How to Find Restaurant Menus Online

Going out for a meal is a great way to satisfy an appetite without doing the cooking. When it comes time to choose where to go, it’s helpful to glance over the menu online. This way you’ll know what types of food the restaurant serves, and the prices to expect.

Search online for specific restaurant websites. Usually a current menu will be posted on the website. If you want a menu for Chilis restaurant, go to the Chilis website. Likewise, if you’re looking for Longhorn’s menu, check the Longhorn website. Menus may be broken down into breakfast, lunch and dinner categories. You may also find a happy hour menu and kids’ menus. The websites usually contain other helpful information, like restaurant hours, online ordering, coupons and specials.

Social Media

Check social media for restaurant menus. Oftentimes the menus are included as photos. Look for customer comments and reviews to see how satisfied patrons were, and to review any management follow-up comments. Social media followers will sometimes post photos of their meals when they are dining in restaurants. This gives you an idea of the table presentation. You’ll probably see photos of the interior of the restaurant, which lets you determine if it’s the right vibe for your dining experience.

Google Search

Many people use Google to search for restaurants, especially in unfamiliar cities. The beauty of this is that you’ll get a wealth of information, and it’s easy to use. The Google map gives you directions to the restaurant from your current location. You’ll find menus, lists of nearby restaurants and reviews. Scroll through the options to find the right place to go out to eat.

Menu-Posting Sites

Restaurant menus are posted on various companies’ sites as a courtesy to their customers and patrons. These include hotels, spas and delivery services. Links typically redirect you to the company website, or the menu is posted directly on the site. If you’re away from home, try the website of the place you are staying. They’ll likely post nearby restaurants and offer transportation options. Meal delivery services post menus of restaurants in case you want something delivered.

Restaurant Directory Sites

Restaurant directory sites offer menus, customer feedback and reviews. Check Yelp, Trip Advisor, UrbanSpoon and Foursquare. Some of the sites give ratings based on what customers have submitted. This gives you a general idea of the food, service and atmosphere. You could find additional info like entertainment, outside dining options, dress codes and if kids are welcome.

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Customer service in restaurants Report

Introduction, how to improve customer service, works cited.

Statistics from Forbes indicate that customer service ratings are dwindling in the restaurant business. Fast food restaurant chains are doing relatively well, but the biggest names are not impressive. This means that players need to learn what satisfies their clients and implement these aspects fully in their restaurant chains. Simple adjustments in service provision can make the difference between mediocre and satisfactory customer service.

The reason why many fast food restaurants are topping service quality ratings is their emphasis on fast service. Society is becoming impatient with service providers. Attention spans are reducing, and people have less time for meals.

Consequently, when they eat out, many of them want to spend as little time as possible in these facilities. Therefore, restaurants that can provide meals in the shortest time possible will carry the day. People are willing to pay a premium for convenience. This explains why some of them even want restaurants to deliver their meals to them (Tice 13).

Clearly, time consciousness is an indispensable quality in hospitality. While it may not be realistic to make six-course meals in ten minutes, larger restaurants can learn from their fast food counterparts. They should try as much as possible to minimize customer waiting times. If buyers want to spend three hours in eateries, then eating should be their primary activity. Restaurant managers should not cheat their clients by wasting their time.

The hospitality industry is one of the most people-centered services. Therefore, the manner in which staff members treat their clients has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and hence repeat business. Employees need to extend courtesy to clients as soon as they enter this establishment. One way of demonstrating this quality is by acknowledging a client’s presence, greeting them and maintaining eye contact as the customer makes his order.

Attendants should pay a lot of attention to the customer. It can be quite frustrating to make a customer wait for a certain meal only to deliver the wrong one to them. If a client asks for something that the restaurant cannot offer, then it is their obligation to apologize for lacking the item and suggest other alternatives. Staff should refer to regular clients by name. They should remember their usual meals and ask them about it before they order; such individuals would feel special.

Additionally, when bringing the meal, restaurants should think about other tools that might be needed by the client. For instance, if a customer asked for a steak, then it would be a good idea to give them a steak knife. The restaurant manager ought to think about all the possible needs that clients might have. They should be proactive concerning all issues. In the restaurant business, timing is everything. After taking an order and delivering it, staff members need to know when to leave and come back.

Some clients abhor interruptions during serious conversations; therefore, if clients already have what they need, then a staff member should not try to sell them yet another dessert selection. Employees need training about how to anticipate client needs. This will assist them in increasing comfort levels and thus customer service.

Value addition is yet another platform that restaurants can use to give better customer service. In this regard, they can analyze buying patterns for clients and thus inform them about the latest addition in their menu. For instance, if a customer is fond of Latin American wines, the waiter may inform the person about a new label in the collection and give him a tasting.

A restaurant could also sing birthday songs for clients celebrating this momentous occasion. Alternatively, they could give them extra servings of a favorite meal on such days. Buyers would fell special and connected to the facility. It is such effortless offerings that differentiate one restaurant from another and drive clients away from the competition.

Successful restaurants are often the ones that do not overpromise and under-deliver. In this regard, if a kitchen is too busy, staff members should be honest with their clients about it. Time estimates for all food should be as accurate as possible. In unavoidable situations, attendants should suggest readily-available appetizers as customers wait.

If waiting is inevitable, an employee should not leave the customer hanging. He or she should come back as soon as possible and let them know that they are running late. Failure to give clients feedback creates a sense of abandonment. It may frustrate some individuals who may even leave the facility (Bouldin 8).

Customer service provision should not just be limited to the restaurant setting; restaurant administrators need to connect with their customers outside the facility. They can achieve this through the use of relatively new technology media as it is highly effective. Social networking sites are a creative place to investigate what clients are thinking about a certain brand.

dditionally, companies should look through restaurant reviews and other online websites that mention their name. If customer complaints appear to be consistent across several platforms, then management should take up the concern. For instance, if people are constantly complaining about the rancidity of the salad, then the company should take that as a hint and work on it.

There is no doubt that restaurant employees cannot satisfy all their clients; however, if most of the reviews are negative, then the firm is not on the right track. Companies may also get customer’s contacts in order to meet their needs effectively. They may send them information about notable performances and such similar events. However, all customers must give consent before restaurants can use them as direct marketing tools. These methods will allow companies to know their clients and thus satisfy their needs.

Restaurants need to check on their clients from time to time as another simple way of service delivery. While the report mentions that employees should not interrupt clients, companies must also make sure that the food is up to standard. A good way of ensuring that this occurs is by inquiring about the state of their food a few minutes after serving them.

If there is a mistake, the restaurant will inform the attendant about it, and he or she can rectify the problem as soon as possible. If the matter is more complicated than usual, then the restaurant manager ought to approach the table and talk to the clients. A situation can quickly escalate into a crisis if inappropriately handled. Therefore, organizations should prevent the occurrence of crises by addressing mistakes as soon as they arise.

The worst clients are the highly dissatisfied ones, so restaurants should have tangible processes of dealing with them (Bouldin 8). Restaurants should have a strategy for compensating these individuals so as to dissipate their anger. One way of doing so is by refraining from charging them or at least discounting their charges.

An angry client has the potential to defame a restaurant’s name. These are the people who visit restaurant blogs and food review websites to give their opinion on one’s business. Once the information is out there, then the organization can do little to change it. If food dissatisfies a customer, but he or she got sufficient attention and apologies from the restaurant management, then that might calm him down. Effective customer service goes a long way in making up for dissatisfying products.

Restaurants ought not to compromise on the quality of food. They should endeavor to make their meals consistent in terms of quality. However, product quality does not just end in the kitchen. When serving meals, the organization should make sure that foods and drinks have the right temperature. For instance, hot food should remain as such and cold food should remain cold.

A lot of attention must be given to wines as certain standards determine how such drinks must be served. In close association with food is the condition of cutlery or other utensils. All tools need to be clean and consistent with high quality services. The last thing a customer would like is to find lipstick marks on a coffee cup or a messy table. Many restaurants have found that a simple issue like cleanliness can make the difference between customer satisfaction and revulsion.

Customer service is the way that restaurants and other similar businesses thrive. The key behind efficient customer service is to offer simple courtesies from the time the client enters the establishment to the time they leave it. Restaurants should respond to needs as soon as they arise and focus on value addition. These institutions must anticipate problems and deal with them in kind. The simplest improvements can make the biggest changes.

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Tice, Carol. 2012. The best and worst in restaurant customer service . 2012. Web.

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Essay on restaurant experience

Essay on restaurant experience 16 models

Last updated Monday , 13-11-2023 on 09:55 am

Essay on restaurant experience ,  restaurants are very important in the lives of each of us, many of us resort to eat in restaurants because of the delay outside the home or the need to renew the routine of daily life and taste a new food.All this will be found here in Essay on restaurant experience .

Essay on restaurant experience

Restaurants are very important in the life of each of us; many of us resort to dining in restaurants because of the delay outside the home or the need to break the routine of the daily life and taste new foods and flavors.

We all had a special impression of some of the restaurants we visited.  Some places had a positive character and some drive you to think about boycott all restaurants altogether.

I went with my brother and his son to a fast food restaurant in our area. My nephew came to enjoy playing in the play area of ​​the restaurant and get the new game.

The yellow and red colors at the restaurant draw my attention. What made me search online for the reason why these two colors were chosen only in restaurants?

After searching the internet, I found some theories.

The most likely theory is that there is a study on the effect of colors on human soul, where the red color tends to open the appetite while the yellow color gives a sense of happiness and familiarity with the place and people. Which cause you think of returning to the place again.

The yellow color is the brightest color in the daylight, making it easy to recognize the restaurant from a distance.

I liked the clean dining tables and the elegant uniform of the staff and the fast service.

I enjoyed my visit to the restaurant and the meal was delicious and fresh.

We ordered grilled chicken and it had a great taste. The drinks were refreshing and the bread was hot.

In addition to the information that I found on the Internet, our visit was useful in many ways.

My nephew enjoyed the game area a lot, and I liked their separation of games according to age and size. The restaurant was very cautious about safety and security standards in the gaming area and the use of child-friendly materials.

The experience of the restaurant has pleased me, I will return with my friends and family to enjoy the family calm atmosphere, beautiful decor and delicious food.

Essay on restaurant

I would like to express my thanks that I live in the twenty-first century for a very simple reason, which is the large availability of restaurants everywhere, whether within large commercial areas, on both sides of the road, or within the means of travel.

In past,  a person travels and does not know when he can eat again.  The best way to eat food in the old days was to go to one of the relatives or acquaintances and eat some food for little money.  Then food became available in taverns or rented houses on both sides of the road.

But now the person no longer travels with his hunger with him, but he can eat the meals he loves wherever he wants. Therefore, I am very happy that there are many different restaurants that satisfy all tastes and are available throughout the day.

Essay about restaurant

I recently went to Lost Boys Pizza. This restaurant has a very different design from the restaurants I used to go to. Where it bears the character of vampires. But don’t worry, we won’t have a red liquid for dinner. It is famous for its delicious hot pizza.

This pizza has won the admiration of many to the point of getting the highest rating in Google in terms of quality and taste. So I wanted so much to go and have this experience.

I found the restaurant with an old touch representing the 80’s generation. It makes you feel like you are in an old-fashioned horror movie. Some intimidating yet attractive décor surrounds you.

We liked some other foods other than pizza like smoked meat with apples, artichokes and pickled mushrooms.

I found that my visit to this restaurant was pleasant and I think I will look for some other places that represent this type of restaurant, as it arouses curiosity and makes time pass quickly.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Essay about restaurant

My friend invited me to have lunch with him in one of the luxurious restaurants. It is famous for seafood dishes, which is my favorite food, so I accepted the invitation directly and without any hesitation. So, we ate our food, it was very tasty, especially since we were eating it while listening to soft music. I decided that this restaurant would be my favorite restaurant, I go to it whenever I like to have a meal of seafood.

Restaurant experience essay

I have been to various restaurants around the world and have interesting experiences with food, but there are some special experiences that I cannot easily forget. I will tell you about the strangest experience that happened to me in a restaurant in Japan called “Ninja”. What makes this restaurant special is that it is open especially for ninja lovers.

When you approach the restaurant, you recognize it easily because of the decorations that indicate the presence of ninjas inside, and as soon as you enter you are met by two ninja warriors in their black clothes and swords.

When you sit down and order your favorite food, you notice that all the workers inside are ninjas. They serve you delicious seafood, but beware because what will happen to you will not be expected. You will be attacked by two ninja warriors and you must leave your meal and defend yourself.

Paragraph about restaurant

There are many fine restaurants around my house. But  I would like to talk about a different experience that I had last year.

In my country there are many different nationalities working in the city. All of these nationalities offer different restaurants commensurate with their heritage and revenues. I have previously eaten Indian food which a lot of people have already eaten and liked it very much.

But my favorite restaurant this time is of Egyptian origin. It serves a meal called falafel, which I found very impressive.

I loved eating it so much I couldn’t believe its ingredients when my friend told me. I found that there is a great skill in mixing the ingredients until they have this wonderful taste. It has become one of my favorite meals that I like to eat from time to time.

Essay about Restaurant Food

Eating in restaurants is no longer as dangerous as it was in the past. We can see the tightening of safety now, the constant censorship. Therefore, I find that the dining experience in restaurants is now more interesting and gives a unique and new experience that the individual can enjoy.

The experience of dining in a restaurant in the twenty-first century has become completely different. Where some restaurants with a different taste, or a different design, appeared.

There is a restaurant is famous for eating in the dark. It is forbidden to use any lighting means, such as a converted phone or others, and it depends on sensory perception only.

There is also the famous restaurant Dinner in the Sky – Brussels – Belgium. This restaurant is completely suspended in the air by a container lifter.

From these models, we find that the way food or the variety in its recipes or trying new foods has become very popular and preferred by many to get an interesting and unique experience.

Experience in a restaurant essay

Everyone has many different experiences in restaurants, some of them may be special, others may be less than the desired level, or we can say that it was a bad experience.

From a year ago I enjoyed a lot to try one of the restaurants in my area called (type the name of the restaurant). Where I was able to eat the Italian pasta spaghetti, along with pieces of grilled chicken and the zucchini grilled on charcoal.

It was a special and unique experience. I can’t believe how different it is when the food is from the hand of an expert and a professional. This might be the most delicious sauce I’ve ever tasted. I really liked the level of maturity of the chicken and grilled zucchini.

This is truly what is called sumptuous food when it comes from the hand of someone who is good and loves his work. I liked the experience very much and whenever time permits I try to repeat it.

Dining experience essay

Undoubtedly, there are many famous restaurants surrounding us from different parts of the world. Now any big city has different types of foods that cover all tastes and nationalities according to their habits or personal preferences.

I personally like very much to eat foods from people from other countries such as Indian food, Chinese food, Turkish food, Egyptian food, Italian food, Mexican food. And other foods.

My best dining experience was in Egyptian food, I had a famous fish meal they have called Fesikh, Oh my gosh, it smells so strong and tough.

I knew that they put the fish in an airtight container with only salt and some types of fish were buried in it, and left for 40 days. Then they eat it on a famous occasion.

I have an Egyptian friend and he told us it was a great challenge. And it is very useful because it contains some beneficial bacteria for the body. So I said why not.

Only when I smelled it, I almost fled the whole town, but I had the courage to eat a small piece of bread with a squeeze of lemon and a piece of green onion. Oh my God, it tastes so strange that you really like it and forget the smell once you eat it and find yourself continuing to eat it and drink water.

It was a truly unique experience and a distinctive taste. I don’t think there is anything else on the face of the earth that has this distinctive taste.

My best dining experience essay

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a great meal with a member of my family, we were served some carefully marinated grilled meat, some mashed potatoes, bread and a great salad.

I really liked outdoor dining and I liked restaurants that put tables outside, I liked the experience when I was eating and being able to see the roads and cars passing by.

I liked the idea of ​​sitting outdoors for several reasons, including to keep unwanted odors, also, this type of restaurant is less expensive despite the quality of the food, this is not very important to me but it is also good.

I am very happy if there is a gathering of all family members. This makes me feel very happy and makes me talk and laugh as I like with comfort and happiness without restricting of luxury restaurants and a calm atmosphere.

I can say this was the best and most amazing dining experience I’ve had in my entire life.

My first time at a restaurant essay

Undoubtedly, first experiences are unforgettable in exciting and favorite places. I remember my first visit to a famous restaurant in my city called Costa. I was very happy to go to him after appearing in a famous movie and showing the quality of the food, the luxury of the furniture, the hospitality and the presentation.

The townspeople absolutely loved this restaurant and we talked about it a lot at school. When my dad was told about it, he said why don’t we go eat there and take some pictures.

We went and the place was very special, on the first floor you see the amazing pieces of sweets and the beautiful attractive colors, you go up to the second floor you find a wonderful view overlooking the sea and the main road. You can see a lot of attractive views, especially in the winter and seeing the rain falling, the view is very attractive.

We ordered food and enjoyed talking and taking some shots and certainly did not miss the opportunity to taste the delicious desserts that attracted me as soon as I entered the place. It was a unique and special experience and I enjoyed a lot because it was my first experience in a restaurant.

Essay about restaurant service

The restaurant represents one of the services provided to facilitate eating in exchange for a fee. This type of restaurant has been famous for old centuries, when travelers would go to the houses on the road and ask for food in exchange for money or give them a gift. And it developed into restaurants to serve travelers and local people who like to eat out.

Undoubtedly, everyone encountered the workers in the restaurants and saw how wonderful they are in their work, in terms of the fine art of dealing, to quietly collecting orders. I can say that they work in silence, and their work is completely effective, giving a sophisticated and good impression that makes you feel human, and they serve you excellently.

And in the 21st century, restaurants have developed a lot, where it is possible to order food from home and get food of the same quality. The restaurants became more glamorous and artistic, in terms of appearance, cleanliness and quality. And there is a great control to prevent any form of pollution, which may harm visitors. Therefore, restaurants are in constant progress and great success.

Essay about restaurants

It is wonderful that restaurants evolve in the 21st century to become the most luxurious and finest designs and trends that fit the time in which we live.

With the continuous increase in the need for quality and cleanliness, all of these things become more developed and safer for our family members every day, in addition to benefiting from the availability of food in different places that did not have any of the requirements of life such as long roads, poor areas, and dense residential areas. All places now have many restaurants.

Therefore, its importance varies according to the circumstances of the person. You can go to restaurants while traveling, have a nice time and meet some new people, or take the family for a meal and have a nice time.

Whatever the different reasons, restaurants remain of great importance and usefulness, whether for the service aspect or the psychological aspect that it leaves in children and adults.

Fine dining experience essay

From time to time, the idea of ​​going to a fine restaurant and trying some famous dishes came to me, especially after watching some episodes of cooking competitions about the best chef.

So I told my father a while ago about this that we would like to have this experience, and he was very excited to fulfill this desire, he told us when the time was right we would do this experiment,

Indeed, a short time ago, we went to one of the high-end restaurants, which have many stars, and ordered one of their special dishes,

Certainly there is creativity in these dishes in terms of choosing colors, spices and everything, you cannot stop eating and feel the harmony between the recipes.

Paragraph about a good restaurant

Food in the 21st century has become more innovative than it has been for many years. Every day, restaurants develop in providing the best food, in order to obtain continuous and permanent customers for them. The more the service and food are at the required level, the restaurant has gained great fame because of that, and many people flock to it.

I can describe Kentucky Restaurant as one of these good restaurants that serve food in a quick time and with a good degree of maturity, and it is hot and fresh, which makes dealing with them more comfortable and happy. In addition to the distinctive snacks that they serve alongside food, they are always delicious and wonderful.

Such restaurants I love very much to eat in them constantly, and they always maintain their cleanliness and quality, which makes everyone confident in them and wants to return to them.

We have provided you with an essay on restaurant experience, and you can read more through the following link:

  • My favorite restaurant essay

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Simmers Restaurant Service Experience

Service encounter diary, my service encounter at simmers restaurant.

Naturally, I am not a fan of leisure travel. However, being a middle-level sales manager in a local bank requires me to travel a lot and widely as my job entails going out there and seeking customers. But when my cousin who lives in Kenya invited my sister and me for a lion-sighting safari in Kenya’s world-renowned Maasai Mara National park, my vast travel experiences seemed inadequate to prepare me for the coming journey into the wilderness. I was literally beside myself with excitement. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to see the world-famous spectacle that the seasonal wildebeest migration between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya is. So we arranged to travel to Kenya during the Schools holiday when my sister would be free to travel, which interestingly coincided with my leave.

My cousin was generous enough to meet half of the cost of our air tickets. I met the other half.

Immediately we landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport –Kenya’s premier International airport- at around midday, an air of a strange land hit me. Most noticeable was the brightness and intensity of the sun. Within just about ten minutes of landing at the airport, my cousin together with two of his friends picked my cousin and me and took us to a restaurant within the airport. This is where I would experience the most memorable customer service so far in my life.

The restaurant was modestly decorated one with faintly discernible paintings of what I later came to learn were “Morans”, a word for warrior amongst Maasai tribesmen.

A waitress with a broad smile arrives at our table even before we could settle down. She politely handed us the menus, then with what seemed to me as a commanding even rude tone, she said “Jambo”. Not having the slightest idea of whatever that word meant, my sister and I stared at each other blankly with sheepish smiles for about five seconds. As if they were reading from a written and previously well-rehearsed script, my cousin and his friends bust out loudly with such reverberating laughter that the rest of the patrons were now staring our way.

“Jambo Sana!” my cousin and his friends responded animatedly, which immediately broke the uneasiness in me and, from the look of her face, slight embarrassment in the waitress. My cousin went ahead to explain to us the meaning of the word (it is Swahili’s equivalent of English’s “hello/ hi”)

We scanned the menu amidst a hearty catch-up conversation. Barely after scanning a couple of items down the menu, I told myself “Wow! These prices are outrageous!” Fearing another reverberating laughter, I kept this observation to myself. Only later did I realize that the prices were quoted in the local currency whose value is about ten times lower than my home country’s currency. That is when the fact that I was in a foreign country hit me squarely.

Hidden somewhere in-between a seemingly endless list of items with foreign-sounding, hard-to-pronounce names, I spot an item along the lines of “hamburger, fries”, and I decided this is was what I was going to have despite my biting hunger as well as reservations about the price of the hamburger.

The waitress, who had left to attend to other customers while we were deciding which meals to order, came back and went around the table hearing from everybody and lastly gets to me. Lo and behold! Upon hearing order the hamburger and fries she did a double-take. Then, in a significantly heavy and what seemed to me like a very commanding accent, she said “What?”

“Well, can I have the hamburger and fries please?” I repeated submissively, pointing to it on the menu.

She then took the menu from my hands and, as if I had brought the menu with me, “Huh,” she said, “I haven’t the slightest idea we make those,” throwing everybody else on the table but me into bouts of laughter. She then pauses for a moment, smiles at me as if bemused. “Sir,” she asks, “Where are you from?”

My discomfort with this waitress was now slowly turning into irritation. But, after a slight hesitation, I replied “Australia.”

“Australia? I thought you are from England! Is this your first time visiting our country? ”

“Um, correct.”

“Sir, the first time in Kenya and you want to have a hamburger for lunch?”

“I don’t think so,” she says with finality. “You are going to have ugali buzz.”

“You will love it. Just wait and see!”

She then quickly cut me off and hurriedly left to fetch my ugali mbuzi together with everybody else’s order.

The meal turned out to be fried mutton together with what I later learned was a hardened meal made from maize flour. It was very sumptuous and I greatly enjoyed it to the last bit.

In summary, my expectations as a customer were that both the food served and table service provided would be of average quality. After sampling the meals and evaluating the service, however, the quality of table service by far exceeded my expectations. Moreover, although it was my first time eating ugali mbuzi, I thoroughly enjoyed the sumptuous meal and I am looking forward to another meal. The quality of food also exceeded my expectations.

Regarding customer satisfaction, my initial encounter with the waitress made me think of her as impolite, but continued engagement with her revealed her as friendly, warm-hearted, and that she has a somewhat twisted sense of humor. She managed in, a peculiar way, to get rid of the anxiety of being in a foreign land that had considerably built up inside me and made me feel completely at ease. In the end, I was very pleased with the quality of service offered by the restaurant, particularly the table service provided by the waiters.

All in all, the restaurant provides high-quality service to its customer. The quality of food is above average, but the menu needs to be expanded to accommodate a more diverse range of customer tastes.

On a scale of 0-5 (where zero represents poor table service and horrible food and 5.0 represents the satisfying quality of table service together with excellent meals), the restaurant would score 4.6 for me; the quality of table service was nothing but fantastic. However, the restaurant can do more to improve the quality of food on offer to customers.

I would recommend Simmers restaurant to my relatives and close friends who may get to travel to Kenya.

Our safari went ahead largely as planned and, even though I was disappointed for not witnessed the wildebeest migration, all the other wild animals we saw in the park were as equally stunning as the wildebeests.

Service Encounter Report


Among the most critical elements of the marketing mix for both services and products is customer service. High-quality customer service not only creates customer loyalty but also helps add value to the company. This so happens because, in the modern world, customers extend their interest bond the products offered by businesses to other additional aspects regarding how the products or services are offered. As such, only a few people would want to transact business with firms that are insensitive to their customers concerning their needs as well as concerns (The Times 100 n.d).

From a generalized perspective, customer service and satisfaction theory are all about customer retention. Also, improvements in customer service do not necessarily have to be complicated or expensive. For example, at a restaurant, a simple act like the dining manager frequently looping through the dining room to thanks to the customers for stopping by is enough to improve customer service (Myers 2010:1)

Therefore, to survive stiff competition from business rivals, enterprises must firmly grasp the tenets of customer service (Zemke & Woods 1999).

Analysis of my Customer Experience at Simmers Restaurant regarding Customer Expectation, Customer satisfaction, and Service quality

According to Kamin (2002: 11), quality customer service breeds customer loyalty. He goes on to argue that this is achieved through what he refers to as the “equation of fantastic service.” To achieve high customer satisfaction, a firm must develop in its employees a culture of greeting the customer before doing any other business with them. Simmers restaurant excels in this as customers are greeted and welcomed into the restaurant by waiters with warm and friendly smiles. This serves to create personal as well as a friendly relationship with customers.

The management of the restaurant appears to have high-quality customer service at the core of their business strategy. In this regard, the management of the restaurant seems to be aware of the customer service principle that service quality can not surpass the quality f the provider. As such, the workers appear to have been trained to provide high-quality customer service through, above all, personalizing the services to each customer (Rice, Austin & Gravina 2009). A waiter takes time to engage those customers showing signs of needing assistance with the selection of items from the list in the menu. In so doing, the waiter takes great care not to upset the client. They seek to assist a client to select their meals in a polite and friendly way. Thus, the customer comes before both the product and the services offered by the restaurant.

Polite Treatment of Employees

The management of the restaurant also appears to be very aware of the customer service principle which states that employees treat customers in much the same way they are treated by their employer or their managers ( n.d). The waiters seemed a happy lot because they were could easily and readily engage customers in light conversations whenever a customer would require their attention, besides putting on genuine smiles all the time. This is a good indication of the fact that the management of the restaurant cares about their workers and most probably than not treated them politely.

Recognition of Customers

Another highly critical of element s that helps offer customers superior quality service is remembering their names (Keaveney 1995: 79). In this respect, the waiters could recognize several customers by name. This was intriguing because the restaurant is located at an airport and it is well within logic to imagine that the restaurant received mostly one-way travelers.

Recognizing customers, particularly by their names, is essential for improving service level in that it makes the customers feel valued by firms they buy from (Hayes & Dredge 1998: 114). Knowing customers personally also plays a significantly huge role in the customer feedback mechanism since it is hard for a regular customer to fail to respond to prompts asking for their opinion. Moreover, through customer recognition, a firm may be in a good position to keep track of its critical customers and show concern for them by contacting them when they to have pay irregular visits to their premises (Lake, Hickey & Institute of Directors 2002: 77).

Giving Customers Benefit of Doubt

Both sellers of products and providers of services should always give their customers the benefit of doubt (Walker 2009: 2). In respect of this, the Simmers restaurant appears to follow a considerably divergent principle in that, the waiters seem to have the habit of imposing their tastes on customers who seem appear lost or indecisive about which meal to take. Normally, a seller should not enter an argument with their customer; the customer is always the king (Ukens 2007: 124).

Providing Special Requests

Instead of arguing with the customer, sellers are supposed to do everything in their power to see to it that special requests are made available to customers however abstract they may be (Miller n.d: 1; MacNeill 1993: 31). This not only makes the customer feel highly valued, but it also creates more value for that particular product or service, which in turn allows the seller to sell the product or service at a higher margin (Cronin, Brady, & Hult 2000: 196). In the case of Simmers Restaurant, diversification of products is not given the priority it deserves. Only local dishes are given enough attention, and customers from across the world have to narrow their choice of dishes to a menu of local foods. The exception to giving the customer what they want is, of course, illegal products and services.

Kamin (2002: 11) theorizes that the environment of service provision, as well as the willingness of the service provider to offer help to the customer, are what constitute the two most important elements for achieving high-quality customer service. He argues that it is from these two variables that the customer creates the first impressions of the firm they are transacting business with and, also, provides a background on which the remainder of encounters are judged by the customer. Regarding this theory, Simmers restaurant shines as an example of a good service provider since the restaurant ambiance is highly welcoming besides being equally relaxing.

Thanking the customer

The final element in the process of seeking to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and thus winning customer loyalty is genuinely expressing gratitude to the customer for choosing to offer the firm business (Buttle & Burton 2002: 219). Kamin’s “equation of fantastic service” theory requires a firm to “leave the door open” for when the transaction with the customer is complete, which gives the customer an incentive to return. Simmers restaurant excels in this. Customers are profoundly thanked upon paying their bills and are also welcomed to enjoy the food and services offered by the restaurant. This enhances the feeling of being valued by the customers and subsequently winning their loyalty.

Opportunities for and threats

The major opportunity available for simmers is the expansion of the customer base. The restaurant with the help of proper marketing can easily win more customers given the high quality of services it offers. Also, if the restaurant could expand the array of foods served, more and more customers, particularly international travelers would most probably troop to the restaurant as it offers superior services.

However, the restaurant faces stiff competition from other restaurants licensed to operate at the airport. Some sell meals at a considerably lower cost. This poses a huge threat to Simmers as it is likely to eat into its customer base.

Simmers Restaurant observes the principles of satisfactory customer service and therefore can win customer loyalty. The restaurant is not only significantly highly responsive to the diverse needs of its customers, it is also very reliable is in providing quality services. The firm is, additionally, consistent in providing customers with high-quality meals. Further, the restaurant’s employees engage customers warmly and with respect, hence making customers feel valued as well as enabling the restaurant to create long-term relations with them. Lastly, the ambiance of the restaurant is not only welcoming but relaxing, and the meals are meals served highly delicious. Together, all these aspects make the restaurant able to offer superior services to its customers, which leave them pleasantly memorable experiences.

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Variety of Food

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Preparation and Presentation

Restaurant food is prepared by professional chefs with great care. The presentation is often beautiful, making the food even more appealing.

In conclusion, restaurant food offers a unique dining experience with a variety of dishes, prepared and presented in an appealing manner.

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Culinary Artistry

Restaurants are platforms for chefs to showcase their creativity and culinary prowess. Each dish is a work of art, meticulously designed and presented. The aesthetic appeal of restaurant food is a significant factor contributing to its allure. This visual appeal, combined with the tantalizing aroma and taste, creates a multisensory experience that is hard to replicate at home.

Unraveling Culture

Restaurant food is a window into the world’s diverse cultures. From the spicy curries of India to the delicate sushi of Japan, each dish tells a story about its place of origin. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the history, tradition, and people behind it. This cultural immersion adds a layer of depth and meaning to the dining experience.

The Science of Flavors

The science behind restaurant food is equally fascinating. Chefs play with flavors, textures, and temperatures to create a symphony of tastes. The concept of ‘umami’, the fifth taste, is a perfect example of this scientific exploration. The ability to balance these elements to create a harmonious dish is a skill that sets professional chefs apart.

In conclusion, restaurant food is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. It’s a celebration of culinary artistry, a journey through diverse cultures, and a testament to the science of flavors. The allure of restaurant food lies in this intricate blend of art, culture, and science.

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Introduction: the allure of restaurant food.

The dining experience in restaurants has significantly evolved over the years, becoming an integral part of our social and cultural fabric. The appeal of restaurant food extends beyond merely satiating hunger, encompassing an immersive experience that combines culinary artistry, ambiance, and service.

The Culinary Experience

One of the primary attractions of restaurant food is the diverse range of cuisines and dishes that it offers. Restaurants serve as gateways to the world, allowing patrons to experience the flavors and culinary traditions of different cultures without leaving their hometowns. The chefs, with their professional training and expertise, craft dishes that are often beyond the scope of home cooking. These culinary creations are not just about taste, but also presentation, with each plate designed to be a visual feast that complements the flavors.

The Role of Ambiance and Service

The ambiance of a restaurant plays a significant role in shaping the dining experience. The decor, lighting, music, and overall atmosphere contribute to creating a unique environment that enhances the enjoyment of the food. Furthermore, the service provided by the restaurant staff is crucial in shaping the overall dining experience. Attentive, courteous service can elevate the experience, making patrons feel valued and cared for.

The Social Aspect

Restaurants are more than just places to eat; they are social hubs, venues for celebrations, business meetings, and romantic dates. They provide a space for people to connect and share experiences, creating memories around food. In this context, restaurant food is more than sustenance; it is a tool for social interaction and bonding.

Health Concerns and Ethical Considerations

Despite the allure of restaurant food, it is important to acknowledge the health and ethical considerations. Often, restaurant food can be high in calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats, leading to concerns about obesity and other health issues. Additionally, there are ethical considerations related to sourcing of ingredients, waste management, and fair treatment of staff. Many restaurants are addressing these concerns by offering healthier menu options, sourcing locally grown, organic produce, and implementing sustainable practices.

Conclusion: The Future of Restaurant Food

The future of restaurant food lies in the balance between maintaining the allure of the dining experience and addressing health and ethical concerns. As consumers become more conscious about their food choices, restaurants will need to adapt, offering not just delicious meals, but also sustainable, ethical, and healthy options. Despite the challenges, the appeal of restaurant food remains strong, pointing to its enduring role in our lives.

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