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How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a bit more difficult that a standard high school essay. You need to site sources, use academic data and show scientific examples. Before beginning, you’ll need guidelines for how to write a research paper.

Start the Research Process

Before you begin writing the research paper, you must do your research. It is important that you understand the subject matter, formulate the ideas of your paper, create your thesis statement and learn how to speak about your given topic in an authoritative manner. You’ll be looking through online databases, encyclopedias, almanacs, periodicals, books, newspapers, government publications, reports, guides and scholarly resources. Take notes as you discover new information about your given topic. Also keep track of the references you use so you can build your bibliography later and cite your resources.

Develop Your Thesis Statement

When organizing your research paper, the thesis statement is where you explain to your readers what they can expect, present your claims, answer any questions that you were asked or explain your interpretation of the subject matter you’re researching. Therefore, the thesis statement must be strong and easy to understand. Your thesis statement must also be precise. It should answer the question you were assigned, and there should be an opportunity for your position to be opposed or disputed. The body of your manuscript should support your thesis, and it should be more than a generic fact.

Create an Outline

Many professors require outlines during the research paper writing process. You’ll find that they want outlines set up with a title page, abstract, introduction, research paper body and reference section. The title page is typically made up of the student’s name, the name of the college, the name of the class and the date of the paper. The abstract is a summary of the paper. An introduction typically consists of one or two pages and comments on the subject matter of the research paper. In the body of the research paper, you’ll be breaking it down into materials and methods, results and discussions. Your references are in your bibliography. Use a research paper example to help you with your outline if necessary.

Organize Your Notes

When writing your first draft, you’re going to have to work on organizing your notes first. During this process, you’ll be deciding which references you’ll be putting in your bibliography and which will work best as in-text citations. You’ll be working on this more as you develop your working drafts and look at more white paper examples to help guide you through the process.

Write Your Final Draft

After you’ve written a first and second draft and received corrections from your professor, it’s time to write your final copy. By now, you should have seen an example of a research paper layout and know how to put your paper together. You’ll have your title page, abstract, introduction, thesis statement, in-text citations, footnotes and bibliography complete. Be sure to check with your professor to ensure if you’re writing in APA style, or if you’re using another style guide.


write paper for me reviews

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Ratings On Other Platforms has a rating of 4.95 stars from 1,334 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with most frequently mention support team, high quality, and good job. ranks 12th among Essay Writing sites.

  • Service 105
  • Shipping 27
  • Quality 102

write paper for me reviews

This company responds to reviews on average within 1 hour product 0

What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

  • The customer support team is highly responsive and helpful.
  • The support service is always ready to contact you and also knows answers to all possible questions.

Critical highlights

No critical highlights yet

“Saved my dissertation nightmare”

I found myself in the midst of a dissertation nightmare, drowning in research and struggling to organize my thoughts, that's when WritePaperforme came to save my nerves. Their customer support was incredibly understanding. They patiently listened to my concerns and helped me! They dove headfirst into my research, meticulously reviewing every source and crafting an amazing narrative. What amazed me was their ability to maintain the academic integrity of the work while making it accessible and engaging.

“Disappointed with proofreading service”

I must admit, my experience with this service's proofreading service was far from satisfactory, hence the two ratings and I will tell you why While they did catch some errors, the overall quality was underwhelming, numerous grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasing remained unaddressed. I expected more comprehensive proofreading for the price. Unfortunately, I can't wholeheartedly recommend this particular service to others based on my experience.

Reviews (1,334)

Reviews that mention popular keywords

Thumbnail of user williamc4732

From the business is a team of experts in academic writing aimed at providing high-quality and plagiarism-free papers. Professionals can write your essays in compliance with the strictest requirements and on time. Customers often ask, ‘Can you write my paper so that no one finds out?’ Sure! We guarantee complete anonymity and never share personal data with a third party. In case you are looking for experts ready to cope with your academic paper of any academic level and complexity, we are here for you! Only first-class and custom solutions 24/7.

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  • Essay Writing , Homework , Academic Editing
  • Edit business info

Business History

We provide various paper writing services from editing to writing from scratch in almost all fields of studies, from the humanities to exact sciences

Company Representative

Thumbnail of user benm126

Where would you go to meet buddies, get a haircut, have a bowling clash with a rival frat, and finally quench your hunger with a Chick-fil-A deluxe? In days past, you’d need a day off and ride your horse to various locations all around, say, Cody, Wyoming, to run errands, entertain yourself, and eat lunch. Fortunately, in recent decades, we’ve enjoyed freedoms and privileges our pioneering ancestors could only dream of, and a shopping mall is one of them. All roads lead to the mall on a Saturday night, and a good shopping center offers whatever you desire. However, if you can’t unwind because of a 5-page essay due Monday, even Nordstrom won’t offer you relief. But A*Help knows what will.

It will be, a dependable essay service that defines its success formula as a combination of affordable prices for reliable writers. They promise to take care of your assignment while you relax and enjoy your night out. See How We Test Essay Writing Services for more details about our testing approach.

Quick Overview

WritePaperForMe should be proud of its outstanding customer support and variety of writing services. The quality of writing, however, may vary by essay type.

  • Customer service
  • Selection of different additional services
  • Lack of payment methods
  • Poor communication with writers
  • No loyalty program

An infographic with a short review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 81.7/100

Experience review: Mystery Shopping

The essay-writing industry is highly competitive, as are all businesses. Although companies strive to provide impeccable service, it can be hard to know if your customers are getting exactly what they’re looking for. Mystery shopping is intended to fill this gap and introduce platforms to their strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of a regular customer or a student ordering an academic paper. There is always a hunger for reliable and trustworthy information about essay services among the A*Help team. This is why we went mystery shopping to to see what they offer at various stages of their customer’s journey, from looking around and placing orders to finishing with completed and graded papers . They were a standard 2-page personal narrative essay and a memo to the CEO. The service had 6 hours to complete the essay and a week to work on the memorandum. Once the papers were completed, we sent them to our associate in the US. They were reviewed and graded by Professor Sybil Low in accordance with American college education standards.

Here is how we tested and researched this service:

Looking for more essay topics and ideas for inspiration? Check our Best essay writing topics digest . The most popular categories for custom writing assignments according to the weekly market data released by A*Help.

Mrs. Low comments on what she feels before reading students’ essays:

write paper for me reviews

Great anticipation. I’ve done it hundreds of times, but I never get weary. Every student’s essay is a unique opportunity for a teacher to learn something new. Each student brings their own perspective and knowledge to the table, and it is up to the teacher to recognize and appreciate the differences. By reading each essay, a teacher can gain insights into the student’s life, interests, and passions. This can help us better understand our learners and create more meaningful connections with them. Not only can teachers and professors understand their students better though wiriting, but students themself can do too. Sandra Giles, a PhD in English, in her work “Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were They Thinking?” states that essays are a great self-reflection tool. She believes that reflective writing should be an essential part of accademic curricula and I firmly believe so too.

write paper for me reviews

A*Help shares Mrs. Low’s anticipation. In every new essay, she recognizes students’ writing patterns, allowing her to provide targeted instruction to help her learners grow academically. We do the same with essay-writing providers. By mystery shopping, we gain valuable insights into the work of these companies, which allows us to celebrate their merits and highlight their weaknesses. We hope will give us plenty of reasons to celebrate. Let’s find out.  

SpeedPaper Review Value Review: Value for Money — 23/25

2/3 Deadline & Terms 7/7 Free services 7/7 Additional services 4/4 Average paper price 3/4 Discounts convinced us that its promises of low prices are not just mere marketing hype. We paid $50 for the essay and $52.40 for the memo . 

Lower-than-average price looks even more appealing when a wide selection of free services is available, among which you’ll find always-wanted revisions, a title page, and others. Additionally, can supplement your order with more add-ons. An abstract page, plagiarism report, summary of the paper, and other extras are all on sale for an extra fee.

A screenshot of order form at

The success of a retail outlet depends on timely service. Food courts at malls are always crowded, but vendors never make their customers wait in lines. Ray Crock first conceptualized quick service, and the rest is history. Unlike anyone else, he sensed and predicted people’s urges and found a way to satisfy them. Since then, his idea of fast delivery has continued to endure everywhere, including in the essay-writing industry. We were delighted to see that adopted Ray Crock’s best business practices and delivers essays almost as quickly as a McDonald’s restaurant serves its customers. The essay was in our inbox messages 1 hour and 11 minutes earlier, while the memo was ready for review and corrections 4 days and 9 hours before the deadline. This left us enough time to request and submit one revision per each paper.

The discount and referral programs offered by remind us of music chiming in the background while you’re shopping. You don’t mind it, but it isn’t something that stands out a mile. Every user is entitled to 7% off their first order, and they should expect to get 5% off from the support representative in the chat . As for the referral program, your friends will receive a 10% personal discount if they follow your link, and you will be rewarded with 10% credit in USD for the approved and paid purchases from your referrals.      

Briefly, supplies its clients with almost everything they expect to get from the finest websites to help with homework . Perhaps, a loyalty reward should be something to consider for future updates. Regulars at the service will appreciate the care. 

Visit website up to 7% discount

SpeedPaper Review

Our user experience with Overall experience – 19/25

7/7 Support 3/4 Security & Privacy 5/7 Payment Methods 4/7 Communication

If you can leave a store chewing Cheerios dressed in an Armani suit, that’s what I’d call a booming location and a successful shopping day. The quality of the user experience lies in the diversity of products and services offered, accessibility to everything, the quality of customer care, and the welcoming environment, all in one place.  

Like any reputed writing company, also has much to offer. A team of helpful people is one of its assets. Our communication with the support service was cordial and effective . Several assistants were on hand during the process, and we received a high level of support from all of them. They met us at the beginning and guided us along the way, promptly responding to our requests. 

A screenshot of our orders at

At the same time, our writers should take a few lessons in effective communication habits from their support team. We didn’t get a chance to speak with the writers directly, and whatever needed to be clarified was accomplished through the help desk. While this is not something to groan about much, it is often quicker and easier to directly resolve all the issues with the author. This is an opportunity we didn’t get a chance to benefit from.  

The platform claims it’s completely safe and anonymous. It doesn’t keep your personal and payment details and uses the latest encryption systems to protect your data. If so, we can only shrug our shoulders and wonder how that is possible to ensure when a phone number is required to sign up. This may become an obstacle to trusting this service entirely for many users. 

What about payment options? While it’s true that the most convenient way to pay is through credit cards, we are discussing an online service provider. seems to have forgotten about the existence of online payment systems like Google Pay, ApplePay, and PayPal . Credit cards are the only payment method available on the platform, which isn’t something that management should be proud of.  

In a few words, does what it can do for its users in terms of the overall experience. Having reviewed numerous writing services, we’re hard-pressed to say that the issues we encountered with this company can’t be resolved. Therefore, doesn’t get any tips from us for the overall experience we had. 

SpeedPaper Review

Paper Quality – 39.7/50

The quality of essays written for clients is the main competitive advantage of any writing service and a decisive factor for most users. served us with an excellent personal narrative essay (90.3%) . This paper could have approached a perfect grade if it weren’t for a little lack of reasoning and logic (76%), where efficiency (57) and clarity (55) were the weakest points. All other elements of the essay are excellent. 

Professor Sybil Low explains how reasoning impacts the overall impression of the essay:

write paper for me reviews

The lack of reasoning and logic in a personal story can have a detrimental effect on the overall quality of the writing. The essay can become disjointed and difficult to follow without a logical structure. Additionally, without an argument to back up the points made in the article, it can lack credibility and appear unconvincing. Fortunately, everything isn’t as dramatic in our document. This writer should, however, pay closer attention to the reasoning in their future writing.

write paper for me reviews

The second paper, the memo to the CEO, was less impressive in terms of its grade (68.7%) . The document scores very high in grammar (100), spelling (92), and word choice (97). However, more important aspects of this technical writing didn’t receive proper attention from the writer. As a result, there is a significant number of reference formatting problems: such errors as miscapitalized and misformatted elements and deficient in-text citations. These mistakes took the overall grade for the memo down to 68.7.      

Paper 1: “Score 90.3 |Comment:| Personal narrative. Document formatting is great! |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 95% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 100%, word choice 81%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 76% (efficiency 57%, acuity 100%, clarity 55%, objectivity 92%)”. Paper 2: “Score 68.7 |Comment:| Memo. Document formatting is good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; page header; section headers; page breaks. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: A little bit short (92%)—try to write somewhat more. {Mechanics:} 97% (spelling 92%, grammar 100%, punctuation 97%, word choice 97%). {Citation Formatting:} 56%. Reference formatting: main problem area—titles (article, journal); most frequent error types—element miscapitalized, attention to detail, element misformatted. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites misabbreviated, misformatted, misitalicized, misspecified). {Reasoning, logic:} 86% (efficiency 51%, acuity 95%, clarity 98%, objectivity 100%)”.

Average paper score: 75.45

In summary, the quality of’s writing varies by essay type. Nevertheless, our articles netted above a minimum passing score of 60, confirming the platform’s reliability. 

Is a deserving shopping destination for those looking for academic help? It definitely is. Outstanding customer support, the variety of writing services available for purchase, and the quality of essays all together contribute to the A*Help score of 81.7 . The lack of payment options is one of the drawbacks. And they don’t sell Armani.

Negativity rank – 33.66%

Criticism is uncomfortable, no matter how you slice it. There are hundreds of negative reviews on any retailer or service provider, and we think the reviewers who leave critical comments don’t actually enjoy writing them. But they do, and it’s great because other people and business owners alike can greatly benefit from reading negative opinions. 

The A*Help team carefully scans the Internet to learn about not only what people love but also what they hate about writing services. Then we screen out suspicious and potentially falsified or prepaid comments and devise an indicator of negativity for a particular writing company.  

In our research, we uncovered a few negative comments about and calculated the negativity rank for the service (33.66). All pundits mention similar things: poor work quality, writers violating or not following directions, and incomplete refund policies . Such claims are not in our power to contest or affirm, and we provide this information for your consideration.

WritePaperForMe Special Discount and Promo Codes

Every customer can redeem a 7% discount code from WritePaperForMe on their first order. To get an additional 5% bonus, be sure to contact the support team. Check your inbox for individual promo codes and coupons.

Why is a credible source of information:

Stay curious with us. has been a reliable educational resource since 2011, providing students with the latest news, assignment samples, and other valuable materials. Even with the extensive information we process, our quality remains consistent. Each team member has experience in education, allowing us to evaluate new sector offerings critically. Our reviews are up-to-date and relevant, with impartiality ensured by the A*Help score methodology from mystery shopping. We aren’t affiliated with any listed service providers. Our focus remains on providing our audience with reliable and unbiased data. Specs reviews.

As part of our research, we review writing companies and examine their reputations. We also check negative comments on websites such as, Sitejabber, and others to ensure that our conclusions are accurate and trustworthy. Our methodology involves studying all comments, removing potentially false or prepaid statements, and displaying the accumulated data as a negative rank, which is low for, as described in the section above.

Is a Scam?

Our shopping experience is described step-by-step in this article. As you can see, it was smooth and successful. Our orders were completed with an acceptable level of quality. Therefore, this service is not a scam.

Is Legit?

The A*Help team has never been associated with services that carry out illegal activities or have been seen in fraudulent schemes. Consequently, this service is perfectly legit.

Is Safe?

We certify that this company operates under current legislation. It performs all assumed duties on time and in full. Users of the service are protected by relevant privacy and security regulations.

Is Trustworthy?

According to our comprehensive review, WritePaperForMe is proven to be a dependable and trustworthy online essay writing service that responds to its customers’ requests and satisfies their academic needs.

Is a Good Service?

Based on a review of the platform’s value for money, overall experience, and quality of essays, this writing service received a score of 81.7/100. According to our mystery shopping results, maintains satisfying levels of quality and is a great choice for academic projects. 

Visit website

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We value the diverse opinions of users, so you may find points of view that you don’t agree with. And that’s cool. However, there are certain things we’re not OK with: attempts to manipulate our data in any way, for example, or the posting of discriminative, offensive, hateful, or disparaging material.

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Next time I’m running out of time, I’ll consider trying The 24/7 support mentioned in the review sounds promising for last-minute help.

The review says has a 24/7 support team – definitely a plus for night owls like me! Who else is up at 3 AM trying to finish their papers?

I’m a bit skeptical about the review’s claim that they have experts in various fields. How can we be sure they’re not just making things up?

I had the same concern, but they actually provide you with a chance to chat with your writer. So you can discuss your topic and see if they know what they’re talking about. Pretty cool, right?

I wish I had more time to write my own papers, but with my hectic schedule, I think I’ll give a shot.

The review mentions that they offer free revisions. That’s reassuring for students who want to make sure their paper is perfect before submission.

I disagree with the review’s assessment of the quality. I tried once and my paper needed a lot of editing afterward. Not impressed. 😒

That’s a bummer. I guess experiences can vary. I’m still considering it though, because essay deadlines are approaching fast!

I placed an order with after reading this review. The writer did a fantastic job, and the support team was really helpful when I had questions.

I’ve used other essay writing services before, and the reviews for seem way more positive. Maybe it’s time to switch!

As someone who’s used this service before, I can vouch for the quality of the work. The review’s right about their confidentiality policy too – they’re very discreet. 👍

Oof, that price list mentioned in the review is really steep for us college students. I might try looking for other options first, but the quality sounds good at least.

I just read this review on, and I’m seriously considering trying it out! Writing essays isn’t my strong suit, so any help would be appreciated

I used before and my paper was delivered on time, as mentioned in the review. The quality was pretty decent, so it was worth the money in my opinion.

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WritePaperForMe Review 2023

Expert review by John Milovich Updated: November 09, 2023


WritePaperForMe is rated 4.6/5 by ScamFighter users and is #3 on our TOP Writing Services

Executive Summary

write paper for me reviews

A super cheap writing service, WritePaperForMe is getting more and more popular. They were founded in 2017 and decided to make academic writing services as cheap as possible. Yet they don't have a huge writer database but easily handle undergraduate and high school assignments. Apparently, their prices cannot cover a Ph.D. or Master level writers' salaries so think twice before ordering your dissertation here. This website is highly recommended for broken students who may get their assignments done here for $6.99 per page. Their quality is appropriate for this level, and support agents are always there to aid you at midnight. Is safe, I would say so.

Finding a professional and helpful essay writing service is a true challenge. Browsing the web some time ago, I noticed a lot of appealing options, but it was a stunning discount code that attracted my attention and made me follow the link and learn more about the platform.

It turned out that WritePaperForMe was a super cheap service, quite popular among users. The company was founded in 2017 as a student-oriented platform striving to provide learners with a unique chance to get the desired assistance at a reasonable cost. Well, when I first browsed the website, I was impressed by its simplicity and convenience. All the necessary information was right there on the main page.

As for the team, the service cannot boast a huge database of professional writers, but the ones working for the company can handle different kinds of high school and undergraduate-level projects. If you calculate the approximate price for a Master’s or Ph.D. level paper, you will understand that the final cost of the assignments cannot cover the salary of the writer working on it. So what? Think twice before you pay for a dissertation here, as chances are you will get a low-quality paper worth nothing.

This website is highly recommended for broken students who may get their assignments done here for $6.99 per page. Their quality is appropriate for this level, and support agents are always there to aid you at midnight. Is safe, I would say so. Service Review

Searching for the cheapest essay writing sites ? No doubt, WritePaperForMe is a top choice. Their experts deliver well-done assignments at accessible prices. Sounds like something unreal? But numerous WritePaperFor.Me reviews speak volumes. This service offers the lowest prices on the market! Just $6.99 per page. So, getting assignments from this company won’t leave you out of pocket and will save you not only from the looming deadline but from doing a sheer number of tricky papers assigned by your professor. 

Is WritePaperForMe legit? As a matter of fact, the company is quite honest and transparent when it comes to information about its legal status and policies. Browsing the website, I detected that the service is registered in Delaware. At the same time, they do not hide the outsourced customer support team that is located in Ukraine. Therefore, when it comes to the safety of the experience, there seems to be nothing to worry about. Besides, there is always a chance to contact support representatives who are ready to answer questions and find effective solutions to bothersome issues 24/7. What about the quality of the papers? The first thing everyone notices about the platform is its affordability, but there are only a few clients who pay due attention to its cost-efficiency. Even though the prices are quite low, the quality remains comparatively high. Professional writers can cope with various types of academic projects in a matter of hours.

Write Paper For Me: Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Super affordable
  • 24/7 support
  • Clear money-back guarantee
  • Good writing for undergrads
  • No way to talk to the writer
  • Outsourced support

Digital Presence and Reputation

Is Write Paper For Me appreciated by the previous customers? Well, the service has a high rating on multiple third-party review platforms. When I checked TrustPilot, there were around 30 different comments about the company, with the overwhelming majority of them being positive. At the same time, it is critical to mention that some customers give low ratings to the service, but they never leave feedback, which made me suspicious.

What are the strong points and advantages specified by the customers? They are mainly related to competitive costs, timely submission of the projects, transparency of the ordering process, and excellent work of customer support.

writemypaperforme reviews

Writepaperforme review: Assurances and Safeguards

What about the safety guarantees offered by WritePaperFor.Me? As it has already been ‌mentioned, transparency and safety are the key features of the service. Besides, it is a custom essay writing platform that can be called customer-oriented. Browsing the website, users can find detailed information about the instances when they can get full or partial refunds. Check out the list of situations specified in the money-back guarantee section.

  • if the paper is plagiarized
  • if the original paper is late (doesn't work for revisions)
  • if there was a technical glitch and you paid more then in price calculation form 
  • if they don't have the writer for your Nano Atomic Ph.D. dissertation because the price is $5 per page

According to the Writepaperforme reviews, the customers should check every aspect before they approve the order. Otherwise, they will not be able to apply for a refund. Additionally, there is an opportunity to contact the support representatives and get a free revision in case some grammar, punctuation, or other mistakes have been detected.

WritePaperForMe: Variety of Offered Services

WritePaperForMe isn’t just about writing essays. They can help you deal with:

  • Academic papers
  • Editing/proofreading
  • Problem-solving
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Business writing (resume, CV, etc.)
  • Presentations

Procedure for Placing Orders

To place an order at WritePaperForMe you go to  and click continue. Then you will see the paper information block.  

WritePaperForMe works like most essay mills. The process is ordinary and will not take much of your time, especially if you follow the guidelines. First of all, you need to start with the Order Now section. When you are redirected to the order form, you need to be exceptionally attentive. Take your time to read the instructions, which will enhance your chances to thrive with the assignment.

Once you are done with the basic information, such as the type of the assignment, number of pages, formatting style, and others, mention the deadline and extra peculiarities that can influence the final cost of the project. Fill in the phone number and email, create the password, and get the account created. Opt for the preferred payment method and wait till the paper is written for you.

Write Paper For Me: Prices & Charges

Their prices are as low as a Chevy Lowrider:

Are you looking for an extra WritePaperFor.Me coupon code? Contact the representatives of the support team, who will gladly help you save a bit more. Use the Live chat option, which is the fastest way to get the desired discount.

Writepaperforme: Assignment Quality

I feel like WritePaperForMe quality is good enough for the money you pay. I got a 5-page essay on the current immigration crises in the US and the EU on a two-week deadline. The ordering process at was usual and did not take me more than 15 minutes. At this point, I should mention that the quality of the paper you get will depend on the paper specifications you mention. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to stay concise and accurate during the ordering process.

The writer did a good job finding relevant references and cleverly used them to support the major points. They highlighted the allure of democratic values and generous benefits. However, I wish the writer had paid more attention to the measures taken to counteract the illegal immigration and refugee influx. It would have made the paper even better. Overall, I’m happy with the paper I got, considering I paid around $50 and barely had to make any corrections.

Client Assistance and Support

Their Customer Support office is located in Ukraine and they do not hide it.

Certainly, you may face some issues when they call you and try to explain something. Nevertheless, they are very responsive and reply within seconds! 24/7 service is also there!

It is inevitable to mention in my Writepaperforme review that while browsing the company website, I noticed the Contacts page immediately. In total, there are three main ways to talk to the representatives of the support group and get immediate help. They include the online chat, phone, and email. Traditionally, I prefer a live chat option that seems the most convenient and efficient. I tried to call the team once, but the line was busy, so I just gave up the idea. To get the email reply, you will have to wait for a couple of hours up to a few days, so the online chat is always the top choice.

Promotions and Supplementary Services

Extra features and additional services should also be mentioned in a comprehensive WritePaperFor.Me review. When it comes to the ordering process, there are a few services clients can get if they are ready to spend a little bit more or not a little bit. The options include the best available writer, a Pro one, a Top writer, and the Preferred one. The most popular category is a Pro Writer. This means that a highly-rated expert or one with vast experience in the area will be working on your paper. To pick this category, you’ll have to pay +25%. Hiring a Top writer costs +45%.

The additional features at Writepaperforme are a Plagiarism report (+$9,99 to the order price), Progressive delivery (+10%), Summary of an assignment (+275 word cost), and a draft of the ordered paper (+275 word cost).

It’s worth mentioning some free features in my Write Paper For Me review. They include formatting, title page, outline, amendments, and bibliography.

Don't waste your time. I have already found the best essay company and agreed on a 15% discount on the first order. Enjoy!

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update November 2023]– What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me?

WritePaperFor.Me is a cheap writing service where you can order academic papers of any kind. Just like many other cheap services, this one has certain drawbacks. In this review, I’m going to consider both the advantages and flaws of this service in more detail.

WritePaperFor.Me Review [Update November 2023]– What Students Think About WritePaperFor.Me?

  • Payments can be divided
  • Free revisions
  • Originality

Starting price Review [Update November 2023] – Does it Worth its Money?

Table of contents:

Types of Services

Customer reviews, customer support, payment methods, how to make an order, loyalty program.

I reviewed many cheap writing services so every time I deal with companies from this niche, I know that it’s important to pay attention to every detail. Many students cannot afford to use expensive writing services, while others may have never purchased papers online before so they are afraid to waste their money. Therefore, they order their papers for cheap to see whether or not writing services can help them.

The truth is that, when dealing with cheap services, you never know what you’ll get for your money. There are many services that sell papers of poor quality or present paraphrased and plagiarized content as that written from scratch. Fortunately, there are also many decent cheap services that are not trying to fool their customers and do what they can to provide nice papers.

Given that many low-quality services have fake reviews, it’s hard to understand whether or not you’re dealing with a legit writing service before you actually make a purchase. Therefore, I decided to order a Ph.D. essay to determine whether WritePaperFor.Me is legit. I’m going to share my impression with you later. First, let’s take a look at the key features of this writing service.

According to, the website was created in 2017. The website looks neat and simple. You can quickly navigate between different sections so the website is easy to use. Although I didn’t find a mobile app, the website works well on the phone. You can fill out an online form to make an order, or you can contact the support service using a live chat. You can also use Facebook Messenger, which is quite convenient.

Here you can buy different kinds of academic papers, including essays, term papers, coursework, and other writing assignments. The price of your order depends on the deadline and the difficulty level. There are four difficulty levels available: High School, Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. You can also order homework help. This writing service is intended not only for students but also for business clients’ as well. For example, you can order a business plan or report. If you don’t need to order writing from scratch, you can also order proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing (rewriting).

I’ve already written that this service is cheap. However, the price of your order depends on its complexity level and deadline. You can check out the price table on the website, so the company is clear about its pricing policy:

Price table

I’ve noticed that many students mention WritePaperFor.Me on different forums and social media. Given that the opinions about this service were somewhat mixed, I decided to order a paper here and to write my own review. I didn’t expect high quality for such little money. However, the results were not bad at all. I’ve got a decent essay. Although I would like to change a few paragraphs, the writer did a good job.

Pros and Cons

  • The first and main advantage of this writing service is that it’s really affordable. With prices starting at $6.99 per page, it’s hard to find a cheaper service that wouldn’t be a scam.
  • Even if you make an expensive order, you don’t need to pay the whole price immediately. You can divide the payment, which is especially convenient.
  • This service also offers three free revisions. Therefore, even if you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of your papers, there’s still some room for improvement.
  • As I checked online reviews, I realized that not all customers are happy with the quality of the papers they’ve bought here. There’s no surprise that the quality differs from that of papers sold by more expensive writing services. After all, if this company hired the most experienced writers, it wouldn’t be able to keep prices so low.
  • Some customers also note that the originality of their papers was far from perfect. I will write more about this company’s plagiarism policy later.

I can say that WritePaperFor.Me is a legit writing service. However, you will get exactly what you can expect for this little money. What you should keep in mind is that you can check your papers for plagiarism before submitting them, and you can also request three free revisions.

WritePaperForMe provides a range of writing services. You can order a term paper, essay, or coursework. You can also order help with other writing assignments and homework. In addition, you can submit your own papers so that editors and proofreaders can polish them, fixing grammar mistakes, and improving the overall logical structure. Below is a full list of their services.

  • Pay for essays
  • Do my homework
  • Term paper writing service
  • Assignment writing service
  • Coursework help
  • College essay writing service

The best way to understand whether you’re dealing with a reliable writing service or not is to check online reviews from real customers. I’ve seen many writing services that only had five-star reviews, and for me, it’s always a red flag. If a service doesn’t have any negative reviews, the chances are that you’re dealing with a scam, because even the best services out there always have some unsatisfied customers. You don’t need fake reviews. If you want to evaluate a writing service properly, you need real reviews that address both the positive and negative aspects of the service.

When doing my research, I checked a few review platforms that are popular among students. Most customers are satisfied with their experience. Some customers, however, note that the quality of their papers was far from perfect. I think that you shouldn’t expect outstanding papers written by the best experts when dealing with cheap writing services. Legit cheap writing services like WriteMyPaperFor.Me usually work with beginners who have the necessary background but have little experience in custom writing. It means that you can get help from a person who knows your subject, but you also shouldn’t ignore an opportunity to request a revision. If you don’t have enough time or knowledge to write your paper, this company certainly will help you.

write paper for me reviews

Although the prices are low, in general, the price of a particular order depends on the level of complexity and deadline. For instance, if you need a high school paper delivered in two weeks, you will pay a minimal price of $6.99 per page. However, a Ph.D.-level paper with a 6-hour deadline will cost you $29.99 per page, while admissions essays with the same deadline cost $33.99. The company is clear about its pricing policy. There is a pricing table on the website, as well as notes on different types of assignments:

Specific notes

Although I’ve already mentioned that the quality of papers may differ from that of the papers written by more expensive companies, it doesn’t mean that it’s low. For instance, many reviews that I’ve found online specifically mentioned a good quality of papers. All the writers who work for this company have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their disciplines and a GPA of at least 3.0. Before writers start to work for this company, they also have to complete various tests to prove their skills and expertise.

WritePaperFor.Me also checks all papers for originality before sending them to customers. According to the Terms and Conditions , the acceptable plagiarism percentage is 10%. If there is more plagiarized content in your paper, you can request a revision or get your money back. The company also guarantees the necessary research and the use of formal English. Therefore, your paper will meet the necessary academic standards.

WritePaperForMe has a reliable support team that can help you if you have any questions, if you want to request a revision, or need help with making an order. You can use a live chat on the website, or you can also contact customer support service representatives through Facebook Messenger. In addition, you can call +1 (888) 753-2581, or request a call.

The customer service department can not only provide you with real-time help when making an order but also inform you about the status of your order. Besides, if you’re not sure whether or not you want to make an order yet, you can contact a support agent and provide some details about your assignment. The support agent will tell you how much your order will cost and inform you about the available discounts.

write paper for me reviews

The company supports a variety of payment methods. You can pay for your order with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, or Discover card. A great thing about this service is that you can also pay with Bitcoins. Besides, while most services require you to pay for an order upfront, WritePaperFor.Me enables you to place an order first, and then to pay for it.

You can get your money back both before and after approving your paper. However, the company explicitly recommends that you don’t approve your order if you’re not satisfied with it. You can get a full refund if you’ve accidentally made a double payment, the company couldn’t find a writer for your order, or you haven’t received your paper on time. You can also get a 90% refund if less than half of the deadline passed but the company still didn’t find a writer. You are also eligible for a 50% refund if there’s no writer for a revision, and a 70% refund if a writer has already started to work on your order but less than half of your deadline passed.

You can also request three free revisions before approving your paper or within seven days after your paper has been approved. If your paper is longer than 14 pages, you can request a free revision within 14 days after approval. The company also recommends that you keep in mind that you can only request a revision if a writer fails to meet your initial instructions, so don’t request it if you just change your mind and decide that you need a different paper.

The ordering process is straightforward and simple. First, you have to complete the order form. Secondly, you should specify the payment method. After this, you can just wait while your writer works on the order. When the paper is ready, you can check its preview and either approve it or request a free revision.

Order form

Although I couldn’t find any information about a loyalty program, there is a discount program. When completing the order form, you can enter a discount code. Discount codes are available on many coupon websites, and they enable you to get a 7% to 30% discount.

After doing some research, reading reviews, and making an order on WritePaperFor.Me, I can say that it’s a legit cheap writing service. This company provides good papers for this price, and it certainly cares about its customers. The customer support service is always ready to help, and free revisions enable you to get a good paper, even if you’re not satisfied with some details.

I would recommend this writing service if you want to save money because there are many cheap writing services on the internet, but not all of them are reliable. WritePaperForMe has its flaws, but it’s a great solution for a small budget. Also, feel free to check out other reviews of essay writing services , in case you want to look into something else.

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

Feedback on this platform

I ordered a paper and it was the worst thing I've ever read. Many sentences didn't make any sense at all, but there were in the middle of others, so only when you read carefully you can notice. I would not recommend them to anyone, as you will have to rewrite everything.

If you are looking for writing help, then wpfm is definitely for you. I'm not good at writing essays, so their experts help me get good grades without any time loss and suffering. I always get customized help at affordable prices. Besides, this service has good discounts and a lot of promo codes on the Internet.

I like using this site because it actually helped me to discipline myself a little. I mean, even when they write my assignments for me and I don't have to worry about it, I now don't wait till the very last day the way I did when I first ordered from them. Yes, they managed to write a pretty damn good paper in such a limited time, but that cost me a lot. Don't get me wrong, they have reasonable prices for the level of services they provide, but it's cheaper if your order has a longer deadline.

This website is very cheap. So if you have no time and limited budget, they will help you for sure.

Feedback on this platform

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General rating 1.4

Place in the top 61 of 74.

Table of Contents

The Products and Services You Will Find

The real proof – writer experience and quality of products, now the money – prices, discounts, payment methods, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly.

Finding a good essay writing service might be slightly challenging, especially considering the multitude of services out there. One of those services is WritePaperFor.Me, an essay writing service that promises to rid students of the burden of having to write their essays themselves. 

That said, some websites seem too good to be true – so what about this one? Is it legit, or is it just a cheap website that you need to steer clear of? There are numerous opinions on this matter. We’ll see about that as we go forward with our review, answering any potential questions that you might have. 

Upon going on their page, you will see a list of services on the menu that this essay writing service provides. In the drop-down menu, you can see services such as essay and term paperwork, but also pages such as college and essay work. That said, you cannot see a list of specific essay types, only services such as “pay for essay” or “do my homework” – without any specific mention on the main page of the kind of homework they could help with.

This changes as you enter the order form. There, you can see that you can choose types of paper going from standard articles and essays to business plans, multiple-choice questions, and even dissertation work. Regardless of the type of homework that you may have, all you have to do is enter your topic, add in the paper details, attach any potential materials, and go forward with your order. 

The website also shows you how many qualified writers you can find on the website in total, as well as how many writers are online at the time of your order. They also allow you to contact the staff through live chat, provided phone number, and email. 

By going through the menu, you may also see that samples are provided as well for a variety of essay types. This way, you should be able to determine whether the writing style is appropriate for what you are looking for. That said, while you may be able to see the quality of the writing along with a particular pattern, you may not be able to see who wrote that paper. It will, however, give you a good idea of how the website operates. 

You get papers that are free of plagiarism, free revisions until you are completely satisfied with the results, and divided payments in case you do not have all the cash on hand at a moment’s notice. This is quite a convenient choice for those that are on a tight budget while at college and can’t get their hands on all the money in one go. 

Last but not least, the website also has a blog where you may read a variety of tips and tricks. This makes it the perfect choice for students that are looking for information as well, aside from the standard homework help. It also gives further insight into the team’s ability to write. 

Overall, by looking at the interface of the website, it looks like it can offer all the basic academic needs that a student might have.

The website boasts that it has 1166 qualified writers with very high ratings – and around 74% of the clients returning for even more papers. On their website, you may also see that several customers left reviews, mentioning that the essays they provided were of high quality.

Independent websites also attest to the quality of the writing, although there were also some people that claimed the English level was poor, regardless of the number of revisions that they asked for. The deadline was apparently always respected, but there were occasional issues with the quality and their ability to meet the requirements. 

When looking at the list of writers, you can only see a small number of what we believe are the top writers – although we have no guarantee that those profiles are true. Since we cannot see their credentials, all we can do is take their word for it when they tell us that they are at the top of their job

This website is quite a popular choice, mainly because it has some cheap prices that are unmatched on the internet. Considering that in most cases, a page for a standard high school paper starts at about $12, this one starts at $6.99 per page. Obviously, the type of paper that you go for along with the deadline and its level will also influence the final payment. 

Upon going on the first page of the website, you will see the price calculator right away. There, you will be able to add your standard requirements so that you may get an average idea on how much you have to pay for that paper in particular. 

In the event that you do not have the cash at the very moment, this website has an option that you can’t find on your average essay: you can order now, and you can pay for it later. This way, even if you have an urgent unexpected deadline and you’ll only get the money later on, you will not have to sacrifice your grade for it.

That said, while the prices are quite attractive, there aren’t any discounts that you can take advantage of. There is no promo code for newcomers, and there aren’t any coupon codes for returning customers. Pretty much all you get as a “discount” is a low average price that is quite uncommon for the essay writing service domain. 

That said, these low prices may also make one wonder whether the quality of the paper will also be low. Most complaints generally came from those who purchased the standard packages, mainly for high school papers and beginner-level essays. 

The good is that unlike other essay writing services, this one has numerous good reviews on independent review websites. The bad, however, is that you cannot be completely certain if those reviews are fake or not. There were still enough people that claim they did not get what they wanted from the product.

The beautiful is that if you aren’t picky about the services you are using and need a passing grade, then this service offers quite the cheap services, along with divided payments. This makes it quite a good option for those that are on a tight budget. The ugly, however, is that there aren’t any extra perks that you may take advantage of. 

There aren’t any discounts either. This means that the divided payment method is the only beneficial thing you will reap.

In the end, we could only give 3 stars to this service. It may have a few good reviews but considering that it’s pretty “ghostly” on the market, you cannot be completely certain they aren’t a scam. We’d suggest you find a more trustworthy alternative. 

WritePaperFor.Me Customers’ Reviews

I required help with some tasks. Unfortunately, I chose them...The content of the assignment they sent was not okay. Ant the customer support works really slow

Hired them to help me write some documents and they did it wrong.

Beware, this company is a scam!! The positive reviews are clearly written by them, they are terrible. Writers have the poorest English and the results are awful. They promised to revise their work three times, and each time the writing got worse. They emailed me offering a 65% credit towards my next service, refused to refund me. Why would they think I would ever do business with them again?! They are scamsters and I am working to get them investigated and exposed for what they are.

The sample texts that supposedly wrote their authors are not even remotely what you get in reality from those, these pattern texts certainly have not written the authors. Even if the order goes wrong and you fail because the author is extremely bad and writes as bad as a 5 year old, no compensation for the damage.

WritePaperFor.Me comments

Leave a comment, find your top services.

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Thank you for your comment!

Disclaimer: We do not welcome plagiarism or any other type of fraud behavior. All materials presented on Alltopreviews are for demonstration purposes only and may contain personal opinions and inaccuracies. These materials should not be submitted as academic work of any kind. The company does not bear responsibility for a user’s decision to utilize the materials found on its website and possible outcomes.

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Hey, want to make the most of writing services? Here's our this month's best picks:


Essaymarket, review.

4.8 out of 5.0 Review

  • Updated: August 07, 2023
  • Based on 10 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

Short overview Review

  • Good value delivered
  • Ability to get Master level writers at lower cost
  • Quick support
  • Limited number of free revisions - only three
  • No SMS notifications when the order is ready

Our Top Rated Essay Services

Best service

4.9 out of 5.0

Buenos dias, Comrades! Today I have something really special for you. The very fact of this site's existence is a huge lifehack! will be my top pick in the category. The best company for broken hearts students. In case you are planning to use outside assistance with assignments on a constant basis, then is something you really need to consider. main page

You may ask me: “ Is Write Paper for Me legit ?”They say they have been on the market for a long time and got hundreds of positive reviews from their clients. All the payments are protected with them and, finally, they guarantee 24/7 support which is a good sign, right?

The site receives a solid 4.5 out of 5 in terms of usability and design. I would have given them 5 but using FB messenger chat is not very convenient while using a phone. At the same time, I don't want to judge a book by its cover. So let me tell you more about the services and bonuses waiting for you. Here's what I learned from my detailed analysis of the website.

Client Assistance

If you need to get in touch with the support team, you can do it via live chat, email, or phone number. I picked the first option because it is the fastest one. The support was friendly and helpful. I have not experienced any significant issues with them. It's worth mentioning that the speed of their reply in messages is in the TOP-3 for sure.

By the way, there is one more point that I did not find in other Write Paper For Me reviews . Support agents answer honestly, providing legit information, info about company owners, or refund policy nuances. For me, such frankness is pleasant because I have never seen support agents describe all aspects related to the company in such detail.

Writepaperforme review: My Experience

I used only 3 times when either my budget did not allow me to use more expensive services, or the assignment was of no importance to me. I keep track of every dollar I spend, and this site became a true money-saver to me. Despite their extremely low pricing (we will discuss their pricing a bit later on), I was pretty surprised with their quality.

In reality, the paper delivered (and it was an essay on the topic “Disaster management”) was exactly what I needed - not overly perfect, with some typos but the structure was really good. My prof knew I didn't give a crap about his class, so had I received something too good.

So, to wrap up, the final quality was decent, some ideas were good, all sources used were legit. I experienced no significant problems with this service, and after my final polish, the papers were ready for submission. Not sure about you, but I always proofread the papers I buy and make some edits to make it look personal.

I also want to say that the writer analyzed my instructions very carefully. Any student would be happy with such a situation. Many so-called experts begin the writing process without even reading the instructions to the end. In this case, I saw the attention to detail and the desire to get the job done right. By the way, I've seen a lot of positive reviews , so my opinion is no exception. The company did a good job and hired professionals.

Submission Interface

I’ve read in some Write Paper for Me reviews that their order form is simple and easy to use. It’s true! It basically repeats the paper writing industry-standard - a 3-step form where you provide all details, upload files, pick a deadline, and type of work (for more details, please read my review on SpeedyPaper). What interests us most is the extras, their prices, and the value they add up to your paper. order form

Pro writer bundle costs 25% of the paper's price. It is the most requested writer category. It includes specialists with vast experience and high rates. According to my best friend's experience, the quality was B+-ish.

Top writer bundle will be the additional 45% to your check, but it entrusts your paper to a real professional. Support in chat described Top writer as one of the best 10 writers with a major in your subject. 

Progressive delivery will cost you an additional 10%. Use it wisely when you want to have ultimate control over the paper at all stages of production. I advise picking this bundle when ordering papers longer than 10 pages. It's also better to use it with deadlines of over 5 days, otherwise, you will simply distract the writer from doing his/her work.

You may also order a Summary or Draft of your paper, Abstract Page or Grammarly Report. Many students pick these options judging by a pile of Write My Paper for Me reviews I’ve checked.

Overall, I liked the order form, as all items and paper extras were grouped logically. You can figure out the details even if you are a beginner. Even my grandmother could place an order without reading the Write Paper For Me reviews . But my task is to inform you; therefore, I describe all the nuances in detail.

Savings and Cost Structure

The prices at are amazing. For only $9.69 you can get 1 page of undergraduate level work granted that you place an order in advance. Such low prices raise a quite reasonable suspicion - who will be writing my paper for such a price? I have emailed this question using fake email and name to their manager, and his explanation sounds reasonable to me. Of course, $9.69 is a marketing trick, but even if we check on other prices, they are 30-40% lower than those of competitors.

And yes, they do have discounts! The first-time visitors are being offered a 5% discount, but if you are placing some bigger orders, you can count on discounts up to 10-15%. It is a good bonus since only a few companies give 5%-7% discounts. In the case of this company, you can expect a positive result. By the way, more than a third of the positive reviews contain information about good discounts, so once again, I was convinced I was right.

Write A Paper For Me: Amendments

The maximum number of revisions I had was 2, the topics were quite simple, and the writer grasped my revision comments quickly. However, does offer unlimited revisions until the paper matches your desired quality. Just make sure not to add up to the initial paper instructions, they are quite strict on this policy provision. I like that the company clearly describes the conditions for when you can ask for revisions. I am also glad that the so-called QA team does not spend much time analyzing each case. However, it is unlikely that you will need additional amendments since paper experts do a good job with their work.

Write Papers For Me: Author's Competence hires Bachelor, Master, and PhD writers. I mostly worked with Bachelor writers, and their quality was on par with mine. As I’ve already said above, there are several writer’s categories you may pick to do your papers. It is up to you to decide whether not to overpay and choose the best available expert or to ensure the best result picking a Pro, Top, or a Preferred expert.

No doubt, he (or she) was proficient and delved deeper into details when completing my order. I'm also glad that this company hires experts who think first and then write papers. My sample looked great, which testifies to the high professionalism of the writer. Every paragraph was polished, and it's a victory, friends! Finally, I found experts who know what they are doing.

Write Paper For Me: Web Reputation

The online reputation is built around reviews which you can find on such sites as SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and ScamFighter. SiteJabber and TrustPilot rate quite high. Sitejabber review

By the way, I advise all haters of this brand to check popular review aggregators. Can hundreds of positive comments be called a statistical error? My positive experience is no exception. People trust this company, and I understand them. This writing service deserves high praise!

Loyalty Options has not clearly defined a loyalty program, but their low prices make you want to order more with those guys. As you can see, there are many reasons to love this company. I believe that affordable prices are better than a loyalty program. This brand seems to say, "Let's be honest, bro. I will not tell you about potential loyalty programs, but I will offer affordable prices." As a student, I believe that such honesty and transparency may be better than trying to attract an audience with a fake loyalty program.

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Comments (10)

chudson5 says:

at 2021-01-15 13:47:00

4.9 out of / 5.0


dgordillo1976 says:

at 2021-02-27 21:49:00

4.7 out of / 5.0

excellent !! I love my writer even thought this paper was not 100% we worked as a team and got it right. You rock thank you

brendapetrunick says:

at 2021-05-03 15:05:00

4.4 out of / 5.0

I would certainly use the service again myself & would recommend to others!

saurabh.t1993 says:

at 2021-05-29 17:27:00

4.8 out of / 5.0

i am completely satisfied with the writers work i asked for the submission for tomorrow but they have done it before .

Awbrey1029 says:

at 2021-06-13 11:56:00

Good work for the amount of time Good communication I will return

acnnc09 says:

at 2021-06-14 19:29:00

The writer did a very good job. The writer provided a PDF document that allowed me to save as a word file. I think all writers should do the same. This allows room for editing and allows us to send back if need be. The writer took time to read the material. Thank you!

evanmyers93 says:

at 2022-01-10 13:24:00

4.5 out of / 5.0

Satisfied, wish I could've seen the excel file before accepting so I could approve of the formatting/charts

paula.sharp17 says:

at 2022-02-04 17:45:00

Great work I love this site

imihrzad says:

at 2022-03-18 19:54:00

just watch for repeats in words but everything else is good

jamesoneill.2 says:

at 2022-03-24 21:08:00

Outstanding paper as per usual! Amazing talented writers who never fail to deliver outstanding essays on time. THANK YOU WRITEPAPERFORME AND A HUGEEE THANK YOU TO THE TALENTED WRITER!

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From  $6 .99

Have Questions?  TOLL free: +1-888-753-2581

Delivery 88

  • Discount:  5%
  • Urgency from:  6 hrs

The WritePaperForMe company has been in the industry for quite some time. They provide their customers with a wide variety of writing services. The company offers a wide range of academic writing services, including research papers, admission papers, dissertations, and term papers. They also offer resume and CV writing, as well as editing. The company also has a blog with writing tips and samples. We decided to check the company out and write a review to let you know what to expect from them.

Company Overview

WritePaperForMe is an online writing service that has been in business for over a year. We have reviewed many writing services over the years. We have also used many of them to write our paper writing service reviews . Some have been very good, and others less so. This company is one of the few that we have found to consistently produce high-quality writing products. They are a relatively new company but have already built a solid reputation in the industry. They have been featured on several industry-specific websites. We have also received several testimonials from their customers. We have decided to review WritePaperForMe so that you can make a well-informed decision when choosing a writing service. We are basing our WritePaperForMe review on our experience with them and on feedback we have found on the web. We also ordered a research paper from them, so we could see if they can meet all of our requirements. We also checked their customer service to see if they can handle a student request. This review is based upon all of this.

The company is based in the UK, so we expected to see a UK-based writing service. However, when we accessed the company website, we were shocked to find out that it is actually based in the United States. This is not ideal because students from the UK would be better off using a service that has a UK-based office. The company states that they are based in London, but when we accessed their website, we saw that it is actually in the United States. We do not know why this is, but perhaps they want to appear more American. They do have a US toll-free number, and you can use it to contact them, but this number does not work. We did contact the support team, and we did receive a response. They were polite, but we did find that they were not very fast at getting back to us. We did get a refund, but it took several days. We were not happy with the quality of the paper, and we did not like the fact that they asked us for a large sum of money to get it revised. This means that you will have to wait for a while until you can get your money back. We would recommend that you do not use this company unless you are ready to wait a long time for a refund.

The prices are not the highest you can find, but they are not low either. For a paper that was full of mistakes and plagiarism, we paid a really high amount. The paper was not of good quality, and we believe they should have charged less for that. We believe that this is because they do not hire native English speakers, or at least, they do not check their writers.

We did not find any discounts or a loyalty program on this website. We did not even get a discount, and the money we paid was not refunded.

There are some discounts available for new customers, but you have to order more than 15 pages in total to benefit from the 15% discount. There are also some loyalty programs, but they are not clearly described. We could not find a page where we could check them out.

We decided to order a 5-page paper on History with a deadline of 5 days. We chose an advanced level with a deadline of 3 hours. The writer assigned to our project had a Masters’s Degree in History, and we got the paper on time. The paper was well-organized, with the right sources used and the right citations. The paper was formatted and we found no grammar or spelling mistakes. The essay was well-structured and formatted according to our requirements. The paper was delivered on time, and it was of good quality. The essay was written by someone who had a degree in History.

We were also disappointed with the customer service. The customer service representatives were not available during the entire time that we had our order placed. They sent us an email when we placed our order, but they did not respond to any of our questions. When we asked for the progress report, we were told that we should check the order page for updates. When we asked for revisions, we were told that we should contact customer service. When we asked for the paper to be delivered in 3 days, we were told that it was not possible.

When we asked for the revision, we were told that the writer was not available. When we asked about the deadline for the paper, we were told that it was not applicable to our order. When we asked for a refund, we were told that the company did not offer refunds.

The customer service representative told us that we should contact the writer if we had any problems or questions. We did, and we got a response from the writer. We asked for the revision, and the writer was able to provide it. We were satisfied with the quality of the paper, but we still did not like the customer support department. We would have preferred a live chat option, as that would have been easier for us to contact the customer support team.

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Begin your journey 11% lighter at SpeedyPaper! review

Author: Cheng Zhao | Updated April 11, 2023 Review logo

Service features:

Service rating

Max Discount

Min Deadline

Free revisions

Refund guaranteed

write paper for me reviews

Hey, want to make the most of writing services?

Here’s our this month’s best picks






SpeedyPaper 5.0

  • Use promocode 4.9

Papercoach 4.6, essaymarket 4.5, essaypro 4.4, table of content, about, prices, deadlines and discounts, is worth it, terms of use.

WritePaperFor main page is an online writing service that provides all types of academic papers for students. The list consists of about 40 types of papers like essays, reviews, term paper, dissertation, course work, thesis, etc.

Besides, this service offers assistance for scholarship and college applications, as well as for job applicants. No matter what you need, this essay writing service can help you. Full list of their services:

  • ✘ Paper writing help service
  • ✘ Pay for writing essays service
  • ✘ Homework help service
  • ✘ Term paper writing service
  • ✘ Assignment writing service
  • ✘ Coursework help service
  • ✘ College essay writing service

I have doubts about placing an order on this website because today there are a lot of scammers on the Internet, and it is difficult to find a reliable service. Therefore, firstly I decided to read reviews from students who used this platform.

Well, I did not find the WritePaperForMe Reddit reviews channel, so I began to search on different sites, and their rating was from 4.6 to 4.8. So, I decided to try it and order an essay.

I want to pay attention to the website design, as I really like it. It is user-friendly, and you can find the main information on the homepage. Besides, this service has a pleasant bonus as a blog with interesting articles and tips for students.

WritePaperFor discount

Reddit is the most reliable platform among students, so it was surprising that I did not find a channel about this service. However, I read a lot of WritePaperForMe Reddit comments from students, and they were all satisfied with the pricing policy.

When I visited the site, the first thing that caught my eye and pleasantly surprised me was the low cost per page of an essay. It starts at $6 and ends at $18.39, depending on the deadline. I believe that any student can afford to pay such a low price for a paper.

Writepaperforme Writing From Scratch per Page:

Having read reviews, I found out that this service offers discounts. As soon as I went to the site, I received a notification about a 5% discount, but I needed to provide my email address to get it. I think it is a pretty nice bonus, which will make the cost of a paper even lower!

As for the deadlines, I got my essay on time and without delay. So, I am very satisfied with the provided service!

WritePaperFor reviews

When I came to the website, I saw reviews from other students, but I was skeptical about them. I used to think that such reviews are fake, but having received the completed paper, I can also give five stars to this writing service.

I am satisfied with the quality of an essay, and the writer followed my requirements and used my notes. So I submitted my paper on time and got a good grade without any time loss.

WritePaperFor advantages

I did not find a list of special guarantees. However, on the main page, I saw the advantages of this online service. Having checked the students' WritePaperForMe reviews, I was convinced that this list was real. I got the original paper on time, and I did not request a free check because I was satisfied with my essay.

As for the money-back guarantee, I could not find this information on the site and contacted the support team. They quickly responded and provided a link. I did not ask for a refund, but the support agent assured me that it would not be a problem.

WritePaperFor chat with suport team

The custom assistance service was available 24/7, so I could always contact them when I had questions. This service provides three ways to get in touch with the support team - via live chat, messenger or make a phone call. I liked that they have two options for calling and offer their phone number, and you can also request a call. Support agents quickly answered my questions and helped me find more information about the website and how to place an order.

To sum up the review, I would like to say that it is a great online service for students. Their prices are very affordable, but it does not affect the quality of their work, and they provide well-written papers. I am going to use this academic assistance more than once and can recommend it to my friends. I would also like to leave some Reddit reviews so that students know where they can turn for writing help in difficult situations.

Is legit?

Yes! It is a reliable online academic writing company. You can find a lot of positive WritePaperForMe reviews on the web which prove the high quality of this service.

Is reliable?

I think, yes. They followed my instructions and did not miss a deadline, as other services did.

Is safe?

Yes. is absolute safe and they also completed my papers on time. Moreover, there are no wordy negative reviews on reddit yet. Most reviews reddit is good.

Is a scam?

I can tell for sure that it is a good online service to get help with academic papers. They completed my essay on time, and it was of high quality.

Is cheap?

Yes. is one of the most affordable paper writing service. Writepaperforme prices is extremely low and starting from $6.99.

Is trustworthy?

Yes. There are no pitfalls in the policies and papers I got was of high quality.


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