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Social Injustice by Joy

Joyof South Windsor's entry into Varsity Tutor's March 2017 scholarship contest

Social Injustice by Joy - March 2017 Scholarship Essay

I would make a speech on social injustice. Social injustice is a matter which involves one group of individuals mistreating another group based on identifiers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 7,121 victims of hate crimes in 2015, and these are only the reported ones. There are far more disparaging remarks and silent biases that go unchallenged. These social injustices stem from an unwillingness to admit that something different than what one perceives as normal is frightening and confusing. From that fear and confusion, individuals lash out to protect themselves from it. This can be fixed, but it takes time and effort. There are three things an individual can do that will lessen social injustice. The first way to help lessen injustice is to listen. Listen to what others say, even if it contradicts what you think. A recent study reported on by Vox.com reveals that calling people names doesn’t change their behavior. Instead, having a discussion with the person seems to be more effective. In one case, researchers canvassed individuals about their feelings on transgender bathroom rights. One man said, “‘I'm from South America, and in South America we don't like fags,’”(Lopez). Rather than react to the slur, the canvasser simply mentioned that she was lesbian, and the two proceeded to discuss what they had in common and learn more about each other. After the discussion, the canvasser asked again about transgender rights, and the man was more open to the idea. Furthermore, on average, individuals in the study remained more open to transgender rights three months after, even when presented with a counter argument. This study suggests that an individual’s opinion can be changed, and discussion helps the individual to focus on the similarities between people rather than differences. When individuals focus on what unites them, it lessens what divides them. This division is caused by a lack of understanding, or a lack of willingness to understand. To teach others about cultures different from their own can be very enlightening. This is especially true for issues that are rarely discussed. For example, the way the hearing community views people in the Deaf community. Individuals who are deaf are often told that they’d be better off with a cochlear implant (CI), so that they can hear and be ‘normal’. The hearing community, in general, fails to recognize that many people in the Deaf community are proud to be deaf. By implying that hearing is normal also implies being deaf is inferior, and highlights it as a disability. Some of the Deaf community feel that they can have normal lives without their hearing, and don’t see the need for CI (James). Teaching the hearing community about the Deaf community is increasing, as more and more schools are offering American Sign Language (ASL) as a foreign language option. By teaching ASL, people are learning that being deaf doesn’t mean that an individual sees their hearing loss as a disability. The most important way to fix social injustice is to be accepting. Acceptance means respect of others, and a willingness to be open to new ideas different from our own. Acceptance also includes admitting that there are problems, and being willing to address them. These problems are often due to an inability or unwillingness to learn about the contradicting opinion. Rather than have the discussion, it becomes a debate of personal opinions, and the actual problem goes unsolved. To truly fix the problems, we have to acknowledge that they exist. Then we have to find out how and why they exist to be able to fix them. However, most importantly, we have to learn to compromise a little. Cultures don’t change overnight, it takes time to adjust. Through accepting others’ differences, we learn to accept our own differences. When individuals can come together to listen, learn, and accept one another, social injustice will be lessened and eventually disappear. If it does happen, it will be handled in an appropriate way. Instead of scolding and name calling, we’ll take the opportunity to teach them to focus on the fact that we are more alike than different. Our identifiers are not all of our identity. Our differences are what make us strong. By listening, we learn to understand others’ differences, which helps us to teach kindness to future generations and guides us to accept others for who they are.

Works Cited

Federal Bureau of Investigation. "Latest Hate Crime Statistics Released." FBI, United States Government, 14 Nov. 2016, www.fbi.gov/news/ stories/2015-hate-crime-statistics-released. Accessed 27 Dec. 2016.

Lopez, German, editor. "Research says there are ways to reduce racial bias. Calling people racist isn’t one of them." Vox.com, Vox Media, 15 Nov. 2016, www.vox.com/identities/2016/11/15/13595508/racism-trump-research-study. Accessed 27 Dec. 2016.

James, Susan Donaldson. "Deaf and Proud to Use Sign Language." ABC News, 12 Dec. 2006, abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=2719254&page=1. Accessed 27 Dec. 2016.

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Essay About Social Injustice

Many people don’t want to believe that we are living in a social injustice environment in this country. They choose to ignore the fact that rich are getting richer while the poor are just getting poorer. The rich public schools are giving their students the necessary opportunities to live a decent life while the poor students are left out and have to struggle for those opportunities. The social injustice is visible to every citizen in this country and it continuing to grown; however, there is a few solutions to minimize and possibly to solve the social injustice problem we have in American. One of them is give equal education in all public schools so everyone can have an equal opportunities in getting the jobs and careers they choose. Second …show more content…

Celebrities are promoting their products on television, newspapers, magazines and people cannot seem to live without the latest fashion dress, watch, suit, gaming consoles/games, and other this that are super expensive for the working and middle class. David Kendall (a professor of sociology at Baylor University) explains in his article “Framing class, Vicarious Living and Conspicuous Consumption” that the media glorifies the upper class and that they are basically calling out the poor and the rich to imitate the upper class by buying their products they sell. Kendall states in his article that “extensive television viewing leads to higher rates of spending and to lower savings, presumably because it stimulates consumer desires.”(Kendall 317). This quote is extremely true the more television a person watches the more chances he or she will fall for the advertisement that is being displayed. The most sad thing of all is that most people will buy these products displayed by celebrities and will be left with zero money to pay the rent and food to feed themselves. Limiting media will solve the social inequality in a more personal way we won’t feel constantly less than others because of the wealth they

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that many people don't want to believe that we are living in a social injustice environment in this country. they ignore the fact that rich are getting richer while the poor are just getting poorer.
  • Argues that giving equal public education in all schools will help solve the social injustice problem in american because it will give most students an equal opportunity and equal voice in getting the jobs and careers they want.
  • Opines that media has a huge impact on middle and working class people. kendall explains that the media glorifies the upper class by calling out the poor and the rich to imitate them by buying their products.
  • Argues that raising the minimum wage would help solve the social inequality in america. the rich are getting richer, but the poor don't get raises in their jobs.
  • Argues that even if the government enforced equal education in all public schools, not everyone would take advantage of it and they would lose a lot of money.
  • Concludes that giving more equal education in public schools, limiting media in our lives, and increasing minimum wage can help solve the social inequality problem.

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Analysis Of Loewen's 'The Land Of Opportunity'

The only type of media left out of Loewen’s article is social media and the younger generations are major consumers in the twenty first century. Watkins article uses the specific social media platforms Facebook and Myspace. Facebook typically had white users that were considered middle class. However, Myspace users were usually Black or Latino and came from the working class. People use social media to interact and trends of social stratification are apparent. TV is not interactive so the division of classes should not be as obvious, but “Poor people are more likely to watch TV.” (Loewen, 204). Hooks feels that “Television shows and films bring the message home that no one can truly feel good about themselves if they are poor.” (Hooks, 434). He uses Pretty Woman as evidence for this and says that the show portrays the ruling class or rich as “generous, eager to share, and as unattached to their wealth in their interactions with folks who are not materially privileged.” This sends a stronger message than interacting with others of a social media because it is not reality. TV can really send the wrong message to the poor or the rich. The privileged may get the idea that they have to take care of the poor, when the poor are hardworking people with values and morals just like the rich. From this the poor may see themselves as not as competent in society. Hooks mentions that self-esteem issues

Justice In America Essay

Does justice exist in America? Yes, justice does exist in America, but for whom is the question real question. In America all citizens should feel equal to one another but that is not the case. Rather than feeling equal to one another, the blacks and whites of the country feel hatred to one another. In American justice is served but it is mainly for whites and not blacks. The word justice is defined as the quality of being fair and reasonable. Unfortunately in America, justice is not always equally served due to racism in the modern society.

Reflective Essay On Social Justice

The task of identifying my social identity was easier said than done. I acknowledged the somewhat privilege I encounter along with the oppression I endure. In retrospect, my social identity unambiguously resembles a coin where on one side oppression lies with dirt rusting but on the flip side privilege stares right back at me, shining bright. I initially could not see the benefits since I’m a low income college student. I became too encompassed with one side of the coin. After we learned what the word, privilege, indeed meant, I realized the various facets of my life in which that word could apply. Self pity can greedily advance on you from out of nowhere thus averting you from flipping the coin. I familiarized with counting my struggles instead of my blessings. In accordance with my social identity I would say I’m privileged with the

Injustice In Australia Essay

Throughout the world, in history and in present day, injustice has affected all of us. Whether it is racial, sexist, discriminatory, being left disadvantaged or worse, injustice surrounds us. Australia is a country that has been plagued by injustice since the day our British ancestors first set foot on Australian soil and claimed the land as theirs. We’ve killed off many of the Indigenous Aboriginal people, and also took Aboriginal children away from their families; this is known as the stolen generation. On the day Australia became a federation in 1901, the first Prime Minister of Australia, Edmund Barton, created the White Australia Policy. This only let people of white skin colour migrate to the country. Even though Australia was the first country to let women vote, women didn’t stand in Parliament until 1943 as many of us didn’t support female candidates, this was 40 years after they passed the law in Australian Parliament for women to stand in elections. After the events of World War Two, we have made an effort to make a stop to these issues here in Australia.

Education in America: Separate and Unequal

The greatest country in the world still has problems evenly distributing education to its youth. The articles I have read for this unit have a common theme regarding our education system. The authors illustrate to the reader about the struggles in America concerning how we obtain and education. Oppression, politics, racism, and socioeconomic status are a few examples of what is wrong with our country and its means of delivering a fair education to all Americans.

Race And Privilege Essay

In this day and age there are a plethora of problems in our society. A lot of the problems in America are constantly geared towards race and privilege. Privilege is a specified advantage towards something that is given to certain people or groups. A lot of the hype in today’s society is because of how heaps of people have privilege, more privilege, or lack of privilege over others. This is specifically geared toward Caucasian people and in some cases, people with money. Privilege is all around, but do we really recognize or question our privilege?

Equal Opportunity in Education and the Brown vs. Board of Education Case

Society holds a beneficial belief that education is a very prominent source that is necessary to engage in life’s successes. Education gives one the endurance to gain knowledge and the will power to accomplish goals and reach high standards. It allows individuals to know and understand the skills of life and the values it hold. Education has a history that has been around for hundreds of years that continuously develops as education improves, but the history of equal opportunity in education must continuously improve as well. Although education is known for its good deeds, inequality still plays a significant role in education today. There are opportunities that students must receive to relinquish some inequalities that are still present in education today. There are ways to address these obstacles and also ways to contribute to advanced opportunities to make education of equality.

Analysis Of Teach Us All

After watching the Teach Us All documentary on Netflix, it opened my eyes to many of the issues regarding educational inequality. The study looked at schools in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles to show us the current state of U.S. education and how far we have come since the school desegregation crisis. The thesis of this documentary is that since the efforts of the Little Rock Nine, our belief is that educational inequality has improved when in reality, it hasn’t improved and the actions of our country have had negative effects. Teach Us All emphasizes the need for unity and collective action to improve our education system for the kids in poor communities that are in the most need. Our country has devoted all the resources to the middle and upper class for education and are taking money away from where it needs to

Racial Inequality In Education

The means of justifying these inequalities are important for the entire world. Education played and will always play a big role in everyone’s lives. Equality in education will eventually guarantee every person a better position in society. Educational inequality is the difference in learning effectiveness and results as faced by students with varying backgrounds. The effects of educational inequality are not only left within the circles of education, but also remain further to have an impact on other life aspects. All over the world, there have been unending calls to reform education at each level. With various causes that are very much connected to society, history and culture, the educational inequality has apparently been one of the most difficult challenges to address. Regardless of the challenges faced in removing educational inequality, education has continued to be a very important part of society with a big expectation of moving it forward. In the current-day America, very many disadvantaged children have continued to grow up missing key skills. Discrimination has continued to persevere in educational achievement between racial issues. Above all, low performance levels among these disadvantaged children have over the years been responsible for the long-term issues, especially in such an society with higher levels of skills and a failing incomes offered to those people that are less-skilled.

Health Care As A Social Problem Essay

Social problem is a broad topic, there is “No conclusive idea of what constitutes a social problem.” To define a social problem, there are generally three different ideas to define a social problem, “Something that impacts a large group; Something that the people in a society collective agree it is problematic; Something that violates a moral code.” (Logan) Healthcare has been on the spot light, because of The American Health Care Act. I’d like to present health care in United States as a social problem, because it qualify the three ideas to define social problem. First of all, it impacts a large group in the society, because of its cost. According to CDC, “28.2 million people who are under age of sixty five are insured” (CDC). Second, people in a society collective

Essay On Racial Inequality

Some people believe that we have outdated racism and that it exists no longer; however, racial inequality can be found anywhere—even in its smallest measure. Within the United States, there is a noticeable discrepancy between Caucasian Americans (or white Americans) and minorities (African/black Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc.). Racial inequality has many parts that make it a possibility, such as with stereotypes and rising stigmas. It thrives off of the negative, and usually misguided, information that is believed. Some may argue that racial inequality is not a major problem within the United States because our country is starting to grow in the right direction and accept people—mainly minorities—for their

Essay On Social Class

In America it is based on the relations of property and power and the division of social classes in the United States, the most basic class distinction is between the powerful and the powerless. Social classes groups are the upper class have a great deal of power which usually are viewed as the elites within their own societies. In general usage, the elite is a hypothetical group of relatively small size that is dominant within a large society, having a privileged status perceived as being envied by others. Various social and political theories propose that social classes with greater power attempt to strengthen their own ranking above the lower classes. The upper class has more power because there are some people who are wealthy and do have

Essay On Social Justice Advocacy

Social justice advocacy has served as organized efforts with the intended purpose to encourage public attitudes, form strategies, laws to create a more socially just society, led by the vision of human rights. The main purpose for these efforts is to provide awareness of socio-economic inequalities, protection of social rights, as well as racial identity, experiences of oppression and spiritualty. Social justice advocacy and social justice counseling play a very important role in today’s society and are mutually being utilized in the counseling world. Activism will always be needed and has been perceived to be one of the most powerful tools for initiating social change.

Social Justice In Education

“Social Justice in Education” by R. W. Connell discusses the role of education in society and the implications that social justice issues have on education. Connell begins by establishing that education and social justice can be examined separately yet they are inescapably linked through the social medium of their implementation. “Education concerns schools, colleges and universities, whose business is to pass knowledge on to the next generation. Social justice is about income, employment, pensions or physical assets like housing.”(Connell, 1993) Three points validating the equal importance of social justice and the education system to people of all delineations are: 1.) in Western society public schools are key forums of social interaction and comprise some of the largest social institutions 2.) educational institutions are highly economic bodies and have become “major public assets” (Connell, 1993) 3.) teaching becomes a vehicle by which society is ultimately determined and has a great influence over society’s morality. Connell describes the meaning of justice in education as being “a question of fairness in distribution… equality.”(Connell, 1993) “Justice cannot be achieved by distributing the same… standard good to… all social classes.”(Connell, 1993) By stating this, Connell summarizes that in the attempt to achieve equality, unequal means must be employed.

A Place Called School Goodlad Summary

Most people don’t see public schools as an issue. Reading through these readings I see that unfortunately our schools are failing some of our students. When reading A Place Called School Goodlad states, “Jencks went so far as to conclude that school reform could do little to reduce the extent of cognitive inequality among students. And he saw differences in schools as irrelevant in explaining differences in attainment among individuals” (pg.5). Clearly it says in the reading how some schools are not prepared to teach students. All schools need to have “equal education for all” which means giving all students the same equal education they deserve no matter what race or color they are. Every single student should have the opportunity to know about all the resources there are available in a public school because there are a lot more than people may think. In relation to equal education having the proper and same attention from the teacher is also part of it not only how they are being treated. I hope to make a difference about this issue when I have my own classroom because I know that the slightest difference does make a

More about Essay About Social Injustice

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Social Injustices Essay

  • 2 Works Cited

The Declaration of Independence: Why It Is So Important to Our Country

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” - The Declaration of Independence

racial injustice Essay

“Racism is a bad thing, you find it everywhere in the schools, the clubs and also in the streets.”

Declaration Of Independence Vs Anthem Research Paper

In the Declaration of Independence it states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit

Standing up Against Injustice Essay

  • 4 Works Cited

There comes a time, in most citizens’ lives when they must stand against their government to produce change. Change can only be acquired if people take the necessary actions for it to take place. Nelson Mandela was a historical revolutionist who helped his people in Africa, to revolt against the government, in order to bring about change. As a result, he was sentenced to prison for 27 years for trying to overthrow the government. Many revolutionist, such as Arundhati Roy and Martin Luther King Jr., explain in their essays how the role of the citizen is to stand against injustice, and how the government labels them as anti-national because of it.

Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

Gay marriage has slowly become a significant factor amongst individuals of today’s society. On June 26, 2015, it was ruled out by the U.S. Supreme Court that gay marriage was now legal. The first thing that I thought was that “Wasn’t it already legal in the United States?” Well, apparently no it has not been legalized in the United States! (Dumb me.) The U.S. is known to be a nation of equality and gives everyone the freedom of the speech, but it is actually a nation full of racism, sexism, and homophobias. Our country gives us the freedom to do many things, but to gay couples they don’t have much freedom as others do. We are violating their freedom because we aren’t letting them marry the one they love, so to say that everyone in the U.S. has the freedom to do anything is wrong. Our civil rights and the Constitution give us many liberties. One of our civil liberties is the pursuit of happiness, which many homosexual people are not allowed to chase, but thanks to the new ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court homosexual people are allowed to chase it. They are being looked down at and are feeling ashamed of themselves because of all the cruelty that they are receiving. Homosexual people haven’t been able to fully express themselves until it was legalized for them to fully do so. They have been fighting for the right to be married to their same sex for about a decade now, and they have finally met their goal. #Lovewins.

Racism and Social Injustice Essay

  • 7 Works Cited

In the United States and internationally, there is a multitude of indicators that the racial environment is changing. Environmental pollution and racism are connected in more ways than one. The world is unconsciously aware of environmental intolerances, yet continues to expose the poor and minorities to physical hazards. Furthermore, sociologist continue to study “whether racial disparities are largely a function of socioeconomic disparities or whether other factors associated with race are also related to the distribution of environmental hazards” (Mohai and Saha 2007: 345). Many of these factors include economic positions, health disparities, social and political affairs, as well as racial inequalities.

The Fight for Social Justice Essay

  • 5 Works Cited

It has been proven that often, the fight for social justice and the common good comes at a great cost to those involved. Through writings such as Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and Sophocles’ “Antigone”, as well as, lectures such as Dr.Colbourn’s lecture “Confronting History and the Good Life: Life after Rosewood” it is demonstrated how life, freedom, and a normal everyday life suffer as a cost of fighting for social justice and the common good.

Defense of Marriage Act Essay example

Within our society and the western hemisphere, it is believed that only a man and a woman should be allowed to participate in the sacred ritual of marriage. These beliefs are instilled through the socialization of society and family. Our society illustrates marriage through the media. Our family illustrates marriage by first hand experience. In a traditional family, we perceive a man and a woman as our parents. Traditionally, people marry with the expectation that reproduction will occur, and one will grow old along side of children, and grandchildren. There is an image to marriage, and the thought of altering that to include same sex unions is disturbing to many.

Political Issues of Same-Sex Marriage Essay

The political aspects of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to federal and government recognized marriages are a very complex issue. There are basically two sides to the political argument of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. On one side are the liberals who feel that marriage is a civil right that should be denied based on the basis of a person's sexual orientation. On the other side you have conservatives who feel that marriage is an institution in which should only constitute one man and one woman. In this report we are going to examine how the issue of same-sex marriages are affecting our current political environment, how politics is affecting the movement for

Social Injustice Research Paper

The social injustice I humbly relate to is the intolerance toward Hispanic populations in America; whether the person is documented or undocumented. Before moving to Carthage, Missouri; I had essentially no interaction with Hispanic people. Embarrassingly, I admit, I relied on stereotypes to build my opinion of the Hispanic population as a whole. On May 22nd, 2011, we lost our home, every personal belonging, and our car in the Joplin tornado. We anxiously awaited our homeowner's insurance payout; with three dogs and nowhere to stay, we fretted, meanwhile homes available for sale shrunk by the hour. Soon, an acquaintance approached us, he had a home in Carthage; that was for sale and vacant. Built in 1910, I immediately fell in love with the home; it is my perfect home, with historically abundant features.

Social Justice Essay

What is social justice and how does it relate to liberation theology? How do sin, love, grace, and human freedom affect social justice? What restricts freedom and social justice? And how does all of this play a role in the Kingdom of God?

Essay On Social Injustice

When will we stop being unjust? Our society today is full of problems and issues. We not only experience economic and politic issues, but we face social problems as well. One main problem that our society must acknowledge is injustice. However, many members of our society are blind not to recognize that permitting unjust and unfair acts is an actual injustice. They believe it’s appropriate to judge others, to make inappropriate comments and to be disrespectful.

Domestic Partnerships Should be Legal Essay

  • 3 Works Cited

Gay marriages are highly debated and opposed. In California the opposition to gay marriage enjoyed a win by having legislators reconsider banning gay marriage. Through rallying and other measurements the opposition of gay marriage is working to overturn same sex marriage. If legislation is overturned, it would allow marriage only between a man and a woman. This would also eliminate the right to civil unions by gays in the state. We must seek a solution to same sex marriage. Same sex marriage will continue to be an ongoing legal battle. It is important we find a solution that both sides of the argument agree on or come closest to a compromise between the two sides. (Gay Marriage Showdowns)

Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

Are those marriages, despite the gender between them, not all humans at the end of the day? Hypocritical how the law speaks about equality, and at the same time denies equality to some individuals. Although some States accord to same sex marriage, that marriage is lost when they move to a state that bans homosexual marriage, therefore equality seize to exist. Envision your future with the person you wish to share your last breaths when old, beautiful future you look forward too. Now imagine being unable to share everything you own with your significant other, in other words no bank accounts with both names, property, or even inherit their benefits that by law should be yours. Being the same gender should not contradict the State to oppose their rights to share by law what is theirs through marriage.

Same Sex Marriage Essay

Same-sex marriage (“SSM”) is known as the wedding between two people of a similar sex in another social phenomenon, prompting another sort of family formation. In current circumstances, SSM did not exist until the 21st century, when an expanding number of nations started allowing homosexuals to marry lawfully. SSM is producing a mix of delight, debate, and restriction in numerous countries around the globe, mainly in the U.S. In reality, the official acknowledgment of same-sex marriage has developed as a standout amongst the most socially, politically, and legitimately disruptive issues of the day. While most responses to this new type of marriage and family arrangement have been extreme and vocal, numerous reporters, and additionally the

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Social Injustice in the Education System

Social injustice refers to inequality in how different groups are treated in society due to their different characteristics. The most typical form of discrimination in society includes discrimination, ageism, and homophobia. The education system, just like all other aspects of the general population, is dominated by various forms of social injustice. The affected include students, teachers, and subordinate staff. It takes the form of discrimination in terms of admission to schools, equipment supply, and financial resources (Ball, 2013). The injustice is mainly based on groups categorized in racial, social, and economic status.

The efforts to achieve social justice aim to develop an education system in which all persons are treated fairly as equals. Education should be made a right that each child should be accorded rather than a resource that must be competed for (Reay, 2012). To eliminate the injustice, the stakeholders should focus on two major proposals. They should recognize the economic realities and, secondly, appreciate the backgrounds of students’ families (Reay, 2012). Achieving social justice in the education system is essential to the welfare of the students, teachers, and society. This is so because, when the students graduate, they will transform the moral aspect of social justice learned in school into the community.

Social Justice in the education system takes two forms: the whole education structure and the classroom. To address the system inequalities, it is vital to reduce the economic gap between people with high and low incomes. Strategies such as raising the minimum pay and introducing a wealth tax can help manage the income gaps in society. This will empower each parent and enable them to afford their children a good education (Roffee and Burns 2020, 8). The distribution of resources to various learning facilities has the main obstacle to a just system.

Private schools have been the principal agent of discrimination and a tool for the elitism divisions. Therefore, the government should consider the option of eliminating individually owned institutions (Reay, 2012). This measure will bring equality, as all students will attend schools of the same category. Further, the political circles and the elites who had their children in private schools will be motivated to resource and improve the state of government schools. A shaping philosophy that can further enhance justice in education is respecting each student’s background and personal differences. Privileges in schools should be shared fairly regardless of race, gender, linguistic or cultural background.

The injustice faced in the education system reflects the social inequalities in society. Therefore, solving the problems affecting the larger community will promote the achievement of a just education structure. Monetary policy-making bodies with global influence, such as OECD and IMF, should redirect their focus to achieving equity goals rather than economic efficiency and competition (Reay, 2012). If social equality is attained at the societal level, it will positively impact the education system.

In conclusion, social injustice in society and the education system mainly focuses on race, economic status, and the gender of the members. These can have adverse effects on the schooling system and society in general. Therefore, various measures should be implemented to reduce the gap between the wealthy and the low-class people. It should be laid to achieve social justice in the education system. The government and education stakeholders should embrace and promote the five principles of social justice in the system. Achieving social equity in general society will also boost a just schooling system.

Ball, S. J. (2013). Education, Justice, and Democracy: The Struggle Over Ignorance and Opportunity (Series: a Social State for 2015). London: Class [online].

Reay, D. (2012). What would a socially just education system look like?: Saving the minnows from the pike. Journal of Education Policy .

Roffee, J.A. and Burns, K., 2020. International student mobility & study tours as a tool for social justice . Teaching in Higher Education , pp.1-16. Web.

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Essay On Social Injustice

We are all humans, yet some of us are victims of social injustice and being denied out basic human rights. Many believe that diversity is an awful thing and there should be only one superior race above the rest. While others strongly disagree with those ideals, and believe that no matter the race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, we are all human beings and deserve the best. Statistics of social injustice by YWCA Central Alabama show that are were 6,624 single bias incidents reported in 2017. Those include racially motivated which was the highest one, others were caused by religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, and the least was being disability bias. These statistics show us the repetitive problems that occur. Some …show more content…

19 years old Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in the hotel freezer after midnight in Sunday. The last time she was seen was in the hotel surveillance camera around 3:20 a.m. She was at a party with her friends on Friday around 11:30 p.m. In the footage Kenneka is seen struggling to stay balanced she was intoxicated. The police stated that there was no evidence that Kenneka was assaulted and believed she opened the freezer and walked in herself. Later photos were leaked to the public, they showed Kenneka laying on the floor with her jean jacket jaggedly cut, it seemed like she was sexually assaulted. Kenneka’s sister and mother believe that there is foul play. Her mother reported her missing, but the police told her to wait before filling a report because that she could be with other friends or was a runaway and will come back. The mother stated, “If they had taken me seriously and checked right away, they could have found my daughter much sooner and she might have been alive’’. The medical examiner office refused to release Kenneka’s autopsy report, this is the reason we don’t know what were the factors that caused Kenneka’s death. As for Jorge Garcia he was brought to America when he was 10 years old by his parents. After 30 years in American with no criminal record, even with this Jorge has been deported. Jorge is married to a citizen and has two

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Jonbenet Ramsey Theories

JonBenet was in the spotlight for most of her life, and ironically her mysterious death was the same. Although, many pieces of the murder are still unknown, the facts are clear: JonBenet was harshly killed in her Boulder, Colorado house on December 25, 1996. Her mother, Patricia “Patsy” Ramsey, called the police the following morning to report that her

Jonbenet Ramsey Conspiracy Theory

For over 20 years, millions of Americans have been following the twisted and unsolved murder of six-year old beauty contestant JonBenet Ramsey. Christmas of 1996 brought terror to Boulder, Colorado as the world watched the crime scene unfold as Little Miss Colorado was found strangled in the basement of her family’s home. Pieces from the brutal murder such as a lengthy ransom note are unheard of, leaving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shocked. Two decades later, the case remains a mystery due to police mishap, mishandled evidence, and an abundance of conspiracy theories. Suspicions have ranged from her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, to the outrageous, Santa Claus.

Heather Maples Case Study

On August 7, 2015 a young women by the name of Heather Maples was found dead at The Cove Apartments, where she lived at. MPD Detective James Abbott discovered her body lying on her stomach, with signs of “blunt force trauma” to her head, and also marks on her neck which indicates strangulation. Her phone was discovered underneath her, so investigators went through in hopes of finding more evidence. She was last seen alive at a bar called Gentleman Jim’s Bar with a couple of male friends that night.

Essay On Unequal In America

What makes people unequal to others in their mind? Many think others are unequal because they are simply different from them. The possibilities on being different from another person are almost infinite, but most often, and not limited to, are race, religion, gender, sexuality, or just being an outcast. Looking at just the United States, it is a huge melting pot based on immigration throughout history. Being an immense melting pot is a blessing and a curse; while it creates cultural diversity, it also creates discrimination, which America is notoriously known for.

Research Paper On Jarrod Tutko

Police were summoned to the home on Aug. 1, 2014. They found Jarrod Tutko Jr., shrunken and dead, rolled in a blanket. His sister was clinging to life in her own bedroom but has since recovered, according to court testimony. Kimberly Tutko portrayed herself as a battered wife who wished only that her son could come back to life so that she could apologize for not being a better mother. Her attorney, Michael Palermo, said she was a classic battered woman, the victim of a man who knew how to hurt her without leaving visible

Amanda Knox Murder Case

In November 2007, Meredith kercher was found dead in the apartment she shared with Amanda Knox. She had been stabbed. the knife wounds and a slashed neck leading to a lack of oxygen. But who could do this? Who would do this?

Forensic Science: The Murder Case Of Leanne Holland

When found, her body was unrecognisable according to the Police Officer in charge of the investigation, Inspector Wayne King. Within three days (Thursday 26) of the body being discovered,

Anna Garcia Forensic Evidence

Was she murdered, and if so why. Forensic evidence will tell us why Upon entering the room where anna had died beside the body the blood The blood is the is the second thing to stand out.the blood recovered scene of the crime belonged to Anna or Erica Piedmont (suspect). After further investigations we found that the blood had belonged

Essay On Inequality In America

Wealth and Inequality in America Inequality The inequality in America has increased over time; the gap between the rich and the poor has become a problem that many Americans don’t see. Inequality is the extent of income which is distributed unequally among the citizenry. The inequality of the United has a large gap between the poor and the rich making it unfair to the population, the rich are becoming wealthier and the poor remain poor. The article “Of the 1%, By the 1%, For the 1%”, authored by Joseph E. Stiglitz describes that there is a 1 percent amount of American’s who are consuming about a quarter of the United States income in a year.

Essay On Equality In America

Equality in America America and its people have worked hard to create a home in which everyone is treated, and feels equal. We’ve fought wars, held protests, and lost many lives in situations where we were fighting for fair treatment. After all of these sacrifices, it's safe to say that Americans have the right to love, and cherish the equality that their home presents them with, but to an extent. Equality in society, government, and basic human interactions should always be kept, and held with great importance. However, we also need to keep in mind that we are not the same people.

Sociological Approach To Social Inequality Essay

Present at least two different sociological approaches to social inequality and discuss these approaches with reference to a concrete problem area of contemporary relevance. Social inequality can be found in various aspects of society, the question is if inequality is only caused by the lack of economical estate or if other reasons are underlining it. This essay argues how Max Weber distinguishes between social class and strata and how one often leads to the other. Furthermore, it presents Pierre Bourdieu’s notions of habitus, capital and fields as an explanation of how people can achieve different social statuses within different fields because of their capitals. At last, the two different sociological approaches to social inequality is used to analyze the case of non-traditional students at Australian universities and how they are socially disadvantaged compared to traditional students because of their lack economical support, language skills, educational skills and social relations.

Fingerprint Pattern: A Case Study

Who had stated that he had her Anna’s dog bark excessively and after approaching the doorway and knocking and getting no answer doug came in and was in shock when he saw anna. Anna was laying face first in her hallway and was surrounded by blood,pills and fallen furniture. Doug immediately called the EMT’s. When the EMT’s arrived they stated that Anna Garcia had passed away.

Essay On Racial Injustice

From history of hundreds of decades, we have witnessed the great progress made by human, in technology and in society. But injustice always exists everywhere in this world. Injustice and unfair treatment could not be erased from the world easily. Just like the situation described by John Steinbeck, the immigrants faced injustice. But there are too many injustices that even worse in the world.

Essay On Social Problems In Society

Social Problems in Societies Social problems are issues which are considered to affect majority if not all members of a society either directly or indirectly. Whenever people come to live together in a social setting, conflict arises from their differences in opinions regarding political issues, religion, ethnic issues, cultural practices and other health and hygiene issues. In such a situation, we can say a society inevitably develops social problems. The various social issues present today vary from society to society, and as such, we cannot say that all societies face similar social issues.

Racism: Speech: A Speech On Racial Discrimination

A pleasant morning to all of you. Thank you for being here listening to me. Today, I am going to talk about racial discrimination. Can you imagine that you are being discriminated because of who you are? For instance, imagine that you still cannot be promoted in your jobs even you are brilliant at it, or you are being mocked and ignored at school because of the color of your skins, religions or disabilities.

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The idea of social injustice has attracted more attention than any other single concept in moral and political history. Social injustices are situations in which a person, or group of people, is treated unfairly due to certain factors like discrimination, prejudice, sexism, and so on. Everyday countless people, especially minority groups in America, experience inequality and severe punishment due to the color of their skin; their race. The concept of race has become so broad that it displays an intricate definition. From a biological standpoint to a more superficial interpretation, race has become more of a perception; one that people separate based on certain traits and guidelines they believe to “fit” into a category.

In April 1963, he, along with many others were incarcerated in the Birmingham city jail for participating in nonviolent demonstrations against segregation. In his well known “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” King responds to the eight white clergymen of the South who had written an open letter, “A Call For Unity” criticising his demonstrations and other marches. In addition, they felt that these demonstrations were “unwise and untimely;” (King par 1) trying to quiet African American protesters and urging them to “wait” before taking further action against segregation and injustice.

Although there are many reasons in which King calls for nonviolent actions, he stresses on four main points for any nonviolent campaign. He states that “collection of facts to determine whether injustices are alive, negotiation, self-purification and direct action” (King par 6) are necessarily when one is fighting for such a cause. For King, he believes that before other things are considered, it is important to recognize that social discrimination “engulfs [the Birmingham] community” (King par 6). The African American community has long struggled for freedom and the racial injustice taking place not only affects one individual but “whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly” (King par 4). King alludes to the Apostle Paul, comparing himself to a prophet, one who travelled “far beyond the boundaries of their hometown” (King, par 2) spreading the gospel of Jesus. Like Paul, he too, should not be considered an “outsider coming in” (King par 2) to where injustice is present but rather he is “compelled to carry the gospel of freedom” (King para 3) beyond his particular hometown. He believes that the clergymen have erred in criticising the protestators without equally and fully taking into consideration the racist causes that “brought the demonstrations into being” (King par 5). The black community have waited long enough in attempt to live in “monologue rather than dialogue” (King par 10). This highlights the never ending effort to fix the issue of segregation.

King furthers his claim to state that “it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say “wait” so for that reason negotiation seems to be the key concept of peaceful civil resistance but it is necessary, as a last resort to use direct action. He states that the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) have made attempts to negotiate with the leaders of the economic community but these previous attempts have failed, so the African American community was left with “no other alternative except that of preparing for direct action” (King par 7). He understands that the clergymen value negotiation over protest, but he uses hyperbole to exaggerate on the African American hopes being let down consistently with the idea of “wait” that they became “victims of a broken promise” (King para 7).

In this, King explains that negotiation cannot happen without protest. In order for any change to happen, action and pressure are needed and are necessary to promote change. Overall, this letter was effective in that it persuaded the audience of the necessity to rise to action and informed the clergymen of why such demonstrations were taking place and why they will continue to happen in efforts to end the issue of segregation. However, while he refutes criticisms made by the clergymen, he does have a few assumptions that could weaken his argument. One of the major assumptions were the belief that Christians and other religious leaders would agree with him simply because they are Christians. He claims that all Christian have the same level of conviction that he does in that they cannot “stand on the sidelines” (King par 31) and watch injustice happen to their brothers and sisters. This makes King sound objective and opinionated because a Christian is someone who believes in Jesus Christ. Claiming this does not mean that every other Christian will have the same beliefs as their peers. King however, makes up for these holes in his argument by appealing to the pathos of his audience and placing the audience in situations they can understand, convincing them that nonviolent direct action is needed to further the efforts of the civil rights movement.

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