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Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Term Paper

Writing a term paper is easily accomplished if you have a game plan for getting the job done. Here are five tips to help you ace your next term paper.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve narrowed down your term paper topic, start by reading about it in authoritative source material. Once you’ve collected and studied the information you need, you’ll be well-equipped to put your thoughts down on paper or your keyboard. To make the research process easier, take detailed notes. Whether you’re writing a term paper for an American history class or grade 11 physics exam papers, precise note-taking helps you retain information more easily and keeps you organized.

Creating a solid outline is crucial to writing a stellar term paper. Map out the introduction, the main body of the term paper, and then the conclusion. Make sure the thesis and the major points of the term paper are clearly defined. If you have any questions about the topic, go back and review your notes or do additional research, if necessary. Writing the term paper will be much easier if you have the structure and key points of the paper already nailed down.

With your outline complete, you’re ready to begin the writing process. Because most of us have an inner critic when we write, it’s a good idea to acknowledge this fact and carry on with the writing process anyway without procrastinating. A good way to circumvent the inner critic, which tends to slow us down while writing, is to create a quick first draft. Afterwards, you can go back and make revisions.

Citing Sources

Make sure you provide information about all of the source material you’ve used for your term paper — even information that you’ve reworded — to avoid plagiarism. Any direct quotations must have a citation. However, sources aren’t necessary for information that’s common knowledge, such as the location of a specific Civil War battle or the educational background of an American president.

Polish the Term Paper

Wait several hours, or preferably longer, and then return to your term paper and thoroughly proofread it. Keep an eagle eye out for spelling mistakes as well as grammar and punctuation errors. Also, make sure that the antecedent of every pronoun is clear. Then do a spell check and a grammar check using a program such as Microsoft Word to find mistakes you may have missed. As a final step, give the paper one last look to ensure that you’re ready to turn in the final draft.


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by Salma Sultana


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Mercy Busienei

Human Resource Management and Competitive Advantage

Tanuja Agarwala

2005, ASTD 2005 Research-to-Practice Conference …

Innovative Human Resource Practices in Select Organizations: A Study from India

Maria Pressentin


The topic of culturally responsive education is well researched. Much has been focused on the topic of pedagogy, methodology and class-room operations. Nevertheless, this topic seems to be mostly researched under the single area of providing education, without having looked at the impact of the economic value and consequences of providing a more culturally responsive education on students after their studies and in their work lives. In addition, students of more mature age already with careers, concurrently fulfilling their higher education would have appreciation for a similar type of teaching method discussed herewith. This paper will provide context and a business case that explains the bridge of furnishing a culturally responsive education through soft-skills, as a parameter of success for educators, students, and the institution-provider on the systemic level, while explaining the well-being state of using soft skills for all groups, as well as, identifying which skills used have the highest financial benefit for the organization. This study will include five segments: • Literature Review • Practical Observations • Survey • Challenges • Recommendations It is the author’s hope that this article will serve as a catalyst of further research on the topic in hopes to creating an educational system comprehensive enough, both in academic subjects and in soft-skills offerings, to cultivate the future leaders today in our students. Keywords: Culturally Responsive Education, Motivation, Engagement, Business Case for Soft Skills, Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills, Well-Being.

The Business Case for Education to Include Soft-skills on the Systemic Level: Reflecting on Being a Culturally Responsive Educator in Higher Education.

Abdul Jabbar

2020, unknow

Here i am new.. just uploading....

practice for reading

José G. Vargas-Hernández

The main purpose of this paper is to review the main theoretical and methodological and instrumental approaches of school management. It assumes that there is an urgent need to change the transcendental paradigm in the administration of a school. This will be achieved by proposing an alternative model, which is based primarily on systemic approach, including the effectiveness as an indicator of high impact, and that the current model does not include.

Paradigm Shift in the Management School From traditional to an eclectic approach of administrative management

Kessy Messy Uwaje

2002, xcbxcb

An Introduction to Organizational Behavior v. 1.1

Theresa Welbourne , Steven Schlachter

Employee engagement has gained in popularity exponentially. However, with all the practitioner and academic interest in the topic, there continues to be inconsistent definitions, low reports of causal research and we suggest missing answers to an important question: engaged in what? In order to explore this issue, we apply role theory to specifically map engagement to multiple in-role behaviors. In this paper we start with an overview of the employee engagement literature, including an analysis of the roles currently studied by researchers. We then suggest ways in which the employee engagement research and practice can improve through the use of role theory and a focus on five specific work-related roles (core job, team member, organizational member, career or occupational role and an entrepreneurial or innovator role). Lastly, we add propositions that help move employee engagement research beyond the study of a single role, further explicating what role-based behaviors engagement m...

Engaged in What? Role Theory Perspectives for Enhancing Employee Engagement Research and Practice


Business world began to realize that humans have such a place above other production factors; even more the most important value. In such an environment where changes occur so fast and competition increase, companies having broader visions in effort of placing a pioneer and proactive position regarding to competitors, try to meet the expectations and needs of the employees, especially who are talented as to make difference and add value to the company and scarce as other functional resources, to attract and retain them. On the other side, the latest internal customers of the companies, generation z, who are capable of improving themselves due to technological developments and have radical changes in career intelligence such as boundless career and weak organizational commitment are starting to fill the places of the qualified enough but to retire soon-employees. When the career related changes occurred in employees and the wishes of the companies are considered, the other side of the medallion that is employer part should be changed also by leaving the traditional human resource management and choose talent management practices. In this research by the aim of deep understanding from discovering the possible advantages of talent management in career development process of generation z, case study method is practiced with a company by interview and document review techniques.

Role of Talent Management in Career Development of Generation Z: A Case Study of a Telecommunication Firm

Marvello Yang

Employee Engagement and Commitment A guide to understanding, measuring and increasing engagement in your organization

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