themes, these prompts are sure to inspire you and help you improve your writing skills.

A writing prompt serves as a cue to guide individuals toward a particular topic, task, or objective. It can take the form of text, a single word, or an image, prompting individuals to engage in writing about a specified topic in a specific manner. These prompts are often utilized in assessments or activities to encourage critical thinking and expression, providing students with a starting point for their writing endeavors.

There are various types of writing prompts suitable for high school students. Here are a few examples:

1. Narrative Prompts: This prompt encourages students to develop characters, setting, plot, and conflict within a story

  • Example : You discover a mysterious note tucked inside an old book. What does it say and where does it lead you?

2. Descriptive Prompts: This prompt focuses on using sensory details to create a vivid image

  • Example : Describe the feeling of sand slipping through your fingers as you watch the sunset on a beach.

SEE ALSO: 50 Creative Narrative Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination

3. Expository Prompts:

  • Example: Explain the process of photosynthesis to a young child. (This prompt requires students to break down complex information into clear and understandable language)

4. Persuasive or Argumentative Prompts: This prompt encourages students to research, develop a stance, and provide evidence to support their argument

  • Example: Should social media platforms be held responsible for the spread of misinformation?

5. Reflective Prompts: This prompt encourages students to look inward, reflect on personal experiences, and articulate their growth

  • Example: Describe a time you faced a difficult decision and how you overcame it.

6. Creative Prompts: This prompt allows for imaginative expression and experimentation with different forms of writing

  • Example: Write a poem from the perspective of a tree witnessing the changing seasons.

7. Analytical Prompts: This prompt requires critical thinking and interpretation of literary elements

  • Example: Analyze the symbolism used in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and its significance to the play’s themes.

What Are The Benefits of Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts offer a lot of benefits for high school students, from conquering writer’s block to honing their storytelling skills . Here are some key advantages:

Stuck staring at a blank page? Prompts act like magic sparks, igniting your imagination and providing a launchpad for creative ideas.

With diverse prompts covering different genres, themes, and styles, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest and unlocks your storytelling potential.

You can practice specific skills like descriptive writing, dialogue, or world-building through targeted exercises woven into prompts. To make the best of it, use prompts as springboards to explore emotions, values, and perspectives, weaving them into captivating narratives that reflect your unique voice.

READ ALSO: 10 Effective Writing Strategies to Enhance Your Writing Skills

You can use prompts for introspection and reflection, writing about experiences, feelings, and lessons learned, fostering personal growth. It also helps in unleashing your personal voice and perspective through your writing, showcasing your creativity and individuality.

Descriptive :

  • Capture the chaotic energy of a school lunchroom at peak hour, using all five senses to immerse the reader in the experience.
  • Describe a character’s most prized possession, revealing their personality and aspirations through its details and history.
  • Paint a picture with words of a breathtaking natural landscape you’ve witnessed, conveying its raw beauty and emotional impact.
  • Transport the reader to a bustling marketplace in a foreign country, highlighting the sights, sounds, and smells that paint a vivid cultural portrait.
  • Imagine a world where emotions have colors and auras. Describe how a specific emotional state manifests visually and how it affects the surroundings.
  • You wake up in a completely white room with no furniture or windows. Describe the disorienting atmosphere and how your senses adapt to the sensory deprivation.
  • Detail the transformation of a familiar object as it ages, focusing on the subtle changes in its appearance and the emotions it evokes.
  • Capture the quiet intimacy of a rainy evening spent indoors, emphasizing the comforting sights, sounds, and smells that create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Describe a character’s most treasured memory, using sensory details and evocative language to transport the reader back in time and experience it alongside them.
  • Imagine you can taste memories. Describe the flavor and texture of a particularly significant memory, explaining what it reveals about your past and yourself.

Related Post: 50 Exclusive 2nd Grade Writing Prompts That are Printable for Free


  • Explain the history and cultural significance of a traditional dish from your family heritage, detailing its ingredients, preparation process, and meaning within your community.
  • Create a step-by-step guide for a unique skill or hobby you possess, making it clear and accessible even for beginners.
  • Research and explain the science behind a natural phenomenon that fascinates you, using clear language and engaging examples to captivate your reader.
  • Write a detailed profile of a historical figure who inspires you, highlighting their achievements, struggles, and impact on the world.
  • Compare and contrast two opposing ideologies or social movements, clearly explaining their core principles, similarities, and key differences.
  • Explore the ethical implications of a recent technological advancement, presenting a balanced perspective on its potential benefits and drawbacks.
  • Research and explain the cultural traditions and customs of a specific community, emphasizing their unique practices and their significance to its members.
  • Create an informative guide to navigating a challenging experience, such as starting a new school, overcoming a fear, or making a major life decision.
  • Research and explain the different learning styles and how they can be applied to improve academic performance.
  • Investigate and describe the unique ecosystem of a local park or nature reserve, highlighting its biodiversity and the importance of conservation efforts.

Narrative :

  • You discover a dusty journal in your attic filled with cryptic entries. As you decipher them, they lead you on a thrilling adventure to uncover a family secret.
  • Imagine you can communicate with animals. Write a story about a unique friendship you develop with a local creature and the challenges and joys it brings.
  • You wake up on a deserted island with no memory of how you got there. Craft a story about your struggle for survival and the mysteries you unravel along the way.
  • Write a coming-of-age story about a character facing a pivotal decision that will shape their future. Explore their internal conflict, external pressures, and the ultimate choice they make.
  • Imagine a world where dreams become reality. Write a story about the exciting possibilities and unexpected dangers that arise in this unique setting.
  • You receive a mysterious letter inviting you to join a secret society. Describe your decision-making process and the thrilling adventures that await you if you accept.
  • Rewrite a classic fairytale from the perspective of the villain, revealing their motivations and shedding light on their side of the story.
  • Write a story about a time you faced a difficult situation and the unexpected heroes who emerged to help you overcome it.
  • Craft a narrative set in a dystopian future where a specific aspect of life is drastically different from our world. Explore the challenges and consequences faced by its inhabitants.
  • You find a magic lamp containing a mischievous genie who only grants ironic wishes. Write a humorous story about how you outsmart them and achieve your desired outcome.

READ ALSO: 50 Exclusive First Grade Writing Prompts that are Printable for Free

  • Should social media platforms be held responsible for the spread of misinformation? Present your stance with supporting arguments and evidence.
  • Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity or a tool for progress? Analyze both sides of the debate and express your informed opinion.
  • Are standardized tests an effective measure of student learning? Explain your view and suggest alternative methods for assessing academic achievement.
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in all public schools? Explore the potential benefits and drawbacks and justify your opinion.
  • Should schools prioritize mental health education and resources for students? Offer your opinion and suggest specific recommendations.
  • Is it ethical to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture? Analyze the arguments for and against and state your position.
  • Should space exploration be a priority when there are so many problems on Earth? Defend your stance with well-reasoned arguments.
  • Are video games a positive or negative influence on young people? Explain your viewpoint based on research and personal experience.
  • Is social media more harmful than helpful for society? Explore both sides of the debate and express your informed opinion.

Persuasive :

  • Write a persuasive essay convincing your school board to implement a new program or initiative you believe would benefit students.
  • Craft a letter to the editor urging your community to take action on an important environmental issue.
  • Develop a social media campaign aimed at raising awareness about a social injustice you care about.
  • Write a speech persuading your classmates to participate in a specific school event or fundraiser.
  • Create a blog post advocating for a cause you believe in, using compelling arguments and emotional appeals.
  • Research and write a report on the history and future of a specific technology that interests you.
  • Investigate and analyze the impact of a particular historical event on society and its lasting effects.
  • Explore the scientific evidence behind a controversial topic and present your findings in an objective and balanced manner.
  • Research and explain the cultural diversity of a specific region or country, highlighting its unique traditions and customs.
  • Investigate the different career paths available in a field you’re interested in and present your findings to help others explore their options.
  • Choose an ancient proverb or famous saying from another language and research its original meaning, historical context, and how it’s interpreted in today’s world.

These 50 writing prompts for high school students offer a diverse landscape of possibilities, inviting you to traverse genres, explore emotions, and delve into self-discovery. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, grab your pen, embrace the adventure, and see where your words take you. You might surprise yourself with the stories you tell and the worlds you create.

While answers can provide inspiration and ideas, it’s crucial to develop your own voice and perspective. Use them as starting points, not complete scripts.

You can find more writing prompts through online resources, books, writing workshops, teacher recommendations, and even everyday observations.

It depends! Some prompts might lead to short stories, while others inspire poems or journal entries. There’s no specific length requirement.

Absolutely! Prompts are meant to be springboards, not limitations. Adapt them to fit your style, interests, and desired outcome.

Share your work with trusted friends, teachers, or writing communities for feedback. Focus on improving your skills and expressing yourself authentically.

  • storywritingacademy.com –  60 Creative Journal Prompts for Teenagers
  • creativewritingedu.org –  What is a Prompt in Writing?
  • 50 Exclusive 3rd Grade Writing Prompts that are Printable for Free
  • 50 Exclusive 6th Grade Writing Prompts that are Printable for Free
  • What is a Prompt in Writing? Choosing the Right Writing Prompt for Your Genre and Style
  • 50 Exclusive 4th Grade Writing Prompts That Are Printable For Free

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When to use ser and estar: understanding the two ‘to be’s in spanish.

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Creative Writing Prompts For High School Students – 12 Categories

  • Published January 3, 2023

short writing prompts high school

Table of Contents

Are you a high school student struggling to find inspiration for your creative writing assignments? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to come up with new and exciting ideas? If so, you’re not alone. 

Many students struggle with coming up with ideas for creative writing, especially when they feel pressure to produce something original and engaging. 

But the good news is that there are ways to break through the block and find inspiration for your writing. 

For instance, by attending our award-winning creative writing summer programme , you’ll learn how to conquer the fear of the blank page. How? By learning proven formulas for creating brilliant stories. 

Another way to have that creative spark is to use creative writing prompts. 

This article will provide creative high school students like yourself with a list of creative writing prompts. So you’ll get the inspiration you need to get into the flow and start writing!

What are Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts are ideas that help writers overcome writer’s block and get started with their writing. They can come in various forms, including a

  • Or series of questions. 

Creative writing prompts get your creative juices flowing. When you encounter a writing prompt, it encourages you to start writing!

What types of writing, you ask? It can be anything from fiction writing to essay writing. Creative writing prompts are even used to get you started with freewriting in your daily journal.

So you see, many writers find writing prompts a quick and easy way to begin a new writing project. Or to overcome writer’s block when they are stuck.

How Do You Use Writing Prompts?

There are many different ways to use writing prompts. Here are a few ideas:

Use writing prompts to start a new writing project. 

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas for a new writing project? Try using a writing prompt to get started. You can use a writing prompt as the starting point for a 

  • Short story
  • Essay, or any other type of writing.

Use writing prompts to overcome writer’s block. 

Stuck on a particular piece of writing and can’t seem to move forward? Use writing prompts to brainstorm on how to proceed!

Use writing prompts to practice your writing skills. 

As the old adage says, practice makes perfect! You can use writing prompts to practice different writing techniques or styles. Or try out different writing genres!

Use writing prompts to challenge yourself. 

You can use writing prompts to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try writing about things you might not usually write about.

Say your comfort zone is writing fantasy stories. And you want to try something new. Why not use scary writing prompts as a starting point?

To use a writing prompt, choose a prompt that interests you and start writing. There are no hard and fast rules about how to use writing prompts – the important thing is to just start writing and see where the prompt takes you!

Creative Writing Prompts High School Students will Love

Write a story about a character who:

  • discovers a mysterious, abandoned house in the woods  
  • suddenly gains the power of time travel
  • has to confront their greatest fear
  • is given the opportunity to live in a different time period
  • discovers a secret underground society
  • is given a magical object that can grant wishes.

Or, check out the other prompts too:

  • Write a poem about a summer day you will never forget.
  • Imagine that you are stranded on a deserted island. Write a story about your experience.
  • Write a letter to your future self ten years from now.
  • Imagine that you are a detective trying to solve a mysterious crime. Write a story about your investigation.

Creative High School Poetry Writing Prompts

Write a poem about a/an:

  • summer romance you will never forget
  • memorable experience you had with a friend
  • place that holds special meaning for you
  • moment of clarity or realisation that you had
  • person who has had a significant impact on your life
  • object that holds special meaning for you
  • dream that you had and can’t seem to forget
  • time when you felt completely lost
  • time when you felt completely free
  • moment of beauty that you witnessed

Writing Prompts with an Element of Suspense

  • is being stalked by an unknown assailant
  • wakes up with no memory of the past 24 hours
  • receives a series of mysterious, threatening letters
  • discovers a hidden room in their house filled with grotesque objects
  • is trapped in a strange, unfamiliar place
  • is being pursued by a dangerous, unknown entity
  • is being watched by an unknown pair of eyes
  • is being followed by a shadowy figure
  • hears strange noises in the middle of the night
  • finds a mysterious, unmarked package on their doorstep

Writing Prompts for Stories That Start with Dialogue

Start your story with a conversation between two characters who are:

  • meeting for the first time
  • meeting each other for the first time in ten years after graduation
  • trying to solve a problem
  • discussing a secret
  • trying to keep a secret from someone else
  • discussing their future plans
  • trying to make amends after a misunderstanding
  • reminiscing about the past
  • trying to persuade each other of something

Writing Prompts That Ask “What if?”

What if you:

  • woke up one morning with the ability to fly? How would you use this ability?
  • could time travel? Where would you go and why?
  • woke up one day to find that everyone in the world had switched bodies? How would you cope with this?
  • could read minds? How would you use this ability?
  • suddenly had access to unlimited wealth? How would you use this wealth?
  • could talk to animals? How would this change your life?
  • were the only person on Earth who knew how to speak a certain language? How would you use this knowledge?
  • could turn invisible at will? How would you use this power?
  • developed the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead? How would this change your life?
  • could teleport anywhere in the world instantly? How would you use this ability?

Funny Writing Prompts for High School

  • wakes up to find that they’ve turned into a giant chicken
  • has a magic lamp that grants them absurd wishes
  • becomes the world’s worst superhero
  • accidentally becomes the president of the United States
  • is chased by a giant hamster
  • discovers that their reflection is actually an alternate dimension
  • becomes a world-famous rapper after a misunderstanding at a karaoke bar
  • becomes the world’s worst detective
  • is constantly followed by a cloud of bees
  • becomes the world’s worst secret agent

Do you have a brother or sister in middle school? Our middle school writing prompts are a great way for them to get into the flow of creative writing effectively.

Journal Prompts for High School Creative Writing

  • Write about a time when:
  • you felt particularly proud of yourself
  • you had to confront your greatest fear
  • you had a moment of clarity or realisation
  • you felt that life was wonderful
  • Write about a place that holds special meaning for you.
  • Write about a person who has significantly impacted your life.
  • Write about a moment of beauty that you witnessed.
  • Write about a dream you had and can’t forget.
  • Write about a memorable experience you had with a friend.

Non-Fiction Writing Prompts

Write an essay about a/an:

  • significant event in your life and how it has impacted you
  • person who has inspired you and why
  • current issue that is important to you and why
  • time when you had to overcome a challenge and how you did it
  • place that you have visited and why it was meaningful to you
  • hobby or activity that you are passionate about and why
  • book, movie, or TV show that has had a significant impact on you and why
  • social issue that you feel strongly about and what you are doing to make a difference
  • goal that you have set for yourself and how you plan to achieve it
  • person who has made a positive impact on your community and how they did it

Adventurous Short Story Prompts

Write a story about a character who goes on a:

  • solo hike in the wilderness and becomes lost
  • treasure hunt and faces unexpected challenges along the way
  • safari and encounters a rare and dangerous animal
  • white water rafting trip and gets stranded in the wilderness
  • mountain climbing expedition and faces unexpected challenges
  • scuba diving trip and discovers a hidden underwater world
  • hot air balloon ride and gets carried away by the wind
  • skydiving trip and has to make an emergency landing
  • parasailing trip and gets caught in a storm
  • snowboarding trip and gets caught in an avalanche

Science Fiction Short Story Prompts

  • Write a story about a character who is:
  •  given a device that can predict the future
  •  the only survivor of an alien invasion
  • recruited by a secret organization to fight against an alien threat
  • the only one who can communicate with newly-discovered alien species
  • the only one who can stop a group of rebels from taking over the world
  • the only one who can save the world from an asteroid heading towards Earth
  • the only human on a distant planet
  • Write a story about a character who travels through time and encounters their future self.
  • Write a story about a character discovering a portal to an alternate dimension.
  • Write a story about a character who is given a device that allows them to control time.

Scary Short Story Prompts

  • Write a story about a character who is 
  • being stalked by a demon
  • trapped in a haunted house
  • haunted by the ghost of a loved one
  • terrorized by a clown
  • Write a story about a character who
  • discovers a cursed object and starts having strange, terrifying experiences
  • starts seeing strange, supernatural creatures in their dreams
  • hears a lady cry every night, but no one is there
  • notices a strange doll appear in their house, not knowing where it came from
  • listens to neighbours report they’ve been seeing a toddler running around the house, but your character lives alone

Fantasy Short Story Prompts

  • Write a story about a character who 
  • discovers that they are a witch or wizard with magical powers
  • finds out they are the chosen one, destined to save the world from an ancient evil
  • realises they are a fairy or other mythical creature
  • is given a magical object that can grant wishes
  • discovers a magic book with secrets to the universe
  • receives a magical potion that transforms them into a different creature
  • accidentally stumbles into a world where everything is the opposite of what they know
  • gains a legendary staff that gives them the power to control the elements
  • enters a magical, mythical land ruled by an evil king
  • discovers that they are the reincarnation of a mythical hero

Need more Creative Writing prompts? Check out this article entitled “ 308 Creative Writing Prompts To Unlock Your Writing Skills .”

How Else Can I Improve My Creative Writing Skills?

1. read widely.

Reading improves your writing skills by exposing you to different 

  • And Techniques you can incorporate into your own writing.

Did you know reading widens your vocabulary? It does! And vocabulary is an essential aspect of effective writing. The more words you know, the more effectively you can communicate your ideas.

Also, reading helps improve your comprehension and critical thinking skills. Both of these are valuable for analysing and synthesising information. So you’ll learn how to present ideas clearly in your writing.

2. Write Regularly…and Don’t Stop!

Think of writing as a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes! Writing regularly makes you feel more comfortable and confident. 

What’s more, it helps you develop your own voice and style. Once you hone the aspects that make you unique , you’ll stand out more! 

Writing regularly also gives you a better sense of what works and what doesn’t. And you’ll be able to refine your writing accordingly. 

The more you write, the better you will become at it. So maximise our creative writing prompts and make time to write every day. Even if it’s just for a few minutes!

3. Experiment with Different Writing Styles

Do you know that experimenting with different writing styles and techniques expands your writing skills? Why? Because doing so makes you a versatile writer. Able to adapt your style to different situations and audiences. 

For example, writing poems even when you’re not used to poetry-writing forces you to think . To imagine and create! As a result? You get out of your comfort zone and explore. And you’re better able to reimagine your craft. 

What are the common writing styles?

  • Descriptive – often uses similes and metaphors to help the reader experience the writing (e.g. songs, poems)
  • Narrative – flashbacks and foreshadowing are common elements of a narrative style with a clear, fleshed-out plot (e.g. novels)
  • Or Persuasive writing – convinces the reader to believe what the writer believes (e.g. essays, sales copy)

4. Join a Writing Community!

What better way to keep you motivated than by joining a writing community? A writing community provides support and encouragement. Being surrounded by like-minded folks passionate about writing can be a great source of inspiration!

Plus, you’ll be exposed to different writing styles and techniques. Which can help you expand your horizon and help you become a more versatile writer.

Joining a writing community can also be a great way to get feedback on your writing. Helping you identify areas for improvement. 

Finally, do you know a writing community can be a great source of information and resources? Members often share valuable writing tips and strategies.

5. Enrol In A Creative Writing Course

What is one of the most effective methods in fast-tracking you to massive improvement in your writing skills? Taking a creative writing course!

Why does taking a creative writing course help you improve your writing skills? Because you’ll learn from experienced writers. While having the opportunity to practice writing under the watchful eye of expert tutors. 

Creative writing prompts are useful for high school students looking for inspiration for new and original ideas. You can overcome writer’s block by tapping into your creativity in a new and exciting way.

These prompts will challenge and inspire you. So give them a try and see what amazing stories and ideas you can come up with!

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