The saga with the French health pass continues; answering your questions about getting one now

Caroline Tanner

Just about every question in my inbox this week asked about one thing: the very sought-after French digital health pass that enables tourists and locals alike to seamlessly access public indoor spaces in France during COVID-19. Applications for such abruptly shut down this week , leaving American travelers heading to France scrambling and wondering what to do.

Rest assured, travelers to France can still enjoy their trip as planned, either by heading to a French pharmacy to request their foreign vaccination certificate be transferred to a digital health pass or by securing a temporary pass via a COVID-19 test.

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Here are this week's top five questions:

1. What is the French digital health pass?

Since August, the French government has required people in France , visitors and otherwise, to show digital proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test to access certain public spaces, both indoors and out, via a pass sanitaire/digital health pass. Thus far, entry to most places — including cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, public transit, cultural sites, museums, theatres, nightclubs, athletic facilities, medical offices and hospitals — has been limited to holders of the digital health pass.

essayer conjugation french passe compose

2. Who needs it?

The digital health pass is mandatory for anyone over the age of 12 intending to participate in specific indoor and outdoor activities in France through at least July 2022. After directing travelers to submit requests for the health pass via email, the French government implemented an online application process in August — one for French citizens who were living or vaccinated abroad and one for the rest of us, including non-European foreign nationals and tourists.

On Oct. 20, French President Emmanuel Macron extended use of the pass until the end of next summer, sparking protests across France and elsewhere in Europe.

essayer conjugation french passe compose

3. What happened to it?

As you might expect, there were many tourists outside of Europe eager to get back to France after its closure due to COVID-19, to the tune of 4.5 million health pass applicants. Unsurprisingly, the French government was unable to process applications fast enough to keep up with the speed at which they were coming in and started warning travelers that they couldn't necessarily guarantee receipt of a health pass ahead of their trip.

As a result, the online application portal for non-French citizens temporarily closed last week. U.S. citizens and other people vaccinated outside of the European Union were no longer allowed to apply. That caused a state of disarray among Americans with upcoming trips to France, who wondered what to do about applications already submitted and ones for future trips.

essayer conjugation french passe compose

4. How do you get one now?

"As of October 31, the French government has changed the method in which U.S. citizens and other people vaccinated outside the European Union may obtain a French Health Pass," per the U.S. Embassy in France, and is now directing travelers seeking the pass to designated pharmacies.

Currently, nearly 100 pharmacies across the country (half of which are in Paris) are accepting requests for a certificate of vaccine equivalence for $42. Click here for a detailed map of locations.

"The network is growing quickly and more and more pharmacies will be added to the map," About France, France's national tourism development agency, told TPG via email.

French pharmacies have reported long lines of people waiting to get tested, so be sure to factor some time into your schedule that day.

essayer conjugation french passe compose

5. Are there any alternatives?

Travelers who are unable to convert their health pass, including those unvaccinated, may obtain a temporary 72-hour pass by taking a negative COVID-19 test on the ground in France. Just know that you will have to take a new test every 72 hours for the length of your stay.

Additionally, many travelers have had good luck getting into places with their CDC-issued vaccination card, albeit unofficially.

"I had my physical CDC card and it was like a golden ticket," TPG product manager Zachary Bartholomew said of his recent trip to France. "Everywhere we went just waved us in."

Even so, a health pass will likely be necessary to enter typical tourist destinations or places attracting large groups.

"French authorities have been accepting the CDC card as acceptable evidence of vaccination for entry into France, but it is not accepted as a French health pass required for domestic travel within France" or to enter the mentioned sites, says the U.S. Embassy in France . "This is strictly a French government procedure. Despite what some pharmacies have told travelers, the U.S. Embassy has no access to the French system, nor can we assist in this process."

essayer conjugation french passe compose

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Conjugation verb essayer in French

Model : marcher / balayer

Auxiliary : avoir

Other forms: s'essayer / ne pas essayer / ne pas s'essayer

The regular verbs of the 1st group follow this conjugation model (verbs ending in -er). Verbs ending in -ayer follow at the same time this model (il balaye) and the model of balayer (il balaie)

The verb has several variants of conjugation, which may correspond to different meanings. Please use the menu to select one or all variants.

  • il/elle essaye
  • nous essayons
  • vous essayez
  • ils/elles essayent
  • il/elle essaie
  • ils/elles essaient
  • j' essayais
  • tu essayais
  • il/elle essayait
  • nous essayions
  • vous essayiez
  • ils/elles essayaient
  • j' essayerai
  • tu essayeras
  • il/elle essayera
  • nous essayerons
  • vous essayerez
  • ils/elles essayeront
  • j' essaierai
  • tu essaieras
  • il/elle essaiera
  • nous essaierons
  • vous essaierez
  • ils/elles essaieront

Passé simple

  • il/elle essaya
  • nous essayâmes
  • vous essayâtes
  • ils/elles essayèrent

Passé composé

  • j' ai essayé
  • tu as essayé
  • il/elle a essayé
  • nous avons essayé
  • vous avez essayé
  • ils/elles ont essayé


  • j' avais essayé
  • tu avais essayé
  • il/elle avait essayé
  • nous avions essayé
  • vous aviez essayé
  • ils/elles avaient essayé

Passé antérieur

  • j' eus essayé
  • tu eus essayé
  • il/elle eut essayé
  • nous eûmes essayé
  • vous eûtes essayé
  • ils/elles eurent essayé

Futur antérieur

  • j' aurai essayé
  • tu auras essayé
  • il/elle aura essayé
  • nous aurons essayé
  • vous aurez essayé
  • ils/elles auront essayé
  • que j' essaye
  • que tu essayes
  • qu' il/elle essaye
  • que nous essayions
  • que vous essayiez
  • qu' ils/elles essayent
  • que j' essaie
  • que tu essaies
  • qu' il/elle essaie
  • qu' ils/elles essaient
  • que j' essayasse
  • que tu essayasses
  • qu' il/elle essayât
  • que nous essayassions
  • que vous essayassiez
  • qu' ils/elles essayassent
  • que j' eusse essayé
  • que tu eusses essayé
  • qu' il/elle eût essayé
  • que nous eussions essayé
  • que vous eussiez essayé
  • qu' ils/elles eussent essayé
  • que j' aie essayé
  • que tu aies essayé
  • qu' il/elle ait essayé
  • que nous ayons essayé
  • que vous ayez essayé
  • qu' ils/elles aient essayé


  • j' essayerais
  • tu essayerais
  • il/elle essayerait
  • nous essayerions
  • vous essayeriez
  • ils/elles essayeraient
  • j' essaierais
  • tu essaierais
  • il/elle essaierait
  • nous essaierions
  • vous essaieriez
  • ils/elles essaieraient

Passé première forme

  • j' aurais essayé
  • tu aurais essayé
  • il/elle aurait essayé
  • nous aurions essayé
  • vous auriez essayé
  • ils/elles auraient essayé

Passé deuxième forme

  • j' eusse essayé
  • tu eusses essayé
  • il/elle eût essayé
  • nous eussions essayé
  • vous eussiez essayé
  • ils/elles eussent essayé
  • ayant essayé
  • essayé
  • essayés
  • fé essayée
  • fé essayées
  • ayons essayé
  • ayez essayé
  • avoir essayé

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Formes composées / compound tenses, conditionnel.

*Blue letters in conjugations are irregular forms. ( example ) *Red letters in conjugations are exceptions to the model. ( example ) *Grayed conjugations are forms that are extremely rare.

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French Verb Conjugation Using "Essayer" (to Try)

Erica Shires / Getty Images

  • Pronunciation & Conversation
  • Resources For Teachers

The French verb  essayer  means "to try." It's a simple word that can easily be confused with  essuyer  (to wipe) , so be sure to look and listen for that 'A' in  essayer .

In order to place  essayer  into the past, present, or future tense, the verb needs to be conjugated . Just follow along in this lesson and you'll be saying "tried" and "trying" in French before you know it.

Conjugating the French Verb  Essayer ​​

Essayer  is an optional stem-changing verb . Typically with verbs that end in - yer , the 'Y' has to change to an 'I' in certain forms. The rules are a little more casual with  essayer  as you'll see in the table. When there are two forms of the conjugation, you can use either.

The stem of  essayer  is  essay -. To this, a variety of infinitive endings is added that conform with the subject pronoun as well as the tense of the sentence. For instance, "I try" is " j'essaie " or " j'essaye ." Similarly, there are two options for "we will try": " nous essaierons " or " nous essayerons ."

All this leaves you with many words to memorize. The good news is that there are many opportunities to practice it and use  essayer  as you "try" things throughout your day.

The Present Participle of  Essayer

The  present participle  of essayer is  essayant . This is as simple as adding - ant  to the verb stem. Not only does it work as a verb, but it can also become an adjective, gerund, or noun when needed.

The Past Participle and Passé Composé

The  past participle   essayé  is used to form the  passé composé , a common past tense form of "tried" in French. To use this, you'll also need to conjugate the  auxiliary verb   avoir . For example, "I tried" is " j'ai essayé " and "we tried" is " nous avons essayé ."

More Simple  Essayer  Conjugations to Know

When the action of trying is in some way questionable, you can turn to the subjunctive verb mood . Similarly, if it's dependent on something, the conditional verb mood is used.

With less frequency, you will come across the passé simple or the imperfect subjunctive . These are mostly found in formal writing and will help considerably with reading comprehension.

To use  essayer  in commands or direct requests, turn to the imperative verb form . When using this, the subject pronoun is not required: use " essaie " instead of " tu essaie ."

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Comment conjuguer "essayer" en Français ?

Francais conjugaison de « essayer », conjugaison du verbe « essayer », traductions de « essayer », indicatif présent, indicatif passé composé, indicatif imparfait, indicatif plus-que-parfait, indicatif passé simple, indicatif passé antérieur, indicatif futur, indicatif futur antérieur, subjonctif présent, subjonctif passé, subjonctif imparfait, subjonctif plus-que-parfait, conditionnel, conditionnel présent, conditionnel passé.

Traductions de « essayer » dans nos dictionnaires français

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Découvrez les verbes les plus fréquemment utilisés en français.

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'essayer' conjugation table in French

Past participle, present perfect, conditional, past historic, future perfect, past anterior, conditional perfect, subjunctive.

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Conjugaison du verbe essayer

Le verbe essayer est du premier groupe . Le verbe essayer se conjugue avec l'auxiliaire avoir Traduction anglaise : to try essayer au féminin | 2 e forme | essayer à la voix passive | s'essayer | essayer ? | ne pas essayer | Imprimer | Exporter vers Word


Impératif, gérondif, règle du verbe essayer.

Les verbes en -ayer peuvent se conjuguer de deux manières : 1/ soit ils gardent le y dans toute la conjugaison : je paye... 2/ soit le y se remplace par un i devant un e muet donc devant les terminaisons e, es, ent, erai, erais : je paie. On remarquera la présence du i aux 2 premières personnes du pluriel à l'imparfait de l'indicatif et au présent du subjonctif.

Synonyme du verbe essayer

aventurer - hasarder - risquer - tenter - exposer - aller - progresser - entreprendre - commencer - engager - entamer - déclencher - oser - éprouver - tâtonner - aborder - sonder - attaquer - débuter - expérimenter - étudier - constater - vérifier - voir - goûter - préluder - introduire - annoncer - préparer - tâcher

Définition du verbe essayer

1) Mettre à l'essai, tenter, oser faire quelque chose 2) S'essayer : se mettre à faire quelque chose pour tester sa capacité à le faire

Emploi du verbe essayer

Fréquent - Transitif - Autorise la forme pronominale

Tournure de phrase avec le verbe essayer

Verbes à conjugaison similaire.

balayer - bayer - bégayer - brayer - déblayer - défrayer - délayer - effrayer - égayer - essayer - étayer - frayer - payer - rayer - réessayer - relayer

essayer conjugation french passe compose

  • Conjugaison essayer
  • Définition essayer
  • Synonyme essayer
  • Exercice essayer

Conjugaison du verbe essayer

Participe passé essayer, sans accord, avec accord, passé composé, plus-que-parfait, passé simple, passé antérieur, futur simple, futur antérieur, conditionnel, synonyme du verbe essayer, traduction essayer.


essayer conjugation french passe compose

How does it work?

Type a French verb you'd like to conjugate in its infinitive form ( infinitif ) or choose among the most common verbs from the list below.

Verb conjugation Essayer

  • j'essa ie /j'essa ye
  • tu essa ies /tu essa yes
  • il essa ie /elle essa ie /il essa ye /elle essa ye
  • nous essa yons
  • vous essa yez
  • ils essa ient /elles essa ient /ils essa yent /elles essa yent

Passé composé

  • j'ai essa yé
  • tu as essa yé
  • il a essa yé /elle a essa yé
  • nous avons essa yé
  • vous avez essa yé
  • ils ont essa yé /elles ont essa yé
  • j'essa yais
  • tu essa yais
  • il essa yait /elle essa yait
  • nous essa yions
  • vous essa yiez
  • ils essa yaient /elles essa yaient


  • j'avais essa yé
  • tu avais essa yé
  • il avait essa yé /elle avait essa yé
  • nous avions essa yé
  • vous aviez essa yé
  • ils avaient essa yé /elles avaient essa yé

Passé simple

  • tu essa yas
  • il essa ya /elle essa ya
  • nous essa yâmes
  • vous essa yâtes
  • ils essa yèrent /elles essa yèrent

Passé antérieur

  • j'eus essa yé
  • tu eus essa yé
  • il eut essa yé /elle eut essa yé
  • nous eûmes essa yé
  • vous eûtes essa yé
  • ils eurent essa yé /elles eurent essa yé
  • j'essa ierai /j'essa yerai
  • tu essa ieras /tu essa yeras
  • il essa iera /elle essa iera /il essa yera /elle essa yera
  • nous essa ierons /nous essa yerons
  • vous essa ierez /vous essa yerez
  • ils essa ieront /elles essa ieront /ils essa yeront /elles essa yeront

Futur antérieur

  • j'aurai essa yé
  • tu auras essa yé
  • il aura essa yé /elle aura essa yé
  • nous aurons essa yé
  • vous aurez essa yé
  • ils auront essa yé /elles auront essa yé

Futur proche

  • je vais essa yer
  • tu vas essa yer
  • il va essa yer /elle va essa yer
  • nous allons essa yer
  • vous allez essa yer
  • ils vont essa yer /elles vont essa yer


  • j'essa ierais /j'essa yerais
  • tu essa ierais /tu essa yerais
  • il essa ierait /elle essa ierait /il essa yerait /elle essa yerait
  • nous essa ierions /nous essa yerions
  • vous essa ieriez /vous essa yeriez
  • ils essa ieraient /elles essa ieraient /ils essa yeraient /elles essa yeraient
  • j'aurais essa yé
  • tu aurais essa yé
  • il aurait essa yé /elle aurait essa yé
  • nous aurions essa yé
  • vous auriez essa yé
  • ils auraient essa yé /elles auraient essa yé

Passé - forme alternative

  • j'eusse essa yé
  • tu eusses essa yé
  • il eût essa yé /elle eût essa yé
  • nous eussions essa yé
  • vous eussiez essa yé
  • ils eussent essa yé /elles eussent essa yé
  • que j'essa ie /que j'essa ye
  • que tu essa ies /que tu essa yes
  • qu'il essa ie /qu'elle essa ie /qu'il essa ye /qu'elle essa ye
  • que nous essa yions
  • que vous essa yiez
  • qu'ils essa ient /qu'elles essa ient /qu'ils essa yent /qu'elles essa yent
  • que j'essa yasse
  • que tu essa yasses
  • qu'il essa yât /qu'elle essa yât
  • que nous essa yassions
  • que vous essa yassiez
  • qu'ils essa yassent /qu'elles essa yassent
  • que j'eusse essa yé
  • que tu eusses essa yé
  • qu'il eût essa yé /qu'elle eût essa yé
  • que nous eussions essa yé
  • que vous eussiez essa yé
  • qu'ils eussent essa yé /qu'elles eussent essa yé
  • que j'aie essa yé
  • que tu aies essa yé
  • qu'il ait essa yé /qu'elle ait essa yé
  • que nous ayons essa yé
  • que vous ayez essa yé
  • qu'ils aient essa yé /qu'elles aient essa yé
  • (tu) essa ie /(tu) essa ye
  • (nous) essa yons
  • (vous) essa yez


  • to try, to attempt
  • versuchen, probieren
  • intentar, probar

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Verb Table for essayer

All conjugation types.

  • Conjugation with avoir (Currently shown)
  • Reflexive (conjugation with être)

Indicatif  •  Subjonctif  •  Conditionnel  •  Impératif  •  Formes impersonnelles

Passé simple, futur simple, passé composé, plus-que-parfait, passé antérieur, futur antérieur, participe présent, participe passé, browse the conjugations (verb tables).

  • estampiller

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essayer – to try

French verb conjugation tables.

essayer conjugation french passe compose

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essayer conjugation french passe compose

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essayer conjugation french passe compose

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  6. Passe compose with ETRE in FRENCH


  1. What Does a Rainbow Ring Around the Sun Mean?

    A rainbow ring around the sun means that the sun’s rays are passing through ice crystal in cirrostratus clouds at a 22-degree angle. The ring is called a halo. Cirrostratus clouds are thin high-altitude clouds composed of ice crystals.

  2. Which of the Following Has the Largest Molecules: Starch, Iodine, or Water?

    Starch has the largest molecule out of all of starch, iodine and water. This is because it is composed of numerous units of glucose, so it’s technically a polymer. Glucose is small enough to pass through the wall of the gut, but starch has ...

  3. The saga with the French health pass continues; answering your questions about getting one now

    The latest direction from the French government is to obtain a health pass at a French pharmacy. Just about every question in my inbox this week asked about one thing: the very sought-after French digital health pass that enables tourists a...

  4. Conjugation verb essayer in French

    Participe Passé. essayé ; Indicatif Passé simple. j'essayai; tu essayas; il/elle essaya; nous essayâmes; vous essayâtes ; Indicatif Passé composé. j'ai essayé; tu

  5. Conjugaison d'essayer

    essayer. It is conjugated like: payer. infinitif : participe présent : participe

  6. French Verb Conjugation Using "Essayer" (to Try)

    Not only does it work as a verb, but it can also become an adjective, gerund, or noun when needed. The Past Participle and Passé Composé. The

  7. essayer »

    Indicatif passé composé. j'. ai essayé. tu. as essayé. il/elle. a essayé. nous. avons essayé. vous. avez essayé. ils/elles. ont essayé. Indicatif imparfait. j'.

  8. 'essayer' conjugation table in French

    Past Historic. j'essayaitu essayasil/elle essayanous essayâmesvous essayâtes

  9. Conjugaison du verbe essayer

    vous essayez ils essaient. Passé composé. j'ai essayé tu as essayé il a essayé nous avons essayé vous avez essayé ils ont essayé. Imparfait. j'essayais tu

  10. Conjugaison du verbe essayer

    ... essayez ils essaient/essayent. Passé composé Passé composé. j'ai essayé tu as essayé il a essayé nous avons essayé vous avez essayé ils ont essayé. Imparfait


    Conjugate all French verbs (of all groups) in every tense and mode: Présent, Passé composé, Imparfait, Plus-que-parfait, Passé simple, Past, Present, Future

  12. Conjugation of essayer

    Indicatif · Présent · Imparfait · Passé simple · Futur simple · Passé composé · Plus-que-parfait · Passé antérieur · Futur antérieur

  13. Essayer Conjugation

    Conjugation table for essayer (to try) in the present, passé composé, future, imperfect, conditional, subjunctive, plus-que-parfait and more

  14. CONJUGAISON = essayer = Passé Composé

    Comments1 · S'asseoir || 1er || forme || Indicatif ||Passé composé · Le Verbe Aimer au Passé Composé - To Like Compound Tense - French Conjugation.