How to write an informal essay

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  • April 6, 2022

An informal essay is quite different from other types of essays . In an informal essay, you’re writing as if you are talking to a friend. You do not need to engage in a strict  academic writing process , but you should still avoid sloppiness.

  • In a formal essay, you expresses your ideas quietly behind the words.
  • In an informal essay, you talk to the reader in a conversational manner.

Formal and informal essays

In order to understand the difference between a formal and informal essay more clearly, let’s look at the table below.

Now that we know the general rules and definitions of an informal essay, let’s continue with the steps to write a great one.

Choose an informal essay topic

This is generally the first step of any essay writing process unless you are pre-assigned a topic already. An informal essay gives you a great opportunity in this step; you can write an informal essay on almost any topic . Here are some tips for you.

Informal essay topic tips

  • Choose a topic you have knowledge and are excited about.
  • Find inspiration from your own personal experiences.​
  • Just think about what you like to talk about the most, and you have your topic. ​

When choosing a topic:

Put the list away for an hour after you’ve created it. Return to it later. Most probably, one topic will stand out to you more. Then, you can write about that topic. For this how-to guide, we are choosing the topic “ why I stopped eating meat ”.

Create an outline

An informal essay does not need to follow a strict structure . However, it should still be coherent. Therefore, your outline does not need to be strict either. Just create one to help organize your thoughts.

Example of an informal essay outline

  • Thesis statement
  • Referring to reader
  • Address to the reader
  • Concluding sentence

Informal essay outline best practices

  • Remember you still need to do research while writing an informal essay.
  • Put together your research results in your outline so that your writing process becomes way easier. ​
  • Make sure to detail each part of the essay before writing, so you can write much faster.​

Write an introduction

Now, you start the actual writing process. In the introduction of an informal essay, you can basically follow the traditional introduction guide . 

Informal essay introduction example

Informal essay introduction best practices.

Before writing an introduction, you must first create an idea, identify a purpose, and collect information for the project.  The introduction also should contain a thesis statement .

Remember this type of essay is characterized by the inclusion of the writer’s viewpoint on the chosen topic , so be sure to declare your stance clearly.

Write the body paragraphs

Informal essay paragraphs example, tips for informal essay paragraphs.

  • You can write the main body of your essay using cliches, idioms, and even jargon. Don't forget every paragraph needs a topic sentence .
  • This is not a particularly academic type of paper; therefore, avoid sentences that are too long and complicated.​
  • To create a connection with the reader, it’s important to use a relaxed tone, transition words , and transition sentences . ​
  • Simple, quick, readable sentences and the use of various intonations will provide the essay with the necessary emotional context.​
  • This is a basic rule: write in a language that your professor can comprehend. That is to say, even if this is an informal assignment, it should still be readable.​

Important tip

Write a conclusion.

In the conclusion paragraph , you will need to summarize your main points and make a clear final comment.

Informal essay conclusion example

Informal essay conclusion tips.

  • Don’t make your conclusion repetitive.
  • Just quickly list the key points of conversation to leave a lasting impact on the reader. ​
  • You want them to remember and think about what you’re saying. ​

5-Paragraph Informal Essay Example

Game of Thrones: A World of Fantasy and Intrigue


Body paragraphs, key takeaways.

  • An informal essay is a type of essay that is written in a conversational style and often includes personal anecdotes and opinions.
  • To write an informal essay, you should choose a topic that you are passionate about and write in a voice that is natural and engaging.
  • Begin your essay with a clear introduction that hooks the reader and provides context for your topic.
  • Use personal anecdotes, humor, and other storytelling techniques to illustrate your points and engage the reader.
  • End your essay with a conclusion that summarizes your main points and provides a final reflection on your topic.

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