Essay on Business Proposal

Business Overview

Different studies from the past have attempted to outline the importance of conducting reliable market research to come up with a business idea that will influence production. Mehralizadeh and Sajady (2005) established the processes of coming up with a reliable business idea for business startups. This is a common aspect of the corporate world. First and foremost, the popularity of electronic commerce in modern-day society is well documented. With the modern-day increased use of the internet and electronic gadgets, companies are now migrating to the use of e-commerce and also other online services for efficiency. It is due to this that an online retail business would be of great impact in terms of influencing profits.

This report, therefore, addresses the business ideas for coming up with an online retail store to serve other retail businesses in terms of marketing and delivery of their products. Shahjee (2016) outlined that the implementation of electronic commerce has great importance to organizations all over the world. On the other hand, the efficiency of using such systems for business functions is well documented. This is because a company gains enormous benefits by implementing such operations in their operations, Therefore, this is a business idea that will involve a series of processes to its establishment. The name of the business is called e-shop. This is a shop that will have an online platform and physical stores in different parts of the world.

The operation of the business will be based on the supplies of products from other companies. This business will offer online marketing services to the companies on some fees. On the other hand, the business will have some incentives both on the client and vendor side. It is well established that by developing such a platform to house all the retail functionalities for the customers, the company will be able to reach out to more customers as well as sell products from different vendors thus making profits. Therefore, this is a business idea that will be able to thrive in the modern-day corporate field.

In addition to that, the setting up of the physical stores will be focused on towns. Therefore, from the explanation of the operation of the business, it is well established that there will be some physical stores that will supplement online infrastructure. Considering the dire need for reliable online infrastructure and the implementation of reliable information systems, the company will also have data centers in different locations for security and backups. However, the main office and data center will be in Melbourne. There will be a reliable team to monitor and attend to these servers around the clock in the Melbourne offices.

Goals and Objectives

Although company objectives have no significant psychological shaping of the businesses, scholars from the past years have outlined that effective goals and objectives of organizations have great potential for influencing production in organizations. This is because they have the potential of influencing the compensation, decision making, and the culture of an organization thus influencing the operations towards success (Parmar, Keevil & Wicks, 2019). Due to all these, the objectives and goals of any organization have to be in line with the overall success plans of the organization to influence operations as well as production.

From the introduction of the company, it is well established that the company will be obliged to satisfying different sectors in the Australian and global markets at large. This brings forth the need for objectives and goals that are effective in the organization. Below are some goals of the organization:

  • To become the greatest online retail stores in the world
  • To influence the online market positively
  • Satisfying both the venders and the customers in a fair way
  • Making delivery and supplies prospects easy and faster
  • Achieving an open platform for both the vendors and customers
  • Ensuring efficient, effective and reliable online infrastructure for service availability

From previous studies, it is well established that importation is one of the common tasks that cross-border e-commerce companies conduct. On the other hand, the fact that logistics is the main problem in this sector is also well documented. According to Hu and Luo (2018), cross-border e-commerce logistics is a common problem that has been brought forth by the increased use of the internet by the public and the increased preferences of e-commerce infrastructure by companies. However, this is a problem that can be solved by the use of reliable systems by companies, especially for cross-border supply chain prospects. Therefore, it is well established that e-shop would greatly benefit by implementing some reliable models for this purpose for international businesses.

It is therefore well established that a company that implements the use of e-commerce stands a chance of gaining more popularity as well as gaining sales. Therefore, based on the goals and objectives of this organization, it is well established that this is a company that will be able to gain popularity and sales in a short period due to the implementation of the use of the internet. It is well established that the use of the internet is efficient, effective, and also allows for remote access thus the grave need for implementation of such concepts by businesses. These are the main reasons for the preferences of this business idea.

The proposed business idea relies on the use of the internet and information technology concepts for survival. As a result, it is well established that the position of information technology personnel plays a vital role in the success of the organization. On the other hand, it is well established that information technology is always important in the setting of the information technology infrastructure in place and managing the prospects under this umbrella. Therefore, my position in the organization will be the information technology personnel. This is because this will assist in ensuring that all the prospects of the organization are managed effectively, especially during the formation stage. This stage will involve numerous processes that will assist in coming up with both the information systems for the organization and the best places to put the data centers.

Therefore, this is an interesting position in the company as it is the greatest determinant of the success of the plan. On the other hand, the processes that information technology personnel management is always in light of the business objectives of the company. Additionally, the information technology personnel ensures that the organization operates to its full capacity, in terms of the systems that ere put in place. It is therefore well established that the position of information technology personnel is vital and therefore needs someone aware of the needed standards for the organization and this makes me useful in this area.

Key Responsibilities of Information technology personnel

According to Workable (n.d.), an information technology personnel and manager always has some numerous responsibilities in the organization. These responsibilities always bring forth some expected qualifications among the candidates for such positions. However, the responsibilities of information technology personnel are always vital for the success of the organizations. Below are some of the common responsibilities that I will have as information technology personnel:

  • Managing the computer and information technology systems
  • Evaluating and controlling the data operations (managing the data centers in the organizations)
  • Managing the Information technology staff and prospect in the organizations
  • Research, recommends an implement technological strategies in organizations
  • Controls upraises and monitors jobs in the organization

From all the above responsibilities, it is well established that the information technology personnel in organizations always has a great job to play for a successful organization. In all the tasks allocated to this department, there are often numerous projects to be executed by the information technology personnel. This brings forth the aspect of proper project management skills. It is well established that the information department is always responsible for task allocation and monitoring in organizations. Therefore, it is my job to ensure that the initiation of this business idea is reliable and productive. Therefore, I will have to come up with the most ideal methods of managing all the tasks of this project. This management entails numerous activities including task prioritizing, time management among other tasks such as allocation of duties, and task monitoring.

Goals for the job position

  • The importance of goals in organizations and other corporate facets is well documented. Information technology personnel, the company will be depending on my performance for its survival in different facets. I will, therefore, be led by some work goals that include:
  • Creating an effective team for the business development project: The team members are an important group for the success of any projects. Since the business plan depends on developing a reliable system to manage vendors and customers, it is well established that a reliable team that is competent in terms of basic information technology concepts would go a long way in ensuring project success.
  • Effectively allocating goals to the team members: Team members always have different capacities. Effectively allocating tasks would ensure efficiency and no time and resources wastage.
  • Developing an effective information system: The success of the business, in terms of the goals allocated for the business entirely relies on the availability of an efficient information system. Therefore, developing this system would assist in the success of the organization.
  • Ensuring that the management of the developed system is reliable and manageable: Effective management of the operations of the systems will assist in solving company operational problems. On the other hand, this system will assist in ensuring that the system is managed from risks and vulnerabilities thus minimizing the problems that may be caused by downtime or other information risks.
  • Ensuring that the tasks of the project and the project, in general, adheres to the allocated time and another scope: Allocation of resources, time, and needed scope assists inefficient management of the project. I turn this influence the success of the project product and thus an efficient system to manage the organization.

Suitability of the goals

Projects are a common and important part of any company. My Management Guide (n.d.) outlined that projects are always temporary and always purposes to develop a certain product in a company. From the situation of e-shop, it is well established that this is a company that is at its development stage. On the other hand, Soderlund (2005) outlined that projects are always important in modern-day companies. However, it is well established that effective project management is very important for its success. This means that companies should have reliable processes for their projects. This brings forth the aspect of the development of the e-shop company operation.

From the scheduled time, this is a project that is set for 12 months. On the other hand, it is well established that the team has to come up with the most ideal methods of operation during the development phase for better project success. Other studies from the past have attempted to outline the importance of effective management of the projects. Therefore, the above processes are the most effective for an online platform. Generally, companies that depend on information technology concepts and products for survival have to take note of their information technology sector as it is the heart of the survival of the organization.

Different studies from the past have attempted to outline the importance of information technology implementation in organizations. On the other hand, it is well established that organizations from all over the world strive to join the online business teams for success. E-commerce implementation is a common concept that is being implemented in modern-day society. However, setting up an online store by the use of e-commerce infrastructure is a complicated endeavor that requires a series of processes that have to be conducted, especially with the information technology department. On the other hand, a reliable information technology system and personnel in companies are important for the success of the organization. Therefore, the launching of these-shop companies will involve detailed operations by the leaders of the project and this will influence success.

Hu, B., & Luo, Q. (2018). Cross-border E-commerce Mode Based on Internet +.  IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering, 394 (5):052014. DOI:  10.1088/1757-899X/394/5/052014

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business proposal

Updated 16 April 2021

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Category Business ,  Economics ,  Sociology

Topic Commerce ,  Community ,  Starting a Business

Your plan is complete; it contains all sections. However, it is not the plan you submitted in Lesson 3, but your concept for a company is perfect. A successful business strategy will definitely be important for such a business to assess its viability in this community. For your study, I made comment all along. The figures are not standardized and/or realistic (see notes within). With regard to the format, the font size should be twelve as used on business documents for paragraph text purposes. Stick to text format in the document for headings and subheadings. Also, include page numbers in a header or footer. Points: 46/60 FlexiNet Cyber Café Tel:XXX-XXX-XXXX Website: Address of Owner: Laguna Beach, CA Contents Executive Summary2 DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS2 PART 1. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION AND MISSION2 LEGAL NAME2 FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP2 LOCATION OF BUSINESS2 MISSION STATEMENT3 PART 2. COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS3 MARKET ANALYSIS3 INDUSTRY Executive Summary 2 DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS 2 PART 1. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION AND MISSION 2 LEGAL NAME 2 FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP 2 LOCATION OF BUSINESS 2 MISSION STATEMENT 3 PART 2. COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS 3 MARKET ANALYSIS 3 INDUSTRY PROFILE 4 PART 3. THE MANAGEMENT TEAM 5 MANAGEMENT 5 ORGANIZATION CHART 6 BUSINESS GOALS 7 ETHICAL ISSUES 7 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 7 PART 4. THE MARKETING PLAN 7 MARKET RESEARCH 7 THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE 8 PRICING 8 SALES AND PROMOTION 8 PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) ISSUES 9 PART 5. THE FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 9 EXPECTED REVENUE 9 COST OF DOING BUSINESS 9 STARTUP COSTS 10 FINANCING 11 INCOME STATEMENT AND BALANCE SHEET 11 References 16 Executive Summary FlexiNet Cyber Café will be located in Downtown Laguna, Laguna Beach. Our mission is to be one of the leading providers of entertainment and communication services. Using differentiated services, content and consumer products, we aspire to provide creative, innovative and profitable entertainment and communication experiences relying on green energy. The café will be selling internet services, online gaming, social media connection and coffee to all the customers. The major customers targeted by the company are the tourists in the region and the employed individuals looking for an opportunity to have a good time. Students and locals who wish to carry out general web browsing will also benefit from our services. The business will be using purely green energy, which will make it to stand out among the competitors. The CEO is the owner of the business. It will also be owned by 4 other individuals, each with a stake in the business. The owners have certificates in IT courses. The business will require about $146,000 to be spent in purchasing the equipment and machinery, buy the necessary software and prepare the room for internet café business. It is expected that FlexiNet will fetch yearly revenue of $9,090,520. DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS PART 1. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION AND MISSION LEGAL NAME The legal name of the business is FlexiNet Cyber Café. FlexiNet Cyber Café will provide flexible and high speed internet connectivity and high grade coffee around the clock. FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP FlexiNet will operate as an LLC corporation. The form of business will help in guarding the owner and other investors against personal liability issues and double taxation. There will be four external investors contributing $12,000 each, making them shareholders only liable for an equivalent of their personal investments. LOCATION OF BUSINESS The business will be located in Downtown Laguna, Laguna Beach, California. Laguna Beach is made up of 90.31% Caucasians, 0.71% African Americans, 3.97% Asian and 2.89% mixed race. Other races found in the region include American Indian and Native Hawaiian. 86% of the residents of the region speak English, making market penetration easy by eliminating the possibility of language barrier. Majority of the people are employed and get household incomes of more than $200,000. The number of members of the age groups ranging from 18 to 35 years is very low as compared to those aged between 36 and 84, who are the greater majority. Being a tourist destination and point where many people go to spend their leisure, the location is strategic for a cyber café business. Being able to play online PC games with a cup of coffee in hand while staying connected with friends and family is the dream of every person on vacation. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of FlexiNet is to be one of the leading providers of entertainment and communication services. Using differentiated services, content and consumer products, we aspire to provide creative, innovative and profitable entertainment and communication experiences relying on green energy. PART 2. COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS MARKET ANALYSIS ASSESSMENT OF THE COMPETITION At Laguna Beach, there is no internet café immediately neighboring our preferred location. The closest internet café provider is Ebar with their businesses located at The Shops Blvd in Mission Vejo, Spectrum Centre in Irvin and Newport Center Drive in Newport Beach. C’est La Vie at S Coast Highway and MOULIN located at Forest Avenue are bakeries that sell coffee and other beverages. Competition from MOULIN and C’est La Vie will only be in terms of the coffee they provide. Our business will be focused not on drawing customers who want to drink coffee, but those who wish to entertain themselves and communicate with others through the internet, drinking our coffee only to refresh themselves in the process. The internet cafes of Ebar are located far from our business and may not present a strong competition. The company relies solely on electricity to provide their services, which is costly. Whenever there are power outages, customers are either inconvenienced or the company has to spend extra fuel costs for running the generators. Our business will take advantage of the weakness by using solar panels to power the whole system, all the time. Electricity charges will not apply to us, and our power supply will be constant, meaning we will always be in business even when others are not. Considering this reality, Ebar will not draw our customers, but we will definitely draw theirs whenever there is a power outage. Even though Ebar is a well-established business with multiple locations and large customer base, we intend to use more advanced technology and invest in providing excellent customer experience. We believe that the internet café business requires the latest technology and very high download and upload speeds to be competitive, and that is what we are focused on. COMPANY STRENGTHS We will be the preferred provider of internet connectivity, communication and entertainment provider in Laguna Beach. Since we will be available every day, 24 hours a day, we will appeal to a wide variety of individuals. Those who want to communicate with their loved ones in the morning while taking a cup of coffee will find us open in the early hours of dawn. Those who wish to take a break from the autonomy of the day at noon with an interesting online game and enjoy a sweet coffee will not be disappointed when they visit us. Those who wish to refresh their minds after a long day’s work, and those who wish to break off from a night shift and enjoy a hot coffee while updating themselves on the status of the social media will also get what they want and more. There will be no time when we go off just because of a power outage, or for any other reason. We will have trained employees working in shifts to ensure that the service provision is at maximum at all times. Employees will also have the opportunity to enjoy the services we offer at huge discounts so that their morale can be boosted. A motivated employee means a successful business. ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES Since our preferred location has not been ventured into by any internet café before, it is not possible to predict how many customers we will be able to appeal to. It is also not clear whether people will choose to drink our coffee or prefer to buy theirs at the nearby coffee bakers and bring it with them to our cyber. The possibility that the internet users in the region would rather travel to the nearest location of Ebar also poses the challenge of having to penetrate another company’s customer base. To some extent, the company will also be concerned about the possibility of robbery. As a place where people can meet and plan crime, our business may lead to a threat to the security of the local people and businesses. The region also has a high risk of earthquakes that poses the threat of causing property damage. PLANNED RESPONSES To take care of the problem of uncertainty, the company will invest in research in the area for a whole month and determine whether they would be interested in a business like ours. The research team will also be instructed to enquire on whether the members of the neighboring community are customers of Ebar or if they have internet in their own homes. Security will be heightened in the cyber café using surveillance camera that scans the whole customer area so that any suspicious activity may be identified. The premise will be insured against damages so that in case there is an earthquake, our business will be restored to where it was before the accident. INDUSTRY PROFILE INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION Our business will be operating under the Café Industry which falls within the Eating and Drinking Places sector. Internet café business is not new in California, or even in Orange County where we intend to locate our business. The business started off some decades ago as places for exchanging information and drinking coffee. However, with advancement in technology, internet gaming, social media connectivity, and general web browsing was introduced. Today, people visit internet cafes for different reasons ranging from just having a cup of coffee while hanging out with friends to holding corporate teleconferences. Some internet cafes even give customers the opportunity to play gambling computer games to win money, even though it has been opposed by authorities especially in California (Greene, 2017). The advancements in the nature of the business also require growth in terms of technology, the speed of the internet offered and the security of the internet connectivity. Specialty coffee shop business has been booming over the years and is expected to continue to grow significantly for the next five years (Holmes, 2012) Armed with this knowledge, FlexiNet will be designed with state of the art technology and well trained employees to ensure that customers get the best cyber café experience. We are aware that the market already contains providers of the same service who use high tech equipment and designs. However, our business will be strategically located in Downtown Laguna where all adults, students, corporations and tourists at Laguna Beach can easily access our excellent services (Dunbar & Russel, 2012). OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS The most potent threat to the internet café business is the rapid advancement in technology and the resulting increase in cheap access to the internet and bundle prices. When all people can access the internet in their smartphones and gadgets cheaply and get quick internet connectivity, their preferences change. Most of the people end up questioning why they should spend money visiting internet cafes when they can get the same services in their houses and offices. The increasing availability of free Wi-Fi at hotels and restaurants is also threatening the profitability of the cyber café business. Instead of paying for the internet offered by the cyber café, many people opt for the free internet offered at the restaurants. Despite the increased availability of free Wi-Fi and cheap bundles, most people can still not afford the sophisticated equipment necessary to experience the fullness of the internet. A cyber café that is equipped with latest technologies of computers and software can still be attractive to customers who wish to enjoy the advanced technology. If people know that they can download and watch their favorite movies in HD quality within minutes due to the high download speeds offered by the internet café, they are inclined to choose the cyber over their gadgets. FlexiNet will take full advantage of the latest computer technology and fast download and upload speeds of about 100 and 10 mbps respectively. We have also identified and selected a team of IT professionals to assist us in carrying out our duties. These employees will be trained and thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are up to date and well knowledgeable in the requirements for achieving the company’s objectives. PART 3. THE MANAGEMENT TEAM MANAGEMENT In order to achieve the business goals and objectives in record time, we will see to it that we only attract people who have the right mindset. Our business structure will comprise the chief executive officer (CEO), the Cyber Café Manager, Admin and HR Manager, Marketing and Sales Manager, and IT Manager. The CEO will be responsible for increasing the effectiveness of management by selecting, recruiting, orienting, educating and disciplining the managers. He/she will also be responsible for directing the business, monitor and manage the vision and vision of the organization. His/her other duties will include signing checks and documents on the company’s behalf and evaluate the success of the business. The Cyber Café Manager will be responsible for the daily operations of the internet café. He/she will source equipment, plan resources effectively and implement the strategies of the cyber café. The manager will also carry out needs assessments, cost/benefit analysis and performance reviews. Managing and updating the knowledge of the developments in the cyber café industry, working with other employees and other parties in gathering information and resolving issues, advising clients on the services offered by the company, and updating and recording communications and data will be other duties handled by the Cyber Café Manager. The most important responsibility of the manager is to coach, motivate and retain staff. The Admin HR Manager will oversee the smooth running of the human resources and carry out administrative tasks. He/she will maintain the office supplies and evaluating new products. The HR manager is responsible for ensuring that all the equipment is perfectly operational through maintenance and repairs. He/she will also define job positions, interview new employees for vacant positions and monitor employee experience and development. The Marketing and Sales Manager will identify, prioritize and reach out to new partners and business opportunities. He/she will also follow up on development leads and contracts identify business opportunities and evaluate customer’s needs and propose ways of meeting the needs. He/she will supervise research and development for the sake of expansion of sales. For the first three years, he/she will also handle all accounting duties. The IT manager will manage the website and server of the organization, continuously updating online security platform and ensuring that the payment platform is secured around the clock. He/she will install and maintain all software and hardware used by the organization, manage all web servers, POS systems and logistics. The IT systems will continuously be upgraded and maintained by the IT manager, who will also generate tickets for the cyber café. ORGANIZATION CHART Employee Monthly Salary CEO $800 Auditor $400 Admin HR Manager $650 Sales and Marketing Manager $570 2XIT Manager $1,040 2XComputer Literacy Specialists $740 2XCustomer Representatives $700 2XAccounts Clerks $860 Total Monthly Salary $5,760 BUSINESS GOALS Reach at least 3,000 customers each spending at least $20 per day by the end of the first year Providing fast, efficient and secure internet to the public at cheap prices of $5 per hour by the end of the first year Serving coffee to at least 1,000 customers at $10 per cup Serving 300 corporate customers spending $100 per day by the end of the first three years Retaining the loyalty of 1,000 or more return customers every year within the first five years Be profitable and self sufficient Provide the most secure internet services at the highest speeds in the region within the first five years ETHICAL ISSUES Ensuring the customer receives the value for his/her money Promoting a customer friendly environment while upholding professionalism Promoting an environment conducive for career development for all employees Developing a home away from home for both employees and customers Providing a secure internet connection to protect customers’ information SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY To ensure that the customers enjoy the full experience of FlexiNet, the company will hire a computer literacy specialist to provide cheap training to all willing customers. The business will take all necessary steps to ensure that the business is profitable and the investors earn value from their investments. The company will also respect the rights of the employees and provide them with opportunities to develop their career while maximizing their work experience. PART 4. THE MARKETING PLAN MARKET RESEARCH Laguna Beach is a location where many tourists visit to enjoy all forms of adventures available at the beach. There are also many food and beverage businesses in the region. Downtown Laguna has 4 high schools and 2 colleges nearest to it (Google Maps). Our business targets to reach the corporate clients, students and tourists in the region. The adults residing the region are also targeted with the new technology internet services and coffee. Majority of the residents are employed and have large annual income per capita. Many of the people are employed in white collar jobs and get household incomes of more than $50,000. Most of these residents are aged between 25 and 84. More than 50% of the population have college education and above. The residents and students will need to play internet games, connect on the social media and enjoy the coffee we sell. Employed individuals will need quick internet connectivity to set up online conferences, meetings and online business transactions. Job seekers in the region will come to search the web for available vacancies and apply online. Students will also need the internet to fill online forms and do online academic research. 86% of the residents of the region speak English, making market penetration easy by eliminating the possibility of language barrier (Areavibes). Being a tourist destination and point where many people go to spend their leisure, the location is strategic for a cyber café business (Weichert). THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS FlexiNet will be devoted to providing internet services to its customers. Some of the services will include online gaming, social media connectivity, email communication and general web browsing. Since customers will need refreshments as they use the internet, the company will also sell high grade coffee at competitive prices. To foster customer loyalty and improve sales, clients will also be given the opportunity to create an account with FlexiNet and specify their payment methods. With a FlexiNet premium account, customers will be given occasional discounts and flexible prices. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION Every person is aware of green technology and wishes to experience its usage. As many individuals become aware of environmental issues and the intervention measures, they are increasingly being attracted to activities that conserve the environment. To make our product more attractive, FlexiNet will operate purely on solar power. Apart from communicating our environmental awareness, the solar power will help ensure that we are available all the time, any time. PRICING FlexiNet will be located in an area that does not currently have an internet café. We will use price skimming to determine our own price. We will research the current internet prices charged by Ebar. For coffee prices, we will use penetration pricing because the market is already established by the bakeries and restaurants in the area. Pricing should therefore be made competitive enough to attract customers who already have where to enjoy the coffee cheaply somewhere else. SALES AND PROMOTION ADVERTISING Since everyone in the target market is literate and has a TV at home and can read the newspaper, marketing will be done through TV commercials, Newspaper listings and bill board posting. We will also advertise on the social media and produce small flyers that can be distributed to people around the region. PROMOTIONS Through the premium account service, the company will carry out promotions by developing packages that are offered at certain discounts that cannot be ignored. The customers will choose the packages with regard to their financial abilities. We will offer an online forum where clients can give their feedback on our services and make their recommendations. This will make clients feel their opinions are valued. PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) ISSUES FlexiNet will be located at Downtown Laguna, Laguna Beach. It is strategically located and readily accessible for all customers. Since the products and services will be sold directly to customers, there will be no need for any distribution channels. PART 5. THE FINANCIAL ANALYSIS EXPECTED REVENUE Item Charges Per Hour Average Hours Per Day Total Spending Per Customer Average Number of Customers Per Year Total Sales Per Year Internet Browsing $5 5 $25 3,000 $75,000 Computer Literacy Training $6 4 $24 1,420 $34,080 Online Gaming $10 4 $40 2,550 $102,000 Total 6,970 $211,080 Price Per Cup of Coffee Daily Average Number of Cups Per Person Total Spending Per Customer Average Number of Customers Per Year Total Sales Per Year $10 2 $20 2,700 $54,000 COST OF DOING BUSINESS Expenses Expected Monthly Cost Expected Yearly Cost Rent ($2.5X375SqFt) $938 $11,256 SALARIES AND WAGES $5,760 $69,120 Supplies $90 $1,080 Advertising and Other Promotions $300 $3,600 Utilities $120 $1,440 Cleaning & Maintenance $500 $6,000 Insurance $250 $3,000 Research and Development $320 $3,840 Internet security $180 $2,160 Employee Training and Incentives $500 $6,000 TOTAL $107,496 STARTUP COSTS Machinery &Equipment Cost Total ALIENWARE AREA-51 GAMING DESKTOP $3,200 X20 $64,000 ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard $1,000 X20 $2,000 ROCCAT Kone XTD Gaming Mouse $77 X20 $1,540 Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitor – U3415W $800 X20 $16,000 Plantronics RIG FLEX-Headset $80 X20 $1,600 D-Link DCS 2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera $160 X2 $320 Cyber Café Furniture & Plastic Bistro Furniture $200 X30 $6,000 Single-Serve Espresso Machine LB2312 $599 X5 $2,995 The Lodge 5.31 kW 18-Panel SolarWorld Off-Grid Solar System $15,729 X1 $15,729 Point of Sale System (Ebay) $325X2 $650 Computers (Walmart) $150X4 $600 Office Furniture (Sutton) $700X5 $3,500 Dixie® PerfecTouch® 12 oz. Insulated Paper Cups, 50-ct Sleeve $10X200 $2,000 TOTAL $116,934 Cost of Goods Espresso Extra Bold Coffee Pods $7X30=$210 COX INTERNET ULTIMATE $85 Training Materials $120 Splenda® No Calorie Sweetener Packets 500 Count $24 Total $439 The total equipment cost is expected to be $116,934. Expenses for the first one year are expected to be $107,496. The monthly supplies amount to $439 which makes $5,268 every year. At startup of the business, therefore, we will need $229,698. FINANCING My plan is to partner with four stakeholders, each contributing $12,000. In total, they will contribute $48,000. The remaining $181,698 will be obtained through a bank loan that will be acquired from a Small Business Administration (SBA) accredited bank. The bank of choice is California Business Bank, which offers an interest rate of 4.5% per annum for a six year term so that the amount to be paid back every month is $2,885. INCOME STATEMENT AND BALANCE SHEET Income Statement Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Yearly Revenue (Sales) Internet Browsing 5440 5730 5095 5350 6530 6480 7975 6250 5130 6610 7010 7400 75000 Literacy Training 1970 2150 2030 2110 2280 2730 3560 3350 3520 3600 2990 3790 34080 Online Gaming 7540 7310 7640 8030 8470 8750 8630 9020 8920 9100 9170 9420 102000 Coffee 2740 3300 4200 4220 4540 4720 5000 4990 5090 5100 4900 5200 54000 Total Revenue (Sales) 12250 12760 13870 14360 15290 16200 17190 17360 17530 17800 17060 18410 190080 Cost of Goods Sold COX Internet Package 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 1020 Training Materials 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 1440 Coffee Pods and Sweetener 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 2808 Total Cost of Goods Sold 439 439 439 439 439 439 439 439 439 439 439 439 5268 Gross Profit 11811 12321 13431 13921 14851 15761 16751 16921 17091 17361 16621 17971 184812 Operating Expenses Rent Expense 938 938 938 938 938 938 938 938 938 938 938 938 11256 Salary/Wage Expenses 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 5760 69120 Supplies Expense 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 1080 Advertising Expense 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 3600 Cleaning & Maintenance 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 6000 Telephone/Internet Expense 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 1440 Insurance Expense 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 3000 Research and Development 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 3840 Internet security 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 2160 Employee Training and Incentives 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 6000 Total Expenses 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 8958 107496 Net Profit 2853 3363 4473 4963 5893 6803 7793 7963 8133 8403 7663 9013 77316 Balance Sheet as at 31st June 2017 Assets Current Assets Cash in Bank from friends & family grants $800 Cash Value of Inventory (Coffee pods, sweetener & Training materials) $30 Prepaid Expenses (Insurance) $250 Total Current Assets $1080 Fixed Assets Machinery & Equipment $107,434 Furniture & Fixtures $9,500 Real Estate/Buildings $0 Total Fixed Assets $116,934 Total Assets $118,014 Liabilities & Net Worth Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $439 Taxes Payable $700 Notes Payable (short-term) $0 Total Current Liabilities $1,139 Long-Term Liabilities Bank Loans Payable (greater than 12 months) $2,885 Total Long Term Liabilities $2,885 Total Liabilities $4,024 Owner’s Equity (Net Worth) $113,990 Total Liabilities & Net Worth $118,014 References Areavibes. Laguna Beach, CA Demographics. California Business Bank. SBA Loans. Coffee Cow. Espresso Extra Bold Coffee Pods. COSTCO Wholesale. Sutton Office Collection. COX. COX Cable Internet. Craigslist. Downtown Laguna Private Office Space. Dell. ALIENWARE AREA-51 GAMING DESKTOP. Dell. Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved. Dell. ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard. Dunbar & Russel. (2012). THE HISTORY OF INTERNET CAFES AND THE CURRENT APPROACH TO THEIR REGULATION. UNLV Gaming Law Journal, Vol. 3, No. 243 Ebay. posSign pcMonitor Full Cash Register Point Of Sale System Basic Software Incl. Greene, K. (2017). LA Cracks Down On Internet Cafes For Gambling Games. Holmes. (2012). Coffee Shop Business Overview: Coffee Shop Research Report. US Small Business Administration. Indeed. Internet Café Salaries in the United States. Walmart. Refurbished HP 7800 Desktop PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4GB Memory, 19" Monitor, 250GB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home. Weichert. Downtown Laguna Beach, CA Overview. Wholesale Solar. Off-Grid Solar Power Systems, Complete Systems, Ready-to-Ship Packages, and Starter Kits for your home.

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Motivation and Job Performance in Companies, Business Proposal Example

Introduction and Rationale Motivation is one of the most powerful tools that make companies effective in achieving their organizational goals. Management’s ability to solicit the best performance from their employees [...]

Pages: 11

Words: 3100

Staffing Services Specializing in Internships, Business Proposal Example

Introduction Starting up a new business venture has always been a passion for me and when the opportunity for displaying my entrepreneurship was provided by the Delphi group, this golden [...]

Pages: 10

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University Brand, Business Proposal Example

General information Purpose of request for proposal One of the best Universities within Brisbane is requesting proposition from expert specialists with archived involvement in the field of marketing and advertising [...]

Pages: 9

Words: 2405

Curriculum Plan and Inclusive Practices, Business Proposal Example

Pedagogues are challenged to effectively meet the diverse learning needs and strengths of various students in the classroom, which is an arduous task, especially in special education classrooms or in [...]

Words: 2520

Certech Supply Chain Management, Business Proposal Example

Abstract An organization’s product or service that it provides is important, but not as important as the creation and maintenance of the company, itself. Without a strong foundation and a [...]

Pages: 6

Words: 1668

The Real Definition of Supply-Chain Security, Business Proposal Example

Supply Chain Management The management of these networks is convoluted due to segregating responsibilities for command, across different levels in the supply chain management network. Likewise, frequent promotions and job [...]

Pages: 3

Words: 922

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Business proposal writing is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Effective use of your time is to find a great business proposal example and adjust it to your academic needs. Luckily, you do not have to scour the Web because we’ve already done it for you. Ahead are the most innovative business proposal ideas and samples you can to use to write an outstanding paper. Have we mentioned that they are free?

Before writing a business proposal sample letter, ask yourself: Who are your customers? What is their pain point? What is the target price? What is your budget? Then, outline project objectives, deliverables, and scope. The discussion of the scope should revolve around features, functions, and deadlines of the project under consideration. The next step is to estimate the labor and costs necessary to achieve your business objectives. The budget section of the proposal must contain a rough approximation of future expenses, which is why you shouldn’t be too concerned about the precision. Illustrate your number-crunching results by using tables for pricing and graphs for projections.

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Proposal Essay Examples

A proposal essay is a description of a future project. It pursues two purposes: to convince the reader that the research or business deserves attention and to test the plan’s viability. Because while writing this essay, you may encounter unsurpassable problems that will require you to change the topic.

How to write a paper proposal and what to include in it? The answer largely depends on the topic and the tutor’s requirements. But in any case, it should comprise a literature overview, the methods to be used, and the predicted results.

This website section features proposal essay examples for different study levels and disciplines. Feel free to use them for reference or inspiration.

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Post-Operational Care in Diabetic Bariatric Surgery

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The Representation of Saudi Women in the Media

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Indoors Adventure Program

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Expansion Plan of the Retail Store

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Copyright Issues in Libya

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Fiduciary Duties: Review

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Prevention as the Future of Managed Health Care

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Aging as Social Problem in North American Society

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Bond evaluation types, methods, and factors.

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Ban Key Single-Use Plastic Products

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Deciphering the best start-up fundraising ways, mobile health promotion unit project.

The Business Proposal for Studio 305

My business idea is a night club called Studio 305 which is to be located in Brickell – the financial center of Miami, Florida. Studio 305 is to be based on the legendary Studio 54 disco format circa 1977 – 1980. Brickell is often referred to as Manhattan of the South, so it seems like a good idea to let its residents have an experience similar to the one New Yorkers had in the 1970s. DJs will play sets complied of songs from the disco era and live acts invited will reflect the spirit of those times in their performances. However, thematic nights of other music genres will also sometimes take place for a change – for instance, R&B nights and Salsa nights. The dressing code, though not very strict, will have to be complied with in order to get inside: visitors are to dress in accordance with the era and music style celebrated on a particular night. Studio 305 is to present itself as an inclusive place that welcomes everyone who wants to have a good time; no bigotry and discrimination are to be tolerated.

I want to start this business because I want to create a unique space where people can have fun and feel safe. Granted, establishing a night club on the basis of the legendary New York place can hardly be considered a ‘unique’ idea – but there are currently no analogues for what Studio 54 used to be. I want to recreate the spirit of those times leaning on the template of the place that became a symbol of its era. Moreover, the uniqueness lies in the attempt to embody not only the visual and musical aspects but also the atmosphere that made Studio 54 such an attractive location. That is, the atmosphere of inclusivity, unity, and safety, yet of endless fun and pure joy. People come to night clubs to have fun but they do not always feel safe; according to Solink (2020), any nightlife venue, regardless of a neighborhood or crowd, carries certain risks for visitors. This is the problem that I strive to solve with my establishment: I want patrons to worry about their safety as little as possible and feel included whoever they are.

My target customer is a person of legal age who searches for a secure experience of dancing and having fun. They enjoy the rhythm of the big city and use the opportunities it provides such as visiting various interesting venues. They do not come to night clubs with the sole goal of drinking themselves into oblivion – they like quality entertainment and do not tolerate places not providing it. They like to dress up and have a good taste in music – it matters to them what exactly a DJ plays. Their hair-on-fire problem is, however, to not let this diversity of colors and emotions of the life in a megapolis exhaust them.

Otherwise, burnout and emotional devastation might occur – and while these are always hard to navigate, it is extremely hard to do so when attempting to keep up with life in the city’s pace. Another thing that can contribute to the deterioration of one’s mental health is an unfortunate experience at some dubious place. Therefore, my target customers carefully choose where and how to spend their spare time.

Evidently, there are problems bigger than a place being too noisy or hectic – for example, a place being unsafe. This is particularly important in relation to night clubs – all sort of things happen there, from pickpocketing to sexual assault to drug selling. Therefore, not only is it essential for a person to be on guard when visiting a night club – it is essential for a night club to be able to ensure the safety of its patrons. Solink (2020) advises to monitor the outside of an establishment, learn how to deal with spiked drinks, and train staff and bouncers to properly handle difficult situations. Making all of that a priority, along with achieving the atmosphere of inclusivity and doing everything to recreate the unique feel of the disco 1970s, is not an easy task to accomplish. To be able to do that, I decided that I need a team of entrepreneurs with whom we will guide this business together. Therefore, this start-up is to be a partnership where my partners & I are will all have an equal say in regards to our business decisions.

The end user of my service is, as has been noted above, a person of legal age – of either sex and of any gender. Since an emphasis in Studio 305 is made on inclusivity, the end user is of any race and sexual orientation – however, the establishment is especially attractive to those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Their age range varies from 21 to 50s and even 60s – older people like to have fun too, although primarily the place is visited by people up to their 40s. The jobs they do are mostly creative, though fields differ from Web development to make up art. The end user is a resident of either Brickell, Miami or surrounding areas – Riverside, The Roads, Coconut Grove or downtown Miami. Their median wage, according to Brickell Demographics (n.d.), is approximately $85,000 – $90,000. They rent places more often than own them and drive to work by car.

They are motivated to work hard by good salaries and career advancements, as well as by an opportunity to live in a beautiful city and be able to support themselves financially. They are scared of the things most people are scared of: losing their loved ones, disappointing themselves and people around them, wasting their time doing the wrong thing. Their heroes are politicians, journalists, and human rights campaigners; those who are not afraid to speak the truth and fight for a better world.

They watch shows on Netflix and HBO and read Instagram pages and blogs on topics of interest to them. They tend to have dinner at nice spots closest to their work and choose East Coast or Europe as their vacation destinations. Night clubs are places where they can listen to good music, dance, and free their head of thoughts. The reason they resort to this service is that it is their way to have rest and spend time with their friends. The Client Empathy Map – which is attached as Appendix A – provides a closer perspective on the end user’s experiences when visiting a nightlife venue.

This start-up and its principles align with some of my core values. First of all, it is fun: I believe that when people have fun at quality places the impact it makes cannot be overestimated. The amount of great emotions and valuable memories a simple night out at an excellent establishment can bring helps coping with the struggles of everyday life. Secondly, it is security: I myself value the feeling of security very highly and want to ensure that my establishment’s guests feel safe and comfortable. Moreover, it is creativity: I could have gone for an idea of a simple fancy night club – but it seems too boring for me. The concept of a place where people have to dress up a certain way for a certain night and, thus, express themselves within given rules seems much more interesting. Finally, it is fulfillment: evidently, many would not consider going to a night club a fulfilling experience. However, I believe that when people have fun in a meaningful way – like in Studio 305 – it can make them fulfilled. Therefore,my personal acronym is: Fun, Security, Creativity, Fulfillment.

This set of values along with my determination to create a place unique on all fronts – from the standpoints of format, inclusivity, and security – sets me apart from other entrepreneurs. My goal is to not make as much money as possible – it is to gain maximum benefit providing the services of the highest quality. I am driven to realize all of my ideas and will not be stopped by obstacles and difficulties that arise on the way. I believe in my vision but not blindly: if someone is to suggest ways alternative ways of approaching the concept, I am able to listen and take note. However, it needs to be someone whose judgment I trust – that is, a member of my team or my business partner. Those around me are my companions and we make a great team that can solve problems quickly and efficiently. However, I can be a leader when needed to and know how to motivate people and make them follow me.

The mission statement of my business is: everyone is welcome to have fun here – safely. It emphasizes all the main values that Studio 305 is to embody: joy and rest (‘fun’), inclusivity (‘everyone’), security (‘safely’). When it comes to Our Story, I would put it like that: Studio 54, a legendary Manhattan establishment, having existed for as short of an amount of time as it did, defined the whole era. People came there to dance to the delightful sets of Disco music dressed to the nines – and everyone was welcome. There was no hatred, discrimination, or segregation – no VIP areas, no separate dancing floors, no exclusive bars. We believe that the unique blend of personalities, experiences, and cultures is what made Studio 54 what it was – and we decided to bring it back. This time on the West Coast, Studio 305 is the night club based on the principles on which Studio 54 was founded.

A team of fearless entrepreneurs, we worked for many months to achieve the desired outcome. First of all, we implemented all the measures necessary to ensure our patrons’ safety on all levels. Moreover, we inquired into the archives to explore how to organize the space and what music to put to deliver the magic of the era long gone. Additionally, we made sure to create the guidelines and make it known that the place is open for everyone – no matter the color of one’s skin, what they identify as or who they love. As a result, an establishment where its visitors can have fun freely and safely finally opened its doors. Now we invite you to have an unforgettable experience that will stay a beautiful memory forever.

In order to develop a business strategy, an entrepreneur is to resort to a Business Model Canvas and a SWOT analysis. Canvas Map – presented as Appendix B – delineates key aspects of a Studio 305 start-up in a visual chart. SWOT, in its turn, according to Parsons (2021), stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and is a simple, yet powerful way to determine what needs to be done for the business to grow. I am to analyze which weaknesses counterbalance the strengths and which existing threats to the start-up counterbalance the opportunities that can help it grow.

In terms of strengths, as I have previously mentioned, I am good at being a leader and organizing a team around me. Among the unique resources we are able to leverage are the old Studio 54 archives, in accordance with which our night club’s space can be organized in a specific way. As compared to the competitors, we are not simply guided by a desire to acquire financial benefits – we are driven by a particular vision and will not stop until we achieve what we intended. Unfortunately, it happens to be our weakness as well – due to the high standards, we cannot agree to moderate quality products and services, and the search for the best slows us down. Moreover, the process of educating the staff about our policies needs to be optimized.

The biggest market opportunity currently available to the Studio 305 start-up is marketing of superior safety measures. Nowadays, pickpockets and drink spikers are as swift as ever and drug dealing occurs almost openly at some places. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize that our night club stands guard over the patrons’ safety. Moreover, inclusivity and diversity are the current trends with which Studio 305’s policy aligns. This makes it possible for the younger generation, who are more accepting of these values, to become interested in the establishment, even if they do not like disco music or know anything about Studio 54. However, clubs competing with Studio 305 know it too and put emphasis on the openness of their borders in that regard as well. Additionally, among the threats that can hurt our business are rising employee benefit costs and possible inability to retain talent due to a large number of rules and guidelines one needs to follow.

Finally, there is specific Feasibility Analysis – a process of determining whether a business concept is viable or not. There are various approaches when it comes to the number of elements to analyze; I am to analyze tree main ones – product feasibility, financial feasibility, and entrepreneurial feasibility. According to Taylor (2021), product feasibility is the evaluation of how appealing the product or service is overall. The clubbing market very much exists and there is a need for night clubs providing quality entertainment while ensuring safety measures. It is real to compete in that market: one can win based on the performance, service, and reliability.

The risks are acceptable and the returns are adequate; moreover, the unique idea – Studio 54 format – is to likely favorably distinguish the establishment from its competitors. As per Renzi (n.d.), financial feasibility is contained in economic value, which consists of economic analysis, cash flow analysis, risk analysis, and plan of investments. Evidently, profitability is the necessary result in relation to the start-up’s survival and development. Preliminary calculation indicate profitability; therefore, both product and financial feasibility analyses support moving forward with the project.

In order to be competent business leaders, entrepreneurs must possess a variety of skills and qualities. Renzi (n.d.) states that they are to have operational capabilities and technical knowledge, as well as a number of external relationships to help the business develop. They are to be excellent managers and leaders and have initial awareness of the propensity to risk. Moreover, they are to know how to solve problems and be able to balance skills in different areas. I consider myself someone who meets all of these criteria and plan on assembling a team of people resembling me in this regard. Thus, entrepreneurial feasibility facilitates further developing the business as well.

I believe in the power of having fun.

Studio 305 – a night club based on the format of the legendary Studio 54 – is my idea of an entertainment establishment that gives ‘having fun’ a new meaning. Now, fun can be not only freeing – it can also bring fulfillment and peace. That is to be achieved with the help of enhanced safety measures, strong inclusivity and diversity policy, and quality music and entertainment programs. Music sets from the magical 1970s are to bring the lovers of the disco era together to seductively move to the timeless tunes. Inclusivity guidelines are to ensure that everyone feels at home – even if a person belongs to a variety of minorities, it should not stop them from coming here. Finally, a variety of safety measures implemented on all levels are to contribute to patrons relaxing and feeling as comfortable as possible.

My intended audience – people of legal age from the area of Brickell, Miami, where Studio 305 is to be located. Living in the very heart of the hectic city, they need quality spare time to recharge and be able to navigate their busy lives without emotionally draining. Moreover, earning well enough to afford going to respectable establishments, they will not tolerate lack of taste and vulgarity. Studio 305 complies with all their standards – choosing to spend time there, patrons choose to dance to fiery music among a diverse crowd with their safety guaranteed.

I am the right person to start this business because I am passionate about this project and want to ensure the best quality of its implementation. My desire to redefine fun as a safe and meaningful experience is what sets me apart from other competitors. Moreover, the realization of that through the so-called re-birth of the Studio 54 format is an idea unlike any other in the nightlife market. I would like to hear what you think about this project as investors and what your questions or suggestions might be. It would be amazing if you were available either on Monday at 5 pm or on Thursday at 4 pm to discuss it with me.

Brickell demographics . (n.d.). Web.

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Renzi, R. (n.d.). Designing a new business (2): The five dimensions of the project feasibility . Web.

Solink. (2020). Top 7 ways that bars and nightclubs can help keep customers safe using video surveillance . Web.

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The Empathy Map

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