The Miami Beach Descriptive Essay

One of nature’s most captivating sights is the beach. A sandy landform lying along the shoreline of the ocean, the beach is filled with splendor and it inspires feelings of tranquility and bliss to the person who happens to be on it.

The Miami Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and observing it can be a moving experience. Walking along the Miami Beach barefooted on an early morning is a memorable experience.

The grainy sands feel soft and comforting and one cannot help but drag their feet to prolong the experience. One might chance to come across crabs lazily crawling along the beach as it seeks out their prey or a sea turtle munching on plant debris at the shorelines.

Watching the sunrise over Miami Beach is one of the most delightful treats nature has to offer. The sun seems to emerge from the endless ocean and as it shows it appears from the horizon, it paints the ocean in bold bright colors.

The clouds also begin to be filed with deep hues of crimson and rose as the sun rises behind them. As the sun slowly makes it way upwards, one cannot help but rest their gaze, if only for a moment, on the brilliant, silvery waters.

For the moment, one can afford to ignore the huge multi-storied buildings that lie a few blocks behind and get lost in the intoxicating appeal of nature.

The keen, fresh ocean-air gently caresses the visitors face. As the sun moves upwards, it heats the ocean air and its warmth can be felt in the gentle breeze that fans the person’s face. The morning air is lovely and one gets a giddy feeling from inhaling the salt filled air.

The rhythmic rise and fall of the waves adds to the splendor which is only equaled by the comforting sound of the waves as they crash gently on the shore.

Every now and then, the crushing waves bring with them a seashell or a piece of wood that might have travelled for hundreds of miles before landing on this beach.

The Atlantic Ocean stretches out endlessly into the distance and one cannot help but feel awed by its vastness. In the distance, dolphins can be seen diving up gracefully for a moment, only to return to their watery world.

In addition to the sea creatures, the ocean is punctuated by sailing boats which cut their way merrily towards the docks with the gently sea breeze nicely swelling their sails. A peaceful calm lies over the beach, and, with a contented, graceful motion, the sailing boats rise and fall on the gently lapping waves.

The melodic chirping of the birds in the early morning provides the background music for the experience. Together with the rustling palm trees nearby, they form a natural symphony that makes it easy for one to lose track of time and reality.

Eventually, one has to say goodbye to the beach and venture back into the city that has concrete streets and noisy traffic. For many people, this is the gloomy part of the beach experience and if they had their way, they would postpone the moment indefinitely.

However, the allure of the beach and the serenity it creates continue to linger long after the person has physically left the magical beach.

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Descriptive Essay About Miami Beach

Miami Beach has long been a vacation mecca for both domestic and International visitors, and has been well regarded as a classic US vacation destination for decades. While palm trees sway in the breeze, the cool ocean breezes blow playfully on your skin. Miami Beach is simultaneously both breezy and steamy all at once. The sounds of Latin music and the smell of suntan lotion are constant and the flavor of the city is culturally vibrant. Miami’s rich history and storied past are as much a part of today as they were long ago. It is impossible to visit Miami Beach and not feel that you are part of that era in time. Colorful beachfront properties from an era long gone still retain a 1920s Art Deco feel, and even though the hotels have continued to become more modern inside, most still …show more content…

As Latin music blares from every restaurant and bar, and you can’t help but feel the rhythm and sexy salsa beats, that will make you want to stay up and dance all night long. These are only a few of reasons that Miami Beach has held its appeal for almost 100 years. From April through September, it is low season (the weather can be a bit steamy) but hotel prices are very inexpensive. During the high season, you can expect to pay $750 - $1600 dollars for an over the top suite with an ocean view and private Jacuzzi, or a poolside suite with its own cabana. We have two favorite properties in this price range. The Miami Beach Edition Hotel conveniently houses both an ice skating rink and indoor bowling alley for those extra hot days and nights. The Tides Miami Beach was built in 1936, and standing tall at 49 meters, it was the tallest building in the city at that time. If you fancy a breathtaking King Suite with a Jacuzzi, Hotel Victor is the place. Located in the heart of the action at 11th Street and Ocean Drive, we love everything about

In this essay, the author

  • Describes miami beach as a vacation mecca for both domestic and international visitors. palm trees sway in the breeze, while cool ocean breezes blow playfully on your skin.
  • Opines that miami's rich history and storied past are as much a part of today as they were long ago.
  • Explains that miami beach has held its appeal for almost 100 years. latin music blares from every restaurant and bar and you can’t help but feel the rhythm and sexy salsa beats.
  • Compares the miami beach edition hotel's price range with the tides, which is the tallest building in the city at that time.
  • Opines that hotel victor is the place to stay if you fancy a breathtaking king suite with jacuzzi. the betsy is an historic luxury hotel located on ocean drive in the historic art deco district.
  • Explains that sls, seriously lavish stay was originally built in 1939, and has since been redesigned by philippe starck. the oceanfront hotel design reflects the sophistication of old french aristocracy.
  • Describes the confidante, which was recently taken over by hyatt, as an ideal miami beach escape.
  • Opines that casa claridge's is one of the most uniquely designed properties in this category. it opened in 1928 as el paraiso apartments.
  • Describes angler's kimpton as an exclusive getaway that is nothing close to ordinary. it has 45 rooms spread across four buildings, lush gardens, private jacuzzis and rooftop terraces.
  • Explains nautilus, a sixty hotel, features exclusive beach access, salt water pool and expansive backyard offering nests for ultimate relaxation. the langford hotel sits in the heart of downtown miami.

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Great Wolf Lodge

...rger without ever having to leave the area. There is also a Bear Sweet and Eats snack shop; feel free to buy all the cookies and ice cream you want. There have been guests who complain that the food is overpriced and I will admit that paying $19.99 for a breakfast buffet is a little steep. However, I must also point out that no one is obligated to buy food at the resort. Guests are free to bring in their own food and drinks with no hassle from the staff. That is an added perk that cannot be overlooked.

Compare And Contrast California And Florida

California’s most ravishing views must be its coastline. There are amazing, refined, long stretches of beaches that offer a wide variety of sceneries. Beautiful white sand coming from Santa Monica, Long Beach and Big Sur. All types of people from the state of California to people from Florida enjoy California beaches. Some even like to hang loose and surf on the waves coming off the coast. Incredible evenings make families in California come together to watch the sun set. Florida beaches are not just well known in the USA but all around the world. Beaches that come to mind are Miami, Clearwater, and Sarasota beach. Miami beach is considered one of the “sexiest beaches in America.” With all the parties thrown on the beach, spring break is a local one stop for students that are coming out of Miami University. Clearwater beach, years ago, was ranked as the number one beach on the planet, with its white powdery sand and super clear water. Sarasota beach is quiet, and one can hear the natural crashing of the waves hitting the shore that sooths anybody trying to relax and enjoy their

Key West is a beautiful and diverse city unlike any other city in the world and even

Little Talbot Island State Park

Soaking in the glorious Florida rays is not the only adventure to be had on this beach in the Sunshine State.

The pool and surrounding room, which were built from 1927-1934, can be compared to an ancient Roman bath. The pool, like the baths, is located indoors. Its water was heated as in a tepidarium. However, in Hearst's complex there were no hot or cold baths as there were in the ancient complex. The Roman Pool complex was designed to contain an exercise room, sweat baths, a handball court and dressing rooms (Cohn/Kastner p. I-258.) The Baths of Caracalla covere...

Describe Orlando

2. Outdoors: Orlando has an abundance of outdoors activity chiefly because of its great weather. The Atlantic Coast offers white sandy beaches with pristine blue water and plenty of water related activities. And all over the place there are gardens, recreational facilities and sports complexes. The city is home to some of the finest golf parks in the State.

Florida Fun Facts

Things to see and do in Florida are, you can go to Disneyland or Disneyworld Florida is home to both. You can go to the beach or ocean Florida has huge oceans and beaches and swimming in Florida is kinda what it is known for because Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine state. So Florida has big oceans well why not go on a cruise because you can go on a big ship or boat and go across the ocean. And those are things to see and do in Florida. These are just a few things you can do there are many

Cultural Differences In Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is a warm place that is located in the Southeast region of the UnitedStates. Even though, it is mostly warm in Miami Florida there are a lot of beachesthere because Florida is surrounded by water. There are diverse cultures in Miami,Florida and you have the freedom of religion there. Miami is a place where you canalso learn other language and cultures such as Spanish, Haitian. You will have a lotof fun if you come to Miami, Florida because of the beaches, food, languages, andcultures, especially during the

A Comparison Of Traveling To Sanibel Island And Destin

I have been to Florida a billion times, but there are only two places that I normally visit. Sanibel Island and Destin. Traveling to Sanibel Island is almost like a tradition for my family because every year we try to go down there. My grandparents first went to Sanibel with my whole family (cousins and all) about 15 years ago and ever since then, it has been our family’s main “vacation spot”. I have gone to Sanibel almost every year, but last year I also went to Destin. Now the main reason we decided to go there as well is because we wanted to travel somewhere nearby the panhandle of Florida. The water and beaches are also very contrasting in comparison to Sanibel. Sanibel’s beaches even had heaps of sea shells going out into the water. The sand is also more dense than that of Destin. Even Sanibel’s water is darker and more cloudy, so it was crazy to see Destin’s water so clear! The beach (which is called Emerald Cove, where I stayed at) had sand that was so white and soft it

Essay On Why To Move To Florida

You’ll have a lot of visitors. Moving to Florida and you’ll never have to worry about having visitors again. Everyone will want to visit you, so find a place large enough to accompany them all.

Personal Narrative: Universal Orlando Florida

Orlando is known for having some of the best resorts such as, Hard Rock Resort, Portofino Bay Resort, and Royal Pacific Beach Resort, but, they also have a new addition

Describe Puerto Rico

The world is filled with many gorgeous lands, but Puerto Rico absolutely tops them all. This land is particularly intriguing due to its vast variety of beaches filled with people of all different ethnicities as if it were a melting pot. When experiencing these beaches the senses are overwhelmed with the smell of fresh salt water, foods ranging from fruits that are both sweet and tangy like candy. As soon as person steps on to one of these beaches, he or she can instantly hear people splashing and playing as if he or she were kids in a swimming pool during the summer. Whiles music playing the sounds of the island a music that is infectious and made your body want to succumb to the sounds of the all while the sun warms the air around them like a heater in the winter.

Trip To Florida

Have you been to the sunshine state? I have. Amusement parks, sandy beaches, shops, and more make Florida an awesome trip destination that everyone can enjoy. It all started with the sound of my alarm at 3:00 am, I thought it was too early, but later on I found out it was well worth it. My mom soon threw my bedroom door open, “We need to leave in 15 minutes for the airport” I quickly got ready in what little time I could, grabbed my suitcase and hopped in my dad's car.

Write An Essay About Punta Cana

One of the best reasons to visit Punta Cana is for the beaches. The water is clear, turquoise, and warm, and the waves are perfect - not too still, not too strong. Since Punta Cana is a frequently travelled spot for vacationers, the resorts tend to keep their beaches extremely clean, too, which is a nice touch. Tractors even run daily to clear away the pesky seaweed! The people of the Dominican are very nice. Those that work at the resorts are always willing to help

Descriptive Essay about Sunset Beach

Ever since Sunset Beach has been officially opened to the public, there has been a drastic increase of tourists present. Television programs concluded that at least a thousand people visit the beach everyday. Reasons for their stay are that they feel comfortable with the environment that surrounds the beach front, people who are at the beach are joyous and numerous activities to enjoy, and the fresh scent of the sparkly waters, make the visitors feel calm and pleasurable. So I decided to take a trip there.

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Descriptive Essay: The City Of Miami

descriptive essay about miami beach

Show More Many things can represent the city of Miami to people. To me however, from daytime to nighttime, South Beach best illustrates what makes Miami different from almost every other city: diversity. Everything, from the sounds, feelings and tastes, to the smells and sights, makes one feel as though you are standing at the crossroads to the rest of the world. As you approach South Beach, crossing over the ocean on I-395, you can already hear multiple styles of music playing in the distance. Meanwhile, searching for parking along A1A, one can hear the bass drum of techno music pulsating from the nearby clubs. While walking along the pavement, the vibrations from the repetitive beats are soon drowned out by the festive rhythms of Latin music playing from the various restaurants. Almost as loud as the music, one can hear the laughter and socializing of energetic people. However, the various forms of languages and music are not the only exposure to …show more content… Whether coming from the delicious food during the day, or from the vibrant fireworks at night, the smell of smoke will make you feel alive. An enticing display of numerous cultures is always present in the people, art, and fashions of South Beach. One can always find countless types of jewelry, clothing, and artwork, in addition to musical and dance performances, close to the shoreline. All of this wonderful diversity is only a foreground to the many fancy boutiques, warming guesthouses, luxurious hotels, and luminous clubs. Miami is a city made up of many backgrounds. Whether this comes from other countries or states, through its residents or tourists, South Beach best exemplifies this melting pot of cultures. One only has to visit this remarkable site once to stimulate the five human senses. As Lenny Bruce, the late comedian of the 1950’s, once said, “Miami Beach is where neon goes to

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New Orleans Attraction New Orleans is a unique city, quite possibly the most unique in all the US. New Orleans is a very beautiful place. It has a lot of historical places to visit and learn about. When someone comes to New Orleans for vacation, they should go to the Bourbon Street, New Orleans cemeteries, and Voodoo Museum. First, no trip to the New Orleans is complete without a stop at Bourbon Street.…

Here Is New York By E. B. White Analysis

For many years New York has been a destination for many people to visit or to live in. There are many things the city has to offer, but at times people will not fully appreciate it. New York is a place in which people can find many opportunities and have a chance for a fresh start. As a New Yorker, and living here my entire life there are some things that I will often take for granted. However, after reading E.B. White’s essay and understanding his point of view on New York and its residents, it has made me reconsider many things about living here, and to appreciate the wonderful city I live in.…

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Personal statement The year 2004 marked a time in my family’s history in which we took a substantial step forward by coming to the United States. Before that, we lived through and experienced a lot of unspeakable things. Originating in Somalia, my parents understood that it was a place where nothing could be achieved. Civil war broke out, devastating hundreds upon thousands of lives, including several of my family members. Corruption infected the government, military, and all forms of law enforcement.…

Florida Everglades Essay

Search and Rescue in the Florida Everglades Search and Rescue (SAR) in the Florida Everglades provides a unique challenge due to the remote location and operations can often only be attempted by boat or aircraft. A suitable replacement for manned aircraft in these search and rescue operations could be a quad rotor unmanned aerial system (UAS). Manned aircraft, whether fixed wing or helicopters, are expensive to fly and maintain. A fleet of small quad rotor UAS equipped with a SAR specific sensor loadout, could be carried on boats and deployed on location to provide support (“S9 SAR”, n.d.)…

Essay On Florida Everglades

Have you seen or mabye visited the Florida Everglades? Have you heard of the huge problems the Everglades face? The Florida Everglades were once home to many rare, endangared, and exotic species. But now, lots of this is gone. The everglades get effected by Sugarcane farm”s, face many water supply droughts and have a very weak ecosystem.…

Swot Analysis For Avalon

Introduction The breaking waves rush up the soft sand, touching the toes of wistful vacationers. Not a single moment is desired more than this moment on a hot summer day in Avalon, New Jersey. Every Avalon beach-goer has felt the flood of relaxation sent throughout their body from the single touch of the cooling salty ocean water. A summer long trip to this small town is the dream for every visitor of the seven mile island because of its one-of-a-kind peaceful ambience.…

New Orleans Essay

The New Orleans is a Louisiana city beside the Mississippi River, near the Gulf of Mexico. The Nickname for New Orleans is Big Easy. New Orleans is named after the Duke of Orleans, who reigned as Regent for Louis XV from 1715 to 1723. Beginning of the Morrison's administration, and for the entirety of Schiro's, the city was a center of the Civil Rights Movement. In 2005 New Orleans was catastrophically hit by the Hurricane Katrina like other places of USA.…

Miami Dade County Essay

hi How many public schools are there in Miami Dade County? Feedback Miami-Dade County, Florida - Wikipedia,_Florida Miami-Dade County is a county located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Florida. It is the southeasternmost county on the U.S. mainland. According to ... Largest city‎: ‎Miami Seat‎: ‎Miami Named for‎: ‎Francis L. Dade Congressional districts‎: ‎23rd‎, ‎24th‎, ‎25th‎, ‎26th‎, ... Dade |…

Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Vacation In Miami, Florida

June 18, 2015. It was a breezy Saturday afternoon and everything seemed normal. I looked out my window on the fifth story of our hotel. I saw the birds flying in the air. My family and I were on vacation in Miami, Florida.…

The Importance Of Public Transportation In Miami

Mission Statement Public transportation has its limitations and disadvantages in the South Florida region, Miami alone suffers from its limited routed Metrorail. Even Miami-Dade local buses of Miami are bound to suffer the same fate as drivers do… traffic. Miami is ranked 28th for high traffic congestion based on a worldwide poll by TomTom (TomTom International BV, 2016). The South Florida region suffers from car culture, which means people who live in low density residential areas are dependent on vehicles to travel one to another.…

Reflective Essay On Florida

Florida and the ocean As the smell of the sweet, salty, summer air filled my lungs , I realized I was going to love Florida. We drove the whole way there and I could barely wait to see the ocean! I had never been there, and when we pulled into Daytona the air is what woke me up. It was so different, so new and sharp.…

Descriptive Essay On New York City

New York City From a New Yorker’s Point of View: A City Filled with Flaws New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. These phrases always seem to catch the attention of many people. When New York comes up in a conversation, most people think about well-known locations like Grand Central Station where you can travel to upstate New York or other states near New York, or Times Square where the lights shine the brightest and there are so many different things to do like shopping, eating, sightseeing, or just hanging out.…

Descriptive Beach

I can smell the sunscreen lingering in the air; the sour mix of chemicals and sweat. I can feel the warm sand against my feet, and the sun heating my skin. I can hear the distant scream of a seagull and the crashing of waves against the sand. I can taste the air that is concentrated with a salty beauty; despite the bitter after taste, it is somewhat pleasant. The beach is a sensory overload of virtuosity and creativity.…

Descriptive Essay: The City Of San Francisco

Imagine a seven-by-seven-mile metropolis, surrounded by several neighborhoods filled with homes with unique design in Presidio Heights or Nob Hill, tall office buildings in the Financial District, and amazing views of San Francisco and the Bay from the Golden Gate Bridge or Twin Peaks. As many people view San Francisco as one of the most expensive and difficult cities to live in, I like to think of it as my home away from home. It is a city of seekers and adventurers. I am a city girl and I love everything about what an urban environment can offer me. I got lost within the crowds, found small hidden spots, interacted with others around me…

Narrative Essay: The Big Apple: New York City

The Big Apple New York City is the place that everyone dreams of visiting. From the building, to the city lights, everyone wants to see the city that never sleeps. I remember being six years old and seeing NYC on the news while sitting on my couch in my living room in Poland. All the tall building and city streets did not fail to quickly capture my attention. Before I knew it my parents…

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Miami Beach

Coastal management rbsc environment research beach coast.

Responses such as naturalness, unspoilt landscape, relaxing view are rated highly when people stated what they liked about the beach.

Summary Of The Beach Poem By Bruce Dawe

“The Beach is written in the style of a free verse poem consisting of two stanzas, the first one having nineteen lines and the second having twelve. The lines vary significantly in length and feature a large amount of enjambment which stretches over fur lines in some cases. The mood and atmosphere of the poem is extremely relaxed and promotes the reader to feel nostalgic about the last time they themselves visited the beach.

Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Southern California

Growing up in Southern California, I was surrounded by coastal culture, which has influenced me in many ways. No matter whether I lived in San Diego or Ventura county, I was never more than ten minutes away from the beach. Every weekend, it seemed, my dad would take us to the beach as family so we could play in the water, build sandcastles, catch hermit crabs, see the tide pools, and most of all, spend time together. I was enchanted by all the beach had to offer. Every sandcastle built was a palace for a hermit crab and every tide pool a thriving community. Whenever I stepped into the water, my imagination would run wild. Despite how often we went, I always enjoyed our days at the beach.

I Love Assateague Research Paper

You look around and all you see is mother nature's finest. The beach is where people go to have fun and that’s why I go to this one special beach, because you get a little of everything there. You get wild life, the ocean, and pure silence. The only thing you can hear is the ocean waves crashing onto the beach, reminds me of Niagara falls. Its breathtaking. And everything is clean. No trash laying around at all. Nothing.

Comparing Ocean City, MD To Fenwick Island

What isn’t at the beach? The beach is a relaxing and comfortable place to be with friends and family. Whether it’s taking a walk on the beach as the golden sand oozes under your toes or relaxing on the beach as the bright sun beams on your skin. Suddenly you get hot, so you decide to take a swim as the waves smash into the shore. If you get hungry, conveniently there’s a surplus of foods to choose from to satisfy your cravings. If you get bored, games, rides and amusement rides are available at your fingertips. From beach to beach, Ocean City, MD to Assateague Island, the shores have a lot to offer. The coastlines which are 18 miles apart, are vastly different due to the history and founders of the east coast beaches. You’ll observe the benefits they have to offer their communities and see just how important these places are.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

As I walk towards the ocean with the sand warm beneath my feet, the waves lap at my ankles, seeming as if they want to pull me out to sea. The sun rises over the horizon, reflecting off the waves and shimmering like gold. The salt air smells tangy as it stings my nose with the smell I crave while I am away from the ocean. The Outer Banks in North Carolina has been my favorite place to go from my first memories. I look forward to going there every summer because there at the ocean I feel at home. It is a place where I can forget every stress in my life and be totally at peace. It is a place where my family can spend time together, not like at home where we all have activities and places to be. The Outer Banks is not a beach where the ocean

Personal Narrative-The Coast Of North Carolina

The Coast of North Carolina is a prime location for relaxation and fun in the sun. Waves that roll and crash infinitely. The sound of the waves collapsing into themselves and into the sandy beach like the constant crashing and release of a cymbal. A cool breeze that smells of salt and sunscreen. Searching for seashells like they were a rare treasure. The burning sensation of the sun, balanced by the mist from the ocean makes for a centered setting to lose myself.

What Is Ideal In Fahrenheit 451

But as the poem continues, it is interrupted by events that are unnaturalistic which shifts the view of the beach. In the poem, a point occurs where the beach is drastically changed both physically and mentally: “You hear the grating roar… But now I only hear / Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar / Retreating, to the breath” (Arnold 9, 24-26) The differences between the “grating roar” and the “withdrawing roar” of the beach is that when water crashes closer towards land, the beach grates against rocks on purpose. But “withdrawing” roars of the beach shows that the beach wants to escape from land, and venture “down the cast edges… and naked shingles of the world”(Arnold 27-28) where no men can interfere. This excerpt further justifies that men have become too overwhelming and warlike to a point where everyone wants to flee from the danger. The “melancholy [and] long[ing]” of the beach shows that this war won’t end in the near future and will gradually continue. Arnold further justifies taking a stand for oneself when stating how the beach moves towards the “naked shingles of the world.” The beach could be viewed as citizens because in the beginning, we are mostly innocent and calm but whenever an event takes place, we just go along with the circumstance, similar to how water flows with each other and never goes off by itself. We follow what society tells us to do and what is safe to do but in the end, people, running from a problem isn’t the best solution and should stand up for what is

Mission Bay Research Paper

Everyday we ventured to the different beaches in San Diego, La Jolla, Coronado, and Pacific Beach. At La Jolla we got to see the fascinating seals, which smelled horrific, and you could walk next to them while on the coves. While we were at Coronado we relaxed on the beach, took a dip in the water, and played paddleball. Pacific Beach is where we had the most fun because that's where my sister and I spent most of our time and we got to boogie board and

What Does Wildwood Mean To Me

Every summer,my family has the tradition of going down to Wildwood Beach for a week . Wildwood is like home to me. There I have countless memories such as riding a huge 12 person bike, ordering zeppoles for breakfast and getting the icecream truck at midnight every year. The beach is where we all saw my baby cousin's first steps and where I went on walks during sunset with my papa before he passed. Every year we all count down the days to be down there, all together, to make even more memories. The beach represents me in so many ways . I love the feeling of the sand on my feet and the calmness I get being

Descriptive Essay About A Sacred Place

My family used to visit there once a year for about a week in the summer. We would go camping and spend the majority of our time frequenting the beach. Back then I was tiny, but even now I know I would be overwhelmed by the vast space of the sky opened up over me, blue and deep in a reflection of the water below it. I would try with all my might to run through the grainy, hot sand scraping away at the bottoms of my burning feet onto cooler ground, where cool ocean water counteracted the sun’s hot touch. Even as a little girl, the beach wasn’t just a place

Compare And Contrast Blue Flowers And Starry Night

As I stated before, I like beach art work and ocean art pieces. I absolutely love the ocean and the beach. I think it is because I love the color blue! There is light blue, royal blue and navy blue just to name a few. Any shade of blue I go crazy for! I believe this is the reason I love the sky and the ocean so much! I for one certainly believe that blue is the most beautiful color on earth! Nonetheless it is also associated with depression and madness. The way an artist colors his or her creation, has to do a lot with the inner person the artists is and the way his or her soul sees things. The way the artist feels at the moment is what portrays that masterpiece, but most importantly his or her emotions and psyche play a major role.

Descriptive Essay On The Beach

I walked along the beach. As I was walking I could feel the fresh smell of the beach like it was an air freshener but it also smelled that gave me a tingle in my nose. As I kept walking along the beach I could feel the light breeze coming against me. This fresh air felt warm as I felt like I was sleeping in a comfortable bed. I kept walking in the beach, as I did it felt like an escape to all my problems and also my stress. Beach felt like a solution to all my problems and could be open with anything.

Descriptive Essay About My Favorite Place

                This destination is such an important place to Oregonians because its such a magical place. It transports you into a different dimension where there are no other places like it. You cannot be one the beach without a smile on your face, it's near impossible to be in a gloomy mood when there. Mainly magical because you can escape there with family and friends with many opportunities to try to experience new or traditional things. Like having a fire on a beach roasting s’mores with family and friends, or trying weird sea creature at a restaurant.

The Beach Essay

The place where I feel most comfortable is a place where I am calm. A place that is peaceful in its own ways. It is the place to go to get away from all my troubles. It is the one place where I could sit forever, and never get tired of just staring into the deepest blue I have ever seen. It is the place where I can sit and think the best. A place where nothing matters but what is in that little moment. The one place capable of sending my senses into an overload. This place is the ocean.

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Descriptive Writing The fiery ball blinds you as it floods the beach with its rays, making the shady beach of Barry Island seem like paradise, heat comparable to the Sahara desert. A child desperately tries to prevent his ice cream from a sand encrusted death as it plummets to the floor, debating whether or not he wants a vanilla and sand flavour ice cream, his face puzzled as he decides on retrieval, he would soon be distracted by the horde of people rapidly rushing to the depths of the sea. The sea sits calm and patient, almost inviting to the untrained eye. From afar the sea seems crystal-like projecting as it does a near perfect mirror image as if the sky and sea are at one. The closer you get to the sea you soon start to see its cracks as if it was a porcelain doll, beautiful and almost elegant from a distance. It's too late to turn back now the seas illusion has set in, the soggy sand has captured your footprint. Suddenly the sea shows its true colours a horrible musk of black filth, home to all types of disgusting bacteria waiting to pounce on the weak immune system. The stench of chip fat rules the air like a corrupt king slaying the sense of smell. Enticing the beach goers into a calorific snack, washed down by the warmth of a flat lifeless beer, where the rules of 'best served chilled' have been extremely violated. Seagulls circle the area ready to raid the sand for the food the sea has not yet claimed, Vermin of the air are hunting their prey. Litter clutters the beach, making a kaleidoscope of colours created by the metallic wrappers, making the lack of care for nature appear pretty. The music from the nearby arcades echo along the shore, the overused speakers struggling to release any sound of a crisp standard. Beach goers of a certain age, overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia, as the oldest records belt out. Sand...

descriptive essay about miami beach

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Descriptive essay the beach.

...Megan Wyckoff English 101 Mrs. Sarnoski January 27th 2014 Descriptive Essay Everybody in the world has a place where they can go to relax. Where they can forget about all their worries and just breathe in some fresh air and not have to think about what needs to be done and when. To many, the beach is the ultimate place for relaxation. As you stroll along the beach you can feel the sand in your feet and the waves hitting your legs. Under the surface you can feel your feet step on little seashells as you walk. When building a sandcastle the sand sifts right through your hands. Walking on the boardwalk there are too many smells to remember them all. The smell of the ocean salt is the most prominent. The smell of French fries, and Fresh popped popcorn fill the streets. What you see when your visiting the beach is simply amazing. Watching all the little children run around in the waves and building sandcastles. Adults are rubbing sunscreen all over themselves and their children. The waves crashing down out in the ocean are breathtaking. If you’re lucky you may even be able to see dolphins swimming in and out of the water. The beach is just one of the world most relaxing destinations. Whether you’re in Ocean City, New Jersey or The Dominican Republic. What you see, touch, and feel when you’re at the beach will be forever unforgettable. To me, the beach is the best place on...

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Descriptive Beach Essay summer day, a great place to go is to the beach. You would go out to the beach to enjoy the water, the sun, the activities that are happening, or just to be with family and friends. When you're at the beach, there are some very distinct smells. You can smell the salt from the water along with the heat from the sand. My most favorite smell of all is the sweet coconut smell of sun tanning lotion that people put on themselves while they lay into the sun to basically "cook." If you're looking for a quiet day of relaxation at the beach, I don't think that will work out too well. The beach is always really loud throughout the day. You can hear the loud motors of the boats and the waves of the water as they come crashing through to shore. You'll definitely be able to hear the laughter and the excitement of the kids of all ages as they splash around, play games, and build sandcastles. While you're at the beach you can always get involved in some fun activities, if you aren't able to relax. You can go fishing, if you like touching the slimy scales of the fish and the soft touch of the cold water. Just make sure you don't get the rough, coarse sand in your shorts because you won't like that too much. Overall the beach is lots of fun to go to, if you just want to get away from the busy everyday city life. If you are there early enough, you will be able to see a beautiful, bright sunrise and if you enjoy staying out on the beach until the evening, I'm sure you can......

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...As usual, I sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee while checking my emails on the front balcony of my cabana, which is on top of high pillars. The sharp shriek of a Roseate Tern bird makes me look up at the morning sky, educing my own flight from New England, months ago; it’s now 7 a.m, the 11th of January. With the immensity of the azure and tranquil ocean at 12 feet from where I sit, I’m in swim shorts and shirtless. The warm breeze is astonishing and the rising sun, spectacular. In the distance, fishermen cast their nets from their boats. Nearby, pelicans dive with all their strength to grab their food. Technically, this could be the habitual outlook in a few different places around our beautiful planet. But something utterly unique and wonderful at this particular setting keeps folks from all over the world coming back in awe: A bright white line covers the horizon, separating the ski from the ocean; it rises and lowers at points, intermittently - obviously the ocean waves are breaking there. The above depicted locale is Caye Caulker, Belize - my adopted home. And that line visible from the coastline is the second largest coral reef in the world - only a mile away. Covering the entire Belizean coastline, it makes this small, English-speaking country the best dive and snorkel site in the Americas, bar none. After staying at different towns along the coast, I chose the tiny island-village of Caye Caulker in view of its tranquility and closeness to nature. Here a sea lover......

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...Virginia Beach is one of the most demanded vacation destinations in the US. Due to this, they have a lot of beach hotels that offer cheap and economical prices, especially during the summer season. Nothing is more enjoyable and relaxing than to swim in the beach. You can go on and enjoy your best holiday without spending a great amount of money. Hence, Virginia Beach is one of the most demanded vacation destinations in the US. Due to this, they have a lot of beach hotels that offer cheap and economical prices, especially during the summer season. Once in Virginia, you can look for a hotel that has the cheapest yet comfortable accommodations. Listed below are some of the affordable beach hotels in the United States. Virginia Beach * La Quinta...

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...Which Essay is Better: A Narrative or A Descriptive?   Ever read a story and say to yourself, “What’s happening?” Whenever I read a descriptive essay, that’s what I would say. In this essay I would be comparing and contrasting two types of essays, a narrative and descriptive. I have chosen “Are the rich happy?” by Stephen Leacock 1916 and “Sister Flowers” by Maya Angelou, n.d. By writing my essay, I want to give my views on each and decide which I would rather write. Narrative Essay A narrative essay reflects a personal opinion that is based on your own experiences. This helps you bring a reader into your very own mind and shows him/her the topic you’re writing about through your eyes. Telling a story or event the way it happened for you. It also could provide a sort of lesson or moral to be learned from the outcome of the story as well as what the writer did that contributed to it or not. It’s more on a personal level that any one reading could say that happened to them or that they learned from the story by not doing whatever it was that the writer did. In Stephen Leacock’s “Are the Rich Happy?” the author writes about his experiences with his friends, with of modest income. Most of it, all in his opinion, points out the problems or troubles those with an existential amount of funds in their bank accounts. He goes on to give some examples that he encountered several of his friends going through. “A friend of mine who has ten thousand dollars a year told me the......

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...Miranda Poole 2/3/13 English 101 Descriptive Essay The Beach: A Relaxing Wonderland It is spring break, in the middle of March, my junior year. As I cross the state line into Florida, I picture the ocean as being a place of peace and serenity. It’s my first time visiting the ocean, and all I can think about is hoping it is as beautiful as the pictures I have seen of it. As I arrive to the beach with all my friends, the eagerness of seeing this peaceful place is rising. I can’t wait to smell the fresh salty air, feel the soft sand between my toes, walk along the breezy shoreline. As we approach the beach, the first thing I notice is the sky. As I look into the cloudless, cerulean blue sky and see the flawlessness of life; in the distance, rolling clear-blue waves crash into each other with such force as that of football players. The sky is breathtaking along with the sounds of the waves and the tide washing onto the shore. The water reminds me of crystals shimmering in the water with the sun reflecting off of it. As the sun sets, the sky turns into a pink hue with a bright orange sun going down into the horizon. We stroll on the beach, and my feet sink into the soft sand. I stroll along, and the grainy, slick, brown sugar sand pulls my bare feet under and leaves a perfect imprint. I pick up a handful and sift it from my palm slowly, feeling the grittiness of sand with each finger. The view down the beach of the white, but slightly brown sand was enough to make my knees......

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...Critical Essay What is family? Family is when people look out for each other, and at the end of the day, despite some disagreements, they still care about and love one another and they make sure no one is left behind or forgotten. In “Journey” and “the Sandpiper”, the authors explore themes such as change, love and sacrifice and darkness and light. Sometimes relationships change and you’ve just got to go with the flow, and see where it takes you. The short story “Journey” is about a girl who suddenly realizes that she is alone in the world, scared out of her wits and having to take care of her ill mother at the same time. While she is trying to deal with the sudden turn of the mother daughter relationship she cherished, she tries to keep calm and be responsible, however she could not withstand the weight on her shoulders, and so “she shuddered in the cold air, shuddered at the shock of cold water, and, shuddering as she washed, the girl cried”. When someone shudders in cold air, a lonely, helpless and dark scene comes to mind, the author emphasized her point by using parallel and repetitive sentences, which makes the reader sympathize with the girl, as she is standing helplessly to the side, watching her world come crashing down, not knowing what will become of her in the future. On the other hand “The Sandpiper”, because the daughter is too young, she couldn’t care less about her mother’s well being and happiness. The mother’s desire to escape the lonely......

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...Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Rhetorical analysis writing Pleasant point of view Immediately I arrived at the appointment spot I stood gazing at the view she would approach. Everything was live and encouraging including the caressing breeze from the palm trees near the small artificial beach. Behind the narrow tunnel, two pretty twin girls played their trumpets in such lulling rhythms that stole away the boredom of the park. They seemed to draw the attention of the music lovers as they easily shifted from tune to tune. The parrot picked the words and helped to amplify the popular classical compositions that everybody associated with in Indiana. Even the gardener in the flower bed extension realized the vivacity in the park, unlike her early morning hour. The rose, lily, and hibiscus flowers intermarried like formally wed couples that cited the parents for the good parenthood they had attained. She adjusted her helmet and radiantly gazed at the tunnel point a time when an oak tree danced shaking off its bright red, blue and orange canopy of leaves. The leaves fell from above like the rare rain in the semi-desert covering everything that the tree’s shade touched. It sent a spring of motion among the other hidden creatures including the white and black -spotted wild cats who whimpered and rolled over the blanket that had formed in their place. The horse neighed in a rather merry mood as the queue of children anxiously anticipated to take a ride that quantified the time......

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...Miami Beach Descriptive Essay by Jessica Turner It is spring break, in the middle of March, my sophomore year. The salty, floating breeze of Miami’s coast is enough to make my knees go weak. I look into the cloudless, cerulean blue sky and see the perfection of life; in the distance, rolling clear-blue waves crash into each other with such force as that of football players. I squint in the distance of the progressing whitecaps and come upon a floating yacht. Focusing my attention to the beach, I observe middle-aged people resting on beach towels, children creating sandcastles or frolicking in the ocean, and young couples holding hands while walking along the shoreline. I close my eyes and take in all of my surroundings and run my fingers slowly and care freely through my shoulder-length, brown hair as I take in the smell of the salty, evening air that tingles my nostrils. I feel like a seagull, drifting endlessly in the wind without a care in the world, comforted by the resonance of the rolling waves, distant voices, and laughter of people nearby. “Let’s go in the ocean,” a young girl says. “It’s so hot out!” an old woman yells. Feeling the left-over warmth of the mid-afternoon day, I let myself absorb the blistering rays of the sun, while opening my mouth to the bitterness of the sticky evening air. I am taken in by the soothing, relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. I stroll along, and the grainy, slick, brown sugar sand pulls my bare feet under and leaves a perfect imprint.......

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...Torrenegra Descriptive Essay If someone asked me my idea of a perfect place, it would be have to be Panama. Everyone has a comfortable place to escape to for relaxation.  They go there when they need some time for themselves or just for fun. I spent most summers in panama. Memories of panama create a great image of my childhood, as well as my culture. enjoying the expericene of the beaches, nieghboorhood, and the city of panama. As kids we would all gather around and play games. Tag was always a favorite, but we would also swim until we were exhausted. Games would last until we could hear our parents yelling for us to return to the home for the diner, and even then most of us would wait a while longer until we were "in trouble" for not listening. The parents generally didn't mind because they knew we were having a great time. The years grew on and we still played, but more of the kids stoped playing or moved so the games were not exciting as when we played as kids. The the beach provided entertainment for everyone. Whether for the older folks relaxing in the sand and tannning or getting their feet just wet. young kids playing in the shallow water, where you can see to the bottom of the ocean. swiming with the small fish nipping at their feet. My generation prefered the wild side of the beach and we would swim out as far as we could, with crashing waves and the adrienline running the farther we went. Nothing can match the feeling after a good long day at the beach.......

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...Alshae January 6, 2012 Descriptive Essay I slowly awoke to the hot sun beating down on me. As I started to get up gradually I realized I was on a beach and the only sense I had was my sight. I saw the beautiful calm water splashing up against the rocks, pink sand, trees blowing in the wind, and birds flying around. I took a walk around the beach to see if there was anybody else here on the beach with me, but to my surprise I was the only one there. I found the closest boulder and decided to take a seat. I started to wonder how I got there and why I am the only one on the beach during a beautiful day like this. I began looking at the scenery thinking to myself how beautiful the water is and how clear the sky was. I saw birds flying around wondering what types of noises they were making. The longer I sat there the longer I also wondered what happened to my hearing and why I couldn’t feel anything. I got up and started heading back to my belongings which had been placed underneath a tree in the shade. Halfway to the tree I realized I felt the soft pink sand going in between my toes. I suddenly became excited and ran toward the water to see if I was really able to feel things again. Once I got to the water I walked in anxiously. The water was warm! I was thrilled! I didn’t know what to do so I jumped in and went for a swim. I swam for what had felt like hours I was so relieved that I was able to feel again when I decided to come out of the water I was all wrinkled......

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...Isabella Thomas Fundamentals of Writing Professor Suzie Toliao November 19, 2014 Descriptive Essay Towards the end of my senior, I began to question my parents every day in regards to my graduation gift. I came up with so many things that could have been my gift but it was still always a no. Finally, after so many weeks had gone by my mother sits me aside and says &Because you are graduating and so is your sister soon, your father and I are going to give you a vacation to go anywhere you want, but there is a price limit; I was in complete shock. The first place that ran through my mind was Greece, but it went way over the limit. As soon as I told my sister, we were looking like crazy for places to go to. Places like Mexico, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii; the list can go on and on. Then we finally decided to go to the Bahamas and I do not regret it at all. The culture and land was completely different, it was indeed an experience I would never forget. My First trip to the Bahamas made me feel grateful, sympathetic and inquisitive. It was raining when we landed but it did not stop my enthusiasm of simply being on an island of the Bahamas. We already had our own transportation to get to the hotel paid for and I was anxiously waiting for our driver to arrive. Standing there I can just smell the rain and Caribbean all in one, I smelled the lovely blend of oils secreted by the plants. As the driver arrived we got in the car and started heading to our hotel.......

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...Project In English IV Compilations of Essays IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY ACADEMY-KITCHARAO, INC. Songkoy, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirement for English IV Submitted by: Kim Lorenz C. Batangoso IV- Sts. Peter & Paul Submitted to: Mr. Jyrnell B. Salino Instructor December 13, 2012 Table of Contents 1. Morally Upright Man-Character Sketch essay 2. City Of Island Adventure-Descriptive essay 3. True Happiness-Philosophical essay 4. Cybercrime Law does not threaten the freedom of Expression-Editorial essay 5. Criticizing Sonnet 307-Critical essay 6. The Basis of Life-Scientific essay 7. Unwise Decision-Semi-narrative essay 8. Angel of Mine-Biographical essay Morally Upright Man My first day in IHMA Campus was not so good as I expect it to be. It’s like making a journey to a place you don’t know where you are; going straight to a nowhere and deep in the darkest part of the world with no person to talk with. This is what I’ve experienced when I first step to a new school that I don’t know how to deal with and make some adjustments but even in the darkest part of the world where there is no light that you are so alone, there’s a tall, black and possess a physical fitness of a Filipino man who help me in the middle of curiosity and adjustments. That man was John Paul Cayamay Galviso who is not afraid and fear in helping a stranger like me. Difference in personality and physical appearance doesn’t matter if you have......

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Fleur Adcock Comparison (for Andrew & on a Son Returned to Nz)

...Fleur Adcock Essay Comparison (‘On a Son Returned to New Zealand’ & ‘For Andrew’) “Poems arise almost always out of personal associations and particularly out of the closest human relationships.” 
In what ways and with what effect does Adcock explore this idea? Fleur Adcock seems to seek comfort from familiarity within her poems, predominantly with people, places and senses. This is particularly evident in the poems ‘For Andrew’ and ‘On A Son Returned To New Zealand’ where various language devices are used such as colloquial language, imagery and personal pronouns. Adcock uses imagery and personal pronouns to express ideas of love for her firstborn son, as her divided loyalties keep them separated (both geographically and emotionally). Changes in the tone of the poem mark when she is with, and when she is separated from her son. Other devices, such as pathetic fallacy, are present to signify the distance and feeling of remorse for her beloved son. Seeking comfort in familiar people, places and objects is a key feature in the poem ‘On a son Returned to New Zealand’. There seems to be a desire to re-claim a more personal nature in the relationship with her son Gregory. As shown in “He is my green branch growing in a far plantation” Adcock feels great happiness and pride in nurturing her eldest son. Repetition of the personal pronoun “my” can be seen three times in the poem. This is greatly significant in showing her want to claim her son, as a significant part of her...

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I Dont Know

...FALE 1033 WRITING FOR SCIENCE Topics Covered Introduction to effective writing skills Writing thesis statement and topic sentences Definition , exemplification and classification Description Cause and effect Interpreting diagrammatic information Comparing and contrast Proofreading and editing Text Used 1. 2. Main Text: Oshima, A & Hogue. ( 1997). Introduction to Academic Writing. New York: AddisonWesley, Longman Zimmerman. (2003).English for Science. Singapore: Prentice Hall Additional Text Brannan, B. (2003). A Writer’s Workshop: Crafting Paragraphs, Building Essays. McGraw Hill Trible,C. (2003). Writing Oxford: Oxford University Press Method of Assessment 2 Assignments + 1 Test Assignment 1 -15% (Outlines) Assignment 2 – 15% (interpreting data) Test – 10% (Grammar/proofreading) Final Examination- 60% Section A- Essay Section B- Grammar Section C- Interpreting Graphic Data LECTURE 1 INTRODUCTION TO EFFECTIVE WRITING SKILLS What is Science Writing? Science writers are responsible for covering fields that are experiencing some of the most rapid advances in history, from the stunning advances in biotechnology to the exotic discoveries in astrophysics. A science writer may include coverage of new discoveries about viruses, the brain, evolution, artificial intelligence, planets around other suns, and the global environment, to name a few topics Aims and objectives for writing for science To provide students with the necessary knowledge of......

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Descriptive Essay on a Specific Place in Florida

The best place for vacation in Florida has to be Orlando. Orlando is one of the busiest tourist locations in Florida, perhaps even busier than the infamous Miami beaches. This is because Orlando hosts many locations that cater to all kinds of people, whether they are children, men, women, adults, senior citizens, or foreigners. Orlando has many theme parks located on its famous strip, including Disneyworld, Wet n' Wild, Universal Studios, Epcot Center, Ripley's Believe it or Not House. Sea World, and a host of other tourist locations. And out of all these places, the most interesting place to be at is Disneyworld.

Many people tend to think that Disneyworld is a place for children. This cannot be further from the truth. Even though Disneyworld is designed for children and families, many adults can have a fun time in there. Disneyworld is one of the largest and most frequented amusement parks in the world. The Disneyworld in Orlando is also known as The Magic Kingdom and this is the perfect name for the place. Once you enter Disneyworld, you do enter into a magic kingdom.

It is of no surprise that many adults have found Disneyworld to be an extremely entertaining. Even though most of the rides are meant for the children, the adults can take pleasure in being inside an architectural piece of wonderland. The Magic Kingdom is divided into many areas, and one of the most prominent, the area that comes in as soon as you enter the Magic Kingdom is the Main Street, USA. This street is made up of various architectural styles from the various states of USA, with much of the style being influence by Missouri and New England. The buildings on Main Street are built in such a way that they seem to be bigger than they actually are; the second story is smaller than the first, and the third smaller than the second is, giving the buildings a larger-than-life image. At the end of the Main Street is Cinderella's Castle, which is the trademark of the Magic Kingdom. You really have to see it to appreciate its magical realm.

The rest of the area is divided into various lands, such as the Frontier Land, the Adventure Land, the Land of Tomorrow, Liberty Square, and Fantasy Land. Adventureland is a paradise for children and a treat for the adults. It is made up of various foreign lands that represent the jungles of Africa, Asia, and South America. A make-belief Caribbean town square has also been built into this area to give a tropical feel to the area. This area hosts rides such as the Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, that is where the movies came from!), Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, and the Jungle Cruise. Frontierland has been built in reminiscent of the Wild West and the Rivers of America. This place has the looks of Rocky Mountains and railroads as it hosts rides such as the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and Tom Sawyer Island. Another area that is more popular for the children is Fantasyland. This is a colorful array of architecture that works together to represent the fantasyland of the children's minds. Includes rides such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Snow White's Scary Adventures, Cinderella's Golden Carrousel, and Mad Tea Party.

Even though most of the rides and entertainment present inside the Magic Kingdom is meant for the kids, this does not mean that adults cannot enjoy them. The Magic Kingdom offers many packages and incentives for young couples to visit and there are more than a few freshly married people who have visited the Magic Kingdom for their honeymoon. Overall, the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida is a place for people of all ages and for all nationalities. It is a place one must visit at least once in their lifetime.


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