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Global Political Issues Essay Example

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Voting , Dictatorship , Political Parties , Regime , Greenhouse , Dictators , Fallen , Political Issues

Words: 1900

Published: 12/05/2019


Arguably, most of the factors affecting human beings are controlled by politics. In the 21st century, politics and politicians are perceived to be a widespread force in the contemporary society. Certainly, those individuals who are in charge of the government are the successful candidates of politics. Therefore, they should not rather run the state on their own, but act on behalf of the public. Government of a nation is tremendously valuable to be left under few people in society. Nations should always embrace democracy; this is because it makes all people be obligated to participate in the public domain, as well as providing an opportunity to be part of public life. According to Magstadt Thomas, numerous global political issues affect international relations of nations. The global political issues include dictatorship, leadership, global warming, democracy, voting behavior, war, revolution, welfare and poverty, citizenship, as well as public policies (Magstadt 5). In most of these, global issues in the political arena are governed and influenced by United Nations together with other international organizations. Undoubtedly, dictatorship is one of the global political issues that have influenced many countries in the globe. Most of the countries have been under the brutal leadership and affluence of dictatorship. Dictatorship, is not a concept that began recently, it is among the oldest form of governance. Certainly, human history is abounding with diverse examples of rulers who exhibits poor governance, but are unconstrained and want to remain in power for many years (Magstadt 66). As per the aspects of leadership exhibited in the world, dictatorship form of governance will not end any soon. In the 20th century, many states embraced democracy, but still there were emerging forms of dictatorship in other nations, especially in African countries and nations, which belonged to Soviet Union. These nations include Libya, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Perhaps, dictators rarely support democracy and other forms of organized politics. For example, Mubarak the president of Egypt is one the self-restrained dictator in the world. Dictators are always the masters of their own interest and will. Orders are implemented and executed, without any denial. The real picture in the globe is disturbing; those who go against the dictatorship regime undergo a lot of torture. Regardless of the numerous negative impacts caused by dictatorship, it is particularly useful in times of war, as well as elimination of corruption in the government (Magstadt 130). According to Thomas, dictatorship will not last long; this is because it is exceedingly difficult to get a perfect successor. Most of the nation, who undergoes dictatorship leadership, has no choice but to follow and serve the rule. Dictatorship affects every aspect of life, economic political and social. Media is one of the oppressed institutions within the states. Furthermore, laws operate and apply to those who are for democracy. In fact, the dictator is above the law; hence, he can bend the laws and rules of the nation. Most of them belief in sovereignty, and does not entertain any form of influence from foreign nations (Magstadt 132). United Nations and other international organization help in improving the humanitarian conditions. For example, the Red Cross provides food, medicine, clothes, and shelter to those individuals who are brutally punished by the dictatorial regime. The UN also attempt to control governance through deploying its troops, to maintain peace and order. The most appropriate role of UN is sanctioning the governance of dictators, either by suspending both material and financial help. In order to eliminate, these global political issues, the entire stakeholder should unite towards the fight against the dictators. However, the fact is one day; the society will rise against dictatorship, and eliminate its leaders, the latest incident being in Libya. In order for countries to experience development, they must accept democracy (Magstadt 165). Political issues in the world today are diverse and affect every sector of human life, namely, social, economic, as well as cultural. In General perspective, the study of international relationship and political issues is an access to a better and broader understanding of society, world, and human nature. Global warming is a political issue in the 21st century that affects international relations. In the past, the issue of global warming was, more of an environmental issue than political (Magstadt 17). However, currently the issue of global warming has become political. The modernization of western states, especially in economic growth, urbanization, democracy, technological development, has always been built upon the power of industrialization. This affects the environment, by causing global warming. The political leaders of these nations protect their industrialization development, claiming that there are other causes of global warming, rather than emission of industrial gases. Politicization of global warming took the stage in the year 2007. In fact, politicization of global warming will never end; this is because the governments provide funds to the scientist who research on the issue. The rich and powerful nations, such as United States have seized greenhouse gas theory, and gone against numerous climatic protocols, in order to maintain their benefits and promote their interests. Scientists believe that the continued depletion of the ozone layer is a threat to the security of the globe. World politics if defined by global power shifting, global warming as well as the global economy, these issues define who gets the best share (Magstadt 19). The politicization of global warming has led to misunderstanding within the globe, this is because the nation emitting much of Carbon dioxide gases into the air, are focused on their selfish interests rather than controlling the climate change. Its effects include substantial crop failure, increase of killer storms, and extinction of species. Due to these effects, United Nations and other responsible organization play a role in improving and developing a consensus on issues of global warming. TNA (Technology Needs Assessment) plays the role of analyzing and identifying technologies that help in adapting and mitigation of climate change. Their main aim is to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gasses. UNEP implements the action plan of TNA. UN through its UNEP helps in making policies that control global warming. Additionally, other humanitarian organizations help the affected nations in the provision of basic needs. Political leaders should understand that nature is powerful than political ideologies. The sustainability of future generation depends on the activities the globe undertakes (Magstadt 24). Election and voting behavior is another political issue that has affected many nations. Many countries in the world go to polls in order to elect their leaders in a democratic manner. But, due to failure to accept defeat, and deviant voting behaviors, some have fallen victims of post election violence. The issue of leadership wrangles based on unfair elections affects most African countries (Magstadt 114). For example, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast have fallen victims. On the other hand, most developed nations such as United States and Europe experience minimum election conflict. The technological advancement promotes fair, transparent, and free elections. Globally, legislators are too reluctant to face a new term of election, especially in situations where they have incurred a rage of a popular president. Rival parties go into campaigns at a very earlier than expected, forgetting their legislative duties. Undoubtedly, some countries have a enormous number of political parties. Therefore, the competition is exceptionally stiff. The political parties’ fame depends on popularity of its leaders, race, tribe, and other minor issue. These factors polarize the elections as well as election campaigns. In most developing nations, the principles guiding elections are not adhered to, leading to election irregularities (Magstadt 15). Conversably, political power of the electorate and parties depend on their actions in the public arena, and the way they sale there manifestos. The main problem with the global elections is that, the elected individuals rarely deliver on their promise. For example during Obama’s campaign, he promised the people of America various things, up to date few have been delivered. In a democratic society, leaders utilize the freedom of expression, must subject themselves to be voted for, put up with the law. In totalitarian nation elections is not an option, they plan for their victory. Elections in the 21st century are marked with a lot of irregularities such as falsification of results, rigging, using violence and denying opponents to contest. Furthermore, those who lose elections rarely give up, they must employ violence. The cardinal principles of democracy are human rights aw well as fair and free elections (Magstadt 13). United Nations has taken the initiative of ensuring free and fair form of elections. They do so by sending their representatives during elections, as well as supporting elections financially. They are independent bodies who ensure that election have no irregularities. Additionally, the international representatives act as witness in the entire election process. The United Nations through the World Bank can introduce financial sanctions to those nations whose president has forced his/her way to power., Arguably, the worst threat in the world today is terrorism. It has struck in almost every country in the world, targeting innocent people in the name of seeking recognition and passing information. In fact, most of their attacks are coordinated and executed at the same time, in different regions. It has become a global political issue, and has further affected international terrorism (Magstadt 471). The war on terror has also led to war in Iraq by United States. The most intended target of terrorists is U.S. Terrorists have developed a strong network, which has made it difficult for nations to trace. They are divided into smaller groups, which belong to a larger group. Additionally, they have a leader who makes all sorts of decisions. To many the definition of terrorism means use of violent tactics in the service of political ideologies. Actually, terrorism arises when government or state, of certain nation does not cooperate with them. Up to date, the origin of terrorism is associated with Islam and religious fundamentalism (Magstadt 473). There are major disparities in the Welfare and poverty of nations in the world today. Analytically, this is a clear indication of diversity of governance and leadership in different states the government has done very little in the eradication of poverty and improvement of people’s welfare. Poverty is a wide concept, characterized by lack of basic needs, lack of employment, poor infrastructure, as well as high population. Many states in the globe experience poverty. Politics play a major role in causing poverty, especially in democratic states. Corruption among the political leaders is a direct and indirect cause of poverty. This is among the highest level of global political crisis (Magstadt 131), Most of the funds of UN and World Bank are allocated to poverty-stricken nations, especially the third world. World Bank, together with these states eliminates poverty through education and economic empowerment. The United Nations are well aware of the corruption and other selfish interests surrounding the issue of poverty (Magstadt 247). Therefore, they sanction these countries as well as banning corrupt individuals from travelling to other nations. Actually, global political issues affect all other aspects of human life. Hence, all the stakeholders involved should correct all the problems associated to these global political issue.

Magstadt, T. Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institution, and Issues, 9th Edition. California: Wadsworth. 2010.


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