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The Effects of Motivation on Employee Performance: A Strategic Human Resource Management Approach

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Motivation has been established to be a critical sensation in the operations of today's small scale, large scale enterprises and multinational companies and its elements constitutes strength towards the achievement of organisations' strategic objectives in competitive environments. This study seeks to unravel the effects of motivation on employee performance, with a strategic human resource management approach. The fortitude for this research led to the retrieval of information from secondary sources published on the subject matter, and reviewed literature revealed the significance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The careful examination of the content and process theories of motivation established actualities, and further facts described the impact of performance management on firms' growth and the role of strategic human resource management in enhancing high quality performance through a motivated workforce. The available reviewed sources established that appropriate motivation mechanisms has positive effects on employees performance and helps to retain high quality employees firms desire for competitive advantage. The relevance of this study could aid practising managers, heads of private and public institutions and also human resource management practitioners.

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The Ijbmt , Roxana Cioclov

The following paper represents an in-depth analysis of the causality between motivation and performance of human resources, in organizational contexts. By analyzing the complexity of the two concepts individually, followed by the correlations between the two, the current paper will prove the bidirectionality of this relationship: motivation and performance determining each. Such a proven relationship will bring significant added value to the organizations that are interested to enrich their Human Resources practices, allowing them to strategically plan and target their actions in a manner that will ensure high level of involvement, engagement and active participation of their people. The study becomes both a theoretical and practical foundation of strategic HR management, in terms of how can motivation and performance be instrumented in order to align the individual efforts to the organizational strategy. In terms of methodology, the paper approaches a qualitative method, starting by identifying the elements that determine motivation and the ones that determine performance, including the way they can determine one another. Current paper is therefore an initial study, that could then be valued in further quantitative studies that would collect and interpret statistical data to demonstrate the theoretical hypothesis and model proposed.

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This paper discusses the link between motivation and performance, and established what makes motivation to have a central role in getting high performances from employees in organizations. It was revealed from the review that there are several motivational theories used by employers at different situations when they want their employees to highly perform. As motivation is to influence employees to perform, hence; performance is the evaluation with respect to acknowledged tasks, objectives, goal line and rational anticipations linked with a role, occupation in an organization. This paper has looked at some of these theories that have been proven and accepted by the general public. They comprise Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, McGregor’s theories x and y, McClelland’s theory of learned needs, Alderfer’s ERG theory, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory and different types of motivation, such as intrinsic and extrinsic. It is evident from the literature reviewed that all...

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The study was about the effect of employees’ motivation on employees’ performance. A case study of National Social Security Fund: Head Quarters. The main objective of the study was to assess the influence of employees’ motivation on the employees’ performance. While the specific objectives were to examine the influence of: working environment on employees’ performance, intrinsic factors on employees’ performance and extrinsic factors on employees’ performance. The methodology of the study included the use of Primary data. The method used to collect data/information was questionnaire and reviews from different Management and Motivation books, documents and journals concerning with the topic of employees retrenchment. Analysis and interpretation of the findings revealed the influence of employees’ motivation on the employees’ performance in parastatal organizations can be influenced with the environment of work itself which comprises physical environment and support also intrinsic and extrinsic factors if carefully used they can improve general employees’ performance. Some of recommendations and suggestions provided to organizations is to provide training and seminars to the managers on how to motivate their employees which will result to improve their performance Therefore if organizations observe the given recommendations and suggestions concern with what to do when doing employees motivation because the recommendation will help the organization to attain a required performance as well as satisfy employees needs in the organization.

marven dela cruz

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Himanshu Pankaj Boro

Joanes Kyongo

The relationship between motivation and performance is a universal concern and is often talked about but many organizations do not make concrete efforts to study it in detail. These organizations blindly apply the popular motivational theories without findings and instigators which would be the result of an intensive study on motivation. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, understanding what fosters and forwards employee motivation and thus organizational performance is critical. Motivation is about stimulating people to action and to achieve a desired task. For organizations of all sorts to be efficient and successful, enough of every person’s drives must be stimulated and satisfied to ensure effective performance. There is more emphasizes on excellent management as a major contributor to personal effectiveness, group efficiency and business success. The concept of motivational management was there in practice since the age of slavery; however, its motivation was as a result ...

Zenodo (CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Budi Agung Prasetya

This study aims to determine the influence of the level of motivation on performance in the Inspectorate General (ITJEN) is the Government Internal Supervision Apparatus (APIP) within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). ITJEN Kemendikbudristek has a vital role in realizing the quality and accountable management of state university (PTN) governance. For this reason, it is essential to conduct research related to the audit performance produced by ITJEN and how the level of motivation affects what has a causality relationship with the resulting audit performance. Based on the results of research and discussion, it can be concluded that the level of motivation and employee performance is not optimal. As for statistical analysis, it is known that the level of motivation has a positive and significant influence in carrying out its role in the organization.


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People bring flowers at the Crocus City Hall concert venue following a terrorist attack in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow attack explainer: why would Islamic State attack Russia and what will Putin’s response be?

After IS claimed responsibility for shooting in Moscow’s Crocus city hall, questions remain about how Russia will respond

  • Russia attack – latest updates

The attack on Moscow’s Crocus City concert hall is the deadliest attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) on European soil, with 137 people confirmed to have been killed .

On Friday evening, attackers carrying assault rifles entered the concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, shooting for nearly an hour as panicked concertgoers scrambled to escape. Then the attackers set the venue on fire.

The death toll is slightly higher than the devastating Paris attacks of 2015 , which came at the height of the IS’s power.

Since Friday, events have moved quickly, with four suspects – identified as citizens of Tajikistan by a Russian news agency – appearing in court on Sunday, pleading guilty to being involved.

Questions remain, however: the shape that President Vladimir Putin’s response will take is unclear, while experts are seeking to explain the precise motive for the attack.

Why would IS attack Russia?

There are practical, historical and ideological reasons why IS would attack Russia.

IS leaders have long seen attacks against distant targets as an integral part of their extremist project. Such operations – when successful – terrorise their enemies but also mobilise existing supporters and attract new ones.

Often, targets are determined by what resources are available. Nine years ago, a cohort of French and Belgian recruits in Syria led to a wave of attacks in both countries. In the past 18 months, IS has made a concerted effort to recruit central Asian militants through its Afghan branch, known as Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP). Being Russian speaking, or even Russian nationals, these recruits can easily reach a target in Moscow, offering multiple new opportunities for attacks.

Russia has been in the cross-hairs of IS for many years. IS leaders, like many Islamic militants, are mindful of Russian support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. A key point made by IS propaganda from Pakistan to Nigeria is that Moscow is part of the broader coalition of Christian or western forces engaged in an existential, 1,400-year-old battle against Islam.

IS statements claiming responsibility for the attack boasted of “killing Christians”.

Moscow concert hall attack: what we know so far  – video report

Leaders of ISKP may also see Russia as supportive of the continued rule of the Taliban, which has repressed them. They will also remember brutal Soviet military operations in Afghanistan in the 1980s and “the Jihad” waged by their fathers or grandfathers against Moscow’s forces. Russia’s bloody war in Chechnya in 1999 may be a factor too.

What will Russia’s response be?

Many terrorist attacks seek to provoke a powerful repressive response from authorities, with the aim of further escalating violence. If this was part of the IS plan for Moscow, they are unlikely to be disappointed.

Russian authorities’ interrogation of the suspects appears to have been particularly brutal.

A man suspected of taking part in the attack sits inside the defendant cage as he waits for his pre-trial detention hearing.

Videos circulating of their interrogations suggest that the men were tortured; one of the videos appears to show members of the security forces cutting off the ear of a suspect and then stuffing it into his mouth.

In court, all of the suspects appeared heavily bruised with swollen faces. One of them was brought to court directly from hospital in a wheelchair. He was attended by medics and was seen with multiple cuts.

Putin has vowed to punish those behind the “barbaric terrorist attack” – and Muslim minorities in Russia are likely to face a wave of repression.

In the Russian ruler’s only public remarks on the massacre he made no reference to IS’s claims of responsibility.

Instead, despite IS claiming the attack and releasing footage to corroborate those claims, Russia has still sought to place some blame on Ukraine.

On Saturday, Putin claimed without evidence that the four arrested gunmen planned to flee to Ukraine. The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has said Putin and others close to him are seeking to divert the blame from Russian intelligence failings.

The US has said it received intelligence that ISKP acted alone.

Will the death toll rise?

As of the Monday after the attack, emergency workers said they were continuing to search for anyone who may be left wounded or dead inside the severely damaged concert hall. The death toll rose multiple times over the weekend as more bodies were found.

Many families were left not knowing if relatives present at the concert hall on Friday night were alive. Igor Pogadaev told the AP news agency that he was desperately seeking any details of his wife’s whereabouts after she went to the concert and stopped responding to his messages. Pogodaev said he scoured hospitals in the Russian capital and the broader Moscow region, looking for information on newly admitted patients. But his wife was not among those reported injured or on the list of victims identified so far, he said. Moscow’s health department said on Sunday it had begun using DNA testing to identify the bodies of those killed, a process that would take at least two weeks.

Reuters and the Associated Press contributed to this report

  • Moscow concert hall attack
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Islamic State

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