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  1. Global Citizenship

    Global citizenship is a concept which intertwines our identity with the interconnected, interdependent world of today. It seeks to transcend geographical limitations and expand the definition of our personalities. As expounded by the United Nations, global citizenship is a new and vital force, which operates beyond the traditional spheres of power.

  2. Perceptions and experiences of global citizenship education

    connection between liberal democratic values and the goals of global citizenship. Through the above findings and literature, this study has proposed an elective course on global citizenship with ten units: 1) Introduction to Global Citizenship; 2) Sustainable Development; 3) Poverty and World Hunger; 4) Global Health Issues; 5) Child Mortality; 6)

  3. Global Citizenship

    The concept of “Global Citizenship” is enjoying increased currency in the public and academic domains. Conventionally associated with cosmopolitan political theory, it has moved into the public domain, marshaled by elite actors, international institutions, policy makers, nongovernmental organizations, and ordinary people.

  4. Global Citizenship

    This essay can only outline a few important elements of global citizenship, but a brief overview of the many meanings should help institutions formulate or clarify their own definition of it, identify those elements that are central to their educational vision, and add other dimensions.

  5. (PDF) Global Citizenship

    DOI: Authors: Robin Attfield Cardiff University Abstract The concept of global citizenship originated with the Stoics, albeit in an inegalitarian form. Being a “cosmopolites” was a fundamentally...