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Sample essays

Sample essays in IB History that are not past paper questions.

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How far is it true to say that Napoleon I was an enlightened despot?

Submitted April 9, 2022

Ib History SL Essays

Submitted July 28, 2021

Sample Essay on Hitler`s rise to power

Submitted April 25, 2021


Submitted April 11, 2021

HL Paper 3 on China

Submitted April 7, 2021

IB history paper 2 peace treaties essays

Submitted April 3, 2021

History Paper 3 essay - To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles was a harsh and unfair peace?

Submitted February 17, 2021

IB History HL: WW1 final assignment ( paper 2 format)

Submitted January 2, 2021

treaty activity

Submitted March 18, 2020


Submitted February 24, 2020

Essay Mussolini Domestic Policies

Submitted November 7, 2019

history Spanish Civil war essay

Submitted October 23, 2019

Spanish civil war history essay

History discrimination civil rights movement, history practice scramble for africa question, sample essay on alliance systems.

Submitted May 27, 2019

History Paper 2 - Mao

Submitted May 21, 2019

Napoleon practice essay

Submitted May 5, 2019

Analysis 4 - Hayden Harper.docx

Submitted April 29, 2019

Analysis 3 - Hayden Harper.docx

Analysis 2 - hayden harper.docx, analysis 1 - hayden harper.docx, analysis 5 - hayden harper.docx, alexander ii's reforms: causes and consequences.

Submitted March 22, 2019

IBDP history EE sample essays

Submitted February 25, 2019

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  • U.S. History EOC
  • Internal Assessment
  • World Cultural Geography

Topic 10: Authoritarian States

  • Conditions in which authoritarian states emerged: economic factors; social division; impact of war; weakness of political system
  • Methods used to establish authoritarian states: persuasion and coercion; the role of leaders; ideology; the use of force; propaganda
  • Use of legal methods; use of force; charismatic leadership; dissemination of propaganda
  • Nature, extent and treatment of opposition
  • The impact of the success and/or failure of foreign policy on the maintenance of power
  • Aims and impact of domestic economic, political, cultural and social policies
  • The impact of policies on women and minorities
  • Authoritarian control and the extent to which it was achieved

Topic 12: The Cold War

  • The breakdown of the grand alliance and the emergence of superpower rivalry in Europe and Asia (1943–1949): role of ideology; fear and aggression; economic interests; a comparison of the roles of the US and the USSR
  • The US, USSR and China—superpower relations (1947–1979): containment; peaceful co-existence; Sino-Soviet and Sino-US relations; detente
  • Confrontation and reconciliation; reasons for the end of the Cold War (1980–1991): ideological challenges and dissent; economic problems; arms race
  • The impact of two leaders, each chosen from a different region, on the course and development of the Cold War
  • The impact of Cold War tensions on two countries (excluding the USSR and the US)
  • Cold War crises case studies: detailed study of any two Cold War crises from different regions: examination and comparison of the causes, impact and significance of the two crises
  • Economic, ideological, political, territorial and other causes
  • Short- and long-term causes
  • Types of war: civil wars; wars between states; guerrilla wars
  • Technological developments; theatres of war—air, land and sea
  • The extent of the mobilization of human and economic resources
  • The influence and/or involvement of foreign powers
  • The successes and failures of peacemaking
  • Territorial changes
  • Political repercussions
  • Economic, social and demographic impact; changes in the role and status of women

Paper 2 Rubric


IB Extended Essay: Past Essays

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ib history level 7 essay example

Check these CAREFULLY to be sure your topic fits with IB expectations!

  • Language & literature (language A)
  • Language acquisition (language B)
  • Mathematics
  • Visual Arts
  • World Studies

Business Management

English a & b ee examples.

  • English A EE Example
  • English A EE Example 1
  • English A EE Example 2
  • English A EE Example 3
  • English B EE Example
  • English B EE Example 1
  • English B EE Example 2
  • English B EE Example 3
  • English B EE Example 4
  • English B EE Example 5
  • English B EE Example 6

Philosophy EE Examples

  • Philosophy Example 1
  • Philosophy Example 2
  • Philosophy Example 3
  • Philosophy Example 4

Economics EE Examples

  • Econ Example 1
  • Econ Example 2
  • Econ Example 3
  • Econ Example 4
  • Econ Example 5
  • Econ Example 6
  • Econ Example 7
  • Econ Example 8

Review Past Papers

  • From the IB:  papers from other students and how they scored
  • Renaissance Library Past Essays :  Links to all subject area examples

Music EE Examples

  • Music EE Example 1
  • Music EE Example 2
  • Music EE Example 3
  • Music EE Example 4

Psychology EE Examples

  • Psych EE Example 1
  • Psych EE Example 2
  • Psych EE Example 3

Chinese EE Examples

  • Chinese EE Example 1
  • Chinese EE Example 2
  • Chinese EE Example 3
  • Chinese A EE Cat 1
  • Chinese A EE Cat 2
  • Chinese A EE Cat 3
  • Chinese B EE Example 1
  • Chinese B EE Example 2
  • Chinese B Example 3
  • Business EE Example 1
  • Business EE Example 2
  • Business EE Example 3

Visual Arts EE Examples

  • Visual Arts EE Example 1
  • Visual Arts EE Example 2
  • Visual Arts EE Example 3
  • Visual Arts EE Example 4

Film EE Examples

  • Film Example 1
  • Film Example 2

Chemistry EE Examples

  • Chemistry EE Example

Biology EE Examples

  • Biology EE Example
  • Biology EE Example 1
  • Biology EE Example 2
  • Biology EE Example 3

Physics EE Examples

  • Physics EE Example
  • Physics EE Example 1
  • Physics EE Example 2
  • Physics EE Example 3
  • Physics EE Example 4
  • Physics EE Example 5

Math EE Examples

  • Math EE Example 1
  • Math EE Example 2
  • Math EE Example 3
  • Math EE Example 4
  • Math EE Example 5
  • Math EE Example 6

World Studies EE Examples

  • World Studies Example 1
  • World Studies Example 2
  • World Studies Example 3
  • World Studies Example 4
  • World Studies Example 5
  • World Studies Example 6
  • World Studies Example 7
  • World Studies Example 8
  • World Studies Example 9
  • World Studies Example 10
  • World Studies Example 11
  • World Studies Example 12
  • World Studies Example 13
  • World Studies Example 14
  • World Studies Example 15
  • World Studies Example 16
  • World Studies Example 17
  • World Studies Example 18
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ib history level 7 essay example

Mr Anderson History

How to write a grade 6/7 ib paper 3 essay.

Watch this mp4 video below which is a ‘Flipped lesson’ mp4 video on my History channel. It will guide you as to how to write a Grade 6/7 essay in IB History Paper 3.

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ib history level 7 essay example

IB History: ActiveHistory

An activehistory subscription provides everything you need to construct and deliver a two-year ibdp history course from start to finish using the activehistory ib history hub ..

These consist not just of lesson plans, worksheets and teacher notes, but also multimedia lectures and interactive games and historical simulations ideal for remote learning and self-study.

Use the ActiveHistory curriculum maps and the ActiveHistory syllabus topics to design your own course effectively.

We also have you covered for the Internal Assessment , Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge in History , not to mention Essay and Sourcework Skills , IBDP History Model Essays and IBDP History Sample Sourcework Exercises / Model answers !


40+ Model History Essays by RJ Tarr of www.activehistory.co.uk

As well as writing a number of articles for history review magazine, i make it a habit to write essays in timed conditions whenever i set such assignments with my classes. these serve as very useful teaching aids which help students to develop their own essay-writing skills. provided here are more than 40 essays and articles i have written that you might wish to use as support material with your own classes..

To accompany these resources you may also be interested in the following sections of ActiveHistory:

Pre-20th Century

ib history level 7 essay example

Analyse the causes of the Italian Wars 1494-1516

Analyse the theological causes of the Protestant Reformation (originally published in History Review)

Analyse the historical significance of the Radical Reformation

What were the Causes of the French Revolution?

To what extent did the French Revolution deliver on its promises of "Liberte, Egalite, Fraterinite"?

To what extent is it fair to describe Alexander II as a reformer, and Alexander III as a reactionary?

To what extent do you agree that without Lenin, the October Revolution would not have happened?

Rise and Rule of Authoritarian States

Authoritarian States - Random Essay Question Generator! This tool is desiged to help teachers and students prepare for the IB Paper 2 exam by generating possible questions to practice and discuss. It is based on the command terms and syllabus bullet points provided in the IB syllabus. Use this tool to generate a random question for a timed essay, or to sketch out various essay plans during revision season to keep minds open, flexible, and prepared for anything!

How successful was Lenin as ruler of Russia, 1918-1924? (originally published in History Review )

"Castro's mastery of guerrilla warfare was the main reason why he was able to take control of Cuba". To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Analyse the methods and conditions which led to to the rise of Mao as ruler of China .

Compare and Contrast the Rise of Mao and Stalin (originally published in History Review )

Compare and Contrast the Rise of Pinochet and Franco

Compare and Contrast the Rise of Mao and Pinochet

How Fascist was Fascist Italy?

How successful were Mussolini’s Domestic Policies?

Evaluate the political and economic impact of military rule in Chile between 1973 and 1989

By what methods, and with what success, did Fidel Castro try to eliminate domestic opposition?

Compare and contrast the foreign policies of Hitler and Mussolini (originally published in History Review )

Twentieth Century Warfare

What was the social and economic impact of World War One upon two of the countries involved?

Compare and Contrast the Origins of World Wars One and Two

Compare and contrast the role of technology in determining the outcome of two wars, each chosen from a different region

With reference to two examples from two different regions, assess (a) the reasons for the use of guerrilla warfare, and (b) its effectiveness

Analyse the causes of the Spanish Civil War

To what extent was Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War due to the involvement of foreign powers?

Compare and contrast the role of ideology in causing two 20th-century wars, each chosen from a different region

What were the most frequent causes of 20th-century wars?

Cold War: Origins and Development

Analyse the roots of the Cold War before 1945

Analyse the Causes of the Korean War

To what extent were conflicting views about Germany the main cause of the Cold War up to 1949?

Analyse the causes and consequences of the Korean War

In what ways, and with what results, was Germany a source of Cold War tensions between 1945 and 1962?

Assess the degree to which guerrilla warfare was the main cause of communist victory in Vietnam

United States after World War Two

In what ways, and with what results, did the Cold War influence relations between Latin America with the United States in the period 1945 to 1957?

How did the early years of the Cold War (1946 to 1956) affect the political and social life of the United States?

Assess the view that “After initial failures, Kennedy’s handling of foreign policy grew increasingly successful as time went on”

Analyse the successes and failures of President Kennedy's foreign policies towards Latin America between 1961 and 1963

How successful were President Johnson's "Great Society" reforms?

Analyse the successes and failures of Nixon’s domestic policies

Assess the successes and failures of Nixon’s foreign policy

ib history level 7 essay example


Buy the books.

ib history level 7 essay example

Latest Additions

New resources are added every single week of the year!

PSHE Peacekeeping: What makes a great peacebuilder? | PSHE Peacekeeping: Quotes on Conflict and Conflict Resolution | PSHE Peacekeeping: Competition versus Collaboration | Korean War: Visual essay-writing exercise | Regency England: Fling the Teacher Quiz | Why did the Gallipoli campaign fail? | Task Winners podium: who was the greatest figure of the Regency period? | Time Travel Holiday Package to Regency London | *NEW* Simulation Regency London: The Coronation Quest! | The Atomic Bomb: Was America right to use it? | French Revolution Simulation updated | What was the greatest technological innovation of D-Day? | Teacher answer sheet | D-Day: 20 witnesses in 20 minutes | Teacher answer sheet | D-Day: Timeline Analysis | Summary Pack: The Tudor Revolution in Government |

ib history level 7 essay example

Latest news from my classroom

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How should I write a grade 7 essay?

The most stressful parts of the IB exams (especially HL) are Papers 2 and (if HL) 3. Seeing as how you will only have about 30-40 minutes to write each essay, your 5 minutes of preparation time at the beginning of each exam should relate mostly to content, not format. A grade 7 essay is structured , concise , relevant , and nuanced . If you hit each of these points, you are guaranteed to write an excellent essay.What makes an essay structured? The PEEL method, which stands for:Point - a topic sentence to open up your paragraph,Evidence - a relevant fact that supports your point,an Explanation of your point's relevance and importance in the grander scheme of things (this depends on the question), anda Link to your thesis statement and your next body paragraph (or conclusion).Each paragraph should have a specific purpose to it, given in your topic sentence, which will either further or oppose your argument - meaning every fact or piece of historiography you include should be both concise and relevant . The complete structure of your essay depends on the question given (be it a 'To What Extent' or 'In What Ways' question), though you should at all times nuance your take on that question by keeping into account not only what different historians thought, bu also what you think. This will lend itself to a more personalised and standout essay.

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Evaluate the reasons for the loss of angevin power in france by 1214, was the decline of the qing dynasty inevitable, the cold war: analyse the part played by cuba in the development of the cold war, what were the origins of the spanish civil war (1936-9), we're here to help, company information, popular requests, © mytutorweb ltd 2013– 2023.

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    Example of a "7" - Scored 13/15 Marks The essay should more offer more historiography/evaluation of different perspectives. It could also include more

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    High scoring IB History Extended Essay examples. See what past students did and make your History EE perfect by learning from examiner commented examples!

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    Check these CAREFULLY to be sure your topic fits with IB expectations! · English A & B EE Examples · Philosophy EE Examples · Economics EE Examples.

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    Does anyone have an high level essay, maybe

  11. How to write a Grade 6/7 IB Paper 3 essay

    Watch this mp4 video below which is a 'Flipped lesson' mp4 video on my History channel. It will guide you as to how to write a Grade 6/7 essay in IB History

  12. Model History Essays by Russel Tarr

    World History teaching resources for the high school classroom: lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes and simulation games for KS3, IGCSE, IB and A-Level teachers.

  13. How should I write a grade 7 essay?

    The most stressful parts of the IB exams (especially HL) are Papers 2 and (if HL) 3. Seeing as how you will only have about 30-40 minutes to write each

  14. Discuss: How do you approach an essay in IB history?

    12 topics (2 questions/each) MUST answer two from DIFFERENT topics! Causes, Practices & Effects of 20th Century Wars; The Cold War. As specific and detailed